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19yr old Justin isnt getting any from his hot gf but sexy latina slut takes care of that and soon jealous girlfriends lets her hair down :p
Hey, this isn't the best but it was written by three fourteen year old girls just experimenting we'll write some better ones but there’s a first time for everything. Hope this satisfies you gentlemen or laydieees ;) :p Please give us some constructive crits. Put a big "X" if this made you cum.

It was a hot July day and Justin was sitting with his best friend outside enjoying the heat.

Justin was 19 years old, a college freshman. He was tall for his age, with broad shoulders and muscles that got all the babes. His girlfriend, Trina, was a hot bitch, with huge caramel juicy tits with hard cherry red nipples and a big firm round ass. Her long blond hair and big blue eyes didn’t hurt to look at either. Every guy wanted her. The thing was she didn’t want to have sex till she was married (like he would ever) it was driving Justin crazy.

“The bitch won’t fuck me.” He said to his friend. “You going to see her soon?” “ Yeah I’m going to meet her at her dorm this afternoon, I fucking hope I get some!” The boys cracked up knowing it was how unlikely that was. When Justin left, he knew he was early but he figured he’d pass the time jacking off in her dorm. He was so fucking horny these days and Trina didn't help the situation.

Yet as he walked in to the room he came face to face with a soaking wet girl right out of the shower. She was the sexiest girl he has ever seen. She was a tall busty Latina, her tanned body was covered in tiny beads of water and her huge tits were swollen from the hot water. She gasped but didn’t hide her body when she noticed him. He instantly became rock hard.

Without exchanging a word she came over, those huge boobs bouncing, in a thick Spanish accent she said,
"You must be Trina's leetle Justin."

Justin too startled to speak just nodded.

The gorgeous girl smiled and said, "Well knowing Triina you must be ready for a good fuck."


Her pink round mouth twisted into a smile as her hands worked their way down his pants, teasing his balls. She push her fingers up her pussy that was soaking wet then she slid her hands, covered in her juices, up and down his stiff cock pumping up and down. He moaned a little.

She smiled as she got down on both knees and took that huge cock in her mouth blowing on it before wrapping her mouth around his thick shaft, tucking her teeth down and began sucking him off. He moaned a little more as a bit of pre-cum gathered to the tip of his cock. She licked it off expertly, and whispered in his ear,

“Your all mine big boy.”

Justin didn’t care that he didn’t know the sexy stranger’s name he was too fucking horny. He pushed her on to the bed behind them and spread her legs wide. He teased her by kissing her pussy lips slowly until she was practically begging him to give her some more. His tongue grazed her clit and she screamed with pleasure. He frantically ate her pussy while listening to her muffled groans.

They had both waited too long it was time to get their fuck on! He flipped her over and took her from behind, sliding his shaft deep inside her. He began thrusting his big ass cock into her tight wet pussy.

She started moaning “Oh yeah oh” as his huge cock glided deeper and deeper, satisfying her in a way she had never felt before. Her moans turned into shrieks,


He began thrusting faster and deeper into her.

“IM GONNAA COME!!!!” This was better than anything he’d ever imagined doing with Trina, and anyways the fact that he didn’t have to imagine with this girl nearly made him cum.

She shrieked as she climaxed, the massive orgasm was so delicious. Justin could feel himself coming just as the door clicked open and Trina walked in.

Trina’s face formed an angry look of shock. Justin stop humping the Latina babe’s ass and froze.

Yet to Justin’s surprise, Trina’s expression faded into a devious smile as she stripped out of her barely-there dress. The once prude girl turned into a horny slut. He pulled himself out of the bitch on the bed and into tight Trina’s pussy to finish off. She pulled herself on top of him and he grabbed her firm breasts as she began riding him. For a virgin she sure as fuck knew what she was doing.

“I’ve waited so long for this baby,” said Justin

“I know you have,” Trina murmured in that sexy voice of hers.

“Oh fuck baby yeah! Fuck me you bitch! YES YESS!” He shuddered as his hips thrusted into her and he shot a load into her tight pussy.

Meanwhile the roommate began eating Trina out. Trina moaned with pleasure as her wet tongue teased her sweet pussy lips.

Justin couldn’t believe what her was seeing but oh man did he like it.

Her roommate’s tongue then pushed up her cunt. Trina was panting and Justin thought it was so hot that he pushed the dark skinned sex goddess out of the way and took over for her. Trina bucked her hips forwards grabbing Justin’s head and screamed,

“YESSS BABY I’m gonna cum!”

Justin continued as the Latina fingered herself to the sight of them fucking.

Trina finally came right in Justin’s face and he sucked her clit until she let go of him.

They collapsed on the bed kissing each other and finally lay motionless exhausted by the vigorous day of pleasure.

This was a fucking good day he thought.

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Good story, needs some deion(otherwise great plot)

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Good story, needs some deion(otherwise great plot)

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Good story, needs some deion(otherwise great plot)

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Good story, needs some deion(otherwise great plot)

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