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This is my first story, so I hope someone likes it. I hope it's not too long. The whole purpose of this story is to arouse your senses. Please give comments, but try and be constructive with them, thanks. I wasn't an English major in college, so I hope you're not turned off if there are a few grammatical mistakes.

Chapter One

It started a few months ago after Sandra and her daughter Amanda moved in next door. I've been a widower for nine years and haven't remarried. I live in an upscale neighborhood with my eighteen year old son Josh. In fact, I haven't really been out on many dates in those nine years, so when my sexual urges build to a point I can no longer contain them, I find release in watching porn or flipping through men's magazines while I relieve myself. I'm not particularly proud of dispensing my manhood in this way, but I've found it difficult to get serious with another woman after the loss of my wife. I don't think I could survive another lose and go through the heart ache and pain again. I know my son Josh wouldn't mind if I found another woman and has encouraged me on many occasions to date. Subconsciously, I think the thoughts and feelings of that pain has always sabotaged any new relationship.

A few weeks after Sandra and Amanda moved in, I was getting ready for bed and had turned out my bedroom lights. My bedroom window is up on the second floor and faces the new neighbor's house. It was pretty late, as I tend to stay up and work or read a book before bed, so I thought it odd there was light coming from the house next door. I looked over at my clock and realized it was well past 2am. I hadn't really gotten to know Sandra and her daughter Amanda all too well since they moved in, so I wasn't really sure what was normal for them. With all my other neighbors, I knew just about every aspect of when they got up to when they went to bed as we've all lived on the same street for many years.

Sandra looked a few years younger than I was and her seventeen year old daughter Amanda looked a lot like her. They both were absolute knock outs and could almost pass as sisters. Sandra was about 5' 7" and looked to weigh around 125 pounds with a very narrow physique with nice firm 34C breasts. It was obvious she was no stranger to working out and staying fit. She had beautiful blonde hair, gorgeous facial features and the most stunning emerald green eyes. The night after I meet her for the first time, I had wacked off hard to the thought of fucking the hell out of her.

Her daughter Amanda was following in her mother's footsteps and was just a younger version with the exception of her breasts. Amanda had what looked to be the most amazing set of 34DD breasts. She was just as tall as her mother and every bit as toned and fit, but her breasts just stuck straight out. She was always wearing tight fitted tops so it was really hard not to stare. It's wrong to desire a young woman of her age with me being in my forties, so I stayed focused on her face when I spoke to her as to not give off a perverted old man vibe. I'm not ashamed to admit I've woken up and remembered dreaming about sliding my 8" cock through those firm mounds and shooting my cum all over her face.

I think my son Josh has a thing for Amanda. What horny eighteen your old high school senior wouldn't? He's always trying to catch glimpses of Amanda out by their pool in the backyard wearing a bikini. Heck I've even tried to sneak a peek from time to time. He even moved his weight bench from the garage into our backyard in hopes she'll notice him lifting weights. I'm all for it if it will help him land that young piece of ass. Unfortunately, Amanda already has a boyfriend from the town they moved from and he visits from time to time. I can usually sense a little extra frustration with Josh whenever Amanda's boyfriend is visiting. Since he would have to drive many hours to see her, her mother seems to allow him to sleepover. No doubt the idea of them hooking up was probably adding to Josh's frustration.

As I looked down at the neighbors window, I noticed the blinds were slightly open and I could sort of make out movement in the room. Being up on the second floor made it difficult to see into the room. I knew it was really none of my business and I shouldn't be looking, but in all honesty who doesn't stare at their neighbors from time to time? I decided to head downstairs to see if I could find a window which would give me a better view to see what was going on over at the neighbors at 2am. Unfortunately, none of the downstairs windows lined up well with the neighbors window and I still couldn't get a good look. My curiosity got the better of me, so I slipped on a pair of slippers and headed for the back door in my pajamas. Thoughts of being arrested for being a peeping-tom came to mind, but I figured since there were some tall shrubs between our houses which blocked the view from the street it would be almost impossible for anyone to see me looking in the window.

I slowly opened the backdoor and headed around to the side of the house. It was very dark and I was careful not to run into anything and make noise. I slowly crept closer and closer to the neighbors window. As I got closer I started to hear a faint moan, it sounded almost like a quiet whimper. I got up to the window and what I saw caught me by surprise. Amanda was completely naked sitting on a couch, in what appears to be a den, starring at a television screen with her legs spread far apart sliding a dildo in and out of her tight little pussy. Her nipples were hard and stood straight out on top of the most magnificent pair of breasts. She was thrusting her pelvis up and down in unison with the pounding of the dildo and every few seconds she would give out a faint cry of pleasure. It was obvious she was trying to remain as quiet as possible perhaps not to wake her mom.

I starred at Amanda pleasuring herself as if in a trance for a few minutes. How beautiful her pussy looked. It was almost completely shaven with just a small narrow blonde patch just above her slit. Her lips were wet keeping the dildo well lubricated. Slowly I became aware my own cock was fully erect and was demanding attention. Without hesitation I pulled down my pajamas and underwear just far enough to free my manhood. As I slowly started to stroke my cock I thought about being in the room with Amanda. I imagined walking in, yanking that dildo from her pussy and shoving my own cock into that tight wet hole in its place. God how warm and tight it looks. I matched her rhythm of pumping in and out with my stroking creating an illusion, in my mind, of a connection between her movements and mine as if we were both fucking each other.

With her free hand she grabbed her left breast and pulled it towards her mouth and started licking her nipple feverishly. This seemed to send her over the edge as I could tell she was on the verge of orgasm as she franticly started rubbing the dildo against her clit. Next she started saying quietly, "Fuck me Josh, fuck me. Oh oo oo yes, yes, that's it. Oh god fuuuck meeee." This was all too surreal for me as I felt my own orgasm about ready to burst. The thought of this girl wanting to fuck my son and my son getting to actually fuck this unbelievable tight piece of ass took me so far over the edge. I started shooting cum out of my cock in thick streams, like I've never done before, as Amanda gave out one last squeal and her body convulsed in waves of pleasure.

Amanda lay there on the couch for a few minutes with the most unbelievably relaxed look on her face. Her skin was glistening in the light from her perspiration which made her look even more amazing. I stood there starring at her for what seemed like forever with my spent cock in my hand. I can't believe I just watched this goddess pleasure herself right in front of me. This was so much different than a movie or a magazine. This was all too real and this girl lived next door. I knew, whatever this was, it wasn't going to last much longer and soon I'd be forced to retreat back into my house with only my memories. I'd probably relive this moment over and over many times in the future when I masturbated. How could I not? I definitely needed to encourage my son to step up his game and go after Amanda. She might be totally out of my reach as she's way too young, but he could at least have fun fucking her brains out. I started to back away from the window when Amanda got up from the couch and headed over to the television. It wasn't until she popped out a DVD, did I realize I hadn't once turned to look at the TV to see what she was watching.

I slowly crept around to the back of my house and into the backdoor, the whole while wondering what imagines this young girl liked to watch as she pleasures herself. The very thought started to stir my manhood again. What was she into? What made her pussy wet? I had to find out.

Chapter Two

As you could probably imagine the next night I was peering out my bedroom window every few minutes waiting and hoping the light would turn on over in the neighbors den. I wanted to see Amanda again. I needed another look at her amazing body to help seer the vision of her into my mind forever. I also was curious to know what was on the DVD and what turned her on. She looked like an all American teenage beauty queen, so she was probably into your typical football stud screws the cheerleader type movies.

I was about to give up for the night, when a light clicked on over at the neighbors house. However, it wasn't coming from the den, but from a window that faces the backyard. I could see light shining on the ground in their backyard. Not wanting to miss a single second of any new performance, I quickly threw on my slippers and headed down the stairs and straight to the backdoor. A moment later I found myself peering into the neighbor's backyard from behind a bush trying to get a look into the window. I quickly a shade had been pulled on the window, so it would be impossible to get a good look at Amanda's amazing body. I really wanted another chance to see her young tight body, wet inviting pussy and two of the most amazing breasts. If only I were twenty years younger, I'd be trying very hard to get with her. To see her naked is one thing, but to actually taste and smell her sex on top of that would be mind blowing. I need to push my son to ask her out, so I could live vicariously through him. It would also be nice to see Amanda around and up close. Also, the thought of interacting with her mother, Sandra, also had me thinking about the possibility of where that could lead.

As I was about to turn and head back to my house, I noticed shadows in the window. I couldn't make out who they were, but I could definitely see them as their shadow cast an image on the fabric shade. It looked like it might be Amanda and a guy standing in the room in an embrace holding each other close while kissing. Perhaps Amanda's boyfriend had arrived and was spending the night. I wonder if the mother knew her daughter was awake and downstairs making out with her boyfriend. I was intrigued at how far their romantic escapade might take them, so I continued to watch hoping it would get interesting. After kissing for a while, they started to slowly undress each other and seductively kiss each newly exposed area. As Amanda's bra was removed, her nipples were clearly seen protruding from atop her breasts as tiny silhouettes on the thin shade. It was clear she was excited and my mind was excited at the possibility of actually seeing Amanda getting fucked, even if it was just a shadow.

My cock was ragging in my pajamas and needed to be released. Since I had enough cover behind a bush, I pulled down my pajamas and took a firm grip on my manhood. I stroked slowly as I continued to watch the show unfold in front of me. Amanda knelt down and undid her boyfriend’s pants and pulled them to the floor. She leaned in and appeared to be taking small bites of his cock into her mouth through his underwear. I imagined the feeling of having Amanda's mouth hungrily nibbling on my cock while anticipating having her put it into her warm, wet mouth. She slowly lowered his underwear and took hold of his cock as it sprung free. Licking vigorously she covered his shaft with her wet tongue before taking it all into her mouth. I couldn't hear, but I imagined the sounds of her sucking his cock in and out of her mouth. I looked down at my own engorged cock and wished her lips where wrapped around my manhood. I imagined the excitement of looking down into her wanting eyes as I felt the back of her throat on the head of my cock. In my mind, she was right there in the backyard with me, sucking feverishly wanting to please me.

I looked up to see what else was transpiring in the window and was scared still as a shadow emerged from around the other side of the neighbor's house and moved into the backyard. The thought of being caught flashed through my mind. Here I was standing behind a bush in the neighbor's backyard with my member in my hand jacking off. How would I explain this? All the neighbors would find out and I'd never live this down. As the shadowy figure came into the light, I was surprised to see it was Amanda wearing nothing but panties and a bra. How could she have gotten outside so quickly, I thought? I looked at the window and was even more surprised to see the couple still going at it. It quickly dawned on me the girl in the window wasn't Amanda, but her mother Sandra. The mother was giving an amazing blow job to some lucky guy. Who was the guy?

Amanda walked over to the window and stood watching the action. I moved back behind the bush as far as I could go and stood frozen trying not to move or even breath load; hoping I wouldn't be detected. I didn't even want to risk bending over to pull up my pajamas, so here I stood in the dark behind a bush with my cock in my hand. After a minute or two, I peered around the bush to see if Amanda was still in the backyard. She had moved from the window over to a lounge chair and was laying back watching the window with great interest. I noticed she had one hand down under her panties touching herself and had completely removed her bra exposing her large breasts. I couldn't believe it. Not only was the mother inside giving a guy a blow job, but the daughter was outside watching and once again I got to see Amanda's amazing body in the dim light coming from the window.

My mind was racing. Part of me wanted to play it safe and while Amanda was distracted, to move slowly and quietly back over to my house. However, I was a guy and there was no way I was going to pass up an opportunity to witness something so unbelievably hot my dreams don't even compare. In the window the guy now had Sandra bent over with her hands on the couch with her ass up in the air and was slowly inserting his cock into her waiting pussy from behind. I could see her gorgeous breast dangling beneath her and wished I could be laying under her sucking on them. I've always had a special thing for nice firm breasts and love it when a girl is over me and they're dangling in my face. My manhood was throbbing so hard from all the stimulation my hand once again started moving back and forth over its length. Most guys have a certain primitive animal instinct, where once they've been over stimulated, their rational mind shuts down and they're willing to do just about anything to satisfy that animal urge. After they've finished they'll feel some remorse, but over time they'll learn to justify it because the desire to experience the feeling again and again is too strong. For example, I know it is wrong to want to have sex with Amanda as she is too young, but the more I see her in a sexual context the more aroused I get, the animal instinct takes over and I lose sense of right and wrong; at this point all I can think about is fucking her and shooting my seed deep into her young pussy. The feeling can get so strong most guys wouldn't even mind if the girl got her pregnant when they're in that state of mind. I don't think I would go so far as to rape her, but if the opportunity presented itself I'm really not sure if my mind could say no.

Amanda was now moving her fingers in and out of her pussy faster and faster. Her nipples were hard, erect and looked so inviting from a distance. I would give anything to be able to touch them and suck on them and play with her nipples in my mouth. I'm not sure if women are aware, but real men aren't totally about just fucking and making themselves feel good. When a guy is totally lost in a girls beauty he can sit for hours starring at her fantasizing about her body and how good it would feel to touch, to hold and to caress. I was so lost in Amanda's beauty that I could sit and just caress her body and be satisfied.

I could hear a combination of a soft moan coming from her mouth and the wetness of her fingers banging in and out of her cunt as they rubbed up against her clit. At this point I didn't care if I was caught or not, I rapidly stroked my cock hoping to build to the point an eruption would send me into sexual bliss. The pure animal in me was coming out and I needed to release the tension before I did something stupid. I needed to cum. My eyes were transfixed on both the beauty of Amanda's naked body lying before me and her mother's fine ass in the window getting slammed from behind.

Amanda's moaning got louder and louder as she was building and building to her own inevitable sexual bliss. From her panting lips she whispered, "Oh Josh, yes, yes, fuck my little pussy with your big cock." I made another mental note to come up with some crazy reason to send Josh over to the neighbor's house in the morning. Josh needed to start tapping this girl. The only way he was going to do it is if he actually got to know her more. She was the type of girl most guys would never dream of getting and here she was saying his name while she pleasured herself. I felt like my son had just won the lottery. I almost wanted to sit him down and be straight with him and tell him flat out, "She wants to fuck you. I want you to march right over there and don't come back until you've fucked her brains out." However, I knew as his father I could never be so blunt. Also, it made more sense for him to try and establish a real relationship with her. Having hot meaningless sex is great, but it would be even better to have romantic passionate sex with the girl of your dreams if she was all yours and committed to you.

"Yes, yes, yes," Amanda cried. In the window, the guy grabbed onto Sandra's ass with both hands, gave her a quick slap on the ass and then really started to pound her hard. I could see she had one of her hands up between her legs now; most likely rubbing her clit with a finger or two. It wouldn't be long before all four of us came. I wondered who could hold out the longest. I could see Amanda's mother in the window start to shake and her torso moved up and down as her free hand cupped her breast. Her head fell forward and her body shook in what looked like a powerful orgasm. He continued fucking her for a few more moments before he lifted up onto his tippy toes and stopped mid stroke deep in her pussy. After a brief pause he let go of his tight grip on her ass and pulled out of her as she turned around quickly and dropped to the floor in front of him. He grabbed his cock, stroked it a few times and then exploded all over her. She didn't turn away and even opened her mouth and stuck out her tongue to take in his seed. This was too much for me to handle. This was way better than watching porn.

I immediately turned back to Amanda to see her reaction of her mother having hot cum shot in her face, in her hair and into her mouth. "Dammit Josh, don't stop with my mom, come out here and cum in my face too," she yelled as she toppled forward with her fingers still jammed deep inside her. "Fuck meeee," came out of her mouth as she collapsed into bliss. Did I hear her right? Did she just call the guy in the window Josh? Was my son inside the neighbor's house fucking the mother? The thought was enough to send me over the edge. I was beyond all self control and the animal had completely took over and I failed to stop myself from grunting, "Amanda" as I erupted with a thick stream of cum shooting from my cock. Euphoria quickly fell over me as my body shook and I voiced out loud what my brain was thinking at the moment, "open your mouth for me and take it." My hand continued to jerk back and forth across my now hyper-sensitive cock as the last spurts of cum shot out.

When I came to my senses, I looked up to realize Amanda had rolled to her side and was starring straight at me. To my surprise she had a wicked grin on her face. I thought to myself, “What have I gotten myself into?” Amanda sat up and motioned for me to come over to her.

To be continued...


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