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Jessica after comeing of age for the Dolcett lotto decide's to volunteer for the Dolcett Game reserve's anual game and try to win exemption status, will she win?.
Dolcett Game Reserve

Story: #33
Copyright ©2005
Written: July 16 2005
A story By: KaosAngel
Proofed by: piasa_troll
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The girls in line had volunteered for the game and knew that many of them would not survive, many of them would be rotating over the coals before the day was out Jessica and her best friend Stacey were in the line of girls who had volunteered but they didn't want to be there both having just turned 18 they were no longer exempt from the weekly and monthly lotteries they knew the time they had left was numbered.

Unless of course they won today's game any of the girls left alive by the end of the day would be exempt from all lotteries for the rest of her life, but winning this game is not an easy task in the past very few girls ever returned from the game and those that did were sworn to secrecy about what they experienced any game survivor who was found out to be braking that rule would lose her exempt status and be picked in the next lotto.

The line of girls waiting to get in to Dolcett's Game Reserve moved on Jessica and Stacey could see a little further down the line they saw two men in white standing at the front of the line inspecting each girl, each girl was made to strip down to nothing and place there clothes and other items in a bin their name was placed on it, when their inspection was done one of the men took a knife and made a shallow cut in the girl's right breast and then sent her inside.

After a several more girls made their way inside it was now Jessica and Stacey's turn as they found themselves each standing in front of one of the men in white while they poked and prodded them bending them over and forcing two fingers inside their pussy's then three, after completing several more tests the men wrote everything down on a clipboard and picked up their knives, Jessica and Stacey closed her eye's quickly expecting pain.

After a few seconds Jessica heard the mans voice "Inside to the left" looking down at her chest Jessica saw her left breast was bleeding slightly where the man in white had made the cut, looking over to Stacey she saw they would not be going to the same place Stacey's right breast was marked with the man in white's cut, Jessica and Stacey were allowed 1 minute to kiss and say goodbye's then they were lead into opposite rooms where they found more men in white waiting for them.

One of the men pointed Jessica to a seat and handed her a wet white cloth, Jessica saw many other girls were sitting all holding their wet clothes over their left breasts where the cuts were made, and Jessica did the same. After a few minutes of waiting 5 more girls came in and took the 5 last empty seats filling the room for the day any girls left waiting in line would either be sent to the right side room or told to go home and try again next year.

When the last girl was sent in the door's were shut and locked, locking 20 girls inside, then a man in white walked up to the front of the room and called for attention, every girl in the room looked on waiting to hear what they were to do.

"You are here because you volunteered for the Dolcett Game Reserve's annual exemption game" the man in white said as he looked over the girls seated in front of him, "You are in the hunters room, You were chosen for this room because your meat grade is slightly higher or greater then the meat of your prey" he continued to say.

"Yes I said prey you cant be hunters without something to hunt now can you?" he asked not expecting a response then laughed, "Well at the moment 40 girls like you are going though the process of readying them for the hunt, the chips in their cunt tags are being altered to link two of them to each one of you, meaning that each one of you will have to hunt down and kill two of them in order for you to survive the game and claim your exemption status" he said and then walked over to a funny looking bumper car.

Looking in to the bumper car they would see two sharp spikes about 8 or 9 inches long, "You will each be sent out in the reserve in one of these, this is a modified version of the Jessica 3000 we named the Jessica MachOne, when you are seated into the machine one spike will be set in your cunt the other in your ass" he said looking at the girls staring into the Jessica MachOne on display, "Any question's?" he asked.

Jessica was just as curious as the other but the others being afraid to ask the man in white what was all on their minds, Jessica raised her hand, "What’s your question?" the man in white said looking to Jessica, "I was just wondering what happens to us if we don’t kill both of our prey?" she said with fear in her voice as she lowered her hand, "Very good question for the answer let me show you on this monitor" all eyes moved to the monitor as the man flipped it on, "This is a video of a losing hunter last year" he said as they watched.

On the screen the girls could see a very pretty young girl in a machine much like the one they were just looking at they heard a count down and then saw the without a warning saw the young girl scream and a spike came out of her pretty lips, the man in white paused the video on that scene with the young girl fully spitted on the Jessica MachOne.

"You will each be given 20 minutes to hunt down and kill both of your prey if you fail to find and kill both of them in that time, you will end up like her and be roasted by the town at our annual after game roast, any other questions?" the man said as another girl raised her hand, "Yes the machine is so small how can there be 2 full size spits inside it?" the girl asked, "Good quesion" he said picking up a small piece of pipe about a foot long, "This is the spit we use, its telescopic meaning when the button inside the machine is pressed controlling either one of the spit it will get longer as it goes through you, if you don't want to experience this for yourself then you better win the game" he said as another man came in and told him the prey was ready to be released.


In the other room Stacey was greeted by more men in white as she entered the right side room and was pointed to an empty seat with lots of other girls who like her had their right breast cut by the inspectors, Stacey was given a wet cloth and told to wipe her breast with it following the lead of the other girls in the room Stacey did as she was told wiping the blood from her breast.

When the last of the girls were lead in and seated the doors were shut and locked, locking the 40 girls inside, then a man in white walked up to the front of the room and called for attention, every girl in the room looked on waiting to hear what they were to do.

"I am sure you are all wondering what will happen to you, well I am here to prepare you for your game today, you are in the prey room, in a short while you will be made ready to go out into the reserve where you will be set in teams of two, you will be given a 10 minute head start before the hunters are sent out" he said to the shock of his audience.

"There are 20 hunters in all but only your designated hunter will be allowed to kill you, if you can avoid your hunter for the full 20 minute time limit you will win the game and be released with your exemption status" he continued to say with seemed to comfort the girls a little, "now its time to get you ready" he said as more men in white filed into the room each grabbing two girls and leading them away to another room.

Once inside this new room the girls could see a long hall way with cubical rooms that looked like a doctors office inside each cubical room was 2 padded table with stirrups each girl in the room was then strapped to the tables with their feet in the stirrups, while the men in white worked, working on one girl at a time.

Stacey was allowed to talk with the girl she had been teamed up with while the man in white worked on her cunt tag, "Hi, my name is Stacey what’s yours?" Stacey asked the young girl strapped to the table next to her, "I’m Lina, I’m 18, how old are you?" she replied, "I’m 18 too, I volunteered with my friend Jessica, she was sent to the other room, I don’t know why" Stacey said as the doctor finished with Lina and started to work on her own cunt tag.

"I didn't volunteer" Lina said laying there watching the man work on Stacey, "Why are you here then?" Stacey asked, "I was caught steeling girl-meat from the local butcher, the butcher said it was over 40 pounds but I say it wasn't, no one believes you when your meat" she replied and started to cry.

"The mayor said I could replace the meat with my own, or I could play this stupid game and try to win exempt status, if I win he will replace the meat with another meat-girl, so I have to win" she said through her sobbing, "Well we are a team now so we will win together" Stacey said as they were released from the tables and given a pair of sneakers each.

"Ok now listen up girls" the man in white started talking, "I’ve altered your cunt tags so that the two of you are linked to your specific hunters tag only she can kill either of you, if you avoid her you will win and be released, any questions?" he said looking into their eyes as Stacey raised her hand, "What do you mean her? Our hunter is a woman?" she asked the man with a look of confusion.

"Yes, the girls who were sent to the left room are being prepared to hunt the girls sent to the right room, they have 20 minutes to find and kill the two girls assigned to each of them, if they fail then the machine they are using to hunt you with will kill them instead, any other questions?" he said as another man in white came in telling him the hunters are ready.

Meanwhile back in the hunter’s room...

With the news that the prey were ready to be released the men in white started to get the hunters ready they were moved from the first room into another room with 20 Jessica MachOne's waiting to be used, Jessica was moved with the others and lead to her own Jessica MachOne, "get in and place the spikes inside you, one in your ass the other in your pussy" the man in white told her as she entered the machine and slowly sat down on the sharp spikes making sure one was positioned under her ass and the other under her pussy, as she had been instructed.

With the spikes in position the men in white started to strap down the girls so they would be able to operate the machine but not be able to release themselves from its hold, "One more thing, if you try to free yourself at anytime during the hunt you will automatically lose and be processed on your Jessica MachOne" said a voice from above them through a loud speaker.

Jessica looked over the controls of her Jessica MachOne she noticed it was equipped with several weapons, a machine gun, a flame thrower and several chain saw blades that would reach out from the sides to cut up the prey, just to name a few, she was given a few more minutes to look over the controls before being sent out.

One of the other girls in the hunters group was playing with her buttons to see what would happen when she hit a small red one that started the machine to hum and whistle when nothing seemed to happen right away she calmed down only to feel the spike in her pussy slowly start to raise and enter her body, she began to scream but the men in white only looked on at her laughing as the spike traveled through her body and out her mouth, "Looks like we have one less hunter for this hunt" came the same voice over the loud speaker as the spitted girl was removed from her Jessica MachOne and taken to a roasting pit.

With that the hunters were told it was time to hunt and their Jessica MachOne's were released from the gate and sent into the reserve to hunt down there girls, each machine were set with a 20 minute timer that started to tick off the second they were sent out, on a small computer screen to Jessica's Left she saw two red dots blinking witch she assumed were her prey and set off in there direction hoping to kill them before her time was up.

As she got closer to the two dots she noticed they were getting further apart having separated from each other in hopes of lasting the full 20 minutes and survive, Jessica was forced to choose one and go after it, when she approached the red dot on her screen she could just barely see the young girl in front of her a scared look on her face she turned to run as fast as she could, as Jessica got closer without a second thought Jessica pulled the trigger on her machine gun, the girl dropped to the ground while a mechanical arm came out of the side of the machine and picked the girl up placing her in the back while she died.

Jessica gave a little smile, "One down One to go!" she said as she drove her machine in the direction of the second dot, looking at her timer she noticed she only had 10 minutes left to find and kill her next target.

getting closer and closer to her next target Jessica could see the figure of a girl off in the distance as she got closer she was getting ready to kill the girl, placing her finger on the trigger of her machine gun ready to pull, when Jessica was within weapons range of her target she got a big shock, looking on at the girl she was now supposed to kill she saw her best friend Stacey staring at her ready to run.

Stacey was standing unsure of why she didn't run away as this huge machine approached her with the barrel of a large machine gun pointed at her, then looking passed the gun she saw Jessica her best friend with her finger on the trigger ready to kill her.

Stacey moved closer to the machine and then over to the side where she could talk to Jessica, "Jessica? your my hunter" Stacey said as she caught a glimpse of her dead teammate in the back, "I guess so" Jessica replied, "I don't want to die, but if I have too I’m glad your the one who will kill me" Stacey said as she backed up and moved into position in front of Jessica's machine gun and closed her eye's, Jessica looked at her clock, "1 minute left, I’m sorry Stacey but this has to be done" Jessica said as her clock started to beep.

Stacey was still standing there with her eye's closed listening to the beeping waiting to die when she heard the machine say, "Your time is up, please make a selection, anal or vaginal" Stacey was confused she moved over to Jessica in time to see her push a button, the machine started to hum and Jessica started to scream as the spit in her pussy started to move up through her body, she looked at Stacey who came over and picked up her hand holding Jessica's hand in her own, "I couldn't do it, I love you too much" were Jessica's last words as her head was forced back and the spit came out of her mouth cutting off any further conversation between them.

After Jessica was fully spitted Stacey's the chip in Stacey's cunt tag updated sending a small electrical signal through her body, looking at her tag she read the word "Survivor" Stacey then moved in much closer to examine Jessica's tag witch also updated reading the words "Whole Roaster".

Several minutes later the men in white were all around them unlocking Jessica from the Jessica MachOne and placing her on their truck tying her hands behind her back and then sliding a stabilizer spit on to the end of her spit and placing the tip of it inside her ass shoving it in her hard, not caring if it hurt, she was just meat now to roast and eat nothing more, when that was done they tied her feet to the end of the pole, readying her for her last ride over the hot coals.

Stacey on the other hand was treated gently as she was helped up into the truck and both her and Jessica were taken back to the processing center, when they got back Stacey soon found that only 4 girls survived all prey, "the hunters never survive, the game is fixed so that they will all always lose and we get their higher grade meat's" a man in white said to Stacey as she read the name of those killed in the game on the wall.


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2013-03-31 14:59:19
hmmm. Wasn't this written by a woman? I liked it. I thought there were some grammar issues, as with all of KaosAngel's stories but it was good for a short piece. I do have some recommendations though. Your stories end rather abruptly and you don't spend any real length of time in heightening the suspense or carrying the passion. I would suggest allowing yourself to delve into the feelings and sensations of the characters you write about a little longer and give a more colorful and robust story. With that said I must now admonish those that say that the story is sick or the writer is disgusting, insane or sick. If this is sick, why did you read it until the end? Because you''re sick? Or is it because it was a compelling story that had merit? Either way you have a back button on your computer's screen. Good day all.

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2012-05-11 11:28:50
I love the stories by you and unlike most people I'm not sickened by the at all, so what if I'm a sick fuck who would actually do this if I had the chance (btw i would do the spitting and roasting then eating just to try it) I don't care what you think about it and thats the way I am so go fuck yourself if u don't like that.

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2012-01-27 10:48:21
That was amazing. I never thought I'd cum reading canabilism stories because I'm equally turned on and disgusted. I guess that's part of 'hidden desires' of being a woman. I think your grammar should be better but you definatly should keep writing.

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2011-12-05 14:06:54
Fucking bout I stick a spike up ur ass

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2011-11-20 07:10:40
dude go see a doctor you sick fuck

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