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This is NOT my story it was originally written on but i thought youd like it :)

Amanda sat alone in the real estate office's reception area. Most of the
Realtors were off at lunch. Her being the newest in the office and
basically still in training was 'volunteered' day in and day out to sit
her lunch at the phones.

She had eagerly anticipated this profession. Her only thought was
finding the 'perfect' home for a family to be happy in the rest of
their lives, like she had been before the tragic fire had taken her

A slight twenty three year old graduate of the nearest college extension
program, she was interning until her required 'on job' hours were

Unfortunately, her little hometown had but this one realty office, and
the local viewpoint was different from her own. Payment by commission,
get as much as you can, hide the little faults.

She tossed her dark hair slightly, looking at the quiet phones with an
accusatory stare and really wondered where else she could go on her
limited income.

She shielded her soft blue eyes as the door opened to the noon day sun.
She assumed it was the other gaggle of Realtors returning from lunch,
but when the door shut, one woman stood there.

She appeared to be in her late thirties, early forties and was dressed
impeccably, far too fashionable for this part of the country. She drew
off her sunglasses and blinked a few times as well.

Not truly a slim woman, but definitely couldn't be considered plump. Her
hair was a deep chestnut and her rather striking amber eyes seemed to

She strode forward and stood in front of Amanda's desk. "I need to talk
to someone about purchasing a house."

Amanda looked around the office and then realized the only one that
would possibly take this woman seriously would be her boss, a man who's
version of grovel was far in it's advanced stages.

"One moment, Miss...?" Amanda was lifting the receiver to buzz her

"Ms. Kathleen." The woman turned politely away and was surveying the
office as Amanda spoke rapidly into the phone.

"Come with me, please," Amanda stood and led the woman back to her boss'

As she showed her in, Ms. Kathleen looked at her and said, "Stay here."

Amanda shrugged and sat in the chair by the door, listening.

"I need a house." Ms. Kathleen started. She put so much emphasis on the
words, Amanda felt there might be something more behind it, although
she was sure that her boss had completely missed the inflection. Sure
enough the man launched into a happy bouncy tirade of one that knew a
sale would occur.

"Well Miss, you've come to the right place you have. No place else to
find a house but from a realtor's office, and we're the best in town."
Amanda thought wryly, 'the only one in town'. "We may be a small town,
but we have some excellent architectural examples here."

"I am hoping to find what I need already built, rather than having it
built, but if it's near enough, I will agree to it and handle the
additions later." Ms. Kathleen's voice was still soft, but the mere
impact of her words spoke of money to spend.

"Well, let's start with what you're looking for, shall we?" The realtor
briskly rubbed his hands together before pulling out several forms in
front of him. "What kind of house are you looking for? How many
Ms. Kathleen stretched slightly then, moving almost catlike before
resting her chin on her fingers and staring at him. "Privacy is

"Of course," He had dealt with this before, not from a quiet woman like

"Not just the house, all details and how I conduct business with you is
not to be discussed, by both of you. Is that understood?" Her gaze was
unfailing upon him.

He coughed then and broke the stare down, glancing down at his papers.
"Of course, Miss."

"Very well then, privacy. Preferably upon an acre of land, secluded. It
does not have to be fenced. A two to four bedroom, with the master bath
having a large tub. I would need an additional guest bath. I like the
idea of a basement, finished with a den and an additional unfinished
room. Another bathroom there would be perfect."

"Oh..hmm, well there is a place I know about...but it's far outside of
town. Now before you start, I know you said seclusion and privacy, but
this is entirely unaccessible when the snow flies." The realtor risked
a glance up.

"Show it to me," Ms. Kathleen's fingers had tightened on her purse.


Amanda jumped up from her seat. "Yes, Sir?"

The drive out to the house was quiet, which soothed this bizarre woman
to no end. Amanda felt as if any conversation would be an intrusion
upon this woman's thoughts. She did keep watch out of the corner of her
eye, taking in the nervous gripping of the expensive purse by the well
manicured and bejeweled fingers and the quiet appraisal of the town as
they edged outwards towards the house.

As the pulled into the long drive to the house, it appeared as though
the property had been neglected for some time. There was trash all over
the place, and the landscaping had been overrun with weeds. Amanda
looked around shaking her head, wondering once more why the boss had
suggested this place. But as they pulled in front of the rancher, Ms.
Kathleen became quite animated, yanking the door open before Amanda had
completely stopped, and hopping out, gazing at the place.

Amanda struggled to keep up, fumbling with the keys momentarily before
finding the right one. She opened the door and was practically pushed
aside as Ms. Kathleen walked in, instantly searching around the
interior. Finally she spoke.

"Lights! Do you have a floor plan?" The excitement was contagious and
Amanda flicked the nearest light switch.

The dark mahogany detailed floor tiles leading to the sunken living room
gleamed as though never forgotten and Ms. Kathleen practically laughed
in delight. "Floor now NOW!"

Amanda yanked the paperwork from her tote and shoved it quickly at this
unusual woman. "This is an older house, but has some nice sized rooms.
This door to your right is to a larger than normal den, but it could be
changed to a bedroom."

With a yelp, the woman grabbed the floor plan and went from room to room
checking each detail. Amanda followed quietly after her, and was
genuinely surprised to see her pull out a tape measure at one point.

Ms. Kathleen stopped at the basement stairs and took a deep breathe
before giggling nervously and heading down them.

"Laundry area and family room. There was some nice storage places as
well there, but they are unfinished and locked off. There is an old
fruit cellar door on the outside of the house, leading down to there if
you need the area." Amanda called down as she made her way after Ms.
Kathleen. She heard a large crack and scurried down the stairs quickly.

Ms. Kathleen had somehow managed to get the lock off the door blocking
the storage section and was peering through the dark.

She looked back at Amanda with the face of a small child discovering a
playground. "No lights in here right? Do you have the key to the other

Amanda didn't even bother to ask how she had managed to get the one lock
off, but rifled through the keys she did have to locate the other key.
She held it up in triumph and heard a quick "Well go open it, dear!"
from the woman who had ventured into the darkness.

Amanda shook her head with confusion, but a small smile played across
her lips. She exited the front door and made her way around the side of
the house where the aged door was placed. After carefully unlocking the
bolt there, the doors were a tad heavy but creaked open. Sunlight
flooded into the basement and there was Ms. Kathleen already in the
middle of the storage area, covered from head to toe with cobwebs. As
the light filtered through the flying dust, she glanced up at Amanda
with a huge smile. "I'll take it." Ms. Kathleen cried out, and swung
her arms around stirring up more dust.

"Are you sure, Ma'am? I'm sure there are more suitable houses for you
that are nearer to town. This is such an old fixer upper..I can't
imagine why he said to show this to you." Amanda was sure that this
couldn't be what Ms. Kathleen was looking for.

"Nope, this is the one, dear. Go fetch the paperwork. Oh, and," Ms.
Kathleen chuckled, "make sure you bring back the bank information for a
wire transfer."

Amanda had been back to the house several times with different forms of
paperwork. Each time there seemed to be some improvement made, although
there never seemed to be anyone about.

Today though was a different story. She had called Ms. Kathleen in
advance, notifying her as usual of her impending visit. She had the
final deeds prepared. Ms. Kathleen had managed to shock her and her
boss at the same time when she insisted on purchasing the house out

As she drove her car along the country road, she recalled the many
rumors that had been flying in town about the activity out here. The
many different orders that had come rapidly through the local lumber
yard and hardware stores, as well the late night delivery vans from as
far away as Los Angeles. Some local carpenters had ventured out this
way, hoping to find work, but were politely denied.

Her breath caught as she pulled into the drive, noticing a huge earth
mover to one side and the pile of debris from the weeds and junk that
had gathered there over the years of neglect. There were several men
working the yard with trowels and what appeared to be grass seed.
Another truck was parked nearby with some large mature trees in
buckets. Ms. Kathleen had definitely a no limit budget as for cleaning
this place up.

She pulled up to the front of the house and smiled. There were even men
painting the exterior of the house. As she got out, she noticed that
the basement doors were open on the side of the house. But as her car
door shut, the doors came down with a bang. She looked oddly at the
side of the house, but then made her way to the front door.

Ms. Kathleen was out of breath and laughing as she answered the bell's
summons. "Hello Amanda. C'mon in. It's almost done."

Amanda made her way into the house, astounded at the transformations
within the last month.

The sunken in living room now contained two plush couches arranged
together in an intimate setting with a large coffee table between them.
The fireplace had been remasoned and now opened out into the kitchen.
She was led into the den and was pleased to see that this was one room
that was completely finished. Ms. Kathleen had bookshelves all around
the room and a large desk positioned with two chairs before it.

Ms. Kathleen sat down behind the desk and moved the mouse of her
computer stopping the odd screen saver from rolling. "So what have you
brought me today?"

Amanda settled comfortably in one of the chairs, and propped up her new
briefcase in the other chair. After Ms. Kathleen's sizable commission
to her office, her boss had eked out a small bonus. No longer a totebag
to carry important papers. She drew out the deed and a checklist.

"This is for you." She handed over the Deed for Ms. Kathleen's perusal.
"And the checklist we forgot a month ago. May we go over it now while
you check that over?"

Ms. Kathleen waved her hand and continued reading.

"Okay, you already have your electricity and phones hooked up. Water
seems to be running fine. Refuse has been picked up?"

Ms. Kathleen nodded as she read. "Yep, currently have it as a daily
service. It will probably drop down to once a week at the end of this

"Right, ok. You seem to have found the local services just fine."

"I sign here?" Ms. Kathleen pointed to a line.

"Yes Ma'am," Amanda crossed off the checklist and signed it, setting it
back in her briefcase and smiled politely across the desk. "I admire
the fine work you've done restoring this place."

Ms. Kathleen's eyes swept up from the papers and a secretive smile
played at her lips. "Yes, things have gone rather smoothly. There is
still much left to do, but I imagine that by Autumn, my house should be
ready for a house warming party."

Amanda thought quickly, remembering the condition of the house until
now, and wondered what still needed to be done. But before she could
voice her confusion, the door leading to the outer hall was opened and
a man stepped in carrying a pitcher of pink lemonade with two glasses
full of ice. He was a very attractive man, appearing to just out of the
shower, the water still dewing on his unconcealed tanned shoulders.

Ms. Kathleen turned slightly to the disturbance and smiled. She ran a
painted nail down the man's arm. "Ah, Mitchell..what a lovely thought.
Such a good boy. Would you care for a drink, Amanda?"

Amanda had watched the little exchange with interest and barely found
her voice. "Yes, please."

The man carefully poured the two glasses and seemed to just slip away.

Ms. Kathleen finally finished reviewing the deeds and signed her name
with a flourish. "I think that does it! Good thing too, I've been so
happy with my choice of this house."

Amanda signed as a witness and tucked the documents away. She lifted the
lemonade glass in a paltry toast. "To your new home, Ms. Kathleen."

"Oh yes!" Ms. Kathleen clinked the glass and then laughed merrily.

Amanda smiled once more. The awkwardness of the previous moment passed.

"Do you have a few moments to spare me?" Ms. Kathleen had leaned back in
her chair and was eyeing Amanda lazily.

"Sure. I'm not due back until after lunch." Amanda sipped her lemonade

"Are you happy in your job?" The bluntness of the question almost made
Amanda choke, but she recovered and lifted her blue eyes toward the
waiting woman's face.

She smiled, but her eyes lowered. "It's what I'm trained to do." The
forced happiness in her voice came out all wrong. Sarcasm was easily

"Know anything about computers, like office manager skills?" Ms.
Kathleen drank a large swallow of lemonade, watching the girl before

"Well, yes. That was part of the training." Amanda paused as the door
opened once again to admit another man, this one a bit older who went
directly to Ms. Kathleen and leaned to whisper in her ear.

With a curt nod to the man, she rose and downed the rest of her drink.
"We'll have to continue this discussion another time. I have a worker
who is being lazy."

Amanda stood, extending her hand. "Of course. Thank you again and enjoy
your new home!"

Ms. Kathleen shook the hand warmly and then made a beeline out the side

Amanda shrugged and set the lemonade glass down. As she gathered her
briefcase and made her way to the door, a sharp crack drew her head
around. She shrugged and continued out.

Kathleen coiled the whip looking down at Brandon.

"I don't want excuses. I want the job done. How dare you choose THAT
particular moment to act up," She left the low bench and hung the whip
back up against the warm stained wood shelves.

Mitchell arrived to one side and whispered softly, "She's gone,

"Dammit!" Kathleen flexed a crop, looking down at the errant slave that
had caused the brevity of her prying interview.

Brandon was one of the slaves that thought it was all pain and pleasure
and no obedience. He had been in trouble time and time again. He was
also a very good plumber, which for Kathleen's purpose made him
non-expendable at the moment. Brandon let out a soft whimper and then
whispered hoarsely, "Mistress, I've missed you.."

The crop came down on the back of his thighs and he let out a yelp.

"As I've already explained, several times now Brandon, the work MUST be
done. I will NOT be as lenient in the future when asking fellow Dommes
for their best workers." Kathleen set down the crop and nodded to

Mitchell released Brandon of his restraints. He stepped back and then
turned to finish his own tasks upstairs.

Kathleen grasped Brandon's hair and pulled him down to the room that he
had been assigned.

"You know what I want. I gave you explicit details of the grotto. I also
stated that the plumbing needed to be done so that I don't have to be
worried about pipes freezing over in six months in the dead of winter.
For you, a master plumber, it should be no big deal. So why with
everyone else keeping on deadline, you are slacking off?"

Kathleen looked around the dusty interior of the room she had chosen to
be the grotto. It was going to be gorgeous when finished. A lovely HUGE
hot tub with boulders surrounding it. Right now though it was just a
mess. The electricians had completed their part, including the soft
recessed lighting even within several boulders that would be
underwater. She missed Frik and Frak(as their Mistress' had named them)
but they obviously wanted to please her and return to her side
immediately for they set to work on their duties quickly and quietly.

Brandon looked petulant but then nodded. "I've been delinquent in my
duties. I understand the discipline that you've given me."

Kathleen looked sharply at the man on the floor beside her. His eyes
told her most of the story though. He was still in training with a very
good friend of hers. Kathleen knew that her friend wasn't into
obedience as she was into it for the dominating sex. She should have
realized this one wouldn't understand. But Dammit, that Amanda.

Kathleen nodded and said curtly, "Back to work." She left Brandon and
continued back up to her office to mull over Amanda.

Kathleen had gotten vague impressions that Amanda may very well be a
switch, but unrealized. She was definitely submissive when it came to
getting her work done, but she had watched her over the last month with
surprising efficiency when it came to that dullard of a man she worked

Now as she relaxed at her desk, she thought over possible scenarios as
she flipped through the remaining work to be done. She needed a
secretary. She had always hated paperwork. She needed Amanda. But would
Amanda be willing to come work with her?

It was the middle of September when Amanda received a heavily inscribed
invitation in her personal mail. She tossed the usual ads
aside(although that cheap pizza sounded pretty good, her budget would
never allow it) and carefully opened the ivory envelope.

It was an invitation to Ms. Kathleen's house warming. How nice! Amanda
thought back a couple of months and remembered the lovely lady and the
house that she was renovating. Amanda thought about the coming winter
and being stuck all alone out there and then shrugged. Some folks like
seclusion. Uh oh. It stated that it was formal. Amanda laughed softly
to herself and looked around her small apartment. Far cry from being
vogue, but it suited her life. She had lived so frugally, barely
touching the money from her parents life insurance. Oh sure, she had
dipped into it to get her education and her car, but most of it was
still socked away in savings and a couple of certificates of deposit.

Just once she would really indulge. She laughed brightly. There weren't
too many extravagant stores in her little town, but if there were going
to be locals there, she wanted to make the best impression that she

She would ask for the day off! She would go shopping and then she would
have the full day off to rest and prepare.

But as she went into the office the next day, her boss had received an
invitation as well and refused to give her the time off. As she
fretted, she calmed herself down with the knowledge that she would
still be able to go shopping on Saturday before the party.


"One more store," Amanda said quietly to herself. She had been
disenchanted with the dresses available to her at the more upper class
stores in the local mall. The formal dresses they offered seemed like
bridesmaid clothes, or matronly women's wear.

She spotted a leather goods store and paused. Amanda had seen some very
lovely full leather dresses work for a formal occasion and she decided
to peek in and see what they had.

The scent that assailed her as she entered the store was overwhelming,
but brought a smile to her face.

A man about her own age came up to her. "Can I help you Ma'am?"

Amanda smiled at the 'Ma'am' and then looked around. "I'm looking for a
dress to wear for a special event."

"Yes Ma'am. Of course." He drew her to the back of the store, beyond the
jackets and accessories to where a full display of rather interesting
looking dresses were hanging. He paused and looked at her and then
nodding, pulling a black leather dress from the racks. It looked way
too short and was sleeveless, but he propelled her to the changing
room. "Try this one on."

In the cubicle, Amanda stared at the dress, inhaling the rich smell of
leather and sighed. Well why not? She wanted to make an impression on
people and this would definitely do it. She slipped out of her clothes
and slid the leather dress on, noting that she wouldn't be able to wear
regular undergarments with it. She peered at herself in the mirror,
turning this way and that. WOW! Was this too sexy to wear to a house

Amanda shrugged. Oh what the hell? It was once and she would probably
never wear it again. She slid it off once more and struggled into her
regular clothes before venturing out of the dressing room.

The salesman was there waiting and she lay the dress over his arm. "I'll
take it."

Shoes..she had. But where to get undergarments that would be

As she paid the extraordinary amount for the dress( was once
in a lifetime) she spied a lingerie shop that she usually avoided for a
more practical lifestyle. Today though...

Amanda held the dress wrapped in tissue and plastic and ran across the
street to the store. Her Saturday was almost gone and she still had
house chores to do before she got ready for the party.

The girls at the counter looked up at her entrance and blinked. They
both appeared to be high school kids, but as Amanda walked closer, she
noticed a wedding ring on one and the slight hint of grey hairs in the

"Hi there. Can we help you?" They both straightened up as if they were
siamese twins, their movements were smooth and together.

"I need something to wear under a dress I just purchased. I don't think
what I normally wear as undergarments would be appropriate." Amanda
held up the dress bag as if in explanation.

The girls both ooh and awed over the bag and then gently pulled the
leather dress out, nodding.

"Yes Ma'am of course," One went one way while the other went to the
other side of the shop. Amanda watched in bemused silence but was
rather shocked with what they returned with.

The one held a garter belt and stockings, while the other held out a
bustier, but it was cupless, more like an old fashioned corset. "I
couldn't..." Amanda started. The one girl shook her head. "You really
don't need any support with this dress and your figure is lovely. As
for the garter belt..well pantyhose wouldn't work in this'd
have a problem with static build up."

"I think we got the right sizes too, you may want to check." The other
girl spoke up, as she smiled at Amanda.

Amanda felt the warm feeling of a blush rising against her neck and face
and nodded. "No, I'm sure these will do," she was extremely embarrassed
because they both seemed to be so well informed and were looking up and
down at her appraisingly.

Amanda quickly paid and rushed out of the store into the mid afternoon
sunshine once more, shakily breathing in and out.

Amanda thought to herself again, "Oh hell, it's just for one night. I
can do this."


It was just after five in the evening when she finally got back to her
apartment. She had her grocery shopping finished and had found a rather
tasteful bottle of wine for a housewarming gift. She decided to
procrastinate on her laundry for one day.

She put away her groceries and then Amanda stepped into her bedroom and
carefully laid out her clothing purchases. How had she ever gotten the
courage to purchase such interesting clothes? She fingered the silk of
the lingerie and deeply breathed in the smell of the leather once more.

The phone rang, it's bell breaking the intensity of the moment. Amanda
looked at the phone incredulously..she hardly ever got calls, and today
of all days.

She picked it up and said a soft hello, only to hear laughter, hearty
female laughter on the other end.

"Amanda! Hello dear! It's Kathleen. Just calling to let you know when
the car will be around to pick you up."

" ok," Amanda started. "That's very generous of you. I can drive
myself if you need to use it for other purposes."

The laughter once again, light and airy but so full. "No's
fine. The driver is on loan to me and I'm taking full advantage of him.
So is 7 a good time?"

"Yes Ma'am," Amanda said quietly.

"Good girl!" The quick response came. "Can't wait to see you again
tonight! I've missed you!"

And the phone went dead.

Amanda took a quick look at the clock and dashed to her bathroom,
dislodging clothing as she went.

After a luxurious bath, Amanda had dried her hair feverishly and then
set curlers into it.

She had always worn very little makeup, so her primping consisted of
choosing her perfume and eyeliner to match the outfit. As the curlers
came out, her hair hung softly framing her face.

Amanda stood at the foot of the bed looking down at the clothing once
more. She slid on the bustier and the garter belt, thoughtfully
slipping on the stockings and snapping them into place.

As she turned back to the bed to collect the dress, she caught a view of
herself in the mirror. She paused and felt the flush covering her
watching her skin tinting a soft pink and her nipples hardening above
the bustier.


Amanda knew that she had a half way appropriate figure for her height,
yet the view she saw especially with the bustier drawing it into a more
hour glass shape. She was very awed.

Just as she started to wiggle into the leather dress, she realized that
she had forgotten underpants. She laughed as the leather covered her
face, her arms straight up in the air. Now was not the time to worry
about this, dammit, she was going to be sexy and slinky and vogue this

One thing she had from her mother that didn't get destroyed in the fire
was a lovely gossamer shawl. Her parents had attended a late night
party and the shawl was left in the car in their haste to get to sleep.
The chill of the evening must have made them crank up the old heating
system. The cause of the fire was never disputed.

Now she flung it over her shoulders. They were too bare for the Autumn
air. As she checked her appearance once more and stepped into her
shoes, the doorbell chimed.

With a quick glance at her wristwatch, she scooped her bag and the
festively decorated bottle of wine and made her way to the door.

A tall mildly attractive man stood there dressed as a chauffeur,
complete with a cap.

"Good evening, Miss Amanda. My name is Sean and I'll be driving you this
evening." Even with the droll statement he delivered, his eyes
appraised her quickly and then motioned to the limousine.

Long sleek and black and as the door was opened, Amanda left her paltry
life behind and felt as she had stepped into a dream.

The house was amazing. Ms. Kathleen was suspiciously absent from the
crowd of revelers as Amanda waded through. She noted each addition to
the main living area and smiled because she had seen the full

As the car had driven up the drive, she glowed as she noted the now
complete landscaping. The trees were planted and within a year would
provide some lovely shade to the front of the house. Some bushes lined
the drive and provided a unique divider to the now lush lawn that was
meticulously manicured.

Now though as she walked through the interior, making small talk and
smiling indulgently, she suddenly felt out of place. She placed the
bottle of wine on the kitchen counter, smiling to the man who had once
served lemonade to her and made her way back into the living room.

"Come in!" Ms. Kathleen was growling at the computer, feverishly typing
up one final report of the plumber's behavior with insistent
suggestions of further training. Her eyes raised as Mitchell walked in,
noting that his very tight uniform was showing more than she expected.

"You are missing your party, Mistress." Mitchell voice was edged with
excitement and she stood suddenly and walked over to him, grasping his
arousal through his trousers.

"What has you all worked up, hmm?" She manipulated his strong throbbing
cock against the zipper, tugging a bit too tightly, making him gasp.

"She's here, Mistress," Mitchell's eyes had closed in pleasure and the
statement came out in a hiss.

"Oh?" Ms. Kathleen, paused in Mitchell's torture to allow herself a
small smile, the dark red gash of lipstick parting over brilliantly
white teeth. "And this is your reaction to her?" She pulled his cock
roughly toward her.

Mitchell whimpered, and then panted slightly before answering. "Only
because I knew what pleasure it would bring you, Mistress."

"And how is she dressed, my darling Mitchell?" The zipper was down now
and her nails were against his flesh.

Quickly and quietly, pausing every so often for a hot panting, the
details of Amanda's dress came out. Ms. Kathleen suddenly shoved the
cock back into the trousers, and zipped it up a little too quickly.
Mitchell's hairs were caught in the enclosure and he glanced down
before eyeing her.

"Mistress?" His whimpered plea came out.

"Leave it. The pain should bring you pleasure for this evening during
this little excursion into vanilla entertainment." Ms. Kathleen's mind
was now beyond the man beside her and she made her way out to her room
to find an outfit to match Amanda's.

Amanda was on her second mug of hot apple cider and was becoming a
trifle bored. Already half the professional men from her dinky little
town had propositioned her, and although she had thought she would
enjoy the attention, they all were just too obvious.

The local women were shooting her looks of hatred, and this she found
quite amusing. The wonders that a proper dress and attitude had on a
mousy girl. And as Amanda made the simile to Cinderella, she almost
choked against the cider going down her throat.

It was almost 8:30 when Ms. Kathleen finally made her appearance. In a
stunning royal blue leather floor length dress, the back of it all
laced up from the very small of her back to her bare shoulders. So much
skin was showing that Amanda chuckled as the attention drew away from
her and focused on the hostess of the evening.

Dinner was served immediately after Ms. Kathleen's arrival in a small
tent that she had arranged on her back lawn. Rose bushes were still
blooming with lovely red and sterling silver blossoms and the music
that was provided completed the austere setting. She was seated between
two men who constantly made their presence known, not by chatting with
her, but by their palms resting on her thighs. With a twinkle in her
eye, she picked up both her salad fork and her dinner fork as if
inspecting them and sharply stabbed both hands simultaneously. The
palms did not invade again.

After a lovely dinner and small conversation, Amanda was relieved to see
most of the guests being shuffled to the door. Her own boss had made a
very untoward suggestion and she was hanging back from her own
departure to be sure that he found his way to his home and not hers.

Ms. Kathleen had watched Amanda very discreetly for most the evening,
noting with pleasure how she had managed the maulers at the dinner
table and the high flush on her cheeks now as she sipped another cider.
This was her third drink of the evening, Ms. Kathleen noted. She wasn't
drinking alcohol, but the juices that were provided. With dinner she
had cleaned her palate through the courses with water.

She snagged Mitchell as he was on the way to fetch another wrap of a
dowdy wife and whispered her instructions to him. He nodded and glanced
toward Amanda before scurrying on his way.

"Ms. Kathleen would be honored if you were to wait for a bit. She wishes
to show you the entire house as you were instrumental in the
beginning." Mitchell's low tone caught her by surprise.

"Of course! I'd love to see the rest!" Amanda was thrilled. Now she had
a valid excuse for waiting to leave. She watched amused as couple after
couple made their way out. And then it was just the staff and Ms.

Ms. Kathleen plopped unceremoniously in the couch next to her. "What do
you think, dear? Have I made the proper impression on the 'who's in'
crowd? I would dread having them wondering all winter who the hell I

Amanda laughed politely. "You had most of the upper crust of the town
here. But personally I think you gave of yourself without giving
yourself away."

Ms. Kathleen laughed heartily. The same laughter she had heard on the
phone so much earlier today. "Mind explaining that, Amanda?"

Amanda nervously fingered the hem of her dress. "Well. You spoke on many
topics, you have a flair that is undeniable, but at the same time, you
never spoke of yourself. What you do. What you plan to do. Where you
are from."

"Good job!" Ms. Kathleen stood up from the couch. "You are absolutely
right! And if you remember, I enjoy the privilege of my privacy. In
this kind of game though, you need to give them a little bit. Let them
think I'm eccentric. There are times when I think that myself." Ms.
Kathleen held a hand out. "Ready for the tour?"

Amanda grasped the strong hand and stood up, shifting the leather ever
so slightly. She smiled at Ms. Kathleen and nodded. "Yes please. I'd
love to see what you've done to the rest."

Ms. Kathleen now pointed out the hidden treasures of the living room.
The fireplace was wood burning and was still roaring merrily in the
hearth. The entertainment system that had provided music for the dinner
had speakers so cleverly disguised that Amanda hadn't realized that
they were there.

"Music is handled through a main control area, but there are speakers
throughout the house, including into the back yard area." Ms. Kathleen
led her into the kitchen were the staff was now cleaning dishes and
packaging leftover foodstuffs away. "I like my nook there, that is
where I usually dine." What Ms. Kathleen pointed out was more a window
seat than a nook. It had a table that was placed diagonally from the
seat and looked quite comfortable.

What struck Amanda as odd was the lack of chatter. Even with the soft
muted music that must go through the entire house, the staff was very
quiet. The four men dressed smartly in waiter apparel were almost
automaton in their motions. The man that had served her lemonade was
not among them and she wondered briefly if she had missed his

As they continued down the hall, Ms. Kathleen pointed to the guest
lounge which Amanda smiled and confessed to already having seen. The
next room appeared to be a bedroom, but had two sets of bunk beds and
bare minimum of furniture beyond that. There was one dresser in the
room, but no chairs, no desks and everything was perfect. The beds were
made with military precision and Amanda could see a drill sergeant
bouncing a quarter with no problem.

The next room was a bit less severe. A single bed with a decidedly
feminine comforter. A huge overstuffed chair. A wide chest of drawers.
A desk with a computer and office chair along with a phone.

"Is this your room?" Amanda asked innocently and was astounded with Ms.
Kathleen hearty laugh once more.

"Good heavens, no." Ms. Kathleen walked to the other side of the
basement stairs and pulled open the double doors. "This is my room,

A beautiful suite in burgundy and forest greens with the rich red of the
mahogany wood. The huge almost sinful bed was the dominating feature,
the accents adding to the decor rather than detracting from it. There
was another door partially opened into a lounge area and a huge walk in
closet as well.

"You've redone this so nicely!" Amanda smiled as she surveyed the room.
Ms. Kathleen watched Amanda's expression through each room and then
nodded to herself, making up her mind.

"There is more." Ms. Kathleen hit a switch, highlighting the basement
stairs and Amanda eagerly followed her down.

There was a huge washer and dryer, almost a commercial quality that was
fronting the stairs with a linen closet above it. As they turned the
corner, a huge family room was revealed. Ms. Kathleen had redone it in
dark browns and rust. A flat screen television, big enough to be
mistaken for a slide projector screen stood on one side with a huge
wall of contemporary movies for both VCR and DVD players. The
entertainment system that she spoke of was situated on another wall
with several classical CDs littered across it. With a smile, Ms.
Kathleen flipped a switch and the strains of Meredith Brooks' 'Bitch'
started to lull through the speakers. The rest of the room was just one
continuous couch.

"So have you done anything to the fruit cellar?" Amanda asked, still
eyeing the expensive equipment with a wry smile.

Ms. Kathleen looked at Amanda and Amanda returned the gaze with
question. Once more, Ms. Kathleen nodded as if making up her mind. "Yes
in fact, that's one of the reasons I had you stay. I WANT you to work
for me. NEED you. I'm a complete mess when it comes to paperwork and
I've really come to the end of my patience with it. In my profession, I
constantly need reports written, correspondence kept up, and daily
tasks done on the computer."

Amanda gulped. "Well there is a rather respectable temporary service in
town that could probably help you out. What kind of business do you

"Ah..." Ms. Kathleen smiled and then motioned Amanda to join her at the
fruit cellar door. "You see that is the key. My business is
specialized, and I do believe that you are the only one in this little
hick town that could possibly manage to help me with it."

The door opened and the first thing that Amanda saw was that the cellar
had actually been divided into separate sections. To her left was
pretty much an identical room as the family room but it was ALL couches
in a U design, with a wooden post in the middle. To her right was what
appeared to be a tack room. There were crops and whips and what looked
to be leather reins and harnesses. As she entered into the cellar a bit
more, there was a lounge down here as well, back behind where the
laundry facilities was, complete with a shower. A room that looked like
a chapel came next with row upon row of candles, none lit and a wooden
plank table in front of it. What looked like a storage room was the
last room on the right. It looked to be a carpenter's shop, with wooden
horses, and an odd looking cross. Ms. Kathleen remained quiet through
her inspection, but tugged her hand slightly to lead her to the last
room on the left. As she walked into the room, the heat of the water
steamed against her face, and she was looking at an indoor pool
lavishly made with stones and plants, a small waterfall falling at one

"Well this is all lovely, but I still don't understand." Amanda turned
to face Ms. Kathleen. "Are you planning to train horses?"

Ms. Kathleen let her head fall back and her laugh echoed into the walls
of the grotto. She composed herself and led Amanda back through to the
stairs once more. "You are an innocent little thing aren't you?" She
continued up the stairs and paused before the hall door to her office.
"Come with me, Amanda. You may be a bit confused at the moment but all
will be explained."

As they walked through the door, Amanda spied the man who had served her
lemonade standing very much at attention with his hands laced behind
his neck.

"Oh good. Mitchell. Perfect." Ms. Kathleen nodded toward a seat for
Amanda and sat behind the desk herself. "Mitchell, describe your
function here."

Mitchell's face was contorting slightly but he managed a large breath
before speaking. "I am Ms. Kathleen's slave. The head slave of the
household. I help in training procedures as well as make sure that Ms.
Kathleen's needs are met." A small amount of color was rising to his
cheeks as Amanda tried to grasp this information.

"Are ..all.." Amanda stopped fluttering her response to this
until she could think of a proper question to ask. "You are a
Dominate?" She asked this to Ms. Kathleen, trying to avoid glancing at

"Yes! And I can't tell you how pleased I am that you know the word," Ms.
Kathleen motioned Mitchell closer and with a quick flip of her wrist,
yanked the zipper down on his trousers. Mitchell cut off a scream and
immediately whimpered something.

"Louder slave," Ms. Kathleen played with the zipper for a few moments as
Amanda sat stunned watching.

"Thank you Mistress. It was exquisite torture to serve you in this way.
Thank you." Mitchell was all but groveling.

Amanda listened to the passion in his voice and smiled. She knew of some
people that liked this kind of kink. She never ventured to try it, for
she had always had mixed reactions. One day she may feel dominating,
the next she may feel small and willing to do anything.

Ms. Kathleen turned her attention from Mitchell to Amanda. She watched
the emotions range across her face, from disgust, to understanding, to
yearning. "You will of course understand now why I would need a
discreet person to work with me. The reports that would need to be done
would be training reports on the various slaves that come here. The
correspondence would be of a nature that a 'temporary' service would
have hissy fits just seeing. I am willing to offer you quite a unique
package of benefits as well as a substantial salary to come to work for
me. One minor detail would be that you would have to live here with

"That one room...," Amanda ventured, only to see Ms. Kathleen's head

"Yes. That is for you, if you were to work here." Ms. Kathleen snapped
her fingers and pointed to the door. Mitchell left quietly, almost

Amanda sat quietly, thinking of the things that she would have to give
up compared to the things that she would gain. She had gotten to the
point that she didn't really like her job anymore. Her small apartment
was no big deal. She really had no social life in town, preferring to
remain at home with a book or a movie with a bag of popcorn.

Ms. Kathleen had a paper in front of her and turned it around so that
Amanda could see clearly all that was being offered to her.

A 'substantial' salary? It was triple to what she was earning now.
Complete medical and dental coverage, including the statement that a
total physical must be administered by her third month of employment. A
paid vacation that was required every year. A retirement plan as well
as stated compensation after several years of employment, changing in
percentage after a period of time.

Amanda couldn't restrain it. "Wow!"

"Enticing isn't it?" Ms. Kathleen purred almost like a cat. "Of course
you also have to be bonded and sign before witnesses that what is
transacted here is treated as utmost private. I have several very
respectable men that will come here for training and they will not
appreciate their names appearing on National Inquirer's front page."

A knock from the door gave Amanda another few moments to review the
situation. Sean entered the room stood next to Ms. Kathleen's desk.

"Your guests have made it home safely, Mistress," His voice had gotten
softer as the evening had progressed. His eyes were focused on his feet
but his whole attention was toward the woman seated at the desk.

"Very good, Sean. You've done very well. I'm sure that Lady Olivia will
be pleased with your performance. Now strip." Ms. Kathleen's words were
sharp and to the point.

Without hesitation, Sean proceeded to remove his clothes, setting his
hat on the desk, and then folding each garment following. When he
finally was naked Ms. Kathleen inspected him and then snapped a finger,
pointing down. Sean kneeled down beside the desk.

Amanda had watched quietly, noting the calm obedience that Sean had
completed the task. He had a very nice body and held it well, even as
he kneeled. Ms. Kathleen rested one of her high heels into his crotch
and turned to Amanda once more.

"Do you feel uncomfortable? Do you find this distasteful or awkward?"
Ms. Kathleen was calm, she was neither angry and hateful toward Sean,
just completely in control.

"I don't think so. I have to get adjusted to this way of thinking, but
it's not uncomfortable to me." Amanda then nodded. "I think I would
like to work here, Ma'am."

"Ah.. Ok, first thing, you may call me Ms. Kathleen, not Ma'am. Ma'am
and Mistress are words of respect which I expect from my slaves, not
from my office manager." Ms. Kathleen nudged her heel in a bit more
causing Sean to gasp softly and wiggle a bit in position. "Sean, don't

"Yes Mistress," Sean stayed still.

"Then here's what we'll do. You may stay tonight and tomorrow, Sean will
go with you to take care of your apartment. He's mine for another two
days, so that will be a good break from driving. You can submit your
resignation from here to that piddly little realtor that you used to
work for. He was coming on to you tonight, wasn't he?" Ms. Kathleen had
placed one hand on Sean's hair and was rhythmically stroking her nails
through the lushness of it.

"Yes Ms. Kathleen, in fact he was." Amanda could imagine the shock and
surprise that her departure would have on the office.

"Would you care to join me in the grotto before sleep?" Ms. Kathleen was
grasping Sean's hair now, tugging it slightly with each stroke.

"Is that what you call your pool downstairs?" Amanda smiled softly.
"It's enticing, Ms. Kathleen, but I think I'd prefer sleep this

"Very well." Ms. Kathleen glanced at the clock and stood up from the
desk, pulling Sean along by the hair so that he crawled next to her
legs. "It's inspection time for the staff anyways. Since this is your
first evening here, you may as well get used to routine. It's the one
thing that I insist on. Keeps the slaves on their toes." She walked to
the hall door and opened it, placing a firm heel against Sean's ass to
encourage him along. "Come along dear. This will be your job soon

Amanda followed, assuming that Ms. Kathleen had meant inspection of the
kitchen. Instead, Ms. Kathleen pulled open the door to the room with
the bunk beds in it. The four men that were helping in the kitchen
earlier were naked and standing by the bunk beds, their eyes downcast.
Ms. Kathleen's inspection was to gently slides her nails against each
slave's skin. Soft words were said to each, "Good job Manuel; Randy,
the salad dressing was divine; Thomas, do you really think I didn't see
you loafing?; Christopher, my darling, if you ever show up so
improperly dressed again, you will not be allowed your privileges
here." And with that done, Ms. Kathleen snapped her fingers and Amanda
watched amazed as the men climbed into the severe bunk beds. Three were
chained to the beds, but the fourth, Thomas, was also placed in a cock
restraint, tightly.

"And that is an inspection dear. Good night my lovelies." Ms. Kathleen
walked back to the door, flicking the main switch off. Sean followed
upon his knees and Amanda came quietly afterward.

"Are all these men your slaves?" Amanda ventured to ask just outside her

"No darling, just Mitchell. The rest are here for training, either from
other Mistresses or on their own. Sean here.." Ms. Kathleen grabbed his
hair and pulled his face up so that his dark brown eyes gazed up at
Amanda, "is one that came here on his Mistress' advice. I have had him
for almost two weeks. So the faces change quite often around here. Do
you need any help with your garments hon?"

"Oh no, I'll be fine," Amanda said with a shy smile. "What time can I
expect to go to my apartment?"

"OLD apartment dear. Oh around 10 should be a good time." Ms. Kathleen
nudged Sean towards the basement stairs. "Have pleasantly wicked
dreams, dear."

With so many thoughts encircling her mind, Amanda softly pulled the
leather dress from her skin. She still had on the lingerie though and
there was a lovely silk robe hanging in the closet. Amanda stepped from
the shoes and set them up side by side before curling on the bed.

She was open minded enough to understand the situation here. Her town
wouldn't be if they were to know. After a while, Amanda dropped off
into a light sleep, still hearing the strains of Meredith Brooks.

It was close to 4:00 in the morning when she awoke with the urgent need
to use the rest room. Fumbling to recall where she was and where the
lounge was located, she tugged open the door to her room, and came upon
Mitchell, chained and tied outside Ms. Kathleen's door. Mitchell
glanced up at her, shrugged and curled back down, but his eyes had
spied the opening in the robe and the brevity of her undergarments.
With a quick tug, Amanda pulled the robe around her once more and made
her way to the lounge, doing the necessities before returning once more
to her room.

The laughter of the slaves next door woke her about 4 hours later.
Amanda stretched and yawned, finally realizing she had nothing to wear
but the robe or the leather dress. Well at least the robe was a kimono
type and she could tie it tight. She did take off her stockings though,
setting them on the dresser so that she could make her bed quickly.

She made her way once more to the lounge, noting the absence of Mitchell
from the door. She splashed her face with cool water feeling the
humidity in the room indicating showers were taken, but the room itself
was in perfect order.

Her one failing was that she tended to be cranky in the morning without
at least one cup of coffee to wake her. She continued down the hall to
the kitchen area and was surprised at the activity so early in the

Ms. Kathleen was seated at the nook and Mitchell and Sean were on the
floor in front of her. The other four bustled about the kitchen almost
like clockwork, preparing breakfast and laughing among themselves.

"Oh lovely! Good morning darling!" Ms. Kathleen patted the seat beside
her. "Come on in. Coffee hon?"

Amanda sat next to Ms. Kathleen, nodding dumbly. "Oh please yes." Ms.
Kathleen looked pointedly at Sean who immediately walked into the
kitchen, fetching a large mug of coffee, and pouring a small pitcher of
warmed milk to it. He came back to Amanda and knelt before her offering
it up as a precious jewel. His posture was so perfect, his broad
shoulders thrown back with pride, his chest even with his stomach that
Amanda didn't need to look down any further. Amanda smiled and
gratefully lifted the mug to her lips, sighing in bliss as the caffeine
worked it's magic.

"Oh this is going to be a good day!" Ms. Kathleen stretched and smiled.
"We are losing two of our staff today, but then again, we don't usually
have this many." One of the four brought over two plates of crisp
golden cheese omelettes along with a plate of toast, piled high. Ms.
Kathleen immediately started into her breakfast, nudging a wedge of
toast against Mitchell's lips. "I need six hands when it comes to this
many! Could you handle Sean?"

Amanda watched, and then picked up one of the pieces of toast. She
teased it against Sean's full lips, watching his reactions, before
pulling it back. She placed it on the table and drank more coffee.

Ms. Kathleen watched the exchange and laughed. "Feeling a bit Dommish
this morning, dear?"

Amanda shot Ms. Kathleen a smile and held the toast back out to Sean,
waiting patiently as he took a bite, chewing it without looking up.
There was something to be said for having a vital virile man curled at
your feet. Amanda nudged the toast again and picked up the fork in her
other hand eyeing the omelette with pleasure before taking a bite. She
was on her third bite of this concoction when the toast was finished, a
warm tongue lapped at the fingers of her hand. She glanced to Ms.
Kathleen, who was thoroughly involved with her own breakfast, and
picked up another piece of toast, putting it within Sean's reach.

Breakfast continued with a large bowl of fruit being placed on the table
and Ms. Kathleen offering bits and pieces to Mitchell. Amanda watched
the example and proffered a grape to Sean, who softly sucked it into
his mouth, taking her fingertip as well. Amanda startled, feeling his
teeth against her skin and she felt a warmth through her.

Ms. Kathleen smiled. "He is good isn't he, the little devil. Lady Olivia
is very lucky to have found him. Such a nice part of her collection.
He's been such a good boy here."

Amanda nodded, slightly aroused, but picked a bit of melon to chew
herself. Watching the man before her.

Breakfast ended all too quickly and Ms. Kathleen asked her into her
office for today's tasks. As Amanda made herself comfortable once more,
she smiled in the warmth of the sunlight coming through the east facing

Ms. Kathleen was going over the travel arrangements of the two that were
leaving and that Mitchell would take them to the airport that was
located an hour away. "You will take Sean in the Bronco to your
apartment. We have boxes that we can use. I would suggest storing your
furniture in a local storage facility. And then you can either reclaim
it or be rid of it at your leisure. Clothing, personal effects, what
you feel would be essential to living here. Oh," Ms. Kathleen chuckled.
"Do you have something to wear? Or did you want to return to your place
in that yummy outfit your were wearing last night."

Amanda weighed the question carefully and shrugged. "Oh I'll wear the

"Wonderful. Ok then, when you're ready just let me know and we'll get
you on your way." Ms. Kathleen smiled. "Sometime this afternoon will go
over the way we do reports here."

A short time later, dressed once more in the leather outfit, Amanda was
on her way back to her apartment. Sean had driven the Bronco around to
the front of the house with it's back filled with unfolded boxes.

Amanda was going through her house inventory of what needed to be stored
and what could be brought along with her. She would give the groceries
she just purchased to a local food bank as well as what was left in her
kitchen. There was a store and lock place not too far away, and she
would dip into her savings again to have professional movers pack up
the space.

When they reached the apartment, Sean backed the Bronco up and let the
tail gate hang down. He carried an armful of the unfolded boxes up
behind Amanda, who was searching for her key. Amanda let him in to her
apartment and then sent him into the kitchen to get started on the
packing there.

She went into her room and stripped out of the leather dress, stretching
as she did. She would throw on a sweat suit for the moment. She dressed
quickly and caught her hair back into a rubberband before peeking into
the kitchen to see how Sean was doing.

Sean caught her eyes, and gestured to the refrigerator. "Is that all you
really eat, Miss Amanda?"

Amanda laughed. "Generally. I'm not fastidious when it comes to eating.
Make sure that you get the pantry food too." Amanda swept back into the
living room and grabbed a box. She would start with the smallest room
first. Bathroom.

As she filled box after box, Sean quietly carried them down to the
Bronco. After an hour and a half of combined effort, Amanda called for
a break, smiling at what was achieved already.

"Did you save out that lemonade, by chance?" Amanda asked.

"No, Miss, but I know which box it's in." The kitchen boxes had been set
aside and there was supposed to be someone coming to fetch them.

"Well grab it quick!" Amanda laughed. "They have plenty from me without
sparing us a drink."

Two glasses were filled, the ice bucket emptied, and the refrigerator
turned off to defrost.

Sean sat comfortably next to her in the living room as she went through
old books and videos. She paused long enough to smile up at him and
take her glass before she continued.

"Sean, why are you ..." Amanda kept her concentration on her task, but
her mind was filled with questions.

"A slave?" Sean supplied, and then took a drink of the lemonade. "Would
it help to tell you that I enjoy more than just following orders?"

"I would like to hear your opinion yes. I am not totally unfamiliar with
the lifestyle, but I haven't really known someone like you," Amanda
looked up.

"I like the feeling it gives me when I've done something so well that it
gives a person pleasure. It's not just about sex, Lady Olivia is not a
sex fiend. Sex does fall into that though. I crave certain things that
no one in the 'outside' world would understand." Sean broke off and
helped to seal another full carton.

"Do you like the pain as well?" Amanda drank some of her lemonade and
looked deeply at Sean.

"It's hard to describe the feeling..ah.. Ok. When your foot falls
asleep, and when you try to move it you have tingles and pain, and it's
half way between hurting and pleasure?" Sean lifted Amanda's foot to
prove his point, trailing a finger down her arch.

"Yes.." Amanda watched, interested.

"When I am being tugged on, whipped on, slapped on...I get the same sort
of feeling but intensified, many times over." Sean closed his eyes and
shivered despite the warmth of the room. "It's very pleasurable to me."

The knock on the door broke the mood and surprisingly enough it was both
the food bank supervisor and the moving company. As the kitchen boxes
were cleared out by Sean and the food bank supervisor, Amanda chatted
with the moving company crew, asking that the larger furniture be
stored away until a decision to be made. Papers were signed and keys
were passed over. Amanda smiled as they left and Sean returned

"So what's left?" Sean asked. He looked at some of the boxes that she
had already packed.

"I think we are just about done. Want to get started bringing down the
last boxes and I'll finish up packing?" Amanda stood up and drank down
the last of the lemonade.

"Sure thing, Miss Amanda," Sean grinned and hefted a box making his way
out the door.

Amanda went through each room carefully, only four of them, the
kitchen/dinette area, the living room, the bedroom and bath. She
unplugged the phone and took the last box into the bedroom. She had
managed to get most of her clothes already packed, but now it was more
of rush to get the last bit done. She was eager to begin the new
chapter of her life

I will Continue if i get good resluts :)

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A very well written story. Such a refreshing change from the typing/masturbaters that usually appear here. I also love the fact that you know what a paragraph and correct punctuation are.

I love the plot as well. I would love to see much more of this as it unfolds. I like Amanda very much. Willing to follow orders and instruction and yet willing to make orders and instructions when needed.

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2010-11-28 08:47:16
A very well written story. Such a refreshing change from the typing/masturbaters that usually appear here. I also love the fact that you know what a paragraph and correct punctuation are.

I love the plot as well. I would love to see much more of this as it unfolds. I like Amanda very much. Willing to follow orders and instruction and yet willing to make orders and instructions when needed.

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A very well written story. Such a refreshing change from the typing/masturbaters that usually appear here. I also love the fact that you know what a paragraph and correct punctuation are.

I love the plot as well. I would love to see much more of this as it unfolds. I like Amanda very much. Willing to follow orders and instruction and yet willing to make orders and instructions when needed.

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