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The continuation of my Rush series
A few days later, Melanie was walking a few doors down to her best friend Carissa’s house. She and Carissa (or Kissa, as Melanie frequently called her), had known each other since they were toddlers, but they’d been fucking each other even longer than Melanie and Kayla had. They’d started when Melanie had first started lactating when she was only a “teeny-bopper”, barely in Training Bra’s. They’d not really known what they were doing, but Melanie had cherished the memory. They’d even dated for awhile a few years ago, but Kissa preferred guys; Melanie had been her only girlfriend, ever. Melanie on the other hand didn’t prefer guys or girls, it made no difference to her. As long as they didn’t judge her and could satisfy her, she didn’t really care.

Melanie got to the door and let herself in, then smirked as she heard loud grunts and moans coming from upstairs. Apparently Kissa’s boyfriend was over. Jake was a really nice guy, and he’d fucked Melanie a couple of times before; he wasn’t a bad lay, he just wasn’t really Melanie’s type. But, Kissa loved him, so Melanie didn’t really mind. They were happy together, and as much as she loved Kissa, she only wanted her to be happy. It didn’t matter who with.

Melanie walked up the stairs, unbuttoning her blouse as she went. By the time she got to Kissa’s room, her blouse was hanging open, and her breasts only covered by her black and red lace demi bra. She pushed the door open and leaned against the frame casually, watching as Jake pounded his thick shaft into Kissa doggy-style from behind. Kissa was clawing at her bed, clearly enjoying herself as she swore enough to make a sailor blush. Kissa may have been an angel otherwise, but she was a devil in the bed. Her tight, round ass bounced hard as Jake’s hips slapped against it, and her perky C-cup breasts bounced and swayed beneath her. A fast stream of swear words elicited from her mouth as she came hard, and Melanie watched in amusement as Jake hunched over, his six-pack clenching and his ass pulling together as he stabbed himself as deep into Kissa and came himself.

Melanie shut her eyes, enjoying the moment. She shivered in delight; she could almost feel their pleasure. Then she realized, she COULD feel them. She could FEEL Jake’s 5-inch cock filling her, and his sperm blasting into her womb. She doubled over, biting her lip to keep from coughing in surprise as an orgasm washed over her; Kissa’s orgasm. She clenched her hands and dimly realized her skin was glowing brightly again. She mentally swore to herself and forced herself to stand up, trying in vain to keep her composure as Jake collapsed next to Kissa. Melanie caught a flash of Kissa’s cum and Jake’s sperm dripping from Kissa’s freshly-fucked pussy before Kissa rolled over as well, laughing richly with the pleasure.

Then she saw Melanie. Kissa’s face lit up with a smile full of love and joy and she waved shyly, mouthing “hi” silently as she elbowed Jake. Jake looked up and laughed tiredly, “Oh, hey Mel. Looking good today! Care to join us huh?” Melanie laughed and rolled her eyes, “The last time we did a three-way, you couldn’t move for almost a full day afterwards Jakey. I don’t think you could take it after the show you just put on.” She walked into the room, peeling her blouse and dropping it on the floor before crawling up next to Kissa and sharing a quick kiss with her. Jake was watching them lazily as he replied, “Probably true…” He rolled over and also gave Kissa a slow kiss before she pushed him away laughing. “Go get dressed baby. You have to work in 20 minutes.” He sighed and rolled away, getting out of bed; Melanie noted with some interest that his dick was still rock-hard and covered in Kissa’s juices. He caught her staring and shrugged, “Maybe next time Mel.” She nodded and eyed him hungrily, “Definitely next time.”

He got dressed and left the room before Kissa rolled over and propped herself up on an elbow to stare at her best friend, “So….what’s up?” Melanie glanced towards the closed door before grinning and standing up to undress. Her bra came off and Kissa raised an eyebrow, staring. When her pants and panties came off, Kissa’s mouth dropped open before she promptly closed it, opened it again, then closed it again before she finally asked, “Have….Have you been working out or something?” Melanie just grinned, “Nope! I don’t know what happened, but I feel incredible. Oh, and they grew, again, obviously.” She reached up and squeezed her breasts, shivering with pleasure as a thrill rushed through her body from the touch. She struck a modeling pose and laughed playfully, “So how was the ride today?”

Kissa laughed and lay back, stretching contentedly not unlike a cat does after a long nap. She sat up and shrugged, “It was good and hard, of course. After 3 years together Jake and I have gotten really well-adjusted to riding each other. You really should take him on sometime sweetie, a hard fuck could do you some good.” Melanie smirked and shrugged absently, not noticing that the power outlet across the room was sparking, and that the sparks almost seemed to be throwing themselves in her direction. “Jake’s a good fuck, but you know I prefer you and Kayla baby. A woman’s touch just feels better.” She flexed her newfound muscles and grinned, “Besides, I wouldn’t want to hurt your favorite fuck-toy.” Kissa giggled and threw her pillow at Melanie, which bopped her in the face. Melanie giggled and threw it back, bopping Kissa as well. Melanie stepped forwards and threw herself on her best friend, kissing her joyfully for several minutes.

When the kiss broke, Kissa was gasping. Her smile couldn’t go any wider as she caressed Melanie’s cheek, “I love you mel. Ok?” Melanie smiled and nodded slowly, “Ok baby. Are you hungry?” She shifted her weight, and her larger breasts pressed against Kissa’s smaller ones. Kissa looked down thoughtfully and shrugged, “I guess. Are they needing relief?” Melanie shook her head and flushed happily, “No, Kayla already did that for them earlier. I was just wondering, that’s all.” Kissa nodded and smiled shyly, “Oh, ok. Well then…yeah, I am.” Melanie just smiled wordlessly and kissed the top of her best friends’ head before she rolled over, propping herself up on Kissa’s pillow and gently pulling her best friends’ head to her breasts. Kissa was nursing gently a few minutes later, and the pair remained as this, one nursing, the other cradling, for nearly an hour afterwards.

Melanie gently pulled her breast from Kissa’s mouth and kissed her best friend tenderly before climbing out of bed. Kissa had dozed off while nursing, and was now sleeping soundly while her body recovered from the fucking from her boyfriend. Melanie left the room, walking down the hall nude, completely comfortable. She walked into the bathroom and paused in front of the mirror, admiring her new body in the body-length mirror. Her breasts were flawless, standing out proudly from her body, not sagging in the least in spite of her milk. Her hips were round and full, but her waist was almost inhumanly narrow, giving her a wonderful hourglass figure. Her abs were wash-board flat and a six-pack was very faintly visible if viewed from the right angle. Her ass was round and tight, and her legs seemed to go on for days even though she was only 5’ 7”, and wasn’t likely to grow any more. There wasn’t an ounce of fat on her body; Kissa had been right. It DID look like Melanie had been working out for months on end. Melanie flexed her arms and giggled at the biceps that visibly flexed there, popping out just enough from her skin to be obvious, but enough that when she didn’t flex, they were only somewhat visible.

The bathroom had two power outlets in it; one next to the sink behind Melanie, and one on the floor below the mirror. It was the one below the mirror that caught her attention; it was sparking and smoking. Curious she bent down and reached her hand out, then stifled a yelp of surprise when the sparks leaped into her skin and disappeared. She flexed her fingers, feeling that now-familiar pull inside herself, and sure enough a rush of pleasure-inducing power soon followed. She watched, eyes half-lidded with pleasure, and her breath coming in pants as electricity visible crackled out of the socket to be absorbed into her arm. She felt her muscles tightening and swelling, her body reacting to the energy she was pouring into herself. It felt so good, heavenly even. No ecstasy that she had yet to experience could begin to compare to this! She flexed her fingers again and let out a long, low moan as it started flowing into her faster, and faster. The lights flickered violently, then went dark, and she smelled something burning, but didn’t care. Her body shook in the darkness, glowing like a lightbulb from within. The electricity crawled over and under her skin, and when it seemed she could take no more, she felt something break inside her and screamed as a full-on, tantric orgasm shook her senses, leaving her insensate and limp on the floor, smoke drifting off her still-glowing skin as she lay in a puddle of her own cum leaking from her pussy, and milk leaking from her now almost-E-cup breasts.

She didn’t stay out for long, perhaps only about 20 minutes, but when she awoke Melanie groaned, pushing a hand to her head. Every bit of her body hurt and felt as taught and hard as steel bridge cables. She sat up, not noticing that the lights had come back on, and stared at herself in the mirror. She’d changed again. Her muscles were now hideously prominent, her E-cup breasts almost overwhelmed her chest, and she was taller. She guessed she was probably around 6’ 1” now, at least. “Shit….shit shit shit!”, she moaned. She extended her hands in front of herself and frowned at the energy flowing beneath her golden skin; it looked like she’d been tanning for days. She’d gone from a 5’ 7” angel to a 6’ 1” glam-body-builder in only a few minutes. “Oh God….this isn’t fucking good!” She groaned. Dropping her hands to her sides, she felt tears of hopelessness coming to her eyes. She felt incredible, like a Goddess, but she didn’t want this. She wanted who she WAS, not this….this hideous abomination. This wasn’t her body, it was….somebody, or something else. Narrowing her eyes, she glared at the mirror, and for some reason wasn’t surprised that as she did so, her warm brown eyes turned almost completely black. She grit her teeth and growled at herself, “If I have all this power, I’ll be damned if it isn’t mine to use as I please.”
She grabbed her breasts, whimpering in frustration when she felt that they were nearly rock-hard. “This is gonna fucking hurt….” She muttered beneath her breath.

With a sigh of resignation, she shut her eyes and reached into herself, just like when she’d changed Kayla’s breasts. Nothing happened at first, but then she felt it. Instead of a gentle tug like before, it felt like somebody set off a bomb inside her gut, and power tore through her body. She let out a startled cry, but didn’t break her concentration. It felt horrible, like she was trying to tear her own body apart. But sure enough, after the fire in her senses faded, she felt the tension in her arms lessoning, her breasts shrinking, becoming softer. Her breath started coming in rapid pants; as much as this hurt, it also felt incredibly good in a strange way. Her pussy tingled and she whimpered with desire. God she needed to masturbate! But she couldn’t worry about that now. Forcing herself to keep concentrating, several minutes later, her eyes flew open as her concentration finally broke when a small orgasm blossomed in her body. She put her hands on the tile, still damp with her cum and milk from before, gasping as the orgasm washed through her body. But unlike the overwhelming, tantric orgasm of before, this cascaded over her senses like a warm breeze, or a cool, gentle wave on the beach. After it passed, she raised her head and looked at herself in the mirror. She was back to what she’d been before the power outlet, but her skin still glowed with a deep inner radiance, and it was still tanned almost light bronze; but she could live with a tan. She touched her hair, once brunette, and studied the many honey-golden streaks that now ran through it. “Not bad….always wanted a dye job.” She dropped her hand and eyed herself in the mirror with a smile. She could change her own body at will….change the bodies of others with physical contact. What else could she do? She couldn’t wait to find out as she stood slowly. Feeling the damp tiles beneath her feet, she grimaced, “That won’t work…” she mumbled. Gesturing with a finger, a bolt of energy leaped from her fingertip and struck the puddle of cum and milk. It incinerated almost instantly, leaving only a faint puff of smoke that disappeared just as quickly as it happened. She smirked and raised her finger, blowing it off like the tip of a gun before she muttered, “Nice trick.” Then she turned and walked away, heading back to Kissa’s room, and leaving the entire incident, except for her apparently vastly increased power, behind her.


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Great chapter... I'm going to keep going ;)


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Ok, I stand corrected. You have made a new one and you DEFINITELY made the best series that I've read.

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it takes alot to write a porn story like this, and just try.

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great story! can't wait for more!!

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can't wait for more! great story!

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