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Round 3 is here, and Gene has decided Jessica will dance on air.
Jessica's Fantasy Roast

Story: #29
Copyright ©2005
Written: March 29 2005
A story By: KaosAngel
Proofed by: Piasa_Troll
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Part 4 - Round 3

After the lights dimmed from Jessica's eyes Gene began the process of butchering the her body into easy to cook cuts of meat all the while thinking to him self, "This was she will last longer" he thought with a laugh as he took the rest of the day to finish the job and packed away the uncooked meat in the freezer and then went off to bed.

As happened the night before Gene awoke to a sleeping Jessica alive and well by his side this time unchecked at her appearance in his bed Gene began his morning with a brisk fuck as he stripped the sheet from the naked form of Jessica still sleeping off the after effects of her sudden resurrection.

Jessica awoke to the sounds and feel of a hard cock sliding in and out of her, as she opened her eyes and saw the smiling face of Gene her new master she was red with anger "How dare you force me onto that block!!!" she said as she pushed Gene off of her and he fell backwards hitting the floor with a loud thump.

Gene got up and quickly walked over to Jessica "You forget your place whore, I am your master, I decide how you die" he said as he grabbed her arm and dragged her down the stairs toward the playground. Once outside Gene pushed her to the ground and ordered her to crawl to him on her hands and knees while he sat on a deck chair several feet away, "Get your pretty ass over here, master has something for you to put in that pretty mouth".

Jessica crawled over to Gene just as he had ordered all the while thinking, "Well this isn't that bad, he can kill me anyway he wants ill always wake up in the morning" she thought as she began to suck on the still erect cock presented to her, after a few stokes Gene was blasting her pretty mouth with hot loads of thick white cum.

After Jessica finished swallowing the cum in her mouth Gene began to speak again, "Today we start round 3 of our game" he said with a smile that almost gave Jessica second thoughts, "What do you mean?" she asked, "Well we spit roasted you for round 1, decapitated you for round 2, I was thinking today I'd like to watch you swing from the end of a rope" he said his smile changing to an evil laugh, "Muahahah", "That doesn't sound to bad, it couldn’t possibly hurt as much as that axe" Jessica thought to herself and then readily agreed to do the air dance of death for her master.

Getting her ready for her dance of death Gene got up took a length of rope into his hands and then had Jessica assume the position stanching with her back toward him and her arms behind her back read to be tied tight, taking first one wrist and then the other Gene tied them tight, "OUCH!!" Jessica squealed in pain as Gene made the rope tighter then usual.

Gene laughed at her pain and pulled the rope even tighter causing Jessica to yelp in pain again and this time the rope cut into her wrist deep enough to draw a thin line of blood from each wrist. Kneeling lower to the height of Jessica's bleeding wrists Gene began to lick at the lines of blood, enjoying the sweet taste, almost deciding to skip the hanging and eat Jessica alive there and then.

Returning his attention to the rest of the rope in his hand Gene then cut off another length or rope long enough to make a noose at one end and loop the rest over a tree limb in the back of the yard where Jessica would dance her last steps in life. At least this life.

Taking Jessica by the arm Gene lead her toward the tree in the back where he had set up the noose for her slow death, once they arrived at the tree Gene wasted no time placing the noose around her neck and tightening it and then having her stand on top of a three foot tall stool, pulling back the slack in the rope he then tied it to the tree trunk leaving Jessica very little rope to swing on. It was enough to cause her to hope the rope would brake her neck killing her instantly, but Gene was expecting a good show, and she did want to please her master even if that meant she had to die in the slowest way possible. She was ready to swing.

Gulping down one last breath of air Jessica was ready for it when Gene pulled the chair out from under her feet and she fell the whole one foot of rope length then heard the snap of the rope as it tightened and dug deep into her throat cutting off all air flow, her neck had not broken so she was doomed to die slow and painfully. But at least her master would get the show he was expecting.

Trying to gasp for air but none would come Jessica's mouth at first formed perfect "O" shape as she tried desperately to breath, Gene was laughing at her attempt to breath as he watched her dyeing from a chair a few feet away sipping on a drink of vodka and soda. Jessica could see him enjoying her death and could only think, "I’m glad he is enjoying himself" as she watched him raise his glass and smile.

Several minutes have passed and Jessica is starting to feel her lungs hurt from lack of oxygen her mouth is still open trying in vain to draw a breath and still none would come, "Please this has gone on long enough, let me die now.." she begged to herself as her lungs started to feel as if they would burst open to get that desperately needed air.

A few more minutes went buy and Jessica went from being in a small amount of pain to being in an tremendous amount of pain her lungs were no completely empty of air and her mouth had gone from making "O" shape to a look of pure agony, Gene could see she was trying to speak but lacked the ability, watching her lips move he could tell she was begging him to let her down, looking up at her he said one word, "NO!" that word played out in her head like a broken record she would not get the air she wanted. At least not yet. Not from him.

As time went on Jessica couldn’t bare the pain anymore and wanted to scream out, "KILL ME!!" but couldn’t, it was about this same time she could feel a light dampness between her legs and began thinking, "I’m wet? I’m cuming? from this?, no it can’t be" she was broken from her thoughts by Gene's laughter, "HAHA, you pissed yourself" Jessica felt humiliated as she continued to hang and lose even more control of her bladder unable to stop the golden stream.

When the stream stopped Jessica could feel other things began to go out of her control as she began to shit herself, heightening Gene's laughter and enjoyment over her slow death and humiliation. Jessica could feel herself starting to slip away and welcomed it, Gene also noticed her dancing was down to a slow kick and knew she would soon be dead for the 3rd time in her life.

After Jessica stopped kicking it was clear she was dead, Gene then took a knife and cut the rope holding her in the air and her body slumped to the floor lifelessly. Gene picked up the body and made his way to the kitchen where he proceeded to once again carve up and butcher Jessica's meat, several hours of work later Gene packed away her meat in to the freezer and went to bed. Awaiting the morning when he would kill Jessica again.

Jessica awoke the next morning to a strange sight, she was in her own bedroom still lying on the bed in the clothes she had been wearing when she returned from the jungle, "What am I doing here?, where’s master Gene?" she thought to herself, "Could it all have been a dream?" she added as she kicked off her shoes and then removed the clothing she found herself in, "It must have been a dream, I guess the only way ill live my dream is in my dreams" she said talking to herself slowed as she walked over to her computer and switched it on.

"I guess ill try the internet again" she said as she logged on and went through her email and visited several groups, while searching though some of the groups a familiar name popped up "Chef Trolloc", Jessica stared at the name and remembered her dream, "That was a dream wasn't it?".


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2016-04-21 17:40:06
i really liked the story and i like the dream of her to be spitted. i only read the story cause it had spitting. but it would be great if she wasn't dreaming. or dreaming more rounds of being killed . haha. thank u.

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2015-08-20 15:20:09
This is definitely one of my favorite stories thanks so much and I hope you write more soon

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2013-06-24 00:15:48
If you can't type: Don't.

I can't believe someone allegedly proof-read this and it still turned to be so butchered, pun sort-of intended.

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2012-11-15 11:42:21
Okay, people who are complaining need to shut up.
At least look at the tags and CHECK that stuff if you're so sensitive.
Not to mention this is ficiton. As in, NOT TRUE.

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2012-06-02 17:27:46
Why are there so many weirdos i hope this animal dies
If you like these stories your fucked up just commit suicide

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