Missy, brother and dad (double incest) (2)

Hi, my name is Sean, I’m 17, but my little sister calls me by my middle name, Josh, because she doesn’t like the name Sean
I just had my first time fucking my sister Missy. She is 14. I had just found out my dad had been fucking her, and I wanted to also. She’s a very hot girl. Sexy is too mild for her. For 14, she is street wise and knows how to please a me. After our first fantastic sex, things changed at our house. Missy and dad still fucked, but not to often. Her attention was with me now.
She came in my room last night and wearing just a nightgown, no little bra, no panties. She smiled at me and started kissing me all over my face. I got really turned on. I was laying on my bed when she did all this. She said: “Josh, can we have sex again. That was so hot fucking you, you made me cum so hard, I can’t forget it.” I said: “Where’s dad?” She said he’s at work for another 2 hours, we have time
. She flipped up her nightgown and got under the covers with me and sat on my dick. “Oooooo, I feel a boner under me. I knew you wanted me, didn’t you.” she said. I smiled and said: “Little Missy know it all, aren’t you.” She said: “I know when you get turned on, cause I can see your boner.” “So you’re a ‘boner watcher’ eah?” She laughed and said she guessed she was. “I want to be on top this time, ok?”
I leaned her sweet little body over to me. I lifted her up, and she put my dick up in her. She gasp..and said…”Oh yeah, that’s what I want. I like yours and dad’s dicks both, but sometimes I like yours best. (it’s bigger)” she stopped. And froze. I knew why. She just admitted she had dad’s dick inside of her. “I said: (…don’t worry, I know all about dad and you….)” She breathed a sigh, and laid her head down on my chest.
“I love you both, and you both make me so happy when you have sex with me…I know…we’re not suppose to, but it feels so good and we all like it, ….so fuck’em“..and we both laughed. “Jen’s grandmother told me girls use to get married and 12, and have baby’s, when she was a little girl. I’m 14, and I like to fuck, so there world.” She began to squirm on my hard dick, and asked me to feel her little titties. She sat up and bounced on my dick, as I felt her new budding tits.
She closed her eyes and held my hands. “oh god feel so good in me….can you put your thumb on my little clittie? I like that, it makes me so hot, and feels good.”

I did, and she moaned so cute….’ooooooo josh….ooooo yes….ohhhhhh joshie….yesssssss…joshie. I had to cum now or explode. I held her little butt cheeks and bounced her faster and faster…” Oh god…Josh!…oh..oh..oh….OH Josh..your making me cum….. And she squealed in a real high voice and I shot, and I shot big, over and over in her little pussy. My cum ran out her little pussy and on to her, me and the bed. She moaned and laid her head on me, and ground her pussy on my dick, gasping with each jolt of her climax. She already had strong pussy muscles and kept clamping down on my dick with them.
I got dizzy, she felt so good, I gasp for air, and felt weak.

Dad and sissy would wait for mom to go to work some mornings, and then go sneak in her bedroom and she would have sex with him. Josh knew this and tried to figure a time for him and Missy to fuck. He told Missy he was trying to find a time for them. Missy giggled, and said: “After they have gone to bed, silly.
Daddy plays with me sometimes after mommy has gone to sleep. He slowly gets out of bed and creeps into my room and starts kissing me, and feeling my little titties, I love it. We have to be real quiet and not moan, so we don‘t wake mommy. I think it’s fun to sneak it…it‘s exciting and I get the hornys waiting to see if he‘ll come in. I never know, but when he does, I get real excited and him too. We make each other cum real good.”
Josh is hearing all this and figures a way. He’ll wait till they go to bed, and go in her bedroom and they can fuck too. He asks her “How often does dad come in your room.” “Oh…let’s see maybe…about once a week, it‘s always a Sunday night in fact. Mom goes to bed early to be ready for work on Monday, but not always, sometime he surprises me on another night. I like surprises.” “What if….we have our nights, and you tell daddy your tired and not to come by the nights we want to fuck.” “OK, are you coming to my room tonight?”

Josh’s gut began to quiver and he thought. ..”Does dad lock your door when he comes in your room?” “Always”, Missy said. ..’Ok missy, I’ll come to your bedroom tonight. If the door is locked, I’ll wait till another night. If not, we can fuck but quietly, ok?” “Ok big brother, I can’t wait, you make me so hot Josh, and cum so good too. I hope you show up. Kiss me now, and feel my titties before you go.”
“Missy! and dad are in the back yard, right now!” She giggled and pointed out her blinds. “I can see them Josh! They don’t even know we’re talking here in my bedroom. How about just sucking on my titties then, you can do that while I watch them out back.” Josh checked, sure enough dad was sleeping, and mom was reading a book, and they couldn’t see in thru the slits in her blinds. As he was looking, he felt her pull his shorts down, and quick started sucking his dick. She pulled his hand down and put it on her tit. He had to smile, getting blow job from his sister, not 10 feet away from his parents. Missy sucked him and jacked him fast. She then looked up and whispered: (“….I can make you cum I bet, Josh…”)

He kept watching out the window at his parents. Missy started in really jacking and sucking him fast and hard. He held her head as his little sister was about to make him cum in her mouth. She kept it up and squeezed his ass with her little fingers. Josh could hold back no more and jolted a cum right in her mouth, and kept pumping more and more in. She swallow it all. She looked up and him, and smiled saying, “See, told ya I could.”

Josh and Missy couldn’t wait till tonight. They both were jumpy. They teased each other and copped feels when they could. When mom took her shower, and dad went to the bathroom, Josh jumped up and ran over to Missy on the couch, stood her up, lifted her skirt, pulled her panties to one side and started licking her little clit as fast as his tongue would go. Missy grabbed his head and went eeeeeeeee and her knees began to buckle. Josh stopped, and ran back to his chair like nothing had happened.
Missy sat there glaring at Josh. She got up, adjusted her panties and walked to him and whispered: (“…I’ll get you for that big brother!, you know I can’t take that on my little clittie!…she reached down and felt his big boner…Ooooo… that’s huge, and it‘s all because of me…your sweet…”)

It was Saturday night. Dad had a lot of beers and fell asleep at 9 in his chair. Mom stayed up and read. Josh play on his computer, and Missy watched T.V. They both waited for mom to go to bed. Josh would purposely yawn, and then wait, and yawn some more when he came in the living room. Missy caught on and she did too. Soon mom, yawned and put her book away, and went to bed.

Josh woke his dad some, and pointed him towards the bedroom. Soon Missy and Josh were making sex signs with their fingers. He would make a hole with his fingers, and a finger dick with the other, and put them together and fuck them real fast. Missy would crack up, and flash him her titties, and lift her skirt up and hump her finger. They were having fun.

When it had been quiet for a while, Missy stood up, and listened. She lifted up her skirt, and took her panties off, and put them in her little bra. She lifted her skirt up and walked around shaking her ass, and teasing Josh. He turned around, took out his boner, and then turned back around and wiggled it at her, and quick put it back. She was cracking up laughing quietly. She left and went into her room.

Josh watched T.V. for a while. Josh went to his room, and put on his robe. He just realized their bedrooms were next to each other. He listened at her wall. He heard her moaning he thought. Then he heard dad moan too. Shit! beat him to her.
Josh took off his robe and slept naked, just thinking about Missy. He wanted his time with her. He heard Missy go to the bathroom then quiet

He heard his door slowly open…it was Missy sneaking in. She tip toed over and crawled in bed with him. He pulled her to him and they kissed with a fury of tongues and feels. Missy..out of breath..whispered: (“…josh, oh josh..I couldn’t go to sleep thinking about you having a boner just for me….tell me how much you want me josh…I wanna hear it over and over again….daddy just came in me real quick, and left….I didn’t get any real lov’in…but I’m going to take some of you with me…
to have you when ever I want…..oh missy baby… I was in here just thinking about you, wanting you so bad…I’m so glad you’re here…I’ve wanted you all for days…kiss me some more…mmmmm.
She kissed him over and over and then turned and pulled up her little night gown and squatted over his face. She had a little bottle with her. She started suck his big boner. Both her little hands jacking him, as he licked her pussy. She moaned at he licked her little clit.

She started humping his tongue and moaned more. Josh was trying to make it last, but he could feel a big cum on it’s way. He lick her little clittie faster..oh oh oh oh josh…yes yes yes…oh yessssss.
Her mouth was so hot on his dick he …whispered…oh god missy..I have to…have to cum now! She quick took her mouth off his dick and jacked him faster. He felt something on the tip of his dick as he shot and shot cum out. He jolted and twisted his body in shaking pleasure. He then felt her little tongue licking his dick over and over. They stayed spent on each other, just feeling their body’s.

Missy finally turned around and kissed him deeply, then she held up a little bottle full of his cum. She felt for the lid, and put it on tight. She whispered….(“I got you now big brother, right in here, anytime I want.”) Josh giggled at her and smiled. (“….your to much little missy…”) She kissed him some more and then quietly slipped out of his room.

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I'm Dick age 12. Mom told me she wanted me to start having sex with my sisters. She said she explained it to them and they want it. I asked why she wants me to fuck them. She said her brothers and father raped her when she was 5. She liked it so much she told them to never stop. They didn't until she was 10. They were afraid of getting me pregnant. Then they started screwing my younger sisters. She said she wants us to have fun like she did. Mom also said you can fuck me whenever you want. You can even sleep in my bed at night if you like. I bent her over the kitchen table and took her up on it. Even with all the fucking she's had she has tight holes. I said get the girls in the car. When we got to the grocery store parking lot we parked near the entrance. It was fun having people walk past the car and see us fucking our brains out. Mom sucked off some of the men. I bet their wives wondered why they were so happy when they got home. :)

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I'm Timmy age 12. I was at the park yesterday. A lady Diane said her 5 little girls keep sneaking off. She said she's sick of having to comb the neighborhood to find them. I said they do that because they aren't getting what they want at home. Dane said I give them everything they need or could want. I said obviously not everything. I said you need to get some boys to come over to play. I said little girls want to know why their pussies burn and you need to give them a way to relieve themselves. I said I'll come over to help you out. At her place I asked the girls why they keep sneaking off? Instead of answering they rubbed their pussies through their panties. I said there's your answer. They're horny and run off trying to get laid. She didn't like to hear that but decided it was true. I said if you like I can give them some relief now and you can get other boys to come over later. Those 5 girls were the best fuck I've had all summer. They were happy now and stayed home.

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I'm Billy age 12. We were headed to the Mall. Dad was naked in the trunk with his mother and grandmother teaching them the finer points of torture and rape. He was making their holes bleed and making them scream. I'm in the backseat showing my baby sisters how good it felt to have my dick in their ass. My little brother Joey was between mom's legs eating her out while she was driving.

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I'm Billy age 12. I was on the bus. A mother had twin 3 year old girls on her lap. She said these kids are more trouble than they're worth. I said you need some fun. I said open your coat, pull your panties aside and make one of them lick your clit. Finger her asshole while she is doing that. After a short pause she did. It felt so good her eyes rolled around in their sockets. I said when they are doing that call them dirty little whores. She nearly fainted hearing that. Then she filled her daughter's mouth with cum. I said hand he too me. I'll stretch her asshole and fuck her. Her mother had 6 orgasms watching me make whores out of her babies. I said let's go to your place. There we all got undressed. I made those babies holes bleed and made them scream. They loved it she loved it and I loved it. The babysitter next door came in with her kids. I loved making the 11 year old babysitter scream and her holes bleed. She said she hoped sex would always be that good.

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Samlingssted shit was hoooooot

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