After high school Elaine wanted to go back packing across the country. She had never left her home town and was eager to see the world but knew her parents would never approve. Elaine’s parents were deeply religious and very protective. She still had a curfew at 19, and had to report to her parents everywhere she went. Occasionally she would sneak out of the house to go to a local night club; she had been doing this for a couple years despite the fact she was underage.

Elaine was very popular, attractive and well endowed. She was only 5 ft tall and very thin with bleach blond hair and large breasts. She would flirt with older men at the club, but would rarely go home with any of them. Despite her young age Elaine was very aware of what men wanted and would use this to her advantage whenever possible. She would use her sex appeal to get men to buy her drinks and whatever else she wanted. Elaine would only pay attention to the guys who were the best dressed and appeared to have the most money. She would flirt with them and rub up against them and with a wink and a smile she could get almost anything she wanted.

Just after her 19th birthday Elaine managed to convince her parent to let her go to university in another nearby city. They wanted her to go to a local college, but Elaine convinced them that her opportunities in life would be better if she went to the more prestigious school 300kms away. She registered for the school, and her parents wrote a cheque for the first semester. After the summer Elaine packed her bags, kissed her parent’s good bye and got on a bus to go away to school. But Elaine had no intention of going to university, she had cancelled the courses and had the money refunded and put it into her own personnel account. She transferred buses in the city and headed across the country.

Elaine went off on her own adventure, and called her parents every week telling them that she had settled in at the dorms in the university and that classes were going well. Meanwhile she was drinking and partying and spending her parent’s money.

A month and a half passed and Elaine managed to find her way all the way across the country. She was running out of money and so started to use her feminine charms to get what she needed. She had no intention of sleeping with men for money, she wasn’t that kind of girl, but she would lead them on and get them to buy her dinner and put her up.

Elaine was almost broke and needed a place to stay. She met a man at night club who was well dressed in a suit and tie, with a gold watch and rings. He was well groomed and had wad of cash. He bought Elaine a few drinks and chatted her up. He said he was a doctor, and he seemed very nice. He was attractive for an older man in his 40’s and obviously had a lot of money. He was friendly and charming and offered to let Elaine spend the night at his house. Elaine knew it wasn’t a good idea but she felt safe with the doctor who identified himself as Karl and so being short on options she decided to go home with him. She realized she might have to sleep with him but decided it could be worse.

Karl led her to a new BMW in the parking lot and drove for about 30 minutes. He took her to a beautiful home in the country, a large stone house on 5 acres. He was calm and relaxing and made Elaine feel very much at ease. He brought her inside and Elaine was immediately impressed by the house, it was well furnished and unbelievably large.

Karl poured her a glass of fine white wine, and then another and the couple talked well into the night. Karl made no effort to touch her and she began to relax. He seemed very friendly caring and asked a lot of questions. She told him how she had run away and that her parents thought she was in university across the country. Karl seemed concerned and suggested she should call them and tell them where she was but Elaine wasn’t ready to face her parents.

Elaine woke up, she had a pounding headache and was very groggy, her head was foggy and she was disoriented. She couldn’t remember at first where she was or how she had got there, she didn’t remember going to sleep. She found herself very uncomfortable, cold and sore, like she had been sleeping face down on the cold floor. She opened her eyes and was confused by her surroundings. It was very dim and she was in a stark stone room laying face first on a hard wooden surface in an awkward position with pain in her boney hips. She tried to roll over and get up, but to her shock she couldn’t. She began to look around confused. That is when she realized to her horror she was strapped down face first on a large rough oak table. She looked down and realized she was naked, her hips hurt because she was bent over wooden block, pushing her bare ass into the air.
She tugged on her hands and looked down. Broad metal straps were over her wrists and attached to the table. Additional straps held her legs, with one around her waist and another around her neck.

Elaine’s screams echoed off the walls “HELP!!!! HELLP!” as she panicked. She tugged at her restraints but found she couldn’t move at all. She slowly remembered going home with the doctor and realized to her horror nobody knew where she was.

Suddenly a large oak door opened and light spilled into the room stinging her eyes. She could see the large muscular shadow of Karl enter the room. He was naked except for leather boots and a ski mask, his huge fat cock fully erect and protruding 9 inches, grasped in his thick strong hand. It was the biggest cock she had ever seen. He was very muscular, 6ft tall and probably 210lbs or more. His face was covered by a ski mask but she could tell who it was. He stood with one hand stroking his cock looking at her with an evil sadistic grin.

“Well well, my new fuck toy is awake” He laughed

Elaine began to cry, she thought she must be having a nightmare “Please, please what is happening, what are you doing, why am I tied up?”

Karl laughed again and stated coldly “Welcome home whore slut, you are my new fuck pig, your life as you knew it is over, this is your room from now on and I am going to use you in ways you never imagined”

Elaine couldn’t believe her ears, she was sure she must be having a nightmare “This… this can’t be happening… please… please let me go”

Another laugh “No you fucking whore, this IS happening, and I will NEVER let you go, you will die here”

Elaine couldn’t believe her ears, sheer panic set in and she began to scream and sob “PLEASE PLEASE LET ME GO!! FUCK YOU, YOU FUCKING PSYCHO!, LET ME GO!!”

Karl walked over to her and picked up her dirty panties off the floor, the ones she had been wearing for 3 days. “Shut the fuck up you piece of shit, I don’t want to hear you screaming right now” as he shoved them in her mouth muffling her cries.

Karl walked around her, and began to turn on four bright spot lights, located in each corner. The room got painfully bright, and Elaine had to squint, her head started pounding. She noticed a large TV screen come to life, which was mounted behind plexi-glass on the wall directly in front of her. On the screen she could see a split screen of herself from 4 different camera angles. She could see that she was naked, and secured by 2 metal straps on each arm and leg, one around her waist and one around her neck, they were anchored to the table with large bolts.

Karl walked around behind her, standing with his cock hovering just over her ass. She could only see him on the TV screen in front of her, but she had a good view of her behind from 2 different angles.

He placed his hand on her ass cheek and began to rub it. “Such a sweet, tight, young little ass…” he murmured almost under his breath “Have you been fucked in it yet slut?”

Elaine’s eyes opened wide in terror, she had never had more than a finger in her ass, and even that was uncomfortable, she was terrified at the implication that he might stick his massive cock into it. She shook her head as much as she could and let out a whimper into her filthy panty gag.

Karl began to laugh again “Well then slut it’s going to hurt a lot when I fuck your tight little virgin ass, but it’s going to feel so good for me…” as he stroked his chin thoughtfully.

“I know what I will do, I’m going to do something nice for you to take your mind off of it” again he laughed as he began to walk out of the room leaving her naked, frightened and exposed.

A few minutes later Karl walked back into the room carrying a hammer and some nails, the evil grin on his face wider than ever. He walked silently up to her where she lay face down on the table her large perky tits pressed firmly against the rough oak table top. He reached under her and grabbed a breast roughly, pinching the nipple and pulling it to the side, out from under her as she began to sob louder.

Elaine was terrified beyond anything she had ever imagined, she wasn’t sure what he was up to at first, but the hammer and nails scared her, and she only became more terrified as she began to realize what he was about to do. Tears ran down her face and she began to scream, spitting out the dirty panties as she did so. “Please, Please don’t do this please, stop! Oh god please!”

He laughed again holding her nipple firmly against the table, placed the tip of the nail against it and lined up the hammer.

Elaine pleaded, screaming and crying “NO! NO PLEASE! PLEASE NO!”

Karl just laughed, enjoying her screams as he struck the nail, driving it through her nipple painfully and sinking the tip into the table, then proceeded to hammer it all the way in until her nipple was crushed against the table.

Elaine’s screams echoed off of the walls deafeningly as she found herself in more pain than ever before in her life. She couldn’t believe he had nailed her nipple to the table top, but she could see it happening clearly on the TV in front of her. Karl grabbed her other nipple, pulling it roughly to the side as far as he could stretch it, and proceeded to nail it firmly to the table as Elaine howled in agony, laughing as he did so.

“There fuck pig, a couple of nice piercing for you, that should help take your mind off of it while I rape your tight little ass” Karl said cruelly, still laughing.

Karl then looked at the handful of nails he had brought with him and paused for a minute, contemplating. Then walked around behind her, rubbing his cock between the cheeks of her nice firm round little butt as Elaine just laid there and sobbed.

Karl then grabbed one of Elaine’s labia, stretching it down to see if it would reach the wooden block under her hips. It was a stretch but he found it would just reach, so he held it firmly in place and placed a nail against it, lining up the hammer again.

Elaine sobbed “Why?! Why are you doing this! Please! PLEASE STOP!”

Karl just laughed again and hammered the nail through her pussy lip, firmly fastening it to the block, cutting her pleas short and replacing them with screams of agony. Karl grabbed her other labia and spread her pussy wide, stretching it to reach the block under her hips, then proceeded to nail it in place, chuckling the whole time while she screamed.

Karl walked around in front of her, his cock hovering just in front of her face. “Now fuck pig, beg me to fuck you in the ass or I will nail your hands and feet to the table too.”

Elaine just sobbed and screamed in agony, her head spinning her mind struggling to comprehend her situation; she simply could not process what was happening to her. She managed to whimper another defiant “Fuck you”

Karl shrugged and walked to her side, grabbing her hand and pressing it flat to the table. Elaine tried to pull away but her arms were well secured and it was hopeless, he placed the nail against her palm and lined up the hammer.

Elaine managed for a moment to regain her wits, and her instincts of self preservation kicked in, she whimpered quietly “Ok, ok, Ok please fuck me in the ass”

Karl laughed and struck the nail, blow after blow forcing it between the bones of her palm and nailing her hand to the table. “Oh I will slut, I will but not until I’ve made sure I’ve nailed you firmly in place”

Elaine continues to scream and howl in agony, but she was defenceless to stop him. Karl walked around to her other side and nailed her other hand to the table. The pain was so great everything went black and Elaine passed out.

When she woke up she was in agony, she found Karl standing in front of her dangling five fish hooks from little chains. Elaine was horrified beyond anything she could have ever imagined, she tried to move but found herself in incredible pain. She stared at Karl, his fat 9” cock still hard, only inches from her face. He grabbed her lower lip. She instinctively tried to bite his fingers, but the attempt was met by a savage punch in the head. She saw stars and everything faded for a second, but she was quickly jolted back to reality as the fish hook pierced the bottom left corner of her lip. Karl grabbed the other corner of her lip and pushed a second fish hook through it. Then a fish hook through each nostril. He attached the chains from her nose to the ceiling above her, and the chains from her lips to the table below her, forcing her mouth open as wide as she could open it. Elaine could no longer close her mouth, and she could no longer talk. Karl grabbed her tongue firmly, forcing the last hook through, then pulled her tongue out as far as it could reach and attached the hook to the table.

Karl then proceeded to unbolt the straps on her arms, hips and neck leaving her fastened by the nails, hooks, and the straps around her legs.

Karl smiled walking around in front of her, smiling as he leaned down to face level. “There we go my little fuck toy, you have some nice new piercing… my gift to you”

Elaine sobbed in response unable to talk.

Karl just laughed again and picked up a tattoo gun “Now fuck pig, now that you have some pretty new piercings I think you need some tattoos”

Karl walked around behind her, as she watched in horror on the TV screen and began to tattoo her lower back. He tattooed the tramp stamp on her lower back “Cock goes in my asshole” and an arrow down her crack ending just before her exposed asshole. Then another tattoo on each butt cheek. One that said “Dr. K’s Anal Fuck Pig” And another on her left cheek that said “Property of Dr K” He then proceeded to walk around in front of her, and tattooed her forehead with “Fuck meat” and a tattoo on each cheek with arrows pointing to her mouth one saying “Put cock here” and another that said “Your asshole here”

Karl put down the tattoo gun, and picked up an electric hair trimmer and shaved Elaine’s head, removing her bleach blond hair while he rubbed his cock on her face. Elaine just sobbed silently, unable to do anything to stop him.

“There we go, you look like a proper little fuck toy” Karl laughed again “I can’t wait to send the DVD’s home to your folks, so they can see what kind of education you are getting in university”

Elaine sobbed in response.

“Ok now slut, I’m going to fuck you in the ass. Are you ready to lose your anal virginity?” Karl laughed again walking around behind her and giving her ass a slap right across the tattoo.

Karl moved a camera on a stand closer, so Elaine could see clearly on the TV her exposed ass from above. He pressed his cock against her ass and tried to push it in.

“God you’re a tight ass slut” he laughed spitting down her crack, pushing the head of his cock into her.

Karl grunted with satisfaction as the head of his cock parted her ass, pushing it in slowly. Karl didn’t hesitate, as soon as his head was in he slammed his hips forward violently, pushing Elaine forward, stretching her pussy lips and nipples as she was forced forward.

Elaine screamed in agony, her asshole spasmed around his cock as she was forced wider than ever before in her life. Her ass burning in pain, the nails tugging on her labia as Karl violently slammed her forward. Karl pulled his cock almost all the way out, and then slammed it in as hard as he could again without mercy. Karl began to fuck Elaine’s ass harder and harder with every whimper. Soon he was pounding her ass harder and faster than any man had ever even fucked her pussy before and she could see every stroke on the TV in front of her. She closed her eyes tight, sobbing, not wanting to watch then suddenly she felt extreme pain in her side as Karl punched her in the flank, full force.

“Open your fucking eyes you slut, you are going to watch me fuck your ass” he laugh as he punched her in the flank again and again burying his cock balls deep with each punch

“I love how your ass tightens as I punch you” he laughed as he hit her in the side again and again, savagely raping her tight ass.

“You’re a fucking piece of shit whore, you fucking slut, this is what you want isn’t it bitch! I’ll break your filthy slut ass in!” Doctor K yelled as he punched her and fucked her, stretching her pussy lips and nipples, widening the piercing holes. “This is going to be your life from now on you fuck pig! You had better learn to love it”

After what seemed like hours Elaine felt the squirt of hot cum in her ass, as Karl’s cock twitched and he let out a moan of pleasure and relief. He slowly pulled his cock out of her sore and stretched ass and walked around to her face again, leaving her once tight ass gaping. He held his cock under her nose, and wiped his cum across her upper lip, then pushed his dirty cock into her mouth which was still held open by the fish hooks. Elaine wanted to bite it and indeed tried but the hooks painfully stretched her skin and prevented her from closing her mouth. She gagged and nearly puked as he slid his cock into her throat for a second, forcing her to clean it with her mouth. After a few seconds he pulled it out, and then took a step back, waving his increasingly flaccid cock in front of her face.

Karl grinned at her menacingly. And then aimed the tip of his cock at her face, and without warning let a stream of dark foul yellow piss go all over her face, stinging the tattoos and piercing. He then aimed the stream into her mouth, which again she tried to close in vein. Karl laughed at the girl again as he pissed in her mouth, and on her bald tattooed head.

“Welcome home fuck pig.” He smiled “Look I have to go out of town for work… I’ll be back to see you in a day or two. I hope you are comfortable in your new room.” Karl walked towards the door, and turned off the lights, then almost as an after thought fiddled with the TV. “I might as well leave you with something to watch” He said as he placed the recording of the events on replay, cranking the volume to maximum before he walked out of the door locking it behind him, leaving Elaine nailed to the table in her own personnel hell.

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AWESOME story. I love it, especially the nails, very hot.

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personally not to my taste it seemed more sadistic then sexual the urine thing allmost made puke yuck!

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personally not to my taste it seemed more sadistic then sexual the urine thing allmost made puke yuck

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