It's been a hard schedule at school plus I managed to lose the two stories I was working on because of a computer virus but I managed to finish the new chapter. Let me know what you think, I'll try to have the first chapter of Jason's Growing Family finished by the end of next week.
Chapter 2

When Dave reached the berry patch the next morning he was already fuming. First there was the fight with his parents still hanging over his head, then when he arrived at Kim’s house to pick her up he found out that her sister Kim was going to the berry patch with them.

“We don’t have much choice, Dave,” Kim had explained. “Mom and dad are both at work and Jane’s too young to stay home alone. Either she joins us picking berries or I stay home to babysit her.”

“But,” Dave said in exasperation, “if she’s too young to stay home alone what has she been doing the last four weeks?

“Spending the day with your sister Linda,” Kim said. “The only reason she isn’t taking care of Jane today is because she made plans to spend the day with her friends.”

“That’s right,” Dave said thoughtfully, “Linda did mention something going to the mall with her friends. I wondered where she go the money to go.”

“Yeah, mom and dad have been paying her for babysitting while I was helping you,” Kim said.

“But what’s Jane going to do while we’re picking berries?” Dave asked while he watched his younger cousin getting ready to join them. “She’s too young to pick berries. They’ll never let her into the berry patch.”

“I have a plan,” Jane said, adjusting the top layer of her clothes before they left the house. “Actually a couple plans. I may have a way to help the two of you out, but if it doesn’t work I have my mp3 player and a couple great books.”

“Two books?” Dave asked.

“Just in case I finish the first one sooner than I expect,” Jane said with a shrug. “It never hurts to have an extra book, it does hurt to finish a book and not have another one ready to go.”

“I guess you’d know,” Dave admitted, mounting his bike and taking off with Kim and Jane riding behind him. When they passed the point where he and Kim had fucked the day before Dave glanced at the spot wistfully, realizing that with Jane along for the day he wouldn’t have a chance to repeat the previous days fun.

James, the patch supervisor, was looking bored when Dave and the others arrived at the shed. He gave Dave and Kim an appreciative look when he saw them approach, but the smile turned to a frown when he saw Jane.

“Jim, this is my sister Jane,” Kim told the foreman, “she’ll be helping us out today.”

“Really,” Jim drawled. “So Jane, how old are you?”

“I just turned twelve today,” Jane said, stretching her neck as far as it would go to make herself as tall as possible while she looked up at Jim and lied through her teeth.

“Do you have any proof?” James asked with a knowing grin for the girl in front of him and another one for her older sister and cousin.

“I didn’t think I’d need any,” Jane said with a shrug. “After all, this is the last day the patch is open before you bring in the shakers, right?”

“That’s right,” James said, focusing on Jane’s red hair, more brown than the bright red of her older sister.

“Do you really think the inspectors would bother showing up on the last day of the season?” Jane pointed out. “Besides, I’ll be picking on Dave’s card so you don’t even have to bother recording the fact that I’m here since I won’t be getting any money, right?”

“I guess you’re right,” James agreed after thinking about it for a few seconds. “But only if Dave agrees to keep an eye on you. What about it, Dave?”

“Sure,” Dave said, rubbing his sore ribs where Kim had jabbed him with her elbow when he opened his mouth to tell Jim Jane’s real age. “I’ll make sure she stays in line.”

“That’s good enough for me,” James said, placing the buckets on the shelf for the three of them. “You could be the only ones here today, at least you’re the only ones here now.”

“At least it will be quiet for once,” Dave said with a tight grin, grabbing the pails and leading the way into the berry patch.

“So, Dave, are you going to tell me what’s been eating you?” Kim asked as she followed her cousin down their row.

“What makes you think something is eating me,” Dave snapped before he could catch himself.

“You’ve been in a bad mood all morning,” Kim sighed, “plus you almost gave things away when Jane told Jim she turned twelve today.”

“But she doesn’t turn twelve for another six months,” Dave pointed out.

“I know that,” Jane said, “but normally you wouldn’t say anything, you would have let Jane get away with it in spite of the fact she was lying. You’re acting more like your parents than yourself.”

“I’m nothing like my parents,” Dave practically shouted before he caught himself.

“What did your parents do, Dave,” Kim asked.

Dave let out an exasperated sigh and then started telling his cousins what had happened the night before. “At dinner last night mom asked me how much money I’d made picking berried and when I told her said, ‘Good, that means you’ll have enough money to buy most of your new school supplies.’”

“I was so flabbergasted I couldn’t say anything for several seconds, and that’s when Linda came to my rescue. While I was still trying to take everything in she spoke up and told mom that it wasn’t fair to make me buy my own supplies after giving me the impression that I was making money to buy something I wanted.”

“Sounds like you owe your sister a big one,” Jane interrupted.

“Yes I do,” Dave agreed, “even if she was doing it for herself.”

“Doesn’t sound like she was doing it for herself.” Kim said with a thoughtful frown.

“She was,” Dave insisted. “At first I thought she was doing it so mom and dad wouldn’t make her work for her own school supplies next year. Of course that was before I found out that your parents were paying her for babysitting this summer. If mom and dad made me pay for my own supplies and then found out that she had some money too they would have made her pay for her own supplies.”

“So, what happened after Linda spoke up for you?” Jane asked to get things back on track.

“Mom and dad started arguing about it,” Dave said with a shrug. “Mom still wanted me to pay for my own supplies but dad agreed with Linda and said that I should have been told that I’d have to use my own money. They locked themselves in their room for an hour and screamed themselves hoarse but in the end they agreed to let me spend my money on myself for this summer. When I turn sixteen next year and get my license and a real job they expect me to buy my own supplies and clothes, but this year they’re still buying everything for me.”

“So things worked out in the end,” Kim said, “but I can see why you were so upset. Especially when I said you were acting like your parents. Sorry about that.”

“That’s ok,” Dave said with a shrug, “I shouldn’t have overreacted the way I did.”

“So now everything’s hunky-dory and we can start working, right?” Jane asked, setting her backpack down with a sigh of relief before she stripped her jacket off and draped it over her supplies.

Dave was surprised at how good a worker Jane was, even though she was only eleven she managed to keep up with both him and Kim all through the morning. She only took two breaks during the morning to remove more of her warm clothes and to take a quick drink from the ice water they’d brought in an insulated jug. As his younger cousin removed some of the outer layers of clothing Dave couldn’t help but notice how much the girl had developed. She wasn’t close to her older sister, but he had to admit that she filled out her halter top and shorts better than any other girl her age.

During lunch Dave realized that he couldn’t decide which cousin to look at. Every time he looked at Kim all he could think about was how good her pussy was going to feel around his cock. Then he’d look at Jane and think about how her pussy would feel even tighter than her sister’s. He felt so horny by the time he finished his sandwich and soda that he knew the sister’s would notice the bulge in his pants if he stood up, so he waited until Kim and Jane got up and turned to get their picking pails before he got up to join them.

Keeping his back to the girls as much as he could Dave started concentrating on the berried he was picking to take his mind off his cousins and what he wanted to do with them. He hoped his erection would go down before Jane noticed it and figured out what he was thinking.

Just as Dave felt his erection starting to shrink he heard the sound of a zipper and felt his cock spring out of his shorts, only to be grabbed by an eager pair of hands.

“Kim,” Dave hissed in a stage whisper, “as much as I’m enjoying this I don’t think it would be a good idea to do this when Jane can see us.”

“Wrong sister,” came Kim’s laughing reply from the other side of the blueberry bush.

“Jane?” Dave gulped, shifting his coffee can pale to the side so he could see his younger cousin’s redish-brown hair.

“But you’re,” Dave’s words we’re cut off with a gasp of pleasure when Jane sucked the head of his cock into her mouth and ran her tongue around it before spitting it out and finishing his sentence with her own words.

“I’m a horny little girl with a nice cock in her hands,” she said with a grin while she ran her finger along her cousin’s hardening shaft.

“She really is a horny little girl,” Kim chuckled as Jane sucked her cousin’s dick back into her mouth and swirled her tongue around the shaft to Dave’s obvious pleasure. “In fact, my little sister lost her cherry six months before I did.”

“But,” Dave said with a groan of pleasure, “Jane’s three years younger than you.”

“Tell me something I don’t know,” Kim said with a sigh. “I could have lost my cherry when I was her age - and I was horny enough to do it - but I always wanted you to be my first. Somehow I managed to hold out for three years but after watching this little slut fucking every day for the last six months I had to do something to get your cock in my pussy before I went crazy. That’s why I went to so much trouble to seduce you yesterday.”

“I’m glad you did,” Dave said, suppressing another groan, “but are you sure you want to talk about that in front of Jane?”

“Now you’re just being silly, Dave,” Kim said with a laugh. “Not only did I tell Jane all about our fuck last night, she helped me plan the whole thing. On top of that you can’t tell me that you’re not enjoying the benefits of my sister’s sexual experience.”

“She does know how to suck a cock,” Dave admitted. He could feel Jane’s vibrating throat around the head of his cock and it felt so good he didn’t know how much longer he could hold out before sending a load of cum into the preteen’s belly.

“And that’s nothing compared to what she can do with her pussy,” Kim said with a jealous glance at her sister and cousin. “I just hope you don’t forget me once you start fucking her.”

“I don’t care how good Jane is,” Dave said with a loud groan, grabbing the back of his cousin’s head and shoving his cock as deep as it would go down her throat while he shot his cum into the little girl’s belly.

“That was great, Jane,” Dave said with a contented sigh when he pulled his wilting cock out of the girl’s lips.

“It sure was,” Jane said, licking the last drop of her cousin’s cum from the end of his cock.

“Is his cock as good as I said it was?” Kim asked her sister after the younger girl crawled out from the middle of the blueberry bush.

“It sure was,” Jane said, licking her lips clean and smacking them together. “I owe you one.”

“No, we’re even,” Kim said, “after all, you did help me lose my cherry. Actually I’m surprised you managed to last this long. I thought you’d be fucking or sucking Dave’s cock before we finished our first pail this morning. Of course that means I lost the bet so you get to fuck him first when we get home, how did you manage to last so long?”

“Do you really want to know?” Jane asked with a self-satisfied grin.

“I do,” Dave said, stuffing his cock back in his pants and shifting his picking pail back in place. “If you’re as horny as Kim says you are - and after the way you just ate my cock I think you are - than I have to wonder how you lasted this long.”

“My secret weapon,” Jane said, reaching into her shorts and pulling out a vibrator. “With this baby I was able to hold off until the batteries gave out during lunch.”

“I knew it, you cheated,” Kim said. “That means I really won the bet.”

“You never said I couldn’t use my vibrator,” Jane pointed out.

“True,” Kim admitted reluctantly. “Tell you what, Jane, let’s call the bet off and you can still fuck Dave first.”

“Don’t I have any say in this?” Dave asked.

“I don’t think so,” Jane said, sharing a grin with her older sister.

“I have to agree with my horny slut of a sister,” Kim chuckled. “If you had a choice about wether or not you were going to fuck someone I’d still be a virgin.”

“I guess you’re right,” Dave sighed. “And when you get right down to it I kind of like the idea that you girls choose for me. I don’t think I’d ever be able to decide which one of you to fuck on my own.”

“Kind of like the proverbial donkey between two hay stacks,” Jane said. “You know, the donkey that starved to death because he couldn’t decide which haystack to eat from?”

“Maybe,” Dave said with a shrug, “but in this case the haystacks - or pussies - decide for me.”

“You got that right,” Kim chuckled. “You know, Dave, I’m feeling pretty horny right now. After watching Jane suck your cock I’m feeling pretty horny right now, and I know Jane’s always ready for another fuck. How do you feel about calling it an early day and heading home?”

“Exactly what I was thinking,” Dave said with a broad grin. “Do we have enough for one last pail or do we need pick a few more berries?”

“We should have enough,” Kim said, looking over all three of their buckets. “Let’s put everything together and see what we have and then get out of here.”

When they added everything together Dave and his cousin’s discovered they actually had a little extra and the three of them agreed to let it go.

Jim saw the three of them approach the shed and let out a slow sigh. “I guess I can understand calling it early on the last day he sighed. At least you actually bothered to come in.”

“Here’s our last pail of the season,” Dave said, sliding the pail across the counter. “I’m ready to check out.”

“Ok,” Jim said, taking his record book and looking over it. “At the beginning of the season you decided to have me hold your money until the end of the season. According to your weekly record you have $247 dollars coming with this last bucket. Does that sound right?”

“That sounds good,” Dave said, exchanging nods with Kim.

“Tell you what,” Jim said thoughtfully, “you’ve been such a good employee I’ll make it $250.”

“That sounds even better,” Dave said with a shrug.

“So,” Jim said as he counted out Dave’s money, “any chance that you’ll be back next year?”

“I don’t think so,” Dave said, “next year I’ll be sixteen and my parents are giving me a car and setting up a regular job for me.”

“That’s always the case,” Jim sighed, handing over Dave’s money, “we get someone good and then they end up getting another job and leave us high and dry. At least we had you for one season, and if you need a referral I’ll be happy to give, for both of you.”

“Thanks, Jim,” Kim said, “we appreciate that.”

Once he had his money Dave headed for his bike with Kim and Jane right behind him. After mounting his bike Dave waited for both of his cousins to take the lead and then followed them along the side of the road so he could watch the rise and fall of their asses while the peddled.

Like the day before Dave wasn’t barely aware of the trip while he enjoyed the view in front of him. After cutting through the woods again Dave followed his cousin’s right up to their garage.

“You better park your bike in here with ours, Dave,” Kim said. “If we have our way you’re going to be here for a while and it wouldn’t be a good for someone to notice your bike out in the open.”

“Do you think I’ll be here that long?” Dave asked.

“Longer,” Jane said with a smirk. “That is if I have my way with you.”

“If we have our way with him,” Kim chuckled. “Dave, you should probably expect to get home a little later than usual by the time we’re done. Just tell your parents that we stayed a little late at the berry patch to finish our last pail if they ask why you’re late.”

“I’ll try and remember that,” Dave said as he followed Kim and Jane to the back door. “Especially since I think I’ll be too busy to come up with a better excuse for the next few hours.”

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