This is the continuing story of Kathy Barrow's visit to the South Pacific island of Maki
A Trip to Remember
Chapter 2

Author’s Note: This is the 2nd chapter in the story of Kathy Barrow’s erotic trip to Maki, a little known island in the South Pacific. Some sex in this chapter but it really heats up later. You’ll have to read the first chapter to catch up as she continues her search for the truly unique wood carvings hand- made by the natives.

Kathy woke to the soft light of the sunshine filtering through the curtains of her bungalow. She stretched lazily as she became fully awake and let her mind drift back to the events of the previous night. So much had happened in the few short hours she had been on the island and she wasn’t sure some of it wasn’t a dream. Her thoughts quickly turned to Harry Nemo and just how much fun they had the night before. Before she had time to get lost too deep in her thoughts, he put his head in the door.

“Good morning sleepy head,” he said cheerfully. “Breakfast is ready when you can pull yourself out of bed.”

She gave him a big smile. “Wow. I like the service at your hotel”, she said. “I’ll be right there.”

She went to the bathroom and combed out her hair and brushed her teeth. She started to get dressed and realized that he had seen everything she had last night. With a smile at the thought, she slipped on a sheer housecoat and headed for the kitchen. She was mildly surprised when she saw Bob setting at the breakfast bar with Harry.

“Hello pretty lady,” Bob said cheerfully. “Did you sleep well?”

“Umm,” she said. “Very well.”

Both men laughed. “Well, while you’ve been sleeping this morning, we’ve been making arrangements for you to meet the Chief of the Maki tribe”, he said quickly. “I just got back from the village.”

Her excitement was evident in her voice. “What did he say?”

Harry laughed. “Slow down Kathy. The Chief is a late sleeper today. Bob talked to his oldest son. He promised that you’ll be able to see the Chief this afternoon during the harvest festival.” He watched the smile widen on her face and then continued. “This is the beginning of the tree harvest season and they always hold a festival to kick it off. It’s their way of saying thanks to the Gods for the trees they harvest. They make those little carvings from the wood of those trees but they also use the fruit, bark and leaves for their medicines and food.”

“What time does this festival start?” she asked calmly.

“It’s already started,” Bob told her. “They’ve been partying since yesterday morning which is why the Chief is sleeping so late this morning. They may be natives but they sure like their alcohol. There’s no age limit for drinking here,” he said with a light laugh.

They ate a hearty breakfast prepared by Bob and discussed the visit to the Chief later in the day. Harry and Bob quickly cleaned up the kitchen and put the dishes in the dishwasher. When they finished, Harry walked over to Kathy and kissed her lightly.

“What would you like to do this morning?” he asked.
She gave him a smile. “First, I’m going to take a long shower,” she said and kissed him lightly before she turned and walked back to the bedroom.

The shower was huge, she thought as she stepped inside. There was room for three or four people inside. She had just started washing her hair when the shower door opened and Harry smiled at her. “Do you want me to wash your back?” he said with a big smile.

“Why not?” she replied happily. “You might want to get undressed first.”

He used a sponge to wash every inch of her body, taking his time when he washed her titties and then down her body before finally taking a great deal of time washing her pussy. As he stood up, his lips kissed everywhere the sponge had washed and her body quickly heated up. When his lips finally touched hers, she wrapped her arms around his neck and kissed him passionately. When she pulled back, she looked into his eyes.
“I hope you aren’t going to leave me like this,” she said quietly.

“Like how?” he replied with a laugh.

“You know what I mean,” she said as her hand wrapped around his already hardening dick. “I want this.”

“I think that can be arranged,” he replied calmly as her hand continued to stroke him. He leaned in and kissed her again. While their tongues battled, his hands roamed her body, stroking her ass and then pushing a finger into her pussy. She quickly opened her legs, urging him to finger her deeper. He pulled his fingers away and was just about to push his dick into her when the glass door opened again.

“Looks like the two of you got sidetracked,” he said with a laugh.

“Come on in,” Harry said to Kathy’s surprise.

“Why not?” he said quickly and started stripping.

Kathy suddenly found herself squeezed between the two men as they kissed and touched every inch of her body. Finally, Harry picked up one of her legs and pushed his dick into her pussy, soaked by her juices more so than the water. She locked her arms around his neck as he pushed her back against the shower wall and began to fuck her while Bob pushed his head in close to get to her titty. He sucked on it steadily while Harry drove his dick in and out of her pussy. She felt her climax approaching and begged Harry to fuck her harder but he continued pushing in and out very slowly, keeping her from reaching the peak. She was vaguely aware of Bob leaning over and whispering in Harry’s ear and then she felt him pulling her away from the wall and holding her up in his strong arms while she was still impaled on his dick. She felt Bob move up behind her and then his dick was pressing against her ass and she suddenly remembered what she had experienced last night and wanted to feel it again. Bob’s dick remained pressed against her ass and she pushed back to urge him on but he held back.

“Remember what I said last night Kathy,” Harry whispered in her ear.

“What!” she asked.

“You have to ask for it if you want it again,” he reminded her.

“Oh god yes! Fuck my ass Bob! I want both of you inside me again!”

She heard Bob laugh lightly behind her and then he pulled away slightly. Suddenly, his finger was probing her ass and she realized he was using the soap to lube it. When he pushed his finger all the way in, she could feel it pressing against Harry’s dick through the thin wall separating the two passages. Soon, he had two fingers in her and pushed them in and out as he opened her up. Just as quickly, his fingers were gone and his dick pressed into her tight ass. Harry held her tightly against his chest as their tongues probed each other’s mouth and then the two men began to fuck her, quickly adjusting their thrusts so Harry was in her pussy and when he pulled out Bob pushed into her ass. Her climax hit hard, just as it had the night before, and she felt both men begin to explode inside of her. Suddenly her eyes rolled back into her head as the climax overwhelmed her.

She felt the cold water splashing on her face and slowly regained her senses. She looked from one man to the other through glazed eyes and saw they were both smiling. There was a small grin on her face as she spoke. “The two of you will be the death of me if that happens too much.”

They laughed and Harry kissed her lightly. “You asked for it.”

The men dressed and left after making sure she was okay. She told them she was fine except for being a little sore. When they left, she fixed more coffee before calling her husband. Pete was excited to hear her voice even though it was the middle of the night there. He let her ramble on a few minutes before he stopped her.

“Come on baby,” he pleaded. “Tell me who fucked you”

She got very quiet for a minute and finally spoke again. “How did you know I’ve been fucked?” she said quietly.

He laughed. “You always start rambling after you’ve been fucked by someone and you’re trying to decide how to tell me. Just spit it out honey.”

Over the next few minutes, she told him everything that had happened to her, starting from the walk on the beach to the fuck in the shower. When she was finished, her voice had turned excited and Pete picked up on it.

“It sounds like you’re really having a good time. I want you to continue to enjoy yourself but just remember one thing.”

She waited but he stopped talking. “What honey?”

“When you get home, your ass is mine,” he said with a big laugh. “Bye sweetheart. I need some sleep.”

Kathy searched through her wardrobe and finally put on a white sun dress with a patten of small yellow flowers and then thong panties with beach sandals. She had selected the sun dress since it would force her not to wear a bra the way it was cut so low in back. At 38, her titties were still firm and stood out from her body without the slightest sag but she was so use to wearing a bra that she had to force herself to keep her promise to Harry not to wear one. Just as she finished with her make-up, she heard Harry’s knock on the door and hurried to let him in. He smiled when he saw how she was dressed and complimented her on how well she looked.

“You just forgot one thing,” he said.”

Kathy quickly turned to the mirror and looked at herself, trying to see what he meant. She watched through the mirror as he walked up behind her and put his arms around her waist. He kissed her ear and let his hands drop down below her waist to pull the dress up.

“This,” he said as he pulled the dress up to reveal her thong.

Calmly, he gripped the thong on both sides and pulled it down her legs, then helped her as she stepped out. He stood back up with the small white thong in his hand and gave her a smile as he tossed it on the dresser.

“Remember. No bra or panties the rest of the time you’re here.”

“I have a really nice selection of lingerie,” she told him in a quite plea.

He laughed. “Save them for your husband,” he said. “Now you’re ready to go.”

She felt naked as she walked out of the room into the sunlight. She knew that the thin white summer dress would be almost transparent in the light and she could only hope the flowers covered her in the right places.

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