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I'm not the original author. The following story is a work of fiction. Its contents are of a graphically sexual nature and may involve non-consensual sexual acts between underage partners. Any resemblance to persons either alive or dead is purely coincidental. This story is intended for ADULTS only. If you are under the legal age of consent in your local jurisdiction, or if you are easily offended, kindly STOP READING NOW.
The following story is a work of fiction. Its contents are of a graphically sexual
nature and may involve non-consensual sexual acts between underage partners. Any
resemblance to persons either alive or dead is purely coincidental. This story is
intended for ADULTS only. If you are under the legal age of consent in your local
jurisdiction, or if you are easily offended, kindly STOP READING NOW.

Family Services - A Dental Care Sequel - by - The StoryMaster

Chapter One

"Uhhgg! Oh, my goodness gracious me, my child!" Dr. Martin Greeley commented
huskily. "We are certainly feeling feisty this afternoon," he chuckled. Reaching under
her tee-shirt, the middle aged doctor placed the palm of his right hand onto her soft,
rounded belly and pushed forward with his hips. As he did so he felt her strong
abdominal muscles flex hard beneath his hand. "Mmm... that's right, Tracy," he
murmured as the lovely girl clamped down on his manhood in a marvelously firm vaginal
embrace. Greeley flexed his own muscles, causing himself to swell and twitch deep
inside of his pretty young lover.

Looking to his left the doctor commented casually, "I don't think I will ever tire of making
love to your daughter, Jack. She's such a joy to be with." Then with a somewhat
surprised look he said, "Oh, my! I do believe she's about to cum for me again." Greeley
moved his hands to the pretty blond's slender waist in preparation for the impending
event. "Yes indeed, here she goes," he declared happily when the girl's shapely hips
lurched forcefully, once... twice." Dr. Greeley glanced downward when he heard the first
of several moist, squishing sounds and reveled at the site of his dark, wiry pubic hair
mingling with his young partner's golden curls.

The doctor had witnessed those very same curls become damp and matted as their love
making progressed. Past experience had demonstrated that this luscious young lady
possessed highly active Bartholin's and hymen glands, capable of producing prodigious
amounts of lubricating vaginal mucous. In fact, at that very moment, as Greeley held
himself lodged deeply inside of the winsome girl, he felt a small gush of warm fluid
escape from around his manhood and trickle down his tightly constricted scrotum.

"I'm glad the two of you get along so well, Martin," Jack Merrick responded, looking
toward the specialized examination chair in which his attractive, fifteen year old daughter
reclined. "It sounds like Tracy's having a pretty good time today," he added with a wink.
He and the doctor were on a first name basis now and had become close friends. "I
know how wet she can get when she's excited," Jack commented before turning back to
his own partner for the afternoon.

"Indeed she does, my friend," Doctor Greeley said as he drew his hips back slowly
extracting himself from the wet, clutching sheath of Tracy Merrick's vaginal passage.
Glancing downward again, Greeley noted that his heavily veined shaft was uniformly
coated with a heavy silken sheen, slightly milky in color. "It's one of the things I enjoy
most about young Tracy actually," the good doctor remarked as he cycled his hips and
began another ingress into the lovely young blond. He moved slowly and with a
purpose, wishing to enjoy every rippling inch of her athletic vagina. For not only was
Tracy Merrick marvelously moist, but additionally she possessed unparalleled vaginal
muscle tone for a girl of such a tender age. Greeley often envisioned a rhythmically
contracting tube filled with hot mayonnaise. Such was young Tracy Merrick.

The sound of a soft groan abruptly caught Dr. Greeley's attention. Alert to the possibility
of a problem, the doctor looked to his left where his friend Jack Merrick stood over his
own young partner. Glancing first at the IV apparatus which hung from a stand at the
head of the second specially modified examination chair, Greeley checked to be certain
that the tiny droplets of anesthetic continued to drip steadily inside the flow regulator.
Satisfied that all was well there, he followed with his eyes the length of thin catheter
tubing which lead down from the clear vial of the regulator, curling once before
disappearing beneath a wide piece of surgical tape covering the IV needle.

"Is everything alright, Jack?" Dr. Greeley asked the father of his current love interest.

"Just fine, Doc," Jack Merrick replied. "Kim is just letting me know how she feels about
me," he added with a smile.

"It's gratifying to watch a young lady discover herself along with one or two of life's
mysteries," Greeley said with a smile. "It appears that Miss Lai is going to be able to
accommodate you."

"Sure she will," Jack responded. Pausing for a moment to allow his young partner to
adjust, he reached down and stoked her soft hair with the backs of his fingers. "We just
need to take our time, that's all," Jack added in an affectionate tone of voice.

Kim Lai was fifteen and a half, and Jack had been with her three times to date. Each of
their prior engagements had been the stuff that dreams are made of, but today, Jack
wanted to try something new. Before him on the smooth surface of the specialized
examination apparatus, lay a truly stunning sight. Kim Lai lay face down on the
apparatus with her raven black hair spread across her back like an ebony cape. The
good doctor had just recently modified his exam chairs so that an occupant might relax
in a greater variety of positions. Taking advantage of this new development, Jack had
arranged his young lover such that she knelt upon a padded lower section of the
apparatus fashioned from the chair's leg supports, while her hips and torso were
supported by the seat and seat back which had been lowered into the fully reclining
position. The upper extremity supports of the exam chair had also been lowered to
support the girl's arms, one of which was restrained by soft bands and velcro closures.
It was her right arm, and from under the tape in the crotch of her elbow lead the thin
tubing filled with clear liquid. As long as that liquid flowed, Jack could be reasonably
certain that his young lover would remain cooperative and accommodating.

Jack flexed the muscles of his thighs and back and pushed forward with his hips, but not
in a violent thrust. To the contrary. As Jack gazed down at the body of his sweet young
lover, with her slender waist, flaring hips and flawless porcelain skin, he applied an easy,
but steady pressure. This pressure was transferred down the length of his fully erect
penis, and after a moment, successfully advanced its rather bulbous head another inch
into the warm interior of Kim's nether passage.

He'd entered her just moments ago which had prompted that precious little groan that he
and Martin Greeley had heard, and although he and Kim had been together before, this
was a whole new experience for both of them. The lovely Kim Lai was the first girl of
Asian descent that Jack had been involved with, and each time they were together he
found yet another quality about the enchanting fifteen year old lotus blossom that he
admired. At first it had been her utterly hairless vulva which wasn't unusual for a girl of
Kim's lineage. Jack found that performing cunnilingus on Kim was one of the most
satisfying things he'd ever done. The feel of the smooth, resilient flesh of her heavy
labia majora beneath his tongue never failed to thrill him, and when they made love
those same heavy lips hugged his manhood in a warm embrace.

Vaginally, Kim was nothing special. She was adequately snug as any fifteen year old
should be, but she lacked the internal athleticism and vaginal aptitude that his daughter,
Tracy possessed. Jack had taken his daughter many times during his early days with
the Family Services Clinic, and at times he still longed for her company. However, now
that Tracy was a regular in the Family Services Pool, there were fewer opportunities for
them to get together. Tracy was very popular, and when her appointments came around
on the schedule, she was always asked for by name.

Jack was at that very moment staring in the direction of the table to his right, watching
while Dr. Greeley enjoyed his young daughter's considerable charms. Tracy's legs were
splayed widely apart, cradled in the lower extremity supports of her exam chair, and the
good doctor stood between them. The tails of his white lab coat began to flap as he
gradually got up a rhythm, and the slurping and spluttering sounds of their love making
became more pronounced and more numerous with each passing minute. While Jack
looked on, Dr. Greeley reached down and grasped the bottom of Tracy's sleeveless tee-
shirt and tugged it upward, exposing first her tummy and then her pretty pale blue
brassiere. After arranging the tee-shirt above her collar bones, and taking care not to
disturb the thin plastic tubing taped to the inside of her left elbow, Greeley deftly
unfastened the little catch between the soft cups of her brassiere and uncovered Tracy's
smallish breasts.

"The man's an artist," Jack caught himself thinking as Dr. Greeley pinched his young
daughter's pink nipples into full erection, one at a time, and all without ever breaking

Jack was lost in the tantalizing sight of Tracy's shapely little breasts, jerking and
bouncing to the rhythm of the good doctor's love making when suddenly he practically
fell onto the lovely Miss Kim Lai. Catching himself with his hands before he managed to
hurt his pretty Asian princess, Jack glanced downward and saw that the fronts of his
hairy thighs were pressed firmly against the two china white orbs of Kim's buttocks. Her
face was turned away from him, unfortunately, so Jack was unable to witness her
expression, but a more visceral grunt escaped Kim's lips as she and Jack unexpectedly
became fully acquainted.

While Jack had been watching Dr. Greeley and his daughter, he'd continued to apply
pressure with his hips, and although Kim had instinctively and valiantly resisted his
intrusion for several minutes, eventually her gates fell. As far as Jack knew, Miss Lai
had never taken a lover anally before, and he'd fully intended to be gentle with the sweet
fifteen year old. In fact, in addition to making love to her vaginally for a short time in an
effort to collect a bit of her own natural lubrication, Jack had asked the good doctor for
some K-Y Jelly to make things go a little smoother.

Perhaps it was because he wasn't paying attention coupled with Kim's initial successes
at staving off the invasion of her hitherto unexplored passage, but it seemed to Jack that
one second he was gazing down at the dark shaft of his considerable manhood,
protruding from between those two charming white orbs and the next, he and Kim were

The pretty oriental teenager unconsciously arched her back, trying to relieve the sudden
all consuming pressure that seemed to explode within her depths. "Easy, Kimmie San,"
Jack said, using his pet name for the girl, and with his right hand he pressed downward
on the small of her back, coaxing her down onto exam chair and relieving the torque
she'd exerted on the shaft of his penis.

"Everything alright," Dr. Greeley said, taking a moment to check on his friend.

"Yeah," Jack said somewhat hoarsely. "She's pretty tight back there," he added, moving
his hands to Kim's buttocks. "It's a little different than the normal way. Isn't it," Jack
commented sheepishly. It was his first time too. Jack spread the young girl's firm
buttocks apart and stared down at the circle of her anal sphincter clamped tightly around
his manhood. It almost hurt. Unlike her vagina, Kim wasn't so soft and pliable back
there. To the contrary, it felt more like she was clutching him with a fist, and Jack wasn't
at all sure he'd be able to pull out of her. Not that he wanted to all that badly.

He glanced in the good doctor's direction and noticed that the man was smiling at him.
"Just take your time, Jack. She'll stretch out. They all do," Dr. Greeley said with a
knowing smile.

A chill suddenly whispered down Jack's back as an unbidden memory washed over him.
It had happened almost a year ago, but the image in Jack's mind was as clear as though
it were yesterday. It was only shortly after his friend Ray Barrette introduced Jack to Dr.
Martin Greeley and his Family Dentistry Service that Jack learned of the "additional
services" available from the good doctor. Secretly in love with his teenage daughter,
Tracy, since she was age ten or eleven, when the opportunity presented itself for him to
spend a little "quality time" with Tracy without her ever being the wiser, Jack decided to
take the plunge. Hesitantly at first, for he would be going where others feared to tread,
Jack eventually began to have regular sex with Tracy under the watchful eye of Dr.

Tracy proved to be an exceptionally gifted lover, but the fact that he could have her
pretty much at will and without her knowledge was especially exciting for Jack. He
particularly enjoyed it when Tracy would complain about having to go to the dentist so
often, and then when asked what the problem was, the pretty blond would clam up
altogether. Jack suspected that some inherently female alarm bell was sounding in
Tracy's subconscious, hinting to her conscious mind that something wasn't quite right,
and Jack was thrilled to know that he was responsible for ringing her bells. He loved the
little waddle in her step when she walked to the car following an appointment, and Jack
always walked behind her so he could watch. Jack Merrick loved his little girl... as often
as he could.

Then one day, his friend Ray Barrette rocked Jack's world by suggesting that perhaps
Jack might like to spend some time with Tina Barrette, Ray's fifteen year old adopted
daughter. Tina was friends with Tracy and was a reasonably good looking girl.
Obviously of Hispanic descent, Tina Barrette, had long, jet black hair, big dark brown
eyes, and a somewhat demure temperament. Her figure was more slender that Tracy's,
and her breasts were smaller, but on the occasions that Jack had seen Tina in a
swimming suit, those small cones appeared to be very firm and pert.

At first Jack declined his friend's offer, but Ray wouldn't hear of it and pestered him
unmercifully, claiming that Jack needed some variety, and that Tina was exceptional in
bed. Finally Jack capitulated, and an appointment was scheduled for Tina with Family
Dentistry Services. Perhaps he was just being obtuse, because it wasn't until the actual
day of their appointment that Jack considered that maybe Ray Barrette had some kind
of a trade in mind.

In fact, he came very close to calling the whole thing off when Ray proposed that the two
of them swap sack time with their two teenage daughters. Even before their own
relationship started, Jack was pretty sure that Tracy was sexually active, and although
the thought of his pretty daughter lying with a young teenage boy didn't bother him too
much, the mental image of Ray Barrette thrashing away between Tracy's legs was more
than Jack thought he could bare. How he'd ever allowed himself to be talked into going
through with the arrangement was still unclear to him, and even as he made passionate
love to the lovely Tina Barrette, her youthful anatomy responding enthusiastically to his
amorous attentions, Jack was troubled by thoughts of his sweet Tracy in the arms of
Ray Barrette just a couple of doors down the hall.

After finishing with Tina, Jack had waited patiently for the doctor's return. He'd used the
time to clean the pretty dark haired girl, in preparation for the moment when Dr. Greeley
would revive her. Tina, like his own daughter would be a little sore down there, and
would probably suspect that something was amiss, but as always there would be no
physical evidence of their time spent together. While he waited, Jack amused himself
for awhile by pushing his fingers into each of Tina's openings, just to say that he'd done
so. Tina, like most teenage girls tended to act rather aloof toward him, since he wasn't
dating material. Jack would experience a wonderful sense of power when the next time
he talked to the pretty brunette, he would be content in the knowledge that he'd
personally explored the most intimate areas of her female anatomy.

After awhile Jack began to get a little worried about the amount of time that had passed.
Then suddenly icy fingers of panic clutched at his heart. "Something has happened to
Tracy!" Leaving the slumbering Tina to her own devices, Jack bolted down the hallway
and stopped short in front of Exam Room Three. Hearing nothing upon pressing an ear
to the heavy wooden door, Jack tried the handle. His heart was pounding furiously in
his chest. Surprisingly the handle moved, and the heavy door opened so quickly that it
caught Jack off guard such that he practically fell into the examination room. It was then
that Jack received a shock.

For some reason, Jack had never considered that Dr. Greeley would wish to fraternize
with his patients. Why, he didn't know, because in retrospect he recognized that after
all, Martin Greeley was a man, and all of his patients were youthful, fresh, and very
attractive. It would stand to reason that the man who conceived of and who made
possible the exceptional "additional services" that his office provided would enjoy a little
recreational companionship from time to time. But until the day that Jack Merrick burst
into Exam Room Three of the Family Dental Services office and discovered his sweet
daughter, Tracy in the company of not only his friend Ray Barrette, but the good doctor
Martin Greeley as well, Jack was oblivious to the possibility.

"What's going on, Ray?" Jack Merrick asked in a strange tone of voice.

"Jack, ole' buddy," Ray Barrette exclaimed. "Hey, buddy, I can explain everything," he
went on sheepishly. "The Doc and I were gonna tell you all about this, really." He
looked away from the growing animosity on Jack's face as he approached.

Between the two men lay the unconscious form of Jack's daughter, Tracy. The pretty,
blond, fourteen year old was seated in Dr. Greeley's lap, reclining against his chest, and
her calves rested in the cradles of the chair's lower extremity supports. When Jack fell
into the room, Ray Barrette, who had been actively humping Tracy, pulled out of her and
stepped back, giving Jack a more or less unobstructed view of his daughter and the
good doctor as he approached the chair. But it took a moment for Jack's mind to
process what he saw, because it was so completely unexpected.

Dr. Greeley remained silent as Jack's eyes scanned down his young daughter's body.
Her neck and shoulders were flushed a rosy shade of pink as were her breasts. The
otherwise satiny skin of her small areolae was tightly drawn, and her nipples were erect.
Tracy was obviously in an advanced state of arousal. Just above the good doctor's right
shoulder hung the IV bottle with its steadily dripping flow regulator, and Jack followed
the thin catheter down to the crotch of Tracy's left elbow with his eyes. Continuing
downward Jack noted that the insides of his daughter's shapely thighs were smeared
and wet, and her light golden pubic curls were dark and matted down with mucous and
perspiration. Jack knew very well that his young daughter was a very wet little girl, for
he'd made love to Tracy on many an occasion. Jack had stood in that very spot many
times, gazing upon his daughter's loveliness after having spent quality time with her, but
something was different here. For a moment, Jack couldn't see the forest for the trees,
then suddenly the fog lifted. As Jack stared down at the captivating sight of Tracy's
moist pink flesh, he noticed that her labia were still parted, her lover having only recently
exited her. Just below that heavenly portal the fronts of Tracy's shapely buttocks
swelled. Jack visualized the many times he'd let his thighs slap noisily against those
marvelous shock absorbers.

"But what was this?" Jack's mind queried. Between those supple cheeks there was a
dark cylinder. "It seemed so out of place there," Jack mused. It wasn't long, but it was
thick, perhaps two inches around. At its base was a veritable forest of dark curling hair,
and nestled in that thick clump of hair Jack spied two fleshy eggs.

"Do you like what you see, Mr. Merrick?" Dr. Greeley spoke at last, gazing at him from
around Tracy's right shoulder. Then while the father looked on in growing astonishment,
Martin Greeley reached around, cupped his little girl's right breast and began to kneed it
affectionately. Jack was speechless as the good doctor released Tracy's breast after a
minute and then dropped his hand between her legs. "Your daughter is quite talented,
Mr. Merrick as you well know," Greeley commented in a conversational tone of voice.
Jack watched him start to swirl his middle finger between Tracy's labia majora at the
point where the two meaty lips met. Then casually Greeley slipped his finger into her
vagina. Reaching inside as deeply as he could, he began to finger fuck the slumbering
teenager purposefully.

"That's my girl, Tracy," the doctor murmured into the girl's right ear when he felt her
react to his touch. "Fuck me, Tracy," Greeley prompted and kissed her behind her ear.
Then he looked back in the direction of the stunned father. "As a rule, we like to inform
the parent before graduating a patient into our Family Services Pool, Mr. Merrick, but
your lovely daughter seemed like such a natural, so accommodating and easy to be
with, that I made a professional decision to move her forward. I hope you don't mind."
As he spoke, Dr. Greeley used his other hand to lift Tracy's right thigh just enough to
help her to get settled. Jack watched enthralled as another inch of the meaty cylinder
between his little girl's buttocks vanished inside of her. Tracy groaned softly, and her
tummy heaved in response to the forces at work inside of her. "Like I said, Mr. Merrick,
Tracy is a very talented young lady for her age, and if I had to guess, I have to say that
she is fairly active sexually. A girl simply doesn't exhibit this kind of muscular
enthusiasm without practice," Dr. Greeley went on in a conversational tone of voice as
his finger continued to plunge in and out of the pretty blond's vagina, making telltale wet,
sticky sounds. "It would be a shame not to allow Tracy to explore her full potential as a
woman, so with your permission, Mr. Barrette and I will continue to evaluate your
daughter's abilities. Even at fourteen years of age, she seems fully capable of
entertaining multiple lovers," Greeley stated in a clinical manner. When Jack didn't
answer the good doctor added, "We do need to proceed with all possible dispatch, Mr.
Merrick, as we are nearing the time limit for the anesthetic." Then quite unexpectedly he
asked, "Of course if you would prefer to participate, I'm sure Mr. Barrette would be
willing to accommodate you. Wouldn't you, Mr. Barrette?"

Ray Barrette who'd been standing nearby, attempting to become invisible until he saw
how Jack was going to react to the situation, piped up nervously, "Sh...sure," Jack,
buddy. No problem. You go right ahead." As he spoke though, his eyes were locked
between the thighs of the lovely Tracy Merrick.

Just minutes ago, Ray had been in heaven between those thighs. Never before had he
experienced a young girl so hot and wet, and upon entering her he'd quickly assumed
an enthusiastic cadence. The added sensation of the considerable mass of Dr.
Greeley's cock just millimeters away sheathed inside Tracy's nether passage was
incredibly stimulating for Ray, and before he could put the brakes on, he ejaculated
unexpectedly deep inside of the comely young blond. Ray had disguised his climax
quite effectively, however, and as far as he knew, no one was the wiser, except, oddly
enough, for Tracy, perhaps. Ray glanced sheepishly at the good doctor who smiled at
him but gave no indication that he knew. Then as Ray's second and third offerings
coursed into Tracy Merrick's interior, he looked down just in time to see her tummy
bulge outward in response to the liquid heat spreading inside. There were no other
outward signs, except for perhaps a couple of somewhat more pronounced spluttering
sounds that "spooched" from around his cock shaft as he continued to stroke into Tracy
slowly and evenly so as not to alert anyone to his blunder.

Ray wanted nothing more than to slide back into that warm, wet wonderland, but he
knew very well that Jack was teetering on the edge of balking at the whole program, and
Ray needed to be considerate of his friend's sensibilities. Ray unconsciously stroked
himself as he waited for Jack's decision.

"Perhaps you might kiss your daughter, Mr. Merrick, while Mr. Barrette and I finish up
with her. It might serve to stimulate her, by making use of all of her openings. One
never knows," Dr. Greeley suggested. "After all, in spite of our methods, we do like to
think that our patients will derive a certain amount of fulfillment from their experience,
subconsciously if nothing else."

Jack was still very confused and flustered, but when he looked at Tracy's face, he fell in
love all over again. Her high cheekbones were rosy pink with ardor, and her pouty lips
were parted invitingly, providing Jack with a glimpse of her pearly teeth. Jack wasn't
entirely certain just how he felt about the prospect of seeing two grown men have their
way with his pretty fourteen year old girl, but then again since his initial introduction to
Dr. Martin Greeley and the Family Dental Services program, a whole lot of the values
which Jack once held sacred, had changed significantly. Jack was no longer certain
how he felt about a great many things.

"So, what do you want to do, buddy?" Ray asked cautiously.

"I...I dunno, Ray," Jack answered absently. Then he looked toward the good doctor who
smiled and nodded, indicating that Jack should look down. Martin Greeley slowly
extracted his middle finger from the depths of the lovely girl's vagina. Then as the
confused father looked on, he used two fingers to spread her ample labia apart,
exposing Tracy's moist intimate flesh to the light of day. Jack licked his lips and tried to
make a decision as his eyes fastened themselves onto his daughter's vaginal opening.
Suddenly Tracy contracted, probably a result of her connection with Dr. Greeley, but in
any case the result was that a considerable quantity of a milky and viscous substance
issued from her vagina, drooled between her labia minora and then dripped onto the
testicles of the good doctor.

Jack saw it and mistook it for his young daughter's tendency to produce excessive
amounts of vaginal fluid. Ray saw it and quicky looked away, knowing exactly what
most of the milky mixture was. Dr. Greeley felt it when the warm substance dripped
onto his testicles, for he had been the one to provoke the contraction in the first place by
flexing himself deep inside Tracy's rectal passage, and causing her to reflexively bear
down on him. He smiled at the entranced expression on Jack Merrick's face as he
removed his fingers, allowing Tracy to close.

"Come now, gentlemen," Dr. Greeley exclaimed, returning his right hand to one of
Tracy's tender breasts. "One of you needs to help fulfill this sweet child." With his
thumb and index finger he pinched her nipple and shook her breast playfully. Then after
a moment of silence, Greeley lost patience. After all he had two patients under his care,
and very soon he would have to revive them. The two girls would naturally have to be
cleaned up prior to awakening them, and then there was the matter of at least giving
their teeth a cursory cleaning for show.

"Mr. Merrick, step around beside the exam chair and kiss your daughter, please," Dr.
Greeley said, taking command of the situation. "Mr. Barrette, kindly re-enter Miss
Merrick, and let's spend what little time we have left providing her with an experience
she'll remember in the core of her femininity."

The memory of that day would be forever etched in Jack's mind. It was the first time
he'd ever seen his little girl in the arms of another man, and although it had been a
tremendous shock initially to the father figure in him, Jack was eventually able to
surmount his misgivings and inhibitions. Before very long he would come to realize that
no harm would befall Tracy, or any of the patients at the Family Dental Services Clinic,
either physically or emotionally, and over time as he was introduced to more of Dr.
Greeley's patients, Jack would finally see the true beauty of this exceptional cooperative

A soft whimper suddenly wrested Jack Merrick away from his daydreams, and brought
him back to the present, and a rather pleasant present it was too. Young Kim Lai
squirmed in the exam chair, and again her powerful anal muscles contracted in an effort
to eject Jack from her body. Once again the lovely Asian teenager tried to arch her
back in an unconscious effort to relieve the pressure inside of her, but this time Jack
was ready for her and easily held her down with his right hand.

"Try rubbing her back, Jack," Dr. Greeley suggested from where he stood with Tracy to
Jack's right. "That'll usually make them relax a little. Stroke her hair and massage her
shoulders for a minute before you get started. You'll be pleasantly surprised at what a
calming effect it will have on her, even though she's already a little sleepy right now."

The two men exchanged a smile at Greeley's quip, then Jack gazed down at the
enchanting young girl lying face down in front of him. She was so fair that her smooth
skin practically glowed, and no matter how hard Jack looked, not a single blemish could
he find anywhere. Starting at her waist Jack spread his hands out on her warm skin and
slowly worked his way up her back, rotating his thumbs in small circles on either side of
her spine. He continued all the way up to her neck, pausing to brush the thick mane of
raven black hair aside, before starting to work on her broad shoulders. "Kim looks like
she might be a swimmer," Jack thought idly to himself. "For a young girl, she's
powerfully built in the upper body." Jack actually began to enjoy himself as he continued
to kneed the girl's soft flesh, and exactly as the good doctor had suggested, in less than
five minutes he felt her begin to relax. Her shoulders were first, then her arms and
finally her back, and then gradually the crushing grip on his embedded manhood began
to lessen considerably.

"That's my girl, Kimmie San," Jack murmured after a minute. Then he placed a hand on
each of her shapely hips and hooked his fingers around the fronts of her thighs. "Let's
have a little fun now sweetheart," Jack whispered as he pulled back with his hips,
extracting a couple of inches of himself out of the lovely oriental teenager. He felt a
tremor pass through her body as he drew all but an inch out of her. "Oh, do you miss
me, sweetheart?" Jack cooed. "Well then let's not keep a pretty girl waiting." With that,
Jack cycled his hips and pushed back into her in one fluid motion. Pulling her back by
her hips, he drew the lovely Miss Lai onto himself, tucking that last inch away deeply
inside. There was no question that Jack had an easier time of it on his second
penetration. As the good doctor had eluded to, the pretty fifteen year old was starting to
stretch out to accommodate him. She was incredible back there, Jack thought was he
pulled out for the second time. She had a rubbery tightness about her that was different
from vaginal tightness, and Miss Lai was no slacker in that department either. In fact as
their love making progressed, Jack elected to try alternating passages. He'd seen a
couple do it in a porn video once, and it looked like fun.

Once Miss Lai was sufficiently broken in and had ceased to resist his repeated
intrusions Jack took the greatest pleasure in popping out of one opening, shifting up or
down as required, re-positioning himself and then thrusting fully into the lovely young
girl. Her immaculate snugness tended to cause air to become trapped and then
compress ahead of Jack's advancing manhood. Eventually the pressure built to the
point where it overcame the seal formed around him by the walls of whichever passage
he was visiting at the time, and issued forth around the root of his shaft with some
remarkably loud spluttering sounds. In the exam chair to Jack's right Dr. Greeley
attended to Tracy Merrick, and thanks to the girl's overactive lubrication system, the
couple generated some extraordinary love sounds of their own. At one point, Jack
looked at the good doctor, grinned and then shot his hips forward, producing fizzing
sound followed by a loud pop. Greeley picked up the challenge, and as he delivered
three or four rapid strokes to his wet young lover, he moved his hips quickly from side to
side and up and down. The resulting sticky, snapping report from between Tracy's
thighs resembled the sound of a large jar of mayonnaise being whipped with a wooden
spoon. A kind of contest quickly ensued, and the two men played their respective young
partners like musical instruments. What resulted was a veritable staccato, love
symphony that went on until both men were reduced to tears of laughter.

Eventually the two returned to the business at hand and finished up with their sweet
companions, Jack electing to ejaculate into the lovely Miss Lai's rectal passage. He did
so after first spreading the girl's immaculate white buttocks widely apart with his hands,
then thrusting himself into her as deeply as was humanly possible. Even in her heavily
sedated state Kim reacted, grunting softly as Jack compressed her luscious derriere
against the fronts of his thighs. Jack wanted to inject his offering deeply enough into the
pretty teenager that he could be relatively certain a part of him would remain with her for
at least a few days.

For Jack this was the most rewarding aspect of making love to his "sleeping beauties",
as he referred to the girls. The knowledge that afterward they would unknowingly carry
a part of him within themselves, gave him an incredible sense of union with them.
Sitting at the dinner table with his pretty teenage daughter while she bitched about this
boyfriend and that, Jack was confident in the knowledge that a few hours earlier, he'd
taken incredible liberties with her, delving into places so intimate and personal as to give
him a knowledge of her that probably no man would ever have. Or perhaps he'd watch
her with another man, for he'd begun to enjoy that quite a lot. Jack had accumulated
literally hundreds of indelible mental images of his daughter, and how she reacted to a
lover's touch. The way her hips rolled and her belly heaved when she climaxed. These
were the things that most fathers never know about their little girls, and Jack felt
incredibly close to Tracy as a result of this private and personal knowledge. It was their
little secret.

Jack decided to loiter in the waiting room until Mr. and Mrs. Lai came to pick up their
young daughter following one of their sessions together. This way he would get a
chance to talk to Kim. Over the past few months Jack had made an effort to get to
know the lovely Miss Lai, and he liked her very much. Like most young ladies of Asian
descent, Kim was very polite, spoke softly and with deference to her elders. She was
also quite shy and never failed to blush whenever Jack told her how pretty she was.
Jack often wondered how hotly Kim would blush were she to discover just how well he
really knew her. There probably wasn't a deep enough shade of red within the visible

Jack came harder than he had in a long time. His knees became so rubbery from the
tumultuous release of carnal energy that he was forced to lower himself down on top of
his young princess for a few minutes. Her exquisite body was so warm and soft beneath
him, that Jack felt he could lie there forever, nuzzling his face into her shining raven hair
and breathing in her delicate floral perfume.

As Jack rested atop young Kim for a short while, he allowed his eyes to wander to the
scene in the chair next to them. Even though some very efficient contraceptive drugs
were available and at his disposal, Dr. Greeley chose to use a method of sharing his
seed with his partner that Jack Merrick himself had devised. While the proud father
looked on, Martin Greeley raised a small paper cup to Tracy's lips. With his free hand
he carefully pinched her nostrils closed, and a couple of seconds later she opened her
mouth to breathe. "There we are, my dear," the good doctor purred as he tipped the
little cup and poured a goodly portion of its contents into the waiting mouth of Tracy
Merrick. She choked a bit at first on the viscous semen, but even from several feet
away Jack could see his pretty daughter's throat move as she began to swallow her
lover's offering.

"She's gonna burp a lot on the way home," Jack mused. "And she always gets such a
precious look on her face from that funny taste in her mouth," Jack recalled with a smile.

A lot had changed since Jack's first visit to the Family Dentistry Clinic. He and Dr.
Greeley had become good friends, and Jack had eventually assumed a more proactive
roll in the activities around the clinic. It was he who'd come up with the idea to advertise
special rates on cosmetic orthodontics for adolescent and teenage girls during the
summer months of last year, and the resulting flood of new patients had dramatically
increased the number of participants in the "Special Services" pool.

The group of men who partook of these services remained small, however, since Dr.
Greeley insisted on hand picking those who would be admitted into that closely knit
circle to share in its secrets and delights.

"We'll be seeing a new patient tomorrow morning, Jack. Are you free?" Dr. Greeley
asked casually as he used a sponge to clean the mixture of bodily fluids from the insides
of Tracy Merrick's thighs.

"I dunno. I'll have to check," Jack replied. He'd just finished rolling Kim onto her back
and went about adjusting the special chair so as to bring her into a seated position in
preparation for reviving the girl. "What time's the appointment?" Jack asked. While he
awaited the good doctor's reply he spread Kim's legs and checked to see that she
wasn't leaking. Everything looked just fine, so Jack closed her knees together and
stooped to retrieve her panties from the floor where he'd dropped them earlier.
Kim Lai cleaned up well. She rarely perspired, and she self-lubricated just enough to be
accommodating. A dab here and a wipe there, and she was as good as new. In fact it
never ceased to amaze Jack just how quickly and efficiently the female reproductive
anatomy recovered its integrity, concealing any traces of amorous activity. By the time
Kim regained consciousness not a shred of evidence would remain of their coupling, at
least not on the outside. She would probably be sore for a few hours, and she might
even spot her panties, but other than perhaps the abstract uncertainty that something
"funny" had happened to her," Kim Lai would never know for sure that she'd taken a

This was due in part to another improvement which came to pass only recently, and that
was the acquisition of a far more efficient and controllable sedative drug. With it Dr.
Martin Greeley was able to manage the levels of consciousness of his patients without
the worry of overdosing and other problems associated with the general anesthetic he'd
been using. Additionally, the new drug had far better amnestic qualities. It really was a
vast improvement.

"Ten o'clock, I believe, but you can check with Nurse Blackwell," Greeley answered as
he fastened the small catch between the cups of Tracy's brassiere, taking a moment to
adjust her breasts, and tucking her in where needed. Then turning to face the father of
his pretty young lover, Dr. Greeley added, "This is one you're not going to want to miss,

"Why is that, Martin?" Jack asked as he buttoned the top button of Kim's white cotton

"You haven't enjoyed the company of any of our younger patients yet, have you Jack?"

"Well... I," Jack began sheepishly.

"You don't know what you're missing," Greeley said. "You'll never experience anything
so erotically stimulating and emotionally fulfilling as you will by helping a young lady to
discover what it means to be a woman."

"I.. I don't know, Martin, I.." Jack began until the good doctor interrupted him.

"Hold on there, my friend," Dr. Greeley exclaimed. Then he added more seriously, "Step
over here for a moment."

Jack did as the doctor asked.

"Look at your daughter, Jack," Greeley said calmly. "Doesn't she look lovely?"

Jack nodded absently. It was so easy for him to become lost in Tracy's rare beauty.

"Here," Dr. Greeley said, lifting her pleated skirt. "Slip your hand into her panties."

Jack had no idea where this conversation was heading, but he'd learned to trust Martin
Greeley, finding him to be both astute and intuitive. Placing his palm onto Tracy's warm
and rounded tummy he rubbed her gently before sliding his hand under the thin satin
band of her panties. Dr. Greeley had done a fabulous job at cleaning her up as usual.
Tracy was still a little damp, but considering that only a few minutes ago, she was
sopping wet and sticky from one knee to the other, she wasn't in bad shape. Jack loved
the feel of her thick soft bush against his hand, and she was so very full and resilient
down there. Jack smiled warmly at his pretty daughter as he rubbed her affectionately
for a moment until Dr. Greeley interrupted his daydreams.

"You love you daughter, don't you, Jack," he said.

"Y.. Yes, of course," Jack replied, giving his friend a curious look.

"And do you remember how you felt about making love to Tracy the first time I
suggested it?"

Jack thought he understood what the good doctor was getting at. "Well, sure, Doc. I
was hesitant at first. I mean it's not something you do every day," Jack added with a
nervous laugh.

"That's correct, Jack. There are a lot of societal prejudices and taboos surrounding this
sort of thing. It's no wonder that it takes awhile to unlearn much of what we've been led
to believe is sacred. But look at you now, Jack," Greeley said, nodding toward where
Jack's wrist protruded from inside his daughter's panties. Jack smiled and shrugged,
but kept his hand where it was.

"Consider this, my friend," the good doctor went on. "The Shogun leaders of ancient
Japan would insist upon sleeping with a young virgin at least once each month, claiming
that it reaffirmed their manhood and restored their confidence and vigor." Greeley
stared at his friend in all seriousness. "And do you know what, Jack?" the doctor said.
Jack looked up at him questioningly. "They were right," Dr. Greeley said with a wry
smile. "Do yourself a favor, Jack. Be here tomorrow morning, and at least have a look
at the girl. Her name is Miss Emily Brand. Miss Brand is twelve and a half years old,
and I understand she's a truly lovely little pixie."

Absent mindedly, Jack slipped a finger through the moist curls and then between the
ample labia of his daughter's pretty pussy. "God, she's still really wet," Jack mused. He
thought about asking Dr. Greeley if he might have a moment with his daughter, maybe
while the doctor got Kim ready to wake up, but reconsidered. Then he thought about his
friend's proposal for a moment. If the truth be known, Jack had often wondered what it
might be like to be with a girl in her formative years.

"I.. I'll think about it," Jack said at last.

"Fine," Dr. Greeley responded with a smile. "You can call and let us know in the
morning if you'd like to spend some time with Miss Brand." Then as though he'd read
Jack's mind, the good doctor added, "Would you like to have a moment with your
daughter, Jack? I can begin with Miss Lai and give you two about ten minutes, if you

Jack shook his head and looked up at his friend, the doctor. "No... no, that's OK.
Thanks anyway, Martin, but today we'll let Tracy go home with your gift to her. There'll
be other days," he added, smiling affectionately down at his sweet daughter. Then after
taking a moment to swirl his finger about at the top of Tracy's carnal canyon, Jack
removed his hand from his daughter's panties.

Before leaving, Jack returned to Kim Lai's side to say goodby. Kim had a wonderful
mouth, and Jack loved to kiss her. He'd been unable to during their love making, since
he'd chosen to take Kim from behind today, and he'd missed the sweet taste of her.
Jack massaged one of Kim's small breasts through her blouse while his tongue danced
over her sparkling teeth. Using one of Dr. Greeley's tricks, he pinched her nose closed
for a moment until she opened her mouth for him. Out of the corner of his eye, Jack
saw Martin Greeley disconnect the IV drip which hung above his daughter's chair. It
wouldn't be long now.

So after taking one final "spin" around the interior of Kim's Lai's mouth, Jack stood. "I
guess I'll see you in the morning," he said to doctor's back. "And I'll see you again in a
week or two, Kimmie," he whispered to the sleeping girl. Reaching down, Jack gave her
an affectionate little squeeze between her legs then headed for the door.

Chapter Two

Jack Merrick did his very best to remain hidden behind the copy of "Yachting" magazine
that he pretended to be reading, while at the same time taking periodic covert glances at
the stunning young girl standing hand in hand with her father on the opposite side of the
waiting room. Her father was engaged in conversation with Dr. Martin Greeley, DDS,
and while the two adults talked business, the little girl glanced around the room

When she and her dad first walked through the door of the Family Dental Services
Clinic, Jack wasn't overly inspired by the girl. "I mean, she's cute and all," he mused as
he peeked over his magazine. She looked so small and delicate standing next to her
father. She was about five feet tall and slender as a willow branch. Jack guessed she
weighed no more that seventy pounds soaking wet. Perhaps it was the lighting, Jack
would never be certain, but where once there stood a fairly unremarkable little girl,
suddenly before Jack's very eyes she was magically transformed into a breathtakingly
stunning young lady, and Jack unexpectedly found himself unable to take his eyes off of

He'd gone to great lengths to arrive at the Family Services Offices early, and he'd
grabbed the perfect seat in the waiting room from which to study this new patient that
Dr. Greeley had spoken so highly of. Jack had chosen the biggest magazine from the
pile on the low table to use as concealment, and his inspection of the father and his
lovely daughter had been discrete as always. Then suddenly it happened. "Busted!"
Jack thought to himself when he unexpectedly found himself staring into the biggest pair
of brown eyes he'd ever seen. Only a few seconds passed as he gazed transfixed into
those warm brown pools of innocence, but to Jack it seemed like hours. Held fast like a
deer in the headlights of an oncoming truck, time stood still, but in that instant of
compressed reality Jack beheld a flicker of smoldering passion in the dark eyes of this
bewitching child that shot through him like a lightning stroke, finding ground at last in the
roots of his groin. Jack wasn't sure, but he thought his mouth had fallen open. One
thing he was sure of though, he suddenly had a raging hard on.

Then with a shy smile she released him, leaving Jack stunned and mildly incredulous
that a girl so young could have such an effect on him. "Maybe she is a pixie," Jack
mused as he ducked behind his copy of "Yachting".

"We have an excellent reputation, Mr. Brand. Of that you may rest assured," Dr. Martin
Greeley said to the handsome middle aged man. "We'll take good care of young Miss
Emily," he added affectionately then reached out and gave the girl a little squeeze on the
shoulder. "Just ask Mr. Merrick there," Jack heard the good doctor say. "He has a
daughter who visits us regularly. In fact Tracy Merrick is one of my star patients, isn't
she, Jack."

"What the hell's he doing!" Jack thought to himself as he peered from around his
magazine. "This isn't the way it's supposed to happen." The trio approached.

"Jack, say hello to Bill Brand," Martin Greeley said cordially. "Mr. Brand, this is Jack
Merrick." Jack started to struggle to his feet.

"Don't get up, please," the man said politely as Jack looked up at him. Reaching down,
he offered Jack his hand, saying, "Name's Bill Brand, and this is my daughter, Emily."

Jack took the man's hand, but his eyes were on the girl. She was so close he could
smell her. "Jack Merrick," he responded absently.

"Emily, say hello to Mr. Merrick," the girl's father instructed.

"Hello," the enchanting beauty murmured shyly and held out her hand to him.

Jack was sure he felt an electrical charge pass between them as he took her tiny hand
in his. "God, she's so warm!" Jack thought to himself as he gave the little beauty a
winning smile. "And her skin is so incredibly soft," he thought as he innocently rubbed
the back of her hand with his thumb. "Hello, Emily," Jack said politely. "You don't have
to worry," he added. Dr. Greeley is an excellent dentist. "You won't feel a thing. I
promise," he smiled. "My daughter, Tracy loves coming here," Jack went on, catching
the doctor's eye. "Some day maybe you two can meet. Tracy's about your age, I think.
How old are you, honey?" Jack asked.

She didn't seem to mind his use of a term of endearment, nor did she object for the
moment to his holding onto her hand. Jack's mouth went as dry as the Mojave desert
as she raised her dark brown eyes to his. "I'm almost thirteen," the little pixie answered
with a surprising air of confidence.

"Well you certainly are an attractive young lady, Emily," Jack said warmly and gave her
little hand an affectionate squeeze just before she pulled it away. "I hope I'll be seeing
you again, my dear," he added.

The air in Exam Room Three was whisper quiet as Jack carefully closed the door behind
himself and turned. As always, the lights were dimmed while the anesthetic was being
administered in order to help the patients relax. Dr. Greeley's back was to him, and his
body partially blocked his view of the examination chair that was positioned near the
center of the room. Even from the door, however, Jack recognized the girl's small feet
and cute little sandals, for he could see her legs from the knees down, resting
comfortably on the wide, padded leg support of the dental chair. As Jack quietly
approached, the doctor raised his hand to the IV bottle hanging from a rack beside the
chair and adjusted the flow regulator. Inside the small glass cylinder the clear liquid
dripped steadily as Jack stepped up beside Martin Greeley. From the bottom of the IV
unit a thin catheter tube carried the specialized sedative drug to the fine bore needle the
doctor had inserted into a vein in the inside of the patient's elbow. The needle in turn
was held in place by a piece of wide surgical tape.

Jack's heart rate increased ten fold as he gazed down at the exquisite young girl. She
was even lovelier than before, if that was possible, as she lay peacefully cradled on the
anatomically shaped exam chair. Her big brown eyes were closed, and she was
breathing slowly and evenly. Jack noted the steady rise and fall of her tummy where her
flawless skin was exposed below her blouse.

"Is she...?" Jack whispered to his friend, Martin Greeley.

"Patience, Mr. Merrick," the doctor chided good naturedly. "The new sedative takes a
little longer," he explained unnecessarily. Then he reached out and placed the palm of
his right hand onto the girl's cheek. "Can you hear me, Miss Brand?" he asked,
speaking softly as he gently stroked her soft skin.

Jack was surprised when the little girl's eyes fluttered open. For a moment or two she
lay staring blankly up at the two of them. Then slowly those marvelous windows to her
soul closed, and she took a deep breath.

"Miss Brand? Can you hear me?" Dr. Greeley asked again without removing his hand
from her cheek. This time her eyes remained closed, but she parted her sparkling pink
lips ever so slightly as though she were trying to speak.

The room was hushed, and Jack thought he could actually hear the dripping of the
anesthetic drug that would be his key to mysteries and wonders beyond his imagining.
Turning to his friend, Jack whispered in anticipation. " you think I... I can, you
know?" He gestured toward the lovely sleeping beauty.

"Touch her, you mean, Jack?" Dr. Greeley said with a little smile. "I don't see why not,
but perhaps you'd better ask her father first." His eyes sparkled, and his smile turned
into a grin.

"What the...!?!" Jack gasped in astonishment and shock when Bill Brand stepped from
the shadows.

"Please, Mr. Merrick, don't be upset by my presence," the father of the young girl spoke
in a hushed voice as he moved to the opposite side of exam chair. "I'm mostly here to
observe, you see, but I'd be obliged to you if I could just make sure my little girl's
comfortable before you two get better acquainted.

Jack didn't know what to say. Besides, he was still thoroughly stunned by the man's
surprise appearance. "Sh...sure," he responded rather lamely when at last he found his
voice. Then as he went to back away from the chair and its beautiful young occupant,
Jack felt the doctor's hand on his shoulder.

"No.. No, Jack. Stay close by, please," Dr. Greeley insisted. "Mr. Brand will only be a
moment. Then he'd like for you to take over. Isn't that right, Bill?" the doctor asked with
a smile.

"That's correct, Dr. Greeley," the man answered quietly as he gazed down at his pretty
daughter for a minute before looking up. "Jack... Do you mind if I call you Jack?" he
asked with a nervous smile.

Jack was too dumb founded to answer so he simply shook his head.

"Jack I'd very much like for you spend as much time as you wish getting to know my little
girl," the man offered much to Jack's amazement. "In fact, I might be able to give you a
few pointers along the way. You know... things she likes and stuff," he explained. With
a warm smile he gazed down at the sleeping youngster and murmured, "How's my little
princess." Then he placed a hand onto her soft belly. "Are you ready to show Mr.
Merrick what a big girl you are, Emmie?" he whispered tenderly, as he rubbed his
daughter's tummy. "Have you ever seen such a perfect little figure, Jack?" Bill Brand
asked, glancing up at him briefly. "She's just like her mother, so petite and feminine," he

Jack certainly couldn't argue with that. In fact he was just noticing how genuinely lovely
Miss Emily Brand really was. Like her father pointed out, Emily had a slender build, but
she wasn't at all frail looking. In fact she was almost perfectly proportioned. Her
shoulders were fairly broad, her arms and legs were long and willowy. Her waist was
exquisitely slender and her hips remarkably well shaped as was her pretty little derriere,
at least what Jack had seen of it out in the waiting room. "She's certainly a stylish
dresser," Jack commented, noting her grey patterned blouse and matching skirt. His
mouth was exceptionally dry.

"Yes she is," her father agreed. "Her mother wants Emily to go into modeling when
she's a little older," he explained. Then with one hand Bill Brand carefully lifted the
bottom hem of his daughter's blouse and slipped his other hand underneath.

Jack watched enthralled as the lump formed by her father's hand moved slowly upward
under the soft fabric. Jack had already admired the pleasant swellings of the little girl's
developing breasts beneath her blouse, and that of course is where her father's
exploring hand halted its upward progress.

"Emmie rarely wears a bra," Bill mentioned casually as he spread his palm over one of
her petite cones of supple flesh. "Sometimes her mother makes her wear a training bra,
but I know for a fact that she hates it. Don't you baby," he cooed. Jack watched as the
lump formed by Bill's hand inside of his daughter's blouse began to move slowly. "I also
know that Emmie likes to have her little titties rubbed."

While Jack and Doctor Greeley looked on Bill Brand went about slowly massaging his
little girl's budding breasts. "She also likes it when you pinch her nipples," the father
said matter-of-factly. The lump under Emily's blouse paused over her right breast.
Suddenly the youngster whimpered softly, and once again, her brown eyes fluttered
open. Whether or not she knew what was happening to her was debatable, because as
the little pixie stared upward at the three faces leaning over her, her big brown eyes
appeared distant and out of focus.

"Daddy's here, baby," Bill cooed and shifted his hand to her other breast. Her eyes
opened a little bit wider, but still there was no evidence of recognition in her facial
expression. "You like it when Daddy touches you, don't you sweetheart." Beneath her
pretty blouse, Bill rolled a tiny nipple between his thumb and index finger. "Daddy's
watched you and Ricky play games together, baby. You like to play those games, don't
you Emmie, sweetheart? Don't you?" he whispered. Then he leaned down and kissed
the little girl on the lips. When Bill straightened up after a few seconds, Emily's eyes
had closed. Glancing up at Jack and Doctor Greeley, the father explained, "She and her
older brother have been experimenting together since Emily was nine. I've been
watching the two of them secretly for awhile now, and using concealed cameras I've
recorded a good many of their liaisons. Not sure why," he shrugged. "I've considered
using the material to encourage Emily to pursue some more progressive games,
possibly with a couple of friends of mine, but now that I've found Dr. Greeley and his
remarkable family service, that may not be necessary," Bill Brand concluded as he
removed his hand from under his daughter's blouse. "You see, Jack, I much prefer to
observe while another man entertains my little girl. It's just my thing, that's all," he said
with a shrug and a grin. "In fact, why don't you go ahead, Jack. I think Emily's ready to
learn some new games."

"I... I don't know," Jack answered, feeling suddenly very self-conscious.

"Now don't you worry about me, Jack," Bill Brand insisted. "I'll just stand over there," he
said, nodding at some unknown point outside of the circle of soft light which bathed the
area around the exam chair and its stunning occupant. "I won't say a word, unless you
want me to, so you can just pretend I'm not even here, Jack." With that, the father of
the luscious little girl stepped back and all but disappeared.

Jack's mind raced as he wrestled with indecision. "Could he actually do this? Could he
really get intimate with the young girl with her father in the same room?" Minutes slipped
away while Jack stared sightlessly down at the specialized dental exam chair. In fact,
he barely noticed when the intensity of the examination light increased. And it was the
voice of his friend, Dr. Martin Greeley that finally broke up Jack's mental deliberations.

"Come, come, Jack," the good doctor said in a jovial tone of voice as he stepped up to
the chair and into the circle of light. "What are you worried about? Unlike the majority
of my patients you've spent time with, this time you have her father's permission. What
could be better?" he said with a wry smile as he stood gazing down at the slender young
beauty. Looking into the shadows, Dr. Greeley commented, "You have a lovely little girl,
Mr. Brand." Then after a brief pause the doctor asked. "Do you mind if I...?" he asked
nodding down at the sleeping girl.

"Not at all, Doc," the father's voice answered from the dim perimeter.

"She's such a little pixie," Greeley murmured as he placed a hand onto the youngster's
right knee. "Look how sleek and slender her legs are," the good doctor offered to no
one in particular as he shifted his hand to the young girl's thigh then slipped it up under
her skirt. "She's mighty warm down here, Jack, and her skin is as soft as silk," he
murmured as he allowed his fingers to play over the surface of her inner thigh just above
the hemline of her skirt. Her leg twitched in response to his touch. "Come on, Jack.
Just look at her. She's waiting for you. Sweet Emily's waiting for you." Dr. Greeley
glanced up at Jack and smiled as he removed his hand from beneath the girl's skirt.
"Make her daddy happy, Jack. Mr. Brand wants you to teach his little girl. Step up here
and make Emily happy too, Jack."

Unexpectedly the good doctor reached out, took Jack by his right wrist and placed his
hand onto the young girl's bare tummy in the space between the hem of her blouse and
the waist band of her skirt. Then with a little wink, Dr. Greeley withdrew, leaving Jack
staring down upon the lovely girl.

Her flesh was on fire beneath his palm, and Jack's hand might just as well have been
glued to the child's belly judging from the difficulty he experienced when it came time to
remove it and press on. No one could ever doubt the intuitiveness of Dr. Martin
Greeley. All it took was that one touch to ignite Jack's desire for the lovely Emily Brand.

"Well, Emily, my dear," Jack began after clearing his throat. "It seems that you and I are
destined to become friends," he murmured softly. Tearing his hand from her warm
tummy, Jack used the backs of his fingers to stroke her pretty face, caressing her
cheeks and lips ever so softly. "You're very pretty, Emily," he whispered affectionately
and leaned down and kissed her on the lips. As he did, he inhaled a deep draft of her
delicate perfume, allowing her girlish bouquet to flood his senses. Jack began to kiss
the slumbering girl on her cheeks and then her neck, slowly working his way down
inside the collar of her pretty blouse. Pushing the fabric aside, he kissed the sides of
her neck and the tops of her shoulders as far as he could reach into her collar. The
warm fragrance of her nubile body wafted up from the inside of her blouse and caused
Jack to become drunk with desire. He had to see more of Emily, and right away.

A quick inspection of the child's blouse revealed that it was a pullover, and that the
fabric from which it was made didn't appear to be at all elastic. Initially Jack tried to tug
the hem of the blouse up, taking care not to disturb the length of clear plastic tubing that
connected the IV bottle hanging from the overhead rack to the needle which was
carefully inserted into a vein in Emily's arm. But try as he might, he was only able to
work the girl's blouse about mid way up her rib cage.

"This just won't do, Emily," Jack murmured as he gave up on the blouse in favor of
making a quick tactile investigation. A smile spread on his face as he slid his hand
beneath the soft warm fabric. "Oh, my, Emily, sweetheart," Jack breathed heavily as he
rested his hand on one firm little breast. "Your Daddy is right, honey. You have very
nice little titties, Emily." Jack pinched the tiny nipple playfully and secured a precious
little moan for his efforts. Pressing down with two fingertips, he then swirled the tiny bud
slowly around and around, feeling the firmer developing mammary beneath the softer
fatty breast tissue. Small though they were, Emily Brand's little breasts were indeed

"This just won't do, Emily," Jack repeated after a moment as he peered off into the
shadows of the exam room.

"Dr. Greeley," he called. "Martin, are you there?" Jack asked of the dimness.

"Yes, Jack. I'm here," the good doctor said, stepping forward into the circle of light.
"What can I do for you?"

"Would it be possible for you to disconnect the IV long enough for me to remove her
blouse?" Jack asked, nodding toward the thin catheter.

After a moment's consideration, the doctor answered, "I suppose that can be arranged,
Jack, but I'm not sure I understand why."

"She's so lovely, Martin," Jack Merrick murmured, gazing down at the girl adoringly.
"You said it yourself. She's an exquisite little pixie."

"Yes, Jack. She is indeed," the good doctor agreed, also gazing appreciatively at the
slumbering child. "Now, about your request, Jack?"

"I... I want to take all her clothes off, Martin," Jack said. Then to the shadows, he
added, "I want to see your little girl completely naked and natural, Mr. Brand. Do you

"Of course not, Jack," the father answered from the shadows. "And please, call me Bill."

"Her blouse doesn't stretch, and there aren't any buttons or snaps," Jack explained.
"We need to remove the IV for a couple of seconds so I can sit her up and slip her shirt
over her head."

The doctor thought about his friend's request for a second and then replied, "Very well,
Jack, but we'll need to move quickly." Jack nodded his understanding. "Let me take
care of her IV first," Dr. Greeley said. Jack waited patiently while the doctor first
clamped off the catheter just below the IV bottle, and then pulled the fine tubing out of
the flow regulator, taking great care not to allow any air to enter the system. Holding the
end of the catheter tubing up, Greeley turned to Jack and said, "When I tell you to, I
want you to lean Miss Brand forward. Then while you pull her shirt over her head, I'll
feed the tubing through the sleeve. Do you understand?"

"I.. I think so," Jack replied. He was a little nervous and very excited. "Just say when."

"Do you need my help?" Bill Brand asked, stepping up to the opposite side of the exam

"No, I don't think so, Mr. Brand, but you might stand by just in case," Greeley
responded. "Are you ready, Jack?" Jack nodded. "Move her carefully then," the good
doctor instructed.

Happily, everything went like clockwork, and in less than a minute Dr. Greeley was
reattaching the catheter tubing to the IV bottle. "That went well," Greeley commented
off-handedly as he removed the small clamp from the tubing and restarted the system.
Then after making sure that the glass flow regulator was dripping steadily, the doctor
turned back to his patient.

"Oh, my goodness gracious me," Martin Greeley exclaimed, his voice wavering a bit.
"Now there's a pretty sight," he commented appreciatively as he operated the control
that reclined the back of the specialized exam chair.

The other two men appeared to be speechless, as they watched the chair lower the girl
into a reclining position. Jack held her blouse in his hands, and as he gazed down at
the slender, semi-naked body of the lovely Miss Emily Brand, unconsciously Jack
brought the soft fabric up and pressed it to his lips. The blouse was still warm, and
when Jack inhaled his head was inundated with her subtle bouquet.

"Well," Bill Brand spoke up, interrupting Jack's revery. "If you'll excuse me, I'll let you
two get acquainted."

Jack would never know whether or not he answered the man, for he was utterly
enthralled by the vision of loveliness before him. Jack moved in slow motion, dreamlike,
as he dropped the girl's blouse into a container nearby provided for that purpose. As
though he was seeing through the eyes of another man, he watched his arms extend
and his hands close around her waist. He recalled marveling at the slenderness of the
lovely child, as his fingertips touched behind the small of her back and his thumbs met
over her tummy. "You're a very pretty girl, Emily," Jack heard himself whisper as he slid
his hands slowly up her sides, feeling the contours of her ribs beneath satin smooth

Pausing, Jack licked his lips, his mouth suddenly becoming very dry as his eyes locked
onto the two little cones of snow white flesh. They were superb, perfectly shaped and
blemish free with the exception of one tiny brown mole just below the slightly puffy
areola of the left breast. Jack had never handled such petite titties and was a little
unsure of how best to proceed. Then with a shrug, he decided simply to go with his
instincts, and let the slumbering youngster "tell" him her likes and dislikes.

"It's all part of getting to know each other," Jack thought to himself as he extended his
thumbs and pressed carefully against the lower curves of the two delicate cones. With
his fingers resting lightly on either side of her torso Jack began to rotate his thumbs,
pressing down every so gently against the incredibly resilient flesh. Gradually he
expanded his circles, and her little breasts flowed like warm milk under his thumbs.
Pressing down a little harder, Jack felt the firmer mammary glands beneath the softer
fatty tissue.

The sweet little pixie must have felt his touch, because for a second she squirmed
weakly in his hands. Jack smiled and leaned closer to the sweet child. With his lips
practically touching hers, Jack murmured, "You like it when I touch you, don't you Emily."
He slid his thumbs over her two tiny nipples simultaneously. "Yes, baby," Jack
whispered, letting his lips brush lightly against hers. Her sweet breath was warm and
fragrant against his mouth, and dismissing yet another of the moral platitudes he'd
listened to all his life, Jack kissed the enchanting twelve year old full on the mouth.

Using one of the good doctor's favorite tricks, Jack reached up and gently pinched the
girl's nose closed. Seconds later her pretty mouth popped open and Jack was there
waiting. "Mmm, Emily," he purred into her mouth as he swirled his tongue slowly around
its warm interior. She tasted so very sweet. "I recognize that taste," Jack thought as he
located the girl's tongue and began to toy with it. "Bubble gum," he thought happily.
"Emmie tastes like bubble gum."

Jack was in heaven. He'd been with a number of young ladies recently, thanks to Dr.
Greeley and his Family Services, but none held a candle to this fresh little maiden.
Fairly certain that he was the first man to kiss Emily in any kind of meaningful way, Jack
took his time with her. Using his tongue he thoroughly explored her tender mouth,
licking the backs of her sparkling teeth and sucking gently at her pink lips.

Meanwhile, Jack's hands were busy also. In no time at all Emily's tiny nipples firmed up
under his expert tactile tutelage. As he rolled the tiny nubbins between his fingers, Jack
discovered that she would exhale little puffing breaths into his mouth each time he
pinched her nipples.

Raising his mouth from hers for a moment, Jack whispered, "You have such pretty little
titties, Emmie. You wouldn't mind if I kiss them, would you baby?" Jack showered her
pretty face with tender kisses, and Emily moaned softly when he pinched her breasts.
He kissed her slender neck, nuzzling his face into her warm, fragrant hair. Then he
licked along the tops of her dainty collar bones, and nibbled at the tops of her shoulders.
Jack leaned over the young princess, resting his elbows on the surface of the exam
chair on either side of her slender body, her small breasts just inches from his lips. Jack
paused for a moment just to admire the two perfect little points up close and personal.
Then leaning down he took the tiny nipple of the left breast between his pursed lips and
shook his head gently from side to side. She squirmed beneath him delightfully. Her
breasts were so tiny that Jack was able to completely cover each in turn with his tongue,
compressing the resilient little cones against her rib cage. Then he suckled each breast
into his mouth, and finished up by sipping tenderly at each erect nipple with pursed lips.

Jack was surprised at how fascinated he'd become with this engaging young lady.
When he took a moment to glance at his wristwatch, Jack was shocked to find that
nearly forty-five minutes had passed while he'd been investigating Emily Brand's
breasts. It was time to move on.

He stood beside the chair and gazed down at the pretty twelve year old. Her tiny tits
glistened with his saliva, and already she was showing a bit of color in her cheeks. Jack
traced lightly over Emily's flat tummy using the backs of his fingers and was delighted to
feel her abdominal muscles ripple beneath her warm skin in response to his touch. The
new sedative drug that Doctor Greeley was using allowed Emily to feel and respond to
the physical sensations of their love making without being saddled with a lot of
unnecessary emotional baggage. It was a highly satisfactory arrangement in Jack's

"Let's see about your pretty skirt, Emily," he muttered as he ran his hands over her
shapely hips, searching for a zipper. Her little body was marvelously firm beneath the
soft linen skirt. "You're such a stylish dresser, Emmie," Jack purred, then he found it.
"Here we are, sweetheart," he whispered as he grasped the small metallic fob at her
waist and zipped the small zipper down over her right hip. There was one small hook
located under the skirt's waistband at the top of the zipper, and Jack fumbled with it for
a minute before it came loose. Moving down even with the girl's knees Jack grasped
the hem of the skirt and began to tug. "Let's just see what your big brother's been
getting so worked up about, Emmie," he mumbled.

Inch by enticing inch the soft fabric slid down over the bewitching curve of her hips,
slowly exposing what turned out to be the most charming pair of blue satin panties that
Jack had ever laid eyes on. They weren't "little girl" panties either as Jack had
expected. To the contrary, Emily Brand was growing up, and her choice of
undergarments reflected her desire to appear mature and worldly. The shining satin
covered only the important parts, and then just barely. Consisting of a tiny triangle in the
front and a waist band that resembled a shoe string, the thong cut panties were simply
stunning, especially on such a slender frame.

It was at that moment as Jack stood gazing at the enchanting little girl, after having
deposited her skirt in the container along with her blouse, that he realized just how
flawless Emily's little body was. Everything was perfectly proportioned shoulders,
waist, hips, legs everything was exquisitely formed, a symphony of femininity in
miniature. Placing a hand on her right calf where it rested on the lower extremity
support of the exam chair, Jack reveled once again in the incredible warmth of the girl
as he slid his hand slowly up the outside of her leg and over her hip, caressing her soft
skin. Smiling affectionately down at the sweet child, Jack took the shoe string waist
band of her panties in his fingertips. He wasn't sure what he'd uncover, for he'd never
ventured down this particular road with one so young before.

Jack recalled what his own daughter, Tracy, had looked like in the buff when she was
Emily's age, because he'd taken a few discrete peeks from time to time. Although Tracy
had later grown a lovely coat of golden curls, when she was twelve, she was almost
completely devoid of any pubic covering.

"Here we go Emmie," Jack murmured as he licked his lips and tugged downward on the
thin blue band. Keeping his eye riveted to the fetching little bulge beneath the small
blue satin triangle, Jack exposed Emily Brand to the light of day.

"Oh my, Emily,: Jack said breathlessly as he gaped wide eyed at the young girl.
Beneath the blue satin triangle of Emily's panties lay another far more enchanting
triangle. Jack's mouth suddenly became as dry as the Mojave Desert as he stared in
awe at the precious child. The bulge in Emily's panties had been the result of two
immaculate, full labia swelling beneath a proud and prominent pubis mons. At "almost
thirteen", as Emily liked to announce, she was still in that delightful period of early
growth. At this stage of her maturation, her pubic coat consisted of only a delicate wisp
of dark brown curls, covering the very center of her broad pubic arch. The soft fur
narrowed immediately, such that it concealed only the inside edges of her ample lips.
Emily's knees were together so Jack couldn't tell how far down between her legs the
feathery little Mohawk extended, but he intended to find out soon enough.

Unable to resist the raw magnetism of the lovely child, Jack's hand moved toward her
like a moth to a flame. "You're so very nice and soft down here, Emmie," Jack purred as
he allowed the backs of his fingers to caress the delicate down covering. Then leaning
down he brushed his lips ever so gently across the child's soft brown fur. Her wispy
curls tickled his nose as he nibbled at the edges of the charming little Mohawk, and the
engaging aroma of freshly bathed little girl filled his senses. "Mmm, you're such a lovely
young lady, Emmie," Jack murmured into her downy fur as he nibbled and kissed his
way up to her prominent pubic arch.

Meanwhile, after slipping a hand carefully between the young teen's legs just above her
knees, Jack moved it slowly up the inside of her thigh closest to him. So far the girl
hadn't exhibited any significant reaction to his attentions, but as soon as his finger tips
touched the fabulously soft skin in that special little pocket located on the inner thigh
adjacent to the labia majora, Miss Emily stirred.

In the "old days", back when Jack first began to explore the personal charms of his own
teenage daughter, he would have frozen in terror, fearful that Tracy was about to wake
up and discover her father taking liberties with her. But that was then and this is now.
Jack had long since learned to trust in the good doctor's abilities, and in the
effectiveness of the anesthetic. The fact that Emily was able to squeeze her legs
together, trapping his hand temporarily in a marvelously soft and hot environment, was
not an indication that she was regaining consciousness. Dr. Greeley had taken the time
to educate Jack about the innovative new sedative compound he'd chosen for his family
service practice, explaining that the girls would probably be a little more animated than
what Jack was used to under the old anesthetic. So, when after a few seconds, he felt
the youngster relax her "grip" on his hand, he wasn't the slightest bit concerned about
moving on until the edge of his index finger made contact with the resilient lobes of
Emily's labia majora. The sweet "almost thirteen" year old flinched when Jack first
touched her, as somewhere deep in her psyche her female alarm sounded the alert.
Then as he began to apply a bit more pressure against her intimate person, the fetching
little pixie moaned softly, and again she clamped her thighs tightly together in an
unconscious effort to immobilize his offending hand. Unfortunately or fortunately,
depending upon who's views you share, it was too late. Jack was already there in that
warm, slightly moist vestibule immediately outside of her gates. His finger tips were
actually in the "socket" the natural alcove formed by the intersection of the inner
thighs, the labia majora and the buttocks, designed to accept the male appendage and
direct it into the vagina.

Emily moaned again, a little louder this time, when Jack began to move his hand in a
slow, sawing motion, urging the edge of his index finger between her outer gates and
into that most pleasant environment of velvet softness and intimate feminine warmth and

"Shh...shh...shh," Jack whispered as he gazed down upon the enchanting young girl.
While he looked on, Emily furrowed her little brow and parted her lips, revealing her
twinkling white teeth. "You're a good girl, Emmie," Jack murmured softly as he
continued to move his hand between her legs, the edge of his finger gliding over rose
petal folds as smooth as silk.

Chapter Three

Jack was perfectly content simply to gaze upon the bewitching young girl. With his hand
tucked between her slender thighs he stood over her drinking in her tantalizing beauty,
and probably would have remained utterly lost in her had the good doctor not spoken

"Are you alright, Jack?" Dr. Greeley asked when he saw his friend and client standing
trance-like beside the examination chair and its comely occupant.

"Uhh...yeah, Martin...I," Jack responded, shaking out the cobwebs.

"I don't want to rush you or anything, but even the new anesthetic has its limits," the
doctor commented, glancing at his wristwatch.

"I...I understand, Doc," Jack answered, looking a bit sheepish. "I'll tell you, I do believe I
could spend the whole day just looking at Emily. Then to the shadows he added, "You
have an enchanting young daughter, Bill."

"Thanks, Jack," Bill Brand replied from a discrete distance.

"Let me give you a hand with the lower extremity supports," Dr. Greeley offered,
stepping up beside his friend. "Oh, my yes," the good doctor murmured. "She is a
lovely girl. They're so cute at this age, aren't they," Greeley asked rhetorically as
without compunction he reached down and began to pluck gently at the slumbering
youngster's wispy curls. "I simply adore a pretty little Mohawk," he commented

Together the two men retrieved and attached the specialized stainless steel leg supports
to the examination chair after first removing its regular padded lower section. Next they
adjusted the supports upward and locked them into place. Then carefully raising Miss
Emily's legs the two men placed her calves into the molded fiberglass cradles designed
for that purpose. No restraining devices were required.

"That should do it," Dr. Greeley said after reclining the chair's backrest and adjusting the
arm supports. "You two have a nice time now," he added with a wink. Before turning
away, Greeley took a moment to inspect the IV drip. Then after glancing at his
wristwatch the good doctor said, "We'll need to think about waking her up in about sixty

"Thanks, Martin," Jack replied a bit absently, for his eyes were fastened on the lovely
child reclining in the specialized chair.

In its current configuration, Miss Emily Brand was cradled in a pleasantly
accommodating position Her torso was supported in a semi-recumbent attitude by the
chair's padded back rest such that her pretty face was visible and her lovely little breasts
accessible to her partner. Emily's hips were positioned even with the bottom edge of the
seat, created when the lower end of the couch-like exam chair was removed and
replaced with the tubular steel leg supports. Her pretty little bottom overhung this
padded threshold by a few inches, further insuring accessibility. There was no chance
that Emily might slide down and out of the seat because her knees were elevated and
her calves supported at a level slightly above that of her shoulders, and her slender
thighs were spread to a comfortably obliging width.

Jack gazed down at the enchanting display of adolescent loveliness for perhaps a
minute, before placing one hand onto the youngster's right leg. Not for the last time, he
noted just how soft and warm the girl's skin was as, while trailing his hand down the top
of her calf, Jack stepped to the foot of the chair then up between her knees. Bringing
both his hands then up to the sweet girl's knees Jack gaped slack jawed at the heavenly
cradle of Emily Brand's femininity.

Thanks to the wonderful examination chair, the bewitching little lady lay before him open
for inspection. Jack licked his lips, for his mouth was quite dry as he noted that his
previous assumption had been accurate. Emily's cute little Mohawk extended only a
very short distance between her slender thighs, leaving the remainder of her labia
majora unfettered by pubic curls. Jack was very pleased, for ever since entering into a
relationship with the lovely Miss Kim Lai, he'd developed a sincere appreciation for
young ladies who were smooth and unencumbered. They were an absolute joy to be
with, in Jack's opinion, and additionally they were much easier to clean following their
amorous little trysts.

The pale and luscious lobes of Emily's outer gates were presently slightly parted;
enough, in any case, that Jack caught a glimpse of the darker pink folds responsible for
maintaining the youngster's abdominal integrity. "You're so pretty, Emmie, sweetheart,"
he said in a hoarse whisper as he slid his hand slowly down the insides of the
slumbering girl's legs. "Suppose we let Uncle Jack see what a big girl we are so we can
make your Daddy happy, Emmie, honey." The immaculately smooth flesh of her inner
thighs trembled slightly when Jack used his thumbs to spread her open a little more.
"That's my girl, Emmie," he purred as he knelt between the little girl's legs and pressed
his lips to the amazingly soft skin immediately adjacent to her labia majora, first on one
thigh then on the other. It was at that moment that Jack received his first intoxicating
hint of her adolescent bouquet. "God! She's marvelous!" Jack exclaimed silently,
moving his lips to within centimeters of the source of that superb perfume.

At the tender age of "almost thirteen" the enchanting youngster hadn't yet become
acutely aware of or self-conscious about her feminine scent, and as a result Jack was
treated to a heady aroma, both rich and moist. Later in life Emily, like most young
ladies, would regrettably make a concerted effort to eliminate or disguise this inspiring
fragrance, but for now Jack was fortunate enough to partake of Emily in all of her
youthful potency and vitality.

The sharp and zesty flavor of the young girl literally exploded into Jack's mouth, when at
last, while gazing at her innocent face over her tummy, he extended his tongue between
Emily Brand's intimate folds. In spite of the highly effective sedative compound that she
continued to receive at a precisely controlled rate, the young beauty's tactile senses
were still functioning. Granted, in a greatly reduced capacity, but clearly enough to allow
Emily to share in the experience. No sooner had Jack's tongue made contact with her
inner petals than Emily's narrow hips lurched upward off the seat of the exam chair.
Jack took the opportunity to slide his hands beneath her elegant little derriere. Then as
Emily unwittingly pressed herself upward against his lips, Jack cradled her in his palms
like a ripe melon, allowing her exquisite tanginess to flood his senses. Once again he
lost all track of time as his lips and tongue danced over the most intimate and private
areas of Emily Brand's budding femininity. More than once her hips bucked and rolled in
his hands as the impulses resulting from Jack's loving attentions made inroads into her
psyche. While Jack feasted on the immaculate little girl, he imagined how she would
react were she to discover the true nature of their newly formed relationship. Obviously
she would be mortified at first, but would she later come to accept him? "I doubt it,"
Jack concluded as he took two or three suckling sips of her just over her vaginal
opening. He made a mental note to speak with Emily afterward, for Jack enjoyed
chatting with his young partners and derived a great deal of contentment from having
shared with them on such a deeply personal level.

"That's her favorite game," Bill Brand's voice spoke from nearby, scaring the hell out of
Jack. He'd closed his eyes minutes ago, allowing his entire being to center around the
magnificent flavor and texture of his nubile companion. When Jack did open his eyes
and spied Bill Brand standing beside the exam chair, he suddenly became extremely
self-conscious. He found it rather uncomfortable maintaining intimate contact with the
lovely pre-teen with her father standing right beside them, even though the man seemed
content to fidget with his daughter's tiny nipples which by now were quite hard. Jack
stood up quickly, and then realizing that his mouth and cheeks were wet with a mixture
of Emily's intimate moisture and his own saliva he wiped his face on his shirt sleeve.

"Don't stop on my account," the father of Jack's tender lover insisted. "It looked to me
like Emmie was having a pretty good time."

"Well, I.." Jack began lamely. He knew that he was blushing hotly.

"Like I said, that's one of Emily's favorite games. In fact, I've probably got a couple of
hours of video of her older brother showing Emmie a good time just like that. If you'd
like to borrow one, I can drop a couple of tapes off with Dr. Greeley. You really should
see the one where her brother talks her into oral sex the very first time. It's priceless,"
Bill Brand commented as he dropped his hand down to his daughter's tummy and began
to rub her affectionately.

Jack stood watching the man, not knowing exactly how to proceed. It was an awkward
situation, and one which might have ended his liaison with the lovely Emily prematurely
had not the father once again spoken up.

"So, Jack. Are you going to make love to my little girl?" Bill Brand asked as though he
were asking for the time of day. Meanwhile, he slipped his hand between his daughter's
legs and extended a finger between her labia. "I'd say she's ready for you, Jack," the
man commented casually as he held up his hand for Jack to see. Clearly the youngster
was beginning to self-lubricate, for her daddy's finger was coated with silky fluid.

"Well, I... I don't know, I.." Jack stammered self-consciously. He certainly had
entertained the thought, but looking down at the petite young lady, Jack wasn't sure she
would be able to accommodate him without injury. "Has she? I mean, is she...?"

"If you're asking me whether Emmie's a virgin or not, Jack, I really couldn't tell you," Bill
said with a shrug as he returned his hand to his daughter. "I've seen her brother lie on
top of her a time or two, but I have no idea if she actually let him take her, and I know
that Jeff wouldn't force himself on his sister."

Jack stared dumbly at the Bill Brand. He was having a hard time understanding how the
man could speak so nonchalantly about his own daughter. But considering how far he
himself had come with regards to his daughter, Tracy, Jack kept an open mind.

"I know one sure fire way to find out if my little Emmie's been a good girl, Jack," Bill said
with a wink.

"Well, yeah, I... I suppose I could take a look," Jack offered. "But honestly, I'm not sure I
know what to look for."

"That's not what I meant, Jack," Bill Brand explained with mock exasperation. "I don't
want you to look at Emily, Jack. I want you to fuck her!"

Jack was stunned by the man's bluntness, but glancing downward he watched as Bill
Brand rubbed his little girl with more authority. There was little doubt that sweet Emily
felt it too, for her slender body had begun to twist and writhe beneath her father's loving

"That's right, Jack. Just look how pretty my little Emmie is?" Bill Brand said as he
skillfully manipulated the young girl's private flesh such that Jack got an eye full of moist
sparkling pink folds surrounding a small and inviting entryway. "Go ahead, Jack.
Emmie's waiting for you. I know my little girl. I've seen her many times with her brother,
and I promise you, Jack. She likes it. Emmie likes to play "big girl" games."

Unconsciously Jack had unzipped himself, and as he listened to Bill Brand's words of
encouragement he stroked himself to full erection, all the while keeping his eyes fixed
upon his petite target.

"There you go, Jack. Look at her little hips move. Emmie wants to fuck her Uncle Jack.
I can tell."

Jack glanced up at the man, but quite honestly he barely heard what he was saying, for
Jack was concentrating. In his right fist he gripped his erect manhood, keeping himself
rigid while he rubbed the somewhat bulbous head up and down over folds of flesh as
soft as silk. Bill Brand, in the mean time, moved toward the head of the exam chair
where he busied himself with his daughter's little breasts.

"You don't mind if I stick around, do you Jack?" he asked as he swirled one small and
supple cone beneath two finger tips. "You know, at least until that "special moment"."

"OK," Jack answered absently. Secretly he wished the man would be quiet. He was
ruining the mood. Bill had been right about one thing though. Emily's hips were
definitely on the move. At the moment she appeared to be instinctively mirroring with
her pelvis, the up and down, hunting motion of Jack's manhood. At last Jack felt he was
ready. Once the moral ramifications were justified and the decision made, his thoughts
became remarkably well ordered. Pushing himself downward between Emily's thighs he
allowed the head of his penis to settle into the little girl's "socket". So far she was a
perfect fit. Gently, Jack pushed against her, testing her resistance to penetration, and
felt Emily begin to dilate. Immediately the youngster seemed to freeze as if in
preparation. Jack tightened his grip on his shaft, although he couldn't remember ever
having been so hard before. With his free hand, he grasped his young partner above
her right hip. Then, since Emily's father was standing only a few feet away, Jack looked
up at the man and asked in all sincerity, "Are you sure you want me to do this, Bill? It's
not too late to call the whole thing off. I am quite content, having had the privilege of
getting to know your lovely daughter as much as I have," he offered.

"I wouldn't hear of it, Jack," Bill Brand responded resolutely. "Emily's been
experimenting with her older brother for nearly four years, and it's time she quit playing
kid's games and grew up. You have a daughter of your own with whom you've
developed a special bond, so I can't think of anyone better suited to usher my little girl
into womanhood. I know you'll be careful and gentle with Emily. After all, you're her
Uncle Jack," Bill concluded with a smile.

Jack returned the man's smile and shrugged. "Well, Emmie, sweetheart, it appears that
we have your father's blessings, so perhaps it's time you and I become really good
friends." Jack squared his shoulders and was about to take the plunge, when suddenly
he had an afterthought. "Say, Bill, would you be good enough to hand me that tube of
K-Y there in the instrument tray on the right." Temporarily easing his pressure on the
young girl's gates, Jack took the tube from Emily's dad and spent a minute anointing
himself with the water base lubricant. "Thanks," he said handing the tube back to Bill
Brand. "It might make things go a little easier for her," Jack explained.

Bill smiled. He knew he'd picked the right guy to be with his lovely daughter.

Chapter Four

Thanks to the remarkable design of the external female reproductive system, Jack found
himself guided directly to his young partner's vaginal portal with minimal effort. "OK,
Emmie," he murmured as once again Jack pushed against the tiny opening. "Easy,
sweetheart," he whispered when he felt the girl's body grow tense. Sliding his free hand
from her hip to the soft flesh of her lower abdomen, Jack began to massage Emily's
tummy just above her pubic arch. He pushed a little harder, and again he felt the telltale
dilation against the head of his penis. "That's my girl," Jack spoke soothing words of
encouragement. "Only twelve years old," he thought, feeling a pang of compunction.
Unexpectedly Jack had an almost overwhelming notion that he was going to seriously
hurt the pretty young girl. In fact he was about to abort his efforts when suddenly the
head of his cock literally exploded into the exquisite little brunette.

"Oh, Emmie," Jack groaned as several things happened at once. As soon as he felt her
defenses crumble, Jack ceased all forward pressure such that only a little over an inch
of his manhood advanced into the hot confines of Emily's previously unexplored vaginal
passage. Simultaneously the young girl's hips lurched upward and to one side as she
accepted her first lover into her nubile body. What was most disconcerting to Jack,
however, was at the moment of her transition into adulthood, Emily's huge brown eyes
flew open wide and staring. He doubted very seriously if she had any idea what was
happening to her, but Jack held perfectly still as the lovely girl gazed up at him blankly
for one very long minute. Then after a small wince, slowly Emily's eyes closed, and
Jack breathed a sigh of relief. He'd been terrified for a second that she would put two
and two together and react badly, but thankfully it had merely been an instinctive
reaction to the intrusion into her female spaces. When all was said and done, Emily
wouldn't remember a thing about loss of her innocense.

Jack looked down his glistening shaft, protruding from between the young girl's heavy
labia and noticed a tiny amount of blood welling from around his manhood. He realized
then that he had indeed deflowered the girl, and he would always cherish the knowledge
that he had been her first. The physical act itself, though, had been rather
unremarkable In fact, Jack hadn't even noticed when his impaling member tore through
Emily's virgin barrier. It had simply happened. One second he was outside and the next
he was inside, and that was that.

The interior of enchanting twelve year old was unquestionably a delightful place to be,
however, and as Jack gazed down upon the little beauty, he felt her adjust herself
around the unfamiliar mass inside. Her tummy heaved a couple of times, possibly due
to some minor cramping, but soon thereafter she seemed to settle down, her young
body at last accepting his presence. The spasmodic vaginal contractions he'd
experienced upon initial penetration subsided, and as soon as he felt her relax, Jack
made his move.

Returning his hands to the youngster's hips, he marveled once again at the incredible
slenderness of her waist as he thrust forward carefully with his hips. Delighting in the
sensation of her supple vaginal walls separating and then folding around him, Jack
advanced another two inches. Then feeling resistance, he paused, allowing his tender
lover to adjust. While he waited, Jack took a second to admire young Miss Brand again.
So willow thin, and petite she was. Her flawless skin seemed to glow in the softened
overhead light. Her diminutive breasts were flushed a soft shade of pink, their tiny
nipples erect and firm from all of the attention they'd been getting. Her face was nothing
short of angelic, her soft lips parted slightly as she lay in innocent repose. It was the
kind of idyllic setting that one could only experience at the Family Services Clinic, and as
Jack watched Bill Brand stroke his young daughter's face tenderly and then felt the
sweet child contract firmly around him, Jack felt fully alive.

"How is she, Jack? How's my little Emmie?" Bill Brand asked softly. Then, giving Jack
a friendly smile, he reached down and toyed with one of Emily's little breasts.

His reverie interrupted for the moment, Jack looked up at the expectant father. "She's
delightful, Bill," he assured him. "I would never have imagined that a girl Emily's age
could be so accommodating," Jack added, choosing his words carefully. After all, he
needed to consider the man's sensibilities.

Glancing downward, Jack extracted an inch or so of glistening cock from inside his
tender companion. As he did, he felt Emily close down behind him. Although her
unseasoned vaginal muscles lacked the fitness which comes from regular exercise, her
youthful elasticity provided ample compensation. Cycling his hips, Jack moved slowly
back into the adolescent beauty, and this time he managed a slightly more penetrating
foray into those warm, clutching depths before pausing to let Emily's anatomy reconcile
itself to his presence.

Again Jack glanced in Bill's direction, trying to think of something to say under the
circumstances, but thankfully the man held up his hand, bidding Jack to remain silent.

"I'm going to leave now Jack, now that I know my little girl is in good hands," Bill Brand
said. "I'll be out in the waiting room, and I'll see you after you're finished. You kids have
a wonderful time." Before departing, Bill placed a hand on Emily's cheek and murmured,
"You be nice to your Uncle Jack, Emily. Show him what a big girl you are." Then with a
wink in Jack's direction, Bill Brand turned and walked away.

Jack was a little puzzled by the man's behavior, but considering the ongoing relationship
that he himself had with his daughter, Tracy, Jack decided that in his own way, Bill
Brand loved his little girl. One thing Jack was sure of, however, was now that the father
was no longer around to distract him, Jack certainly intended to love her.

Jack began slowly and gently in deference to Emily's youth and lack of experience. A
couple more test soundings gave him a pretty good feel for the actual capacity of his
young lover. Jack had always considered himself to be reasonably well endowed, and
he was still concerned about hurting the young girl. He was pleasantly surprised then
upon discovering that Miss Emily seemed capable of handling about half of his nine
inches without difficulty.

"That's my girl," Jack murmured affectionately as he seated the head of his cock solidly
into the deepest part of her nubile vaginal canal. "Half will be fine for now, sweetheart,"
Jack whispered. He felt certain that he and Emily would be seeing each other again,
and that there would be plenty of opportunities for the two of them to work on that other
half in the future.

Applying an ever so slight pressure against her resistance, Jack imagined the broad
head of his manhood pressing firmly against Emily's cervix. When he then placed the
palm of his right hand onto her warm, rounded tummy, he felt her youthful abdominal
muscles flex hard beneath his fingers, indicating that she was full.

"You're my little pixie, aren't you Emmie," Jack whispered as he began a slow, smooth
rhythm. "Uncle Jack's gonna make you very happy, baby," he said to her. As if in
answer, Emily parted her pretty lips and began to breathe through her mouth in time to
his love making. It required a good deal of self-control for Jack to refrain from
increasing either the forcefulness or frequency of his thrusts, for every fiber of his being
screamed for him fuck Emily like there was no tomorrow. He found, though, that gazing
down on the girl and watching her slender body move slowly beneath him, reminded him
of her innocense and youth.

It was a big day for Miss Emily Brand. Taking a lover for the first time only happens to a
girl once, and Jack wanted to make it really special for her. Granted, Emily was
unaware, for all intents and purposes, of his true feelings for her. However, thanks to
the superb new sedative compound the good doctor used on his young patients
nowadays, Jack suspected that Emily received at least some of the physical benefits
resulting from their time together. She was young and inexperienced, but none the less,
she was female, and as Jack continued to deliver slow, measured strokes to her, Emily's
inner female began to respond.

"That's my little pixie girl," Jack said, his voice slightly hoarse. "You're learning, baby."
He felt her untried vaginal muscles begin to respond, testing their bounds, compensating
instinctively for the steadily alternating increase and decrease in internal mass. The first
moist, sticky sound from between her slender legs, supported high and widely separated
by Doctor Greeley's wonderful chair, was music to Jack's ears, leading him to believe
that Miss Emily was beginning to participate. The K-Y Jelly he'd used on himself to help
facilitate a trouble free entry had done its job very well, and Jack was glad he'd taken
the time to apply it. But the fact that Emily was beginning to self-lubricate indicated that
signals were arriving in the pleasure centers of her brain from her reproductive anatomy,
which in turn was being instructed to prepare her for insemination.

Inside of young Miss Brand things were in motion. During sexual arousal the cervix
(entryway to the womb) will lift upwards, and the fornix (vestibule to the uterus) may also
extend upwards into the body as long as is necessary to receive the increased mass of
the penis. To either side of the vaginal opening are the Bartholin's glands, which
produce small amounts of lubricating fluid, apparently to keep the inner labia moist
during periods of sexual excitement. Further within are the hymen glands, which are
responsible for secreting adequate quantities of mucous to lubricate the entire length of
the vaginal canal, keeping it navigable. Following intercourse, the contraction of the
vagina will allow the cervix to rest inside the fornix, which in its relaxed state is bowl-
shaped, perfect for the pooling of semen.

Having a reasonably good working understanding of the female reproductive anatomy,
Jack was understandably delighted by the increasing frequency of the soft, liquid,
sputtering reports which issued from Emily's vagina. He'd returned his hands to her
waist a few minutes earlier, so he noticed right away when the slender beauty started to
move her hips, rocking her pelvis in time to his gentle cadence.

There was no doubt in his mind that she was both aroused by and responding to his
attentions. A minute ago, she'd rolled her head to the side and begun breathing deeply,
regularly and audibly through her mouth. From time to time Jack would pause, propel
himself fully into his luscious lover and hold for a moment, and each time young Emily's
hips would continue in motion.

"That right, baby. Fuck me, Emmie. Fuck me, honey," Jack coached his tender young

Judging by the marked increase in the level of her participation in their love making,
Jack thought that the sweet youngster might be closing on orgasm, but since this was
their first time together he didn't know Emily's signs.

Every girl cums in her own special way, much like every good tennis player has his or
her own individual service motion. There are, of course, a few general indicators of
impending climax, like regular and rapid vaginal contractions, for example. But unless
you've been with a particular young lady before it can be difficult to predict the exact
moment. Furthermore, some women get their jollies by faking orgasm in an effort to
gain control over the timing and/or duration of the engagement. Be that as it may,
unless she is willing or able to feign every climax, eventually every girl will begin to ramp
up toward sexual apogee, and at that time her special signs will become clearly evident.
She will surely show her sexual service motion.

Jack's daughter, Tracy, who for the most part was a fairly athletic lover, would freeze
abruptly just before that magic moment. Then when the first wave hit, her hips would
lurch and roll a couple of times quite violently. Jack had almost been expelled from his
little girl the first time it happened, but after their second or third coupling, he learned to
recognize Tracy's signs and to hang on tight.

Miss Emily was definitely exhibiting many of the outward physical signs of female
arousal. Her breathing rate was decidedly rapid. Her mouth remained open most of the
time now, and she'd begun to roll her head slowly from side to side regularly. Her
normally milky white complexion had taken on a goodly amount of color especially in her
shoulders, neck and face. The nickel sized areolae which sat atop her delectable little
breast cones had lost their satiny appearance, their once smooth skin becomming taut
and constricted.

"Are you getting ready to cum for Uncle Jack, honey?" he asked his slumbering young
partner tenderly. "She's got to be close," Jack mused. He certainly was. The slow,
steady rhythm he'd maintained for almost fifteen minutes had allowed him to feel every
fluffy, convoluted cubic inch of Emily's supple interior, and Jack was beginning to sense
those telltale fiery fingers tickling at the edges of his loins.

Then a mildly disturbing thought occurred to him. "Can twelve year old girls have
orgasms?" Jack wondered. He thought they could, but he wasn't positive. "Maybe
Uncle Jack needs to help his little pixie a bit," Jack muttered. He knew what Tracy liked.
At practically any point during their love making, if Jack were to start with his thumb over
Tracy's clitoris, he could have her bucking like a wild filly in seconds. Perhaps Emily
would enjoy that as well. Jack decided it was worth a try. After all, he wanted his
newfound love to enjoy his company.

It was tiny and undeveloped and hidden beneath a thin shroud of incredibly smooth skin,
but it was there. Borrowing a bit of her own natural lubricant from the side of his slowly
pistoning cock shaft, Jack slipped his thumb between Emily's rose petal labia minora
then moved it slowly upward in the direction of her pubic arch. At first the bewitching girl
gave no indication that she felt his touch upon her most intimate flesh until the tip of
Jack's thumb arrived at the juncture of the two supple folds of moist flesh.

Her sudden whimpering cry and the abrupt motion of her pelvis actually startled Jack,
causing him to jerk his hand away. "Well, we know that works," he chuckled as he
returned his hand to his tender young companion, and no sooner had he re-located that
special spot than Emily reacted audibly once more. This time, however, Jack held his
ground and pressed down firmly over the tiny bundle of ultra-sensitive nerve endings.

"Cum for me, Emmie, darling," Jack coaxed as he began swirling his thumb around and

It began as an almost "buzzing " sensation, very subtle and located deep inside of the
lithe little beauty. But then like the shock wave of a nuclear explosion, it flashed up the
length of her vaginal passage, intensifying exponentially. Before Jack knew what was
happening, he found his cock enveloped in a rapidly vibrating sheath of searing hot flesh
which soon began to contract and dilate rhythmically around him. It was like being
milked with a hot vibrator, and it caught Jack completely off guard. The only outward
indications that the youngster was going super-nova that Jack noticed were the pursing
of her lips, and the soft kind of purring sound she made. But even those signs he
recalled only in retrospect.

As you no doubt remember, Jack had been pretty close to cumming, himself, and had
been teetering on the edge, struggling for control for several minutes. He certainly
never intended to inseminate Bill Brand's pretty "almost thirteen" year old daughter. In
fact, Jack prided himself in his ability hang in there, regularly outlasting even
exceptionally enthusiastic lovers like his daughter, Tracy. Furthermore, he greatly
enjoyed making use of his now widely popular dixie cup system, not to mention the
possible risk of impregnation one of his sweet consorts.

Chapter Five

"Ohhhh! S..s..shitttt!" Jack gasped and jerked his hips back, yanking his manhood out of
the sizzling pre-teen with an audible suctioning sound.


Unfortunately it was too late. Jack couldn't remember ever having cum so hard in his
adult life. If semen were bullets it would have exited the top of the girl's head and gone
right through the wall, so powerful was the force behind the twin eruptions he'd hurled
into Emily Brand's vagina before pulling free of her. Jack's third and forth ropey white
salvos arced wildly through space, with most of it landing on the face, neck and torso of
his pretty young partner.

"Oh, oh! It looks like we've got a little mess on our hands," Doctor Greeley said good-
naturedly from the head of Emily's exam chair. Being the professional man that he was,
and having heard Jack's somewhat off color exclamation, he'd come right over. "Are
you alright, Jack?" Greeley asked when he noticed Jack's expression of concern. "It's
not a big deal, really. We've got plenty of time left to get Miss Brand cleaned up, so
don't worry, my friend," the good doctor assured him, but Jack wasn't listening.

His knees had gone all rubbery as seeming his entire life force had been ejected out of
the end of his crank. Dr. Greeley had found him leaning heavily against the Brand girl's
right leg propped up by the extremity support of the chair, and that is where he stood
still. The thought that he might have just impregnated his young partner weighed
heavily on Jack, and looking up at last at his friend, Dr. Greeley, he said in a worried
voice, "I came inside of her, Martin."

The good doctor had never been one to panic, and he saw no reason to start now. His
first action, therefore, was to pick up the girl's medical chart from where it hung nearby,
and leafing through the various forms contained inside the aluminum binder, Dr. Greeley
searched for information concerning Emily's state of sexual maturity. Jack in the
meantime tried to gather himself together while he awaited the doctor's professional

"Ahh.." Dr. Greeley said after a moment, and then after closing the metal clipboard, he
returned it to its storage hook. Looking up at Jack he said in a calm, clinical voice,
"Well, it appears that our little lady has begun menstruating. Additionally it is noted in
her chart that Emily is allergic to certain kinds of steroids, one of which is present in the
systemic contraceptive we generally give to our young patients. So I suppose the
chance of pregnancy exists." Seeing Jack's pained reaction to this news, Greeley held
up a hand. "Now hold on a minute, Jack. There's certainly no reason to get all worked
up just yet," he said reassuringly. "Miss Brand's records indicate that she began her
monthly cycles only recently, so it's entirely possible that she will not conceive at all.
Additionally, there are a couple of measures we can take to help to ensure a satisfactory

"If you say so," Jack said quietly, regaining some of his composure. "Jeeze, I'm really
sorry, Martin," he added.

"Don't worry about it, Jack," Doctor Greeley said with a warm smile. "First of all, I can
have Nurse Blackwell come in and give Miss Brand a vaginal douche. Unless, of
course, you would prefer to do the honors." That garnered a smile from Jack and made
him feel a little better. "Also, there's a procedure we can try right now which has proven
effective in the past. Here, let me have a look a tour girl, Emily" Martin Greeley said,
moving to the foot of the chair and swapping places with Jack.

Jack stood quietly beside the chair and watched the doctor work. He was somehow
reluctant to look at Emily. He suspected he felt a little guilty still.

Leaning down between the pretty girl's legs, Dr. Greeley removed a penlight from his lab
coat and began his inspection. Using the index finger and thumb of his left hand, the
doctor carefully opened Emily's labia majora and shined his light on the moist pink flesh
between. "Did you dump your entire load into her, Jack?" Greeley asked with a little
chuckle, noting the small amount of viscous fluid which drooled from the girl's tightly
sealed vaginal portal. Other than that, however, a slight inflamation of the surrounding
tissue and negligibly greater amounts of moisture present were the only visible signs
that the sweet child had even had sex. "Amazing," the good doctor muttered under his
breath. He would always remain in awe of the female reproductive system. "Hand me
that K-Y, if you would, please," Dr. Greeley said to his friend. "I'm going to try to
encourage Miss Emily here, to give up some of the little, ah.. "gift" you gave her," he
said with a grin as he squeezed a healthy dollop of lubricant onto his first finger. "You
might want to watch this in case something like this ever happens again," Greeley said
to Jack, handing him the blue and white tube.

Jack returned the K-Y Jelly to the instrument tray beside the head of the exam chair and
then moved to the other end for a better view. Peering over Emily's left leg, he then
watched the good doctor slip his lubricated finger smoothly into the girl's rectum.

"There we go, little one," Dr. Greeley purred as he rotated his finger slowly from side to
side until he'd worked it all the way in to the hilt, and his knuckles pressed tightly against
the young girl's firm buttocks. Emily groaned softly, but otherwise lay still.

Glancing up at Jack, the good doctor explained the technique he used as though he
were addressing a medical student. "As you may or may not know, Jack," he said in a
clinical tone of voice. "The muscles a young woman uses to encourage the expulsion of
excrement from the bowel are, what we refer to as, sympathetically linked to the
muscles of the birth canal."

Jack watched, enthralled as the doctor rotated his hand palm upward, his finger deeply
implanted in sweet Emily's rear end. As he looked on, he noted the muscles in Dr.
Greeley's forearm begin to flex rhythmically, and soon thereafter the little brunette's soft
tummy bulged outward.

"When Emily senses the mass of my finger inside of her little fanny, she instinctively
bears down with her rectal sphincter. Simultaneously the muscles responsible for
vaginal contraction during both copulation and childbirth will flex, and hopefully..." he
paused for a moment. Then, "That's my girl," the good doctor cooed as a reasonably
large quantity of viscus fluid "spooched" from between young Emily's labia minora and
drooled down onto his palm. Continuing his internal palpations, Dr. Greeley, over the
next few minutes, was able to coax a significant amount of Jack's little "gift" from inside
the young girl, until at last a few milky bubbles were all she could produce.

"Thank you, sweetheart," Dr. Greeley purred as he placed his other hand onto Emily's
tummy and then slowly extracted his finger from her clutching rectal passage. "You're a
good girl, Emily," said the good doctor. "And now it's time to get you cleaned up, my
dear," he added as he dried his hands on a nearby hand towel. Turning to Jack, he then
said, "I think we should go ahead and give her a vaginal douche, just for extra measure.
Shall I call for the nurse?"

"No, no," Jack replied. "I was the one who made the mistake. I should at least take
some active part in the solution."

"Very well," said the good doctor with a smile and walked to one of the many nearby
cabinets. Soon he returned carrying a disposable douche and handed it to Jack. "You'll
find a bedpan over there," he pointed. "Do a thorough job, Jack, but do it with
reasonable dispatch. We need to revive Miss Brand withing the next few minutes."

Jack nodded his understanding, and after fetching the stainless steel basin, he stepped
back between the girl's legs. After covering her lower abdomen with a soft towel Jack
placed the bedpan carefully onto her tummy. Then using the thumb and index finger of
his left hand, Jack gently parted Emily's outer lips, opening her and exposing her moist
inner folds and diminutive vaginal portal. Tiny strings of mucous stretched from the
inside of one resilient labial roll to the other as Jack moved the rounded tip of the vaginal
douche into position and then pushed it into her tightly closed entrance. Next he took
the oval catch basin in his free hand and held it beneath her small buttocks as he
squeezed a goodly portion of the cleansing solution contained with the disposable
syringe into his pretty partner.

Jack couldn't remember ever having experienced anything quite so erotically stimulating
as assisting Miss Emily Brand with her feminine hygiene. "It would always be "their little
secret" and another special bond between the two of them," Jack mused as he took care
to catch all of the effluent that began to exude from around the plastic applicator tip and
dribble into the bedpan.

After suctioning a quantity of the solution back into the syringe which made some very
pleasing slurping sounds, Jack then injected the remainder of the cleansing agent into
Emily. Next he carefully extracted the slender plastic applicator from within his sweet
child/woman, and immediately she evacuated with surprising pressure, spraying the
vaginal douche solution into the waiting catch basin.

"Go ahead and get her toweled off, and then I'll help you with her clothing. We'll, of
course, have to interrupt her IV again, so let me know when you're ready," Dr. Greeley
instructed his client when he saw Jack set the bedpan aside.

" you think she'll get... you know... pregnant, Doc?" Jack asked anxiously as he
took a moment to appraise his work. The exquisite adolescent slumbered peacefully
before him. The soft dark curls of her narrow Mohawk were damp and slightly matted.
Her small white breasts appeared to glow in the soft lighting and her tiny nipples were
erect and pointed. Her innocent face was flushed and filled with the color of love as
were her slender neck and broad shoulders. She was immaculate.

"Only time will tell, Jack," Dr. Greeley replied. "But I will say this. We've done
everything we can to head off any difficulties. We'll just have to wait and see, I
suppose," he offered.

Considering the number of young ladies he "treated" every month, a number that was
growing very quickly, he felt confident in the measures he took to ward off unwanted
problems. Greeley did, however, make a mental note to look into a different brand of
contraceptive, one that might agree with Miss Brand.

Chapter Six

Jack sat in the waiting room of the Family Services Clinic trying to concentrate on the
pages of Sports Illustrated but was not having a great deal of success. Seated across
from him Bill Brand waited expectantly for the door marked "Treatment and
Examination" to open. The two men awaited the arrival of a young lady who was special
to them both. Bill Brand loved his young daughter, Emily, and recently only minutes
ago, in fact so had Jack Merrick. When the two men caught each other's eye,
suddenly, they exchanged a warm smile, for they now shared a special bond in the
carnal knowledge of Miss Emily Brand.

Abruptly the heavy office door opened and through it walked a slender figure of
exceptional loveliness. Acknowledging her daddy's affectionate smile, the splendid little
beauty slowly crossed the room. Jack noted the healthy color in her cheeks as well as
the charming somewhat bedazzled expression on her sweet face. Both men noticed the
decided waddle to her gait, and when her daddy stood, took her hand and led her over
to the check-in window, she stood with her feet spread apart a little bit wider than a girl
would normally.

Pretending to read his magazine, Jack gazed discretely at the sweet child's slender and
shapely little derriere. He imagined that deep inside of her, the warm and convoluted
walls of her delicate vaginal passage cradled a part of him still. He only hoped that as
his tiny "beautiful swimmers" moved within her that they would "stay out of trouble". As
delighted as he was to know that this delicious young girl contained a sample of his
DNA, Jack was concerned about pregnancy for obvious reasons. But recalling the good
doctor's assurances that they'd done everything humanly possible to avoid that
unpleasant possibility, Jack relaxed a little.

Bill Brand finished his business with the nurse at the administrative window. He'd made
another appointment for his lovely daughter in two weeks in spite of the youngster's half-
hearted objections. Before leaving, however, he directed his beautiful little girl over to
where Jack sat. Then with his hand on his daughter's shoulder, Bill said, "You
remember, Mr. Merrick, don't you Emily. Why don't you say hello."

The enchanting brunette stood with her eyes downcast. She squirmed a little, partly out
of bashfulness and partly because of the unusual, mild cramping she was experiencing
"down there".

Jack gazed up at Emily from his seat, marveling at her exceptional beauty, and
remembering fondly how splendid she'd looked lying before him in Dr. Greeley's chair.
He recalled how her little tummy, exposed now below the hem of her blouse, had flexed
as she accepted him as her lover. He remembered vividly the sight of his erect cock
sliding slowly to and fro below that exquisite little Mohawk of soft, dark fur. Jack
imagined that even as the lovely young lady stood there before him, she was probably
spotting her panties a little, and that made him smile with a sense of pride and fulfilment.

"Hello, Emily," Jack said politely when he caught her eye. "How did your visit to Dr.
Greeley go, sweetheart?"

Perhaps it was Jack's unexpected use of a term of endearment, or maybe it was the
way he smiled at her, as though he had a secret or something, that caused Emily to give
him a peculiar look, before answering. Something inherently female whispered to the
young girl, hinting that she and this man, Mr. Merrick, shared something, something she
didn't exactly understand. It was kinda like he knew her in a way, a different way, deep
down and very personal.

Jack watched the lovely brunette's brow furrow slightly, and suspected that she was, on
some deeper level, remembering their time together as well. Then as though she'd
managed to shake off whatever was the cause of her concern, Emily looked up at Jack
and answered. "OK, I guess."

"God she's beautiful!" Jack silently exclaimed, as to Emily he said, "That's nice,
sweetheart. A pretty girl like you should have pretty teeth." Then with a glance upward
at her father, Bill, he added. "You run along with your daddy now, honey, and perhaps
sometime, I'll see you again, OK?"

After another of those curious looks, the exceptional young girl nodded.

"Like Dr. Greeley says," Jack reflected. "Only time will tell."

Miss Emily Brand's name would appear in the next issue of the highly secretive
newsletter of the Family Services Pool, and in two weeks time she would be given
another opportunity to meet new people and make new friends.

End... SM

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