Her first night of making her sexual fantasy come true. This is a true story. Pt 3 takes an unexpected twist .
I was laying across my bed, watching her expertly applying makeup, getting ready for her
big night tonight. She sat in front of her mirror dressed only in stockings and heels grinning from ear to ear thinking about the big fantasy-come- true I arranged for her. She don’t know which one yet, but she did know that it’s something she wanted.

She finished up her last bit of makeup and now wanted to finish dressing. I instructed her to find a slinky little black dress, preferably one that just wrapped around her fantastic looking body, and to forget about wearing either bra or panties. She found a really cute one that hung just above her knees, and was only secured to her body with a thin belt. She stood facing me and twirled around to get my approval. She looked great as usual, everything was perfect down to her totally shaved pussy. I’ve seen more hair on a cue ball. And I loved the fact that she has kept it that way since I first talked her into it several years ago. I got up and walked to her and gave her a big kiss trying not to smear her lipstick. I gazed at her and suggested we leave before it was too late.

I was taking her out to a nice dinner so I could show her off a little. Then, go to a favorite night-spot of ours to end the evening. We entered the club, said “hi” to the bartender who we have known for years and took our seats at a table near the small dance floor. The place wasn’t very crowded; only a handful of customers at the bar, and maybe four guys at the pool table. She must have thought they were a little hot because she would glance over at them every few minutes trying to make some eye contact . I decided to use this to my advantage and made up an excuse for us to change seats so that she was facing them. I excused myself to go get our drinks, and when I returned I couldn’t help noticing her throwing a slight smile their way. I also noticed that she several times would part her legs to try to give them a view of her beautiful pussy. I don’t know if they even saw her or not but it didn’t matter, I was used to guys staring at her.

As the night went on, a few more people wandered in making the place about half full. We danced every few songs and after a couple hours, I was tired of dancing. She told me that she wasn’t ready to stop, so I suggested she go ask one of the guys waiting for their turn at the pool table. She sat at the table for a short time thinking about it and decided to give it a try. She walked away from our table, turning to give me a big smile and a wink. During the remaining hour or so she managed to dance with all four of them at least once. I especially liked the way she would grind your body against them as she slow danced. The constant stares she gave to me while rubbing her gorgeous body against each of them was driving me crazy. We have swung with other couples before and I love watching her with other guys.

It was getting close to closing time so I went to the bar to pay our tab. “What took you so long?” you asked. “Nothing big,” I replied, “just talking to Robert (our bartender friend). We were finishing up our last drinks when Robert came over to me and said “No problem, It’s all been taken care of.”

A few minutes later, we walked toward the door and found it locked. We turned around and yelled for Robert, and saw two fresh drinks sitting on the end of the bar. “What’s going on here?” she asked. “I’m sure I don’t know” I replied as I quickly pulled a blindfold out of my pocket and placed it over her eyes.

.“What are you doing?” she asked with a hint of unsureness in her voice. “Nothing that you won’t enjoy baby” I said. I led her over to the pool table and helped her up on it. I positioned her on her knees in front of me and handed her her drink along with a big hug and told her how much I loved her. “This is your fantasy for this month. I know how much you want to have a little fun on a pool table, so I arranged for Robert to give me the run of the place for a little while” I explained.

I began running my hands up and down the sides if her body, paying particular attention to the curves of her fantastic ass, and her breasts that made the rest of her look so damn fine. After a few moments of feeling her up on the outside, I began to venture to the inside of her dress. Her breasts were a perfect size and shape, and I touched them every chance I got. Her nipples were like large pencil erasers and I never passed up the opportunity to tweak or nibble on one or both of them. They were really something to play with.

Her tummy was rock hard and flat as a board due to all the working out she does at home and several times a week at our local gym. This also kept her ass in perfect proportion with the rest of her body. The real high-lite of her body though was the most beautiful pussy anybody has ever seen. It always smelled like fresh picked flowers and tasted out-of-this-world. She loved having a nice sized cock in her, but equally enjoyed being probed by a talented tongue. As I said before, I’m not that blessed, but I can more than make up for it by eating her longer than anyone else ever has. When she lets me indulge myself, she cums so hard and so many times, we have to take a smoke break (and I don’t smoke!).

I used two fingers and separated her two perfect lips. She was so turned on I could feel her wetness dripping in my hand. I slowly started to insert my middle finger and let more of her juices ooze out. I raised my hand to my mouth and sucked my fingers dry. She tasted better than any bourbon I’ve ever had.(And I loves my bourbon!). I re-inserted two fingers this time and pushed a little farther inside her. I stroked her “G” spot for a few seconds and listened to her begin to moan. Her mouth opened slightly as she rolled her head back and moved her free hand between her legs to mine trying to push my fingers further up inside her. I again withdrew my hand to taste her but didn’t quite make it. Because her hand was holding mine, she had no trouble placing my soaked fingers in her own mouth. She sucked them clean and licked her lips so as to not miss even a trace. Sometimes at home when we are just watching TV, she will catch my attention and insert her fingers into herself then lick them off just to watch me get all worked up. It really works for her if there’s a show on she wants to watch but I don’t. I backed away from her and instructed her to sip on her drink, that I would be right back.

I quickly went to the kitchen where I had arranged for the four pool players she had danced with were standing. I had already talked to them and explained to them what I wanted them to do. The most important thing for them to do was to remain as totally silent as possible. I choose a particular one to be first because he was closest to my size. The other three would join in as we went on.

We all stood back and watched as the first one approached her. He gently pulled her back up on her knees and running his hands inside her dress, felt all over her body. He looked back at us and smiled. He dropped his hand to her warm pussy and inserted his fingers the same way I had done. Again her head rolled back and those too-familiar sounds escaped from between her lips.

He kept this up for only a moment before he took her drink from her and lay her back on the table. He adjusted her body so she was comfortable and moved her hands above her head. So far, she still did not know someone else was touching her.

I don’t think we were the first ones to use this place for fun because there were a couple ropes under the table. He pulled her arms up to the two corner pockets and tied them securely. “In a public place, tied up on a pool table, how many fantasies are you going to try to make happen tonight?” she asked. He said nothing, just moved to the other end of the table to spread her legs. “Cat got your tongue?” she asked, “I hope not cause I got plans for it tonight!” He moved to the center of the table and untied her belt and spread her dress out as far as it would go. She was still smiling, licking her lips, anxious for me(him) to get started. He reached over and stroked her pussy again. We could all see her arch her body trying to meet his touch as he took turns probing her and offering his fingers to her open mouth. She LOVES the taste of her own pussy.

The other three of them are starting to get really worked up by now and began to quietly undress. The guy with her also began to undress himself. He made enough noise doing this but she still thought it was me. When he was totally naked, he crawled up on the table and positioned himself between her open legs. His cock was fully erect and ready for action. He rubbed the head between her lips to get it wet, but instead of fucking her, I motioned for him to move up to her open mouth. When his hard cock touched her mouth, her tongue shot out to welcome it. She swirled it all around until it was clean and bent her neck to try to take more of it in. He positioned himself so she could take all of him in and began to wildly suck. I whispered for one of the others to stroke her pussy as if the first guy was doing it while also fucking her sweet mouth. This he did and she was so engrossed in what she was doing, still didn’t have a clue what was going on.

I decided it was about time to stop all this and get on with the show, so I instructed the other two to move to her tied wrists, and drop their hard cocks in her hands. When they did this, her body instantly froze. She shifted her head to release the cock fucking her mouth and screamed for me. We all started laughing watching her turn her head like she was trying to count just how many were in the room with her. I moved beside her and removed the blindfold, revealing to her exactly what she was dealing with.

When she saw who they were, she cracked a smile and dropped her head for a few seconds in relief. When the initial shock was over, she looked at me and said “you asshole, I’ll get you for this. I love the odds, but you scared the shit out of me. Now get over here and untie me so we can all really enjoy the night.”

I untied her and she reached up gave me a big kiss and whispered “thank you” into my ear. She lay back down on the table and motioned for everybody to dive in.

She was attacked from all sides at once. During the course of the next couple hours, the four of them took turns fucking her in every imaginable position. They used her wet pussy like it was their first time, when one would pull out, another would take his place. They fucked her mouth so often, a few times she had two cocks in her mouth to suck on at the same time. Two of them had condoms with them and wanted to fuck her ass. I asked her if she wanted to be DP’ed . She said “fuck that, I want to be “3P”ed.” So, the first guy with protection lay on the table, let her straddle him and took his entire cock up her tight asshole. Then, one mounted her on top while another fucked her mouth. They all four took turns with her, filling every hole, until she had cum so many times, she couldn’t take any more. I had warned them all to do whatever they wanted, as often as they wanted, but no one could cum until she was completely satisfied. I had one more wish of hers to fulfill.

I told them all it was time. I explained to them that they all needed to be ready to cum at about the same time, so if somehow they weren’t ready, start stroking! They all assured me they were more than ready. I positioned her on the table until her head was resting on the edge. One thing she has always wanted to do is experience a bukkake. She told me she didn’t want a real one with 50-60 guys, but a small one with about 10-15guys. I couldn’t arrange that one, so, for tonight, four will have to do.

They lined up beside her, her mouth wide open and her tongue sticking out to catch every drop of hot cum they had to offer. The first one only had to stroke himself for about a half minute till he grunted and shot a huge load of cum all over her face. Jet after jet of his cum landed all over her cheeks, chin, and every other part of her beautiful face that was exposed. When he finished, he rubbed the tip over her tongue so she could clean him off. The second guy steps up and provided her with a similar load. Her face was so covered with cum that she began scooping it up with her fingers and licking them clean. Watching this set the other two off and they both let her have it at the same time. This time, she opened up a little wider so she could get a little more in her mouth “straight from the tap.” It worked!!! They feed her so much cum it began to spill over the corners of her mouth. She swallowed as much as possible, but still lost much of it. She was so covered in cum, she looked like a glazed doughnut. But, I loved it, as did she. Took her a few moments, but finally scraped all of it from her face to her lips. I told the guys it was time to leave. They dressed and thanked her for a fantastic night. I told them that since they paid so much attention to her first, that we could do it again if they wanted. She excused herself to get cleaned up and we both left soon after that. She fell asleep in the car beside me looking as content as I have ever seen her. We both slept late the next day wondering what kind of fun next month would bring.

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