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Girls night out gets out of control
Benny, Jerry and Cal were outside the “Princess” bar around 9pm one Friday evening, leaning on a car, chewing the fat and smoking grass, when they noticed some sexy chicks walking thru the carpark, giggling, smiling, chatting, heading for the bar – Cal heard the best looker referred to as “GT” by one of her friends and Tracey by another.

He found out later that the nickname meant Great Tits! By the way they [probably size 38C] strained against the thin cotton fabric of her skimpy boobtube, the nipples protruded in the cool evening air, and they bounced when she walked, her nickname was well earned.

As was another nickname given to her by the guys at college, which they were yet to find out – “ P.T.” which meant Prick Teaser!

Tracey didn’t mean to be a tease as such, she just liked to flirt and, coming from a strict Catholic family, was brought up to be a Virgin when she got married. So she had never done anything but kissing and to repel their wandering hands until they gave up and sought more ‘friendly’ girls to date.

She enjoyed all the attention that her “Great Tits” brought to her, the package being completed by really long sexy legs and a shapely butt, which was barely [ and I DO mean ‘barely’!] covered by a denim micro-skirt. In fact as it flapped when she walked, it revealed tantalising glimpses of her beautifully round arse cheeks, and made it obvious she was either not wearing any underwear or one of those thongs with only a thin strand of material buried in her arse crack.

The 3 horny guys followed them into the bar, where they saw they met up with 3 other girls for what was apparently a ‘hen night’ – basically they were there for some drinks and a good time. This was the most popular hang-out on a Friday for young women in town as there was live music and dancing on till 2 am.

The resident band started their first set as the boys were getting their drinks and the girls were soon on the dance floor – first was Tracey bouncing around, tits giggling, flashes of arse cheeks and crotch as she gyrated around the floor.

Several guys made approaches to the girls during the evening, a couple of them agreeing to dance with guys they obviously liked the look of. Secret liaisons were planned for another time!

But TRACEY was resolute in repelling all advances, preferring to dance with the other girls.

“Look at that teasing bitch,” said Jerry, “ either she’s a Lesbo or she needs to be taught a real man’s lesson.”

“You are SO right, Jerr – I got some of that magic powder just for her!” said Cal, smirking.

So they’d made their plan – Cal would spike her drink, she’d come over dizzy, Benny would call a cab to take her home [which just happened to be driven by his Brother Tom, local taxi operator!] who would take them all back to Jerry’s farmhouse just outside the City Limits, then the fun would begin.

The opportunity came around midnight when Cal saw all the girls were on the dance floor. So he casually walked past their table, spotted Tracey’s cocktail [it had the most greenery and fruit of course!] dropped the powder in as he continued walking so as not to raise suspicion. The powder was completely tasteless and fast-dissolving, so when Tracey got back to the table, slightly inebriated anyway by this time, she was thirsty, didn’t notice anything strange, and downed the half full glass of alcohol and all in one swallow.

“Now, just wait about 3 minutes said Cal.” Benny already had called Tom in his cab, which was waiting outside the bar.

Cal watched for the signs … Tracey went very quiet and wobbled into a seat. “ I need to go home” she slurred to her friend Jacqui, who responded with, “But you were coming to my place for the weekend.”
“Well now,” thought Cal, “how convenient. Her family won’t expect her home until Sunday night. This just got a whole let better!”

On cue, Tom entered the bar calling out, “Cab for Schwartz?”. No-one answered – but Tracey said, “I’ll take it please if I can.” “Sure thing yound lady. Seems like Mr Schwartz already left,” said Tom, guiding her out of the bar and into the back seat of the cab, with the help of friend Jacqui.

“If you’re sure you’ll be OK?” said Jacqui.

“I’ll be fine once I’m in bed” responded Tracey.

“You have no idea how just soooo right you are!” thought Tom as he drove off. Jacqui returned to the bar.

Tom only drove around the back of the carpark, where his brother and 2 buddies were waiting. Jerry got in the front seat and the other 2 got in either side of Tracey in the back and Tom drove off.

“Heyoo fellas” she slurred indignantly, “thisizz MY cab ya know.”

They all laughed and assured her that they were there to make sure that she got her wish of ‘getting into bed’ as soon as possible and, as she liked lots of attention, they promised she’d get plenty of that over the next 48 hours.

“No – this isn’t happening,” she whimpered.

“Fuckin-a” said Benny as he grabbed her by the wrists and pulled here weak arms above hear head, while Cal pulled her boob tube down around her waist, freeing those mighty tits, that bounced as they were set free. She squeeled, “NOOOO.”

Cal cupped her left tit in his hand and started sqeezing the nipple between thumb and forefinger, whilst he took the nipple of her right one into his mouth and began sucking, licking and nibbling on it. She was in shock – nothing like this had ever happened to her, plus the drug on top of the alcohol was now in full effect. She wanted to fight them off, but seemed powerless.

“Your last drink was a little different” said Cal, “ it had a certain ‘added something’ that will make you feel both weak and horny for 24 hours! So you may as well stop resisting and enjoy what’s going to happen to you, ‘cause we’re going to party with you and fuck your little brains out.”

Pleeeaze ….. I’ma . . . vrrgn, doon’t do anthing to mee,” said TRACEY, feeling her resistance leaving her.

Meanwhile Cal’s attention to her tits was having a nice effect as her nipples grew large and got very hard. “See, I told you you’d get horny, you little slut!” he said.

Benny started stroking her pussy through the silky material but they soon arrived at his place outside town, pulled her out of the car, naked tits jiggling in the cool breeze, which only made her nipples harded still. Guided her inside and sat her on a large 4 seater couch, with Benny one side and Cal the other.

She was at their complete mercy.

Jerry kneeled down in front of her, put a hand on each knee and had no trouble moving them apart, seeing the postage stamp sized piece of satin covering her pussy. No hair in sight, so she obviously shaved herself or had been waxed. “A Brazillian!” he exclaimed with excited anticipation.

He pushed her tiny skirt up to her waist, reached the thin band of elastic around her waist and eased it down over her ankles and off, exposing the sweetest little pussy lips he’d ever seen.

Grabbing her by the arse, he pulled her forward to the front edge of the couch, with such suddeness that the nipple firmly in Cal’s teeth was nearly torn off, bringing a scream of pain from her lips.

Now almost horizontal, except for her head propped against the back of the couch, Tom saw his chance, pulled out his 8” rod, climbed over her and forced it into her gaping mouth. She reacted by clamping her teeth down, which earned her a slap from Tom, her grunt being muffled by the cock meat working it’s way down her throat.

Meanwhile, Jerry was spreading her pussy lips with a finger and thumb, pushing his middle or ‘courting’ finger as he called it, into her dry pussy, making her squirm. He withdrew, put his finger to his nose and appreciated the sweet young fragrance he could only just detect.

He sucked his finger, both to enjoy the taste, and to lubricate it for his next entry. He reinserted his digit more easily now, making her jump and almost gag on Tom’s dick – by now 5” into her throat and pumping steadily.

Tracey had no idea what was happening to her or what to do – she felt helpless, what with the effect of the drinks, drug and no previous sexual experience to call on, she was off the planet.

Cal was now all over her tits, hands, tongue, teeth doing his thing. “I’m gonna fuck these later, honey” he promised.

Suddenly Jerry’s finger met an internal barrier. “Well. Fucked if she wasn’t telling the truth – she IS a virgin.”

“Not for long, huh?” laughed Tom. “I believe this is the first mouth fuck she’s ever had too – imagine how tight her arse is going to be.”

Tom was an arse man from way back, so his cock grew another inch and pushed way down into her throat, then began to pulse as his first orgasm hit him suddenly, pumping jizz down into her stomach. She gurggled and spluttered but Tom was dirty bastard and made sure she swallowed most of his huge outpouring of cum.

As Tom climbed off the couch, still dripping cum, Jerry lifted her bodily, sat down on the couch, her knees resting on the couch either side of his hairy thighs, and held her just above his 9” flagpole of a cock. She looked dreamily into his eyes, but could only manage to shake her head a little in protest.

He eased her down onto his lap for a moment, facing him; he could smell the cum ouzing out of the sides of her mouth, which made him even hornier, if that was possible. Then Cal lifted her up under the armpits from behind, grabbing both tits in the process, while Jerry aimed the tip of his cock at her pussy lips. She did her best to struggle, but was helpless.

Jerry looked her in the eye, put his hands on her shoulders, said “Say goodbye to being a girlie and HELLO to womanhood” then pulled her viciously down onto his rock hard waiting pole. A feral scream issued from her lips and her head went limp. She was so tight and dry that he didn’t even break her maidenhead with the first thrust, which annoyed him, so he withdrew and lubricated himself with spit. Holding her by the hips he held her up again, waited for her eyes to open, then rammed her down onto his cock, this time punching through and tearing her virgin’s veil for ever.

This time she just grunted and passed out in pain.

Jerry sat there quite still for a few minutes, then felt moisture on his balls – it was her virgin blood leaking out. This encouraged him to begin pumping with his hips, having new lubrication to ease the way, but she was still so tight, he couldn’t get any real speed going.

“Let’s get her onto a bed” he said, and stood up, arms around her, still impaled on his cock walking into the nearest bedroom, which fortunately had a king sized bed.

He laid her on her back and started hammering into her, penetrating her tight pussy an inch more with each thrust, until finally he bottomed out. He’d reached her cervix, but still had 2 inches to go – so he withdrew his cock to the tip then just heaved viciously into her up to the balls, her cervix being no match for the rapist’s rod.

“Come on mate,” said Cal, “what about our turn.”

“Yeah right, soon” he said, felt his balls expanding, then sprayed her insides with his hot sticky cum. He slowly withdrew and noticed T was justing laying there, bloodied cum oozing out of her onto the blanket.

“Well, I’m not going in there after you” said Tom, pushing Jerry off the bed. He turned Tracey over so that she was face down. He pushed a couple of pillows under her stomach, which raised her arse slightly.

Tom, knelt down, he pushed her mini skirt up over her hips, spread her cheeks and buried his tongue into her virgin anus. She tried to get up, but Cal held her still to allow Tom to do his thing, while the other 2 went for a drink and smoke.

He started to push a finger into her virgin arsehole, making her jump. He pushed harder until he’d penetrated her sphincter which was so tight his finger felt like it was in a vice. He began finger-fucking her arse in widening arcs, then forced a second finger into the silky canal.

Pretty soon she was moaning and he had three fingers inside, making her hole bigger for what was to come – and was to CUM, His 7” amazingly thick brute of a weapon!

“Cal – get me some butter will ya?” he asked his pal, which he soon had pushed a tablespoon sized lump inside her poopshute. He loved to watch a similar scene with Marlon Brando in the Movie, “Last Tango in Paris.”

He then leaned on the bed with one hand, had Cal hold Tracey down by the shoulders, and placed his ‘cut cock night fighter’ as he called it at the entrance to her anus, slowly pushed it in, a fraction at a time, then suddenly, the head ‘popped’ inside her. Well she let out with an ear-shattering shriek, tried to struggle, but soon went limp. Which is the opposite effect it had on Tom.

“For what you are about to receive, you should be truly thankful”, said Tom in a mock religious tone, and put all his weight on her, feeling his cock going deeper and deeper slowly but surely, until his balls rested on her arse cheeks.

She felt like it was inside her chest cavity, it felt so big. Words could not express the pain and humiliation she felt. Nothing in all of her sheltered existence to date had prepared her for such abuse and agony. She didn’t realise that the worst was yet to come.

She prayed quietly to herself that it would soon be over – her prayer would be answered, but not for another couple of days.

Tom started fucking her arse, which was very tight and every thrust was like a fire in her belly and stabbing pains like needles. He went on for a good ten minutes, by which time, her anus had loosened considerably, then he began [ironically] shouting, “Oh shit, oh shit, oh shit” whilst he unloaded a cupful of cum into her bowels in a dozen frantic thrusts with grunts to match.

She felt like a giant hose had been thrust up her and turned on full.

As he withdrew and his head ‘popped’ out, there was a fart sound and rush of air came out of her anus, followed by traces of blood from the tearing and pounding sh’ed just endured, mixed with Tom’s cum.

She felt mortified, spoilt and worthless – her life forever ruined.

They left her alone on the bed, there being no way she could get far out here in the countryside, whilst they all drank, smoked some more weed on the deck and talked about the night’s events so far – and what a fantastic body she had – and how she could possibly have still been a virgin, etc etc

She fell into an uneasy sleep, her whole young body racked with pain.

No-one noticed Jerry’s 2 big hound dogs come in through the ever open back door. They’d found the sleeping Tracey in the bedroom only half-conscious.

When the sound of growling and whining was heard, all the guys went to the bedroom, only to see Buster, the bigger of the 2 males, starting to lunge his huge, rough tongue, up and down Tracey’s crack, over her pussy and back and forth, again and again.

She squirmed, but was freaked out by Rat, motivated by the pack mentality dogs have, close to her face, bared teeth and with a hoarse low growl, daring her to move.

Buster’s tongue found her pussy and licked up all the blood and cum, thrusting his tongue 6’ deep inside her. To her utter sickening disgust, Tracey began to get aroused – by a dog, for heaven’s sake!

Needing no further permission, Buster climbed with his front paws onto the bed, bringing his hips up against her arse cheeks. Now she knew what to expect, but dry-reached, without realising she was thrusting herself back onto Busters 7” dog cock! Instinct took over and Buster linged forward hitting the target first time, burying his cock into her all the way.

As dog’s do, he started to hump at a furious pace like a steam engine, making her arse and tits bounce and shaking her head up and down. She was semi-comatose, but increasingly aware of the feelings growing in her groin. Buster’s cock wasn’t nearly as big as Jerry’s and, with her now well-lubricated and not-so-tight pussy, the cock was sliding nicely in and out.

She’d never had an orgasm before so when the feeling began to build, she just thought it was another fearful emotion. However, the feelings were welling up from deep inside, he breaths becoming shorter, much to the amusement of the guys watching, who realised what was happening.

“The slut bitch is loving it,” said Cal, ‘old Buster has her all fired up, more than you could Jerry!”

“Fuck you,” said Jerry walking away in anger.

The other three watched as Buster humped ever rapidly and Tracey started pushing back onto his cock until, with one hell of a scream, she cried out, “AAAARRRGGHH. Oh God, ooooh help, oh my God, no not a dog, oh pleeease, I can’t stop,” then she began shaking all over spraying her first ever cum juice all over the Dogs cock and balls and the bed, which was soon absolutely soaked.

She felt all at once stunned and on a high she’d never experienced before; a feeling of strange contentment.

“Well, now – turns out she’s quite a ‘squirter’. This is going to be a great weekend,” said Cal.

Buster’s rythym slowed, and she was about to learn that dogs have large knots – for a purpose. Just when she thought old Buster had done his dash, he began pushing harder, opening her pussy lips wider and wider.

This caused her to have convulsions in her stomach and a sharp intake of breath. With another mighty heave, the knot ‘popped’ into her pussy. It feld the size of a basket ball and she was sure that she would be split in two. She hadn’t even noticed the dog cum pumped inside her. Buster, now firmly attached to his ‘bitch’ turned around facing away from Tracey and tried to walk away, partly dragging her off the bed. Then he just sood there until his knot plopped out again, dribbling cum all over the carpet.

The guys all applauded the show and chased the dogs outside – after all, they wanted to keep her for their own pleasure. At least for the next 24 hours.

She was dragged outside where the garden hose, with it’s icy cold water, was cruelly thrust first into her pussy, then into her arse, flushing the blood and cum out. She was passed caring and just gave in to them.

When the water stopped flowing out of her, she was taken back inside, her mini skirt removed; she was dried after a fashion, and told to put on a one-piece swimsuit Jerry’s ex-girlfriend had left behind. It was white and had holes cut in it to expose breasts, pussy and arse, except it was a size too small, so it was really tight and stuck to her like a second skin. They had to literally pull her tits out through the too-small holes.

She was left to lay on the bed – she thought alone for at least a while.

However, Cal wanted his rocks off too, so he casually walked into the room, laid her out like a starfish, leant down between her thighs and without ceremony or foreplay, jammed his smaller 6” cock into Tracey’s bruised and bloodied pussy. She didn’t move, so he slapped her face.

“Pay attention when I’m fucking you, Bitch!” he shouted. Her eyes sprung open wide, tears streaming down her little face.

“Stop that sniffling,” he commanded, and holding her tight around the waist and back, turned her over on top of him. Holding her buttocks he then got into a steady fucking rythym. She felt THAT sensation starting again inside her and was determined NOT to allow herself any enjoyment of this latest rape. However, nature won and she began to breathe shallower, which Cal smiled at. “That’s it baby. Now you’re getting into the party mood.”

Benny heard the sounds of sex and crept into the room. The sight of Tracey’s sexy arse going up and down was just too much to ignore. Benny leaned over Tracey, saying “Hiiii you two.”

“Two’s company, three’s a party, “ said Cal.

Benny had found an old riding crop and slapped her across her arse cheeks with it, making her shriek and thrust Cal’s cock even deeper into her, to his delight, so he encouraged Benny to spank her some more.

Benny obliged with a flurry of hard whacks across her buttocks and thighs, making her cry out. However, with the pain, she began to experience pleasure, which confused her totally. She was being raped and beaten, after all.

Meanwhile, Benny soon had his cock in his hand – at 11 inches, the biggest of them all – and Tracey felt the now familiar pressure against her sphincter, as Benny began to push and soon the head ‘popped’ except he just kept pushing. “Oh God, no - not two at once” she pleaded.

He plea went unanswered. Cal waited for Benny to get well in before starting to pump again. After a few minutes they had an alternate humping action going. They’d clerly done this before to someone else! Tracey was sure that this time she really would be split in two.

Oh NO. THAT feeling was happening again inside her, and it just kept building and building, until she lost all control with these two cocks fucking her at the same time, and had what was probably a world record orgasm, squirting continuously for what seemed ages, all over the three of them, the bed the floor, everywhere!

The two guys came within a few seconds of each other, bringing Tracey to another squirting orgasm, and another, and another. The sexual beast inside the innocent girl had been released, like a genie out of a bottle. She was fast becominh a nymphomaniac.

All three collapsed and were soon lying on their backs on the huge bed.

OK guys,” said Cal, “come on – we all need some shuteye – gonna be a BIG day tomorrow. And tomorrow will surely CUM.”

The guys took off to bedrooms and couches to rest up.

“That’s all the fun for tonight, Missy,” said Jerry coming into the bedroom, “here’s a blanket. Go get some sleep,” and he locked her in the bedroom where all the action had been earlier – dogs outside the windows – one way in and out – thru the locked door. So she took to curling up on the bed, saying her nighttime prayers, plus a few extra, and went off into a deep sleep wondering what tomorrow would bring.

It was a good thing that she didn’t know!

To be continued . . . “G.T.” the “P.T.” get’s Gang-Banged – Day Two[/b]

roxan brownReport

2018-02-09 19:06:23
Take no notice of those anonymous Pricks , everybody has to start somewhere your writing skills will improve, You have the one prerequisite imagination, I liked your story personally I am not into piss shit and blood , and if your going to write about dog sex you need to know a little about it.

anonymous readerReport

2013-06-29 20:30:08
Terrible spelling "...and pulled here weak arms above here head" I stopped reading at this point. I like stories by authors who have at least a basic education and care enough about their readers to proof-read their stuff before submitting it for publication.

anonymous readerReport

2013-06-07 21:00:58
Well that was a little pedestrian and slow, was it not, with nothibg really hot or exciting for the reader. To fucking bad, it had a lot of potential to go into a lot of perverse and violent directions with that hot little slut...

anonymous readerReport

2011-07-06 22:30:28
I loved it keep it up.Want to read the rest of it.

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2011-07-06 22:30:25
I loved it keep it up.Want to read the rest of it.

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