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Part truth, part fiction, part fantasy
For as long as I can remember, I have been enamored with big cocks. I don’t know exactly when it started, or why, but as soon as I started getting interested in men, I thought about it. Its not; however, that I became a whore. I was scared shitless as a teen. My mom instilled the fact that I would probably get gonarea and die if I even touched a guy.

When I finally actually hooked up with a guy, things got worse. I really had no clue what was big, what was small, average or anything else, but I wanted to get in his pants so bad. I just wanted to see it, touch it, but I was too young and he was too freaked out by a girl being aggressive. With one hand on my boob, I reached for his crotch, and that about ended it. Only the feel of his cock under his denim was all I got.

Throughout middle school and most of high school most guys stayed away from me. My mom told me it was because they were intimidated, my friend told me it was because the guys thought I was a prude. All that changed my senior year. That’s when I started dating John. He was a great guy, and treated me like a lady. Mom liked him. Dad liked him, and I should have liked him. I did until we finally moved from dating to messing around.

You have to remember, I had gone years imagining dick, so when one late night at a party, we moved into an empty bedroom and I found myself naked and on my knees between his legs, I was a bit let down. It was the first time I had ever seen a dick, let alone had one in my mouth, and the entire time I was just wondering if he was average or small or what. Even when he came it took me a while to bring myself back into the moment. For the next few weeks, I continued to blow him. I got into it, actually enjoyed it, but every time I wondered about size. What would it be like if he was thicker? Longer? Came more? Came harder? Tasted different? It was a whirlwind. Then when my curiosity couldn’t grow anymore, we finally had sex. Then it started all over again.

For the rest of high school, I was a good girlfriend. I never cheated on him, had sex when he wanted, and never really asked for anything. I liked having a boyfriend. Loved being treated right, and most people thought we would marry and have kids and the whole deal.

So two things led me down the slippery slope. First, I broke up with John and went to college across the country. Second, I got a room alone with the internet. I grew up on the east coast, and I wanted to get as far away from him as I could, so I decided to go to California for school.

The few weeks were hard. I was away from home for the first time, met all knew people, and tried to be a different person than I was at home, but after a few weeks all was well. I had a bunch of new friends and was getting a social life. That’s when it happened. We were at a party and having a good time. I danced. I drank, a lot. Danced some more with a series of strange guys, and was having one of the best nights of my life. But I had to pee. It hit me all of a sudden, so I almost ran to the bathroom, but there was a line, so I went up stairs and started looking for a bathroom, anywhere to pee. First door was an empty bedroom, second a closet, and then the third, the door that would change my life. I know what your thinking, but you cant imagine what happened. I opened the door and found before me a guy sitting in an office chair with a girl completely naked on her knees in front of him. When they heard me open the door, she let the dick come from her mouth, and it smacked against his stomach. His dick was huge. It was what I had imagined. He was easily twice John’s length, and super thick. I stood transfixed. I couldn’t move. They looked at me, laughed, and he told me to come join them or close the door. She started sucking him again before I closed the door, and shutting it slowly, I saw the smile as he watched my eyes disappear behind the closing door.

I found the bathroom, but that had made the evening. I saw her later on the dance floor but couldn’t spot him. On the way home, I told my friends what I had seen. They told me that was horrible that she would just blow someone like that, that giving head was nasty, that they did it but didn’t like it, just about everything but being excited how big he was.

I was drunk. Alone in my room. It was two in the morning. The hallways were dark, there was no noise. I got online and went to a chat room. Most were fake people. The first guy I found was older, married. Second guy was younger, but far away. Third was jackpot. He lived on campus. He was cute, great body, and black. When he sent me a picture of his cock, I asked where he lived. I told him what I wanted, told him the situation I had in mind, and then told him to get ready.

I was embarrassed. Scared to death. In exchange for what I wanted, he simply wanted me to come without a bra on. So it was a night of firsts. I had never just done a quick hook up with a stranger. Never shared a desire like that. Never acted so impulsively, and never gone out without a bra (funny I know, but being as big as I am, I simply could stand my boobs flying all over the place or the soreness of them when I went without).

I got to his building and walked in. There was a night clerk, but I lied and said I had forgotten my card in my room. He looked me up and down, starred at my chest (I made sure that he saw I had no bra on—not to turn him on, but so he would see that I had left my room), and then he said to go ahead. I got to his floor, then his door, and I found it just like I asked. It was slightly open, the lights were out. I cracked the door and slid in. It was dark, but from the little light coming from his slightly opened lap top on his desk, I could make out a figure sitting on the edge of his bed. I went to him as planned and got on my knees in front of him. I could smell him, and as my eyes adjusted, almost make out his dick. His face was completely hidden in the blackness of the room. When I got comfortable, I took off my shirt as he wanted, and when I did, he reached out and grabbed my tits. He lifted and grabbed them tight at first, then released the pressure and began massaging them in circles. After a minute, I lowered my head, and found his cock. I grabbed its length with my hand and slid it down to the base so my palm rested against his balls. His head found my mouth, and as I moved down on him slightly, I let out a moan. His hands were forced to release my tits as I lowered down on him, but the entire experience was driving me crazy. My panties were completely soaked.

I moved down on him slowly, trying to feel his size and length in my mouth, exploring his head with my tongue. I pushed down on him to get his length in my mouth, but I couldn’t even reach my hand with my lips. When I wrapped both hands around his cock, one on top of the other, my lips barely reached my hand, and that was with me pressing his cock as far back in my mouth as I could without gagging. It was absolutely amazing. He felt wonderful in my mouth. I took him out and licked up and down his shaft. When I did he would try and reach under me to feel my chest. It didn’t last long. I would take him back in my mouth. Then he moved.

He pulled back onto the bed so he was laying down. I reached onto the bed and sucked him from the side, and he started rubbing my ass.

“Bring your legs this way.”

I moved so my ass was pointed towards him, still standing on the edge off the edge of the bed. When the position got awkward, I put my knee on the bed for leverage and comfort, but in a quick second, he grabbed me around the thighs and threw my body on top of his. My head landed on his right thigh, my face pointed at his cock. My legs were spread over him my chest was resting against his naked stomach. He moved his hands up my thighs and under my skirt, and then lifted me so I was on my knees, my pussy was directly over his face. He didn’t make a serious move. He reached down and tried to get my tits, and catching a clue, I got on my hands to give him room. That’s all the help he needed. He squeezed on my tits hard, almost too hard and pinched my nipples as I took his cock back in my mouth, but that didn’t last long.

He took one of his hands from my chest and reached under my skirt and pulled my thong to one side and with one motion, pulled on my ass to bring my pussy against his mouth. I gasped. His tongued searched me. He moved it up and down my slit, and with that I withdrew his cock from my mouth and rested my face on his thigh, and watched his cock as he ate me. I had never felt anything like it. It didn’t take long, and I was cumming. I had never had an orgasm before. I had never had a man eat me out, and I had never cum that much. I thought I was peeing on his face I was cumming so hard.

I couldn’t take anymore, and I lifted myself off his face. I got on my knees again and then motioned for him to move back to the edge. When he sat up back on the edge of the bed, I attacked his cock. I sucked hard and fast. I jacked him off with one hand as I sucked my lips around his shaft as hard as I could. He got harder. His hands started rubbing my head. I knew what was going to happen, but I never could have prepared for this. When he came it exploded into my mouth. It didn’t just leak out, it shot and with such force that I was taken aback. With the second and third shot, I was having a hard time keeping up with his cum. I swallowed as fast as I could, but it seemed like he kept oozing cum in my mouth. Slowly it got more manageable until I found he started getting soft in my mouth. I pulled away with him, out of breathe quick and trying to swallow the left over cum in my mouth. I could feel the slickness on my teeth, the taste still in my mouth, refusing to go away. I didn’t say a word. I found my shirt and put it on as I walked out the door. I rushed to the elevator and almost ran to my building. When I got to my room, I laid in my bed completely naked and for the third time in my life masterbated. I knew this was going to be trouble. I knew I wanted more. I knew where he lived.

The next day, my head was spinning. I wondered if he knew who I was, if he could recognize my voice or my body. I’m not sure how, but somehow, I made it through my classes and got back to my room. I got online as fast as I could, but he wasn’t there. I was as depressed as I ever have been. I found myself wanting to know if I had done ok, it he enjoyed the night. The thought was strange. I should have been thinking about myself, but all I could think about was his pleasure. Without him there to talk about, I tried to get him off my mind. I logged off and started working on some homework that needed to get done, but after only fifteen minutes I found myself logging back on and seeing if he was there. Again, nothing.

I reached in my desk drawer and searched for a ruler. I didn’t find one, so I went next door and asked my friend Stacy. She had a measuring tape, and I got back to my room and locked the door. I put my fist on a piece of paper and put a line on either side, then did the same with my other fist. Then I put a pencil in my mouth as deep as it would go and put a finger on the point that it hit my lips, measured it and drew a line from the lines on the paper. That was the length of his dick. I laughed at myself as I drew his dick on the paper. I wanted him so bad.

I closed my books, and laid down on my bed. Before I knew it I had fallen asleep. Two hours later, I woke up, ran to my computer and guess who was there? I sent him a message and then I waited. The seconds past, and then a minute. I immediately got depressed. Then he messaged me. I was so excited. We talked about the night before, how I wasn’t expecting him to eat me out, how he loved my tits, how he enjoyed the blowjob, how much I loved his dick. I told him how much I wanted to suck him again. How much I wanted to feel his cock in my hand. I apologized for not being able to take more. He asked me to come over.

It was still too early. I asked him if he knew what I looked like, and he said vaguely. He knew about how tall I was, that I had blond hair, and that I have big boobs. He made sure to throw in there that he knew his hands and tongue would know me for sure, not to mention his dick. I wanted to fuck him. I wanted him to fuck me. Sitting there in that chair, I remember feeling the heat coming from my pussy, how wet it was just thinking about it.

I made up and excuse that I had to meet friends, but that I wanted to come over later tonight like I had the night before. We talked for another fifteen minutes or so, about as long as I could take it. He kept telling me how great my tits were and how great his dick felt in my mouth, stuff he shouldn’t have told me. Then just before we left, he said something that sent me over the edge. He told me he wouldn’t jack off tonight like he did last night before I came over. I was silent. He asked if I was still there. I told him I was see him at one o’clock, just like the night before.

I don’t know how I made it through the night. I studied, but I couldn’t think about anything but him. I kept looking at the clock. It went extra slow. Eventually I knew I couldn’t make it through the night in that room. I went next door and hung out with some friends that were playing a card game until another girl from the hall said they were going to a party and asked if we all wanted to go. I told them I was game, anything to get my mind off waiting. I changed and met them in the hall, and we walked across campus to a house just across the street from the market.

I got a drink shoved into my hand before I even walked in the door, and once inside I realized that the women were vastly outnumbered. We mingled and I got talked up by guy after guy, or should I say that my boobs got talked up by guy after guy. There was always a new drink, always a new guy bringing me one. After four drinks, I knew I was getting drunk and that I should slow down or stop before it was too late. I had had drinks before, but not a lot, and the last time I went beyond five I got sick. I went to the bathroom, put the drink on the toilet, and went outside. I found one of my friends making out with a guy against the side of the house, so I just made my way back across the street onto campus and saw that the clock tower read 12:35. I had been at that party for three hours. I didn’t have time to change. I got to his building at 12:50 and waiting around the entrance until someone came along. I followed her in and the same guy from the night before was there. He smiled at me, and I stopped to talk to him a bit. I wanted to make sure I was good to go whenever I came over. It was when I was talking to him that I realized that I was drunk.

When I got to his floor, I turned the corner and his door was open like it was the night before. I didn’t hesitate. Maybe it was because I was horny as hell, maybe it was because I was drunk, but when I pushed open the door, he was naked at his desk. He shut the computer when he heard me enter, I could tell I scared him a bit. He stood, and I could make more of him out than I did the night before. His dick hung, not hard but not soft, and he just stood still. I broke towards him. I dropped immediately to my knees and took his soft dick in my mouth. I attacked it. I wanted to suck him so hard that his dick would fall off. I sucked for a few minutes, and then he tried to reach down and feel my tits. I lifted off him, but made sure not to look up at him.

I took my shirt off as fast as I could and then removed my bra. I immediately put his dick back in my mouth. I cupped his balls as he leaned over 90 degrees and grabbed both my tits. I took his dick out of my mouth for just a second, out of breath and looked at it. Before I could move back on him, he grabbed my hand and pulled me up, almost dragging me to the bed. My tits swayed as we moved suddenly, and as he sat down, I don’t know why, but I unsnapped my jeans and pushed them to the floor along with my underwear. He pulled me into his bed and went straight for my tits. He took my nipples into his mouth one at a time, the entire time rubbing my tits with his hands. You could smell the sex in the air. It was all me. Before I knew it he moved to my pussy and ate me for what seemed like forever. I don’t know how many times I came. I was completely numb, body limp and drunk. He broke from my pussy and worked his way back up my stomach and to my chest. He again went at my breasts and I could smell myself on his breath. With almost no warning, he arches his back and his dick was at the entrance of my pussy. Before I could even say anything, his huge dick was parting me, half way in, and the little air I had in my lungs escaped. In no time he had pressed himself all the way in me. I felt like he was in my stomach and my pussy felt so stretched it might rip.

Once in all the way, he paused, probably because he had done it before and knew I was hurting. Moments past with him kissing my tits, and then he started moving. With every movement waves of heat shot through me. In thirty seconds I came, and I completely freaked out. When I came a huge stream of what I thought was urine shot out of me against his chest, and with his withdrawal from me, another stream shot into the air. When it shot out, my body tightened and my back arched. The feeling was unbelievable, and without touching me, his dick above my pelvis, I release a few surges and soaked his bed.

I couldn’t barely move, but I got up when he started pulling my hips up and over. I found myself on my hands and knees, my knees on the edge of the bed with him standing behind me. I knew what was going to happen. He grabbed be around my hips, and felt him guild his huge cock back inside me. There was no problem getting in, I was soaked. His cock filled an emptiness I needed filled, but it went deeper, much deeper. When he got balls deep, I lost my breath. When he pulled back, I wanted him filling me, but that was the last time I actually had a chance to think. He began fucking me so hard I couldn’t stay up right, but everytime I thought I was going to fall flat, his hands held me tight and in place to accept his cock. He fucked and fucked, and orgasm after orgasm shot through my body. My tits were sore from their movement, slapping against my stomach and then forced as far forward as they would go, sometimes slapping me in my face when I looked down, and other times pulling hard away from my body. We didn’t fuck like that more than ten minutes before he said he was going to cum. In one movement, he tightened his grip on my hips, withdrew his cock, and flipped me on my back. I grabbed my boobs to stop their movement, and in no time, his hand was jacking his dick. In seconds a huge stream of his cum shot out of his dick, first making contact between my tits and then continued to my chin, over my nose and into my hair. Stream after stream shot from him, hitting my chin and tits and down my stomach. As he stopped jacking and his semi hard cock sat before me, I looked down at my body and was amazed at how much cum had left his body. He stood over me, his now limp cock glistening with our mixed juices, and all I could think about was how amazing a big cock is.

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