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Lots of crazy rape
I Sometimes Say the Dumbest Things
by Vulgus (


A young woman who knows better offers to babysit for
her boss when he and his wife go on a cruise for their
second honeymoon. She becomes a victim of his two
teenage sons and teenage daughter and is raped and
tormented while the boss is out of town. This is not a
story for the faint of heart. (mf+/teens/F, nc, exh,
blkmail, drugs, beast, ws)


I knew better before I even opened my mouth. I am not
good with kids. They make me uncomfortable and they
seem to know it. But I have a curse. I am one of those
people that likes to help out when I can. So when my
boss was fuming and so terribly upset at the office
yesterday I asked what had upset him so.

I knew that he was all set to leave on a ten day cruise
with his wife. It was going to be their second
honeymoon. We had been working furiously to get ahead
at work so that he could take off for twelve days and
not have to worry about things at the office.

To be honest, I was looking forward to it as much as he
was. It was going to be like a holiday for me too. For
the next two weeks my only job was going to be
answering the phone and taking messages. Since everyone
knew that he was going away there shouldn't be much of
that either. It isn't that I don't like my boss. He is
very nice to me and I like working for him very much. I
have always been intimidated by him though. So I may
not be getting spoiled on a luxury cruise ship, but I
was going to enjoy the quiet ten days around the

He and his wife were leaving in the company plane after
work tonight. They were going to fly down to Ft.
Lauderdale and spend the night in a hotel. Then they
were to board the cruise ship on Saturday morning.

It had been a hard week for both of us and we both
needed the rest that we were going to get in the next
two weeks. I had been in his office going over some
last minute details when the phone rang. I answered it.
That's my job after all. It was his wife calling. She
was frantic. She sounded almost hysterical. I handed
him the phone and watched as his face turned dark, dark
red and I knew from his expression that he was furious.

The thing about Mr. Clark, my boss, is that when he
gets mad like that he doesn't yell or stomp around. He
gets quiet and he looks like he is just about to
explode. He listened to his wife for a few minutes and
he never said a word. He just set the receiver down
gently in the cradle and stared straight ahead. I was
terrified. I'm not sure why. I don't think that I was
afraid that he would harm me. I guess I had just never
seen anyone that angry before.

I finally asked timidly, "What's wrong Mr. Clark?"

I wasn't sure he had heard me at first. But after a
long, uncomfortable moment he said in a very quiet and
controlled tone of voice, "My mother-in-law crapped out
on us."

His mother-in-law was to come and stay in their house
and watch their four kids while Mr. Clark and his wife
were on the cruise.

I knew better, I swear I did. I just couldn't help
myself. I was kicking myself before I even spoke, but I
meekly suggested, "Would you like me to watch the kids
while you're on vacation sir?" I sometimes say the
dumbest things!

He stared at me for a moment. I didn't have to be a
mind reader to know what he was thinking. "You couldn't
handle my kids." It was written all over his face, and
I was reasonably certain that he was right. But I had
that damned birth defect I couldn't overcome. I had to
offer to help.

He had three teenage boys and a teenage girl. They
ranged in age from a thirteen year old boy, Kirk; the
twins, Kyra and Kevin who were fifteen; and Keary, the
sixteen year old. Mr. Clark once said that Keary was
Celtic name which meant 'father's dark child' and it
had turned out to be far too accurate.

The only one of his kids that I had ever met was the
girl, Kyra. She had been every bit as rude and
obnoxious as you would expect of a teenager these days.
I had met her only briefly when her mother had stopped
by the office to see Mr. Clark one day and while she
was in his office Kyra had stayed outside in my office
with me.

For the ten minutes or so that she was there it was
like I couldn't breathe. When Mrs. Clark came out of
the office and they left I actually sat back and gasped
for air.

After a long pause, during which I prayed fervently
that Mr. Clark would thank me for my kind offer and
refuse it, he finally said, "Gail, I have no choice.
For the sake of my marriage and my sanity I am going to
have to accept your offer. I think that we both know
that I am throwing you into the lion's den. I can only
apologize in advance and promise to make this up to

I smiled at the way that he put it. We both knew that I
was getting in over my head here. But he was trapped by
circumstances and I was trapped by my big mouth. He
said, "I'll call my wife and tell her. You go home and
pack up what you'll need and come to my house as soon
as you can. As I recall you once met Kyra. We'll show
you around and introduce you to the rest of the demon
horde. I know this isn't going to be the restful two
weeks that you were anticipating in my absence. I'm

It was still mid-afternoon on Friday, but I would need
time to pack so as Mr. Clark picked up the phone to
call his wife I straightened out my desk and turned off
my computer and drove home.

I had been living alone in a small apartment since my
divorce three years ago. My husband had fallen for his
secretary and left me after just one year of marriage.
I had been devastated. I was so mad at him and men in
general that I had not been on a date since he left me.

It isn't that I don't get asked. I am twenty-four years
old. I have been told that I have a pretty face and a
'killer smile'. I have long, dark red hair and a figure
that I am quite proud of, though to be honest I don't
do much to keep it. My slender figure is due more to my
diet of soups and salads and the occasional sea food
dinner than an exercise regimen. I get some exercise
from time to time. I join a gym or take up jogging and
I work out for a while. But to be honest, exercise
bores me to tears, so it is never very long before I
slip back into my old slothful ways.

In other words, I am sexy by an accident of nature, but
I do turn men's heads. I am asked out fairly often but
I have no desire to date. Not now anyway, probably not

Since I am being honest I guess that I should probably
also say that one of the reasons that my husband left
me is that I am not very fond of sex. I have always
found it demeaning and embarrassing. When I overhear
other women talking about a night of great sex they
have just enjoyed or how much they enjoy having sex
with this man or that man I don't get it. I suppose I
envy them. I know that there is a lot missing from my
life. I have no love or affection in my life, no
intimacy. But the idea of what constitutes a woman's
role in a sexual relationship just about makes me ill.

My ex, before he left me, tried to get me to talk to a
professional. He said that he loved me but that he
couldn't live the way that we were and he wanted me to
get help. I suppose that in the back of my mind I knew
I had a problem. I just couldn't acknowledge it. I
thought, I still think, that the sex act was designed
for the pleasure of the male and is demeaning to women.
If the only way to avoid it is to live my life alone
then so be it.

I drove to my apartment and went straight to my tiny
bedroom. I pulled my suitcase out from under the bed
and opened it. I packed enough clothes for a week. Mr.
Clark had told me to bring my bathing suit. They had a
pool and a hot tub in the back yard. I packed my
toiletry bag grabbed the book I was reading and wheeled
my suitcase out to car.

I had never been to Mr. Clark's house. I knew where it
was though. He lived in the nicest area in town. His
neighbors were all doctors and lawyers and Indian
chiefs. Well, maybe not Indian chiefs, but prominent
businessmen. The houses were all huge estates with well
manicured lawns and a lot of space between them.

When I arrived Mr. Clark met me in the driveway. He had
been loading his luggage into the limo that was taking
him to the jetport. He helped me with my bag and I
followed him inside.

His wife was still upstairs but his four rowdy kids
were at the kitchen table eating pizza. They all looked
up when we came in. Mr. Clark introduced me to all of
them and the expressions on their faces were scary,
especially the oldest, Keary. I was not expecting this
to be easy. But I had not expected the lustful leer on
the face of a sixteen year old boy when I was being

Kevin, the fifteen year old had a bit of that too, but
he and his twin sister and the youngest boy looked more
mischievous than lustful. Well, perhaps not so much
mischievous as devilish. They were a scary sight.

I was invited to join the kids. There was pizza a
plenty. I had to admit that it smelled good. I had not
eaten pizza in a long time. But those scary kids took
away my appetite. I knew, looking at them now, that I
had made a huge mistake. I was way over my head with
these four.

More than anything I wanted to tell Mr. Clark that I
had made a mistake. I turned to look at him though and
I saw on his face that he knew it too. He looked
guilty, but desperate.

I had worked for Mr. Clark for more than five years
now. I went to work for him almost as soon as I got out
of high school. I knew him pretty well. I also knew the
witch that he had married. She was probably the only
person in the world that Mr. Clark was afraid of. He
was not going to disappoint her. They were going on
that cruise and if the house was nothing but rubble
when they returned then they would deal with it at that

I smiled nervously and tried to assure Mr. Clark that
it would be alright once the kids and I got better
acquainted. He rolled his eyes, not believing me for a
minute. He picked up my suitcase and led me to the
mother-in-law suite off of the kitchen. It was not
being used and would be my home for the next two weeks.

It was very nice, nicer than my apartment! It had a
large bedroom and a very modern bathroom with a large
walk-in shower. There was a nice sized sitting room
with a big screen television.

Mr. Clark showed me around and was about to show me how
to use the television but I explained to him that I
didn't watch television. He raised his eyebrow and I
explained that I loved to read and I had brought my
book with me.

He led me back out to the kitchen and showed me a list
of emergency numbers and special instructions. There
were not a lot of instructions for the kids. School had
just gotten out for the summer and they were pretty lax
about things like bedtimes and guests. The kids were
obviously spoiled rotten and my job seemed to be to
make sure that no one starved to death or robbed a

He showed me the beautiful backyard with the huge pool
and finally Mrs. Clark came down and they were ready to
leave. She barely acknowledged my existence as she
breezed through the house on the way out to the limo.
Their goodbye to the kids was just, "We're leaving, see
you in two weeks. Try to behave." Then they were gone
and I was alone with the four scariest kids in town.

I went to my rooms and started unpacking. I was
startled by a sound as I was opening my suitcase and I
turned to see Keary standing in the door to my bedroom.
I straightened up and asked, "Yes, what do you want

He just smiled his evil little smile and said, "I just
thought that since we are going to be living together
for two weeks we should get acquainted."

He sounded like a guy trying to pick a girl up in a

I responded, "I'll be out as soon as I finish
unpacking, Keary, and please don't come into my room
without knocking again. You startled me."

He just smiled and acted as if I had never spoken. He
came in and said, "I think we're going to get along
just fine. I know we are going to enjoy having you."

He said that last with an obvious smirk. I wanted to
slap him. I wanted to scream at him to get the hell out
of my room. I didn't for two reasons. I had to try to
get along with this kid for two weeks. It would be
easier if we could have an amicable relationship. But
that aside, this kid was taller than me and outweighed
me by at least fifty pounds! For some reasons when I
had been contemplating the idea of watching over four
teenagers I had been picturing children in my mind.
These kids, even the thirteen year old were young

Keary was large and strong and obviously had a dominant
personality, just like his father. He was very

He came in and sat on the bed and said, "You go ahead
and unpack Gail. While you are doing that we can talk
and then we can go out and swim for a while and you can
get to know the other three."

I stood there staring at him. I didn't want to unpack
in front of him for some reason. I am not even sure
why. It just seemed like he was invading my privacy.
But he was sounding so reasonable and I felt helpless
in the face of his intractability.

I began hanging up my clothes and he watched me as I
took everything out of my suitcase. As I unpacked he
kept up a running conversation pretty much on his own.
There were numerous, thinly veiled sexual innuendos and
at times I felt very much like he was the adult and I
the child in this relationship.

At one point I came back out of the closet after
hanging up a couple of dresses and Keary was sitting
there holding a pair of my panties in one hand and one
of my bras in the other. He ignored me and looked at
the tag on the bra, checking for my bra size I assume.

I rushed over and snatched my underwear out of his hand
and ordered him to leave my clothes alone. He just
smiled. I told him to leave me alone so that I could
unpack and he just sat there smiling. There was more
than a little bit of a challenge in his voice when he
said, "But Gail, I'm not through getting acquainted."

I had a pretty good idea why Mr. Clark's mother-in-law
had come up with an excuse to get out of looking after
these little monsters. I was going to have to do
something to establish order around here or the next
two weeks were going to be impossible.

Just then the situation got even more confusing. Kyra
came in with a glass of coke for me. She smiled
politely and said, "Here Ms. Cone. I thought you could
use a drink."

Then she turned to Keary and said, "Come on Keary, stop
being a pain."

I was grateful for her support. I didn't really want
the coke but she was on my side and I didn't want to
hurt her feelings. I took several sips of the coke and
continued unpacking. I grabbed all of my underwear and
took it over to the dresser. I separated it into
drawers and when I turned back Keary was holding up my
bathing suit.

I sometimes think that I am the only woman my age that
wears a one piece bathing suit. I am a very modest
person. It really bothers me sometimes, that women who
are modest are held up to ridicule and those women that
flaunt their bodies and their sexuality are admired.
But I have no intention of changing my ways. I am
embarrassed by the negative attention that I receive
for dressing modestly. But I could never be the kind of
woman who dresses to display her body in public.

In as stern a voice as I could summon up I said,
"Keary! Put that down. You have no right to go through
my clothes like that! Behave yourself."

He just stared at me for a moment and then he asked
with a note of incredulity in his voice, "You are
shitting me, right?! You don't really wear this thing
do you?! Jesus Gail, you are one hot chick! You should
be wearing a hot bikini."

I stormed over to him and attempted to grab my suit
from his hands and said, "I am not a chick! And I will
thank you to watch your language around me. I do not
tolerate vulgar language. I doubt very much if your
father would permit you to use that kind of language
and I won't either."

Keary had held onto my suit but Kyra pulled it out of
his hands and handed it to me. She pulled Keary to his
feet and pulled him from the room. He allowed himself
to be escorted out, reluctantly. At the door Kyra
whispered something to him and he finally left.

Kyra came back in and apologized for her brother's
behavior. She acted as if it was pretty normal, which
did not inspire me with confidence.

She handed me my coke and said, "Here, have a drink and
try to calm down." Then she raised her glass as if in a
toast and I drank a little more of it.

Kyra waited until I was about to put it down and she
said, "Why don't you finish it off and I'll get you
another one. I'm glad you're here. It's nice having
another woman in the house. My mom goes out and leaves
us alone a lot. A lot of times I'm home alone with
three rotten boys. You and I need to stick together."

I was beginning to think she was right. I swallowed the
last of my coke and she took the glass from me and went
back out to the kitchen. She returned just as I was
closing up my suitcase and sliding it under the bed.
She handed me a fresh coke and we sat and sipped our
drinks and engaged in a little idle gossip for a while.

Before very long I started feeling a little light
headed. I felt as though I had been drinking alcohol. I
sniffed the drink but I couldn't detect any alcohol.
Kyra kept urging me to finish my drink. I didn't really
want any more but for some reason, every time she told
me to take a drink, I drank.

Things get pretty hazy after that. Kyra took my empty
glass away and I remember her asking me how I felt. I
don't remember if I answered. I remember Keary coming
back in and Kevin and Kirk entered the room behind him.

I remember being uncomfortable about all those boys
being in my room. I think I remember Keary sitting down
on my bed beside me. After that I don't remember a

The next thing that I knew it was morning. I knew as
soon as I awoke that something terrible had happened. I
was naked for one thing. I never sleep in the nude. But
I didn't even notice that at first. There was a
horrible taste in my mouth and my throat was so sore I
could hardly swallow. When I tried to move, my vagina
and my anus felt like they were full of broken glass. I
opened my eyes finally. My head hurt so bad that even
that was difficult. I looked down and saw that my body
was covered in filth. There was something white which
had dried on my skin and flaking off everywhere. I ran
my fingers over it and shivered in disgust. I knew what
it must be. It was obvious that I had been raped.

Judging from the condition of my body I must have been
raped repeatedly in my sleep last night. I suddenly
remembered that I had not gone to bed last night. The
last thing I could remember was Kyra giving me a coke.
I had been drugged!

I struggled to my feet and with difficulty I rushed to
the door to lock it. The door knob had been removed! I
couldn't even lock my door. I rushed to the bathroom
and the knob was missing from that door too. The first
thing I did was to drop to my knees at the toilet and
throw up violently. It was mostly the dry heaves. I
hadn't eaten anything since lunch yesterday. But I was
sick at the realization of what those boys had done to
me last night.

When I had my stomach under control I took a quick,
very hot shower. I was anxious to dress and leave
before they could come back in and see me like this.
But it was too late to worry about modesty at this
point and I had to clean that disgusting filth from my

It was crusted everywhere. My face, my breasts, my
stomach, but especially my thighs were covered in it.
My hair was even stiff with it! I scrubbed my body and
shampooed my hair and dried off quickly. I brushed my
teeth for a very long time. Finally, except for the
pain the traces of what they had done to me were gone
and I hurried back out to my bedroom.

Kyra was sitting on my bed smirking at me and I
screamed at her. "You little bitch! You wait until your
father finds about what you did last night. I should
have called the police as soon as I woke up and I would
have if I wasn't so fond of you father. Now you get out
of my room right this minute!"

She just sat there grinning at me infuriatingly. I spun
around to go to my closet and get something to wear. I
didn't even notice the padlock until I tried to wrench
the door open. I screamed in frustration and fury and
turned back to Kyra, demanding the key to the lock.

She just smiled and said, "You might as well just
settle your skanky ass down, you stupid cunt."

I screamed again and went to my dresser. I needed
something, anything to cover my nudity. It was empty!
All of my clothes were gone! I couldn't even put my
underwear on!

I wheeled back around and demanded that she get me the
key to my closet and return my underwear.

She just grinned and said, "You're going to have to
talk to Keary about that. Somehow I don't see that
happening anytime soon. The guys are waiting for you in
the living room. They have something to show you."

I was on the verge of tears now. I asked her for
something to wear. I certainly couldn't go anywhere
like this!

She just shrugged and said, "It isn't up to me. But I
recommend you hurry your ass out there. The longer you
keep Keary waiting the worse it's going to be."

I decided that this had to end. I went to the
nightstand, intending to call the police. The phone was
gone! I glanced over at the dresser. My purse
containing my cell phone was gone. I was trapped.

I pulled the sheet from the bed and wrapped it around
my body as best I could. I stormed out of the room and
into the kitchen. That phone was gone too. I didn't
want to do it, but I was left with no choice but to
confront Keary.

I went into the living room and all three boys were
there. Kyra was following along behind me. Keary smiled
as if nothing had happened and said, "Damn! I thought
you were going to sleep all fucking day!"

I cringed at his language, but I let it pass. I just
wanted my clothes and my purse. I wanted out of here,
immediately! With as much dignity as I could muster
under the circumstances I demanded that he return my
belongings. I told him that if he did not return my
purse and give me the key to my closet I would be
forced to call the police.

He just smiled an understanding smile and in a calm,
reasonable voice, sounding much like he was talking to
a child, he said, "You should sit down first. We have
something to show you and then we are going to need to

I screamed at him, "NO! GIVE ME MY CLOTHES!"

He was unmoved. He just grinned that infuriating grin
and said quietly, "Sit down Gail. Sit down right here
beside me. Don't make me get up. You'll be sorry if I
have to get up."

I screamed again, wordlessly, in fury and frustration.
I stood in front of him and demanded, "What do you want
to show me Keary?! Let's get this over with and then I
am getting out of here. I don't give a damn what
happens to you monsters in the next two weeks!"

Keary got to his feet and grabbed a handful of my hair.
He put his face right up in mine and growled, "God damn
it bitch! I'm trying to be nice here. You had best
learn that you aren't in charge here. I am! When I tell
you to do something you do it. Now you sit down over
here beside me on the couch and you shut up and you
stare at the television. After you watch the little
show we have for you, then we can talk."

He guided me to the couch and there was nothing I could
do about it. My hands were still holding the sheet
around my body and I didn't dare let it go. As soon as
I was roughly pushed down on the center cushion he sat
down beside me and put his arm around my shoulder. I
tried to pull away but he held me close and finally I
gave up my futile struggle and stared at the

When I had at last given up and sat quietly on the
couch as Keary demanded, everyone turned their
attention to the television. Kyra picked up the remote
and started the DVD player.

The television came to life and I screamed as I saw a
clear, digital picture of me and Kyra on my bed making
out like a couple of horny teenagers! I sat there
shaking my head as I stared at the screen. I had
apparently been an active participant! I was returning
those passionate kisses and as her hand moved over my
body I had seemed to really enjoy it.

I screamed, "STOP IT! TURN THAT OFF!"

I tried to struggle to my feet but Keary held me in the
seat and in a firm voice he said, "Sit still and enjoy
the show, you stupid cunt! We are."

I stopped struggling and stared at the screen as Kyra
began to undress me. I tried to cover my face with my
hands. I didn't want to see this. Keary wouldn't permit
it though. He reached over and pulled my hands down and
ordered me to keep them at my side and to keep
watching, the show was just getting started.

Kyra had gotten my blouse off and I didn't resist as
she reached down with one hand and released the front
closure on my bra. My bra sprang open, baring my
breasts and I groaned in embarrassment as the four kids
stared at my naked breasts. I realized now that they
had all seen them last night, seen them and more. But I
had been drugged then. I was aware now and I had never
felt as humiliated in my life as I did at this very

I groaned and shook my head, but I sat there helplessly
as Kyra's hand began to tease my breast on the screen.

Keary spoke softly in my ear as we watched Kyra in
effect raping me on television. He leaned closer and
said, "I do love those tits Gail. So firm and perky,
it's hard to believe they are only a B cup. I guess
they look bigger because you are so slender. I love
those nipples too. I love the way they got hard when I
pinched them or sucked on them."

I felt his hand slide down off my shoulder and come to
rest on my breast and I tried to shrug it off. He
ignored my feeble efforts and cupped my breast in his

I whispered, "Please Keary, please don't do that. Don't
touch me there. It isn't right."

He chuckled and said, "You didn't say that last night
sweetheart. You really seemed to enjoy it last night."

"YOU DRUGGED ME!" I exclaimed. "I don't remember
anything that happened last night. You're a rapist!"

He sounded so reasonable and calm when he said, "Don't
be silly Gail. Look at you. You are enjoying that. You
aren't being raped."

I had been distracted by Keary's hand on my breast. Now
I looked back at the screen and saw that Kyra was
working my shorts off, exposing my plain, white nylon

Keary chuckled and said, "Look at those fucking granny
panties! I'm doing you a favor taking your clothes away
Gail. A girl as pretty as you should dress in much
nicer clothes. But don't worry. We are going to take
care of that this weekend. You are going to be so
fucking hot!"

Kyra had my shorts down and I had apparently kicked
them off without any prompting from her. I was left in
only my panties and the camera suddenly zoomed in on my
vulva and the wet spot in my panties.

How could I possibly have been wet?! I am not that way!
I don't get off on sex with girls! I think it's
disgusting! It was obvious though that last night,
kissing Kyra and submitting to her hands caressing my
body I had enjoyed it.

My face was burning as I watched her hand slip down
inside of my underwear and tease my vulva. The camera
zoomed in again and it was obvious that her finger was
teasing my slit. How could she do that to me?! How
could she do that to anyone?!

I tried again to cover my face as she began to pull
down my underwear. I don't understand why I looked so
alert, so aware on their DVD but I couldn't remember
any of this. I was smiling and I even lifted my butt up
so that she could pull my panties down.

Keary squeezed my breast to get my attention and shook
his head. I dropped my hands to my sides again and sat
there crying quietly as on the screen I kicked my
panties off.

There was a huge close-up of my vulva and the moisture
glistening on my labia. Then the camera pulled back and
there was another shot of she and I kissing. Then she
laughed and said something I couldn't make out and got
out of my bed.

As soon as Kyra, who was still fully dressed, walked
off camera Keary stepped into the picture. He was
naked! He went over and got in bed with me I didn't
seem to mind at all. In fact, I looked like I was glad
to see him.

We started kissing and his hands began to explore my
body. The look of enjoyment on my face was obvious. No
one could look at this movie and tell that I had been
drugged. Nor could they look at it and guess that I had
been anything but a more than willing participant. I
was smiling and returning his kisses and after a moment
he placed my hand on his hard penis. I had wrapped my
fingers around it and held it happily.

As we watched, Keary reached over and began to loosen
the sheet from around my naked body. I shook my head
and whispered, "No! Please don't. Oh god, please don't!
I can't be naked here with all of you like this. I just

He just smiled and said, "Don't be silly Gail. Of
course you can. You were naked with us for hours last
night. You really seemed to enjoy it. Do you know what
I think Gail? I think your subconscious mind is just
fine. It's your conscious mind that is all fucked up.
You just need to learn how to relax and enjoy life."

That sounded almost like something my ex-husband would
have said. I didn't believe my ex-husband and I didn't
believe Keary.

I stopped struggling and allowed Keary to pull the
sheet that was my only covering free. He carefully
pulled it away from my body and allowed it to fall to
my sides, exposing my naked body to the four teenagers
in the room.

I was mortified. I had to look at the television now. I
could not look anyone else in the room in the eye. I
had started crying softly again but I wasn't fighting.
I'm not sure why. I would not have allowed my husband
to undress me in the living room if it had just been
the two of us!

Keary's hand returned to my breast and I watched the
television, trying desperately to think of some way out
of this horrible situation. On screen I could see Keary
and I kissing and his hand exploring my body. I don't
know much about those drugs that they give girls when
they want to rape them these days. From what I had
heard I had thought that they made the girl
unconscious. That was obviously not what had happened
to me. I could see myself reacting to the kissing and
the touching and it looked like I loved it.

When Keary's hand moved down to my sex on the
television I had spread my legs to give him total
freedom to explore. I saw myself gasp and then giggle
like a silly schoolgirl on the television.

My hand was still holding his hard penis and I was
moving it now with no urging from him. Meanwhile, here
on the couch watching, Keary had dropped his other hand
to my upper thigh and was slowly inching it closer to
where my tightly closed thighs came together. I heard a
noise and looked around to see that Kyra was filming me
again. The camera was catching Keary's left hand on my
breast and his right hand, now only a fraction of an
inch from my moist slit.

I jumped when his finger touched me in that most
intimate part of my body. But still I didn't struggle.
Well, I did struggle. I struggled not to gasp in
pleasure at the first touch of a male hand on my vulva
since my divorce. Or at least the first touch while I
was conscious and not under the influence of some drug
that had been slipped into my drink.

Keary whispered into my ear, "Look at the TV. See where
your hand is cunt? That felt pretty damned good. I want
you to put your hand around my cock now, just like you
did last night."

I don't know why I obeyed. I hated this. I hated
everything they were doing to me and everything they
were making me do. It was all so demeaning. It was
rape! But I did what he asked. I reached over and
wrapped my fingers around his hard penis. I almost
pulled my hand away when I felt the disgusting moisture
that was oozing out of him and now coated his sex
organ. I shuddered in revulsion, but I left my hand
where it was.

Keary said, "Watch this Gail, here comes one of the
good parts."

I forced myself to watch. On the television screen
Keary was up on his knees now and moving towards my
face with his large, hard penis bobbing wildly as he
moved. I nearly got sick as I watched him come to a
stop by my face. I saw that the smile wasn't on my face
at that moment. I looked confused.

Keary quickly cleared up my confusion. I heard him say,
"Open wide you sweet cunt. Let's see if you're any good
at sucking cock."

My stomach churned as I watched. In response to his
command I had opened my mouth and allowed him to pull
my face down over his throbbing sex organ.

I had, on a couple of occasions, kissed my ex-husband's
penis after he had begged me to perform oral sex on
him. I normally refused to perform such a perverted
act, but on two occasions I had given in. I want to
hasten to point out that although he frequently
requested that I perform oral sex on him, he never once
offered to perform that service for me. I would have
refused to allow it of course. But he never once

I had kissed his penis a couple of times, but I had
never once taken it into my mouth. Yet there I was on
the screen, sliding my lips down over Keary's penis.
The camera zoomed in for a close-up. We couldn't see
his face, but we could hear him moaning in pleasure as
half of his sex organ sank into my mouth.

He held onto my head once he had reached that point
where I had started gagging. Then he began to saw in
and out of my mouth for just a very short time before I
saw him tense up and it was obvious that he was cumming
in my mouth. I may have been drugged, but I was still
unable to cope with that. I had gagged and choked and
tried to pull away as he ejaculated into my mouth.

I could see his ejaculate oozing out of my mouth around
the shaft of his penis and finally he pulled it out of
my mouth and patted me on the head. In the voice you
might expect to hear from an understanding parent he
said, "Don't worry Gail. You just need more practice.
You'll get better. Now scoop that up and put it back in
your mouth and swallow it sweetheart. You can't let
that stuff go to waste."

And I did! I watched in total disbelief as I smiled at
Keary and then carefully scooped up all of his spend
that had escaped from my mouth and transferred it back
onto my tongue whereupon I promptly swallowed it all.

Meanwhile, here on the couch, Keary reached down and
lifted my leg and placed it over his own, spreading my
legs apart and exposing my sex. His hand returned to my
sex and he began to work two fingers inside of my
vagina. I was not wet at all and it was very

Kyra came in for a couple of close-ups and then moved
back when Kevin moved over and sat on the other side of
me on the couch. Soon they both had their hands on me
and at times they both had their fingers inside of me
at the same time.

My vagina had begun to lubricate, despite the fact that
I was not aroused in the least. So their groping was
becoming less uncomfortable, at least physically. My
mind was screaming at me to run from this house as fast
as my legs could carry me. But I knew that I couldn't.
I was a prisoner now. I was a prisoner of three strong
boys and a girl with a video camera. I knew that their
plan to ensnare me and turn me into their toy for the
next two weeks had worked perfectly. I could never
allow anyone to see the DVD that was playing now. And
it had just started. God knows what else was on it.

I shook myself from my reverie and returned my
attention to the screen. Keary had gotten out of my bed
and as soon as he moved out of the way Kevin had
climbed into bed with me. He had pushed my legs apart
and now I watched as for the first time in my life
someone touched their lips and tongue to my sex.

I may have been only semi-conscious last night. But I
had certainly reacted to Kevin's tongue on my labia. My
butt had come right up off of the bed and I had held
onto his head with both hands and cried out with
pleasure. Watching my extreme reaction left me
wondering fleetingly what it might be like. But it was
a nasty thing to do and I would never have permitted
myself to be demeaned in that manner if I had not been
drugged out of my mind.

I watched in surprise. It humiliated me all the more
when I had an orgasm as Kevin teased me with his
tongue. I was embarrassed because that was the first
time I had ever had an orgasm with another person, even
while I was married. I had, on rare occasions, sought
relief from the shower massager, a trick I learned
about from a magazine. It had been quite pleasant. I
didn't do that often though because every time I did it
my conscience bothered me for a week afterwards. But
sometimes you just have to do something to relieve the

After my orgasm Kevin had moved up over me and I
watched now as he began to slide his organ over the
sopping wet entrance to my vagina. I had reached up and
wrapped my arms around his neck and pulled him down on
top of me and cried out for him to put it in. And he

Even though he was only fifteen, Kevin's sex organ was
larger than my ex-husband's. As he entered me I had
cried out in pleasure. I will never understand how I
could have been so responsive yet have not a single
recollection of the events of last night. It was
obvious though that I was not unconscious and that I
was enjoying myself immensely. To be perfectly candid,
looking at my face on the television now, I can't help
thinking that I had never enjoyed sex so much as I had
when Kevin raped me last night, first with his tongue
and then with his penis. It was apparent as we watched
that I had several more orgasms before Kevin reached
orgasm and flooded my vagina with his seed.

As we sat there on the couch watching on the television
as Kevin get out of my bed, he reached over and placed
my hand on his penis. Now I had a penis in each hand.
Kevin sighed and said, "Just hold it. Don't move your
hand or I'm gonna cum. Watching this is turning me the
fuck on!"

The screen went blank for a second and then I saw Kyra
come back into the picture. She had changed clothes.
She had taken her shorts off and was wearing a skirt
now. She got into the bed with me and moved up to sit
back against the headboard. She spoke to me softly and
I had giggled again and then got up on my hands and

The camera was filming from the rear and it was a truly
obscene view of my buttocks and my swollen vulva. I
could see a thin trail of the slime that Kevin had shot
into my vagina. It was clinging to my labia and some of
it had begun to slide down one thigh.

I watched in disgust as I inched up and began to insert
my head up under Kyra's skirt. She held it down
carefully to avoid giving her brother's an eyeful. I
watched with dismay as it became obvious what I was
doing under the girl's skirt. It was obvious by my
actions and by the look on Kyra's face. I was
performing oral sex on her!

As we all watched the action on the screen there were
numerous comments from the boys about how she was
cheating by wearing clothes when everyone else was
naked. She ignored them until Keary said, "Hell sis,
we've all seen you naked anyway."

They stopped watching the action on the screen as she
argued with them about whether or not they had seen her
naked as they claimed. The argument came to a sudden
end when Kevin said, "If we hadn't seen you naked then
we wouldn't know that you trim your pussy hair into a
thin line and that there is a mole that's a little
smaller than a dime on your right butt cheek."

She looked at him for a minute and then finally she
found her voice. "How in the hell do you know that?!"

Keary smiled and said, "We told you sis. We see you
naked all the time. We've been spying on you for over a
year now."

"How?!" she asked. She obviously believed them now, but
she was very upset at the invasion of her privacy and
she couldn't imagine how they had managed it.

Keary just chuckled and said, "Hell, we'd be pretty
dumb to tell you how we do it wouldn't we?"

She stared at Keary for a few minutes. She was
seething. But we were all brought back to the action on
the screen as it showed her enjoying a very loud orgasm
last night. As she thrashed about her skirt rode up,
almost exposing the point where my mouth was still
pleasuring her body.

She noticed it though and she tugged her skirt down.
She didn't seem to be bothered by all three of her
brothers watching her have an orgasm. She only seemed
to be bothered by the thought that they had spied on
her and seen her naked. I didn't think that there was
that much distinction. But of course, I was sitting
here naked and being molested by two teenage boys while
a teenage girl recorded it for their future amusement
and, I suppose, in case they needed any more blackmail

Kyra was swearing quietly under her breath as she
continued filming. On the screen I saw her push me away
and carefully stand up. As soon as she was out of bed
Kirk climbed up behind me. I had already gotten back up
on my hands and knees to make room for Kyra to get out
of bed. Kirk ordered me to stay just the way I was and
he moved up and entered me from the rear as if I were
an animal.

I must have enjoyed it. There was a look of extreme
pleasure on my face. I don't know what size Kirk's
penis is. I didn't get a chance to see it. Whoever had
been filming had been behind us. It was apparently long
enough and thick enough to satisfy me though. After a
couple of minutes I had put my head down on my arms and
Kirk had begun to stroke in and out of me so fast it
was almost a blur on the television. I was grunting
loudly with every stroke but he hadn't lasted quite
long enough for me to reach orgasm.

I had looked pretty disappointed as he pulled his
softening penis out of me last night. Now, as I sat
here watching I had gotten so wrapped up in what was
happening that for just a second I had thought how
unfair that was. When I realized what I was thinking I
quickly came to my senses and reminded myself that I
was watching a recording of a gang rape starring me.

After Kirk finished with me and stood up, the sex
started getting more disturbing. Keary got back on the
bed and I was forced to watch now as he forced his
penis into my anus for the first time. It was obvious
from the look on my face and my cries of pain that I
had not enjoyed it. Keary had though. Even though he
had just ejaculated in my mouth not long ago he gripped
my buttocks and exclaimed, "Damn! That is one tight ass
bitch! You guys are going to love this!"

I watched in disgust as he sped up and then reached
orgasm, shooting his slimy ejaculate into my anus.

When Keary finally caught his breath and pulled out of
me I saw that I had been crying. I was still crying
when Kevin got back on the bed and forced his sex organ
into my mouth. The camera came in close and I was able
to see that his penis was still coated with dried semen
from when he had had intercourse with me earlier. I
offered no resistance though. Not until he began trying
to force his penis into my throat for the first time.

That was when I started to struggle. I put my arms up
and tried to push Kevin away as he was holding my head
and trying to force his penis into my throat. I was
crying out in pain but my cries were muffled by his
organ in my mouth.

I heard Keary say something and Kirk got up on the bed
behind me and grabbed my arms. He rested his hard penis
in the crevice between my buttocks and held my arms,
leaving me helpless to defend myself.

Keary came closer and he began telling me how to take a
man into my throat and at first it didn't even look
like I knew that he was there. He reached under me and
pinched one of my nipples and when he had my attention
he repeated his instructions and soon Kevin's penis was
entering my throat on every stroke. When I had gotten
used to it, Kirk let my arms go and he began to force
his penis into my recently abused anus. I had reached
back and attempted to push him away but he just ignored

The sex on the television was getting to Kevin. He
really enjoyed watching as he had been the first to
insert a penis into my throat. He pulled his hands away
from my breast and my vagina and said, "Keary, I can't
take it anymore. I need to fuck her and I don't mean
later! Hell, if I had known how much fun it was to rape
a chick I'd have started a long time ago."

Keary laughed and said, "Yeah, I was just thinking the
same thing. In about another minute I was about to
shoot all over her hand."

He took his fingers out of me and lifted my hand off of
his penis. He told Kevin to pull a large leather
hassock over a little closer and they pulled me off of
the couch and bent me over the hassock on my back.

I started crying. I didn't bother to beg them not to do
it. They had gone to a lot of trouble to get me into a
position that I would have no choice but to submit to
them. But I dreaded this so much. As I would soon
discover, I didn't know the half of it. This was going
to be much worse than a simple rape.

Keary moved to one end of the hassock. He lifted my
legs up and spread them wide apart. He moved closer and
began to rub the head of his penis over my slit. At the
same time Kevin moved around and knelt at my head. I
had my eyes closed but I heard him moving around. I
ignored him. I thought the danger was coming from

A feeling of total helplessness washed over me when
Keary wedged the head of his penis inside me and
started slowly inserting it all of the way inside me.
My legs were over his shoulders and he had reached up
and was holding my wrists as he began to rape me.

I didn't think it was necessary. I was submitting to
every nasty thing they did to me now. I had not
anticipated what Kevin was about to do. I suddenly
opened my eyes when I felt something on my face. I saw
that it was Kevin, moving the drooling head of his
penis around my face. He was leaving a trail of nasty
lubricant everywhere he touched me.

I closed my eyes again as soon as I realized what was
happening and I cried just a little harder at this new
indignity. But that was just foreplay. Soon his penis
was lodged against my lips and he ordered me to open my

I sobbed loudly but I obeyed. I knew that I couldn't
fight them. I might have resisted though, if I had
known what was coming. Kevin began sliding his organ
deeper and deeper with every stroke. When he reached
the back of my throat I started gagging and that was
when I started to struggle.

He pulled out of my mouth and slapped me viciously. I
screamed and tried to get away but he grabbed a handful
of my hair and held me still. He leaned closer and
said, "You stupid cunt. You did it last night. You just
have to relax and swallow and it'll go right down. Now
behave yourself."

I thought back to when I woke up this morning and how
sore my throat had been. Even though I had just watched
it happen on the television I was still horrified by
the realization that he was telling the truth, that I
had taken their sex organs into my throat last night.

He placed his penis back at my lips and I reluctantly
opened my mouth. He started slowly pushing it inside of
me and as he did he ordered me to swallow. I couldn't,
not with that fat penis in my mouth. But the attempt
seemed to suppress my gag reflex and after several
painful attempts I felt his organ slide right down my

He left it there for a brief moment, though it didn't
seem brief at the time. I started to struggle. I
thought I was going to suffocate but he reached in
between my legs that Keary was pressing down against my
chest and he grabbed one of my breasts. He squeezed and
twisted brutally.

I screamed in pain and he said, "Jesus you're a dumb
cunt. You can breathe just fine stupid. You did it over
and over last night. Just relax and get used to it. You
are going to be doing a lot of this from now on, so you
might as well learn to do it right."

Kevin began to use my mouth and throat as if they were
a vagina. With each stroke his testicles slapped my
face and covered my eyes. It was very painful at first
but then I suppose I started getting numb. As the pain
in my throat diminished I started becoming more aware
of the violent attack that I was receiving from Keary.
He was pounding into me so hard that it sounded like I
was being slapped as his pelvis slammed into me. It was
painful to the point that it hurt more than the rape of
my throat.

They were both pretty excited. Between the idea of
raping me and all of the foreplay as they had tormented
me while watching the DVD they had made last night they
were really wound up pretty tight.

Kevin grabbed my head and thrust once more, all the way
down into my throat and he left his penis buried there
with his testicles resting over my eyes as he filled my
throat with his ejaculate. My throat hurt even more
than it had when I woke up this morning. But I was
grateful that I didn't have to taste that slimy stuff.
It just went right down my throat.

Kevin remained where he was as his penis started going
soft in my throat. I was distracted by Keary as he
began to rape me even more brutally until he came to a
sudden halt and I knew that he was spraying my vagina
with his ejaculate. I shuddered in horror that it was
happening all over again, but I was still held firmly
in place and I couldn't have moved if I had wanted to.
Well, I did want to of course. I wanted out of here

They finally had satisfied their lust on my helpless
body and they not so much moved back as fell away,
exhausted by the vicious rape of my abused body.

As soon as they moved out of the way Kirk was standing
over me. I sensed him standing there and I looked up to
see him obviously trying to decide which orifice he
wanted to use now that it was his turn to rape me

He had already removed his pants and for the first time
I saw his penis. It was the smallest of the three, but
even so it was larger than my ex-husband's had been. He
smiled down at me and asked, "Where do you want it,

I just started crying more loudly. I didn't want it! I
hurt already. I didn't want any more abuse!

He chuckled and said, "Well hell, if you can't make up
your mind, let's see if you can do that deepthroat
trick again. Any chick can fuck. It takes practice to
suck a cock like that. We need to make sure that you
get a lot of practice in the next two weeks."

He went around to where my head hung down over the end
of the hassock and dropped down to his knees. When he
did his hard male organ came to rest against my cheek.
He took it in his hand and after trailing it over my
face for a moment he put it to my lips and said, "Kiss
it bitch."

I really hated the profane way that these children
talked. But I suppose in the scheme of things that was
the least of my worries. I pressed my lips against his
penis and kissed him lightly a few times. I tried not
to notice his malevolent grin or worse yet, his sister
nearby with the camera focused on me.

Kirk let me kiss him several time before he lifted his
penis in his hand and pressed his hairless testicles to
my lips. He rubbed his crotch in my face and then he
said, "Lick my balls now bitch."

I began licking his sweaty testicles and as my tongue
moved over him he moaned in pleasure. He let me lick
him for what seemed like a long time until finally
Keary said, "Jesus Kirk! Get on with it. We still have
a lot of that DVD to watch."

Kirk chuckled and said, "Oh well, I guess I could go
ahead and fuck the cunt's face, if you insist."

He repositioned himself slightly and then he drove his
slightly smaller organ all the way into my mouth and
into the entrance of my throat in one vicious stab. I
cried out in pain but my cries were muffled by the
penis he was battering me with. He watched me struggle
with it for a second and then he pulled out and shoved
it all the way in again, with just as much violence as
the first time. It went on and on and with each cruel
thrust I was in more pain. By the time he pulled back
and rested the head of his penis in my mouth and
finished himself off with his hand I was crying
hysterically. Unfortunately I was the only one there
that felt sorry for me.

Kirk finally removed his sex organ from my mouth and
wiped it across my face. Through my tears I could see
Kyra standing over me with the camera. I wiped the
tears from my eyes with my hands and I saw her smiling
as she stared down at me.

She obviously was enjoying my suffering. After a moment
or two she said, "Fuck it!" She handed the camera to
Kirk and said, "If you guys have seen it all anyway I
guess I don't have anything to hide."

With that she unbuttoned her shorts and pulled them and
her underwear down to the accompanying cheers of her
three brothers. She straddled my face for a moment and
squatted down.

I tried to speak. I thought she was making a mistake.
At least that was what I thought right up until she
said, "Come on bitch. Eat my ass out just like you ate
my pussy last night."

I saw Kirk come closer with the camera and all three
boys were cheering her on. I kept my mouth tightly
closed and struggled to turn my head. She ordered me
once more to perform that disgusting task and still I

Without moving from her position over me she turned to
Keary and said, "How about a hand here big brother?"

I heard him get up. I didn't know what he had in mind.
I knew it would be painful but I thought that there was
no way that it could be worse than what she wanted me
to do.

I was wrong. I heard a swishing noise and suddenly my
breasts felt as if they were on fire. I screamed and
struggled to get out from under Kyra. Before I could
free myself Kevin grabbed my arm on the opposite side
of the hassock. He twisted it and held it in such a
manner that if I struggled now it would surely
dislocate my shoulder.

I mumbled a protest helplessly into the dank seam
between the cheeks of Kyra's buttocks and then I heard
that swishing noise and my breasts were struck again. I
couldn't see it, but I was reasonably certain that
Keary was whipping my breasts with his thick leather

I knew that I couldn't take another of those vicious
blows. It was one of the most tender areas of my body
and I was terrified that he was going to damage my
breasts somehow.

I surrendered. I couldn't take it anymore. As I stuck
my tongue out and tentatively moved it up and down
between the cheeks of Kyra's butt I realized that I had
suffered all of that pain for nothing. These monsters
were always going to win. I only made things worse when
I tried to fight them.

After I had moved my tongue up and down through that
dank, musty crevice she reached down and patted the top
of my head and said, "That's real nice bitch. Now quit
fucking around and eat my ass out like I told you."

I felt around with my tongue until I located her anus
and then I began to concentrate on that area. After a
minute she said, "Come on bitch! Get inside. I want to
feel that tongue deep inside of me."

I pushed at her anus with my tongue and got nowhere. I
tried curling my tongue and stiffening it and finally
the tip of it popped inside of her anus. She gasped in
pleasure and said, "Oh yeah! That's better bitch! Eat
that ass!"

I kept it up for a couple more minutes but it was very
difficult. My tongue and my jaw were both about to give
out on me. I was actually relieved when she shifted her
position slightly and said, "That wasn't too bad for a
first time, now eat my pussy. And I want to feel some
enthusiasm bitch."

I felt like I was going to lose the use of my jaw at
any minute now. But I didn't dare stop. I began licking
and kissing her vulva and inserting my tongue into her
as enthusiastically as I could until she said, "Oh yeah
bitch! I'm ready now. Suck on my clit now! Ah fuck!
Yeah! Just like that! Oh Christ!"

And then she screamed and pressed her sex against my
mouth and I felt her tense up and then shiver almost
out of control as she had an orgasm.

She finally fell away and I sobbed quietly in a
combination of relief and despair as I waited for the
next indignity. It wasn't long in coming.

Keary ordered me to get off the hassock and as I sat up
I looked down at my beaten breasts. It didn't look as
bad as I had feared. There were two angry red stripes
across each breast, one above the nipple and one under
it. They didn't look like they would leave a bruise
though. And they hadn't cut the skin.

I struggled to my feet and he tossed me the sheet I had
worn when I left my bedroom this morning. I grabbed it
out of the air and he said, "Cover up the hassock. I
don't want you staining it with your nasty ass."

I turned around and covered the leather hassock and as
I did that Keary came up behind me and pushed me to my
knees and then forced me to bend over the hassock. I
was facing the television. Someone had paused the DVD
and there was the image of me having sex with two of
the boys on the screen. The camera was focused on me
and I could only see them from their bellies down so I
wasn't sure which boys were raping me at the moment. It
looked like Keary and Kevin.

Someone pushed play and the images started moving and
the horrible sounds returned. I heard myself grunting
and the sounds of flesh pounding flesh and it still
looked like I was every bit the willing participant. I
knew that if the Clarks saw this horrible DVD when they
came home from their cruise they would assume that I
had, if not actually corrupted their little darlings,
then I had been a more than willing participant in
their sex games. If that DVD were turned over to the
authorities I'm sure they would have the same

I thought of those recent cases of female school
teachers being caught having sex with their students
and how they had been arrested and subjected to the
most vile public denunciations.

The worst thing though, was that even if I didn't feel
certain that I would be condemned if that DVD became
public, even if I was reasonably certain that anyone
looking at it would be able to detect that I had been
drugged, I would do anything to keep that obscene movie
from being viewed by anyone. The humiliation would
surely kill me. I had always suffered from an over
abundance of modesty. Being raped had not changed that.
I knew that I would do anything to keep that
pornographic movie from being shown at a later date.

These little monsters seemed to realize it too. They
hadn't even bothered to threaten me. They had just
shown me that the movie existed and were now forcing me
to watch it. They knew that I was theirs now to use and
abuse as they saw fit.

As the movie started back up I felt Keary fumbling
around between my legs and his organ began to enter me
again. He must not have been completely erect. It
didn't seem to go in as far and it didn't feel as thick
as it did earlier. He didn't do anything once it was
inside of me. He just leaned over me and reached under
me to play with my breasts.

I winced and cried out in pain as his hands grasped my
very tender breasts but once he had them in his hands
he merely held them and then he remained still and we
watched the next part of the movie locked together like

I stared at the television without really seeing
anything at first. After a while though my mind
wandered back to the rape that I was apparently taking
part in willingly as it played out on the television
and I began watching again just as the boy in my mouth
pulled out and shot his creamy load in my face and
hair. He laughed when he looked at the results of his
most recent orgasm, the strand of white slime that
trailed down from my forehead and across my nose and
ending at my lips. I recognized the laugh, it was

After Kevin moved away I was physically picked up and
dropped back onto the bed by Keary. I was surprised at
the strength he exhibited. I weigh one hundred and five
pounds and he lifted me like it was nothing!

Once I was on my back he moved up and straddled me. He
placed his wet, slimy organ between my breasts and
pressed my breasts together around him. He started
sawing in and out of my cleavage and in only a minute
he said, "Okay cunt. Look up at my cock. Lift your
fucking head and watch what happens."

I watched as, with that same silly grin on my face I
lifted my head and stared down at the penis moving
rapidly between my breasts. I still had that stream of
ejaculate running down my face and I watched as on
screen I stuck my tongue out and nonchalantly licked up
all that was on or near my lips. Just as I pulled my
tongue back into my mouth he erupted and more of that
stuff shot right into my face. The first two strands
hit me in the face and the next one landed against my
chin. The last few weak spurts landed just above my
breasts and then it was over.

I watched him rub his penis through the puddles of
viscous ejaculate and then force it into my mouth for
cleaning. He did that several times before he became
bored and got up.

It just kept going on and on. Each of the boys used me
over and over. Towards the end they had stopped
achieving orgasm, but they continued to get erections
and they continued to saw them violently into my vagina
or my sore throat.

It was becoming obvious that they were hurting me now.
They weren't just hurting my throat and my vagina
either. They were constantly mistreating my breasts.
They took great pleasure in squeezing them as if they
were trying to squeeze something out of them or
squeezing and pulling on my nipples, stretching them
far beyond anything I thought was possible. It was no
wonder that they had been so sore this morning. Between
that abuse and the whipping I was starting to be
concerned with breast cancer. It seems like I read
somewhere that prolonged physical abuse of the breast
can lead to that.

But far from taking pity on me when I cried out in
pain, they laughed and tried to outdo each other. They
vied to see who could stretch my breasts out the
farthest or make me cry the loudest. And they enjoyed
it so much that soon they were erect again and the
brutal, demeaning rapes started all over again. And
always in the background was Kyra, filming and urging
them to greater acts of depravity.

Keary had stayed there with his penis inside of me as
we watched the last of the DVD. He had gotten erect
from time to time, but he didn't attempt to have sex
with me again. I guess that between last night and this
morning I had drained the three boys.

When the movie finally ended Keary pulled out of me at
last. He grabbed a handful of my long red hair and
pulled me around and when he ordered me to suck him
clean, as disgusting as it was, I had no fight left in
me. I opened my mouth and he slid his slimy sex organ
between my lips and over my tongue.

I was surprised that I didn't gag. Maybe I was getting
used to putting slimy things in my mouth. I sucked his
soft penis until it was clean and then he ordered me to
lick his testicles. When they were clean he finally
released my hair and I straightened up.

Keary got to his feet and pulled me up. When I was
standing beside him he said, "Now we need to talk.
Let's go into the kitchen. You can make us something to
eat while I tell you what your life is going to be like
for the next two weeks."

I wasn't hungry, so I asked them what they wanted and
as I started to prepare it Keary said, "I'm not going
to bother to threaten you. You're smart. You know what
we have. I'm pretty sure that you aren't going to give
us any trouble."

I glanced at him. I didn't bother to respond. He was

He went on to say, "For the next two weeks you belong
to us. You are going to do anything we want. You
already know you are going to hate it. The thing is,
that's what turns us on. We love how much you hate what
we are doing. I might as well warn you now. It isn't
going to be just the four of us."

I looked up at him in alarm. I hadn't even considered
that possibility.

He saw my expression and he grinned widely. He chuckled
and said, "I love that look. I don't think I'll ever
get tired of seeing it."

I finally had to look back down at what I was doing and
Keary continued.

"For the next two weeks you are going to be dressing to
please, the way you should be dressing all the time
with a hot body like yours. You are going to be showing
a lot of skin. In case you're wondering, that means
when you go to work too."

I tried to imagine what it would be like if I were to
go to work dressed like the slut they obviously
envisioned. There were a lot of horny guys at work that
were always hitting on me. They were polite about it
and it had never gotten out of hand. I could see where
they might start getting the wrong idea if I started
dressing more provocatively though.

Keary brought me back to the present when he said, "We
have a couple of friends coming over in a little while
to hang out by the pool. They don't know it yet, but
they are getting lucky today. We are going to mess with
their minds a little first. But then you are going to
end up doing anything that they want, just like you do
for us. You know that if you try to fight me you are
going to lose. But you aren't going to give me any
trouble, are you?"

I looked back up at him. I had started crying again.
But we both knew that I had already surrendered to him.
I was going to submit to being raped by two more
teenagers and the more I hated it the more he would
enjoy watching it.

I served them their lunch and Keary ordered me to stand
beside him while he ate. He ate his sandwich with one
hand and the other hand was teasing my body. The pain
in my breasts had subsided for the most part now. There
were still a couple of stripes across them. But they
were just a dull pink now and would apparently soon be

As he ran his fingers over my body I was aware that he
was staring at my face, not my body. He was enjoying
how much I hated what he was doing more than he was
taking pleasure from exploring my body.

He inserted his middle finger into my vagina and he
said, "You have a lot to thank us for if you stop and
think about it. You have learned to be a good
cocksucker in one night. We've opened up your asshole
and you can take a cock up there now. But best of all
we are doing something about how fucking uptight you
are. You hate it, but you are going to be a much better
woman when we are through with you. You were such a
frigid bitch. I bet you never sucked your husband's
cock, did you?"

That was none of his business! He was waiting for an
answer though. I shook my head and for some reason I
was embarrassed. I wasn't sure if that was because I
had never done it or because I was being forced to
discuss it with him in front of his three siblings.

He smiled and said, "Hell, I bet you have never even
said it, have you?"

I wasn't sure what he meant. I still stared at the
floor but I asked quietly, "Said what?"

He smirked at me and pulled my hand down and placed it
on his penis. He asked, "What do you call that?"

I knew what he wanted me to say. But I couldn't. He was
right. I never used the terms that they had been
bandying about carelessly since the rapes started last
night. I finally admitted, "I never use those words.
And no, I have never said that word. That is a penis or
a sex organ. That's what I call it."

He grinned, enjoying my discomfort immensely. He said,
"Not anymore, at least not for the next two weeks. For
the next two weeks I had better not hear you use those
clinical terms. From now on you call a cock a cock and
a tit a tit. You call a cunt a cunt and when my dick is
in your mouth you are a cocksucker. We aren't going to
be making love either. When someone has a cock in your
cunt you are fucking. Those are the words that I want
to hear you use for the next two weeks. If you fuck up
you'll be punished. And you know how much I enjoy
punishing you."

"Now let me hear it," he said. "What's that you have in
your hand?"

I groaned in embarrassment. After what I had been
through since I arrived last night you wouldn't think
it would be so difficult for me, but it was. Yet I
couldn't do anything but obey. "It's your cock," I said
in a voice so quiet that he just barely heard me.

He chuckled and said, "Speak up you stupid cunt! I
couldn't hear you."

I cleared my throat and in a more normal tone of voice
I said, "I have your cock in my hand."

"That's better," he said. "Now, where is my middle

I think that more than all of the other words he wanted
me to use I hated this one. It was such a negative,
derogatory word. But I answered, "Your finger is in my

He smiled and said, "Very good Gail. Now, there's just
one more thing sweetheart. I think you should call my
brothers and me Sir and my sister Miss. Got it?"

I responded, "Yes Sir."

He removed his finger from my vagina…I mean my cunt,
and he patted my ass and said, "Good girl. I knew you
were smart enough to train. Kyra thought that you were
just a dumb cunt. She said that you were just a blonde
in disguise. But that pretty red bush of yours is hard
to hide when you're naked. You're going to be easy to
train, aren't you cunt?"

I felt the tears starting again but I just sighed and
said, "Yes sir."

They finished their sandwiches quickly and decided to
spend some time by the pool. We all went to Kyra's room
and she pulled her collection of bikinis out of a
drawer and dropped them on her bed. Keary went through
them and picked one out for me to wear. He handed it to
me and said, "I know it's more revealing than you are
used to Gail. But don't worry. You won't have it on for

They watched me put the tiny, revealing suit on and
Kyra helped me adjust it. The suit wasn't much more
than four little triangles. I had to believe that her
parents did not know that she owned this thing. The bra
was two tiny triangles that didn't cover much more than
my nipples and just enough string to keep it in place.
The bottoms were a small triangle that didn't cover
much more than the crack of my butt, I mean my ass, and
another triangle in front that covered my slit and
some, but not all of my pubic hair.

I looked down at how much of me was exposed and then I
looked at Kyra. She grinned and said, "I only wear it
when I go to the beach with my boyfriend."

I thought so. I knew Mr. Clark well enough to know that
he would never allow her to wear something like this.

Keary said, "I like it. Kyra, take her into your
bathroom and trim that bush so that it's covered. Leave
some of it though. I like that red cunt hair."

She grabbed my arm and pulled me into her bathroom. She
said, "Take the bottoms off."

I said, "Yes Miss," and untied the strings at my hips.

The suit fell to the floor and she sat me on a towel on
her toilet. She spread my legs and drew a line through
my pubic hair. She said, "Here, take these scissors and
trim your bush to there."

I took the scissors and trimmed off almost half of my
pubic hair. Do I have to call it cunt hair? Anyway, it
just didn't look right to me.

Kyra apparently didn't think so either. She stood in
front of me watching me until I was finished and then
she said, "If it was up to me I'd make you cut it all
off. They just want all the guys who see you to know
that you are a real redhead."

All the guys that see me? I didn't like the sound of

She handed me a damp cloth, some shaving gel and a
razor and ordered me to take care of the stubble. When
I had finished she inspected me again.

She ordered me to put the bottoms back on and when I
did what remained of my pubic hair was no longer
exposed. Kyra looked me over and said, "Okay, come on."

I followed her downstairs and out to the pool. The boys
all had trunks on now. They were wet and had already
been swimming. Now they were sitting at a table near
the patio door. Kyra sat in an empty chair and I was
pulled down into Keary's lap.

Keary moved his hands over me idly, just keeping his
hands busy I guess. He said, "Okay cunt. In a few
minutes a couple of our friends are going to show up.
When the bell rings you go and let them in and then you
just go along and try to have fun. You won't have to do
anything you haven't already done several times in the
last twenty-four hours. Just remember, if you give me a
hard time, if you piss me off, I will find a way to
punish you that you will remember for the rest of your
life. I think you know enough about the way my mind
works to realize that I can do it."

I just said, "Yes Sir."

He was right. I was pretty sure that he could come up
with something so nasty that I couldn't even imagine it
right now. But I had already surrendered. And after
all, he was right about having already done it all. It
was just going to be more of the same degrading sex
acts. It would be embarrassing all over again because
it would be two more young males seeing me and using me
for the first time. But I realized that the sex acts
would be the same and in two weeks I would go home and
never see any of these people again. I sure as hell was
never going to come back to this house again!

It was probably only five minutes until the doorbell
rang. Keary let me out of his lap but before he let me
go answer the door he turned me around and wedged the
back of my bikini bottom up into the crack of my butt.
I suppose his friends would get a kick out of it but at
this point it didn't make that much difference to me.
Or at least I thought that it didn't.

When I opened the door the two boys standing there
suddenly fell silent. Their eyes got wide and their
mouths dropped open. I stepped back and invited them
in. They came in and waited for me to close the door
and they followed me back out to the pool. I could feel
their eyes on my butt, I mean my ass, and I was more
embarrassed than I thought that I would be.

When we got out to the pool Keary said, "Hey guys! Come
over and join us. Do you want a drink?"

They nodded, but they were still staring at me without
even blinking. Keary sent me in to get everyone a
drink. When I returned I gave everyone a drink,
including myself. They hadn't said anything about me
but I was thirsty so I brought one out for me too.

When I had served everyone Keary called me back over
and I ended up back in his lap. He said, "Guys, this is
our babysitter while our folks are on that cruise. Her
name is Gail. She is my dad's secretary. Isn't she

The boys both nodded vigorously and I was introduced to
Dale and Jimmy.

Dale said, "You're shitting me right? She is in charge
of you?"

Keary chuckled and said, "You're not listening Dale. I
didn't say that she was in charge. She is our
babysitter. She is definitely not in charge. Are you

I said, "No Sir."

Dale and Jimmy looked at each other in wonder and then
stared at me again. Dale cleared his throat and asked,
"You mean she lets you do anything you want?"

"Better than that, man," Keary exclaimed, "she does
anything we want. She doesn't like it much, but she's
starting to learn her place."

He turned to me and asked, "Aren't you, sweetheart?"

I was staring down. I couldn't look at anyone. I shook
my head again and said, "Yes Sir."

He ran his hand slowly up my back and asked, "Yes Sir
what cunt?"

I heard both boys gasp when he said that.

I was having trouble thinking. What was I supposed to
say? Then I remembered what he had asked me and I said,
"I'm starting to learn my place Sir."

He patted my hip and said, "Good girl. Give me a nice
kiss now."

I turned in his lap and bent my head down and touched
my lips to his. I kissed him lightly and started to
straighten up again but he said, "Come on bitch. You
can do better than that!"

I turned back and put my arm around his neck and kissed
him again. This time I faked a passion that I certainly
didn't feel and as we kissed he moved is hands over my

He finally broke the kiss and I turned back to the
side. I didn't even have to look at their two guests to
know what they were thinking of me now. And the games
had not yet begun.

I take that back. The games were, indeed, beginning. I
felt Keary's hand move slowly up my back again and I
felt the tug as he untied the string that held my bra
in place.

I wanted desperately to bring my arm up to cover my
breasts. I knew it was pointless but it was ingrained
in me. I doubt if even two weeks from now I would be
comfortable being topless in front of these people, or
anyone else for that matter.

I heard Dale exclaim, "Well kiss my ass!"

Jimmy was quiet for a moment and then he asked, "What
about her?" He had nodded at Kyra. "How does she feel
about this?"

Keary laughed and said, "It was her idea! She had to go
into my dad's office with my mother one day and she met
our new cunt while she was there. She told us about her
when she got home. She said that Gail was one of those
frigid bitches whose shit don't stink. She said that
she tried talking down to her and when that didn't work
she didn't talk to her at all."

That wasn't true! Kyra had sat as far away from me as
possible and pouted like a two year old. What was I
supposed to say to her?! And what kind of girl would be
responsible for the rape of another girl? I can't even
imagine that! There must be something terribly wrong
inside that girl's head.

Keary continued, "When dad called home from work on
Friday and told my mom that Gail was going to be in
charge of us it was Kyra that came up with the plan to
turn her into our little sex toy."

I looked at Kyra and she was smiling right at me. She
seemed very proud of herself.

Jimmy asked, "What are you gonna do with her? Are you
gonna fuck her?"

All four of the Clark kids laughed at that. Kevin said,
"Shit man, we fucked her most of last night and most of
this morning. It's a good thing you guys came over
because we are all fucked out. She even ate Kyra's ass
and pussy. The bitch does anything we tell her to."

Dale asked, "And you are going to let us fuck her?"

Keary nodded and said, "She's a three-holer guys. She
can deepthroat thanks to the training she got last
night and she can take it up the ass. She doesn't like
it. But that just makes it that much more fun."

Jimmy looked a little nervous. He said, "What about

Kyra looked like she was losing her temper. She
exclaimed, "Jesus Jimmy! I'm right fucking here! If you
got a question about me ask me. If you are asking if I
am going to be around when you are fucking the bitch
the answer is that I am not only going to watch, I am
going to record it on my movie camera. If that's a
problem for you than you can fucking leave and we'll
find someone else."

Jimmy said, "Damn Kyra! Cool it for Christ's sake! I
was just fucking asking! Some girls wouldn't want to
hang around when their friends are fucking some broad."

Kyra looked exasperated. She replied, "Are you fucking
brain dead Jimmy? Keary just told you it was my idea.
Do you want to fuck her or not?"

Dale chuckled and said, "Hell, I'll fuck her while you
make up your mind doofus."

Dale got up and took off his t-shirt and left it on his
chair. He came around the table in only his trunks,
which were bulging noticeably. He reached out and
grabbed one of my tits and said, "Where do you want to
do this Keary?"

Keary pointed to a lounge chair on the grass nearby and
said, "Why don't you use that cushion and fuck her over

Dale pulled me out of Keary's lap and I followed him
over to the lounge chair. He ordered me to put the
cushion on the grass and as Kyra came over and started
filming he ordered me to take my bikini bottoms off.

I untied the strings at my hips and let it fall to my
feet. He moved closer and his hand forced itself
between my legs and cupped my mound. He smiled and
said, "How about if we start out with some of that
deepthroat before I fuck you Gail? That sounds like a
lot of fun to me. Is that okay with you?"

I just nodded and said, "Yes Sir."

It wasn't alright. But I was the only person here that
cared what I thought.

I stepped onto the cushion and dropped to my knees.
Dale moved over in front of me and waited for me to
remove his trunks. I grasped his waistband and pulled
the elastic out and then down, uncovering yet another
penis…damn it! I mean cock.

I had gone three years without seeing one and I hadn't
missed them at all. In the last twenty-four hours I had
seen four. I still had one more to go. At least I hoped
that I still had only one more to go. I hoped that they
didn't call up more of their friends.

Dale's cock was not quite as long as Keary's. It was
slightly bigger around though. I wasn't looking forward
to forcing it down my already very sore throat. But
there was never any question of my refusing.

I reached out and placed my hand around his cock and
tilted it down away from his hairy belly and placed my
lips around the head. I started moving my lips up and
down the shaft, taking a little more of him into my
mouth each time. When the head of his cock reached the
entrance to my throat I gagged at first. I had
forgotten to use the trick that Keary had taught me to
avoid gagging.

I suddenly wondered where a sixteen year old boy had
learned that! They all seemed to know so much more
about sex than they should. They certainly knew a lot
more than I do. And I was learning more than I ever
wanted to know.

On the next down stroke I swallowed and Dale's cock hit
the entrance to my throat and wedged there. I couldn't
get it to go down. I pulled back and tried again and
this time, after a slight catch, the head of his cock
slipped into my throat. It was very painful and even
though his cock was only slightly fatter I could tell
the difference. It was noticeably more uncomfortable.

When his cock slid down into my throat and my lips were
buried in his pubic hair, Dale said, "Kiss my ass! She
fucking did it!"

Kyra laughed and said, "She can suck you off or kiss
your ass. But she can't do both. At least she can't do
them both at the same time."

I ignored Kyra and worked on Dale's cock until he
pushed my head away and ordered me onto my back.

I was glad to change positions. I wanted nothing to do
with any of this. But I would much rather have that fat
cock raping my cunt than my mouth.

As soon as I was in position on my back Dale got on top
of me and fumbled for my opening. It took him a moment
to find the right spot, but the head of his cock
finally slipped into me. When his cock started into my
pussy he paused while he supported himself on his
elbows over me and he stared down at me as he eased it
into me slowly until it was all the way in and his
pubic bone was grinding against me. He stopped there
and enjoyed the pleasurable sensations for a moment
before he said, "Look at me Gail. Watch me fuck you.
That's a good girl. You're a great cocksucker, but I
want to cum in your cunt the first time." He started
moving slowly in and out of me and then he said, "A
little later I can cum in your mouth. And I've never
fucked a girl's ass before. I guess we'll have to give
that a shot too. I bet you hate that, don't you Gail?"

I quietly responded, "Yes Sir."

He smiled and said, "You hate all of this don't you?"

I nodded.

He said, "That's too bad, because you are very good at
it. I never had a girl deepthroat me before. That was
pretty damned hot. I have to be honest though. I like
your cunt more. But it's pretty damned exciting to look
down and see my cock buried to the root in your fucking
mouth bitch. It's hard to believe you just did it for
the first time last night. How did they get you to do

I glanced at Kyra and she was waiting for me to answer
with an amused look on her face.

I said, "They drugged me and they raped me. They did
all of those things to me when I was drugged and
couldn't defend myself. They filmed everything that I
did and they showed me the movie this morning. I didn't
have any choice after that. I have to do what they say
and they know it."

Dale began to speed up his increasingly violent thrusts
and he said, "Damn that's hot! I gotta hand it to Kyra
and Keary. It must be fucking great to have a beautiful
sex slave that you can do anything you want with."

And then it was over. He cried out and ground his
pelvis against me and filled me with his cum. He stayed
in place over me as his cock went soft in my cunt. Then
he rolled over and lay on his back. He stayed like
that, staring at the sky for a minute and swearing
quietly under his breath occasionally, trying to
express his pleasure with his limited vocabulary I

I lay beside him waiting for him to get up and let his
friend Jimmy mount me so that he could take his turn.

Kyra didn't think I was being a good hostess though.
She ordered me to clean Dale up so that he wouldn't
mess up the chairs when he went back over and sat down.

I glanced at her as she instructed me in my cleanup
duties. I wondered briefly what was going through her
mind. What must she think being surrounded by all of
this naked male flesh? She seemed so casual about it.
No, she seemed to enjoy it! I couldn't even imagine
what it must be like to be her.

I looked down at Dale's crotch. It was a terrible mess,
but it wasn't the first time I had to perform this
disgusting chore. I got on my knees and took his cock
into my mouth and sucked him clean. It was nasty to
look at but I was beginning to realize that the taste
wasn't as bad this way as when I got a mouthful of cum
all at once. Still, I would much rather not do it.

I slid down until my head was level with his crotch and
I leaned over and started to take his soft cock into my
mouth. I noticed something strange and I stopped to
look at it. He was uncircumcised! I hadn't noticed it
when he was erect. I had never seen one that had not
been circumcised before. Well, I hadn't seen that many
at all actually. But it looked kind of funny. I took it
into my mouth as everyone watched and I sucked it
clean. When I had cleaned my juices and his cum from
his cock I licked his balls clean and then I started to
sit up and wait for Jimmy to come over and rape me.

Dale said, "Don't stop. You aren't finished yet."

I looked at him. I didn't know what else he wanted me
to do.

He saw my confusion and he said, "With an uncircumcised
cock you have to pull the loose skin back and clean
under it."

I looked down at his cock and the flap of loose skin
that covered the head of it. For some reason I was
reluctant to do that.

I moved closer again and used my fingers to gently pull
the skin back from the head of his cock. He was
watching me closely and when I had uncovered the head
of his cock he said, "Now use your tongue and get me
nice and clean bitch."

I stuck my tongue out and he shivered as I bathed the
end of his cock with it. I was afraid that he was going
to get hard again. But then I realized how silly that
was. Of course he was going to get hard again. He was
probably going to have the opportunity to rape me over
and over in the next two weeks. He and his friend Jimmy
and the three Clark boys and god knows who else.

As I licked Dale clean I heard Jimmy get up and come
closer. He stood beside me watching me finish my clean
up duties until Dale pushed me away and got up. He had
already removed his clothes and he seemed to be a
little self-conscious about being naked. I had the
impression that it was being naked in front of Kyra
that bothered him though. He kept glancing at her

As soon as Dale was out of the way Jimmy took his place
on the cushion. He lay on his back and rested his head
on his arms. Since I hadn't moved after cleaning Dale's
cock with my mouth, Jimmy's hard, drooling cock was
right near my face.

I looked at it in disgust for a moment. It was smaller
than Dale's. It was slightly shorter, but more
importantly it was much thinner. I was grateful for
that at least. But it was standing up and throbbing and
each time it bobbed around like that more clear fluid
oozed from the tip. It was covering the head of his
cock and running down the underside of the shaft all
the way to his balls.

I leaned back down and licked his cock clean and as I
did he tensed up and groaned in pleasure. I was no
expert at these things but I had the impression he
wasn't going to last very long. I took him into my
mouth and slid my lips down to the base of his cock.

As the head of his cock slipped into my throat,
thankfully much easier than Dale's had, he swore and
tensed up and grabbed my hair and held me there and
shot his cum straight down my throat.

I heard Kyra and some of the boys chuckling, but I was
glad to get it over with so easily. I waited until he
released me and I started to sit up but Kyra stopped
me. "Keep sucking bitch!" she ordered. "Get him hard
again so that he can fuck your skanky ass."

Kyra is a girl that obviously spent far too much time
with her three brothers!

I lowered my mouth back onto Jimmy's cock and began
sucking. I can't really say that I began again. I
didn't really get started the first time. He had not
gone completely soft and he was completely hard again
almost instantly.

When he was fully erect he pushed me away and I got
back into position on the cushion. Jimmy got between my
legs and then leaned over me and supported himself on
his arms. He started stabbing his cock at me blindly
and I suddenly realized that Jimmy was a virgin! He had
even less of an idea of what to do than I did.

I reached down and gently took his cock in hand and
guided him to the tender opening to my vagina, I mean
cunt. God I hate that word! His blind thrusts were
painful and I didn't think that he was going to last
much longer this time than he had before he had his
first orgasm.

He slowed to allow me to guide him into place and then
he thrust into me all the way in one hard stroke. He
paused for an instant and shivered in pleasure. Then he
began to fuck me violently. He was all but out of
control and twice I had to reach down and put his cock
back inside of me.

It was very unpleasant. The funny thing is that I was
almost amused by his obvious innocence and his out of
control lust. I wasn't the only one either. I heard the
boys at the table making fun of him as he fucked me.
But not for long, he didn't last much longer than he
had in my mouth. I doubt if he lasted a full minute. It
was over almost before it began.

I hadn't even realized that he was having an orgasm. He
suddenly stopped and collapsed on top of me and gasped
for breath in my ear. There was more laughter from the
boys but he didn't seem to notice.

He finally rolled off of me and I didn't wait to be
told. I moved down and cleaned his slimy cock with my
mouth while Kyra got more nasty pictures.

When Jimmy finally stood up Dale said, "I'd sure like
to see Gail eat Kyra's pussy now."

Kyra looked over and said, "Yeah, I bet you would you
fucking pervert. Don't hold your breath."

Dale said, "What's the big deal? You've seen all of us
naked. And your brothers have seen you naked. What
difference does it make?"

Kyra grinned at him and said, "Dale, you've been trying
to get into my pants since I got out of diapers. Give
it up."

Dale chuckled and said, "I won't deny I think you're
hot and I'd like to see you naked. But I just want to
see her eating your pussy. It makes me hard just
thinking about it."

Keary said, "Maybe we can talk her into it later Dale.
For now let's just concentrate on our sweet little
redheaded cunt."

The rest of the afternoon was just more of the same.
The boys kept getting turned on from looking at me or
playing with my body or watching someone else having
sex with me. There was someone, or sometimes two some
ones having sex with me almost constantly all
afternoon. They just never seemed to get bored with
abusing me.

I got almost no time to rest. If one of them wasn't
fucking me they would sit around and talk and I would
be pulled into someone's lap and groped or ordered to
kneel and suck on a soft cock until it got hard again.
Sometimes I was forced to suck them off right there at
the table and sometimes they took me back over to the
cushion to have sex with me. All five of the boys took
me in my ass again. Dale was the worst. He was the
first one that afternoon. He didn't use lube, he didn't
prepare my ass and his cock was noticeably fatter than
the others. It was a very painful experience.

Dale and Jimmy kept hinting that they would love to see
me eat Kyra's pussy but she kept ignoring them. Later
in the afternoon Keary said, "Shit Kyra, you might as
well let her do it. The guys are going to see the DVD
anyway. And you know you're feeling horny from watching
all this fucking and sucking. You love seeing us rape
the bitch almost as much as we love doing it."

Kyra looked at Keary and I could see that she was about
to tell him to go to hell. But I saw her expression
change and she said, "Aw fuck it!"

There were a few excited comments from the boys as she
stood up, but she said, "You guys stay right here. If
you move the show is over."

She got to her feet and said, "Come on bitch. It's time
to eat some more pussy."

I didn't even care by now. I got out of Kirk's lap and
followed her to the cushion where I had been getting
raped all afternoon. She sat down and when I was
kneeling between her and the table full of boys she
untied the bottoms of her bikini and uncovered her
sopping wet pussy.

She got comfortable and said, "Okay bitch, chow down."

The first time she had made me do this I had been
drugged and deprived of my free will. The second time,
when the boys talked her into it this morning, I had
just been raped by all three of them and was still kind
of dazed. So even though it was a singularly repugnant
act I had actually gotten accustomed to it without a
lot of mental anguish. This time I was no more upset
about it than I was by all of the males forcing me to
perform some perverted sex act.

I stretched out between her legs and began lapping up
the juices that matted her pussy hair and covered her
entire mound. She must have been extremely excited from
watching her three brothers and their two friends
raping me repeatedly all afternoon. The fluids were
streaming from her.

I cleaned her up quickly with my tongue and then I
began to lick her pussy lips. She was quickly reaching
the point of orgasm. She had lifted her thighs and they
gripped my head tightly as I ate her out. As she neared
orgasm I was forced to wrap my arms around her thighs
and hold her in place as I licked her pussy.

She came quickly once my tongue began burrowing into
her pussy and she groaned and cried out and the juices
poured out of her at a remarkable rate. I continued to
lap them up and I started to lift my head when her
orgasm ended but she screamed, "Don't stop you fucking

So I continued eating her pussy as she pulled my hair
so hard it brought tears to my eyes and lifted her hips
off of the cushion to grind her pussy into my mouth.

I saw motion out of the corner of my eyes and I
realized that all five boys had come closer and were
standing around us in a circle watching. Kyra had her
eyes closed tightly and wasn't aware of it yet.

She had several more violent orgasms before she pushed
my head away and lay there panting for a moment or two
before she opened her eyes and saw the boys standing
there staring down at her exposed sex.

I felt her tighten up for a second and then she just
went limp. She exclaimed, "Aw fuck you guys. Go ahead
and look. It's just a fucking pussy for Christ's sake.
Half the people in the world have them. Get over it."

Keary chuckled and said, "While I think that's a
healthy attitude sis, I have to point out that you are
the one that was so intent on keeping it covered up."

She looked up at him and said, "Well, now everyone has
seen it. I guess the mystery is gone from our lives."

Kirk laughed and said, "Not completely. Your tits are
still covered."

Kyra looked at him and then looked around at the
others. She sat up and said, "Okay, listen. I feel
pretty silly being the only one with clothes on
anyway." She quickly pulled her bikini bra off and
said, "But I don't want you guys getting any ideas. You
can look but that's all. I am not going to fuck you."

Keary laughed and said, "Shit sis, if you had done that
a long time ago no one would be paying any attention to
it now. You keep it all covered up and guys just can't
help wanting to see it. In half an hour you'll just be
one of the guys."

She got to her feet and turned to Dale and said, "You
just keep your fucking hands to yourself Dale. You have
always been grabby and I know damned well what's on
your mind."

Dale grinned and said, "Give me a break Kyra. It ain't
my fault. It's in my fucking DNA. If I didn't want to
get my hands on your sweet ass I'd be a fucking queer.
Hell, I bet all three of your brothers would fuck you
if you let them."

She didn't look at her brothers to see what their
reaction was. She just responded to Dale, "Well I won't
let them and they know to keep their hands to
themselves. I'm warning you because I know you. There
is a redheaded cunt right there you can do any damn
thing you want to. So you keep your hands off of me."

We returned to the table in the shade of the umbrella
and the six of them sat around, all nude now. I was
pulled into Dale's lap and as he began to roughly grope
my most sensitive body parts the kids all discussed the
show that Kyra and I had just put on for them. The guys
all wanted to know if it was better to have her pussy
eaten by a boy or a girl.

She admitted that I was the only one that had ever
eaten her pussy and all of the boys volunteered to give
her something to compare it to.

She got that, 'Yeah, right' look on her face but Keary
said, "That might be an interesting experiment Kyra. We
could cover your eyes and all six of us could take
turns eating your pussy. Then you try to pick out which
one was Gail and decide which of us did the better job
of it."

Kyra actually seemed to be considering it! After a
minute she smiled and said, "I hate to admit it, but
that does sound like fun. The cunt has the edge on you
guys though, because she knows what she likes when
someone eats her out."

I blurted out, "No one has ever done that to me,"
without even thinking. "Not until last night when I was
drugged. I wouldn't have known it if you hadn't made me
watch the movie."

There were looks of incredulity all around and I knew
as soon as I spoke that I had screwed up.

Keary asked, "How old are you Gail?"

"Twenty-four," I answered.

"And you are divorced?" he asked.

I nodded.

There followed a discussion of my entire sex life.
There wasn't much to discuss. I had lost my virginity
on the night of my Senior Prom to my boyfriend. We had
been dating for months and I thought he was the one. I
was madly in love with him. Our affair continued
through the summer and then he went away to college.
That was the end of it.

I couldn't afford to go to college. My father had some
health problems which had bankrupted the family and the
money that I had saved up wasn't even enough for the
first years tuition at a local community college. My
grades were okay, but not good enough for a
scholarship. So I went to work.

My first job had been as a hostess in a steak house.
Not one of the nice ones. It was one of the chain
restaurants. I had started dating one of the waiters
almost as soon as I went to work there and we ended up
getting married before either of us was ready.

He was going to school at night and he found a better
job as soon as we got married. It was actually less
money than he made waiting tables but it had benefits
and a chance for advancement. He worked in an office
and I suspect that it wasn't long before he started
dating the women at work.

We had only been married a year when he asked me for a

I was forced to relate all of this to the kids around
the table and I didn't get any sympathy from them.
Keary said, "It's no wonder the dude left you, you
stupid cunt. No guy likes a frigid bitch. Shit, you
wouldn't suck his cock and you dress like a fucking
nun! The world is all about sex for Christ's sake. Look
around you. Why would he stay married to you if you
didn't put out and didn't suck his cock? What else did
you have to offer? You're cute, but according to you,
you aren't that much of a cook and you aren't rich.
Hell, we are doing you a favor here. By the time your
two weeks are up here you'll be an expert cocksucker
and a great fuck."

Gee, I am such a lucky girl to have friends like Keary
and Kyra! I kept my sarcasm to myself though. I may say
dumb things from time to time, but I'm not that stupid.

It was getting late and I was hoping that Dale and
Jimmy would leave and I would be sent in to make
supper. Then, at least for a little while, I would be
free of the constant groping and sexual abuse.

Unfortunately, they began to make other plans. It was
decided that everyone would get dressed and go to a
place where a lot of the kids liked to hang out and get
a hamburger.

I desperately hoped that I would be left alone here.
But no such luck. Keary said, "Kyra, take her to your
room and get her cleaned up and put her in something

Dale took his hands from my tit and my pussy and
reluctantly let me out of his lap. I followed Kyra to
her room wondering what the little slut's idea of sexy
would be. She took a quick shower and when she was done
I took a shower while she started getting ready.

I finished my shower and dried off. I stood in front of
the bathroom mirror for moment and steeled myself for
the ordeal ahead. When I went into the bedroom Kyra was
already dressed. I asked her for permission to go to my
room downstairs and brush my teeth.

She said, "You can do that before we leave. I have to
find you something to wear."

She went into her closet came back out with a couple of
mini-dresses on hangars. She handed me one of them and
ordered me to try it on.

Kyra and I were about the same size so I expected the
dress to fit reasonably well. It didn't though. It was
much too tight.

She said, "These are a couple of old dresses that I
haven't gotten around to getting rid of yet. They are
too small for me now. I thought they might be pretty
interesting on your skanky ass though."

I just didn't understand why she was so cruel. I had
never said or done anything to her. I almost asked her
what I had said or done to make her so mad at me. But
then I decided that whatever it might be I didn't want
to bring it up now. Any slight she had perceived was
probably all in her head anyway. You can't reason with
crazy people so I kept my mouth shut.

She told me to take off the first dress and when I was
naked she handed me the other one. It was only slightly
larger. I could button it, but I wasn't sure that I
could sit down in it. I didn't think that it was long
enough to cover the parts of me that required covering
in public either.

Kyra looked at me for a second and then she unbuttoned
the bottom button and the top two buttons and stepped
back to see how I looked. She ordered me to unbutton
another button on the top and she was satisfied.

She came closer and pulled me over to a full length
mirror standing in the corner of her room. I almost
fainted when I saw what she expected me to wear out in
public. I could plainly see the slit between my legs
which was still noticeably red and swollen from all of
the abuse it had received today. The hem of the dress
fell just between my slit and my small, remaining patch
of pubic hair. As long as I remained still my nipples
were covered, just barely. But the slightest movement
exposed one nipple or the other.

I turned around and started to twist my neck in order
to see how much of me was exposed in the back. Kyra
handed me a small mirror and I looked at my reflection
in the full length mirror behind me. I could see about
two inches of the bottom of my butt when I stood
straight. I couldn't even imagine how revealing it
would be if I were to lean forward. The slightest
movement would make things just that much worse.

Kyra said, "Don't move." She went back into her closet
and came back with a pair of high heels. They weren't
outrageous. The heels were only about three inches. But
I knew they would have an effect.

The shoes were a size too small but I managed to
squeeze into them. I looked back at my reflection again
and I guess if there was a difference it was
negligible. I could still see about two inches of my
butt. I couldn't imagine sitting down in this thing. It
would be like I had left the house wearing only a
blouse. I would be totally exposed. But then, I
realized that was the point. That was what amused them.
From now on I was always going to be exposed. It was
just going to be a question of how exposed and in how
public a place.

I looked at Kyra. She shared none of my reservations.
She was smiling and when she saw my distress she said,
"The guys are going to love this."

I had no doubt.

I followed her downstairs and she sent me off to my
rooms to brush my teeth. When I returned everyone was
waiting. They all got a big kick out of my new outfit.

We all filed out to the garage and got into a large
SUV. I ended up sitting on Kevin's lap and he began
groping me as soon as we were seated. He unbuttoned a
couple more buttons and exposed my breasts completely
and I sat there trying not to think about being seen in
public in this…thing, I hesitate to call it a dress. I
could only hope that the place we were going was not
very crowded.

I don't know what I could have been thinking. We were
going to a teenage hangout at the start of summer
vacation. Of course it was crowded!

Keary pulled into the parking lot and drove up and down
until he found an open parking place. As we drove
through the full to capacity parking lot I knew I was
in trouble.

We were finally able to find a parking spot and I was
allowed to button the two buttons that Kevin had
unbuttoned to give him better access to my tits. We
piled out of the SUV and headed inside.

The place was loud and it was packed. There were no
other adults that I could see anywhere in the large
room. I saw a lot of shocked looks on the faces of the
kids that looked up when we came in, but I quickly
turned my gaze to the floor to avoid seeing those
looks. I was pulled through the crowd by Keary and they
couldn't find a large enough table that was empty. They
finally joined some friends at a large table in the
back corner.

I was introduced to the two teenage couples already at
the table and I glanced at them only long enough to say
hello and see the looks on their faces as they noticed
me. The boys had entirely different expressions than
the girls.

The girls looked at me with obvious contempt. The boys,
however, were happy to see me. They didn't even look me
in the eyes. Their gazes hit my nearly exposed breasts
before moving down to my exposed pussy. I saw them
struggle to hide from their girlfriends their obvious
enjoyment of the spectacle that was me. I looked away
as I was pulled into Keary's lap. Of course my dress
rode up as soon as I sat down and everyone at the table
stared in disbelief at the amount of exposed flesh.

We were sitting far enough back from the table that
everyone could see that I was totally exposed from just
below my navel. Keary spread my legs so that my knees
were about six inches apart and he unbuttoned another
button on my top, totally exposing one of my breasts.

It wasn't just the people at our table that were
enjoying the show. The kids at several of the nearby
tables were staring openly. To make matters worse, we
were sitting near the door to the men's room. Soon
there was a steady flow of traffic to the men's room.
Many of the boys going by knew the boys at our table
and they stopped, supposedly to say hello. But we all
knew why they had stopped. I was all but naked and they
were enjoying the show.

Everyone decided what they wanted to eat and drink and
I was tasked with going to the counter on the other
side of the room and ordering the food. I was too upset
to remember an order that large so they had to write it
down. Keary gave me some money and I went to the

The counter was being manned by a dozen teenage boys
and girls who were cooking hamburgers and dispensing
soft drinks. I placed my order with a pimple faced
teenage boy who quickly informed his coworkers of my

Soon, as I stood waiting for them to fill my order, the
other kids behind the counter came closer and checked
me out. Even the girls came over to look.

There was a press of kids waiting to order food or pick
up an order and I suppose that it was inevitable that,
dressed as I was I would soon become a magnet for stray
hands. It wasn't long at all before I felt the first
hand brush lightly over the exposed portion of my ass.
I didn't look around but I tried to shift away from the
boy I thought was responsible.

I couldn't move far though and soon the hand returned.
I heard whispered conversations behind me and before
long there were two hands on my ass and someone was
lifting my dress in the back. I gave up. I knew I
couldn't win and anything I did to defend myself would
just cause a scene which would only make matters worse.
I allowed them to grope me freely and took comfort in
the fact that the place was so packed that it was
doubtful that anyone could see what they were doing.

One of the boys exploring my ass began to insinuate his
finger between the cheeks of my ass and press against
my anus. When I felt his finger touch me there I
reacted without thinking. I jumped and spun around and
now I was facing the two large boys that were molesting
me. Now they could look down and see one of my tits
totally exposed by my sudden motion and their hands
were instantly crawling over my mound. The looks on
their arrogant young faces dared me to resist.

Before I could turn back around there was a large
finger being forced inside of my pussy. I gasped in
shock and quickly struggled to turn back around. The
boy who had been invading my pussy with his finger went
back to trying to force it into my ass. His friend
reached up under my arm and squeezed my breast through
my dress for a moment before he slid it inside and
cupped my naked breast.

He held me like that for a moment and when I didn't
scream or fight him he began to squeeze and pull on my
nipple. I couldn't believe this. I was being all but
raped right in the middle of a crowded restaurant. I
looked around out of the corners of my eyes to see if
anyone else noticed what was going on and was dismayed
to see that there were boys on both sides of me that
were watching closely.

It seemed like a week before that kid behind the
counter returned with my order on a large tray. He set
the tray down and said, "You can use the tray, but
bring it right back. We don't have that many." As he
spoke he was staring at the hand inside the top of my

I reached up and grabbed the tray and pulled away from
the boys that were molesting me. As I moved through the
crowd to our table I saw that my breast was completely
exposed and everyone I passed seemed to notice. But
there was nothing I could do about it so I hurried to
the back of the room.

I unloaded the tray and straightened my dress out
before fighting my way back through the packed room. As
I made my way around the room more and more boys were
reaching out to squeeze the exposed cheeks of my ass.
There was a lot of laughter, which I was sure was at my

All I could do was focus on the task at hand. I
couldn't fight them all. I couldn't even blame them.
This dress was an open invitation. That was why Kyra
had chosen it.

When I returned to the table I was allowed to pull up
an empty chair from a nearby table and sit and eat.
Despite the abuse I had suffered lately and my despair
at the idea of living like this for two weeks, the food
smelled good and I was famished. I had eaten almost
nothing yesterday and nothing today, nothing but the
protein drink from the end of the cocks of five horny

I ate my hamburger quickly, which was a mistake. They
left me alone when I was eating. I should have dragged
it out. As soon as I had eaten my burger I was pulled
into Dale's lap and the groping started again.

The boys had been talking with the two couples we had
joined and when the food was all eaten it was decided
to go back to the house and have a little party around
the pool. I didn't hear all of the particulars. It was
very loud in here and I wasn't really included in the

It was about ten minutes before we finally got up and
left. For most of those ten minutes I was sitting in
Dale's lap and being mauled roughly and openly. Boys
kept coming past the table and stopping to watch Dale
play with my exposed tits or pussy. Most of them just
watched for a while and then went on. A few were
friends of the kids at our table and stopped to talk.
They never looked at the person that they were talking
to though. They all stared at me.

The two couples that had been at the table when we
arrived stayed seated as we left. We went out to the
SUV and as we were making our way through the parking
lot the big guy that had been feeling me up while I was
waiting for the food caught up to us and spoke with

I was afraid of what might come of that conversation.
The boy was staring at me during the entire exchange.
After they spoke the boy and his friend, who was
standing nearby watching, left and we continued on.

This time I ended up on Jimmy's lap as we drove away.
Jimmy had my dress open and pulled it down off of my
shoulders by the time we were on the road. He bent down
and nibbled on my nipple while he began worming his
finger into my pussy.

As much as I hated what was happening to me I wasn't a
robot. All of the touching, all of the public exposure,
it was starting to build up. I didn't want to admit it,
not even to myself. But I was starting to feel pretty
horny. I didn't want to satisfy that need with any of
these boys. I would much rather retire to the privacy
of my bathroom back in my small but secure apartment
building and satisfy that need with my shower massager.

Unfortunately I knew that wasn't what was going to

I wasn't paying any attention to where we were going.
When the car came to a stop and Keary shut the engine
off I thought we were back at their house. I had
started to get out of the car before I realized that we
were parked in front of a liquor store.

Keary came around and pulled me the rest of the way out
of the SUV. He handed me a fifty dollar bill and said,
"Come on. We need some beer."

I stood there as he started to walk away and sputtered,
"Keary! I can't buy you beer! Your father would kill

He came back and grabbed my arm and as we walked toward
the store he said, "Then don't tell him you stupid

We went inside and the only one in the store was an old
man who sat behind the counter and gave us the evil
eye. I was embarrassed to be seen in this dress and I
was certain that he knew I was buying alcohol for
minors. But I avoided his eyes and followed Keary. He
seemed to know what he wanted and where it was located.

I followed him to the cooler and he picked up two cases
of beer. We went to the cash register and I handed the
cash Keary had given me to the old man.

He looked at Keary and then he looked at me skeptically
and asked, "You got any ID?"

I didn't. The kids had taken my purse sometime during
the night and refused to return it. I shook my head and
said, "Please mister. I'm twenty-four years old."

He just glowered at me and said, "I need to see some

Keary reached his hand over my shoulder and spread the
top of my dress open and said, "How is this for ID?"

The old man never changed expression. He just said,
"It's gonna take a hell of a lot more than a flash of
tit to convince me."

Keary smiled and said, "Okay, how about a blowjob?"

I swung my head around and glared at Keary. He couldn't
be serious! That old man must be close to seventy years
old! Christ, it's bad enough having to have sex with
him and his brothers and their two friends.

I shivered in disgust at the very idea of taking that
old man's cock into my mouth.

He stared at me for a moment, looking mostly at my
exposed breasts, and then he said, "Alright. I'll let
you have it for a blowjob, and the fifty."

Keary sighed and said, "Jesus old man! Give me a break.
I'll pay for the beer and you can have the blowjob. But
I want my fucking change."

The old man thought it over and nodded. He opened his
cash register and took out the change and handed it to

He closed the register and locked it and stood up. He
came around the counter and grabbed my arm and started
to lead me away. He stopped and turned back and said,
"You wait there boy. And there are cameras all over
this place so keep your fucking hands in your pockets.
If anyone comes in tell them I went into the back to
get something." He cackled at his own joke and started
towards the back of the store again.

He pulled me down the aisle and into the back room and
closed the door. He said, "Get that dress off bitch."
Then he started unfastening is chinos.

I unbuttoned the few remaining buttons on the dress
Kyra had given me and took it off while he stared at my
naked body.

He dropped his pants to his ankles and pulled me
closer. He placed my hand on his soft, shriveled up old
cock and he ran his hands over my body roughly. He
never said a word after telling me to take the dress
off. He squeezed and pulled on my tits briefly and
groped around the entrance to my pussy for a minute and
then he sat down on a couple of boxes and pulled his
pants off of one leg. He spread his legs and looked up
at me.

I dropped to my knees on the dirty floor and looked
down at his still soft cock. I wasn't too hopeful that
this was going to go anywhere. I wasn't that upset
about the possibility of not getting him to have an
orgasm. I was just afraid that it might go on and on
indefinitely while I tried.

I took him into my mouth and started to suck. He pushed
one of my hands down and rested it against his balls
and I began to tease them as I sucked his cock. His
cock twitched a little and grew slightly but it never
got really hard. I was working like crazy to suck him
and I was getting desperate to get him hard. Then I got
a shock. Suddenly a couple of weak spurts of nasty
tasting, bitter fluid squirted out of the end of his
soft cock and he groaned.

I gagged at the bitter, acidic fluid in my mouth. I
wanted desperately to spit it out but he was watching
me like a hawk. I struggled to swallow. There wasn't
very much of it but it was making me sick to my
stomach. I finally got it down and he pushed me away
and started pulling his pants back on.

I put my dress back on and buttoned up most of the
buttons and when he was ready we went back out front.
Keary looked like he was getting impatient but it was
his fault so fuck him.

The old man said, "You want some more later you bring
her back with you boy."

Keary smiled and nodded and picked up the beer. We went
out to the car and I climbed back into Jimmy's lap
while Keary drove home.

We went inside and the boys changed back into their
swimming trunks. Kyra put her bikini back on. I was
ordered to take my dress off but I wasn't given
anything to wear in its place.

When Kyra and I got back downstairs the boys were all
out at the pool. They each had a beer and I was ordered
to put some in a cooler with ice and put the rest in
the refrigerator. I was also told that a few people
were coming over and if the doorbell rang I was to
answer it.

As I started to walk away Keary said, "If I get any
complaints about you this evening I'm going to come up
with something really nasty to punish you. So just
remember, the only time you can say no is if somebody
asks you if you've had enough. Got it?"

I nodded. I didn't know what he might come up with as a
punishment but my situation was horrible enough without
being punished. He was a slightly warped and very cruel
boy. I didn't want to give him the opportunity to
punish me. I knew that he would enjoy it too much.

I had the cooler filled and the beer put away before
the others started showing up. The new additions to the
party were the two couples we had shared the table with
at that teen hangout, two other couples, and the two
boys that had groped me at the counter.

They all seemed happy to see me walking around nude. I
realized that they had all been warned in advance. The
girls seemed to find it almost as amusing as the boys.

I escorted them out to the patio as they arrived and
served them drinks as ordered. When everyone had
arrived I sat in the lap of Jay, the large boy who had
been the biggest problem for me at the lunch counter.
As Jay took advantage of the opportunity to grope me
freely now, Kyra explained how I came to be there and
what my status was.

Kyra is one strange girl. I honestly believe that she
was enjoying my degradation, my rapes, as much or more
than the boys. I reminded myself that it had been her
idea. So I guess she was a big fan of what they were
doing to me.

As Kyra was explaining I felt Jay's cock growing under
me. His cock felt as big as the rest of him. He was a
really large boy.

When Kyra finished explaining what had happened to me
and what my status was for the next two weeks she said,
"And now for that show that Keary promised you."

Jay stood me on my feet and got up behind me. I didn't
know what was going on, but I knew that something was
going to happen to me and that I wouldn't like it.

Jay was looking around and Kyra pointed out the cushion
that was still sitting on the grass nearby. He grabbed
my arm and said, "Come on bitch. Let's go make nice."

He pulled me over to the cushion and said, "Take my
clothes off."

I unbuttoned his shirt and slid it down his arms and
dropped it onto the chair that they had taken the
cushion from. I already knew that he was a large,
muscular boy. But when I saw his upper arms and his
torso I was really impressed. Not that I wanted to
throw myself at him or anything. He was just really
buff. He had large, muscular biceps and a powerful
chest and a flat, hard stomach. He looked like you
could hit him with a baseball bat and not hurt him.

I untied the knot in the cord that held his trunks in
place and started sliding them down. There was a large
bulge in the front and when I pulled them out and away
from his cock and down I uncovered the largest cock I
had ever seen. Well, I hadn't seen that many. But this
thing was BIG! It was at least ten inches long and
nearly as big around as my forearm.

I stopped pulling his trunks down and stared in terror
at his cock. Under my breath I said, "Oh my god!"

I looked up at him and said nervously, "That won't go
in me! It won't fit! You'll tear me!"

He just smiled and said, "You won't be the first, you
won't be the last. Don't worry bitch. Once I get it in
you are going to love it. They all do."

I continued staring for a moment until Keary broke my
reverie. "Is there a problem over there?"

I shook my head but I was terrified. I pushed his
trunks down past his knees and they fell to his feet.
He kicked them away and stood naked in front of me and
said, "Bend over and kiss it. Kiss it all over. Make it
as happy as it's going to make your cunt in a little

I bent over and wrapped my hand around that massive
cock and pulled it down away from his flat, muscular
belly. I kissed the head and licked the lubricant from
around the hole in the end of it. I licked all around
the large, bulbous, dark purple head and then I kissed
it all over as he had ordered. I bent lower and licked
and kissed his balls and then I returned to kissing his

He watched me for a few minutes and then he said,
"Let's see how much of it you can get in your mouth
bitch. I hear you can deepthroat. I've always wondered
what that was like."

I gasped and looked up at his smiling face. He said,
"Come on bitch. If you won't do it for me I can always
go home and get my dog. Would you rather do it for my

I was looking him right in the face when he said that.
He was serious!

Everyone had gotten up from the table and gathered
around us in a circle. It was bad enough when they were
sitting nearby staring. Now it truly was a show-like
atmosphere. I could hear the obscene comments more
clearly now and as they closed in around me I felt so
much more like I was trapped. I realized that the
difference was just in my mind. I was trapped
regardless of where the audience was. That didn't make
the feeling any less real though.

I took the head of Jay's oversized cock into my mouth
and tried to take as much of him in as I could. It was
a truly massive slab of meat and I knew there was no
way I would be able to take it into my throat. It was
so big around that I could only get about three inches
of it into my mouth! He watched me struggle with it for
several minutes and then he said, "That ain't gonna cut
it, bitch. You're going to have to do a lot better than
that. Come on now. Put your heart into it."

I was trying so hard. But it hurt. It hurt a lot and I
knew that I couldn't do it. He tried to force it. He
gripped my head in his large hands and as he thrust
with his hips he pulled on my head with his hands and
still he couldn't get even half of his big cock into my

I heard laughter and I glanced up through my tear
filled eyes to see Kyra with that damned movie camera.
She saw me looking and said, "I can't wait to see the
bitch sucking off your dog, Jay."

A couple of the girls exclaimed, "Ewww! That's gross
Kyra!" It sounded like a lot of the boys wanted to see
it though.

Jay laughed and said, "Maybe later. I haven't given up
on the bitch yet. She is swallowing more than most
chicks can handle."

Kyra said, "I have an idea Jay. Let her go for a

Jay let my head go and stepped back. I was gasping for
breath and crying like a baby.

Kyra started giving directions to some of the boys and
two of them helped me to my feet and someone put the
cushion back on the lounge chair. I was picked up and
stretched out on my back on the chair with my head
hanging down over the foot of it.

The boys that had placed me on my back on the chair
continued to hold me down and I was starting to panic
now. They were holding me firmly in place and I was

I started pleading with them to let me go. I thought
that it had to be obvious that no human female could
take that massive cock into their throat. It would
surely tear something. They were going to kill me with
a cock!

My pleas were ignored and Jay was urged on as he
dropped to his knees by my head. He pressed the end of
his cock against my lips and when I tried to turn away
someone twisted and pulled violently on my nipple. I
screamed in pain and Jay took the opportunity to force
the head of his cock back into my mouth.

I stopped fighting for a few seconds. I knew that I was
beaten. But when the head of his cock started pressing
against the entrance to my throat the pain became
unbearable and I couldn't help fighting back. I was in
fear of losing my life now, or at the very least
suffering permanent damage to my throat. I was
struggling with all of my might. Unfortunately, it was
all to no avail.

Jay was fucking my face brutally and I had never
experienced such pain in my life. Suddenly, to
everyone's surprise, the head of his cock entered my
throat and as the shaft began to slide through my mouth
and into my throat I mercifully passed out.

I don't know how long I was unconscious. When I awoke
the kids were all back at their large table, drinking
beer and talking excitedly. I felt an unbearable pain
in my throat. Jay must have continued fucking me after
I passed out. I could taste his foul cum in my mouth.
So he must have fucked my mouth and throat until he
reached his orgasm.

Someone noticed that I had come to my senses and Kyra
yelled, "Hey cunt! Get your lazy ass over here! Christ,
I thought you were going to sleep all fucking day!"

I struggled to turn over and got up from the lounge
chair I had been tortured on. I walked unsteadily over
to where the kids were all gathered and Kyra said, "Go
get everyone another beer. Then come over here. I have
something I want to show you."

I counted heads to see how many beers I needed. The
couples had left while I was unconscious. Kyra and I
were the only females here now. It was us and seven
horny boys. And she was far from being any help to me
when it came to satisfying their lust. Just the
opposite, she urged them to greater acts of depravity
at every opportunity.

Once I had returned and served everyone their beers,
Keary pulled me into his lap and ordered me to look at
the small portable television that was on a nearby
table. I watched as Kyra turned it on with a remote
control. It was the movie she had just made of Jay
raping my throat.

I watched in renewed horror as he started trying to
force that horse cock down my throat. I looked at the
expressions on the faces of the kids as I was lifted
onto my back on the lounge chair and held down. They
were enjoying the show. Even the girls were watching
eagerly to see if it could be done.

When Jay's cock finally forced its way past whatever
barrier was keeping it from entering my throat I saw
several of the kids pointing. I could actually see my
throat expand to accommodate his thick, ten inch cock!

It wasn't obvious at first that I had passed out. My
body went slack but it was a minute or two before they
realized that I was unconscious. They didn't seem
concerned at all. I could have been dying and they
wouldn't know or care.

After fucking my throat for several minutes Jay said,
"Watch this."

He bent down and wrapped his hand around my body and
straightened up. He lifted me up and got to his feet
and walked around carrying me upside down, still
impaled on his cock. He was bouncing me up and down and
walking around the patio to the cheers and catcalls of
the other kids. My legs were splayed apart and my pussy
was just under his chin. He kept bending his head down
and biting me. I was unconscious but it looked like he
was biting me hard.

How I survived that I have no idea. I couldn't possibly
have been able to breathe.

Jay carried me around like that for a minute, his cock
buried in my throat and his chin resting in the space
between my widespread legs. Then he walked back over to
the chair and roughly slammed me back down on my back.
He began fucking my throat violently for another minute
or so until he stiffened up and we could all see that
he was cumming down my throat as his friends all

When the show was over Kyra turned off the TV and Keary
said, "Well slut, after that you should be able to
deepthroat anyone with no trouble. I bet you're anxious
to try that thing in your cunt now, aren't you?"

I opened my mouth and tried to say that I wasn't the
least bit anxious. My throat was still in agony from
that horrible rape, but I didn't realize until I tried
that I couldn't talk. Nothing came out. Not even a

While I was sitting there terrified that the damage was
going to be permanent they were all laughing and joking
about how I was now the perfect woman. I could be
fucked in all three holes and I didn't talk.

Jay's friend waited until the jokes died down and said,
"While Jay is resting up, how about if I try some of
that pussy out? I can't take much more of this."

Keary pushed me out of his lap and said, "I'm sorry
Lyle. I didn't mean to be a poor host. Here, fuck the
bitch. You can take her cunt or her ass but I think you
better let her throat rest for a while."

I was grateful for that small favor.

Kirk got up and said, "Hold on a second." He ran into
the house and came out with a tube of lubricant and a
throat spray.

I was grateful for both. I sprayed my throat liberally
and Lyle took the lubricant from him.

We went back to the lounge chair and he made me kneel
with my knees on the edge. He dropped his trunks and
kicked them away and as he started lubricating my ass
Kyra showed up with that damned camera. Did they have
to film everything?!

Lyle dabbed some of the grease on my ass and pushed a
little bit of it just inside of me. He applied a little
more of it to his cock and as he started lining his
cock up with my ass he said, "I've never fucked an ass
before. Most girls don't go for that shit. I've been
wondering what it was like."

I didn't know what it was like for him, but I knew how
much I hated it. It was just as painful as it had been
this morning. I cried out as his cock entered me. I
wasn't reassured that I had been able to make a sound
though. My attention was focused on what Lyle was
doing. I couldn't help it. It seemed like every muscle
in my body tensed up from the pain. I knew that was the
wrong thing to do but it was an involuntary reaction.
The pain was incredible.

As Lyle began to fuck my ass violently Kyra was filming
my facial expression. She grinned and said, "You think
that's bad bitch, wait until Jay takes a crack at your
nasty ass."

That was terrifying! I could just see myself going
through the rest of my life wearing diapers because of
the damage that Jay had caused.

Lyle was just as violent as all of the others seemed to
be. The pain in my ass began to fade and I became aware
of the pain in my knees where they rested on the end of
the lounge chair. I wanted desperately for this to be
over, even if it meant that Jay would fuck me again
with that huge cock of his.

I finally got my wish a couple of minutes later. Lyle
started pounding into me even harder and just before he
came I saw Jay standing beside us and watching closely.
He laughed and said, "Man! Look at them titties bounce!
I love the way that looks."

I could only imagine how it looked but I knew how it
felt. It hurt like hell. But I couldn't use my hands to
support them because I was holding on to the sides of
the lounge chair with all of my might as Lyle raped my
ass violently.

Finally he tensed up and buried his cock into me as far
as it would go. He held on tight and shivered as if he
were freezing. He groaned loudly and swore as he came
inside of me. And then it was over.

I was exhausted and I hurt all over. I wanted
desperately for this to all be over. But most of all, I
prayed that Jay hadn't gotten any ideas. I couldn't
possibly take that abnormally large organ in my ass.

Lyle stepped back finally and I fell off of the end of
the chair and curled up in the grass and cried
hysterically. No one cared though. Keary tossed the
plastic bottle of throat spray over and hit me with it.
I looked up and saw what had hit me and I sprayed my
throat again. The spray seemed to be helping. I didn't
know if I could talk yet. And my throat still felt like
it was on fire. But the pain seemed to be diminishing,

While I was doing that Jay was putting the lounge chair
cushion back in the grass beside me.

When it was in position he nudged me with his foot. I
looked up and he said, "Go ahead and get comfortable
bitch. I'm going to stretch out that pussy of yours

I crawled over to the cushion and lay on my back. I
closed my eyes as Jay used his foot to push my legs
farther apart. He dropped to his knees between my legs
and roughly fingered my pussy for a moment.

He said to his friends at the table, "Man, this bitch
is tight. I'm gonna love this almost as much as fucking
her throat."

Jay reached out and slapped my tits. I croaked when I
tried to scream in pain. It was all that I was capable
of. At least it was a sound.

He said, "Reach down there and line my cock up with
that little girl hole of yours cunt. Let's see if I can
fuck your throat from this end."

There was laughter and another spate of crude remarks
from the boys at the table as I reached down and
wrapped my hands around Jay's big cock and placed the
fat, swollen head at the entrance to my pussy.

I held onto the shaft to guide it as he started to
force his cock into me. It was so large that at first
it wouldn't go in. His thick shaft started to bend for
a second and then the head popped in past whatever had
been holding him back.

It hurt like hell and I cried out again. This time I
almost sounded human as I cried out in pain.

Jay stopped after his cock first entered me. It wasn't
for my benefit though. He lifted my legs up over his
shoulders and moved up over me. He inched up closer to
me on his knees and started driving his cock into me,
going deeper with each cruel thrust.

It was very painful and I cried out or grunted in pain
with each brutal stroke. As he worked his shaft into me
he kept up a running commentary for the benefit of his
buddies who were urging him to fuck me harder. He kept
telling them how tight my pussy was and how hot if felt
as it gripped his cock and all the while he was driving
it deeper and deeper.

Then, on his last violent stroke the last couple inches
of his cock entered me and as his pubic bone rammed
into mine he hit something inside of me and I screamed
in pain. There was an outburst of laughter and he
pulled back about half way and drove his cock back into
me again.

Again that incredible pain and again I screamed.

He started pulling out of me and this time he pulled
out until only the head was left in me. Just before he
started to drive it back in I felt something on my
lips. I opened my eyes and Keary was forcing a dirty
sock into my mouth. His eyes met mine and he said,
"Your fucking screaming is hurting my ears bitch. Now
open wide."

I opened my mouth and gagged as he stuffed that dirty
sock inside. I didn't actually taste anything. There
was more the sensation of cloth in my mouth than any
taste. But the smell was almost overpowering.

I didn't have long to think about that though. As soon
as Keary stepped back Jay drove his cock all the way
inside of me again. As he bottomed out I felt that
horrible pain again and it was more than I could stand.
I passed out again.

My luck didn't hold this time though. When I regained
consciousness he was still leaning over me and driving
his cock into me violently. Whatever his cock was
hitting inside of me must be getting numb. There was
still a great deal of pain, but not that white hot
poker in my stomach pain that there had been.

I grunted loudly now with every stroke and prayed for
it to end. I couldn't feel anything in my pussy now,
just the horrible pain deep inside of me. I wondered if
I was bleeding. I wondered if I was damaged permanently
at both ends now.

Towards the end he dropped my legs and dropped down on
top of me. He wrapped his arms around me and began to
grind his pelvis against mine as he came inside of me.
Now, in addition to the pain from his driving cock I
had his large body crushing me, making it almost
impossible to breathe.

When he finally got to his knees and the moved away I
pulled the sock out of my mouth and then I reached down
to see if there was blood between my legs. My hand came
away covered with slimy cum, but no blood. I rolled
over onto my side and curled up and covered my face
with my hands and cried uncontrollably.

Jay was finally sated and he sat with the others and
told them how good a fuck I was. Kyra wasn't through
filming though. She kicked me back over onto my back
and ordered me to spread my legs. She got some close-
ups of my cum covered, stretched out, red and swollen
pussy. Then she said, "Get your ass inside and clean up
cunt. You fucking stink."

I struggled to my feet and picked up the throat spray.
Every step I took was agony. My insides had been
pummeled by that oversized cock and if something wasn't
damaged it would be a miracle.

I was half way to the patio door when I felt the slime
start running out of me and start to slide down my
thighs. I cupped my hand over my pussy and rushed to
the bathroom in my suite off of the kitchen.

I sat on the toilet and used some toilet paper to wipe
my hands clean while my pussy drained. It probably
hadn't been that much cum, but it took a long time to
drain because it was so deep inside of me.

While I was sitting on the toilet I sprayed my throat
again. I tried to talk, just to see if I could. I
managed to say a few words. It was very painful and my
voice was so raspy that it was hard to understand what
I was saying. But I had hopes that my voice would soon
return. I had been afraid that I might never be able to
speak again.

I sat there until nothing was draining out of me any
longer. I was afraid to delay too long. I didn't want
to upset Keary. It didn't seem possible that my life
could get any worse. But I didn't want to take a

I got up and flushed the toilet and took a hot shower.
I brushed my teeth and used a large amount of
mouthwash. When I couldn't delay any longer I went back
out to the patio.

The sense of relief I experienced when I stepped
outside and saw that only the four Clark kids remained
was incredible. I knew that I was still in for a lot of
abuse before the day was over. But I could not have
stood another bout with Jay. I think I would have gone
right out of my mind if I had to take that cock of his
inside of me again tonight.

After I had gotten everyone another beer, myself
included, Keary ordered me to stand beside his chair.
He examined my pussy and said, "It looks as good as

He stuck a couple of fingers up inside of me and I
jumped slightly. It was still very painful. He smiled
and said, "Yeah, you're going to be fine bitch. Can you
talk yet?"

I replied, "Not very well." My voice was raspy and it
hurt to talk, but they were satisfied that I was going
to survive that incredibly cruel attack. They laughed
at me and ordered me to sit down and drink my beer
before I went in and started supper.

I sat down and drank carefully. It hurt to swallow.
Keary said, "We'll let you rest until after supper, but
that was pretty hot. We're going to need some relief
after supper. I just thought I'd warn you."

I looked at him. I think it must have been a slightly
dazed look. I certainly felt dazed. Then they ignored
me and talked among themselves. Sometimes they talked
about me and how amused they were by what had been done
to me. They talked about Jay and his huge cock. Kyra
said, "I wonder what it would be like to fuck that
thing? I bet if I was on top and could control how much
of it went in that would be one wild fuck."

Kevin laughed and said, "I'm sure he'd let you. And I'd
be glad to hold the camera."

I watched her and the stupid little bitch actually
seemed to be considering it!

I finished my beer and asked what they wanted for
supper. They left it up to me and I went inside and
looked through the refrigerator. I started supper and,
after making sure that they weren't paying any
attention I had another beer. By the time supper was
ready I had drunk two more. I'm not much of a drinker
but I was really in need of the numbing properties of
alcohol at that moment.

After we ate they sat and watched me clean up the
kitchen and then we went into the living room. The fun
and games were apparently over for the day. Kyra didn't
bother with the camera. I had to provide them each with
an orgasm, including Kyra. But they didn't make me take
their cocks down my throat.

I was made to suck each of the boys and Keary and Kevin
both came in my mouth. Kirk let me suck him until he
was close to cumming and then he fucked my pussy from
behind. I was very tender still but it was bearable.

When I had finished Kirk off Kyra untied the strings on
her bikini bottoms and let the front of them fall away.
I crawled over to her and ate her out quickly. I think
that the torment that I had been subjected to today had
really excited her. She came the first time almost
immediately. She didn't settle for one though. I had to
eat her until she came again.

It was still early. It was only a little after nine.
But I was exhausted and I pleaded for permission to go
to bed. Keary said, "Sure, you can go to bed. But you
are sleeping with me tonight. Leave room for me in your

I was so desperately hoping for a good night's sleep
and a chance to recuperate from the horrors of this
day. I almost started crying again when he told me that
he was going to be sleeping with me. I knew that meant
that my chances of getting raped yet again tonight were
pretty high.

Keary said, "For the next two weeks we are going to
alternate sleeping with you. Maybe you'll get fucked a
little more, maybe you won't. I'll probably leave you
alone, at least until morning. I'm fucked out bitch.
You've drained me. But then, once I get in there and
get my hands on your hot little body, well, who knows
what will come up?"

I just nodded and went to my room. I went to the
bathroom and let Kirk's last little load of cum drain
out of me. I brushed my teeth and washed my face and
hands. Then I went to my bed and got under the covers.
Even though my mind was in turmoil I was exhausted and
I fell asleep almost instantly.

I slept through the night and when I awoke Sunday
morning Keary was sleeping beside me with his arm over
my waist and his hand resting over my tit. He was still
asleep though and I didn't move for fear of waking him.
I needed to go to the bathroom, but I was in no hurry
for the rapes to begin again.

It was probably close to half an hour later when I
heard a change in Keary's breathing and he started to
stir. I was dreading whatever the day ahead might hold
for me and I almost cried as I realized that now that
he was awake it was about to start again. I didn't know
just how quickly it was going to start, or just how
depraved the start would be.

When Keary finally was fully awake he realized right
away that I was awake too. He grabbed my tit and
squeezed it and when I squeaked in pain he chuckled and
said, "Come on cunt. Let's get started. We have a busy
day ahead of us today."

I didn't like the sound of that.

We got up and went into my bathroom. He pushed me down
on the toilet. I had no self respect left. It didn't
matter that he was standing there watching, I
immediately began to pee. As the loud stream of urine
splashed into the bowl Keary watched for a moment and
then he went over and turned the water on in the

I noticed before he woke up that he had a hard on. I
kept waiting for him to demand that I do something to
take care of it. But so far he was ignoring it.

That changed when we got into the shower. He turned the
shower head so that the water was aimed off to the side
and away from us and he pulled me around and leaned me
up against the shower wall. He kicked my legs apart and
started working his hard cock into my pussy from the
rear. I was still tender, but not as bad as I had been
yesterday. It would have been a lot easier if he had
provided some lubrication.

He worked his cock up inside of me and when it was
buried all the way in me I expected him to start
fucking. Instead, he stood still and wrapped his arms
around me and said, "Don't you dare move you stupid
cunt. If you do you'll be sorrier than you can possibly

I was already sorrier than I could have imagined forty-
eight hours ago. But I almost lost it completely when
Keary sighed loudly and I felt something hot filling up
my insides. I didn't understand at first. When I
finally realized that he was pissing inside of me I
screamed in horror.

Despite his warnings I tried to pull away but he held
me tight and said, "I fucking warned you cunt! Now hold

I stopped struggling. I stopped trying to get away. I
started crying hysterically. I could not even imagine
something like this happening to me. Every time I
thought I had reached rock bottom these perverted kids
found a new way to chip away at what little remained of
my sanity.

I felt my insides fill up with the hot, burning piss
and then it began to run out of me and down my legs. I
remained there, leaning up against the shower wall and
shaking my head. As the torment went on and on I could
only moan and murmur, "Oh god, I can't take any more of

Keary, on the other hand, seemed to be enjoying the
hell out of it. He was squeezing my tits and groaning
with pleasure as he emptied his bladder into me. As the
strong stream slowly trickled to an end he left his
cock inside of me until his piss seemed to stop

When the draining stopped he grabbed my hair and pulled
his cock out of me. He turned me around and forced me
to my knees and ordered me to suck him off. I could
smell the strong odor of urine on his cock and balls,
but I was unable to resist anything they did to me any
longer. I was broken. I still felt the pain. I still
felt the humiliation. I still felt degraded beyond all
ability to cope. But I no longer had the will to resist
even the most obscene requests.

I took his semi hard cock into my mouth and sucked him
until he was hard again. After that he came quickly and
I was at least grateful that he didn't insist that I
use my throat to please him. I was just getting to the
point that I thought I might actually recover from that
violent rape that Jay had taken so much pleasure from,
and his friends had all enjoyed watching so much.

I guess that the more perverse the acts I was subjected
to were the more turned on Keary was. He came in a very
short time. After all of the sex he had enjoyed at my
expense since I showed up here I was afraid that he
would take longer. I suppose that when you are sixteen
you recover rapidly. He certainly had.

After I sucked him off we took a shower and by the time
I had washed him and then washed myself the urine had
drained out of me. I shut the water off and dried him
and then myself. Then we went out into the kitchen.

No one else had come down yet. He sat down and told me
where to find the coffee. I made a pot of coffee and
started breakfast. I served both of us a cup of coffee
when it was ready. Then I made toast and bacon and had
them in the oven keeping warm until the others came

While we were waiting for his siblings to come down for
breakfast Keary told me that we were going out today to
shop for some new work clothes for me. He told me that
tomorrow, when I went into the office, all four of them
were coming in with me. They had some exciting plans
for me for the next two weeks.

He didn't say any more than that. But that was enough
to scare me. Were they going to make it so I couldn't
work there after these two weeks? I had enough trouble
now dealing with the office Lotharios. I had a pretty
good idea of what these kids would want to make me wear
to work. I knew that it would be something outrageous.
But if they were coming with me when I went to the
office then they must have something worse than showing
me off in mind.

I waited until Keary finished tormenting me with hints
about what tomorrow would be like for me. While he
talked he watched me, enjoying my fear, my dread. But
as horrible as the prospect of dressing the way they
were going to dress me was, and submitting to whatever
future degrading sexual torments he had in mind for me,
there was something else that I dreaded more.

I couldn't decide if it would be a mistake to bring it
up and let him know how desperate I was to avoid any
one thing that he could do to me. There was the very
real possibility that knowing how much I feared it he
would make sure that it happened. Or in this case,
happened again. But I was terrified that he was going
to let Jay rape me again. I might survive having him
rape my pussy again. I'm not sure, but I might. It was
incredibly painful and I still didn't know that he
didn't damage something inside of me.

But if I did have to submit to him again, there was no
way I could survive that huge cock in my throat again,
or my ass.

I had to say something. It was praying on my mind and
above everything else I had to try to avoid those two

I quietly asked, "Sir, may I ask you something?"

Keary smiled at me. It didn't take much intelligence to
know how much he enjoyed the submission and the fear in
my voice when I spoke.

"What is it cunt?" he asked arrogantly.

I took a deep breath and said, "Please sir. I'm begging
you. I'll do anything you tell me to do. But please,
don't let that boy, Jay, don't let him do that to my
throat again. Or my ass. Please sir, it hurt so much. I
thought I was going to die. It hurts so much when he
fucks my pussy, but I'll let him do that if I have to.
But please, not the others. I'll do anything for you if
you don't let him do that again."

He looked at me with an evil grin on his face. He made
me wait a very long time before he finally responded,
"Anything? You'll do anything I want for the rest of
the two weeks? Well, first of all you stupid cunt, I
can make you do anything I want anyway. But if you want
to make that deal I'll take you up on it."

"You know how dirty my mind is though. I'm not going to
make it easy on you. If you want to make that deal
though, then okay, I accept. Just remember, the first
time you refuse to do anything I'm calling Jay and this
time he's going to fuck all three holes. Remember that
when I make you do something so fucking sick it makes
you want to puke. Because the chances are that I will."

Now that we had an agreement I wasn't sure if I had won
or lost. I knew that Keary was the biggest pervert that
I was likely to meet in my entire life. But as bad as
his dirty mind was, I could not face the prospect of
having my throat and my ass raped by Jay. When this was
all over I might end up having to move to the other
side of the country. But for now I could only think of
keeping that huge cock out of my throat and my ass.

By the time we finished our coffee the others had
started drifting down to breakfast. When everyone had
come down I asked everyone how they wanted their eggs
and went to the stove and cooked them to order.

Keary and I were the only ones drinking coffee and I
served the other three kids orange juice.

When the eggs were ready I served breakfast for
everyone all at once. I poured Keary and me another cup
of coffee and as soon as I sat down Keary stood up and
moved over and stood beside me. He pulled his cock out
and aimed it at my breakfast plate and began to

The others watched in amusement for a moment and then
Kevin got up and stood on the other side of me and he
too began to masturbate. I watched in disgust as within
a minute of each of each other they came on my
breakfast. When they sat down Kirk took his turn. By
the time they had finished there was a coating of slimy
cum all over my bacon and eggs.

When Kirk stepped away Keary said, "Eat up bitch. You
know how good that protein is for that long red hair of

I stared down at my plate and despite everything I had
been through I felt very close to vomiting as I looked
at what they had done to my breakfast. But I glanced at
Keary and I knew what the alternative was. I picked up
my fork and mixed the eggs and cum together and stirred
it up. Then I ate it. I cleaned up my plate as they all
watched in amusement.

While we ate, Keary told them about our shower this
morning and how he had used me for a urinal. Kyra was
pissed that he didn't let her know in advance so that
she could film it, or at least watch it. She had a
nasty look in her eyes. It was apparent that she found
the idea of Keary using me for a urinal highly erotic,
or at least very entertaining. There is something not
right about all four of these kids. But she has to be
worst. A woman, or girl, should not be excited by the
rape and degradation of another woman. There is just
something very wrong about how much she enjoys what is
happening to me.

I managed to get my breakfast down without getting
sick. When everyone was finished I cleaned up the
kitchen and put the dishes in the dishwasher.

Except for Keary the others were already dressed. Keary
went up to his room to get ready and Keary told Kyra to
find me something to wear. They all seemed to know
where we were going. I guess they had talked it over
amongst themselves.

I followed Kyra to her room and she went to her closet
and brought out a miniskirt. I put it on, without
underwear of course. She stepped back and looked at me
and she said, "Roll the waistband over and pull it up a
little. I think you know what effect I'm going for."

I sighed and rolled the waistband over. I pulled the
skirt up an inch and looked in the mirror. The hemline
was right at crotch level. It wasn't as bad as the
dress I wore yesterday. But it was awful all the same.

Kyra liked it though. She smiled and went to her
dresser and looked through two drawers until she found
the crop top she was looking for. She pulled it out and
tossed it to me and told me to put it on.

I had never worn a crop top in my life. I located the
label and turned it around. I saw that there was
writing on the front but I couldn't read it until I
pulled the top on. The top was very thin and didn't
quite reach to the bottom of my boobs. Almost an inch
of the bottom curve of my breasts was visible. But the
worst part was that I could now read the writing on the
front of top.

In big black letters all across my chest it said, "I
NEVER WEAR UNDERWEAR". In smaller letters underneath it
said, "Go ahead, see for yourself!"

Just as I was putting on Kyra's high heels again Keary
came in to see what she had selected for me. He looked
me over and grinned. He said, "If anyone decides to
look you will let them. Won't you?"

I said, "Yes sir."

Then we went downstairs and got in the SUV. I sat
between Kirk and Kevin in the back and before we even
got out of the garage they had their hands all over me
and my top pulled up around my neck.

It was unpleasant. But by this time it wasn't as
traumatic as this kind of treatment had been yesterday
morning. Too much had happened since I woke up and
found out I was a sexy toy.

We drove to the Salvation Army Store on the other side
of town. I wasn't even allowed to straighten my clothes
out until I was out of the car. It was pretty
humiliating, but I don't think anyone was around to
notice. The parking lot was all but empty.

We went inside and headed for the racks of women's
clothing. They weren't in a hurry and we all stayed
together and looked at everything that was my size or
anywhere near my size. But they only selected the most
revealing, the most humiliating outfits for me. They
only needed enough for five days. They figured that I
could wear each one twice and then their father would
be home and I would have to start dressing more
appropriately again. They had in mind that I would
begin to dress more provocatively on my own after that.
But I was anxious for this to be over so that I could
return to my conservative clothing and my conservative

They selected things that I could never have worn if
Mr. Clark was in town. One of the dresses was nearly as
short as the skirt I had on. But that wasn't the worst
thing about it. The top was totally sheer. There was a
vest with it. But the vest had no closure and was very
tiny. It would be obvious that my breasts were all but
naked under it.

There was another dress that was short but looked
reasonably proper until you looked closely. There were
half inch stripes of sheer material running diagonally.
It would have been a very pretty dress and totally
acceptable over a slip.

The third dress they selected was a sundress that had a
bib style top. It was backless and tied behind the
neck. It wasn't that bad, for a day at the park. It was
totally inappropriate for the office. And it was going
to be worse. Kyra explained to Keary how much more
exciting it would be if the top was tied loosely
allowing it to fall away and hang away from by body.

The last two outfits that they selected were two micro
miniskirts and two sheer blouses. I would have been
self conscious if I were to wear those blouses with a
slip. I knew that I wouldn't have a slip to wear for
the next two weeks. I would be sitting in my office
with my breasts exposed.

Mr. Clark's company was very successful. But it did not
have a lot of employees. Everyone knew everyone else.
There were only about twenty-five people working there.
I don't mean that we were all friends and we didn't all
see each other every day. But everyone that saw me
would know who I was and what office I worked in. I
didn't think that it was going to be possible for me to
continue working there after Mr. Clark returned. And I
didn't yet know what these kids had planned for me
beyond making me wear these outrageous outfits to work.

Keary said that they would be going to work with me
tomorrow. So I knew that they had something planned.

I tried on all five outfits before we left and they
were every bit as bad as I thought they were. That
dress with the diagonal stripes of sheer material moved
around on my body as I moved. I tried it on and stood
in front of the mirror and when I turned I saw one
nipple and a flash of pubic hair. I turned around and I
could plainly see the crack of my ass through two of
the half inch diagonal stripes.

I can't even describe how naked I felt in the two sheer
blouses. I am not exaggerating, they were not semi
sheer. They were sheer. They were almost invisible. But
the scariest one was probably the sundress with the bib
top. I came out of the fitting room and Kyra went
behind me and untied it behind my neck and retied it
with a lot of extra slack. It drooped down and sagged
away from my body. A large area of my cleavage became
visible, but worse than that, the sides of my breasts
were exposed. When Kyra ordered me to lean forward my
breasts were totally exposed.

She ordered me to straighten up again and looked at the
bib top and said to Keary, "I think it would be better
if we took the sides in a little."

Keary grinned and agreed.

When I had tried everything on and when I was finished
I put Kyra's miniskirt and crop top back on. When I was
dressed Keary said, "I want you to go over there and
look at the men's clothes until we come for you."

I looked over towards the racks of men's clothes and I
saw what he had in mind. There were three young black
men looking through the racks.

I said, "Yes sir," but my heart was beating so rapidly
as I made my way over to the three men that I thought I
might be having a heart attack.

The kids kept an eye on me while they went to pay for
my new wardrobe. I walked over to the three men who
seemed to be together and started looking at men's
clothes right beside them.

They spotted me right away of course. But it was a
minute before they saw the writing on the crop top that
I was wearing.

One of them whispered something to the other two and
then he turned to me and said, "I like your outfit."

I tried to smile. I knew that Keary wanted this to
happen to humiliate me. I thanked him for the
compliment and turned to face them. The one that had
spoken looked around and then he bent towards me as if
he were going to kiss me. Instead, he reached out and
put his hand on my upper thigh, only an inch below my

He watched closely and when my only reaction was a
sharp intake of breath he smiled and moved his hand all
the way up to my pussy. When his hand came into contact
with my naked flesh his breath seemed to catch and he
said to his friends, "The bitch ain't lyin' dudes.
There ain't nothin' under that skirt but pussy and

One of them moved around behind me and after glancing
around his hand came to rest on the back of my thigh
and then slid quickly up to cover my left butt cheek.
He squeezed it firmly and said, "I'll be god damned!"

The first man said, "What's the deal bitch? You

I shook my head. But I didn't know what to say to him.
I glanced over at Keary and the four of them had paid
for my new clothes and were just watching me in
amusement. I finally said, "That guy over there," and I
nodded towards Keary, "told me to come over here to
look at clothes."

He looked at Keary and asked, "Is he your pimp?"

I shook my head.

They didn't know what to make of me now. The one with
his hand on my pussy asked, "Do you put out for free?"

Fuck! I don't know! I didn't know what I was supposed
to say.

I was almost relieved when I saw them walking over to
me finally. I harbored the faint hope that they would
take me out of here. But it was very faint.

Keary came around the rack and walked up and said,
"Good morning gentlemen. Pretty fucking hot, isn't

The three black men were checking out Keary and the
other three kids. They didn't know what to make of us.
Hell, I didn't know what to make of us! I had no idea
what Keary had in mind when he sent me over here.

The black men started thinking they were getting jerked
around I guess and they were starting to look like they
were getting upset. The one who was still holding his
hand on my pussy said, "What's the deal man? She says
she ain't a ho and you ain't her pimp. But she's
standing here with her shit all hanging out and letting
us feel her ass up. Is this how you get your rocks?"

Keary smiled disarmingly and said, "No man. We ain't
playing with you. We're playing with her. If you want
to fuck her, or get sucked off, let's go somewhere
quiet. No charge man. She hates it, but she has to do
what we say."

The black guys looked at each other and then the one
who seemed to be taking the lead said, "If this is some
kind of fucking game your running it ain't gonna be us
that gets hurt."

Keary said, "No game man. You want to fuck her? Then
let's go outside."

The three men shrugged and the two that were groping me
finally let go. They followed us out to the SUV and
waited while Kevin and Kirk put the bags in the back.
Then Keary said, "Okay, unless you got a place nearby,
you want to take the bitch around back or what?"

The one that had been groping my ass said, "I got a van
right over there. We can use that."

We looked where he was pointing. He had an older, beat
up windowless work van parked all by itself a couple of
rows over from us. We followed them to the van and he
opened the sliding side door and pushed some tool boxes
out of the way. They all looked around to see if anyone
was watching and Keary said, "Okay cunt. Give me your

I didn't bother to look around. I pulled the crop top
off and unrolled the waistband on the skirt. I
unbuttoned it and stepped out of it. Keary took both
items of clothing from me and handed them to Kirk to
hold. I climbed into the dirty van naked.

One of the black men climbed in behind me and sat on a
tool box. He pulled his zipper down and worked his
already hard cock out and said, "Okay bitch. Let's see
what you got."

I stared at his cock for a moment. It was the first
time I had seen a black cock. The man was very dark
complected but his cock was coal black. It was only
slightly larger than Keary's though, so I wasn't
intimidated by it, not like I had been with Jay.

My throat was still sore, but before long I was taking
the man's cock into my throat. He and his two friends
all thought that was pretty exciting. I didn't notice
any difference between sucking a black cock and a white
one. I wondered if the cum would be different. I was a
long time finding out. Despite my newly developed
deepthroat skills he lasted a very long time. He
watched me working on his cock and except that he had a
hard on he didn't even seem to be that into it. But
finally I detected a difference in his breathing and he
started moaning quietly and his eyes closed and then he
started cumming.

The first spurt went down my throat but I caught the
rest in my mouth and finished him off with my hand.
When he finally finished my mouth was full. I took my
mouth away and swallowed and then I gently licked his
cock clean.

His cum tasted just like cum to me. If I had been
blindfolded I would never have known that I had just
sucked off my first black man.

He put his cock away and zipped his pants up. Then he
patted me on the head and said, "Good girl. We should
do this again sometime."

I just waited on my knees for him to get out and the
next man to climb in. They were all standing around the
side door of the van watching and I hoped that watching
had gotten the next two men excited. I would hate to
have all three of them last this long.

The next one in was the one that had been holding my
pussy and doing most of the talking. He climbed in and
pushed me down onto my hands and knees and he got
behind me. I heard him unfastening his pants and he
pushed my knees a little further apart. I felt the head
of his cock sliding between my legs and through my slit
which I was surprised to find was damp.

I reached down and guided his cock into me and he
started stroking me with long, steady, slow, very
pleasant strokes. To be honest, my husband was a
terrible lover. I am guilty of not giving him many
opportunities to improve his skills. But he was
terrible. He had the same basic technique as the three
Clark kids. Fast, violent strokes and get it over with
as quickly as possible.

So I had never been fucked like this before. It didn't
hurt. His cock was nice and large but not immense and
his strokes were not violent or brutal and I was
embarrassed when I realized that I was really kind of
enjoying it. I had never enjoyed being fucked before!

He fucked me like that for a long time and I felt the
pleasure building. He sped up a little and shortly
before he reached orgasm he reached around me and
teased my clit with one hand and played with my nipples
with the other and suddenly I was cumming. I was coming
from getting fucked! I didn't think that was possible!

I moaned loudly and bit down on my arm to keep from
screaming in pleasure. My pussy clamped down on his
cock and he started cumming inside of me. He sped up a
little more and started calling me all kinds of nasty
names. I didn't care though. I had not felt that good
since…hell, I had never felt that good! A shower
massager was nothing compared to this!

He came to a stop after he filled me with his cum. He
stayed there with his cock buried in me for a long time
before he finally pulled out of me. He reached out of
van and took my skirt from Kirk and used it to wipe his
cock and then he put it away.

And then there was one. I glanced around as the man
that had just fucked me got out. I noticed the
amusement on the faces of the Clarks. They seemed to
find it very entertaining that I had reached orgasm
while being fucked by this black man in a work van. And
of course, that little bitch Kyra was capturing my
humiliation with her digital movie camera for god knows
who to see later.

The last of the black men got in the van and sat on the
tool box in front of me. He looked at me and said, "You
are a hot piece of ass. I would love to fuck you. But I
have never had a cunt take me down her throat like you
did for Kasey just now. I want to see what that's

He unbuckled his pants and slid them down. I was
relieved when he revealed a normal sized cock. You hear
all these rumors about black guys but these three guys
were all pretty normal.

I bent down and took him into my mouth and sucked him
off, taking him down my throat on every stroke. He was
really enjoying it and he was very vocal. He made nasty
comments and swore constantly as I sucked him off.
Fortunately he didn't last as long as the first guy. It
was probably only ten minutes before I felt him stiffen
up and I milked his cock dry.

After I swallowed he put his clothes together and got
out. Keary pulled me out and told Kirk to give me my
skirt. As I put it on the black guy that did all the
talking said, "I still don't get it. That is one hot
young piece of ass. If that bitch was mine I wouldn't
be making her put out to strangers in parking lots. Did
she do something to piss you off?"

Kyra smiled and spoke for the first time. "No, she
didn't piss us off. She is supposed to be our
babysitter while our folks are out of town on vacation.
We just like playing with her. But it's for her own
good. Believe it or not the bitch had never sucked a
cock before Friday night. Look how far she has come in
less than forty-eight hours."

They still didn't understand. But then, neither did I.
The one doing all the talking looked confused and he
said, "Yeah, you taught her how to suck a cock. Great.
I still don't understand why."

Keary laughed and said, "Just for the fun of it. We are
having the time of our lives treating her like a little
sex slave. Not to mention all the pussy and the great
head we're getting."

He just shook his head and the van owner closed it up
and they went back inside. We went back to the SUV. On
the ride home I was left alone. I guess they didn't
feel like playing with me when I was freshly fucked by
a handful of strangers.

I wasn't worried. I was reasonably certain that I
wouldn't be left alone for very long.

As soon as we got back to the house I was ordered to
unload the car. I asked where the laundry room was so
that I could wash my brand new used clothes. I was
given directions to the room in the basement where the
washer and dryer were located.

I went down and separated my new outfits and started
washing them. Then I went to my room and brushed my
teeth and took a shower. I thought wryly that I was
brushing my teeth more often now than ever before in my
life. It didn't do much good though. I seemed to always
have the taste of a fresh load of male cum in my mouth.

I went out to the kitchen and got a glass of water and
then back down to the laundry room. I took the first
load of clothes out of the washer and put them in the
dryer and put the second in the washer. I stayed down
there as the second load washed. I wasn't anxious to
rejoin the kids and receive more of their unwanted

Unfortunately the little bit of laundry that I had was
all done in forty minutes. I was grateful for the time
alone but I knew I couldn't stay down there
indefinitely. It was time to start dinner though. Maybe
they would leave me alone while I was doing that.

As I passed through the house on the way to my rooms I
could see the kids out by the pool. I glanced out and
saw that all four of them were naked now. Apparently
Kyra was losing her inhibitions quickly.

I hung my new clothes in my closet. They had unlocked
my closet this morning but forbidden me to touch any of
my old clothes. They were no longer worried that I
would try to escape.

After I put my new clothes away I returned to the
kitchen and started looking through the food on hand to
see what I could make for supper. I didn't know what
kind of meals these kids were used to. If they were
expecting gourmet meals they were going to be very
disappointed in my cooking skills.

I made some stuffed pork chops and home fries and
creamed corn. I set the kitchen table and put the food
out when it was ready and then, reluctantly, called the
kids in to eat. It had been nice to be left alone for
nearly two hours. I was surprised that they hadn't
checked on me.

They came in when I called them and after I served them
what they wanted to drink I joined them for dinner.
They talked among themselves like a typical group of
spoiled teenagers and ignored me until supper was over.

It had been the first time since Thursday evening that
I had eaten a full meal and I was stuffed. They sat and
watched as I cleaned up the table and the kitchen and
started the dishwasher. Then my free time was over.
They led me back out to the patio and after I served
Keary a beer and the others a soft drink there was
another round of orgasms for them.

As usual, they used me in order of seniority by age.
Each time this happened it was becoming less traumatic.
My body had more or less recovered from the abuse of
yesterday afternoon and the things that I did this
evening weren't painful.

I took Keary into my throat and sucked him off but I
was getting used to his normal sized cock in my throat
and it was over quickly. Kevin decided that he wanted
to fuck my ass. But he used a lubricant. He didn't
stretch me out first. He greased both of us up though
and after some initial discomfort it was bearable.

I ate Kyra out quickly. She had lost her shyness about
being naked in front of her brothers and we ignored
them as I knelt and licked and sucked her pussy until
she came. I still hated doing it. But the shock was
gone. It was just one more unpleasant thing I had to

Kirk was last and he was the only one of the four that
demanded anything extra. He lifted his legs and said,
"Eat my ass out the way you did for Kyra yesterday. I
want to see what that feels like."

I got down between his legs and he rested is legs on my
shoulders. I lifted them with my hands and started
licking his ass crack and as soon as my tongue touched
him he realized that this was something that he liked,
a lot! His whole body seemed to tremble with pleasure
and he moaned each time my tongue touched him.

He made me keep it up for a long time before he said,
"Christ! That's fucking fantastic! I need to cum now
cunt. Suck me off."

I lowered his legs and took his hard, wet cock into my
mouth. He came very quickly. After I swallowed he
slowly got up and we returned to the table and joined
his sister and brothers. He told them all how wonderful
it felt having me eat his ass and Kyra seconded that

I didn't mind it so much. It was degrading, but they
were clean when they made me do these things. It was
hard to do for long periods of time. My tongue and my
jaw became very tired quickly. Unfortunately it sounded
like I was going to be doing a lot more of it in the

The rest of the evening was pretty quiet and we went to
bed at a reasonable time since I had to go in to work
tomorrow and they were planning to accompany me. I knew
that it was going to be a horrible and humiliating day
and I was worried sick about what they were planning.

This was Kevin's night to sleep with me. He followed me
to my bedroom when we all adjourned for the night. We
were both naked already and he went to bed immediately.
I went to the bathroom and brushed my teeth and washed
up a little. I joined him in bed and when I lay down
beside him he turned on his side and began to explore
my body.

He had already had sex with me numerous times over the
last three days, in every way possible as far as I
could tell. He had had many opportunities to grope my
breasts and my pussy. But now he took advantage of the
opportunity to really get familiar with my body.

As his fingers explored the most sensitive areas of my
body he said, "You are the first woman I have ever seen
naked. Well, up close anyway. We have spied on Kyra but
it isn't quite the same. It was exciting, but I didn't
really get to learn that much about a woman's body."

I was surprised at his admission. Apparently he had
been a virgin on Friday when he and his brothers raped
me for the first time. I wouldn't have guessed it. He
hadn't seemed any more inept than most of the other
males that were raping me since I came to this house.

He teased my nipples and watched them harden and he
moved his fingers lightly over my body. I hated to
admit it. But it felt nice. I tried not to react to his
touch but I couldn't stop my nipples from growing long
and hard or my pussy from beginning to get moist.

I watched his face at first. I was surprised at the
look of wonder on it. After exploring my body he said,
"With the others watching I couldn't really get to
explore and learn about your body. They would have
given me a hard time. It's pretty exciting. I like the
way your skin feels and the way that your body reacts."

He moved down between my legs after several long
minutes and lifted them and spread them wide. He lay
with his face only a foot from my pussy and after
exploring the outside he spread me open and tried to
see inside.

He examined me quietly for a few minutes and then he
asked, "You're all wet, does that mean that you are
turned on?"

I wasn't sure how to answer. I thought about it for
minute and finally answered as honestly as I could. "It
means that my body is reacting to your touch. It
doesn't mean that I am getting excited. There is a
difference in how my mind and my body react to things
like this. What you are doing stimulates me physically,
but not mentally or emotionally. You are provoking a
purely physical response to stimulation that my mind
cannot control."

He was a smart kid and after taking a minute to think
about it he seemed to understand.

He moved his fingers through my moist slit and lightly
brushed them over my clit. I gasped in reaction to his
touch and he opened my slit and looked at my slightly
extended clit. It didn't get all that big when I got

He looked at it and asked, "Is that your clit?"

I nodded.

He asked, "Does it feel like my cock feels when someone
touches it?"

That was a silly question! "I don't know Kevin. I've
never had a cock."

He laughed and said, "You've had a lot of cock. You
just don't get to keep them."

As awful as this situation is I had to struggle not to
laugh when he said that.

The character of my struggle changed when he leaned
down and kissed the tight crease of my vulva. He kissed
me several times and then his tongue began to explore
me. I hated how wonderful it felt. I didn't want to
enjoy what these boys did to me and didn't want them to
see me enjoying it. I couldn't help it though. His
tongue moved all around and as I became more and more
aroused it must have been obvious to him.

Before very long his tongue moved up and caressed my
swollen clit and I was no longer able to lay still. He
held me down and after licking me a little longer he
took my clit into his mouth and sucked and licked it
until I groaned and had an orgasm.

He kept licking and finally I had to push him away. He
looked up at me and saw that I was crying. He asked, "I
just made you cum. Why are you crying?"

I struggled to get myself under control and I said,
"Because you are raping me! Everything you and your
brothers and your sister do to me is rape. I don't want
to have an orgasm from being raped. It's humiliating!"

He looked confused. He sounded confused when he said,
"I didn't rape you! I was just trying to make you feel

I responded, "Everything you do to me is done against
my will. That is rape. I am a prisoner in this house
and I am being kept naked and raped constantly. It
infuriates me that my body would react the way it does.
I understand it on a conscious level, but it infuriates
me none the less."

I thought for just a second that I might be getting
through to him, that I might have found a spark of
humanity in one of the three boys after all.

I thought that right up until he smiled and said,
"Yeah, I guess you're right. But shit! It sure is fun.
I like having a good looking girl around that I can
fuck any time I want."

With that he moved up over my body and smiled down at
me and said, "And right now that's what I want."

He moved his hard cock around until he located the
entrance to my vagina and he plunged it all the way in
with one violent stroke. He was back to his old self.
He dropped down onto me and wrapped his arms around me
and nearly suffocated me as he raped me again.

I closed my eyes and cried quietly until it was over.
My pussy had recovered from the trauma that Jay had
caused me yesterday. I had been raped a half a dozen
times today. But it had been by men, or boys, with
normal sized cocks and there had been rest periods in
between. I wasn't crying because I was in pain. I was
crying because my body no longer belonged to me and the
constant abuse and humiliation was getting to be more
than I could take.

Well, maybe not more than I could take. Perhaps it was
just exactly as much as I could stand. I saw no way out
for the next twelve days. Somehow I just had to endure
this for that long.

When he had finished fucking me Kevin collapsed on top
of me for a long time. I felt like I was smothering. I
could hardly catch my breath. But I didn't fight him.
He finally rolled off of me. He lay on his back and
said, "Okay cunt. Clean me up and then we can get some

I moved down and licked and sucked his cock and his
balls clean and then he pulled me back up beside him
and wrapped his arm and one leg over me and went to
sleep that way.

I lay there awake for a long time with his deep, steady
breathing in my ear. I couldn't sleep. Not until he
finally rolled over. Then I got comfortable and cried
myself to sleep.

I slept fitfully that night, waking often and laying in
the dark worrying about what the kids had planned for
me when I got to work. I awoke for the last time to
find Keary getting into bed with me and crawling on top
of me. Kevin was gone and I heard the shower running.

I looked up at Keary and when he saw that I was awake
he said, "It's about fucking time." Then he plunged his
hard cock into me.

I was dry and it was uncomfortable but I was starting
to get used to that. At least we were in my bed and it
was unlikely that he was going to use me for a urinal
this morning.

He used me to get off and after his orgasm he got up
and stood beside the bed. His slimy cock was inches
from my face. I leaned forward and took him into my
mouth and cleaned his cock and balls. While I was
sucking him clean he pointed to one of the dresses they
had bought for me yesterday and said, "Get cleaned up
and put that on and come out to the kitchen. We need to
get into your office early and get set up, so don't

After Keary left I took a shower. Kevin was drying off
when I entered my bathroom. He smiled at me and said,
"I was pretty disappointed. I wanted to piss in you
like Keary did yesterday but he didn't want to wait. He
needed to fuck you. But I'll get my chance later."

I had no idea what they got out of that. It was the
most disgusting thing that I could imagine. I suppose
that is why they thought that it was fun, because it
degraded me so.

I didn't want to dwell on that though. I tried to force
it out of my mind. It wasn't hard to do. That was a
future humiliation. I was more concerned at present
with the humiliations that they had planned for today.

I took a shower and dried off. I brushed my teeth and
hair. In the bedroom I looked at the dress I was to
wear today. It was very short. But that wasn't the real
problem. They had selected the dress with the sheer top
and the short vest that nominally covered my breasts.

I stared at it for a moment and then put it on. I
hadn't been told what shoes to wear. I still had Kyra's
with the three inch heels though and I was pretty sure
that was what they had in mind. If I was going to have
to keep wearing them I would have to shop for a pair in
my size. They were very uncomfortable.

I went out to the kitchen and the kids were all ready
to go. I had a glass of juice and made a sandwich for
my lunch and we left.

It was still very early. Rush hour hadn't started yet.
We got to the office before anyone else and Keary
parked in his father's parking space.

Kevin got a large box out of the back of the SUV and we
went to the door. Usually Mr. Clark or I got to work
before anyone else, so I had a key to the door. I let
us in and we headed straight for my office at the end
of the hallway.

Keary ordered me to sit in a visitor's chair and stay
out of the way. I watched as they took things out of
the box and went around the office setting them up. I
noticed that they were careful to put them where they
wouldn't be obvious.

Keary attached something to my computer before he
turned it on and then he sat at my desk and I assume
that he was setting up whatever it was he had attached.
Kevin and Kyra were in their father's office. I
couldn't see them but they had taken handfuls of the
same strange looking gizmos with them that Keary and
Kirk were setting up in my office.

When Keary was finished he went through the door into
his father's office and a few minutes later the three
of them came back out. Whatever they had been doing
they were finished.

Keary called me over and removed my vest. He sat me
down in my chair and turned on my monitor. When it came
on I saw two dozen little squares, each with a
different view of my office or Mr. Clark's office.

He showed me how I could click on one of the squares
and suddenly my screen was filled with a high quality,
color camera view. He clicked on the camera that showed
me at my desk. My breasts were plainly visible. The
dark spots that were my nipples stood out alarmingly.

Keary reached down and teased my nipples and said,
"Here are the rules for today and the next two weeks,
cunt. If anyone comes in you are to be very nice to
them. If they want to look or better yet touch you then
you are to encourage them. If they want one of your
great blowjobs or if they want to bend you over the
desk and fuck you then you take them into my dad's
office and do it in there. You don't say no to anyone
unless they try to talk you into going somewhere else.
If they try to get you to leave you insist on using my
dad's office."

"If no one has the balls to take advantage of a cunt
dressed like you are then you are to find someone to
have sex in some form with. You must have guys hitting
on you all the time. They are going to be getting lucky
in the next two weeks."

He squeezed my nipple hard and asked threateningly,
"Aren't they cunt?"

The pain in my nipple drove the breath right out of me.
I gasped and nodded vigorously.

He released my nipple and straightened up. Then he
said, "I want you to do two men a day at a minimum, one
in the morning and one in the afternoon. If no one else
comes in you should at least be able to seduce the guy
from the mailroom. Then you only need one more guy. Any

I shook my head. It was even worse than I had feared. I
had hoped that they would settle for degrading me with
this horrible dress. I couldn't imagine fucking anyone
that asked for the next two weeks. There were some guys
that worked here that were always hitting on me. I had
always responded as if I knew that they were just
kidding, but I knew that if I had said yes they would
have jumped at the chance. Now I was going to have to
say yes.

Keary said, "One other thing. The only thing that you
can do on your computer for the next two weeks is
minimize those pictures, play solitaire or a little
typing. Don't shut it off. Those pictures are being
transmitted to us at home and we are going to be
watching you.

He handed me an envelope and said, "Open this just
before you leave at five o'clock."

Then they left.

I watched them leave quietly. I was too shocked to
think clearly. I put the envelope he had given me on my
desk and stared at it. I knew that it was going to be
something bad. Everything he came up with was degrading
or humiliating, or painful.

In the next hour or so I didn't see anyone. The phone
rang a couple of times and I handled the calls in the
appropriate manner. Things didn't start going downhill
until almost eight thirty. I was working on a few
things that were left over from Friday. I had a couple
of letters to type and some files that needed something
done with them before Mr. Clark returned.

I looked up when my office door opened. It had been so
quiet in the office that the sudden movement startled
me. John, one of the men that have always come by my
office to flirt with me stuck his head in the door and
started to speak when he noticed my dress. He stopped
speaking suddenly and stared. I wanted more than
anything to cover my breasts but I knew that Keary
would punish me if I did.

I saw him swallow with apparent difficulty and then he
stepped into my office and closed the door behind him.
He leaned against my door and just stared for a very
long time. He cleared his throat after a couple of
minutes and finally he spoke.

"Good morning Gail. I just came by to see if you were
lonely with the boss out of town. I have to say, I love
your new dress. It is new, isn't it? I'm sure I'd
remember if I had seen that before."

I had reached a point after being raped steadily for
three nights and two days that I could deal with the
mental trauma of it. But this, being forced to
humiliate myself in front of the people that I work
with, being forced to throw myself at them, it was like
the first time I was raped all over again.

I looked at John and said, "Good morning John."

I saw in his face that he heard the nervousness in my
voice. Neither of us spoke for a moment. I glanced at
my computer and wondered if those four monstrous teens
were sitting at home watching me at this moment. I had
to assume that they were. I looked back at the look of
amazement on John's face as he stared at my all but
naked breasts and said nervously, "It is a little quiet
in here with Mr. Clark away."

He seemed to take that as an invitation. He stepped
away from the door and walked over to stand in front of
my desk. I watched him as he came closer. He obviously
couldn't believe what he was seeing.

John was an executive in the sales department. He was
in his late forties or early fifties and a little
overweight, though he was not an unattractive man. He
was married and kept a picture of his wife and his two
sons on his desk, as well as pictures of his son's
wives and families.

It had always bothered me that he had spent so much
time flirting with me. Maybe he was just being overly
friendly. He didn't ask me out or get fresh or
anything. It was just an undercurrent of insidious
remarks that were almost, but not quite innocent.

And now he was about to "get lucky."

I tried to smile at him. It was an uncomfortable,
obviously timid smile. I could tell from the stiff way
it felt on my face. I returned to the opening he had
given me about the dress. "Yes John, this is a new
dress. It was a gift. I don't normally wear clothes
like this, as you know. My friend thinks that I need to
lighten up a little. I'm glad you like it."

He nodded and said, "It does seem a little out of
character for you." There was a pause and he said, "You
have beautiful breasts Gail. They look perfect."

I was already blushing. It was so much worse, having to
do these things with people that I knew and worked
with. I had to fight to keep from crying again. I was
terrified of upsetting Keary and getting home to find
out that he had invited Jay back over so that he could
use that huge cock on me again.

I knew that I had to let John have sex with me. In
fact, I had to encourage him. It would have been easier
if he would just come right out and ask me, or even
tell me. But I suppose that he was too afraid of saying
something inappropriate and getting in trouble.

I pushed my chair back away from my desk and he looked
down at my legs. The dress was very short and it had
pulled up to just below my crotch when I sat down. I
heard him mutter, "Oh my!" under his breath.

I tried to keep my voice steady as I said, "It is
rather revealing, isn't it? I probably shouldn't dress
like this for work but Mr. Clark is out of town and I
don't have much to do. I didn't think many people would
notice. You really like it?"

It looked like sweat was beginning to form on his brow.
He stared at my legs now and said, "Jesus yes! I don't
know what Clark would have to say about it, but in my
opinion you should dress like this every day!"

I said, "I had intended to do just that while Mr. Clark
is out of town. I'm glad you like it."

John walked around my desk and I saw the obvious bulge
in the front of his slacks. He stared down at my
exposed legs and my exposed breasts and I said, "Well,
I can see that you weren't just being polite John."

He knew what I was referring to and he smiled when he
realized that I was not offended by his erection.

I knew that he wasn't going to make the first move, no
matter how blatant I was. He was too afraid of losing
his job. I reached down and inched my skirt up until my
pussy was exposed. It had only just barely been covered
anyway, not a lot of inching was required.

I heard John expel his breath loudly. He was staring at
my slit now and even though I was humiliated at being
forced to behave this way in front of him I couldn't
help feeling a tingle go through my body as I exposed
myself to him.

He must have taken my actions as permission. He moved
closer to my chair and reached out and cupped one of my
breasts through the totally sheer top. His hand felt
incredibly hot.

He was quiet for a moment and then he said, "I don't
get it Gail. This is all totally out of character for
you. Why are you behaving like this? Why are you
dressing this way? Is someone making you do this?"

I wasn't sure how to answer him. He had hit the nail on
the head, of course. But how would he react to having
his suspicions confirmed. I decided that he would never
believe that I was doing this of my own free will. I
finally said, "Yes John, someone is making me dress
like this. They want me to expose myself to people. I
have to do what they tell me. They bought me this dress
and made me wear it to work."

"They? More than one person? Who are they Gail?" he

I answered quietly, "I can't tell you John."

He thought over what I had said for a moment and then
he moved the hand on my breast to the opposite side. As
his hand cupped my other breast he asked, "What about
this? Are you also forced to allow men to touch you?"

I nodded.

"How do you feel about that Gail?" he asked.

I took a deep breath. I was beginning to wish that he
would just take the hint and get this over with. These
questions were just as embarrassing as sitting here all
but naked. I finally said, "It doesn't matter how I
feel about it. I have to do what I am told."

He thought about that for a minute as his hand moved
over my breast and then he asked, "Do you have to do
what I tell you to do Gail?"

This was it, the sixty-four thousand dollar question. I
felt myself on the verge of tears and I paused to get
it under control. I finally responded, "Yes John.
Except that I cannot leave these two offices I have to
do what you tell me. This is your chance John. You have
wanted to get in my pants since I started working here.
Today is your lucky day. And to make it easier for you
I'm not even wearing pants."

Suddenly he didn't care about why I was doing this or
whether or not I was doing it against my will. He
smiled and reached down and pulled my skirt up to my

He stared at my exposed skin for a moment and said,
"I'm sorry for whatever trouble you are in Gail. But
this is a dream come true for me. Where do you want to
do this? Right here?"

I shuddered in revulsion. I didn't want to do this!
Damn it, why are men so…oh fuck it anyway!

I stood up and said, "Not here. Someone could walk in.
Let's go into Mr. Clark's office and lock the door."

He followed me into Mr. Clark's office and locked the
door behind him. He leaned back against the door and
said, "Please take that dress off Gail. I know that it
doesn't cover much, but I have dreamed of seeing you

I turned my back to him and asked him to unzip my
dress. I felt his hands as he fumbled nervously with my
zipper and then slowly pulled it all the way down to my
waist. When he had it all the way down he dropped his
hands and I slid the dress down off of my shoulders and
let it slide down my arms. John had already seen my
breasts and my pussy. It wasn't like he was going to
see me now for the first time. But still, the idea of
stripping for him was making me sick to my stomach. I
tried not to let it show but he knew that I was not
doing this of my own free will.

I pushed the dress down over my hips and stepped out of
it. I dropped it on a nearby chair and then I turned
around to face John. If I hadn't been so upset by
having to do this I would have been reassured by the
look on his face. It was apparent that he loved what he

He reached out and pulled me closer and his hands
explored my body freely now. Before long he bent down
and took one of my nipples into his mouth and his hand
moved down and cupped my pussy. I knew that I was wet.
I hated to think what he must think of me as his
fingers entered me and my body's obvious reaction
became apparent to him.

He kept his fingers inside of me while he straightened
up and looked into my eyes. He said, "I never would
have thought you were like this Gail. I thought you
were a nice girl, but as uptight as they come." He
chuckled then and said, "But then, you don't want to do
this do you? You are still the kind of girl that wears
pantsuits and dresses that come down to below your
knee. This is tearing you up inside, isn't it?"

I nodded and I could no longer control it. My eyes
filled with tears and they began to run slowly down my
cheeks. He watched them roll down and fall onto my
breasts and far from feeling sympathy he grinned and
said, "I don't believe that I have ever been this
excited before in my entire life. I have never had an
attractive young woman so much under my control. You
have to do this until Clark gets back, don't you?"

I nodded.

He asked, "And I can come in here as often as I want
until then and you will let me fuck you?"

I nodded again.

He smiled and asked, "Do you suck cocks too Gail?"

I nodded.

He finally pulled his fingers out of me and asked, "It
isn't just me, is it? You have to fuck anyone that asks
you. Don't you?"

I groaned in dismay. He was learning just how much
power he had over me now and it was obvious that he had
every intention of taking advantage of me as often as
possible until Mr. Clark returned.

I said, "Yes John. I have to submit to anyone that
comes in here and wants me."

He smiled and said, "You know that is going to get
around. It would, even if I didn't tell anyone. But I
intend to tell a few men that I know will enjoy getting
to know you a lot better. You don't mind do you?"

I looked at him. I realized he was being facetious. I
answered sarcastically, "Christ no John. Tell

He just smiled and said, "I just might do that. Now get
down on your knees, ice queen."

I dropped to my knees as he unfastened his belt and
opened his pants. He slid his pants and his shorts down
and his large, hard cock sprang free. He sat down in
the large leather chair nearby and spread his legs. He
smiled down at me and said, "Let's see how good a
frigid young girl like you can suck a cock."

I moved between his legs and took his cock into my
mouth. I slid my lips down his hard shaft and when the
head of his cock slipped into my throat his body went
rigid and he exclaimed, "Son of a bitch!"

Then, breathlessly he said, "I never would have thought
you could do that! Jesus Gail! Somebody just taught you
that didn't they?"

I mumbled an affirmative around the cock in my mouth
and he said, "I would love to find out who they are so
that I can thank them. Fuck me! This is the best
fucking blowjob I have ever had. And I have to say, you
look beautiful with a cock in your mouth."

I wanted to yell at him to shut up and get this over
with but I just kept taking him into my throat. I
teased his balls with my fingers, doing everything I
could to hurry this up. It worked perfectly. He came in
less than five minutes. His body went rigid again and
he held my head and filled my mouth with cum. When he
was finished I sat up and swallowed while he stared at
me in obvious wonder."

He reached out and began teasing my breast again as he
stared at my tear stained face. He smiled smugly and
said, "I might have felt sorrier for you if you weren't
such a frigid bitch Gail."

I looked him in the eyes and exclaimed, "I was always
nice to you John!"

He smiled and said, "You could have been nicer. This
was pretty damned nice. It didn't kill you to suck me
off did it?"

I saw no point in going on in this vein. He was
thinking with his cock and we both realized it. I
slumped in front of him and he saw that I was giving
in. He stared at my body for a few more minutes and
then he looked at his watch. He said, "I have a little
more time. Get me hard again so I can fuck you."

I sighed loudly. But there was never any question that
I was going to obey him. I leaned down and took his
cock back into my mouth. A few drops of cum had oozed
out of him and were coating the head of his soft cock.
I tasted them for a second but then there was just the
taste of his cock in my mouth as I started sucking his
soft cock.

It didn't take long. I was surprised. I thought that
men his age needed a lot more recovery time. Maybe he
was inspired by his sexual dreams coming true. His cock
got hard quickly and he let me suck it for a few
minutes before he pushed me away and stood up.

When I got up he turned me and sat me down in the chair
he had just gotten out of. He pulled my butt towards
the edge of the cushion and draped my legs over his
shoulders. He stared down at my slit and said with a
touch of awe in his voice, "I never thought I would
ever see that heavenly pussy of yours Gail. I certainly
never thought I'd ever get to fuck you. It's going to
be a long two weeks girl. I'm going to be spending a
lot of time in here."

I had nothing to say to that. I just looked up at him
and waited. I didn't have to wait long. He started
sliding his hard cock through my damp slit and then he
said, "Put it in for me Gail. I want to watch you
putting my cock into that hot little hole of yours. I
hope that whoever is making you do this hasn't
stretched you out too much. This is a fucking dream
come true."

I reached down and grasped his cock. He shivered as my
fingers wrapped around it and he watched me place the
head of it at the entrance to my pussy. He took his
time. When I took my hand away he didn't move at first.
He stared down at the place where our bodies came
together and then, after a long pause he slowly started
to enter me.

As his cock slid deeper and deeper into my opening I
heard his breath catching. He moaned and said, "Oh my
god! That feels so fucking hot! Oh baby, your cunt is
so god damned tight! It's like a fucking fist gripping
my cock. I don't know if two weeks is going to be long
enough sweet cheeks. It is going to be hard to give up
this feeling."

He had finally buried his cock in me to the hilt and he
ground his pubic bone against mine. He took long, slow
strokes for a while, just enjoying the sensations that
my pussy was giving him, not really fucking me so much
as exploring my pussy with his cock.

As he did that he moved his hands over my breasts. His
fingers began to tease my nipples, gently squeezing and
pulling and the sensations, in conjunction with the
surprisingly pleasant sensations in my pussy, were
starting to get to me.

When I realized it I was horrified. Surely I was not
getting aroused by this rape. It was the gentlest rape
I had experienced so far but it was rape none the less.

I closed my eyes and tried to fight it but I felt
myself getting more and more turned on as John started
to pick up speed. I think he could see that it was
getting to me and it seemed to excite him even more.

He started moving faster and at the bottom of each
stroke his pubic bone would grind against mine,
stimulating my clit and making it impossible for me to
remain passive. I started moaning and my hands came up
of their own volition and began to caress his face and
neck as he fucked me faster and faster.

I hated it that I couldn't resist, but god it felt
good! I finally surrendered to the sensations and I
came just before he did. My pussy gripped his cock
firmly and he swore and tensed up and filled me with
his cum as he continued to grind his pubic bone against
my pussy.

He stayed inside of me and stared down at my body as
his cock went soft inside of me. He saw me looking up
at him and he realized how embarrassed I was that I had
lost control. He smiled and said, "Maybe you aren't an
ice queen after all. That wasn't so bad was it?"

I sighed deeply and thought about how to answer him. He
was still kneeling with his cock in my pussy and my
legs over his shoulders. His hands were toying absently
with my breasts and I had just had a great orgasm.

I didn't know what Keary would want me to say. I
finally said, "No John. It wasn't so bad. I had an
orgasm. But we both know that it was against my will. I
am doing this because I have no choice. But then, that
turns you on, doesn't it?"

He grinned and said, "Yeah, I'm afraid it does sweet
cheeks. You are a great cocksucker and a fantastic
fuck. What about your ass? Can I fuck your ass?"

I sighed and said, "I have to let you if you want to."

He said, "Why?"

I could only say, "Because the people that are making
me do this haven't given me a choice. I have to do what
you tell me."

He said, "But not just me, right? You have to do what
anyone tells you for the next two weeks?"

I nodded. He already knew that. It just felt an awful
lot like I was signing my own death warrant. I was
telling this horny old man that I would let anyone come
into my office and order me to have sex. There was no
way he was going to keep that to himself. He was
enjoying this situation too much to keep it to himself.

He thought for a moment and asked, "Why do you have to
do it all here? Why can't I take you to a motel room or
to your place?"

I said, "Those are the orders that I was given."

I knew that if I revealed the fact that there were
cameras all around capturing our every move then Keary
would see to it that I had another date with Jay.

John finally pulled his soft cock out of me. He gently
lowered my legs to the floor and looked around for
something to clean himself off with. I was watching him
and I knew it the minute that the solution occurred to
him. He smiled and said, "I can't put my pants back on
like this."

I knew where this was going and I didn't fight it. It
didn't matter anymore. I dropped to my knees and bent
down to lick and suck his cock and balls clean. As I
worked on his slimy sex organs he ran his hand over my
back and sighed in pleasure.

When I had cleaned him up he went over and picked up
his pants. I went over to Mr. Clark's desk and used
some tissue to clean myself before putting my dress
back on. John watched me as I wiped my pussy and
continued to watch as I put my dress back on. He was at
least nice enough to turn me and zip my dress back up.

He turned me back around and stared at me in my dress
for a moment and said, "I have to tell you Gail, that
was the best fuck I've had in years. I am going to try
to get back in here this afternoon. If I can't I'll see
you tomorrow."

I had nothing to say to that. I watched him unlock the
door and leave and I wondered who he was going to tell.
I looked at the clock and was surprised to see that
nearly an hour had passed since he first entered my
office. I may have destroyed my reputation here, but I
had certainly satisfied Keary's requirements. I
wondered if they had been watching. I wondered if they
had recorded it. I wondered what kind of life I would
have when Mr. Clark returned.

I made a quick trip to the ladies room and freshened
up. On the way back to my office I looked into the
break room and saw that it was empty. I hurried in and
got a cup of coffee and then rushed back to my office.

It wasn't long before I found out who John had spread
the glad tidings to. It was less than half an hour
before my door opened and Chuck came in. He stepped
inside my office and saw the way that I was dressed and
said, "Well I'll be damned. I thought sure he was
pulling my leg!"

There was no doubt in my mind how this was going to
end. Chuck knew the minute he saw me in this slutty
dress that John had been telling the truth. He stared
at my exposed breasts for a moment and then he said,
"Just so there are no misunderstanding, John said that
if I came in here and started telling you to…do certain
things, you would do anything that I wanted. Is that

I nodded despondently.

He asked, "And nobody gets in trouble later?"

I said, "No Chuck. You won't get in any trouble."

Chuck was younger than John. I didn't know much about
him. I didn't even know if he was married. He didn't
wear a ring and he didn't have any personal pictures in
his office. He was in his early forties and starting to
go bald. He was tall and skinny and quiet. For some
reason he had always kind of given me the creeps. But
there isn't anything that I could point to and say that
was what bothered me about him. He was not one of the
men that flirted with me and tried constantly to get in
my pants. He stared at me whenever I was around his
office. But he never said much beyond hello to me.

He grinned and I think that it was the first time I had
ever seen him smile. It was not a friendly smile
though. In fact, it was kind of sinister. I shivered as
he came further into my office and walked around my
desk. He stood beside my chair and looked down at me.
Then he said, "Push your chair back and pull your dress
up. I want to see your cunt. John said he just fucked
the hell out of you." He chuckled and said, "I want to
make sure you are okay."

I was touched by his concern. I'm sure he had nothing
but my best interests at heart. The horny asshole!

I pushed my chair away from my desk and turned to face
him. He stood in front of me smiling down and enjoying
the view as I pulled my dress up and exposed myself to

He stood there staring for a moment before he said,
"Spread your legs. I want a better look."

After I spread my legs he leaned over and then he said,
"Use your fingers. Open it up for me. I want to make
sure it's nice and clean. I don't want to fuck a dirty

The arrogant bastard! I wanted to slap him so badly.
Instead I remained expressionless and spread my legs as
far as the arms of my chair would permit.

He squatted down in front of me and shook his head. He
said, "That is one fine looking pussy. If you hadn't
just gotten fucked I would have my mouth all over that
thing. I'm going to have to get in here early some
morning and be first in line. From what John says I
expect that you are going to be pretty popular in the
next couple of weeks. Now get up and let's go into
Clark's office."

I brought my knees together and got to my feet. Chuck
took my arm and led me into the back office and then he
closed and locked the door. He ordered me to strip and
he pulled his pants and shorts off.

We finished undressing at about the same time and Chuck
moved behind me and nestled his cock against my ass
while he reached around and toyed roughly with my
breasts. When he was finished groping me he let me go
and sat down. He spread his legs and I got a good look
at his cock for the first time. It was just like him,
long and skinny. It was nearly as long as Jay's monster
cock, but I doubt if it was half as big around.

I nervously took it into my mouth and began working up
to taking it into my throat. I had already gotten
warmed up with John and once I have done it with
someone the next time is usually easier. Still, I was
nervous about the length of Chuck's cock. I finally
worked my lips down to about the halfway point on his
shaft and the head of his cock was at the entrance to
my throat. I moved back up and then on the next down
stroke I took the head into my throat and slowly
continued to move down until my lips were at the base
of his cock.

Chuck loved it. He went nuts when he saw his entire
cock buried in my mouth and throat. John had told him
that I could do it, but I guess he was doubtful
considering the length of his cock.

I was surprised myself. It felt really strange, but it
didn't hurt. So I guess the problem with Jay's horse
cock is not the length but the girth. Chuck's cock
wasn't much bigger around than my thumb.

Chuck watched me work on his cock for a few minutes but
he didn't cum in my mouth. He pushed me away and
ordered me to get down on my hands and knees. As soon
as I was in position he got behind me and began fucking
me very violently from behind. If he had slowed down a
little it might have been much more enjoyable. His cock
felt nice inside of me but the violent pounding I was
taking was unpleasant.

I noticed to that he was eerily silent. He didn't talk,
he didn't moan or groan, he didn't grunt, he didn't
swear. Except for the sound of flesh slapping flesh he
was completely quiet.

He came, after what seemed like a very long time, but I
had not gotten even close. I was just waiting for it to
end. After he shot his cum into me he pulled out and
knelt behind me waiting. I guess John had told him that
I could be made to clean up the mess he made.

I turned around and sucked him clean. I licked his
balls and when his crotch was clean I got up and went
over to the tissue box and cleaned myself.

Chuck got dressed and left without saying a word. He is
still a very strange man. When he was gone I put my
dress on and went to the ladies room and freshened up
again. I couldn't keep walking around in the hallway
dressed the way that I had to dress for the next two
weeks. I would have to bring something to work tomorrow
that I could use to clean myself up without leaving the
office after each rape.

After I freshened up I stopped in the break room and
got a bottle of water and hurried back to my office. I
sat at my desk for a moment and composed myself and
then I got back to work. I found that I was becoming
very sensitive to sounds. I was afraid that every sound
that I heard would indicate some man coming to use my
body. I heard sounds that I never noticed before.
Thankfully, I was left alone to recuperate until lunch

At a little after twelve I heard footsteps outside and
I knew that my rest was over. My door opened and John
peeked in. He saw that I was alone and he pushed the
door open and stepped in. He was followed immediately
by Chuck and three other men.

I had just gotten to where I thought I could handle
them one at a time. This was only the first day. I was
not happy with the way that this was turning out. These
guys were going to make this an impossible situation.

The first two men to follow John and Chuck into my
office were the two guys in charge of R&D, Brad and
Darryl. Brad was in his early sixties and counting down
the days to retirement. He had always treated me like a
surrogate father. He was always nice and always proper
and I always thought of him as a good friend.

Darryl was slated to be his replacement. He was in his
early fifties and was always all business. He didn't
laugh or joke. He was never rude, but he came across as
being very aloof. I had always felt a little bit
intimidated by him.

The last man that entered my office was Jacob. Jacob
was the very large young black man that worked on the
loading dock. He had only worked here for a few months
and I barely knew him at all. On the rare occasions
that I had met him he had been quiet and shy and my
impression was that he was a sweet young guy, not much
older than me. I would guess he was about twenty-five
or twenty-six.

They saw the look of near panic on my face as they came
in and shut my office door. Chuck said, "Calm down
Gail. We have talked it over and decided that we aren't
going to tell anyone else about you. If anyone else
comes in and takes advantage of you it will be because
of the way that you are dressed, not because of
anything that we say. We thought it would be nice if we
got together for a little party at lunch time and we
invited Jacob because he is such a hard worker and we
want to reward him for his efforts. Well, that and we
suspect that he is very well hung and we would like to
see you getting fucked by a big black cock."

Chuck came around my desk and helped me to my feet and
we all went into Mr. Clark's office. As soon as the
door was closed and locked he removed my dress and
tossed it over onto Mr. Clark's desk. When I was naked
he pushed me over to Brad and as Brad and Darryl began
exploring my body Jacob stood nearby staring in awe
while John and Chuck took seats nearby to enjoy the

For a few minutes I had hands and fingers everywhere. I
was shocked at Brad. He saw my reaction and he smiled
and said, "You can't blame me Gail. You are a sexy
young girl and at my age your youth is like an
aphrodisiac. I would never have presumed to make a pass
at you. But when you were offered to me I could not
resist. This is an opportunity that a man my age seldom
gets and I am afraid that I have to take advantage of

They handed me off to Jacob then and as they undressed
Jacob took me in his arms. He kissed me like a long
lost lover. It was a very passionate kiss. I didn't so
much return his kiss as permit it. As we kissed his
large, rough hands were all over me. If his large, fat
fingers were anything to go by I was sure that he had a
large cock. I hoped that it wouldn't be anything like
that huge appendage that Jay had attacked me with.

Unlike John and Chuck earlier in the day, Brad and
Darryl undressed completely. They took possession of me
again and I was soon on my knees as they alternated
forcing their cocks into my mouth.

Brad was just as virile and just as hard as his younger
co-workers. I began taking them both into my throat for
a minute or two each before I was passed to the next
man. As I sucked their cocks I could hear Jacob
undressing behind me.

When Jacob joined the other two men and I saw his cock
for the first time it was a relief. His cock was large
and impressive, but not anything like Jay's. It wasn't
as long as Chuck's long skinny cock and it wasn't as
thick as one of the larger cocks I had been forced to
service in the van when the Clark kids had taken me
shopping for these slut clothes at the Salvation Army
Store. I realized that I could take it without hurting

They started including Jacob in the rotation and they
watch in amusement as I took his large black cock into
my mouth and down my throat. It was immediately obvious
that Jacob worked hard and that he worked outside in
the heat. Unlike the other four who sat at a desk and
worked in air conditioned offices, Jacob had a strong
odor of sweat emanating from his crotch. He didn't
smell sour, like someone who hadn't bathed recently,
just ripe and sweaty. So I was a little put out when he
held his cock up out of the way and ordered me to lick
his balls on his next turn in my mouth.

I held my breath and licked his balls and then took
each of them into my mouth for a moment. It didn't last
very long though. I was soon pulled away and Brad said,
"That's enough fucking foreplay. I have to get some of
that sweet young pussy before I die of old age."

I was pushed to my hands and knees and Brad got behind
me. He pushed down on my back and worked his cock into
my moist pussy very quickly. As soon as he had started
to fuck me from behind, Darryl got to his knees in
front of me and I began sucking him off.

As I worked to get him off as quickly as possible my
mind started to wander. It was only Monday. Last Friday
at this time I had not had sex in three years. Since
last Friday evening I had been getting raped almost
constantly. Now, in the evening and on weekends I was a
sex toy to four kids. And during the workday I was a
sex toy to four old men and a young black man. Could I
stand having sex with nine different people every day?

I realized though that nine people was a conservative
estimate. Even if no one else here at the office became
involved, Keary would see to it that there were plenty
of others that had access to my body when I got home at
night. If no one else there were his two friends, Dale
and Jimmy. I prayed that he would not include Jay in
the festivities. If Jay did come over again he would
probably have his friend Lyle with him. When the beer
was gone I would have to service that old man at the
liquor store again.

The number of people who would be permitted to have sex
with me until Mr. Clark got home and this all came to
an end was incalculable. And I had promised to do
anything and everything that Keary ordered if he would
just keep Jay off of me. In return, Keary had promised
that he would make it as unpleasant as he could.

I was forced to return my attention to the cocks that
were pistoning in and out of my body. Darryl had
grabbed a couple of handfuls of my hair and he was
fucking my throat violently. I could tell that he was
about to cum and I was thankful that it was about to
end because he was really hurting me.

He finally thrust one last violent time and left his
cock buried in my throat as he shot his slimy cum into
me. He held my face tight to his stomach as he started
to go soft and I struggled to breathe around it while
Brad began to speed up. I had been aware of him back
there of course, but I had disassociated myself from
what was happening to me and I wasn't turned on in the
least by his fucking. It didn't hurt though and I was
grateful for that. I was even more grateful when he
suddenly tensed up and came inside of me.

After Brad came and pulled out of my pussy, Darryl let
my head go and Chuck ordered me to clean Brad's cock
and balls. I had almost forgotten about John and Chuck.
I wondered if I was going to have to satisfy them again
too. I suppose that since they had not just sent Brad,
Darryl and Jacob to see me but had come along to enjoy
the show that they would be turned on and need to be
serviced again.

I was getting so used to sucking on slimy cocks and
balls by now that it hardly bothered me at all. I
turned around and cleaned Brad and then he and Darryl
stood up and sat with John and Chuck to watch me
getting raped by Jacob.

Jacob stepped closer and his long, black cock was hard
and throbbing. It was covered in the lube that was
oozing out of the end and he rested the head of his
cock on my lips and waited. I started sucking him again
but he didn't want to cum in my mouth. After a few
minutes he pushed my head away and ordered me onto my
back. I stretched out on the carpet and he was on top
of me instantly.

I grunted as he entered me. He had forced himself into
me so forcefully that he almost knocked the wind out of
me. His pubic bone pounded into me as he began to fuck
me violently. As he fucked me he wrapped his arms
around me and rested much of his large body on mine. He
held me tight and nuzzled my face and as he raped me he
whispered in my ear. He said things like, "You are my
first white pussy baby. You are the first broad that
ever took my cock in her throat too. I can see where I
ain't gonna get much work done for the next two weeks.
I'm gonna fuck your sweet ass every chance I get. When
this is all over you are gonna remember me for the rest
of your life."

I wasn't looking forward to it, but he was giving
himself entirely too much credit. If there was any cock
that was going to traumatize me for the rest of my life
it was Jay's. I didn't say anything of course. I just
lay under him, grunting with each stroke as he kept up
his line of degrading chatter. He had a nice enough
cock but he had no style at all and he really wasn't a
very good fuck. When I realized what I was thinking I
was shocked at myself. But it was true. He was just a
big, black battering ram down there. He wasn't really
fucking me. He was using my pussy to masturbate with.
It wasn't pleasant at all. Just the opposite, it was
painful, and the way he rested his weight on my body
was making it difficult for me to breathe.

Thankfully he didn't last long. He came just as
violently as he fucked and then he rolled off of me and
gasped for breath. I was covered in sweat and the cool
air coming from the ceiling vents blew across my body
and chilled me as I struggled to get to my knees and
clean his slimy cock and balls.

After I cleaned Jacob I sat up and saw that John and
Chuck both had their cocks out and just as I suspected,
I was going to have to service them. They had both
enjoyed the sex show though and it didn't take me long
to suck them both off.

I finally finished getting all five men off and stood
up. I looked down at myself. I was a mess. I had cum
running down my thighs and I was covered in sweat and I
stank. I didn't want to put my dress on like this.

Brad saw my consternation and he said, "Wait right
there Gail. Don't get dressed."

He left and was back in a minute with a lab coat. He
grabbed my dress and said, "Follow me."

He looked first to make sure that no one was in the
hall and then he led me down two doors to his lab. His
two lab assistants were out to lunch. Brad hustled me
into the shower in the small corner room that was there
in case of an accident in the lab.

I showered quickly and when I was done he tossed me a
towel. I dried off and dressed and went back to my
office to look for my shoes. As I was getting my shoes
on I realized something. I had spent so much time in
this dress, and out of it, today that I was starting to
feel dressed when I had it on. Of course, that would
probably change if someone came into my office. Then it
would be embarrassing all over again.

I was left alone for almost the entire rest of the day.
Jacob came back in at four o'clock and I was forced to
suck his cock, to completion this time. It was over
quickly and he wasn't so violent this time. He let me
work at my own pace. He made sure that I didn't take
his cum down my throat. He wanted to cum in my mouth.
But a mouthful of cum no longer had the power to
traumatize me.

He left and I was left alone until the office closed at
five. All day long I had been looking at the envelope
that Keary had left me to be opened at five o'clock and
wondering what it contained. I knew that whatever it
was I wasn't going to like it.

Now it was time and I opened the envelope and took out
the paper inside. I had assumed that Keary would pick
me up and drive me home. I had been wrong. The
instructions in the envelope were directions to get
home on the bus. They told me what bus stop to go to in
order to catch the right bus and where I had to get off
to transfer to the bus that dropped me off near the
Clark house. I was ordered to make sure that as long as
I was on the bus the vest was pushed to the side
exposing at least one of my breasts. I was also told
that I was not to object to anything that was said or
done to me until I arrived home.

I didn't know how he expected to enforce these orders.
I suppose he could have someone watching me. But unless
I saw someone watching that I thought might be
reporting back to Keary I had no intention of exposing
myself on a city bus or allowing complete strangers to
molest me. Besides, I thought that the chance of that
happening were pretty slim anyway. I had never ridden
the bus, but I was sure that they weren't hotbeds of

I put my vest back on and picked up my purse. I waited
until ten after five and checked to make sure that
everyone was gone. I locked the building and walked two
blocks to the bus stop.

I waited for the bus that Keary's instructions ordered
me to take and when it arrived I paid the driver and
obtained a transfer. I found a seat near the back of
the bus and sat down and stared out of the window,
watching for the stop where I was supposed to transfer.

It was rush hour and contrary to what I had heard in
the news, the bus was pretty crowded. They were always
complaining on the local news that people didn't ride
the busses but it seemed like a lot of people to me.

I had attracted a little attention when I boarded the
bus in my sexy dress but everyone had ignored me once I
sat down. The constant stopping and starting was
annoying, but before very long my mind just kind of
went blank and I was able to stop thinking about how
many men had raped me today and the destruction of my
good reputation. Not to mention the fear over how many
cocks I would be forced to service this evening.

I felt someone sit down in the seat beside me but I
continued to stare out of the window and I totally
ignored him. That is I ignored him until I felt the
hand on my upper thigh. I gasped and wheeled around to
find Keary sitting beside me with a stern look on his

I looked around to see if anyone was watching. I saw
two young men in the seat across the aisle from us and
they had noticed. But no one else was paying us any

Keary said, "I see you have chosen to disobey me."

I didn't have a clue what he was talking about. Not
until he glanced down at my boobs which were just
barely covered by the vest. I turned white. I stuttered
mindlessly and then I said, "It was pulled back Keary,
honest! It slipped back into place. I wasn't paying
attention. Everyone was ignoring me."

He just looked disappointed and then he said, "I
thought I could trust you Gail. You let me down. You
gave me your word that you would obey every order. Now
you have to be punished."

I sobbed quietly. I pleaded in a whisper, "No, please
Keary. I did everything you wanted all day long. I have
had a terrible day. Oh god, it just slipped! Please
don't punish me."

He slid his hand up a little more, exposing my pussy.
Then he said, "Leave that there and hand me your vest."

I slipped the vest off and handed it to him. I was now
all but topless on a public bus. The two young men
across the aisle were still watching and they were
enjoying the show more and more. But no one else seemed
to notice until we got to the next bus stop and several
more people got on. They made their way towards the
back of the bus and as they passed me their eyes all
locked on my exposed flesh.

I heard excited whispering as people of all
deions paused and then passed by to allow more
room for others that were getting on the bus. We still
had a few miles before we got to our stop. But Keary
leaned over and whispered, "Don't you fucking move

He stood up and stood behind me, leaving the seat
beside me vacant. A middle aged woman made her way down
the aisle and started to sit down. She spotted my
exposed pussy and saw that my breasts were plainly
visible through my sheer top and she changed her mind
and hissed, "Slut!" at me and made her way farther back
in the bus.

A young man in his late twenties came up behind her and
took the seat beside me. He hadn't been paying any
attention when he sat down. As soon as he sat down
though, he couldn't help but see my exposed slit and my
bare breasts.

He did a double take and then tore his eyes away from
my tits to look me in the eye. He smiled and said, "I
love your dress!"

I didn't know what to say. I thanked him quietly and
then turned back to the window. The bus started up
again and the young man beside me asked, "I haven't
seen you on here before. I know I'd remember that. Are
you new around here?"

I shook my head and said, "No, I wasn't able to drive
to work today."

He asked, "Do you always dress this way? I REALLY love
that dress."

I glanced up at Keary and he was grinning at my
discomfort. I sighed and said, "I have been dressing a
lot more sexily lately. People seemed to think that I
was much too conservative."

He was staring right in my eyes as his hand edged over
and came to rest on my thigh. I didn't react at all and
after a pause he said, "You are very beautiful. Do you

I just shook my head. It was what Keary wanted. I could
only hope that this was the punishment that he had in
mind for me.

The stranger worked his hand quickly up my thigh until
his finger was resting on my slit. His grin grew even
wider as I continued to sit there and permit him every
liberty. I felt one of his fingers enter me and even
then I didn't balk. That was all the permission he
needed. He put his other arm around my shoulder and his
hand came to rest on my tit. He casually squeezed and
pulled on it while his finger explored my pussy right
there on a city bus in front of a growing crowd of

He played with my body for several minutes and then he
asked me where I was getting off of the bus. I told him
and he said, "Why don't you stay on and come home with

I didn't know what to say at first, but then I realized
that it wasn't up to me. I said, "It isn't up to me.
You'll have to ask the guy standing behind you."

That through him off balance! He glanced back and saw
Keary watching closely. He jerked his hands away from
me and said, "Shit! I thought you were alone!"

Then he turned to Keary and quietly said, "Sorry man, I
didn't know she was with anyone."

Keary smiled ingratiatingly and said, "That's okay man.
I like watching guys play with her. If we didn't have
plans I might even have let her go home with you."

He stared at Keary with a mixture of confusion and
disbelief. That was as far as it went though. We had
finally reached our stop.

I got to my feet when the bus stopped and the young man
helped me out into the aisle with his hand on my ass. I
struggled through the growing crowd and gasped in
relief as I stepped out into the fresh evening air.

I stood beside Keary waiting for our connection and
after several minutes of silence I said, "Keary please.
It wasn't my fault. Nobody was looking and I didn't
even notice that my tit was covered again."

It was degrading having to beg this sixteen year old
kid not to punish me. It was degrading to know that my
future was in his hands. But I was terrified of what he
might do. For the moment though, all that he did was
ignore me.

It was probably ten minutes before our bus came. We
stood near each other but not talking and I suppose
that if anyone paid any attention they would not have
known that we were together. I don't mean to suggest
that I was not attracting attention. My dress only just
barely covered my ass and my pussy and it didn't really
cover my tits at all. There was cloth over them, but it
was so sheer that it might as well not have been there.

People were definitely looking. Men, women, children,
they were all looking. But they didn't approach me.

When our bus finally arrived I got on and handed my
transfer to the driver. He did a double take and
grinned, but he didn't say anything. I moved to the
back of the bus until I found a seat. Keary moved past
and sat in the seat behind me. The woman behind Keary
saw the way I was dressed and kept moving. For some
reason women didn't find my manner of dress quite as
amusing as the men seemed to.

The next man to come down the aisle was a very large
older man who really needed a seat all to himself. He
must have weighed well over three hundred pounds. He
was flabby and sweaty and he was breathing hard. He
stopped and looked down at me and then he looked
around. Finally he sat down after staring at my exposed
flesh for a few minutes he said, "Hi. My name is

I looked up at him and thought, "We don't have to be
friends damn it. Just feel me up and let's get this
over with."

But I said, "Hello Larry. My name is Gail."

He was quiet for a moment and then he said, "I don't
take the bus very often. My car broke down this
weekend. But if you are on here every day I think I
won't bother to get my car fixed."

I smiled at him and said, "I'm afraid not Larry. I am
here because I didn't have the use of my car today

We made small talk for a little while, just as if I had
clothes on. His obesity was a shame, because he was
really a nice person. He was funny and intelligent. He
didn't avoid looking at my exposed flesh but he didn't
comment on it and he never once tried to touch me.

After we had been talking for a while he asked, "Aren't
you taking a big chance riding the bus in that dress?"

I nodded and said, "Yes, I don't know what I was

He smiled and said, "Don't get me wrong, I think you
are beautiful. But a pretty girl like you could get in
trouble dressed like that."

I thanked him for his concern and we talked about other
things until we got to my stop. I stood up and told him
that I had enjoyed talking to him. To be honest, I had.
He had been very nice. We said goodbye and I got off of
the bus with Keary.

Only one other person got off with us and they went off
in the opposite direction as we started off down the
sidewalk towards Keary's house. He hadn't said a word
in a long time and he had never said whether or not he
bought my explanation for not having my breasts
uncovered on the bus.

The Clark house was about a half a mile from the bus
stop. We got to the house at a little after six. Keary
ordered me to get naked and fix supper. Then he went
out by the pool to join the other three.

I took my dress off and made supper as ordered. When it
was on the table I called the four Clark monsters in to
eat. I hadn't eaten all day but I still didn't know if
Keary was going to punish me and I was too scared to
eat much. I picked at my food and finally I just sat
there and waited for everyone to finish so that I could
clean up.

Once I had the dishwasher going and everything cleaned
up and put away I went out to the patio and asked if
anyone wanted anything.

Keary smiled and said, "Yes Gail. Come out here

He was being much too polite. I knew something was up.
I felt my knees go weak as I walked over to where he
was sitting. When I was standing in front of him he
stood up and pulled me over to a weight bench that they
must have brought out from the garage while I was
making dinner.

I saw the ropes attached to the four legs and I knew I
was in trouble. I turned to Keary and started to beg
him not to do this. I didn't even know what was going
to happen. I just knew that it was going to be awful. I
tried again to tell him that I had obeyed his orders
but he said, "Don't lie to me Gail. I'm not stupid. You
figured that no one would see you on that bus and I
wouldn't find out that you had disobeyed me. Sit down
on the bench."

I was crying now. I was terrified by this mean, crazy,
cruel kid.

I started to beg him one last time but he slapped me. I
was crying so hard that I hadn't even seen it coming
and I fell back onto the weight bench when he hit me. I
cried out in pain. He had hit me pretty hard. But I
wasn't crying because of the pain. It was the fear.

Keary pushed me back onto the bench. Kevin came over
and together they tied me down on my back on the bench.
When they were satisfied that I was helpless they went
back over to the table and sat down and ignored me.

I preferred being ignored to being tormented but I was
terrified of what was to come. The suspense was almost
as bad as the torment. Or at least I thought that it
was. I was about to find out just how wrong I was about

The side gate opened and I heard someone coming into
the yard. I was afraid to look. I lay there, helpless
with my eyes closed until I felt something cold on my
face. I opened my eyes and saw a large German shepherd
standing there just before he started licking my face.

I cried out and turned my face away and I saw Kyra
standing nearby with her camera up to her face and
recording. It was starting. And then I remembered what
Jay had said when he was here. He had offered to let me
suck off his dog if I didn't want to let him fuck my
throat. I looked around and there he was, standing
nearby and smiling down at me. Jay!

Keary got up and came over and said, "Gail, I told you
that if you disobeyed me that you would be punished."

He looked up at Jay and said, "Go ahead man. You can
fuck her afterwards." Then he started to back away.

I screamed, "NO! YOU CAN'T DO THIS!!"

Keary came back over and leaned down and said, "After
tonight, you stupid cunt, you will never disobey
another order."

He straightened up and stepped back and Jay came
closer. He stood over me and looked down at me,
grinning like an idiot. He reached down and pulled
another piece of rope out from under the bench and
began to weave it into my hair. When he was done my
head was pointing down at the ground and I was unable
to move. It was pulled back so far that I was unable to
close my mouth all of the way.

Jay reached down and jammed a couple of fingers into my
pussy. I was dry as a bone. I didn't think I could
possibly get wet under these circumstances but he
started playing with my clit and moving his fingers in
and out of me and my pussy began to lubricate.

When his fingers were wet with my juices he began
spreading them around my face. He kept dipping his
fingers into me and spreading my juices all over my
face, my lips, my cheeks, my nose, even my eyes.

I couldn't move. I did the only thing that I could do.
I cried.

When Jay was satisfied he called his dog over. As soon
as he got close enough to smell my face he started
getting agitated. Jay pulled him closer and he started
licking my face and prancing around and whining.

I heard Kyra say, "God damn! Look at that! He wants to
fuck the slut! Look, his cock is starting to grow."

The damned thing was slobbering all over my face. He
was even forcing his tongue into my mouth. I wanted to
vomit but all I could do was cry.

I heard Jay ask, "Okay Kyra, are you ready?"

I didn't hear the response. I just felt the dog being
pulled up over my body. He continued to lick me as Jay
pulled him over me. His snout was right over my
unprotected pussy when I felt his cock touch my face.

I opened my eyes for a few seconds. I saw about an inch
and a half of his cock sticking out of his hairy
sheath. His haunches were already humping and his cock
was hitting my face wildly. The dog's cock wasn't that
big but the very idea of what they were making me do
was just disgusting beyond belief.

Jay started guiding his dog and just before that ugly
pink cock entered my mouth I felt a spurt of some warm
liquid hit my face. Then the dog's cock was in my

As soon as he felt my mouth around him he started
humping wildly. Two things happened immediately that I
was not expecting. The first was that more of that hot
liquid started squirting out of the dog's cock in a
steady stream. It was like he was peeing, but it wasn't
urine. The second thing is that the dog's cock began to
grow at an amazing speed. As it grew he was fucking my
mouth violently and I felt something begin to bang into
my lips. I had shut my eyes but I opened them for a
second and saw that a large knot was forming at the end
of the dog's cock and at the end of every stroke that
knot was slamming into my lips.

To make matters worse that liquid was shooting out of
his cock and filling my mouth and coming out and
running down my face. It began to get into my upturned
nose and I was afraid that I was going to suffocate. I
had no choice but to start swallowing.

I thought that was as bad as it could get. I was wrong.
Suddenly that large knot slipped in past my teeth and
filled my mouth. The dog's cock had grown to seven or
eight inches of fat cock and now several inches of it
were down my throat.

As soon as his knot entered my mouth the dog stopped
stroking and just rested on top of me and shivered as
if he were cold or scared. But he was still shooting
that liquid out of his cock. If felt it streaming into
my throat and I finally realized what it was, he was
cumming in my throat!

I lay there in shock. I was having difficulty breathing
and I was more humiliated than I ever thought possible.
That stream continued to flow down my throat and into
my stomach for a very long time. I can't say how long.
Time seems to stand still when a dog is raping your

He was a large and very heavy dog and he was resting
all of his weight on my chest and stomach. On top of
everything else I felt like I was suffocating. He was
lying on top of me and whining occasionally. Every once
in a while he would lick my pussy or my thigh but
seemingly without intent. It was as if he didn't even
know that he was doing it. His concentration was
centered on what he was doing in my mouth.

It was a very long time later when I realized that the
flow of dog cum down my throat had stopped. He began to
struggle to get off of me. My jaw was stretched to the
limit and when he finally managed to extricate himself
it hurt like hell, but I was so fucking grateful!

He moved off of me and then came around and licked my
face again for a minute. Then he went over into a dark
corner and began to lick himself. Kyra came in for some
close-ups and Jay was standing over me smiling.

When Kyra moved back, Jay said, "Now it's my turn
bitch. I'm a little disappointed. Keary said I couldn't
fuck your ass or your throat this time. I really wanted
to fuck your ass. I've never been able to get a girl to
let me do that. But he promised me that the next time
you fuck up I can fuck all three holes. I got eleven
more days bitch. I am pretty damned sure I'm going to
get to fuck your tight ass."

I had been crying hysterically since the dog got off of
me. Now, as Jay started untying me from the bench I
called out to Keary. "Keary! Please! Oh god please
don't let him do this! Oh Jesus! It hurts so bad. I
can't take it Keary! Oh please, I'm sorry. God I'm so
sorry. It hurts so bad when he fucks me. He's too big!"

I was so scared that I had forgotten all about the
horrible taste in my mouth and what had caused it.

Keary got up and came over as Jay rolled me off of the
bench and onto my back in the grass. He called Jay over
and they had a whispered conversation. Then Jay came
back and knelt between my legs.

Keary came over and stood by my head and said, "I asked
him to take it easy on you this time. But the next time
he is going to fuck the hell out of all three holes,
and that's a promise bitch."

I hated myself for doing it, but I simpered, "Thank you
Keary. Thank you so much. I'll be good. I'll do
everything you want, I promise."

Jay's large body loomed over me and he said, "Okay
cunt. Get a hold of my cock and line it up. I've been
thinking about fucking you since I fucked you on
Saturday. You may be a stupid cunt, but you are a good

I reached down and lined his cock up with the entrance
to my vagina. He felt the head of it lodged in me and
he started pushing slowly. Just like the first time he
had fucked me it felt like it was too large to enter me
without tearing something. I tried to make myself relax
but it just wasn't possible.

Finally, painfully, the head of his cock popped in past
the entrance to my pussy and it was quickly followed by
several inches of his long, fat cock. I cried out in
pain as he entered me, then I bit my lip and tried to
think about something else.

It didn't work. My whole world centered on that
bludgeon that was violating me. The pain eased a little
after the head of his cock entered me, but I felt the
walls of my vagina stretching nearly as much as they
would when I eventually gave birth. I remembered
hearing of women in Mexico that put on shows with
donkeys and I felt sure that I knew how they felt at
this moment.

I had hoped that he wouldn't drive that fucking cock
all the way into me this time. Keary had said that he
was going to take it easy. He fucked me slower this
time, and he didn't pound it into me so violently. But
he didn't hold any of it back either, and at the bottom
of each down stroke the head of his cock battered
something inside of me painfully.

I could do nothing but lay there and cry and grunt with
each stroke. It went on and on for a very long time
until finally he sped up a little bit and then he
stopped and shivered just like his damned dog had and I
knew that he was filling me with his cum again.

I waited, holding my breath, for him to roll away and
when he did I mindlessly moved down and sucked him
clean. Then I rolled into a ball and cried quietly.

I wasn't even aware of him dressing and taking his dog
and leaving. The Clark kids left me alone for a long
time. But it couldn't last forever.

Keary called out, "Cunt! That's enough of that shit.
Get up and get your ass over here, now!"

I struggled to my feet and I hurt so much I found that
I couldn't stand up straight. I was slightly bent over
and with my hands pressed against my stomach I walked
slowly over to where Keary was waiting impatiently.

When I was in front of him he looked me over and
smiled. He said, "Well, do you think that you learned
your lesson?"

I sobbed and said, "Oh god yes! I…" I couldn't talk
anymore. I collapsed on the hard cement floor and
covered my face and sobbed uncontrollably.

He watched me for a couple of minutes and then he
nudged me with his foot and said, "Knock it off. You're
getting on my fucking nerves. Go get five beers and
come back out here."

I got back to my feet and started for the door but I
turned back and asked, "Please sir, may I go to the
bathroom first?"

I had a stream of cum starting to run down my thigh and
I felt like my stomach was going to fall out through my
vagina. But mostly I was struggling not to vomit. I
desperately wanted to expel that huge amount of dog cum
in my stomach. My stomach kept rebelling but I knew
that if I didn't control it out here I would suffer
some further indignity.

Keary thought it over and then he nodded. As I turned
away again he said, "Don't fuck around in there. I want
a beer. If you haven't figured it out by now, you don't
want to piss me off."

I hurried inside and almost ran to the bathroom. As
soon as I was inside I dropped to my knees and my
stomach gave up the fight. I hadn't eaten anything
since yesterday and I was shocked at the amount of dog
cum that came back up. I won't go into too much
disgusting detail. When my stomach was empty I cleaned
Jay's mess up from my pussy. I washed my face and hands
and my crotch and then I raced to the kitchen.

When I got back out to the patio with the beer Keary
looked upset. He said, "Another minute and Jay would
have been fucking you in the ass tomorrow night."

I shuddered in revulsion and fear but I served them the
beers I had brought out without speaking.

Keary pointed to an empty chair and I sat down. I
gulped mine down in no time, and I don't like beer.

Kevin was grinning in a way that let me know that
something was up. That couldn't be good. It never was.

Kevin looked at Keary and asked, "Do you want me to get

Keary just nodded and Kevin got up and went inside. He
came back a couple of minutes later with a laptop
computer and set it up on the table. He logged on and
opened up his browser and then he pulled my chair
around so that I could see what he was doing.

He went to his favorites and the browser went to a web
site called "Two Weeks of Servitude". And right there
across the page were a half a dozen nude pictures of
me. Not just nude. I was shown having sex with all four
kids. Their faces were blurred, but not mine.

I groaned and tried to cover my face but Kevin said,
"Keep looking. It gets better."

I looked back and he started navigating the web site.
There were hundreds of pictures of me in the most
outrageous positions. But he was right. It got better,
or worse, depending on your outlook.

He navigated to another section of the site and there
were short movie clips, excerpts from the films that
Kyra had made. There was a record of nearly every nasty
thing that I had done or had done to me since Friday
evening. Every sex act that had taken place in the
office today was on there too. Kevin clicked his mouse
on them, one after another and I realized that this was
available to anyone. This had not been a password
protected site. It wasn't even a pay site. Anyone that
found their way here could see everything.

As I stared in dismay at one clip after another Kevin
said, "I'm going to post the movie of you sucking off
the dog tomorrow."

Then he clicked on some text on the side of the screen
and it was an invitation to the viewing public to send
in requests.

Kevin laughed and said, "We've already had a couple of
hundred emails. There are some freaky fucks out there.
You wouldn't believe some of the shit they want to see
you do."

I cried out, "Oh my god! Why are you doing this to

Kevin leaned over and bit my earlobe and said, "Because
it fucking turns us on you stupid cunt. Some of that
stuff in those emails we're gonna do, just because it's
so much fun fucking with you."

I knew without a doubt now that it wasn't going to be
just two weeks. My life was over. I could never go back
to my old life when Mr. Clark came home from his
cruise. Half of the men at work will have fucked me by
then, if not all of them. And the pictures of
everything that happens to me are being posted on the

Not just the mild pictures. There are pictures of me
having sex with underage teenagers. And then there was
the one movie that I could never live down in a
thousand years, a movie of me sucking a dog's cock.

Judging by the excitement on Kevin's face there were
all kinds of even more perverted ideas pouring in from
all over. My fans were responding. My life was over.

I slumped in my seat and lay my head back and closed my
eyes. Kevin asked, "Aren't you excited, slut?"

I asked, "Why don't you just go ahead and put a bullet
in my head. You have taken my life from me."

He chuckled and responded, "Because, you stupid cunt,
this is a lot more fun."

He stood up and pulled me to my feet by a handful of
the hair on my head and pushed me down over the table.
I heard him taking his trunks off and I felt his
fingers moisten my dry pussy with some of his saliva.
He wiped is fingers on my hip and then he grabbed me
and forced his cock deep inside in one brutal thrust. I
was still sore from the abusive fuck that Jay had
tormented me with. When Kevin entered me I cried out in

It hurt like hell, but not as bad as with Jay's big
cock trying to punch into my guts. I got used to it
after a couple of strokes and then I lay there with my
eyes closed and tears running down my cheeks and waited
for it to end.

I suppose that Kevin had spent a lot of time setting up
the web site today. He must have watched me starring in
a lot of sex shows, past and present. He probably got
pretty excited because he didn't last five minutes
before he filled me with another load of filthy cock

As soon as he pulled out of me I turned around without
being told and I sucked him clean. The others were
ignoring us. After only four days they were tiring of
me? God I hoped so.

When I was finished cleaning Kevin I was sent in for
another round of beers. When I came back out with the
beer I passed them around and was about to go back in
and clean myself when Keary said, "Scoop that shit up
and eat it bitch. I don't want you messing up the

I looked down at my slit. There was a tablespoon full
of white cream oozing out of me. About that same amount
was dripping down my thigh. I scooped up both deposits
and put them in my mouth and swallowed. It wasn't the
first time I had swallowed a deposit of cum that had
drained from my pussy. It was just as disgusting as the
first time though. I managed to satisfy and amuse Keary
and the others without changing my expression and then
I sat down and drank another beer.

I had noticed that Kirk was starting to feel the
effects of the beer. He was only thirteen and I assume
that he was not much of a drinker. He was starting to
get silly and talk a little more loudly.

He started bugging Keary about something. He kept
saying, "When are you going to do it Keary? Damn, I
can't wait. That's going to be so cool!"

Keary said, "I told you before Kirk. Shut the fuck up.
If you don't shut up I'm going to start leaving you out
of this shit."

Kirk got all huffy and said, "No you aren't! You have
to keep me in or mom and dad will find out what you're

Keary got up and walked around the table and picked
Kirk up by his lapels with one hand. He lifted him
right off of the ground and carried him inside like
that with Kirk yelling at him and struggling to get

When they came back out several minutes later Kirk was
much subdued. He didn't say a word and he didn't look
anyone in the eye. Kyra reached over and took his half
empty bottle of beer away and he didn't say a word
about that either.

I was left to wonder what it was that was about to
happen to me now. Because I knew that whatever they
were arguing about, it had to do with something that
was going to happen to me.

Finally Keary gulped down the rest of his beer and
turned to me. He asked, "Gail, do you remember what I
did to you in the shower yesterday morning?"

I shivered in revulsion. Of course I remembered, I
would never forget! He had pissed inside of me when we
were taking our morning shower. Was that what they were
waiting to see? Was he going to piss in my pussy again?

As horrible as that seemed, I was going to let him if
that was what this was all about. I would do anything
to avoid being raped by Jay and his dog again. I had
promised Keary that I would do anything and I meant it.

I responded, "Yes sir, you pissed in my pussy."

He corrected me. "No Gail. Nice girls have pussies. I
pissed in your cunt."

I said, "I'm sorry sir. You pissed in my cunt."

Keary said, "That's right Gail. We have received a
request for something similar to that from one of your
fans. We are going to film it now and then you can go
to bed. I want you to go over there on the grass and
get down on your knees."

Kyra picked up the camera and followed me and when she
was ready Keary got up and pulled his trunks off and
walked over to stand in front of me. He looked down at
me and said, "We are going to do it a little
differently this time Gail. We have an email from a man
named Bubba in Georgia who wants to see me piss down
your throat. He seemed pretty sincere so we thought
we'd grant his wish."

Keary saw the shock and the fear on my face and asked,
"Am I going to have a problem with you Gail?"

I saw Kirk and Kevin come close to watch. They stayed
far enough back so that they wouldn't be in the film
that Kyra was making.

I whispered, "Oh god, Keary! That's so…how can you…oh
god, I'll get sick, I know I will."

Keary smiled and said, "Yeah, probably. I don't care as
long as we get it all on disk first. You can say no if
you want. You know what that will mean though. So you
decide. Are you going to let me piss down your throat
or do you want Jay to come over after you get home

I didn't think that I could do it. But I knew that if
they turned me over to Jay it would kill me. So it
really wasn't a choice at all.

Kyra was right in my face with the camera when I said,

Keary said, "Okay what Gail?"

I was starting to cry again. I whispered, "You can do

Keary replied, "I want you to ask me to do it Gail.
Loud and clear, I want you to say please piss down my

I cleared my throat and started to speak but nothing
came out. I cleared my throat again and finally I said,
"Please sir, I want you to piss down my throat."

He patted my head and said, "Good cunt. Now open wide."

I opened my mouth and Kyra moved in to get the right
angle so that the camera would catch the piss coming
out of his cock and flowing into my mouth.

Keary rested the head of his cock on my tongue and
explained, "The first few spurts are going to be in
your mouth. I want you to swallow them and then I'll
try to get my soft cock down into your throat. That
will be easier for you than trying to drink it all. Are
you ready cunt?"

I mumbled that I was, though I knew that I wasn't. I
could never be ready for a horrible thing like what he
was about to do.

I felt a warm trickle of liquid on my tongue and then a
quick squirt. As it hit the back of my mouth I gagged
but then I forced myself to swallow. I gagged again and
then, when I had gotten myself under control he let
loose with another, slightly stronger stream. I
struggled to swallow again and I guess that was enough
to convince "my fan" that he was really pissing down my
throat. As soon as I had swallowed again a steady
stream started streaming out of his cock and he began
forcing his cock into the opening to my throat. I was
grateful for the first time when a cock entered my
throat. I could no longer taste his strong urine. It
flowed directly down my throat and into my stomach. As
my stomach filled with the acrid liquid I thought that
it felt just like when the dog had cum down my throat.
It was certainly just as disgusting.

Keary had downed two beers before he subjected me to
this abominable act. I can't recall him using the
bathroom since we got home from our bus ride. His
bladder was full and by the time he had finished my
stomach was full.

The last few spurts of piss went into my mouth and I
still couldn't swallow them without gagging. But I
managed to get them down. He watched me with amusement
on his face and then he pulled his cock out of my
mouth. He said, "Kiss my cock Gail. Kiss my cock and
thank me for pissing in your mouth."

It didn't matter anymore. Nothing mattered anymore. I
kissed his cock and thanked him for pissing in my
mouth. Then, as directed, I thanked Bubba for the

Kyra finally turned off the camera and handed it to
Kevin. I was allowed to go to my rooms and I rushed to
my bathroom and once more knelt and expelled the
contents of my stomach into the toilet bowl.

As soon as I was done I brushed my teeth and then I
took a long, hot shower. I leaned against the shower
wall and cried for a long time. I finally got out and
stood staring at myself in the mirror. I looked like I
had lost weight. I wasn't overweight to start with and
I was worried if this lasted much longer I would get

And then I realized I didn't care if I got sick. Hell,
right now I didn't care if I died! And then, suddenly,
I wanted to die. I had flirted with the idea over the
weekend, but just as an abstract. Now I knew that I
couldn't take this anymore.

I looked through the medicine cabinet but this had been
an unused suite of rooms before I arrived and the only
things in this room were mine. The most dangerous thing
I had was a safety razor.

I had almost finished drip drying by the time I picked
up my towel and dried off. I went in and sat on my bed
and tried to think of the best way to kill myself. If
there was a gun in the house I didn't know about it.
And anyway, I didn't think I would have the nerve to do
it that way.

I didn't think I could slit my wrists either. I decided
that I would sneak into Mr. Clark's bedroom tonight and
see if I could find some kind of strong drugs. Maybe
they had a nice supply of sleeping pills.

Just as I reached that decision Kyra entered the room.
She took off her bikini and got in bed. She looked at
me disdainfully and said, "I'm not sure I want your
nasty lips on my pussy after what I saw tonight. Christ
Gail! You sucked off a fucking dog! That's so fucking
sick. And you let a boy piss in your mouth. They would
have to kill me before I would let that happen! You are
some nasty slut!"

"Well, as nasty as you are," she continued, "I'm pretty
horny and I need some relief. Let's get this over with
cunt. Get down there and start eating."

I knelt between her legs on the bed and as I ate her
pussy I realized that it wasn't even a big deal
anymore. It was nowhere near the worst that could
happen. And besides, now that I had decided to kill
myself this petty stuff didn't matter.

She came twice before she pushed me away and said,
"That's enough. Get your filthy mouth off of me."

She got up and put her bikini back on and said, "I
don't want to sleep with your nasty ass. Kirk will be
down in a couple of minutes. He's a horny boy. You know
how boys are. He doesn't give a shit how nasty you are
as long as you have tits and a cunt."

I just sat there and waited. It didn't matter anymore.
I would do whatever Kirk wanted. Suck his cock or fuck
him, it didn't matter. Then, when he was asleep I would
go upstairs and look for something to kill myself.

Kirk came down in a few minutes and as he stood at the
foot of the bed and took his trunks off he said, "Jesus
that was so fucking hot! Tomorrow morning when we wake
up that's what I'm going to do. I'm going to piss in
you. I don't know if I am going to piss in your mouth
or your cunt. They both sound like fun. I'll decide in
the morning. But for now I want you to suck my cock."

He stretched out on the bed and I sucked him off very
quickly. And then, like a typical male, he rolled over
and went to sleep.

I waited until I was sure that he was asleep and then I
went out through the kitchen to the foot of the stairs.
The upstairs was dark and quiet and I snuck up to Mr.
Clark's room and went into the master bathroom and
started looking around. I didn't find any sleeping
pills so I went back into the bedroom and looked in
their nightstands.

I didn't find anything in Mrs. Clark's nightstand but
in Mr. Clark's I found a bottle of Viagra. I remembered
that they could cause heart attacks and since they were
all I could find I took them downstairs and was about
to get a glass of water to wash them down when it
occurred to me that alcohol would probably work much

I got a glass and poured a large glass of wine. I
figured that I would have a better chance of keeping
that down than booze. I poured out the pills. It was
almost a full bottle. I took them a half dozen at a
time and then I sat at the kitchen table to see what
would happen.

It didn't take that long before I started feeling the
effects. My heart started racing and I was short of
breath. I started sweating profusely and for just a
moment I started to panic. But I reminded myself that
it was for the best and I relaxed and rested my head on
the table and waited to die.

It didn't work out that way. I awoke sometime the next
day in a hospital bed. I had tubes and wires stuck in
me and on me and I was sick as a dog. My throat was on
fire and my head was throbbing. My stomach burned and
at first I didn't know what was going on. Then I
remembered and I was disappointed. I started to cry
quietly and then I started trying to take the wires

Two nurses came rushing in and held me down on the bed
and one of them injected something into my IV tube. I
was immediately out of it and I'm not sure how much
later it was that I woke up again.

I opened my eyes and I was furious that I was still
alive. I heard a noise and turned my head and there was
Mr. Clark.

I thought, "My god! Have I been out for that long?!"

He looked scared to death. He had noticed that I was
awake and he got up and came over and held my hand. He
looked so sad. Maybe I wasn't thinking straight but I
felt so sorry for him. He had been a wonderful boss and
he had always treated me so nice. I suddenly wondered
how much he knew. I hoped he had not seen that web site
or any of those movies. I would be so embarrassed.

I noticed that my throat felt a little better before I
noticed that I couldn't move my hands. They were tied
to the sides of the bed. I almost laughed when I saw
that. I looked up at Mr. Clark and asked, "How was your
cruise?" Then, before he could answer I asked, "What
day is it?"

He ignored my first question. He answered, "It's
Wednesday. You have been here since early Tuesday
morning. The doctors say that you are going to be
alright. You were brought here in time, but it was
close. Oh god Gail. I am so very sorry. I promise. I am
going to make this up to you. That may sound like an
impossibility to you right now. But I swear I will. You
just have to worry about getting better."

He paused and smoothed the hair away from my sweaty
brow and said, "I know what they did. The police called
us on the ship and when we landed in Jamaica we caught
the first plane home. Keary and Kyra tried to cover it
up but Kevin and Kirk, between them, admitted

He said, "I can't give you back what they took from
you. I can't undo it. But I will make it up to you."

I just smiled and said, "You were always so sweet to me
Mr. Clark. Don't feel so bad. It wasn't your fault. I
just need to get out of here."

He pulled his chair over by the side of the bed and
said, "I'm afraid they won't let you go until you have
talked to someone and been cleared to leave. They
want…I want to make sure that you don't try that again.
I want to make sure that you don't ever feel the need
to try that again. Gail, listen to me. I have plans for
you. I know that you are weak now and that it may be
hard for you to pay attention. But I want you to know
that you have a future."

I looked at him. He was such a nice man. It bothered me
that he was so sad.

He went on, "Gail, you need to know that that web site
was taken down and the material destroyed. I fired the
five men at the plant that raped you. My four kids and
the other four that raped you are all in custody and
pending a decision on whether or not to try them as
adults. You won't have to testify, Kevin and Kirk are
telling everything they know. I know that you think
your life is over. It isn't. It has just begun. I am
opening a new plant on the coast. I want you to manage

I laughed and said, "Don't be silly Mr. Clark. I'm just
a secretary. I can't manage a plant."

He said, "Gail, look at me, listen to me. For the last
two years you have been more responsible for the day to
day management of my plant than I have. You know
everything about it. I want you to be involved right
from the ground floor up at the new place. You'll be in
charge of hiring and running the plant and R&D,
everything. You know it all. You have already been
doing it. I have just been getting paid for your work.
If you would like, when you are ready, you can take
some night courses at a local college. You don't have
to, but if you feel like it will give you more
confidence then I'll pay for your education. And if you
have any problems, any questions, I will always be here
for you."

I was starting to come to my senses and realize what he
was saying. I asked for a drink of water and he held
the cup for me while I drank through the straw. It
burned my throat at first but after a couple of sips it
felt better.

I got him to raise the bed up to a sitting position and
I smiled at him. I said, "Mr. Clark, you are so sweet.
I appreciate what you are trying to do for me. But you
are much too good a business man to put a secretary in
charge of your new plant. I could kiss you if I wasn't
all tied up here. But we both know that I am not the
person to run a business, not even with your help."

He started to insist but I stopped him. "No, I mean it
Mr. Clark. The drugs are starting to wear off and I can
think now. I would love it if I could stay and work as
your secretary. I have loved working for you. But too
much has happened. I can't work in that plant now and I
can't live in this town now. I would appreciate it if
you would consider me for some other job at the new
plant though, something more commensurate with my
education and experience."

He paused thoughtfully and said, "You are still a young
woman. You are the best secretary that I have ever had.
You are intelligent and resourceful and hard working.
You are the most honest and dependable person that I
have ever had working for me. Allow me to make a
counter proposal. Let me send you to the university of
your choice, all expenses paid. When you graduate I
will have a job waiting for you, if I have to fire
someone to make room."

I squeezed his hand and said, "I don't know Mr. Clark.
I'm not all that bright. I didn't do well enough in
high school to get a scholarship and my parents went
bankrupt so I couldn't go to college. Now it has been
so long since I was in school I don't know if I could
do it again."

There was no arguing with him though. It was decided. I
had to spend almost a week convincing a psychiatrist
that I was no longer suicidal. When I got out of the
hospital Mr. Clark absolutely refused to allow me to
return to my old apartment. He put me in a nice,
furnished condo downtown on the riverfront and helped
me get into an Ivy League school.

He bought me a new car and a condo right off campus and
gave me such a large living allowance that I felt
guilty. As it turned out, putting off college for six
years was probably a good thing for me. I had developed
some good work habits and I applied myself and I was on
the Dean's list for my entire four years. I stayed on
at Mr. Clark's insistence and breezed through the
Master's program and now I am the assistant manager of
the plant that he opened up on the coast. What the
manager doesn't realize is that I am paid nearly double
what he is. That is the only thing that Mr. Clark and I
fight about. He refuses to cut my salary.

The four Clark kids were tried as juveniles. The
prosecutor was pushing to try Kyra and Keary as adults
but I managed to talk him out of it on the condition
that they submit to psychological treatment. Because I
requested leniency for them they didn't go to jail.
They all received extensive treatment and the three
youngest seem to have benefited from it. Keary has been
in trouble since and is on the verge of violating his
parole and being sentenced to prison.

Dale and Jimmy and Lyle were all treated the same way.
Jay already had an extensive juvenile record and was
tried as an adult. He is serving six to ten years but
is due for parole at the end of the year. As long as I
never see him again I don't care. I expect he will not
be out for long before he gets in trouble again. He was
the most dangerous of the kids. Well, him and Keary.

Oh, I almost forgot. I started dating in college. I
guess some of that psychoanalysis stuff rubbed off on
me too. It was uncomfortable at first and my first few
dates were disasters. But I started to realize that I
didn't want to be alone all of my life. I had been told
to expect that intimacy would be a problem for me for a
long time to come. And I was very uncomfortable at
first. I had sex with a couple of guys after going out
with them for a while and it wasn't very good.

Then I met Dave. Dave had joined the Army after high
school to get money for college. He was a year older
than me when we met one day at the student union. We
talked over coffee and we both enjoyed our time
together. We had more in common than most of the
younger people that we were in school with. We started
getting together at the student union for coffee on a
regular basis. I thought he was the most handsome young
man in the world. And charming! And his sense of humor,
god, he made me laugh so much I cried sometimes.

We met in the student union for more than a month
before our first date and we already knew a lot about
each other. I knew that he had been through a lot in
Iraq and I told him some of what had happened to me,
though I left out the details.

We discovered that we were both walking wounded. But we
had a lot in common and I went to bed with him on our
first date. He tried to avoid it. He said he didn't
want to go too fast for me. But much to my surprise, I
wanted him. I wanted to please him. I wanted to love
him. It was perfect! We were made for each other.
Despite everything that happened to me, or maybe
because of some of the things that happened to me, I
loved the sex and I was very good at it. Once I
realized it and relaxed it got even better.

We had started dating in our junior year and we were
together all through that year, our senior year and two
years of grad school.

We are getting married in June and despite everything
that I have said or done to put a stop to it, Mr. Clark
is buying us a mansion on the ocean for our wedding
present. He tried to get Dave to come to work for him
but we both thought that it might be a problem. So he
is working for a start up computer company in the area
and it looks like he picked a winner. We are making
more money than we can spend and our biggest expenses
so far have been the new houses that we bought for our

It was a hard trip. Getting here was a bitch. But I am
happy now. We both are.

The End

To that small group of disturbed people who have
enjoyed my previous efforts and encouraged me, thank
you. Comments? Criticism? Email

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
This story was written as an adult fantasy. The author
does not condone the described behavior in real life.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
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