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"Could I possibly be more irritated?" I thought to myself as I thumbed through a stack of porno magazines. I had to get out of this foul mood, and I hoped an erotic story or two would help.

I was ready to give up when my cell phone rang. I answered and was caught off guard by the deep young voice on the other end.

"Is Annie there he asked.

"I'm sorry, but I'm afraid you have the wrong number." I said in my sexiest voice, hoping it would get his attention.

"This isn't Annie's number? 619-555-6969?" he asked.

That was the number he had dialed, but it didn't belong to Annie. I explained to him that I had just recently gotten the number.

He apologized, "I'm sorry for bothering you. Thanks."

And before he said good-bye I blurted, "It's no problem at all. Have a good day, Sweetie!" And as soon as the call disconnected I wanted to kick myself. Why had I let him go so easily? I should have come on to him, flirted more.

Oh well, I thought, and I laid back and reached for my vibrator. The callers sexy voice rang in my ears as I started to masturbate once again.

Not two minutes had gone by when my phone rang again. I couldn't hold in the excitement when I saw the same number on my caller ID. I had to take a deep breath and relax before I could answer.

My sultry hello barely out, he blurted, "I'm probably going out on a limb here, but do you ever date younger guys?"

Trying to sound nonchalant I answered, "As a matter of fact I do. How old are you?" I expected to hear twenty-seven or twenty-eight or something. But when he said he was twenty, almost twenty-one I about choked.

What was I thinking? I was old enough to be his mother. Hell, my oldest daughter is almost the same age. I should back out gracefully while I still can.

But you only live once, right? And it could be fun.

We talked for about ten to fifteen minutes, the conversation ending with him heading my way. When I answered the knock on the door my pussy immediately got wet! Standing in front of me was the sexiest young man I'd ever seen!

I invited him in, leading the way straight to the bedroom. As soon as I stopped he reached out, pulled me close and kissed me passionately. It sparked a fire in me that raged uncontrollably. I was blind to his inexperience as we shed our clothes, but not for long. It became apparent when I wrapped my lips around his cock. Almost immediately he pulled away, turning to shoot his load of cum in the sink. Shocked but not wanting to embarrass him, I went right back to polishing his perfect helmet. It was beautiful, perfect in every way. And I showed my approval with a perfect blowjob- slow, wet and deep. Once hard as a Rock again, he pushed me back saying, "My turn." And went down on me briefly. He was quite skilled and I was wet immediately, ready to take his young hard pole. And I did, welcoming his entire length. Kissing me, he drove his pipe deep and steady. He gave me quite a pounding. In almost an instant we were cumming, moaning and shaking.

After a moment he was gone, promising to call I wasn't going to hold my breath but I liked my hot youngster

To my surprise a couple weeks later he did call saying he wanted to see me of course I agreed

He picked me up and as we headed to the hotel we talked comfortably it was a perfect opportunity to be frank with him and I was all over it. "You know how you pulled away to cum last time?" I asked. He nodded as I continued, "Don't do that anymore." He looked surprised as he agreed. I went on, "Haven't you ever had anyone swallow?" As he shook his head I continued, "Well you're about to! Have you ever had anyone deep throat you?"

Again he shook his head, and again I said, "You're about to!"

We continued to the hotel, holding hands and kissing at every red light.

Once in the room, we both lost all control. Stripping as we made our way to the bed. Our hunger controlled us, drove us frantically forward.

Wasting no time, I wrapped my lips around the perfect cock before me. Savoring it as I took it inch by inch into my warm, hungry mouth. But to my surprise I fell short; I was unable to take it all in. But there was no way I'd leave it at that. I repositioned myself. Facing downward in hopes of accommodating his size, as well as the slight curve of his cock. After a couple deep sucks I took him all the way down, swallowing him whole. Urged on by his moans of approval, I deep throated him over and over.

I cupped his balls with hand and caressed gently as he grew rigid and thickened from the approaching blast. My hunger for his cum growing just as fast.

His body tensed and twitched in spasms as he exploded, filling my mouth. I gulped and swallowed, lapping up every last drop of the treat.

As I got up and headed for the shower he said, "You know what else I haven't tried?"

I chuckled and said, "Let me guess.....anal?" The look on his face told me I was right. "Somehow I knew that was coming." I laughed.

After a quick shower we made love, slow and easy. Paying attention to one another's bodies, fulfilling one another's every need. It went on for hours until we both collapsed from exhaustion.

After resting a moment, we chatted as he showered and got ready to leave.

"Make a list of everything you haven't tried," I suggested, "and we can do them together. Sort of a 'sexual bucket list' that we can check off as we go." We laughed at the idea.

Then after a kiss goodbye, out the door he went. I hated to see him go, but I knew he'd be back. And there was no way he'd forget about m if he wasn't. I smiled at the thought of being eternally etched in his memory.

It's my belief that there are only two ways to truly be remembered....1) Be the FIRST, or 2) Be the BEST. And in this case, I was BOTH.


2011-12-14 21:17:44
Nice story.......looking forward to more. Did 2 people really ask if that was a real number? 555-6969....come on guys thinks.

anonymous readerReport

2010-11-26 20:57:35
is it your phone number ...................................................

anonymous readerReport

2010-11-26 20:56:33
is that your real number

anonymous readerReport

2010-11-26 13:15:18
might be fun if se also tried another new thing, getting her pregnat :)

anonymous readerReport

2010-11-25 12:50:42
very hot I came 2 times reading

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