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ok obviously this is the next part to my series " The True Story Behind Fish Dissection". again, obviously this is part two. in my true stories, parts count as days; eg: part two= day two and in this story, Saturday/Sunday don't count, because the setting is clearly at school
It was 7:30 AM and Camden still wasn't in sight yet. I sat in the schools cafeteria and waited. And waited. And waited a little bit more. Finally, Camden came in. he took a seat to my right and slammed his binder down on the table, just like every morning. "Good Morning!!!!!!" I say in my charming girly voice. The only time I loved my voice is when I say that to Camden, because the pitch and tone was totally appropriate. "Mornin', Kales. I swear no one should have to be up and in a school by 8:30 AM. If class didn't start in fifteen minutes, we could all still be asleep." he said, his voice low and still only half there from his sleep. "I know, but I'd much rather get up at an ungodly hour than I would have school cut into my afternoons, wouldn't you?" I ask, trying to brightenthe subject. "This is true," Camden says in his intoxicating voice. Our morning went exactly like every morning did, stuck to the same old routine. Up untill science, of course. there wasn't a way on earth or in the heavens that either of us could sit in those same seats with the same people that we had sat with yesterday and listen to Mr. Barrett preach on body systems like a pastor would John 3:16 without recalling the precious memories of yesterday's "activities". Camden smiled as I pulled my feet out from under my chair so I could lean back and grab my binder and accidentally brushed his leg. I blushed my bright red rose color and suddenly felt a slow cautious finger tracing beautiful shapes on my light blue route 66 jeans. I smiled at Camden, then diverted my attention forward as I slowly reached over to suprise Camden. He practically leaped from his seat next to me in the back at my warm touch, obviously not expecting it, especially considering how focused I was, or seemed like I was, on what Mr. Barrett was teaching. To be honest, I couldn't actually tell you enough about any of the systems to pass a 4th grade class, and I'm sure Camden couldn't either. Icould see Camden's eyes light up with his smile growing gradually as my index and middle fingers traced soft unreadable messages on his jeans. Hi have a million dollars that says Camden never could guess that the seemingly random shapes that are consistantly being traced with my nails on his leg translated into those three simple but all life changing words.................................... I love you. Mr. Barret set us to work on our PowerPoints about body systems. Amber and Cesar grabbed our groups two computers, and they got down to work. That, of course, left Camden and I to our own little lesson about the body system. We giggled and messed around until Mr. Barrett yelled for Cesar. I thought to myself, "Oh God, Mr. Barrett has caught us and is talking with Cesar to ask if he's seen anything suspicious. Amber will be next, then he'll talk to me then Camden. Oh I knew this was going to happen! Why can't something in my life go right for a change! WHY?" Cesar sat his laptop down gently as not to be a repeat of Robbie, who managed to let the computer slip out of his hand and fall three inches and break, and walked up to Mr. Barrett's desk. They conversed almost silently, then Cesar slowly, almost tauntilizingly, walked back, picked up his binder, and left. I was so releived that Cesar had just gone to the dentist. I had totally forgotten that he was getting his braces removed today. It had finally been three years, and he had done everything but throw a party to celebrate their depatire from his mouth. Amber handed me his laptop with the perfect grace she had been blessed with, and , being the ultamate klutz u am,I dropped it. I swerved it around quicker than Mr. Barrett could look up, and he just kind of shrugged it off. I thought to myself, "Crap Cesar you just ruined my day. If you hadn't been so in need of the removal of your braces, I wouldn't have to do resaerch and I wouldn't have dropped a two thousand dollar touchscreen laptop. Why couldn't you have just gone to the dentist on Saturday or something?" I readjusted the laptop reluctantly and typed "circulatory system" into the google search bar. I clicked the first link that came up and, after making sure it looked somewhat related to our project, left it there. I knew if Mr. Barrett caught me off task he'd just ask me to work a little harder because of course he loved me, like all my teachers did. Everyone complains about suck ups but the prize is entirely and tottally worth the price I pay. I get the extra candy or the exemption from homework and I get to kick my feet up and play it easy as I pass every subject with nothing less than an A. With my free hand, I checked the time. 2:35? We only had 5 minutes left of science? There was no way a whole hour and a half had gone by. "Hey, Amber! What time is it?" I ask, sure that her answer would be something like 1:50 or 2:00 but no. "2:37 is what I have, but I think my watch is a minute fast." she replied, very factually. My last four minutes of pleasure flew. The bell exploded with noise and we moved on to our second class with Mrs Ryman. Camden and I were on complete different sides of the class room, and we had gotten to a part of the project that was fairly boring. If you ask me, it was torture. The bus bell FINALLY rang, and it seemed like the whole county was flooding out of the schools front door. Camden was nowhere, and I was left to walk alone to my bus on the other side of the parking lot. TO BE CONTINUED!!!!!!!!!
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