Owned by the Club - Part 4 - Cheryl

Cheryl was raised by her single mom, Jackie who was drop dead gorgeous. She was raised around the biker club who owned her mother. Her mom’s thirty four DD tits made her a favorite at all the wet t-shirt contests in Alabama.

When Cheryl was fifteen, her mom took her along with her seventeen year old sister, Donna to their first wet t-shirt contest. Her mom told them that the best looking girls did not always win. Personality and showmanship were the way to win the crowd’s approval. Cheryl and her sister were already beautiful with nice C cups of their own. They shaved their pussies and put on their tightest see through t-shirts and got ready to put on a good show.

Girl after girl when on stage and got their titties soaked down with ice cold pitchers of water. Their nipples got nice and hard and the crowd yelled and whistled their approval.

Finally, Cheryl and her mom and sister climbed the stairs up to the stage and got soaked down. Their mother directed the action as all three of them stripped off the wet t-shirts along with everything else and the two sisters got into a sixty nine and ate pussy while mom stood over them both. Cheryl and Donna had been eating each other’s pussy since grade school so this was nothing new for them except doing it in front of eight hundred horny guys. Jackie pulled Cheryl up by her dirty blonde hair to get her pussy eaten as well. Finally as both of the sisters started to cum, mom pissed on both of them. Naturally there was a three way tie for first place.

Since this wet t-shirt contest had taken place at a biker rally, the guys wanted to meet Jackie’s daughters. For the rest of the night, the three girls moved through the crowd completely naked, except for their whore heels, and let anyone who cared to fuck the shit out of them or get sucked off if that is what they wanted. They ended up fucking for two days.

Not long after they got back to the trailer park where they lived, Jackie told them that she had taught them all she could and she left with her boyfriend for good. To add to Cheryl’s troubles she found that she was pregnant. Money was short. She and Donna when to the club and asked for help. The guys were helpful. They put Donna on her knees beside Cheryl and let the girls suck cock for the whole clubhouse. They fed the girls leftovers they threw on the floor. After all night, the girls curled up in each other’s arms and fell to sleep.

The next day, one of the club members took pity on them and got Donna a job in a local bar. The tips were good and the bills managed to get paid but both girls dropped out of school. A real shame because neither of the girls were dumb, just desperate.

Months later, Cheryl gave birth to Lexy. A beautiful girl. No one would ever know who the father was but the club knew she was theirs and pitched in to help from time to time. Two years later, Donna moved to Georgia with her boyfriend to get a job as a stripper. Cheryl took her place in the bar for tips and made a decent living. Her now 34DD tits got lots of attention just as her mother had at every bike rally.

Cheryl still went on runs with the club and spent the whole rally as a sex slut to the club. Sometimes they lined up for hours to mount the hot bitch. She loved it. She lived to have a hard cock between her legs, up her ass or cumming in her mouth. Most of the time there were other sluts at these gangbangs. Cheryl would put on shows with some of the other girls. This got the guys even hornier. They wouldn’t wait for the girls to finish. Cheryl was pulled off of one slut or another and fucked without mercy. After days of sex, Cheryl would come home sore in every hole and covered with dry cum. She would soak in her tub and smile as her finger nails raked across her pierced nipples and then down to her hot slit which was also pierced. She had more than one orgasm just thinking about all “her guys” using her lovely body as their sex toy. She was a hot fuck and she knew it.

She did any favors asked of her by club members as the years passed. Times got hard and the club was having trouble reselling the drugs they got from the black dealers who supplied them. They did not want a war and they did not want to lose their source of big money. Their answer was to take Cheryl and anther slut to the black dealers and offer them as “interest” on the drug money they owed. At first the leader of the dealers told them to “get the fucking money” but Cheryl and her partner quickly stripped naked and showed the dealers what they would be missing.

The dealers agreed to keep the girls until they got the money but the bikers better get back quick. The club members agreed and cranked up their cycles and left. Cheryl and the other girl could tell that the dealers were not happy. “We are going to teach those bastards a lesson about paying on time!” yelled the drug boss. “Get down here and spit on my dick, bitch!” he demanded. “ Both of you bitches are going to be sorry about this shit!”

Cheryl spit on the dick in front of her. She did not want to look up at the ugly face staring down at her. Then both girls were hauled up by their arms, bent over the hood of a low rider and fucked up the ass. The whole dealer gang came out of their cars and so did their bitches. Cheryl could hear the women in the background cheering on their men to “rape the shit of those sluts!” Every man there fucked them up the ass. They fucked them hard. The men reached around and grabbed the girls tits and pulled on them to force the poor sluts asses back on to their huge cocks as they slammed up the assholes as hard as they could. The drug dealer’s bitches picked up Cheryl’s clothes along with her friend’s and ripped them to pieces. “Bitches won’t need their ho threads where they are going.”

Hours later with her asshole full of black cum, Cheryl was thrown into the back of a car with her partner. They were driven to a rough section of town and dragged out on to the sidewalk in front of some storefront. “ Look everybody, these bitches could be yours for the right price!” yelled one of the dealer’s bitches. Cheryl was made to stand as men stared at a distance from the shadows of a street light. Wolf whistles came from a few guys but none got too close for fear the drug lords might not like it.

They were then dragged inside. They were laid on the their backs on two tables with their heads hanging over the edge. Everybody settled down and started drinking. Cheryl’s partner brought her legs together trying to get more comfortable. The nearest drug dealer quickly came over pulling the belt from around his waist and whipped the poor girl ten times with so much force that she quickly had ruby stripes across her thighs, belly and tits. “Keep those legs spread you fucking bitch!” Both girls quickly complied. The other bitches in the room roared with laughter.

As it got later, the drug dealers who got the urge would unzip and shove their shit covered cocks into Cheryl’s mouth or her friend’s and face fuck them. The girls had their own shit forced down their throats followed by huge loads of black cum. By daybreak, the two biker chicks had as much cum in their bellies as was up their asses. Finally, just to add insult to injury, all the men who needed to piss used the poor girl’s mouths as urinals. “Drink that piss you cunts, it might be all you get to drink until we get our fucking money!” screamed a dealer.

When most everyone had passed out, Cheryl got some sleep. She hoped she would be saved by her club soon. When she awakened a short time later, she could still taste the piss in her mouth. She could still remember the feel of the hard black cocks as they had forced her mouth to stretch wide and depressed her tongue to the point that would have gagged most girls. Then the huge black monsters were pushed into her throat. She could not breath. The drug dealers didn’t care if she could breath or not. She could only moan in her attempt to plead with them for air. The vibration of the sounds coming from her throat stimulated the black cocks. Relief came with the pulsing she felt as the hot, salty cum was finally pumped into her belly. She could gasp for air until the next cock to it’s place in her beautiful mouth.

She thought to herself that if they had only ordered her to her knees, she would have gladly sucked all of them in turn. She loved to suck cock. She loved to eat cum. She liked them young, old, white, black, brown, whatever. They didn’t have to rape her. She and her friend would do anything they were told. She knew that she was being punished for the club. She knew that she better get the hell out before they did more than punish her. She looked over at her friend still sleeping. The marks on her perfect body were darker now but still visible. How long until both girls wore fresh marks? They had to get out.

As Cheryl rolled off the table, she was reminded of the ass rape she had endured. It was hard to walk. She was stiff. Then she noticed the bruises on her lovely breasts. They had been squeezed so hard that these marks would last for days. She woke her partner and held a hand over her mouth to keep her quiet. The girls held hands and moved to the door. It was still early. Drunks were still asleep huddled in alley ways. The naked girls made there way up the street. A car was coming their way. They ducked into an alley to avoid being seen only to find four rough looking guys approaching them from the other end of the alley. “We will let them fuck us or anything else they want, just so we can get out of here.” said Cheryl to her partner. Four more cocks up her ass will not be that bad. Maybe they will settle for blowjobs.

Just at that moment, Cheryl heard the unmistakable sound of V-Twin Harley engines. Lot’s of Harleys. Like rolling thunder though the dirty streets came a hundred motorcycles two by two. The two girls ran out of the alley and into the street with arms waving. The bikers saw the poor girl’s condition. They pulled up to the drug dealer’s store front and kicked in the door. They threw the dealers a bag filled with money they owed from drug collections. The dealers came out looking pissed but soon changed there attitude as they saw the bikers holding every kind of gun, knife and chain you could imagine. The drug boss looked into the bag of money and nodded and went back inside. The girls rode back to the club house on the back of two bikes. They were just glad to be back with “their guys”.

All Cheryl wanted to do when she got back home was to take a hot bath and get some sleep. One of the bikers rode her home on the back of his chopper and dropped her off, still naked, at her trailer. As she opened the door, she saw about a half dozen teenagers laying around her living room. They were all half asleep and drunk. Cheryl asked where Lexy was and one of the guys laughed and said that the last time he saw her, she was pulling a train in the back bedroom. Sure enough, when Cheryl made her way down the hall, there was Lexy naked on the bed and three boys where jacking off on her face. The little skank had invited her whole class to a party and let every boy there fuck the shit out of her. When she passed out from the booze, the guys just kept pumping the good looking little bitch full of jizz. Cheryl thought “ That’s my girl. It won’t be long until she is stripping at rallies and getting gang banged along side her mother.”

The boys left the bedroom after getting a good look at Cheryl. Two more boys came into the bedroom looking to get some more pussy from Lexy. “ Look guys, my daughter has passed out. Why don’t you leave her alone?” The guys looked pissed. They stared at Cheryl. They looked her tits and shaved pussy over good. One kid reached out and pinched one of her nipples. He seemed fascinated by her nipple rings. “ Look”, said Cheryl, “If you let her sleep, I’ll give you both a good blowjob. Have you ever been sucked off by a bitch like me?” The kid still pinching her tit got a sly look on his face and said, “ Ok Cheryl ( addressing her as if they were close friends ) your little cunt daughter sucked me earlier just before I fucked her. I guess I’ll let you suck me. Get on your knees bitch!” he said as he unzipped his pants. Even though she was tired, Cheryl liked the way the little bastard ordered her to suck him. She used her tongue to bathe his cock. She could taste the left over sex on his dick. As she bobbed up and down on his shaft, she felt him harden and extend into her throat.

“Did I mention that Lexy takes it up the shitter, Cheryl?” the little punk asked. Cheryl knew that she was cleaning her daughter butt juice off of his cock. She just moaned and continued to suck him until her grabbed the back of her head and faced fucked her until he came. His friend stepped up and got to shoot his load down into her belly just like the first boy. “Tell Lexy that we will be by after school tomorrow for some more pussy. She better be sober and ready to fuck. Wouldn’t want it to get around school that her mother was sucking off under aged boys would we?” the little shit said over his shoulder as he left the trailer.

The next morning when Cheryl and Lexy woke up, Cheryl told her daughter about sucking off her two schoolmates. Lexy told her mom that she didn’t care if she had to fuck the guys after school. She liked to fuck and she liked the attention she was getting. Cheryl smiled and thought that she sort of liked sucking those boys off too.

Just after work and after Lexy got home from school, six boys from Lexy’s school showed up at the girls trailer. One by one they filed back to Lexy’s bedroom and climbed on top of her for some young tight pussy. Cheryl could hear Lexy moaning as one of the boys pounded her cunt. Lexy loved the fact that this boy was on the football team and was very popular. Lexy knew his girlfriend wasn’t giving him any sex and would be super pissed if she knew where he was getting it. Cheryl got a call from a biker in the club. They needed her to whore at the truck rest stop on the interstate. She needed to make a thousand for the club that night. She dressed in her short skirt and bikini top along with five inch heels. No underwear. That would only get in the way. Ruby red lipstick and blue eye shadow with gold highlights made up her beautiful face.

Just before she left, she noticed that the crowd of boys had grown to ten. They were passing around a whisky bottle. Cheryl knocked on Lexy’s door and asked if Lexy needed any help. “ No Mom” replied Lexy “ I can fuck all night if I need to, and I hope I do.” As Cheryl was coming back to the living room, the same kid that she sucked off met her in the hall. He had the same sly look and told her, “ It looks like Lexy will be busy for a while, get on you knees and give me another blowjob Cheryl.” Rather than argue, Cheryl simply dropped to her knees and covered his cock with fresh red lipstick she a just applied to her puffy lips. Other boys peeked down the hall way to watch Cheryl’s head bob back and forth on the hardening cock in her lovely mouth. Her head twisted left and right as she went back and forth to help stimulate the shaft until it shot forth the salty cum that Cheryl had come to love over the years. She swallowed the load and looked up at the boy. “ Did I suck you OK?” Cheryl asked even though she knew the answer. The boy just nodded and staggered back to the living room for more whisky. Cheryl reapplied the lipstick as she walked to the front door. “There are snacks in the fridge if anyone wants some, I’ll be back late if Lexy asks.”

One of the boys followed Cheryl out to the her car. “ I want a blowjob before you go. Everybody says you’ll suck anybody. I mean I’m really horny and it could be hours before I get a turn with Lexy,” said the kid. Cheryl put the boy in the back of her car and sucked him off. It did not take long but now she really had to go. The truckers would be pulling into the rest stop for the night soon. Just as she was about to pull away, another boy showed up with a young girl. Cheryl waved them over and asked what was going on. “ My boyfriend makes me give blowjobs to his friends. He says that I should suck off anybody that wants me too until they get to fuck Lexy,” said the young black girl. Her tits were already overflowing the tiny halter top she was wearing. Cheryl told her, “You can take the boys to my bedroom if you want and the bathroom is down the hall.” With that Cheryl roared off to the truckers.

As Cheryl parked her car in the truck rest stop, she saw plenty of trucks lined up to spend the night. As she walked across the asphalt lot, her hips swayed side to side and her muscular legs carried her lovely body with her big tits falling out of her bikini top. She knocked on the first truck cab she came to and was greeted by her first customer. “ I’ve on got fifty in cash on me” said the trucker. Cheryl took the money and climbed into the truck sleeper. Off came her top and down came her skirt. She spread her legs wide and let the trucker mount her without any foreplay. She could still taste the cum from the two blowjobs earlier. Her mind wondered to thoughts of her daughter Lexy. Which of them would be fucked longer and harder that night. Maybe she would bring her daughter to the truck stop next time. The club could use the extra money.

The trucker blew his load up Cheryl’s wet pussy and said goodnight. She left the cab with her skirt on and tying the strings of her top. She heard a truck horn and looked over the parking lot to see a driver waving her over. “How much to suck me, whore?” he asked as she approached. “What have you got?” asked Cheryl. “How about twenty five and you swallow my load?” the trucker inquired. “I always swallow buddy. Show me your cock,” she replied. Ten minutes later she had another load of cum in her belly. His cock was not bad. Pretty big and more than able to work it’s way down her throat. Just the way she liked them.

The next driver fucked her up the ass doggie style. He paid seventy five for the best ass fuck of his life. “Let me suck you clean before I go” said Cheryl “can’t have my shit messing up you jeans.” The next guy used his belt to tie her hands above her head. She wasn’t scared because he told her he had seen it in a porn movie and just wanted to do it himself. He slapped her tits and made her call him “Daddy”. She got into it and “ begged “ for his cum which sent him into orgasm on the spot. For the rest of the night she got her hair pulled and ass slapped and made the club the money they needed. By midnight she had about eight hundred dollars. She needed two hundred more. What to do? The truckers were all going to sleep. Cheryl jumped into her car and sped home. Most of the boys were passed out and Lexy and the black girl were curled up asleep back in the bedrooms. Cheryl woke them up. “Girls, I need your help. I need two hundred more for the club. I want you two to come with me,” Cheryl insisted. The two girls went with Cheryl to the bathroom and made their faces up like hers. Cheryl got both Lexy and her black friend Tina into two of Lexy’s tank tops which were cut to just cover the two teenager’s breast. Tiny skirts and high heels finished the whore look that the girls were going for.

On their way back to the truck rest stop, Cheryl saw a topless bar down a side street. This would be perfect she thought. “ All right girls, just do what you are told and everything will be fine,” Cheryl told the girls. “ Do you think this will take long, Cheryl?” asked Tina. “I have been sucking dicks for hours. My mouth is getting sore and I bet Lexy’s pussy and ass are tired too.” “Don’t worry about me Mom,” Lexy spoke up, “ I can suck cock if nothing else, I want to help.” Cheryl was proud of both girls and knew they could get the money she needed.

She parked by the side door of the strip joint. The music could be heard loud and clear every time a customer opened the door to leave the building. She had the girls stand in front of her car as she went to pimp the young girls out. What luck! Cheryl spotted a guy she had fucked before. She approached man and told him flat out what she needed. He agreed to the whole two hundred if all three of the girls would come back to his place. Cheryl agreed to do anything he wanted.

Back at the man’s large home, she girls went in with hips swaying and tits bouncing. They looked hot. Cheryl whispered to both the young girls to “sell it” as they showed their stuff. Tina leaned over to Cheryl and whispered “ I’ve never done much except suck cock. My boyfriend always cums quick when I suck him so I’ve never done much else.” Cheryl assured her that if she did as she was told everything would be OK.

The rich customer had a very nice house. He put on some music and the girls danced and stripped in front of him. Each girl would take turns kneeling in front of him to take his cock down deep into their throats. He had very good control. He was not going to rush this night. Cheryl came up behind Tina and cupped her ample tits. She pinched the girls nipples making sure the customer got a good look at this young black girl’s beautiful body. Cheryl kissed Tina’s neck and stuck her tongue into the girl’s ear. Tina’s nipples hardened. Tina reached down to her own pussy without thinking and began to play with her clit. Her legs spread apart to give her better access. Cheryl signaled Lexy to kneel in front of Tina and begin to eat her pussy. Cheryl ran two fingers down Tina’s back and up under her ass cheeks. She reached the young girl’s pussy from behind and sunk her fingers deep inside. Tina took a deep breath. Cheryl then whispered into Tina’s ear that she should relax at the same time she withdrew her pussy soaked fingers and inserted them into Tina’s virgin ass. “Your going to be fucked up this pretty ass of yours tonight. I just want to loosen you up so it won’t hurt so much,” Cheryl cooed. After a short while, Tina began to grind her ass into Cheryl’s fingers as Cheryl worked them in a circular motion around the girl’s asshole.

Tina came all over Lexy’s skilled tongue. Cheryl let her fingers slid out of Tina’s ass and moved them to the girl’s mouth to have her give them a tongue bath. All of this was not lost on the customer. He motioned to Cheryl to have Tina come sit on his hard cock. First she took his staff up her cunt but soon he lifted her up and moved his cock to her asshole. Cheryl crawled on hands and knees to him quickly and licked Tina’s asshole to give her a little more lubrication before she was forced down on his rock hard shaft. Tina took it like a pro. She was in pain but never complained. She even began to grind her hips in circular motion over the customer’s cock. He was about to cum but did not let it happen. He slid Tina off his cock and motioned for Lexy to take her place. Lexy’s ass was still tender from earlier that evening but she knew what she had to do. Besides, she was not going to let a virgin ass like Tina show her up. She tossed her head back and moaned liked it was the best cock that she had ever had. Maybe it was. She had no experience with older more worldly men. Cheryl took Lexy’s place. She arched her back so that the man could suck one of her pierced nipples. As his teeth sunk into her tender flesh he went over the top. Cheryl’s sweet ass was flooded with a huge load of thick cum. It would later seep and onto her car seat. No matter.

They all laid at the rich customer’s feet. The girls would allow him to fondle them in any manner he wished. He finally raised to his feet and produced three hundred dollar bills. He showed them out and said that he would call for them all later. Cheryl had her money plus an extra hundred for the club. They should be very happy. She drove directly over to the club even though it was very late. The club president met her as she came in the club and was handed him the money. “Strip your clothes off girls. Bitches are not allowed clothes in the club house,” ordered Cheryl. The bikers that were still there gathered around to see the new meat. Cheryl introduced the girls to the club members. “These girls will have to go with us on our next run. They will be the stars of the rally!” exclaimed the club president. Lexy and Tina were beside themselves. Tina forgot all about her little sore asshole at the thought of being asked to ride with the club. Lexy’s pussy got wet. Cheryl noticed this and put a finger in her daughter’s cunt. “Look at how wet you got my daughter,” said Cheryl as she withdrew her finger and held it up to all to see. “Right now these little ho’s need to get home. School tomorrow,” declared Cheryl and left the club house to drive the girls home. She promised to have the girls back at the club house that weekend for the rally.

As she drove up to the trailer, she told Tina that she could sleep with Lexy and go to school with her tomorrow. They ran out the last of the sleeping boys and went to bed. During the night, Cheryl awoke to the sound of Tina and Lexy moaning as the fucked each other just before dawn. Cheryl figured that those two girls would not have much use for the boys in the school after the bikers had used them for a while. Too bad really. Cheryl might have to invite the students over for a gangbang of her own.

That next weekend all three girls were excited about the rally. They wanted to look good. Lexy and Tina wanted to look mature. They all wanted to be noticed by everybody.
“ I got us all these see through blouses. We wear the usual mini skirts and five inch heals. I never make it home with my clothes anyway. We will be naked most of the time,” said Cheryl to her girls. “ Remember girls, you are there as property of the club. You are going to be gangbanged the whole weekend. I don’t want to hear any complaints from you two or the club members. You are sluts and you need to act that way,” ordered Cheryl. Both girls nodded and smiled. With their make up done and the way they were dressed they looked as good as it gets. They were ready.

The sound of the biker’s engines could be heard long before they appeared in the trailer park. Cheryl had the girls outside and ready to ride. The girls wore big smiles as the club members rolled up. Tina stepped right up to one big biker and said, “ If you let me ride on back, you can finger fuck me all you want. I’m not wearing any panties. I’ll reach around and play with you cock if you like.” With that Lexy stepped up and took off her blouse. “ If you get horny just stop and I’ll suck you off anytime you like, “ said the pretty little fuck hole to the biker in front of her. All three of the girls mounted up and off they went to the rally.

The girls rode all day long topless. At the gas stations, other customers got a good look at these beauties. No one got too close for fear of pissing off a hundred mean ass bikers but everyone stared. Lexy got taken around back of one gas station and sucked off her first biker. Cheryl noticed her daughter’s smeared lipstick and some cum on her tit which she did not manage to swallow. She walked over and bent down to lick the leftover cum off Lexy’s nipple and then helped her reapply the lipstick until her lips glowed red once again. Truckers blew their horns at the sight of all the near naked women. The club had almost a many sluts riding with them as they had club members.

One of the other bitches came over to Cheryl when they stopped for food. “ That’s your daughter Lexy, right?” she asked. Cheryl nodded yes. “ I want to fuck the little slut, OK with you?” asked the good looking biker bitch. “Lexy, get over here and eat this bitch’s cunt,” yelled Cheryl. The biker bitch laid down on a table in the caf?nd Lexy went right to her crotch. Whistles could be heard coming from the crowd of bikers as Lexy licked and sucked the bitch’s clit until she clamped her legs around the young girl’s head and came all over her face. Lexy felt a smack on her ass from the biker she had been riding with. He pulled her skirt up and stuck his big hard cock straight up her ass. As the biker bitch kept Lexy’s head clamped between her thighs, the biker slammed up her ass like a madman. Chants from the crown got more and more loud. “ Fuck that bitch Bro! Slam that little bitches ass! Fuck her ‘til your cock’s coming out of her mouth!” “ Let’s get the little cunt’s mother bent over and ass fuck her as well!” yelled another club member.

Lunch time was spent with Lexy and Cheryl getting cum load after cum load pounded up their two beautiful asses. Other biker bitches including the slut who was ass raped by the drug dealers along with Cheryl, could be seen on their knees sucking off every biker in the room as they watched the ass fuck show going on in front of them. Tina joined the group of cock sucking biker bitches and sucked off her first biker. It sure wouldn’t be her last. She even had a quick thought of her mother. “ Mom’s not bad looking, I wonder if she would like some of this biker cock?” she thought to herself. She made up her mind to ask her mom when they got back.

Finally, the club got back on the road. They threw the caf?anager a wad of bills and rode off down the highway. Bikes, hot bitches and riding with your Bros is the best life anyone could live. Believe me, I know.

As the sun was setting, the club rolled up the rally. Thousands of bikes were arriving from all over. The smell of weed blew through the crowds. Cold beers and hot chicks were everywhere. A band on stage was blasting out good old rock and roll tunes that everyone had heard for thirty years or more. Real music. Loud music. Cheryl took the girls by the hand and worked her way to the stage. “Get your clothes off girls. We stay naked from now on.” ordered Cheryl. All the biker bitches were getting naked. These sluts knew what they were there for. They were cum buckets. Fuck holes. Cock sucking whores. They were proud to be fuck toys. There is nothing better that these cunts could do than to take care of the cocks around them. Later that night came the topless contest. Cheryl intended to win.

Lexy and Tina had been fucked in all their holes by at least twenty guys. Everyone wanted some young pussy. Tina was getting to like a big cock up her asshole. Cheryl rounded them up and onto the stage. No t-shirts for these three. They just started dancing and fucking each other. Cheryl stood over her daughter and Tina and pissed on them. She grabbed Lexy by the hair and made her eat her Mother’s pussy as the crowd went crazy. Finally, dripping in piss, sweat, beer and pussy juice, Tina ended the show by sucking biker cum out of Lexy’s ass and spitting it into Cheryl’s mouth. Just like years earlier, the girls won a three way tie for first place. Cheryl’s mom Jackie would be proud. Maybe they would see her this weekend. You never know.

Cheryl knew that the rest of the weekend, the girls would gangbanged, traded for drugs, traded for other bitches from other clubs and sold for cold beers. She smiled as she dropped to her knees to suck yet another cock. She loved her life. Tina and Lexy were having the time of their lives. Life is good.
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