This is the 2nd chaper of Roy Hammers conquests
Other Men’s Wives – His Sluts
Chapter 2

They left the beach in their own cars so she could go home to get some clothes for the weekend.

“You won’t need much,” he had told her with a big smile as he held her door for her to get in the car.

She gave him a big smile and laughed. “I’ll remember that,” she said as she blew him a kiss and drove away.

On the way home, Roy smiled at his good fortune. There had been many times in the office when he had admired Yvonne’s beauty, and her body, particularly he firm titties. Yet, he had never given any thought to ever fucking her. Too risky in an office environment he had told himself. When they were walking back to their cars, she had made it quite clear where things would go from here.

“I didn’t plan to let you fuck me tonight but I’m glad it happened and I want it to happen again, anytime you want. I can’t believe how good I feel right now just thinking about how your dick felt pushing inside of me and then feeling your cum exploding inside my pussy. I want that again. Just be sure this stays outside the office. When we’re working, you will always be Mr. Hammer. You’ve always called me Yvonne so that won’t change,” she had stated in a very calm voice. “Outside the office though, I’m yours for the taking. My husband is out of town a lot but even if he’s in town, I’ll find a way to meet you.”

He smiled, surprised at her words but pleased. “You can count on it baby,” he said softly.

“Baby,” she said softly. “I like that. My husband never calls me baby.”

She knew where he lived. The first Christmas she worked for the company, she and her husband had come to his house for the annual Christmas Party. However, she had been prim and proper that night, probably due to her husband being there. She gave no clue that night to the vixen that was hidden within. For the rest of the weekend he planned to draw that vixen out and push her to her limits and then some.

By the time he got home it was after 10 and the night had taken on a chill. He went into his room and changed into sweat pants and a tee shirt and then went back to the den. He had a large, soft rug in front of his fireplace and he built a small fire in it for the romantic effect. He then mixed a pitcher of margaritas, a drink she seemed to prefer, and then put it in the refrigerator to chill. He had just walked back into the den when the door bell rang.

When he opened the door, Yvonne stood there smiling at him and holding a small bag. She had changed clothes and was wearing a coat she hadn’t had on before. He invited her in and offered to take her coat. When she pulled it off, he smiled when he saw what she was wearing underneath. She had obviously taken him at his word because she was wearing a black sheer negligee with a matching thong and thigh high stockings.
She smiled when she saw the look of desire in his eyes. “I take it you like my outfit,” she said with a grin.

“Oh yes!” he said as he reached out to pull her to him.

Their kiss was deep and sensual and his hands roamed her ass, pussy and titties through the thin material. Finally, he forced himself to pull away.
“I’m not being a good host,” he said as he gazed into her eyes. “I fixed a pitcher of margaritas. Sit by the fire and I’ll pour us one.”

“Ummm,” she said. “I was enjoying the way you welcomed me to your home.”

He laughed. “I plan to welcome you even better in a few minutes,” he said.

He watched her ass sway under the thin material as she walked towards the fireplace and almost decided to forget the drinks. Instead, he shook his head and went to the kitchen, pouring the drinks into two glasses and taking them and the pitcher back to the den. Yvonne was sitting on the rug, he legs tucked under her, as she gazed into the fire.

She smiled when she saw him approaching. “We have a fireplace too but Larry never builds a fire unless it’s really cold outside,” she said as she tilted her head to look at him.

“I thought it might be romantic,” he told her.
“You were right,” she said. “I really like sitting here. Now, sit beside me.”

He handed her a glass and set the pitcher on the end table before setting down so he was slightly behind her. Reaching out, he put one arm around her shoulders and pulled her to lean back against him.

“Ummm,” she said as she snuggled against him. “That’s better.

He reached out and touched her glass to hers in a toast. “Here’s to a beautiful, sexy lady,” he said.

She smiled over her shoulder at him. “Thank you,” she said as she sipped the drink. “That’s good,” she said when she took the glass from her lips. “I love this drink.”

“I know,” he said. “You had quite a few before and during dinner.”
She giggled and turned to look back into the flames of the fire. He felt her hand on his and relaxed as she moved his hand inside the fabric of the negligee until he was cupping her titty. “It feels so good when you play with my titties,” she said as she moved her hand away and took another sip of her drink.

He squeezed softly and then began to toy with the nipple. It had been hard already but now it began to get even harder and he pinched it softly. She moaned and pushed her body harder against his. “Oh yes,” she said softly. “Harder.”

Eager to please this beautiful woman, he squeezed the nipple between his fingers and pulled it out as far as he could. The harder he squeezed and pulled, the louder she moaned and moved her body against his. When he had the nipple as hard as he suspected it would get, he released it and moved his hand to the other titty and began to do the same to the nipple there. She became almost silent, moaning only occasionally, but her body told him she was really enjoying the rough treatment of her nipples.
If she liked it so much, he knew just the thing to really turn her on.

Pushing her forward slightly, he whispered in her ear. “Let me up for a minute. I think I know something you’ll really enjoy,” he told her.

She looked over her shoulder at him with a look of delight in her eyes as she leaned forward to let him stand. He hurried to the bedroom and returned in a few minutes with something concealed in his hand. Kneeling in front of her, he kissed her lightly and peeled the edge of the negligee back to expose her still hard swollen nipples. Taking one in his fingers and pulling it out as far as he could, he opened his hand to reveal the nipple clamps. He had several pair he had purchased for sexcapades in the past but he had selected a special pair for her. They tightened with a screw for maximum pressure and the clamps were connected by a link chain that would hang down between her titties. When she saw them, she smiled.
and moaned softly. “I’ve read about those on the internet but I’ve never seen any before. You’re going to make a wicked woman out of me.”

He laughed as he applied the first one and began to tighten the screw. He watched her face as he began to apply the pressure and he saw her eyes clinch as the pressure increased.

“Let me know if it gets too tight,” he told her.

“Just a little tighter,” she said quickly.

He continued to tighten the screw until it was at maximum pressure, surprised she was able to stand it.
“That’s full pressure,” he told her.

“It’s so tight but it feels so good,” she said softly, her eyes almost closed. “Now, do the other one.”

He repeated the process with the other nipple while she watched through wide open eyes this time. He smiled at her and pulled the rest of the chain from his hand. She had a look of surprise on her face when she saw a third clamp.

“What is that one for,” she asked.

He laughed. “You’re about to find out,” he told her as he placed the clamp between her legs.

He had noticed the thong she wore had strings that held it together and he reached out and pulled the bows on either side and dropped the front of the thong to expose her pussy.

“Lay back on the rug,” he told her.

She didn’t hesitate to follow his command and lay back with her legs slightly spread. When she felt his fingers gently spreading the lips of her pussy to touch her clit, her ass came off the rug.
“Ohhhhhh,” she moaned loudly. “My clit is so sensitive right now.”

He laughed as he took the sensitive bud between his fingers. “I found that out earlier tonight,” he said.

She then realized he was about to attach the third clamp to her clit and she moaned even louder. “I don’t know if I can stand one there,” she said quickly but he ignored her and began to tighten the screw.

“Just let me know if it’s too much,” he told her once again.

Her body twisted and turned as she moaned louder and louder while he tightened the screw. Finally, her body arched from the floor and he saw her juices squirt out of her pussy to coat his fingers and the rug. She had climaxed.

“Stop! Stop!” she pleaded as her hands went down to cover his. “I can’t stand it any tighter there.”

He looked and realized the screw was only half way down but he also knew that no other woman he had tried them on had been able to stand even that much pressure on her clit. The whole process had taken less than two minutes and he wanted to see just how long she could stand to keep them attached.
He leaned over her prone body and touched his lips to hers. As soon as their lips touched, her arms locked around his neck and she kissed him more passionately than she had all night. As they kissed, his hands roamed to each of the nipples and her clit as he moved them back and forth under the restraints. Every time he touched her nipples or clit, her body arched from the floor and she moaned into his mouth.

“Fuck me! Please fuck me now!” she suddenly cried out.

He was already rock hard just from watching her as he applied the clamps to her nipples and clit and he quickly pushed his sweats down to expose his hard dick. He reached down to remove the clit clamp but her hand captured his before he could.

“No!” she cried out as she broke the kiss. “Leave it there while you fuck me. Just put your dick in my pussy now!”

He quickly got to his knees and picked her legs up to his shoulders, admiring her highly aroused clit as his dick pushed into her soaked pussy. She took his full 8 inches without problem and began to climax as he pushed into her.

“Fuck me hard!” she cried. “Fuck me hard and deep!”

He laughed lightly at her pleas and began to fuck her with hard, deep strokes. Her pussy was gushing so much juice that it was pushing out beside his dick and he knew she was at her maximum pleasure point. When he drove deep and froze as a large load of cum filled her pussy, he looked at her face and saw her eyes roll back into her head as she passed out.

He quickly pulled out of her and hurried to the kitchen to get a warm cloth. Returning, he used one hand to wipe her face with the cloth and the other to release the clamps. He had just removed the clamp from her clit when her heard her moan. When he looked back at her face, he saw her eyes open slowly and a smile appear.

“Ohhh,” she moaned softly. “I’ve never cum that hard before,” she said very slowly.

He smiled and reached out to gently caress her nipples. It was obvious they were still extremely sensitive by the way she reacted.

“I hope you’re okay,” he said with concern.

She laughed. “I couldn’t be better. I love those clamps. I hope you’ll use them again before the weekend is over.”

He laughed. “I think we can manage that. I have a supply of other toys you might enjoy as well.”

She looked at him with a smile. “I’ve never used any toys except a small vibrator that I got from Darla. My husband is so straight laced he would freak out if he knew I had it.”

Harry laughed. “Toys add variety,” he said. “You would be surprised at how many ways they can bring pleasure.”

She smiled. “I hope you’re going to show me some of those over the weekend.”

He smiled and sat up. “I have all kinds of plans to do just that this weekend. Now, let’s have another drink and let you recover.”

“I think that’s a good idea,” she said as she held out her hand for him to help her set up. She reached out and gently caressed each nipple and then spread her legs to touch her clit. She looked into his eyes as her fingers massaged her clit softly.

“I could cum again real easy by just playing with myself here,” she said as she gazed into his eyes. “That clamp really set me off and when you pushed your dick in on top of it, it really sent me over the edge.”

He laughed again. “I know!”

It was well after 1:00 pm when they crawled into his king sized bed and pressed their naked bodies together. It had been almost an hour since they fucked in the den and he could see she was ready for more. He kissed her mouth lightly and then began to kiss down her body, taking his time as he sucked on her titties and nipples before moving down her body. When he ran his tongue across her pussy, her hands immediately grabbed at his head.

“Ohhh,” she moaned. “What are you doing!”

He looked up at her with a smile. “Don’t tell me your husband has never eaten your pussy,” he said.

“Nooo! Yes!!! I mean, he uses his tongue sometimes but he never does it after he’s fucked me.”

“Well. Lay back and enjoy baby. I’m not going to stop until you fill my mouth with your sweet juices.”

It didn’t take him long either. He pushed her legs up and spread them wide as he buried his face in her pussy. He used his tongue to tease and tantalize her sensitive clit before burying it deep inside her pussy. Within seconds, her juices were pouring out and he sucked up all he could manage. Her hands had held his head tightly the whole time and suddenly he felt them relax as she slumped back against the bed. He pulled his head away and looked up at her. Her eyes were barely open and she gave him a big smile.

“I’m going to die from so many climaxes,” she said. “Please come up here and hold me now.”

He slowly climbed over her body to take her in his arms. She kissed him lightly as her hand stroked his dick while she lay in his arms. It was beginning to get painfully hard again. She gazed into his eyes as her hand continued to stroke him softly.

“I want to do something for you I’ve never done for a man before,” she told him quietly.

He looked at her. “What baby?”

“I want to suck you until you cum in my mouth. I never let my husband cum in my mouth when I suck him.”
“You don’t have to do that,” he said.

“I want too,” she said and began to move over his body.

Harry’s dick was not only long, it was big. Some women had told him it felt like he was pushing a coke bottle into their pussy when he fucked them and none of them had been able to take his dick all the way into their mouth and that was the only way he could cum while being sucked. He doubted Yvonne could either. The feel of her mouth on the end of his dick was exquisite and he lay his hand lightly on her head to encourage her. She used her tongue and mouth to bring him pleasure but nowhere near climax. She was determined though and he felt his dick slowly go deeper and deeper into her mouth. When he felt her lips against his balls, he couldn’t believe it. He looked down and saw she had his dick all the way in and was sucking him with determination. Once he was all the way in, she reached out and began to massage his balls and he felt his cum begin to boil. Seconds later, he flexed his back as his cum exploded inside her mouth. He exploded once, twice, and then a third time but she never pulled her mouth away. When she knew he was done, she pulled her mouth back slowly, cleaning his dick of any stray cum as she finally released him.

Slowly, she crawled back to his side and looked into his face. “Was that good?” she asked.

“Good! Baby, you were great! No woman has ever been able to take my whole dick inside their mouth much less make me cum like that.”

“I’m glad,” she said as she leaned over to kiss his cheek. He surprised her by turning his lips to meet hers and giving her a long, deep kiss. When they broke the kiss, she looked into his eyes.

“I didn’t think you would want to kiss me after I had just sucked you off.”

‘Baby, you’ve got a lot to learn this weekend,” he told her.

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