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If you squick easily, my stories aren't for you. Consider yourself warned.
I'm in Brazil at some touristy clothing-optional resort in the middle of the Amazon.  There are specific times that they take us on a boat into the jungle to show us the wonders of the rainforest.  These tours are not clothing-optional, because of all the dangers of the jungle.  The resort itself is in a man-made clearing, accessible only by helicopter and surrounded by a chain fence.

My boyfriend and I thought the summers in southern California was hot, but find that the Amazon is a whole other level of hot beyond what we knew back home.  We're told that we should either cover up completely or wear plenty of bug spray.  We decide to go with the bug spray and stay naked until the time of the tour.

The two of us decide to play a game of Frisbee.  We toss it back and forth a few times, until I run straight into the fence trying to catch it.


"Are you alright, honey?"

"Yeah, I just had my eye on the Frisbee."  I look through the fence and spot the bright pink disc.

"Maybe we'll be able to get it back when we go on the tour later."

"Nah, I see it.  I can get it right now."  I step into one of the open slots of the fence.

"Sarah, wait...  The fence is to keep predators out.  It's too dangerous."

"Don't worry so much.  I'll be fine!  It's right there!"  I finish hopping the fence and land on the ground.

"The freebee's only worth ninety nine cents!  It's not worth risking yourself for even a moment for!"

I start walking towards the Frisbee and respond to my boyfriend with a simple "whatever..." hand gesture.

Walking towards the Frisbee, the ground gets muddier and the heat feels even hotter.  Maybe it's the humidity, it's hard to tell.  My feet squish into the mud below me a few times.  I can hear the sounds of lots of birds too.  At least, I think they're birds.

I reach the Frisbee and pull it out of the mud.  I turn to throw it and stop.  Looking forward, I just see more trees.  I look left and right.  I don't see the resort.

"MMAARRKK?!?", I call out.  I can't hear him answer over the sounds of the birds.

I start looking around frantically.  "MARK!?"

My heart is racing.  "MARK!?"

I begin to walk in the direction I thought I came from.  "MARK!?"

The air is thick and hard to breathe.  "MARK!?"

The ground is muddy with vines in it making it more and more difficult to walk.  My legs are quickly getting tired.  "MARK!?"

I stop short, suddenly realizing that my distressed screams might be a beacon for predators.  I take a wide stance, holding the bright pink Frisbee as menacingly as I can.  I look around in all directions, trying to watch for eyes looking at me.  I turn back to the direction I think I was just going in and take a step to run.

Suddenly, I feel something clamp down on my side.  My left arm and left tit are pressed tight against my torso by some sort of moist clamp.  Before I get a chance to look and see what just happened, this clamp jolts forward slamming my right side against something, pinning my other arm.  I drop the Frisbee as I'm jolted sideways.  It feels like I've been slammed into a fallen tree trunk.  As I look to see what's going on, I realize that the clamp is actually the head of some gigantic green snake who was hiding in the murky swamp water, and that it's now got a full coil around me, and has pinned my arms to my sides.

The coil tightens around me, covering my left hand as well before it releases it's jaw from my side.  "HELP!!  MARK!  ANYONE!!", I scream.  My feet are starting to go numb. As the snake tightens around my bowels, piss and shit is squeezed out of me like toothpaste from a toothpaste tube.

What do I know about snakes?  Snakes I've seen before have always been tame.  And they eat live mice.  They refuse dead mice though.  Maybe if I just play dead it'll let go of me.  I let my body go completely limp and stop moving.  The coil immediately tightens harder around my torso.  The pain in my gut is unbearable.  My whole left leg is pretty much numb now.  The snake's head covers mine.  It's breath is worse than the swamp.

Playing dead didn't work. I'm completely screwed. I'm not completely in the snake yet though, so there's some hope.  The snake's mouth was only about as wide as my head.  My shoulders aren't getting crushed, and they're not in the mouth yet.  If this snake can't get my shoulders in it's mouth, then I'm off the menu.  I know snakes can unhinge their jaws, but I think that helps more with swallowing a tall bite, not a wide one.  So I try to push my shoulders out as much as I can. The snake opens it's mouth again, and pushes it's head down further.  My eyes and forehead are now in it's throat.  I can feel it's breathing against my tits.  The sides of it's mouth are pressed against the tops of my shoulders.

The snake takes a bit longer before the next bite.  It'll probably try a couple of times to get further, fail to, and let me go, right?  It opens it's mouth again, but instead of pressing me any further in, it rotates it's head (and mine) to the right, and leans towards my left shoulder, getting it just inside it's jaw before closing it.  After having my head turned, my neck is stretched uncomfortably far, but it hasn't been snapped.  My right leg is almost completely numb.

Alright, it can get one shoulder, but not both of them!  I continue to hold my shoulders as wide as I can.  The snake is stronger than I am.  As it opens it's mouth further to stretch to the other shoulder, my left shoulder is pulled tightly to me.  He stretches his jaw just around my right shoulder and my nose is pushed into his throat.  The pressure around the top of my head is giving me a really bad headache.  It's also very hot in the snake's throat.  I always thought snakes were supposed to be cold.  Why else would they be called "cold-blooded"?

The snake presses forward again, rotating to the left this time. My right tit is in it's mouth.  My upper lip is in it's throat.  I have to keep my mouth open to breathe the thick humid air.  As the snake opens it's mouth again, I take a deep breath and my head is shoved completely into it's throat.  I'm going to suffocate within the next few minutes.  I've forgotten at this point that I even have legs, concentrating on the situation of being swallowed alive.

Over the next few swallows, the snake barely makes any progress.  It's slowly inching down my torso.  If I haven't suffocated by the time my shoulders reach it's throat, maybe I'll have a chance.  I'm squirming and convulsing in panic, trying desperately to breathe.  The snake's throat is tight against my head, which feels like it's going to pop.  I'm sweating more and more from the increasing heat inside this snake.

As my shoulders are popped into it's throat, I get a small breath of air.  It's only enough for a single breath, which is more of a tease than helpful at all.  I start to feel an immense pain in my legs as the snake points it's head upward.  With the help of gravity, it continues swallowing my torso.  My blood begins to all rush to my head.

I feel the snake's tail smack painfully right against my cunt and begin to push each time the snake opens it's mouth, aiding both gravity and it's throat in the slow swallowing process.  That's the last thing I feel before I go unconscious from lack of air.

anonymous readerReport

2012-09-01 13:19:14
A lot of death and no boobies :( you stink

anonymous readerReport

2011-04-25 21:17:29
it could've used some more sex, and im not really a voraphile, i just find it interesting. great story, though. :D

anonymous readerReport

2010-12-18 23:20:19
Would have been better if she'd gone in feet first so she could have enjoyed the experience longer.


2010-12-12 20:09:59
I'm glad to hear that you enjoyed it.

A hot, naked, sweaty girl getting consumed by a giant phallus isn't sexy to you?

As a voraphile, I see getting eaten as sexy. That's why I write about it. These are the sorts of fantasies I get wet thinking about. About half my stories have some regular sex too.

- Sarah

anonymous readerReport

2010-12-12 07:29:30
Dude I really like your stories but the not really "sex" stories so to speak. Keep up the good work but try and
Involve some sex in there every now and then, okay?

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