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Wanting to supprise her father on fathers day Jessica decides to give him a meat-girl barbeque, but when the town butcher shop runs out of meat-girls Jessica find herself on the sharp end of the spit.
Father's Day Roast

Story: #32
Copyright ©2005
Written: June 12 2005
A story By: KaosAngel
Proofed by: Piasa_Troll
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"Mom?" Jessica called out as she was coming down the stairs from her room wearing nothing more then a thin T-shirt and a pair of red silk panties, "Yes dear" her mother replied as Jessica entered the kitchen, "Father's day is coming up soon, what should I get dad" Jessica asked as she opened the refrigerator and pulled out a plate wrapped in tin foil.

Taking the plate over to the counter she unwrapped it to reveal a fresh cunt steak, popping it into the microwave while her mother turned to her to answer her question, "Well you know how much he likes meat-girls why don’t you go over to hills pick one out and we will have a barbeque for him, he will love that" her mother replied as the microwave dinged telling Jessica her cunt steak was ready to eat.

Sitting down at the table Jessica began to eat her cunt steak, "Fathers day is tomorrow can hills fill an order that fast?" Jessica asked as she took a huge bit of her delicious meat, "You will have to go find out, I have never tried to get a meat-girl in such short notice" her mother said while she made the plans for the Father's Day Roast.

When Jessica was finished with her cunt steak she ran back up to her room to change into her street clothes by the time she had come down from her room she found her mother had already planed the entire barbeque, "No backing out now" Jessica thought to herself, "Now I have to get a meat-girl" she further though as she jumped into her car and headed towards Hill's Fine Meats the best girl-meat butcher in town.

Ever since Mayor Perro made cannibalism legal in the small town of Dolcett California, the harvesting of human females were a common sight on the streets of the city, designated meat-girls who still had human rights could still come and go as they please but could no longer ware clothes and had a small ring pierced onto their left labia with a tag connected to it, this tag had all the information any meat processor and harvester would need to know about each meat-girl.

Girl-mean butcher shops like Hill's Fine Meats were popping up all over the city over the last few years since, but Hill's always had to he best, everyone wanted a Hill's branded meat-girl for their barbecue’s, this thought him Jessica as she arrived at Hill's to see the large number of men and woman placing their orders for the best meat in town.

Sitting in her car at the Hill's parking lot Jessica debated weather or not she wanted to go inside and try to place her order although, she wasn’t legally classified as a meat-girl for harvest she was of age and she knew if Hill's was running low on eat they could order her to give her meat to fill the next order. "It's a gamble either way" she though as she stepped out of her car and into the packed butcher shop.

Just as Jessica had thought when she entered the butcher shop she heard one of the female customers complaining to the head butcher, "What do you mean your out of meat?, when I called and placed my order an hour ago you assured me a meat-girl would be ready for me!" she yelled at the head butcher, "Yes ma'am but we have just run out I am very sorry" was the butchers reply as a man came up to the counter, "I need one meat-girl for a live spit roast at the family barbeque I’m having tomorrow" the man asked.

Jessica knew what was going to happen next, she had heard all the story's about how Hill's converted any girl available when they ran out of meat, so she slowly crept out the door in time to hear the female customer who had complained yelling again, not in anger, but in fear, as two large butchers ran over and grabbed two young woman striped off all her clothes, bound her wrist's tight behind her back and shoved a ball gag in her mouth. The head butcher then took what looked like a gun and placed it between her legs a large pop was heard as she creamed though her ball gag.

When the gun was removed she had a meat-girl tag attached to her left labia, "Here you go sir, one young meat-girl ready to roast for your barbeque" the head butcher said as the man standing by the counter smiled and paid for the meat. Jessica was still in a state of shock at having seen that, but she knew that they did do that when they were out of meat, had she stayed inside any longer she would now be standing next to the now new meat-girl in a similar condition.

Jessica was still sitting in her car outside of Hill's Fine Meats butcher shop as the man came out with his newly converted meat-girl struggling to get away from her owner, Jessica watched as the man forced her into the back of his car that Jessica could see was converted into a cage for transporting meat-girl's who like this one tried to resist her fate. Having seen enough Jessica started the car and headed home, empty handed.

When she got home she found her mother in the kitchen preparing side dishes, and stuffing for the meat-girl Jessica was supposed to bring home, "Where is the meat-girl Jessica?" her mother asked as she looked up to se Jessica come in with no meat, "I couldn’t get one, Hill's were all out" Jessica said as she entered the kitchen and sat in a chair, "While I was there this girl was complaining about them being out of meat, then a man came in to pick up his order, you can guess what happened next" Jessica said looking at her mother.

"You don't mean?" her mother stammered, "Yep the butchers came over bound her up tight and converted her to meat status right there and then sold her to the man to fill his meat order" Jessica replied looking into her mothers eye's, "If I hadn’t gotten out of there before they converted her I might not be sitting here right now, they would have converted me too, to sell to the next man" Jessica added.

"Well what do we do now?, we have a lot of people coming tomorrow looking for a Father's Day spit roast and we have no meat-girl to put on the spit" her mother reminded Jessica of their meatless predicament, "Humm maybe I can get one of my friends to volunteer to roast for our barbeque" Jessica said trying to think of who she could ask to give up there life for her, "Humm never mind none of my friends would let us roast them" Jessica said lowering her eye's in thought.

"Maybe you can trick one of them into coming here and convert her?" Jessica's mom said, "No, unless they volunteer its murder, we are not certified as meat processors or harvesters" Jessica replied as they both tought harder about how to get a meat-girl for the upcoming Father's Day Roast.

Jessica was upset that she couldn’t get a meat-girl and even more upset at her mom for planning the whole thing before knowing if she could get the meat-girl now they have a barbeque planned and no girl to spit, Jessica knew that her father would be upset if they went ahead with the planned barbeque with no girl-meat, she knew what she had to do so her father would not be disappointed on father's day.

"Well mom there is no other choice" Jessica said as she stood up and began striping off her clothes, "You will just have to roast me for tomorrow's barbeque" she added standing in front of her mom completely nude turning her back to her and placing both of her hands behind her back waiting for her mother to use the traditional meat-girl binding strips to bind her wrist's together tight behind her back, "Are you sure honey?, this isn’t something you can change your mind about, once I bind your wrist's its permanent until your cooked, you will be a volunteer meat-girl and roasted for tomorrow's barbeque" she said waiting for an answer.

"Yes mom im sure, I wanted to do something special for dad on father's day letting him roast me would be the ultimate gift, now bind me up im ready for the spit" Jessica replied as he mother used the permanent meat-girl bindings converting her lovely young daughter into a delicious looking young meat-girl, "Don’t get ahead of yourself, you know your father gets to tenderize every meat-girl he cooks before she meets the spit” her mother reminded her.

"Ohh right, but he’s my father?" Jessica replied, "No he’s not, not anymore, your are a meat-girl now, just live stock for the harvesting, just like any of those meat-girls out there" she looked out the window to see nude meat-girls walking around, some lead by leash as pets and some bound up just like Jessica was now, ready to roast for tomorrow, "When your former father gets home i will tell him all that we have planned for him and about your gift to him, until then you stay hidden in the meat locker" she said as she placed a ball gag into Jessica's mouth completing the meat-girl ensemble.

Jessica was then pushed into a small dark room in the back of the house behind the kitchen, this was where the family stored their meat-girls before they were ready for tenderizing and spitting, While Jessica waited bound and uncomfortable in the meat-girl storage locker, her mother was busily cooking and preparing all the things she would need in the morning when it was time to stuff and spit her former daughter now turned meat-girl for the Father's Day Roast.

Several hours later Jessica's former father soon to be tenderizer came home, entering the kitchen he could see all the prep work being done, "What’s gong on here?, you going to cook up a meat-girl?" he asked as he moved close to his wife, "Yes we have a meat-girl to roast for a barbeque Jessica and I planned for tomorrow" she replied as her husband looked around the room, "Ohh where is that daughter of mine?" he asked, "She will be out in a few minutes and then all will be explained" his wife replied, "Why don’t you go out to the shed and get the spit cleaned up and ready for tomorrow, when you come back you can meet the meat-girl and start her tenderizing" she said pushing him out the back door toward the shed.

When the spit was cleaned polished and ready for tomorrow Jessica's former father headed back to the house toward the kitchen entrance, "Ok its ready hun, now where’s this meat-girl?" he asked as she pointed toward the meat-girl storage locker. Walking over to the locker he opened it to see his daughter standing there nude bound up like a meat-girl, "What’s this?, your going to roast up our daughter?" he said in shock, "No we are going to roast up the meat-girl that volunteered who use to be our daughter" she replied as her husband signaled for Jessica to exit the storage locker.

"Ill take off the gag so she can tell you herself" his wife said as she removed the gag allowing Jessica to talk, "Hi dad, I wanted to do something special for you for fathers day, I tried to get a certified meat-girl from Hill's but they were all out, so I agreed that you and mom can roast me instead" she said looking into her former father's eye's, "So go ahead daddy treat me like you would any other meat-girl on your table, cause that’s all I am now, you know there is no way to remove the meat-girl bindings, if you don't roast me tomorrow ill die in a day or so anyway, and that would be a waste of good girl-meat and I know how you hate to waste girl-meat" she added with a smile on her face.

"Ok sweetie if that is the way you want it then that is the way you will have it" he said as he forced the ball gag back in her mouth, Jessica suddenly had a flashback in her mind of all the other meat-girl he had tenderized and remember he liked to be pitifully violent and torture them before spitting them, with this image in her head now she tried to resist him as he forced her back into the meat-girl storage locker until tomorrow, where he would work on her tenderizing in the morning then spit her in the afternoon where she would then cook up nice and golden brown and be ready by dinner time.

There was nothing Jessica could do now but wait in her tiny dark meat-girl locker for morning to come and her former father to unleash his tortures on her newly converted meat-girl body, like Jessica had said when she talked to her father the meat-girl bindings were permanent designed in a way that cause it to grow tighter and tighter every few hours squeezing the life out of her wrist's sort of like what happens to wet raw-hide as it dries but 10 times worse, if the binding was removed Jessica would die immediately, and if left on, even if she didn't roast tomorrow the bindings would grow so tight that she would die anyway, so she really had no other choice but to sit in her meat-girl storage locker and wait for her fait to talk her, which ever fate that maybe.

The next morning even before she had woken up the door to the meat-girl storage locker opened and standing in the door was Jessica's former father now turned tenderizer, Jessica began to wake up as he moved toward her, she began to show some fear in her eye's, but he was expecting that all meat-girls have that same look in their eye's when he comes toward them at the start, Jessica was no different, but she decided she would take anything he would do to her cause today was his day, today was Father's Day. Although technically with his only daughter's impending roast he was no longer a father.

Deciding for himself to enjoy this day he would not go easy on the meat just because it use to be his daughter, reaching out for her he grabbed her by her hair picked her up and threw her out the meat-girl locker door into the kitchen where she hit the floor hard tear's filling her eye's, "Your day has only began sweetie, or should I say sweet meat, yes that’s a better name for you now, by the time im done with your tenderizing torture's you will be begging me to spit you" he said as she lay there on the floor quietly crying with some blood dripping from the open cut she now had on her face from hitting the floor.

He walked over and grabbed her hair again pulling her to her feet, with her hands still bound tight behind her back she could do nothing to resist him and that was the way she was meant to be she was the meat and he sure was going to enjoy tenderizing her, "First you see we need to make sure all your hair is gone, don’t want people getting hair in their food" he said as he left the room for a moment leavening Jessica standing their to afraid to move in fear of angering her former father.

When he returned he had a blow torch in his hand the sight of it scared Jessica she had seen girl-meat hair removed with a blow torch before, it is the quickest way to remove the pubic hair and although it is not the most painful way it does hurt quite a bit as the hair is singed away, Jessica knew what she was supposed to do so with little help from her tenderizer she was on top of the counter in seconds, still sitting up she placed her feet into stirrups that came out over the edge of the table where they were locked in place.

Giving her a big smile her tenderizer turned the blow torch onto high and touched it to her bare pussy singeing away some of her hair, leaving the flame there for more time then needed to singe away all the hair started to cook her cunt steak, she was screaming loud through her ball gag and crying begging him to stop what he was doing with her eye's, he expected this, all meat-girl's do it when he torches them.

When he finally removed the flame from her exposed pussy the smell of cooking girl-meat was in the air, she had started to turn a light brown with some blistering, Jessica was now gratefully he removed the flame and that she was able to endure the pain, "What will be next?" she wondered while he allowed her some time to adjust to the pain in her lower body, he allowed her more time then the usual meat-girl he was showing her a little more compassion then past meat-girls he had on his table.

When he returned to his little meat-girl on the table the pain in her pussy was just starting to let up but not gone, he saw the tears in her eye's as he got closer to her, then did something he would never do for any other meat-girl, he removed her gag allowing her to speak to him, "Please don't! Please no more" was all she could say. Looking at the tears in her eye's and her blistered pussy he decided she had enough, "Ok I wont go any further with the normal tenderizing torture, but I still have to fuck you" he said while releasing her feet from the stirrups.

Jessica jumped down from the table the labia of her pussy rubbing together as she hit the floor caused her enough pain to make her lose her balance and her rump hit the floor, she was helped to her feet and then they went to Jessica's room, her father placing her on the bed on her back with her arms tucked behind her she was ready to receive him, spreading her legs and not wanting to waste time since it was nearly 11:00am almost time to stuff her with tasty stuffing, but first he would stuff her with his cock.

Taking his place at the entrance to her pussy he pushed his cock in slightly to find she was still a virgin, he figured taking her virginity could not be as painful as torching her labia with a blow torch so he plowed in deep in one thrust until he was all the way inside her, Jessica squealed loudly not from the pain of losing her virginity but from the pain of her fathers public hair rubbing on her bare blistered labia.

Before they knew it the hour went by and it was now 12:00noon and Jessica's mother was calling for them it was time to get the roast stuffed and spitted to be ready by dinner time, Jessica was helped to her feet and surprisingly her labia were not in much pain witch was a relief to her, she had hoped to enjoy the spit sliding though her she would be able to do that if her pussy was in burning pain, that would just add to her torture.

Jessica was lead down stairs by her father to the kitchen where she found her mother totally naked mixing a second bowl if stuffing, Jessica seeing her mother nude like a meat-girl cause her to ask, "Mom why are you nude?" she said as her father looked and at the same time asked "Hun why you nude?" both Jessica and her father looked at each other then back to her mother who replied, "I made a huge mistake, I invited so many people Jessica could never feed them all by herself, you will have to roast me too, I don’t want anyone to go home hungry" she replied with a smile on her face as she continued to mix the bowl of stuffing that would soon be packed into her own belly.

"Do you want a quick fuck before I spit you hun" her husband asked, "No that’s ok Im all fucked out, see when I told the guests about my mistake and that I would be on the menu as well, all your friends got in line and started fucking me like a common meat-girl for sexual pleasure" she replied as she picked up both bowls of stuffing and walked toward the back door to the yard where the pit and the guests were waiting, "You coming you two" she said with a mile as she opened the door and walked out.

Jessica and her father followed her out the door, "As soon as my husband and I finish stuffing and spitting Jessica, I will be bound, stuffed and spitted as well to roast" she said as Jessica walked over to a large picnic table, "I couldn’t rent a spitting machine in such short notice so we will both have to be spitted by hand" Jessica said to the crowed of guests many of them were her teenage friends and their mom's and dad's.

Jessica bent over the picnic table resting her chest and breasts on top of it as her mother and father placed a took inside her pussy that opened her up wide enough to force hand fulls of stuffing inside her, they pushed it passed her cervix into her womb where it would be sure to cook up nice in her juices and still allowed the spit room to pass though her, when her belly was full she looked to be about 9 months pregnant, "She is ready for the spit her father proclaimed he was then handed a spit by one of Jessica's friends. Who was enjoying herself so much had been servicing all the men at the roast orally and vaginally.

Jessica's father placed the sharp end of the spit inside her pussy and pushed it in deep, with expert precision the sharp point of the spit was completely though her and came out of her mouth blood dripping from its deadly tip, Jessica's father and her mother wasted no time in securing her legs to the end of the spit and placing her over the coals to roast. Once she was rotating it was clear to all she was enjoying herself now twitching in one organism after another fucking herself on the spit.

Jessica's mother presented herself to her husband much the same as Jessica had done with her mother the day before she turned her back to him and placed both wrists behind her back and he quickly bound them tight using the same permanent meat-girl bindings she had used on Jessica now she was in the same predicament if she changed her mind now it was too late she knew the bindings would take her life even if the spit didn’t.

Before long both mother and daughter were rotating over the coals browning nicely while the entire party were engaged in an orgy of honor for the two lovely roasting meat-girls, Lina one of Jessica's friends was in the middle of bouncing on top of her own fathers cock as she saw him looking at her lovely friends roast then look at her then back to the roasting Jessica then at her again, just as they both came, her all over his cock and him inside her tight pussy, he had started to ask the question, but was cut off, "Don't even think about it dad, your not converting me to meat-girl" Lina said as she jumped off his cock in search of another hard cock to take inside her.


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This is one of my favorite stories. I would love to hear more details about the stuffing and spitting process.

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i liked the mother nd doughter spitting , though the details were short. nd most like the girl talk to her father at the last nd find another cock . will expect more orgy of family nd frhends before roasting or in front of the roast. nd a (one by one all volenteering to be roast) .like - twin saw her sister nd want to do same nd then mother want the same too nd then friends too.

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i liked the mother nd doughter spitting , though the details were short. nd most like the girl talk to her father at the last nd find another cock . will expect more orgy of family nd frhends before roasting or in front of the roast. nd a (one by one all volenteering to be roast) .like - twin saw her sister nd want to do same nd then mother want the same too nd then friends too.

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Repetitive stories. Nothing very original here. Challenge yourself to come up with new forms of torture and such. Spits and backyard bbqs over and over again is quite redundant.

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This story made me really hard. Now I can't stop reading your stories.

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