Please read Parts I & II it will help with the continuity. Les just can't keep his pecker in his pants.
When I Was a Kid #7

Friday I delivered my papers in the rain then did my chores at the stables. Just as I was finishing up Smoky came in and sent us home saying that it looked like the rain had set in for the day.

About noon it cleared off and turned really nice. For once it wasn’t as hot. I got on my bike and headed off. I found myself near Johnny’s house but he wasn’t home. I went by Debbie’s and saw her setting on a swing set next to the apartments where she lived.

“Hey, what ya doin’?” I said.

“Nothin’, you?” She said.

“Just foolin’ ‘round. Want to go to the rodeo grounds?” I asked.


I walked along side of her holding onto my bike. We chatted a little. Found out Johnny had seen her earlier, they had screwed and he left with his parents to go shopping in a nearby town.

We headed for the “coke room”. She took off her shorts and I noticed her panties were stained yellow in the crotch. She sat up on the counter waiting for me. I undid the buttons on her blouse and started playing with her nipples. They were the size of erasers but she seemed to enjoy my attentions.

“Nobody ever did that before to me.” She said.

I kissed and licked her nipples. As I moved down her belly I noticed the smell. Her pussy stank! I moved up.

“Your brother still screwing you?” I asked.

“Ya, he screwed me last night after I took my bath before mom came home and again this morning after she left for work.” She confessed.

I took my jeans off and got on the counter with her. As she spread her legs for me I noticed a yellowish-white crusted layer around her pubic area.

I spit on the palm of my hand and rubbed it on my hard dick. I put it into the entrance of her pussy and started working it slowly into her.

“You are as big around as my brother.” She said.

I kept pumping away and said, “Have you started having your periods yet?” Fearing I might get her pregnant.

“Nah, not yet. Won’t be for a while yet. I don’t turn twelve until next month.” She said.

Her pussy seemed to be loosening up and was feeling real good. I started driving harder into her but she just laid there taking it. I felt myself getting close and then came hard pushing in deep. I felt like I was pumping a lot of spunk into her. I laid down on her with my penis still inside.

As my dick softened it slipped out with a slurp sound. I rose up and saw my dick covered with my cum. As I pulled back I could see her pussy gapping a little and my jism leaking out onto the counter.

The smell wasn’t as bad now or maybe I was just getting used to it.

I climbed off the counter and pulled my jeans on. She started to get but I said, “Stay there a minute. Have you ever had an orgasm?”

“Not that I know of.” She said.

“Let me try to change that.” I placed my right hand on the inside of her right leg and my left hand on her chest. I started playing with her nipples lightly and running my right hand over her mostly bald pussy and over her belly. “Does that feel good?”

“Umm huh.” She smiled.

I continued playing with her nipples and at the same time I started dipping my middle finger into her crack and found that tiny nub. As I lightly ran my finger over the nub she responded.

“Oh, that does feel good! Keep doing that.” She said.

I kept my finger well lubricated and circled her nub only touching it every once-in-awhile.

She started arching her back to meet my finger and I put my mouth on her right tit. I licked her nipple and fingered her nub at the same time. I kept it up and she was starting to grunt.

“Oh….Oh…OoooHHH! Ya….ya….ya! What? Oh God! Uh…uh….uh!”

She tensed up, coming clear off the counter. She pulled her legs together and grabbed my right hand with both of hers and held it in place. Her face grew flushed and red blotches were on her chest.

She said, “What was that? Oh my God, that felt good!”

I grinned from ear-to-ear. “That was an orgasm. Make sure you have one every time you get screwed.”

“Oh, I will!” She exclaimed. “Oh, thanks, I … that was wonderful. Where’d you learn to do that?”

“Oh, I’ve been around.” I said. “Oh and by the way, if you wash your pussy real good after you get screwed and before I screw you next time, I’ll use my tongue instead of my finger.”

“Oh….OK, sure! I can do that!”

She sat up and buttoned her blouse then hopped down off the counter. Cum was still dripping out of her as she pulled her panties up. When she pulled her too tight shorts up the center seam split her lips apart. I reached down and ran my fingers over her lips on both sides of the seam and cupped her butt with my other hand.

We walked back to her apartments and I said, “Goodbye, see ya later.”

She seemed to have a skip in her step as she walked away. She was real chipper.


When I Was a Kid #8

I went home to get ready for baseball. I don’t know why I went out for the game. I wasn’t any good at it.

I put on my uniform, grabbed my mitt and hat, and was off again. As I rode by my friend Paula’s house she was out front digging dandelions and her dad was raking a flower bed.

I stopped and said, “Hi!” I did Paula’s math and social studies homework during school and she did my English.

I got off my bike and was talking to her. In the past few months I think she had been flirting with me but I never took her serious.

Paula was taller than me. She had a great tan, long brown hair, a round face. Her breasts were orange sized. She had a flat stomach from playing volleyball and basketball. She had fairly wide hips but wasn’t fat. As I say, she jiggles in the right spots.

She was wearing yellow terry cloth shorts and a white sleeveless blouse. I could see the white bra through the fabric of her blouse.

As we were talking she grabbed my hat and ran off with it to the side of her house. I chased after her catching her between the houses. She sat down indian style and put my hat under her butt with just the tip of the bill sticking out between her legs.

I said, “Give me my hat. I gotta go.”

She said, “Get it!” taunting me.

I was on my knees to her left. I looked down at her crotch. I could see up her shorts just a little, just enough to see the edge of her light yellow panties. A few pubic hairs were sticking out.

I started to reach down to get my hat and maybe touch her too. Just then her dad came around the corner of the house and said, “What are you kids doing?”

“Just talking.” Paula said.

“Well I gotta go, game tonight. Paula would you hand me my hat please?” I said as he walked back around the corner.

She handed me my hat and smiled a devilish smile saying, “This ain’t over.”

“Maybe we can finish this later tonight. I’m sleeping outside on the side of my house. Can you sneak over about ten-thirty?” I said grinning at her.

“I’ll see what I can do.” She said.

At the baseball game I wasn’t into the game much. In the last inning the coach put me in left field. I was standing around, picking my nose, thinking about Cheryl and what if she was pregnant.

I was suddenly aware of a bunch of yelling and looked up to see a ball rolling towards me. I scooped it up and threw it as hard as I could to third base. My throw was low but the third baseman caught it and in a sweeping motion tagging the runner. I knew the coach was gonna bitch at me for the low throw but then I heard him say, “Nice throw but pay attention.”

I gave him the “OK” sign and put my hands on my knees like I was into the game. I was again thinking of Cheryl with a big belly. “Would we have to get married? Hell, I’m only twelve. What do I know about being married?”

I heard a loud pop and the crowd yelling again. I looked up and saw a ball coming through the air towards me. I stepped forward a step, caught the ball then threw it to the third baseman as hard as I could throw. He caught it chest high that time and started chasing a runner trying to get back to second. The crowd went wild. I didn’t have a clue what was happening. The third baseman threw the ball to second and he tagged the runner.

I guess that ended the game ‘cause everybody started walking off the field. When I got back to the dugout everybody was whooping and hollering, patting me on the back. We all shook hands and I got on my bike and went home. My mom had saved supper for me so I ate and she asked about the game. “I think we won but I’m not sure.” I said.

I went in and took a shower. I told my mom I was sleeping outside and grabbed my sleeping bag.

It was about 9:45 when I laid down to sleep forgetting about my conversation with Paula.

About an hour later I woke with a start. Somebody was standing over me. As my eyes adjusted to the light I could tell it was a girl, a long-legged girl.

“Paula? That you?” I whispered.

“Ya!”, came her whisper back.

“Have a seat.”, again whispering.

“What are you wearing under that sleeping bag?”, she said feeling my jeans folded next to my sleeping bag.

“Uh, well, my briefs!” I said.

She giggled, “We were gonna finish what we started. Where’s your hat?”

“My hat? Oh, my hat! It’s in the house!” I laughed.

“Well, put your pants on!” She said, sliding them under her and sitting indian style on them.

I smiled to myself as I know now that she just wanted to have an excuse for me to reach into her crotch.

Lying in my sleeping bag I feigned reaching out for my pants. Finding her left knee I followed it up her thigh to the hem of her shorts. I moved my fingers across the front of her shorts to the other leg. With my right hand I unzipped my sleeping bag quietly.

I moved my left hand again along the inside of her left thigh. This time when I reached the hem of her shorts I pushed my fingers under the hem and onto her panties. She didn’t protest as my fingers touched the soft cotton of her panties and I could feel the moist lips beneath. I could smell her musk as my hand retreated then moved back under her butt to get a better feel of her pussy.

“I’m getting cold!” She said.

I threw back the sleeping bag and said, “Well come on in.”

She kicked off her sandals and slid in next to me.

“Better?” I said.

“Ya, you’re warm.” She cooed.

With all pretenses gone I held her close to me smelling the sweet fragrance of her hair. My right hand on her back I moved my fingers up and down her sweatshirt not feeling any sign of a bra.

We were face to face, inches apart. I gave her a tentative kiss. She kissed back more passionately. Whew! That kiss took my breath away.

My right hand began to wander lower to the bottom hem of her sweatshirt. I slowly moved my hand up under her shirt onto her bare back. I came up her side to her ribs and ran my fingers into her armpit.

She squiggled a bit and said, “That tickles!”

I moved my hand back to her ribs and let my palm feel the side of her left breast. Gaining confidence I pressed further and found her firm nipple with my fingers, lightly rolling it between my thumb and forefinger. She hissed a little and moved into me trapping my hard cock against her belly. She had to have felt it. Her hands were busy on my back pulling me closer.

We continued to kiss and I slipped my right hand down over her butt. I found the top band of her shorts and worked my hand in under the waistband. I felt the soft cotton of her panties and the firm flesh of her ass beneath.

She was letting my hand roam at will. Emboldened by this I slipped my cool hand into the top of her panties. Her skin was soft and smooth. I squeezed her butt cheeks.

Her hands were beginning to wander also. She moved her left hand to my right butt cheek and squeezed in response.

As she did that I slid my hand over her hip to her lower belly. My fingers could just touch the top of her pubic hair. From what I could feel she had a fairly nice bush. It was soft and smooth.

I said, “Hold on a minute.” I got up and pulled on my pants real quick. I went into the garage through the side door. I found my uncle’s poncho liner he had brought back from Korea.

When I got back to Paula, I unzipped the sleeping bag completely and laid it open. I then covered Paula up with the poncho liner. I got in next to her. She was lying on her back so I cuddled up under her right arm.

Kissing her I moved my right hand to her thigh. I moved slowly over her shorts to her mons. She became very still as I moved back and forth across her covered pussy. It felt like, to me, that her mons was becoming larger, puffy and soft. Her musk was in the air.

I slipped my hand up the leg hole of her shorts and cupped her pussy in my palm. Her panties had a wet spot. I slipped my hand under the leg hole of her panties getting a hand full of pubic hair. It was too tight to maneuver.

I tugged her shorts down without protest. I had help from Paula as she lifted her hips so I could move her shorts to her knees. As I did so she moved her legs to kick the shorts off onto the sleeping bag. My right hand moved back to her pantie clad pussy and began to explore her mons again. Spreading her legs slightly I gained access to her pussy. I ran my fingers up and down her slit. I could feel her outer lips and could also feel what I thought were her inner lips that felt ruffled. They seemed to be just even with the outer lips. I hadn’t noticed this in the other girls.

The wet spot in her panties was lower down, near her hole as it were.

I was kissing her and she was kissing back. I’m not sure I was doing it right but it didn’t seem to matter. I kissed down her neck then skipped over her sweatshirt to her belly. She whispered, “What are you doing?”

“You’ll see!” I said. At that I followed my nose south. Her musk was stronger than the other girls but not rank like Debbie’s.

As I showered kisses on Paula’s pubis and thighs she began to squirm. I made a few tentative licks of her slit. She protested, “That’s nasty!”

I said, “No it’s not. It really tastes good and you’re going to love it.”

I began to lick her more intently and soon she was responding by raising her hips to meet my tongue. About the time I thought she was about to cum she pushed my forehead forcefully away. She said, “Stop, I want you inside me.”

I couldn’t believe my ears. I quickly pulled my jeans off and pulled the condom meant for Cheryl out of my hip pocket. I quickly discarded my briefs and as I was rolling the condom on she said, “What are you doing?”

“Putting a condom on so you don’t get pregnant.” I said.

“How did you know to have a condom? Did you expect me to screw?” She said.

“, ever since my sister got pregnant and had to leave town I’ve carried one. Just in case!” I lied. “This might hurt a bit.” I said.

“Can’t be any worse than a hairbrush.” She countered.


“Never mind.” She said.

I carefully put the head of my dick to her opening. I was trying to be gentle. As I pushed in she was very slick. I was going in with very little resistance. At one point I felt a slight pop.

“Oh, that feels good!” She said. “Better than a hairbrush anytime.”

There’s that hairbrush again. I’m thinkin’, “Girls get horny too!” I didn’t make any comment this time and slowly started pushing in and pulling out. It was feeling very good although the condom took away a lot of the sensation.

Paula seemed to grow impatient with me. She was holding me around the shoulders and moving her hips up and down. She rolled me over onto my back. My cock slipped out of her momentarily but seemed to find her hole on it’s own.

First she tried laying on me with her legs spread on either side of my legs. She moved her ass up and down and gyrated around. That didn’t seem to give her what she wanted.

She closed her legs and forced my legs open, but again it didn’t work.

She sat up, pulling her knees up next to my ribs. The penetration was deep. I seemed to bottom out inside her. This was it. In the darkness I could make out her round face. Her eyes were closed, her lips slightly parted. She seemed to be zoning out.

She started rocking her hips, grinding her pubis into mine.

I have to admit this is my favorite position even today.

She was becoming wetter and moving faster. Her face began contorting and she was breathing heavy. “Yes…yes…yes.” She whispered.

I could feel her pussy muscles tightening on my cock then she gasped. “Oh God…oh God…oh God!” She tensed and slowed her movements.

She started rocking again slowly at first then again much quicker. She was having another orgasm.

I was ready to explode and as she began tensing again I let loose. It almost hurt this time.

As she slowed this time she said, “That was the best one ever! Les, what does it feel like to cum inside, without a condom?”

“Well, I don’t know.” I lied.

“I want to feel that.” She said.

“We can’t.” I objected. “You could get pregnant.” With that said, my wilting penis was expelled from her pussy.

She lay on top of me for a while and we cuddled. We didn’t kiss anymore and she was quiet. Soon her breathing was deep and she must have fallen asleep.

I gently rolled her off of me covering her with the poncho liner. In the dark I found her panties and shorts and placed them near the top of the sleeping bag. I found my pants but couldn’t find my briefs. Folding my pants into a square I placed them where I could use them as a pillow. Pulling the sleeping bag over us, I spooned in behind Paula and she snuggled back into me, my limp dick between her butt cheeks.


When I Was a Kid #9

About 4:30 I was awakened by something moving in the sleeping bag with me. I guess I had rolled over and now Paula was spooned in behind me. She was pressing her pubis into my butt crack. She had her left arm over my hip and she was fondling my balls. My cock got rock hard real quick. She put her fingers around my prick and slowly stroked me. I rolled to my back and she reached over to kiss me. She said, “Mornin’ sleepy head.”

I said, “What’s got you up so early?”

She just tightened her grip on me and said, “This.”

I said, “Ya? What about it?”

“I want to do it again.” She said.

“We can’t, that was my last condom.” I said in a whisper.

“It’ll be alright.” She countered.

“You could get pregnant! Believe me that would be the worst thing possible.” I retorted.

She didn’t seem to take no for an answer. In fact she climbed on top of me and placed the head of my cock to her pussy lips. She slid down my shaft a little at a time. She was wet, but it still took several tries to get me all the way in.

I relented and said, “Just don’t make me cum!”

Paula started a slow rocking motion. She was grinding her pubis into mine. Her twat was tight around my prick, silky smooth and she was starting to flow with juices as I felt them running down my ass crack in the cool air.

She was getting close and I felt like I had to pee. I was hoping that was a good thing. Just about that time the light came on in my back yard. Paula froze for a second but she was so close to cumming that she started again moving quicker.

I said in a whisper, “It’s my mom coming to wake me up. Just lie down on top of me and be quiet.” Paula lay down on top of me but kept working her cunt on my prick.

Directly my mom poked her head around the corner of the house and said, “Time to get up Les.”

I said, “OK mom!” trying to act sleepy.

Paula was cumming hard and making little squeak sounds in my ear. My balls were getting soaked. She slowed her pace and I could feel her pussy muscles working my cock. I was getting close to cumming also.

I said, “Paula, get off.”

She rolled to her side just as I started spewing my seed. That crap went everywhere, on my stomach and legs, and on Paula’s stomach and legs. She was giggling and I was trying to make her be quiet. I just knew we were going to get caught.

I said, “Get dressed. I’ve got to get out of here and deliver my papers.”

She fumbled around and found her panties and shorts right where I put them. I found my pants and shirt but still didn’t find my briefs. I figured they were in the sleeping bag somewhere.

I slipped my pants on without underwear and my short sleeved sweatshirt. Paula got herself together. I picked up the used condom and wrapper, rolled my sleeping bag and put it next to the house.

I got my bike from the back yard and Paula and I walked toward her house. I dropped the condom in the neighbor’s trashcan on the way by. At the alley to her house we kissed and she headed up the alley to her house. When she got about 50 yards away she was in the light shining between the houses she stopped and turned. She held up something white and waved it at me. My briefs!

I started to go after her but she had a big head start and I was already late picking up my papers. I’ll get them back!


When I Was a Kid #10

I finished delivering the papers about 7:00 and met my mom at a caf?or breakfast. She fussed at me for being late and I ate my breakfast.

After breakfast I hopped on my bike and headed to the stables. It was pretty boring! I cleaned the stalls, and helped ready a couple of horses for a ride for some tourists. My sister guided them. Later I guided a young couple, newlyweds I think, for a one-hour.

After a late lunch there were 4 eight-year old girls wanting to go for an hour. I was thinking, “Mom looks good!” Where are all the pretty girls?

Since it was Saturday, there’s always square dancing at the “Round Top Rangers” club house. It’s a large dancehall with a wagon wheel mounted to the ceiling. The spokes had neon lights on them and a mirrored ball at the hub. It rotated to cause a dazzling light show when all the other lights were turned off.

They would throw sawdust on the floor to make the “boot scootin’” easier.

My folks always went so I was obliged to go also. As it turned out, Linda and Cheryl were there too. Linda was wearing a pair of skin tight blue jeans, those red roper boots, and a red and white cowgirl shirt. She had a red bow in her light red hair. Her jeans were so tight that her pussy and lips were quite prominent

Cheryl was wearing a turquoise square dancing dress. It had short puffy sleeves and fit snuggly over her well-proportioned chest. The skirt was a full skirt, pleated and held out by a crinoline slip. Her dark auburn hair had a matching turquoise ribbon. She was breath-taking.

Linda came up to me and we were talking. Cheryl seemed to be still angry with me but at least she was cordial and I couldn’t blame her. Linda was her bubbly self.

Now, I’m not much of a dancer. I can square dance a little and I can do the two-step waltz. That was fine for Linda. She didn’t have a clue about square dancing. We chatted a while then a waltz came on and I asked Linda to dance. We danced and I didn’t step on her toes too many times. Holding her close I could smell her hair and her perfume. I was wishing she didn’t have to leave tomorrow.

The dance ended and Linda wanted Cheryl and me to square dance to show her how it was done. Cheryl gave a half-hearted smile as I took her hand and we got into a square.

Square dancing is very tiring and it was hot in the hall. Cheryl excused herself to go get a pop while Linda and I chatted. Finally Linda said, “It’s hot in here, let’s go outside.”

We went out through the kitchen exit. Outside Linda led the way to the back of the hall. It was very dark back there. As we got out of sight around the corner Linda stopped and kissed me passionately. She got real quiet. I could tell she was thinking so I didn’t interrupt. I kissed her forehead several time and just held her close. I was intoxicated with her scent.

“Les, I have to leave tomorrow.” She stated. “I wish I could take you with me. I’ve had a lot of fun this summer. Will you write to me?”

“Sure babe, every day.” I said.

“Can we do it one last time?” She asked.

“Here?” I said. “No way!”

We kissed and my hands started roaming. I cupped her butt with both hands pulling her close. My right hand migrated to her crotch in front. It occurred to me that this is how it all started. She was wearing the same pants. She opened her legs for me and I ran my middle finger up and down the seam of her pants crotch.

She started to respond to my touch and we were French kissing. Just then a couple came out of the darkness. My sister’s voice said, “It’s better if you move down to between the gas meter and electric box. Nobody will see you there.”

Shit, she saw us! Linda in a breathy voice said, “Thanks, we will.”

We walked quickly to the huge gas meter and got between the gas meter and electric box that was humming from all the current running through it.

We resumed our kissing and my hand quickly found her crotch again. She was wet through her pants.

She began to stroke my hard dick through my jeans and I could tell she was getting close to cumming. “Les, I need you inside me!” She exclaimed.

“We can’t, I don’t have a condom!” Why didn’t I get more when I was at the stables today?

“It’ll be alright.” She said. “I haven’t started having my periods yet. Besides there’s something else I want to do also.”

I looked both ways as my fingers found her snap on at the top of her jeans. I popped the snap open and her jeans unzipped themselves. I reached inside to discover she wasn’t wearing panties.

She was fumbling with my belt when I stopped her and said, “Just unzip them.” I hadn’t put on briefs even though I had showered and changed clothes. Her fingers quickly found my stiffened cock and had it out playing with it in no time. She wiggled her hips and her pants fell to the tops of her boots.

She was trying to get my dick into her but with her pants around her ankles she couldn’t spread her legs enough and mount my dick.

I said, “Turn around and put your hands on the wall.” I had her bend over and I ran my fingers up between legs and found her wet pussy. I slipped a finger into her twat. I then stepped in close behind her and guided my cock home. I couldn’t get much penetration but it felt real warm and wet.

I reached my right hand around her waist and started rubbing her mons with my fingers. She began pushing back into me and over the din of the dance hall I heard her moaning. She began clinching her butt cheeks together and I slipped a finger lower to find her clit. She was bucking hard into me so with my left hand I spread her butt cheeks and found her rosebud with my thumb and pressed. That did it, she came hard!

I was getting close to coming myself and told her, “I’m about to cum.”

She said, “Wait!” Pulling off of me she turned and squatted in front of me. She grabbed my cock and put it in her mouth.

“Oh God!” I was in heaven. She licked around the tip and under the shaft. She kept pushing her mouth over my dick, taking in more each time. She was getting about ¾ of it in and pushing up with her tongue on the underside. I was ready to blow!

“Linda, I’m gonna cum.” She just held me tightly with her lips and moved out to my tip running her tongue all around the tip. I couldn’t hold it any longer and started cumming. Two, three, four spurts came out and I could feel her swallowing. “Oh damn, that is great!” I said.

“You like that?” She asked.

“Like it? I loved it!” I said. “Did you actually swallow all that stuff?”

“Yep!” She said with pride. She stood, pulling her pants up at the same time. I put my flaccid cock back into my pants and zipped up.

We walked back into the dancehall holding hands. Cheryl came up to us and said, “What you two been doin’?”, pointing to Linda’s shirt tail poking out through her zipper.

“Oh nuttin’.” I said.

Linda turned beet red, fixed her shirt tail discreetly then whispered something in Cheryl’s ear.

Cheryl looked at me then put her hand over her mouth.

“Oh gees!” I thought.

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