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Thinking of you, playing with me.

Aching I can’t denies,
Fingers pushed deep inside,
Legs shacking as I go,
Clit swelling as I push it home,
Arching my back in to my palm ,
Thinking of you turns me on,
In and out, are the motions I repeat ,
dreaming of your face almost brings me to peak.

Playing with my breast,
As I take beep breaths,
Sighing and moaning doesn’t seam to help,
Thinking of your voice as I Biting my lip,
no sound I should make on this night,
Just the rising sensation as I come fingers still deep inside,
In and out are the motions I repeat,
as I fall deeper in to sleep.

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2012-09-09 05:41:07
Avoid sexual ieutrconrse until you help him master his orgasm.use your hand to bring him close to his orgasm, and as soon as you feel him comming ( or get him to tell you) squeeze his penis with your thumb and finger just under the head as tightly as you can, to stop him ejaculating, ( it takes a bit of practice)if that fails do the same at the base of his penis, right at his pubic boneIf you can get him to control it for longer, and you return to actual ieutrconrse try not to make any movement, until he gets into a rythymgood luck

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2010-12-31 08:02:07
Nice poem on a very good theme but the spelling is apalling

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2010-11-23 19:25:56
It was good, maybe rethink it in some parts.

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