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The activities of the evening take us to bed.
V. There’s More to Come

I slipped on the over-sized T-shirt and picked up the boxers that I had on before. “Hey those are mine,” Bobby said.
“Yeah, but I have a pantie liner in there,” I said as I showed him the pantie liner.
“Oh wow,” is all he said.
After putting the boxers on I went to the kitchen where I found four cinnamon rolls. I decided to warm them in the toaster oven. While they were warming I returned to the family room where I found Bobby surfing through the TV-channels. I picked up the mugs and returned to the kitchen to make us some more chocolate milk. When I was done I carried everything on a serving tray. As I placed the rolls and mugs on the TV-trays, Bobby said, “Hey, hey, here is what you need to watch…Two young girls learn all about sex...”
“I’m not watching any lezzies,” I said.
“No, no, it also says from their boyfriends.”
“Watch what you want. If I don’t like it I’ll do something else.”
I noted that the fireplace had warmed the room so it was quite comfortable. Bobby had found another over-sized T-shirt and appeared to be dressed as I was. As we began our snack the movie started. The set up was that the parents were having a night out and had allowed their “teen-aged” daughter to have a girlfriend sleep over so she would not be alone. It was obvious that the girls were older than teenage. As the parents left they said, “Don’t wait up for us. We won’t be home till three or four.” As soon as the car drove off the girls each called their boyfriends and told them to come over. It seemed that one girl was more experienced than the other. She began to tell the other about the wonders of oral sex. How her boyfriend had introduced her to pussy licking and how giving him a blow job made her feel in control and…it was a good way to keep her cherry.
When the boys (the actors were no boys) showed up I asked Bobby, what a cherry is. I thought I knew but I wanted to know what he knew. He told me in detail about a hymen and that once it was broken a girl was no longer a virgin. Looking back at the movie we both realized this movie must be X rated since we were allowed to see an erect peter and an open pussy. Both boys went down on the girls and we were shown tongues flicking across the girls buttons and in no time the girls were calling out their pleasures. As I watched I no longer felt repulsed by the thought of a boy licking a pussy. I think that if at that moment Bobby had gone down on me I would have allowed him to do so. After five minutes or so of this it seemed they were not doing anything new except screaming a little louder.
After the girls had simultaneous orgasms, the girls went down on the boys. There was a lot of licking and kissing of these oversized peters. I asked Bobby if his peter would grow to that size. He turned red and said, “Probably not. Those are bigger than normal. That’s why they get the job.” That is when the thought that these were just actors doing their jobs struck me. I was then shocked to see one of the girls take her boyfriend’s peter all the way to the root. “She must be swallowing it,” I said.
“Yeah,” Bobby said. I glanced at him and saw that he had his cinnamon roll in his right hand and his peter in his left hand. I looked back at the screen and saw one boy forcing his peter in and out of his girlfriend’s mouth as if he was fucking her face. That did not look like much fun for her. The other girl seemed so much more relaxed as she appeared to enjoy taking her boyfriend deep down her throat.
I looked at Bobby’s peter and thought that his was not big enough to go down my throat but it might be big enough to gag me. The one girl had said, “If you feel like you are going to gag, swallow and keep swallowing and you will be able to take him all the way.” I thought that I wanted to try it on a banana before I tried it on a peter. One of the boys announced, “I’m gonna come.” The girl pulled off and opened her mouth wide and laid out her tongue as if to invite his white stuff. His aim was not very good. Before he was done she had white stuff all over her face with some in her mouth. I could not believe what I was seeing. Using a finger she scooped up the stuff on her face and put it in her mouth.
The other boy announced he was, “Coming.” He held her head so she could not pull off. Her cheeks bulged out and then some white stuff leaked out the corner of her mouth. When he was done he released her and the two girls looked at each other and opened their mouths wide to show how full they were. Smiling they closed their mouths and swallowed.
That was it. I was completely repulsed. I did not care how the actors appeared to enjoy it there would be no oral sex for me this night or any other night. I looked over and saw Bobby shooting his stuff into a wad of tissues. I leaned back and sipped my hot chocolate. I wondered why the movie had excited Bobby but not me.
The next thing that happened on the screen disturbed me further. The girls decided they wanted to change partners. For the next part of the movie it seemed to be a repeat of the previous part except with partners changed. I decided I did not want to watch any more of the movie and there was nothing more I wanted to do with Bobby. I went to the front window and saw that the wind was still blowing the snow. It was now dark outside and I could barely see the nearest street light.
I went to my room to be alone and to read until I became sleepy. All I knew for sure was that I did not want Bobby to pressure me into doing anything more. I could hardly understand what we had already done and I wanted to understand before doing more. At this point instead of thinking about it I allowed myself to escape into a work of fiction.
When I was about to close the book and turn out the light I heard a light tap-tap on the door. “Yes, Bobby,” I called.
He opened the door a little bit and asked, “Are you Okay?”
“Yeah, I’m just tired and want to go to sleep,” I explained.
“There’s another movie starting.”
“That’s okay, I’m not interested.”
“Okay, g‘night Carly,” he said.
“G’night Bobby,” I said and he closed the door.
Almost immediately I dropped off to sleep. A sleep that was deep and dreamless. In the morning I woke clear headed and rested. I showered to freshen up before going down stairs. I still wore the oversized black t-shirt but with nothing else.
I ate a small breakfast and then checked if the TV would change to the adult channels. It wouldn’t so I thought Bobby had put it back under parental control. I jumped when the telephone rang. It was mommy checking if we were okay. She said that she and daddy would be working and expected to be able to get home that evening. I looked outside and told her that it looked like things were getting worse rather than better. She said the weather forecast said things would get better. She said she would call again later in the day. We hung up and I went back to my room to do some more reading.
I read for a while and napped for a while. When it was almost noon I went down to fix lunch. Bobby was nowhere to be found so after fixing the sandwiches I went back up to check if he was still in bed. Knocking on his door I got no answer. I cracked the door and looked in. He was apparently asleep on his bed. I called his name and he did not move. I went in and checked to see if he was still breathing. He was and I shook him and called his name. He mumbled something. When I asked him to repeat, it sounded like he said, “Let me sleep.” I turned to leave and he said, “Love you Carly.”
I glanced back and said, “Love you Bobby.”
“Then climb in bed with me.”
“No Bobby, lunch is ready,” I said as I left the room.
I no sooner sat down to eat when Bobby, from behind me, put his hands over my eyes and said, “Guess who.”
“Sounds like President Clinton,” I said.
“Well, if that’s not you Bill then I can’t imagine who it could be.”
“Carly when did you get so familiar with Bill Clinton,” he asked as he took his hands from my eyes and placed them on my shoulders. He kissed me on the cheek. I turned to meet his lips with mine. We began a long passionate, wet kiss.
Soon I broke away from the kiss and said, “Lunch.”
He moved around the table and sat where I hand placed his lunch. “Yeah, I thought it was morning when you woke me but when you said lunch I woke right up.”
I noted that he was still in the over-sized T-shirt as I was. I asked, “How late did you stay up?”
Between bites he said, “Fell asleep shortly after you left…woke up later…turned off TV…went to bed.”
“I saw you turned on the parental controls,” I said.
“Does that automatically…when you turn it off.”
“Mom called. Said they will be home this evening.”
“Looks better out there,” he said.
“Wind stopped and it stopped snowing but I can’t imagine the roads’ll be clear in time,” I added.
“Guess we’ll see.” When he had finished eating he said, “I’ll play with your pussy if you’ll play with my peter.”
“Bobby, I don’t want to do any more.”
“Don’t you want to feel good?”
I thought for a bit and said, “Not today.”
“Tell you what Carly,” he said, “I’ll leave you alone today and if the folks don’t get home tonight, we’ll sleep together.”
“They’ll get home.”
He spent several hours on his video game and I read. When the phone rang about three thirty he answered it. It was mom, after they talked a bit he put it on speaker. Mommy said, “…and Carly, how’s she doing.”
“I’m fine mom, but I miss you guys,” I said.
“Miss you too. I’ll sleep good tonight knowing you will both be fine for one more night,” mommy said.
We no sooner got off the phone and Bobby said, “You gotta sleep with me tonight.”
“I never agreed to that,” I insisted.
“Yes you did.”
“No, you did, but I didn’t”
He wouldn’t leave it alone. He kept after me insisting that I had agreed to sleep with him until I screamed, “Bobby listen, I won’t do anything with you! Nothing! Do you hear? Nothing!” I think he then realized he had pushed me too far. As I was looking to decide what we would have for dinner, he came to me and apologized. He truly seemed sorry for upsetting me. He suggested potpies again and when I agreed he said he would cook them if I made hot chocolate. I agreed and soon we were in the family room eating our dinner.
“What would you like to watch on TV?” he asked.
“Not any more sex shows,” I said.
He surfed through the channels until he found a movie where a couple was trying to make a go of their marriage against all kinds of problems. It was a comedy with the guy being an optimist and the girl a pessimist. Everything she could think of that could go wrong did but he would always be able to solve the problem and make things right. Often movies like this are not even funny but this one made me laugh so by the time it was over I was in a pretty good mood. Just as the movie ended, mommy called and asked if we had watched the movie. Of course we said yes and were able to talk about it so that she was sure of what we had watched. Mommy asked us to not stay up too late but she suggested we watch the next movie coming on.
Bobby made popcorn and I made hot chocolate before we watched the next movie. There were three kids in a family with a busy father and a stupid mother. The oldest kid was a girl about my age and the other kids were her younger brothers. The boys had witnessed a murder but they had a difficult time trying to convince anyone that they had. The movie went by so quickly that I was surprised when it was over.
“Carly, do you remember when you couldn’t sleep or didn’t feel good and you crawled in bed with mom and dad?” Bobby asked.
“Yeah,” I responded.
“Remember how good that felt when you cuddled up to them.”
“I’d like to do that with you tonight,” Bobby said.
“Sounds nice but…,” I involuntarily yawned in the middle of the sentence. “…but you’ll get a hard-on and want me to beat you off.”
“You wouldn’t have to do anything you don’t want to do and I will only do what you ask me to do.”
He had been very nice to me all evening and now I knew why. This was probably the last night that we would have a chance to do anything. Not only would mommy and daddy be home tomorrow but in another day Christmas Vacation would be over. “Okay but if you do anything I don’t like you promise to get out of my bed.”
“Okay,” he said with enthusiasm.
“Promise you will leave if I tell you to,” I insisted.
“I promise to do what you say and if you tell me to leave I will do so,” he stated.
So we went to bed together. He wanted to go to bed in the nude but I put on a pair of panties and I still had on the oversized T-shirt and I made Bobby keep on his oversized T-shirt. We kissed and hugged for a while and I could feel his hard-on as he pressed it against my hip.
After a while I laid my head on his shoulder and said, “Promise me one more thing, Bobby.”
“What,” he asked softly.
“Promise me that if I go to sleep, you won’t do anything except cuddle up close.”
“I’ll just cuddle up close when you go to sleep, I promise.”
I hugged him tight and nibbled on his ear.
“Mm, does that mean I can nibble on you?” he asked.
“Guess so.”
It was not long before he was sucking on my titties and I wanted more than I had intended when we went to bed. I realized what was happening and I turned away from him. I pulled his hand over one of my breasts. He moved up close behind me and I could feel his peter press up against my butt crack. He caressed my breast, squeezing gently. I felt all warm and comfortable. I felt I could fall asleep like this and sleep all night. He moved his hips which had the effect of rubbing his peter up and down my butt crack. With my panties on, I felt there was no harm in allowing this. After a while he asked, “Are you still awake?”
“I’m sleepy but awake,” I replied.
He moved down a little in the bed and I felt him slip his hard peter between my thighs. “Is this okay?” he asked.
I squeezed his peter between my thighs and said, “Okay.”
He appeared to be well lubricated and he began to slowly move back and forth to slide his peter between my thighs. I moved my hand down inside my panties to play with my button. In my sleepy state I seemed to slip into a dreamy world of pleasure. I barely felt his peter sliding between my thighs as my internal spasm of pleasure began to build. His hand joined my hand and soon I let him play with my button while I reached down and pinched at his peter each time it thrust forward between my thighs.
I went up and up into my dream world as the intensity of each internal spasm built one upon the other. I moaned each time as I felt that I had gone over the top but then each time I would go higher the next. Would I never come down? Would I keep going higher? I squeezed my thighs closely around his peter. I felt him forcing it back and forth with greater force. He pushed hard forward and held it there; at the same time he thrust several fingers into my pussy. He was shooting his stuff onto my bed sheets and I was sure that this was love.

To be continued in Chapter VI. A Sunny Day

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