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If you squick easily, my stories aren't for you. Consider yourself warned.
When my friends and I go to the beach, if they're tanning, I'll usually spend my time swimming. I'd love to tan with them, but my skin just doesn't cook right in the sun, getting burnt too easily. I've tried lying there with sunblock and chatting with them, but then I just get jealous that they can tan and I can't. It'd be nice to be able to tan, not just for that cooked look, but also because it's the closest thing a person can safely do to getting cooked alive. Being cooked up is a secret fetish of mine that I don't dare to tell anyone about, not even my boyfriend. I'll never do it, of course, but thinking about it just gets me so hot.

This time at the beach, as usual, Jessie, Steph and Megan are renewing their tans while I'm in the water. I swim for a while. There are plenty of other swimmers to hang out with in the water. After a while, I decide to go check on my friends. Staring at their abandoned towels, I start to think about where they could have gone off to. I notice another shadow approaching mine on the sand. Expecting my friends, I turn and begin to ask "Where'd you three-".

My question is cut short as a piece of cloth is shoved in my face by some guy I've never met. My reactionary gasp only seals my fate as I barely hear him ask "Hey, does this rag smell like chloroform to you?"


I wake up on the stone floor of a small, dimly lit room with only a door. I immediately recognize Steph and Megan, the only other two in the room. They're completely naked, a stark contrast between their tanned skin and where their bikinis blocked the sun's light. Realizing my nudity in front of my friends, I cover myself the best I can with my hands. "She's awake!", Megan exclaims, looking at Steph and pointing at me.

"Did Jess get away?", I ask.

They both look down and shake their heads at my question. "They got her when they got us.", Steph adds, "We hoped that you'd at least avoid getting caught since you were swimming."

"Any idea where she is?"

Steph shakes her head again with a worried look on her face. "None. We woke up here, and she's not with us."

"Any idea where here is?"

Megan walks up to the door and tries to look between it and it's frame. "Probably some sort of sex-slave selling place. God I hope cops bust in here or something."

Steph is a bit more optimistic about our fate. "We might not be for sale. Maybe they'll just... Uhh... Play with us for a bit, and then let us go."

I walk closer to Steph. "They wouldn't 'just let us go'. Even if all they wanted was sex, they'd kill us afterward to keep us from going to the police."

Steph's eyes go wide. "What are we gonna do? What CAN we do?"

I walk around Megan to the door and fail to turn the knob. I look at the knob, trying to think of any other options we might have. When the knob starts to turn on it's own, I back up against the far wall of the room. Two of our captors stand across from me. Something smells good. I doubt it's what they're holding though. No one brings their best food for prisoners. Three plates of meat, pre-cut into bites. No utensils to eat with. One of the men stands silently in the doorway as the other hands each of us a plate. Reluctantly, I pop a bite into my mouth. It's surprisingly good. I don't recognize the taste.

Megan looks at her plate dejectedly. "Do... Umm... Do you have any vegetables?"

The guy who handed her the plate looks at her like she's got two heads. "Maybe. Why the fuck does it matter?"

"I'm, umm... A vegan. I don't eat meat."

The guys both laugh at her. "That's what you're getting. Either eat it, or eat nothing." They continue to stand there, watching us, as Megan very reluctantly takes a bite and starts eating.

Meanwhile, I've been popping the pieces of meat into my mouth one after the other. This is the best meat I've ever tasted. If I manage to get out of here, I'll definitely need to snag the recipe on the way out if possible. I finish off the plate fairly quickly. "Umm... Do you have any more?"

The guy who passed out the plates of food takes my plate back. "What?"

"It was really good, whatever it was. Unlike anything I've tasted before. Would I be able to have more?"

"Maybe. I dunno. It's not just up to me. I'll ask around when these two are finished." I look and notice that Steph is sitting in the far corner with half of her meat left, and Megan is still chewing on her first bite, right next to one of the guys. "I'm surprised you liked it so much. The guy looks at me with a sadistic smile.

I pause for a few seconds and just look at him. Was the secret ingredient poison or something? What could be wrong with it? Finally, I slowly ask, "Why? What is it?"

"We spit-roasted your friend out back. And I agree. She IS delicious."

Megan stops her hand, halfway from putting a second bite in her mouth, putting it back down on the plate. "What?! We're eating JESS!?"

"Sure. Whatever her name was. She's just meat now."

"She was our friend! I'm not eating another bite!"

I reach my hand towards Megan. "...I'll take it then."

Megan looks at me with horror in her eyes. "This is JESS!"

"It WAS Jess. I'd rather she was still alive, but she's not. This is just her body. She's not in that meat anymore."

Megan turns at Steph. "And you?"

Steph darts her eyes between us both a few times, and then just takes another bite from her plate of spit-roasted Jess-meat.

"I can't believe you two. Fine! Take my plate!"

She holds out her plate, and I take it, immediately shoving bites of my friend into my mouth.

Megan, turns to face the guy. "You're gonna cook us too, aren't you?"


Between bites, I ask, "Do you cook everyone the same way?"

"No, we like to mix it up a bit. Grilled, honey roasted in the oven, spit-roasted... We're waiting for a shipment of a large deep fryer too."

"Do you ever cook girls alive?", I ask.

"Only if they're really annoying. And the oven is the only way you can cook someone like that. The spit kills too quickly and it's hard to grill someone if they're still moving."

"When you do me... Umm... Can you try grilling me alive?"

"What?! You WANT to be cooked alive?"

"Well, I'd rather not get cooked at all, but if I'm going to be meat... Well, it's kinda a secret fantasy of mine..."

"Damn girl, that's REAL kinky! I'll ask around. Maybe. I know I'd love to see that!"

Steph gets up and hands the guy her empty plate and asks, "Are... Are you guys going to rape us now?"

"No way! We don't play with our food. You're just meat, nothing more."

I hand the guy Megan's plate, and both he and his friend leave, locking the door behind them.

Megan turns her head between the two of is and lifts her hands palms up. "What is wrong with you two!?"

Steph sits in the corner with her hands around her knees and meekly answers, "I just want to survive this. If I go with the flow, maybe I'll last until cops get here or something."

I explain my view of the situation to my friends, "I don't really have any faith in the police finding us. We're already dead. We're just meat. Livestock. Having any choices at all is a luxury now."

"I won't just accept this like you two. Next time they come in, I'm going to kick them in the fucking balls!"

After talking for a bit longer, we lie on the floor to sleep. I watch my friends for a bit, and once I'm sure they're asleep, I reach a hand down to my clit and start rubbing. I squeeze my left tit and pinch my nipple. I hold my breath to keep myself from moaning. I reach my finger inside my self marinated cuntsteak. I move it up and down before stopping on my g-spot. I rub that spot with my index finger and my clit with my thumb while pressing my other fingers against my crotch to hold myself stable. I hold my breath again to keep back another moan as I tighten my lower muscles. I have the same grip on my left breast-meat, with my index finger and thumb pinching the nipple and the other fingers pressing into my flesh. After a few more heavy breaths, I stop breathing again to hold back a much bigger moan, closing my legs tightly around my hand, locking it there. In my mind, I'm just imagining the grill and all the guys enjoying the taste of my flesh. In this fantasy, my boyfriend, Mark, is also there, and I slice off my cooked pussy for him. He always was good at eating it! After a while of this, I finally reach climax. I hold back as much of this moan as I can, but let out a short "...oooOOOooohhh..." near the end. Luckily, this didn't seem to wake up my friends.


The next morning, I wake up to the door opening with our breakfast. Same two guys. Three plates of pre-cut meat again. He puts the plates down on the floor near the wall. Megan wakes up and sees what's going on and rushes to kick the guy. He doesn't seem phased by this, but Megan is holding her foot in pain. "A metal cup. You didn't think we wouldn't listen in on our livestock, now did you?" As he says the word "livestock", he turns to look at me and smiles a sadistic grin.

The guy guarding the door grabs something from just outside the door and slides it over to the guy inside. It's a metal chain with four cuffs. Megan struggles against the guy as he holds her down and shackles her wrists and ankles behind her back. She screams and cries. "No! Help me! Steph! Sarah!". Once she's completely shackled, she lies there on the floor crying and the guy backs off.

I see Steph cautiously take one of the three plates and start eating. The guy grabs the other two and hands them to me. "It's your job to feed her if she wants it. If not, you get seconds."

Between her sobs, Megan responds, "Go to hell! I'm not eating my friend! I'd starve first!"

Silently, I start eating. Poor Megan. I don't like seeing my friend suffer like this. There's nothing I can do about it though. At least it should be over for her soon, right? Steph and I eat silently and not a word is spoken between us three. The tension in the air is very thick.

Another couple of hours pass and the guys come back again. The guy who had been giving us our food picks up Megan. She doesn't even struggle. Then he turns to me. "We decided that if you want your wish, then you gotta play chef for a little while. Follow me." I look at Megan, with tears streaming down her face. Then I look at Steph who gives me a worried half-smile. I look back at Megan. It doesn't really matter who kills her. Perhaps I could even make it easier for her somehow. I nod and follow the guy. The door guy follows behind me.

They lock the door, keeping Steph in the room and lead me down a hall and into the kitchen. I see the remains of Jess on the counter, covered in plastic wrap. She's mostly bones, with a little meat left. I also see a group of other guys past the half-wall between the kitchen and the dining room/den. One of the men comes over and moves Jess into the fridge. The fridge only has two shelves, creating a large enough space to hold her. The guy puts Megan down on the counter and the men all gather closer to watch. All their eyes are watching Megan and I. I start trying to cover my naked body again.

"Try anything and we'll make sure you suffer far worse than any other girl who's come through here. Understand?"

"Yeah.", I nod.

The guy begins to unshackle Megan. "Your friend is to be oven roasted. Alive. The recipe is on the counter. Start preparing the glaze while Jim washes her."

Jim takes Megan out of the room. She's still not struggling at all. I turn to the recipe and look at the section for the glaze. I set the oven to preheat and start looking through cabinets for the things I'll need. I find some of it, and reluctantly ask some questions on where to find the rest. The guys are all pretty helpful, and talking about what parts of me they plan to eat and how delicious I looked. By the time I've got the glaze mixed and ready, I'm so wet that I've started glazing my upper thighs with my own juices.

Once I've greased the pan, Megan is brought back in. She's... smiling? As she's placed on the counter, she explains, "Before I was chained up, I was still sure that there would be a way out of this. I had a while to think while I was chained up, and I've accepted my fate. I don't want to die, but I'm glad that at least you're the one to do it, and that you'll get something you want out of it."

I start to spread the honey glaze over her belly. "Thanks. I don't really want to kill you either, but I'm glad it makes it easier for you. It's still going to be very painful. All I can promise is that you'll be as delicious as I can make you."

Megan is completely compliant the entire time. As she pulls her tits back so I can glaze under them, she adds "I'm already in a lot of pain. I haven't really eaten in over a day. Don't worry about me. Just do what you gotta do, Sarah. And then take the choicest cuts for yourself."

Once the front of her is glazed, she flips over on her own and spreads her ass cheeks for me. "You know, you're the only one I've ever spread my cheeks for now, Sarah."

"Really? You've never tried anal?"

"No way! Poop comes outta there! That's just gross! Besides, there's a perfectly good hole, like, an inch away. You know?"

I thought back to when one of my ex-boyfriends had convinced me to try anal. How against it I had been for so long until I tried it, and how good an anal orgasm can actually be. I open my mouth to tell Megan, but decided that right before death is not the best time to be told about what your missing out on. "Ha, yeah."

By the time I had her completely glazed, the oven had finished preheating. "Goodbye Megan."

"Bye Sarah. I love you. And tell Steph that I said the same to her too."

I grab a pair of potholders and struggle a bit with the tray. "Alright, I will."

I finally get the tray into the oven. As I close the door I hear her. "Oh GOD it's hot!"

One of the guys flips on the oven light and we watch her sweating in the oven's heat. Her tan lines begin to disappear as her flesh is evenly cooked. I don't even realize that I begin to rub my clit as I watch, trying to imagine what it must feel like for her. Soon, I realize that I'm not the only one masturbating to this. A few of the guys have pulled out their cocks and started stroking.

I sit up on the counter and spread my legs. Within seconds, I've got a tongue sampling my juices. I see Megan watching through the oven window, her sweat mixing with the glaze. I'm lifted up off the counter by the guy licking me, who lies down on the floor putting my face near his stiff cock. I pull his pants a bit further away from his cock before I begin to lick and suck on it.

I feel a tongue go down my back and right into my ass crack. I let out a moan as he pushes his tongue deep into my anus. This isn't the first impression I wanted to leave on his taste buds, but he really seems to be into it, completely cleaning whatever he can reach with his tongue.

With both tongues inside me, I take a deep breath and push this cock all the way into my throat. I suck for as long as I can like that, then pull off for some air. I hear one of the guys: "Remember... No cum inside her. At all!" As he says that, the guy cums on my face.

I suck off and get licked by a few more of the guys. Some of the others walk over just to cum on me. Once we're all of us finished, I've got plenty of cum on my body. Megan looks dead, smells great, and is still cooking. Everyone's starting to get hungry. It will be a while, so we slice and heat up the last of Jess's meat in the microwave. After we eat, I bring the last plate to Steph.

Steph look me up and down as she takes the plate. "You look like you certainly had fun."

"Yeah. This is the last plate of Jess. Megan was actually okay with it. She said to tell you goodbye and that she loved you."

"Really? I guess you really rubbed off on her or something."

"Maybe. She said she was glad it was me doing it instead of them."

"Hmm... Yeah... Are they going to let you wash off? Or are you wearing all that now?"

"Oh, right. I'll have to ask. I'll be back after Megan's done."

"Okay, don't take too long. Kinda lonely in here. I'm already going to be alone for a while after they cook you tomorrow, if we're still here."

I try to give Steph a reassuring smile before I head back to the guys, "I'll try to be back soon."

They let me take a shower to wash everything off. Afterward, they give me a meat thermometer to shove into Megan's ass-cheek. I smiled at the fact that, after being the only one she's spread her ass-cheeks for, I'm about to be the only one to have penetrated her ass. After adding the thermometer, I hung out and chatted with the guys for a while. Some of them were playing a video game on the TV in the den. There was also a pool table there which I played a few rounds of with them.

Once Megan's finally done, I have some trouble lifting her out, but manage to get her onto the stove. Her skin has cooked up to a nice golden brown. I imagine myself like that, golden brown and squatting in a pan on the stove, ready to be eaten. I want it so badly.

I carve up a bunch of slices of Megan and serve them to the guys before taking some for myself and joining them at the table. Once we're done, I carve some for Steph and cover the rest of Megan for the fridge. One of the guys takes Jess's bones out to dispose of them.

I bring Steph her meal. She looks a bit annoyed. "I guess they didn't let you come back here?"

I feel a bit guilty, having forgotten about her in all the revelry. "Hey. I'm sorry, but they wanted to keep me out there.", I lie. "I made sure to get you one of the best cuts though.", as I hand her the plate of oven-roasted Megan.

Steph is looking more pissed. "They let you use a knife?"

"Yeah, I did pretty much all the serving."

"And they're all still alive..."

"They're all fairly built. Some of them have nasty looking scars. I'm pretty sure they could easily overpower one girl with a carving knife."

"Hmm... Maybe. Or maybe you're starting to like them a bit too much. Remember, you may have this sick fantasy to be eaten, but I don't, Megan didn't, and Jess probably didn't either. I want to live."

"Steph, I don't know if that's really possible anymore."

"I know you don't. You're blinding yourself to other possibilities because of a stupid fetish. Since you're the center of attention right now, at least it'll be you tomorrow. Police are already looking for us by now. I'm certain they'll find this place before we're all dead. Whether you're looking to be eaten or saved, I'm not even sure anymore, but good luck. I hope the police get here just in time for whichever way you want tomorrow to go."

I'm taken aback by Steph's outburst. "Th-Thanks. Good luck to you too."


The next day, Steph and I are both able to join the guys at the table. I, once again, do all the cutting and serving. Steph watches me cut into Megan's cooked flesh. After breakfast, while we're hanging out, I notice that, at any given time, there are two guys very close to and on opposite ends of Steph. They're very smart and very careful. But, they're not being so careful with me. They trust me. I'm just meat now though. They're trusting meat.

By lunchtime, some of the guys are complaining about an apparently missing package. I notice that, after lunch, all that's left of Megan is her bones and a few inedible organs. Either me or Steph is getting cooked tonight. We've already had lunch though, so one of us should probably already be cooking and we're not. When the package finally arrives, I realize why. It's a very big deep fryer.

They tossed the directions aside first thing and started trying to set it up. I picked up the directions and looking at them laughed a bit as I watched them build it and make plenty of mistakes.

The guys bring me and Steph outside. The area's fenced in, with forest beyond the fences. In the yard there's a block and an axe near a shed. On the other end is the biggest grill I've ever seen. That's my seat tomorrow. One of the guys is standing near the shed holding a rifle. Jess and Megan's heads are placed near the block. I can see from her head that Jess was not cooked alive. They bring me over to the axe. "Pick it up."

I lift up the axe. "I don't know anything about swinging an axe."

"We'll teach you."

"Why? I'm only going to live for another day."

Steph is frustrated as she shouts at me, "It's a big sharp blade on a stick! Just swing it around! Kill them all with it!"

I hear a click come from near the shed. The man holds up the rifle. "Don't worry, meat. We thought of that."

Steph tries to run, but is immediately grabbed and held. She flails as much as she can as she's pulled over to the block. "NOOO! Sarah! You can't do this! You can't kill me!"

"I'm sorry, Steph. I don't really have any other options."

"No! You don't have to do this! And I won't forgive you!"

"Regardless of what I do, you're dead. Does it matter who kills you?"

"Yeah, I'm dead either way, but you could easily kill a few of them before you're shot. Oh, but then you don't get to be cooked alive. Your fantasy is more important to you than I am."

They hold her down and correct my stance and explain the swing. Meanwhile Steph is screaming as loudly as she can. "I'm sorry, Steph." I swing the axe down as I've been told to do. Her screaming suddenly stops as her head is separated from her body. Blood is pouring out her neck, all over and around the block. One of them took the axe from me while the other guys quickly gutted her and removed a bunch of her organs before bringer her inside.

The guys who were still inside had figured out how to finish setting up the deep fryer by the time we brought her back in. I'm sure the directions would've really helped though. It's already several hours after lunch. Some of the guys bring Steph's body to be washed, while others work to fill the fryer. Operating it means simply placing Steph's body in the basket above and pressing a button for the basket to lower into the oil. The oil heats to a bubble surprisingly quickly.

They bring Steph's body back, and put her in the basket and have me press the button. The device closes over her to prevent splattering. We can't really see her cook or anything. I start to get hungry and the guys are starting to look agitated.

Finally the deep fryer dings and opens up, lifting up Steph's cooked body. Once again, I'm in charge of serving her, and have some for myself. After dinner, I sleep my last night in the dimly lit room. I think they may have forgotten to lock it, but I can't escape now. I'm just meat, nothing more. Tomorrow's the big day when I get cooked up. I wouldn't want to miss that by escaping! I masturbate the same way as I did the first time, but I don't quiet my moans. I don't have to kill anymore. All that's left is me. I don't have to be a cook or an executioner. There's nothing left for me to worry about except for the grill.


In the morning, I have my final meal from Steph's body. After breakfast, we have another oral-orgy. The same guy cleans out my ass again, as others lick my pussy and have me suck their cocks. I'm trusted to wash and shave myself with the guy who would've cleaned me watching. I normally wax, but I've been held here a few days, so there's some stubble to get rid of.

He carries me outside and lets me stand on the stone under the grill. They washed the stone while I was washing, just so I could do this myself. The grill is already lit and getting hot. There's a bucket of barbecue sauce on a table next to the grill, with what looks to me like a big paintbrush in it. Immediately, I start painting myself dark red with the sauce.

I start off with my legs and move up to the front of my torso. I coat my arms, but need help from one of the guys with my back. Once I'm coated, I face away from the grill, and place my hands on it behind me, as if to hop up onto a counter. By instinct, as they burn, I pull them off the grill and wince. "Just so you know, we have the axe ready if you change your mind about doing this alive."

"No thanks. I'm good." I press my hands again on the grill and pull my ass onto it. "AAAAGH!" The heated metal and flames burn into my ass, branding stripes into my flesh. I hold that position for a few seconds before turning myself and raising my legs. I have my hands on the shelf behind me, where my head will rest, holding me up. I lower my legs onto the grill and scream again "AAAAEEEEGGGGHHHHHH!!!!!" I take a few deep breaths, my eyes closed from wincing. My ass has started to go numb. I lie back and squeal with my teeth closed as I press my back into the grill "eeeeeenn". My head is now resting on the shelf next to the grill. Finally, I lower my arms onto the grill. I wince, but don't make a sound with this.

As I take a deep breath, I start to hear some clapping. I turn my head without getting up and see that the guys are happy that I was able to go through with it. "I don't know how long I'll last, so don't let me burn. As much as I'd like to, I doubt I'll survive long enough to serve myself."

"Don't worry. We're watching."

As I cook, I talk to them for a while. Once the deadening of my legs seeps far enough through them, I assume it's time to flip over. My back isn't completely cooked, as I still have some feeling in it, but it's better to undercook my back than to overcook my legs. After all, most edible meat is on the ass and legs of a person.

I rotate my legs so my hip is against the grill, turning my cooked ass towards the guys and push my torso up by pressing my hand against the grill. Then I hold onto the shelf my head's resting on to adjust myself, turning my legs so that I'm face down. I hesitate for a moment after feeling pain once more in my legs before lowering my torso onto the grill. As the metal touches my tender breast meat, I wince and grit my teeth, but I press into the pain, determined to cook. Then I put my arms back on the grill, this time cooking on the opposite side from the last.

I talk to them for a while longer, and as I feel the pain finish going away, I start to get tired. At this point, one of the men starts to poke me, and look at my legs. "I think you're actually done."

"Really? I'm still alive though..."

He shuts off the grill and I begin to get up, climbing onto the platter. "Yeah... In theory it was always possible. We don't really eat the organs, and you only need those to still work to live. They're all the way on the inside, and the outer stuff cooks first." He carries me inside and puts me on the table as he explains.

Once on the table, I grab the knife and begin to slice up my left thigh. I smell so good. I can't even feel it, I'm so numb. Looking at the meat deep in my thigh, I see that he's right. I am done cooking. I serve up a bunch of slices from my own legs, and even cut a small slice for myself. The whole time, I'm getting more and more tired. I taste really good. It's a good thing I only cut myself a small slice though, because right afterward, I finally go unconscious, and die, surrounded by people enjoying the taste of my body.


2017-06-10 22:07:23
Great story. read it with my dad and he kept telling me that he would love to see me cooked and eaten. Only thing that might make it better or more interesting is if it were a mom and 3 daughters or 2 moms and 2 daughters

Anonymous readerReport

2016-04-18 10:28:24
really, i really like that she was still alive after all this. please write more. but i would really liked it most if she got spit roasted nd stay alive till the end. WOW!! XD :-))

Sarah ParkerReport

2015-11-08 02:37:32
This is a definite improvement. Not nearly as rushed as your earlier work. And I love that she survived long enough to serve her flesh to everyone. (Not at all realistic, but there is a time and place to do away with reality and this was it.) Good Job!

Anonymous readerReport

2014-10-30 13:36:15
I would totally making this dream come true for you. Maybe like just cook youd breasts first. Cut them off and fee them to you. Same with your legs. But keep you alive. Just have you in a wheelchair.

Anonymous readerReport

2014-10-30 09:45:26
I would totally making this dream come true for you. Maybe like just cook youd breasts first. Cut them off and fee them to you. Same with your legs. But keep you alive. Just have you in a wheelchair.

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