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I'm not the original author. The following story is a work of fiction. Its contents are of a graphically sexual nature and may involve non-consensual sexual acts between underage partners. Any resemblance to persons either alive or dead is purely coincidental. This story is intended for ADULTS only. If you are under the legal age of consent in your local jurisdiction, or if you are easily offended, kindly STOP READING NOW.
The following story is a work of fiction. Its contents are of a graphically sexual
nature and may involve non-consensual sexual acts between underage partners. Any
resemblance to persons either alive or dead is purely coincidental. This story is
intended for ADULTS only. If you are under the legal age of consent in your local
jurisdiction, or if you are easily offended, kindly STOP READING NOW.

Foreign Exchange - Yet another "Dental Care" sequel - by - The StoryMaster

"Hey gimme a break man!" Ray Barrette practically
shouted into the telephone. "What kinda bullshit is that,
Jack? I'm the one who recommended that they take their
daughter to see 'The Good Doctor'. I oughtta get first
crack at her."

On the other end of the line Ray's friend Jack Merrick
answered with equal conviction, "I don't give a shit, Ray!
After what you and Greeley pulled with my Tracy; I think
you owe me!"

"Owe you what, Jack? You got equal time with Tina, after
all," Ray retorted. "I'm tellin' ya man. I found her. She's
in one of Tina's classes this semester, and I wouldn't have even known about her and
her family if Tina hadn't brought her home after school. I'm the one who did all the
leg work to get her parents set up with a good dentist in town. She's mine, Jack."

The individual the two men are arguing over is Kim Lai, age fifteen and "drop dead"
gorgeous. Kim's family moved into town about three weeks ago. Kim's father works
in the computer industry and just recently transferred into the area. Kim enrolled
mid-year in the same high school that both Jack's daughter, Tracy and Ray's
daughter Tina attend.

"You certainly have a short memory, Ray," Jack said in an exasperated but civil tone
of voice. "I seem to recall that you promised that if ever there was a conflict
between us with regards to one of Greeley's patients, that I would have first pick.
As a matter of fact, I believe 'the Good Doctor' witnessed the agreement." An
uncomfortable period of silence followed. When Ray didn't reply, Jack continued,
"So here's the way it's going to be, my friend. I'm calling in your 'marker', and taking
the Lai girl. You can just pick another from this month's schedule as soon as it
comes out.

The schedule the two are discussing looks like this:

Family Services Pool

Patient Age Special Handling Instructions Available Dates

Tina Barrette 15 CA*, Golden Rain Apr, Jul
Ellen Coles 16 CA, No anal Sep only
Carrie Davies 14 Oral only, Parent must observe Apr, May, Jul
Marion Hillman 11 Oral only, Virgin May, Oct, Dec
Ryan Jackson 15 CA, Anal OK, Parent must observe Jan, Aug, Jul
Vanessa Kline 17 Anal only, parental participation May, Jun
Tracy Merrick 15 CA, Anal OK, Group May, Jun

*CA - Contraceptive Administered

It's the monthly publication from the family dental practice of Dr. Martin Greeley,
D.D.S.. Dr. Greeley has for many years been running a very specialized service "on
the side" in addition to his dental practice. This story is about that very service.

Knowing Ray was steaming on the other end of the line, Jack waited politely. Then,
after several moments he said, "Can I take your silence as an agreement, Ray?"

Finally his friend answered, "Alright, Jack. You win. I guess I do owe you, but I
gotta tell ya, I'm pretty pissed off at you for taking this one away from me, Jack."
Jack could tell by his tone of voice that his friend was seriously upset. "I'm tellin'
ya, man," Ray went on. "You're not gonna believe how incredibly hot this little china
doll is! You gotta let me know how she is, man."

Judging from Ray's deion as well as his reaction to Jack's having called in his
dept, Jack suspected the Lai girl was indeed quite attractive. After promising to
keep his Ray apprized of the details of his liaison with his daughter's new friend,
Jack hung up. Jack was getting pretty excited about his upcoming meeting as well.
No sooner than he'd ended his conversation with Ray, Jack dialed the office of Dr.
Martin Greeley, D.D.S..

"Family Dentistry," the receptionist answered.

"Hello, this is Jack Merrick. I am a member of Dr. Greeley's family services

"Yes, Mr. Merrick. How may I help you?"

"I.. I'm calling to inquire about the.. the appointment for Miss Kim Lai." As many
times as he'd availed himself of Dr. Greeley's special services, Jack still had
difficulty making the initial appointment. It seemed so.. so effortless. Considering
exactly what 'The Good Doctor's" services provided, it was all just too simple and

"Just one moment, please, Mr. Merrick," the receptionist said in a cool, professional
tone of voice. "I'll have to check her schedule."

"Elevator music" came on the line. Jack waited patiently for several minutes until at
last the receptionist was back.

"Mr. Merrick, you understand Miss Lai is a new patient, and therefore certain
special conditions apply."

"Well, I..." Jack began.

"Please read your Program Handbook, Mr. Merrick," the receptionist said in a
somewhat exasperated tone. "In it you will find everything you need to know about
our rules and conditions."

"OK, I'll do that, but I want to sign up for an appointment in any case," Jack replied

"Then you understand, there will be additional charges, Mr. Merrick?" the woman
asked completely unemotionally.

"Whatever! Yes, I understand." Jack found himself becoming agitated. He was
losing patience with the indifferent receptionist.

"Hold, please."

More elevator music...

"How could this woman, knowing what they were discussing, remain so damn aloof?"
Jack asked himself.

Jack's conscience was a source of constant discomfort. Many times he'd considered
severing his relationship with Dr. Greeley and his services, but each time he received
the monthly schedule in the mail, Jack found something of interest. This month
Jack actually went so far as to throw the schedule away unopened. Then Ray called,
and here he was, waiting on hold with Family Dentistry.

"Very well, Mr. Merrick," the receptionist said, startling Jack out of his daydream
when she came back on the line. "Your appointment is scheduled with Miss Lai for
the day after tomorrow at 9:30 a.m.. Please be punctual."

"Thank you ver....." The line went dead. Jack stared at the receiver for a second
before placing it in the cradle. "What a cast iron bitch!" he muttered.

Jack walked into the waiting room of Family Dentistry a full thirty minutes early.
Glancing quickly in the direction of the reception window, Jack was relieved to see it
was unmanned. Finding a seat on the side of the room that was least visible from
the glass window behind which the "Cast Iron Bitch" would soon be seated, Jack
picked up a copy of "Popular Science" and began to flip through the pages, although
he was entirely too nervous and excited to even begin to comprehend its contents.

About five minutes passed when a man about Jack's age stepped through a door to
the left of the reception window. At the same time, Jack saw the "Cast Iron Bitch"
appear on the other side of the glass. Jack could barely make out what was being
said. The man thanked "The Bitch" for an excellent session; Jack was relatively

"That's quite alright, Mr. Davies," Jack heard the "Cast Iron Bitch" answer. Then
she muttered something else that was unintelligible.

"Davies.. Davies," Jack thought. He'd heard that name before somewhere. "Of
course," he remembered after a moment's pondering, the light coming on in the
closet. "The Davies girl was in the family pool." A moment later the door opened
again and through it walked a middle aged woman with what had to be her daughter
in tow. The youngster looked to be around eleven or twelve and was semi-attractive
although slightly on the stocky side. Peering over the top of his "Popular Science",
Jack watched the man at the window glance down at the young girl and then up at
her mother. He nodded clandestinely then smiled. The mother returned his smile
with an emotionless stare. Jack noticed the little girl sway slightly on her feet.
Her mother quickly steadied the youngster with a hand around her shoulders. Jack
then saw the little girl drop her hand behind her and unconsciously rub her little

Mr. Davies concluded his business at the window then left the office. Jack
eavesdropped as the receptionist chatted with the mother for a moment. "Dr.
Greeley would like to see Marion again in two weeks, Mrs. Hillman."

"Mom!" the young girl whined gazing up at her mother.

Jack had heard that before from his own daughter.

"Hush!" the woman scolded. "You have to do what the doctor says, Marion!"

"But Mom," the youngster whined again in protest. "I don't like the dentist, Mom!"

"I said, hush! Now we'll have no more complaining, young lady!"

While Jack looked on over his magazine, the woman settled with the "Cast Iron
Bitch". Then taking her complaining little girl by the hand, she strode out of the

Jack glanced at his watch. It was 9:20. The waiting was driving him nuts. He went
back to his magazine, looking up after a minute or two when he heard the entrance
door open. Jack Merrick's heart almost stopped. "Oh my God!" he gasped under his

Through the door, stepped an angel. Followed by her mother and father, Kim Lai
virtually floated into the waiting room. Or so it seemed to Jack who sat absolutely
mesmerized, staring over the magazine behind which his mouth hung open slack
jawed. The fifteen year old Asian beauty was indeed breathtaking. She was petite
of frame, with classic oriental features. Kim, dressed in a pleated skirt and white
cotton blouse, had a wasp thin waist and shapely although somewhat slim hips. Her
face was a picture of loveliness. Her complexion bore the flawless milky white
quality of fine oriental porcelain, and her almond shaped eyes were dark and
sparkling. Kim smiled demurely in Jack's direction then quickly looked away as she
breezed passed on her way the reception window with her mom and dad. Jack
smiled dumbly after the young girl, his eyes locking onto the cape of shining, raven
black hair that cascaded down passed the sweet child's waist.

Jack watched as Kim's parents consulted with "The Bitch" for several minutes.
Then after accepting a clipboard from the woman behind the window, father,
mother and daughter, chose seats across from Jack and proceeded to fill out the
required paperwork. Jack tried not to be too obvious, but found it terribly difficult
to take his eyes off the young beauty as she sat quietly next to her mother. She
was so placid, so composed, so... beautiful!

Jack felt fortunate that Kim's parents seemed to be oblivious to his leering at their
daughter. He studied the two parents while they studied the documents on the
clipboard. The father appeared to be several years older than his wife. He looked
to be intelligent and kind. Jack was sure he loved his family. Mrs. Lai was not an
unattractive woman in her own right. Jack always found it difficult to judge the age
of oriental women, but if he'd had to guess, he'd have guessed Mrs. Lai's age at
perhaps thirty. The more Jack stared at Mrs. Lai, the more he could see where her
lovely daughter got her stunning good looks.

Watching the three interact, Jack's conscience began to nag at him. The two
parents had absolutely no idea what they were signing their lovely, young daughter
up for. In just a very few minutes, the sweet teenager would experience, at Jack's
own hands, things she'd probably not yet dreamed of. Mr. and Mrs. Lai would never
know that he, Jack Merrick, would be the one to alter their innocent little girl
forever. Jack was both excited and sick at the prospect. Kim Lai sat beside her
mother so sweet and innocent. Soon she would be his.

Jack quickly hid behind his magazine when Mr. Lai glanced up. Turning to his
daughter, Lai said something to her in their native tongue. The young girl then rose
with her father, and the two crossed the room to the registration window. There
they waited patiently for several minutes with no response from the other side of
the glass. Finally the man rapped on the window.

"Yes!" the 'Cast Iron Bitch' said from behind the glass.

"We're ready now," Mr. Lai replied politely.

After receiving the clipboard from Lai, the 'Bitch' said, "Very well, Mr. Lai. Just one
moment, please." The receptionist stood up from her desk behind the window then
turned and disappeared. A moment later the door beside the reception window
opened. "Your daughter may come with me, Mr. Lai. You may have a seat and wait if
you wish, or you can come back in a few hours."

"How long will this take, please?" Mr. Lai asked.

"Oh, I'd say three hours at least, Mr. Lai," the 'Cast Iron Bitch' answered. "This is
your daughter's first visit." She smiled as warmly as she could at the young girl.
Kim returned the receptionist's smile, completely unabashedly.

"Oh God!" Jack sustained another jab from his conscience.

Mr. Lai turned to his young daughter and spoke. The young girl smiled then turned
and followed the receptionist through the door. When the door closed, Mr. Lai
returned to his seat beside his wife. The two spoke softly to each other for a
minute or two, then Mr. Lai got up and walked toward Jack. Shrinking behind
"Popular Science", Jack held his breath. From behind the periodical, Jack saw the
man pick up a magazine and return to his seat. Jack let out a long sigh. Then, as he
was about to read the same paragraph for the eighty-third time, Jack heard his
name called.

"Mr. Merrick," the 'Bitch' said sharply from the window. Jack looked up sheepishly.
"Mr. Merrick, the doctor will see you now.

"Exam Room Five, Mr. Merrick," the young dental tech said, seeing Jack come
through the door from the waiting area. She pointed the way down the hall to her

Jack nodded then walked past the young woman, head down and feeling extremely
self-conscious. He stood in front of Exam Room Five for several minutes, staring
sightlessly at the brass numbers on the door. His mind raced with indecision as it
always did before these meetings. Then after a brief wresting match with his
conscience, Jack opened the door and stepped inside.

The room was no different than any other dental exam room. Everything was white
and stainless steel. Dr. Greeley stood over his patient seated in the examination
chair in the center of the room. His back was turned toward Jack so he didn't hear
him enter. "The Good Doctor" continued with his work, adjusting the flow regulator
of the IV drip bottle hanging from a rack next to the chair. After a minute or two,
Dr. Greeley stepped back then turned toward Jack.

"Ah, Mr. Merrick. Right on time as usual."

Jack stared past the doctor almost not hearing him. There in the exam chair lay
the lovely Kim Lai. The young girl appeared to be sleeping peacefully. From the
crotch of her left elbow a thin, clear plastic tube ran upward to the steadily
dripping flow regulator of the IV anesthetic.

Noticing Jack's reaction to seeing the Lai girl, Dr. Greeley smiled then said, "A rare
prize, this one, isn't she Mr. Merrick. Tell me, has Nurse Blackwell gone over the
special conditions of the patient's first visit."

With some difficulty, Jack tore his gaze from the sleeping girl. "Well, yes, she
uhh," Jack began lamely.

Just then the door opened behind Jack and who should walk in but "The Cast Iron

"Ah, Nurse Blackwell. Good of you to join us. I was just asking Mr. Merrick if he
understood the conditions of the first visit."

"The Bitch" gave Jack a steely smile as she brushed by him on her way to the exam
chair. Stopping next to the sleeping teenager, Nurse Blackwell said with in a mean
tone of voice, "He didn't read the handbook. They never do."

Jack's mouth fell open when without warning, Nurse Blackwell reached her hand
beneath the skirt of the lovely Asian girl. Jack knew exactly what was going on
beneath that pretty pleated skirt as he watched the material move rhythmically
over the teen's genital area. Nurse Blackwell was obviously rubbing Kim where
probably no one had ever touched her before. The beautiful girl slept on,
completely unaware of her situation or of what was to come.

Turning to Dr. Greeley Jack stammered, "But Doctor, I... I thought I was..."

"Mr. Merrick, for a man who's been a member of 'our little family' for so long, I'd
certainly have expected that you would have taken the opportunity to familiarize
yourself with all of our policies."

Jack only partially heard what Greeley was saying. His eyes were locked on the
moving lump beneath Kim Lai's skirt. Nurse Blackwell stared intently at the pretty
young girl's face, alert for any reaction while she continued to administer manual
attentions beneath her skirt.

"This one's going to be very special, Doctor," the hard woman muttered.

Paying little attention to his assistant, Dr. Greeley continued, "You must
understand, Mr. Merrick, that each of our young ladies must undergo a thorough
examination before she is placed into the pool. It only makes sense when you stop
to think about it."

Jack continued to stare at the scene in the exam chair as he answered haltingly,
"Well, yeah, Doc, but I wanted to..." He was too embarrassed to complete his

Smiling, Dr. Greeley then said, "You may assist, Nurse Blackwell in her examination
if you wish, Mr. Merrick. Will that be satisfactory to you for the time being?"

Jack perked right up at the doctor's suggestion. "Sure," he said, smiling gratefully.

"Very well then. Due to time constraints, we will have to dispense with a few of the
usual pleasantries. If you would help my nurse to remove Miss Lai's undergarments,
and assemble the chair modifications, we'll begin her preliminarily examination.

Jack's heart was pounding crazily in his chest as he stepped closer the exam chair
and its lovely contents. Kim Lai lay motionless, breathing slowly and evenly. Again,
Jack was struck by the young girl's rare beauty. Dressed in a clean white button
down blouse and pale blue pleated skirt, the pretty teenager looked so peaceful and
innocent. That would soon end.

Jack reached out with shaking hands to the top button of Kim's blouse. Without
warning, his hand was suddenly slapped away. "Forget her tits," Nurse Blackwell
growled, stepping up to the other side of the chair. "You can play with her later,
Mr. Merrick," the woman snarled, the contempt plainly evident in her voice. Jack
looked up into the big nurse's dark eyes. "If you wish to assist, then be kind enough
to follow my instructions."

"I... I'm sorry," Jack said lamely. He glanced in Dr. Greeley's direction, but the man
had his back turned.

"Pay attention, do as you're told, and we'll get along just fine, Mr. Merrick." Nurse
Blackwell ordered.

"Al... Alright," Jack said in conciliation. "W.. What do you want me to do?" He
waited for Blackwell's instructions. His mouth was bone dry as he gazed down at
the sleeping teen.

"Get her panties off first," 'The Cast Iron Bitch' ordered. "I need to see whether
or not little Miss Lai's been a good girl."

Jack was speechless at the woman's cold, aloof manner. Thus several seconds
passed before he reacted to the nurse's orders. At last, Jack took hold of the
smooth material of Kim's skirt and slowly pulled it upward, exposing the flawless
skin of the youngster's well shaped thighs. Finally his eyes beheld the sweet girl's
white cotton, bikini style panties, the legs and waist of which were trimmed with
narrow bands of satin and lace. Afraid of further reprimand from Nurse Blackwell,
Jack immediately reached for the waist of Kim's panties. Jack's heart leapt to his
throat as he slipped his fingers beneath the soft material, feeling the warmth of
the young Asian girl's skin against his knuckles. Jack paused, admiring the smooth,
slightly rounded expanse of flesh that was Kim Lai's belly exposed between the hem
of her raised skirt and the satin waistband of her panties. Not a single blemish
could he detect; just exquisite, white flesh between pronounced hip bones.

"Mr. Merrick, we haven't got all day!" 'The Bitch suddenly cut in, ruining Jack's

"Alright!" Jack snapped uncharacteristically. He was wound tighter than a ten year
old. Without further hesitation, Jack stripped the lacy panties down Kim Lai's
shapely legs and off over her small feet. Someone had already removed her shoes,
Jack noted as he stood up holding the soft, warm garment in his hands.
Unconsciously he closed his eyes and brought the panties to his lips and nose. Jack
felt light headed as he breathed in a deep draft of the sweet girl's intimate
perfume. For several seconds, he nuzzled the soft material, nibbling the soft
cotton with his lips.

"Now there's a sight you don't see everyday," Jack heard Nurse Blackwell
exclaim, again, destroying his revery. Opening his eyes, he followed the
woman's gaze downward. It was then that Jack witnessed his first miracle.

"Oh my God!" Jack gasped breathlessly,his hands dropped limply to his sides.

"I've heard these oriental girls stay like that 'til they're grown," Blackwell said as
Jack stood staring wide eyed at the lovely Miss Lai.

Jack almost drooled on his shirt as he gawked open mouthed at Kim Lai's genitalia,
completely devoid of pubic hair. The sight was utterly intoxicating in a way that
Jack had never dreamed. Many a time he'd seen his daughter naked when she was in
her pre-teenage years. Admittedly, her small hairless sex had caught his eye, but
nothing like the lovely Miss Lai. Jack's eyes became transfixed on the wide, proud,
pubic arch, the enticing gap visible below heavy, full lips and between the shapely
thighs of the beautiful Asian princess. Kim's pussy, unlike most, was actually wider
than it was high. Even though her legs were closed together on the divan like exam
chair, Jack could see the cheeks of Kim's shapely butt peeking from between her
thighs, below the rounded lips of her pussy, and nowhere was there even the
slightest hint of pubic hair. Though not true for all men, for many, Kim Lai was a
dream come true. Surprisingly she was just that for Jack Merrick.

Jack's hand was once again slapped aside as he reached to touch that fabulous
example of womanhood. "Hold your horses, mister!" Nurse Blackwell snapped.
"We've got some work to do first."

"But I..." Jack said in a trance-like voice.

"I know.. I know. You men are all alike!" Blackwell said contemptuously. "You just
be a good boy and go fetch the chair attachments."

Jack was about to direct some strong words at the cold nurse when suddenly the
exam room door opened and in walked Dr. Greeley. Jack looked around dumbly. He
hadn't even noticed the doctor leave the room.

"Is everything alright, Nurse Blackwell?" 'The Good Doctor' inquired as he crossed
the room and stood beside the exam chair.

"I was just preparing to examine Miss Lai, now, Doctor," the nurse replied dutifully.

"My, my!" Doctor Greeley muttered. "She is indeed a lovely child. Isn't she?"

"If you like that sort of thing," Blackwell said as she removed the contoured leg
support of the chair. "We would be much farther along if Mr. Merrick would refrain
from gawking at the girl and help me."

That was the last straw for Jack. "Doctor, I must protest your assistant's
behavior. I am a paying customer, and I deeply resent being spoken to in such a
condescending manner."

After firing a cold stare at his nurse, Dr. Greeley said, "Mr. Merrick, I apologize for
Nurse Blackwell. You must understand, however, how difficult it is to come by an
assistant who is not only competent, but who also values the, shall we say, 'delicate'
nature of our arrangement here at this office."

Jack looked in Nurse Blackwell's direction just in time to see the smile graze her
lips. Suddenly it became crystal clear to Jack, the tenuousness of his relationship
with Family Dentistry. This 'Cast Iron Bitch' could send them all to prison for a
very, very long time. A cold chill spread down Jack's spine.

Seeing the understanding dawn on Jack's face, Dr. Greeley continued. "So then,
let's try to cooperate. Shall we." He smiled at Jack, then at Nurse Blackwell.
"Nurse, please proceed with your examination and call me when you're finished, and
please... try not to insult our client too much." That having been said, Dr. Greeley
turned and left the room.

After a brief moment, Nurse Blackwell said to Jack, "Mr. Merrick, if we work
together, we can finish this examination quickly, and then you will have ample
opportunity to familiarize yourself further with Miss Lai." It was the most civilized
thing the woman had said since Jack arrived today.

"Very well," he said at last. Without further comment, Jack helped Dr. Greeley's
assistant to assemble the special lower extremity supports of the otherwise
standard dental examination chair.

Custom built by Dr. Greeley for this expressed purpose, the tubular framework and
ergonomically designed thigh and calf supports, quickly snapped into receptacles and
took the place of the usual bench style padded leg rest. The articulated extensions
could be adjusted to any number of settings, placing the occupant into many highly
accessible positions. Jack had assembled the apparatus many times and thus was
able to assist Nurse Blackwell without the need for instruction.

"Very good, Mr. Merrick," the nurse complimented Jack. "Now help me to position
Miss Lai for her inspection." Nurse Blackwell then proceeded to raise Kim's right
knee upward and outward. Tightening the locking knob, she positioned the calf
support so that the teenager's lower leg rested horizontally at about the height of
her shoulders in her current semi-seated position. Jack followed the assistant's
example and soon had Kim's left leg in the identical position. Jack then stood back
staring in awe at the beautiful occupant of Dr. Greeley's wonderful chair. His eyes
locked onto Kim's amazing pussy while from behind, Nurse Blackwell slowly lowered
the seat back, dropping the fifteen year old back into a supine position, her legs up
and knees spread wide, cradled by the shining stainless steel leg supports. Next
Nurse Blackwell stepped on a pedal under the seat pedestal, causing the chair to
rise, carrying it's lovely occupant upward to the height of Jack's waist. As Kim rose
upward toward him, Jack's eyes locked once again onto her charms. Even though
the youngster's legs were spread reasonably widely apart, the heavy lips of her
pussy were still closed tightly together, revealing nothing of the moister treasures
between. Jack noticed his mouth was watering when suddenly Nurse Blackwell
stepped between Kim's legs, her body blocking the enticing view.

Jack had no idea what the source of the strange buzzing sound was when first he
heard it. Out of simple curiosity, Jack moved aside slightly so he could have an
unobstructed view of young Kim and just exactly what Nurse Blackwell's inspection
entailed. What he saw caused him to gasp. In the older woman's hand was a
smooth, white cylinder about six inches in length and perhaps one half inch in
diameter. The end of the device which Nurse Blackwell held was blunted and
appeared to have some sort of knurled dial or knob on it. The other end was what
really caught Jack's eye. It was smooth and shiny and came to a rounded
asymmetrical point. As Jack stared open mouthed, Nurse Blackwell guided that
point between the tightly closed lips of the young teen's marvelous pussy, her
fleshy vulva parting only reluctantly to admit the device. While Jack watched
spellbound, he saw the young Asian teenager's tummy muscles flex as the nurse
moved the tip of the device slowly up and down, its tip touching the youngster
where probably nothing had before.

"Very responsive," Nurse Blackwell murmured as she continued her examination, the
shining cylinder humming softly in her hand. "She'll do well with us, Mr. Merrick."
The pitch of the device changed, becoming noticeably more muffled when Nurse
Blackwell moved its tip downward between the rounded cheeks of Kim Lai's shapely
buttocks. Jack watched her then move the tip slowly back upward between the
heavy folds of flesh on either side of the dark valley of treasures yet to be
discovered. When at last the tip reached the very top of Kim's slit, Blackwell
dropped her wrist downward popping the point from between the youngster's vulva.
Jack felt his manhood stir suddenly when he saw the plainly visible moisture on the
end of the humming device.

Noticing the look on Jack's face, Nurse Blackwell smiled knowingly as she began to
saw up and down slowly between Kim's full lips with the side of the shining cylinder.
The young beauty's tummy heaved with each stroke.

"Mr. Merrick, I hope you understand that not all of our clients are allowed the
privilege of observing a patient's initial inspection," Nurse Blackwell said in a
professional tone of voice. Jack glanced up at her face briefly. There was
absolutely no trace of any emotion there. "You see, what we often are required to
do in the course of this examination is rather sensitive in nature. The doctor has
asked me to secure your word of honor that what you witness here shall not go
beyond this room." She nodded toward the doorway.

"Wh.. What do you mean?" Jack asked, his eyes remained riveted to the plastic
device so expertly wielded by the older woman.

"I mean, Mr. Merrick, that what I am about to do is better off kept confidential."
While Jack looked on, Nurse Blackwell moved the tip of the white probe downward
once again, allowing it at last to come to rest over the area of Kim Lai's vaginal
opening. "You see Mr. Merrick a good percentage of our young ladies come to us,
shall we say, still 'intact'." She pressed the tip a little deeper between the fullness
of Kim. The youngster's hips moved slightly. Continuing in a matter-of-fact tone of
voice, Nurse Blackwell said, "In order to avoid the possibility of injury to our girls,
we prefer to ahh," she paused for a moment contemplating how best to proceed.
"We prefer to prepare our patients for their first encounter."

As the true meaning of what the assistant was telling him finally began to dawn on
Jack, to his utter astonishment, Nurse Blackwell without a flinch or trace of
emotion on her stern face pushed the shining cylinder forward with one swift almost
surgical thrust. Its droning hum was immediately muted. What Jack saw next was
indelibly etched in his memory. Jack Merrick watched as the lovely fifteen year old
Kim Lai was methodically deflowered before his very eyes at the hands of Nurse
Blackwell. In response, Kim's smooth round belly bulged violently outward. Even
under the spell of the powerful anesthetic, the young teenager's body reacted
reflexively to the intrusion, her back arching upward off the exam chair.

Jack only realized the fact that Kim had been a virgin later on, when in retrospect
he remembered the shining white plastic cylinder slowly disappear into her. While
he watched in utter amazement, a small trickle of pinkish fluid seeped out of the
youngster and ran down her left inner buttock.

Jack stared slack jawed as Nurse Blackwell then proceeded to move the probe
device slowly in and out of the young girl, its humming song rising and falling in

"There we are," Nurse Blackwell murmured almost pleasantly. "Our little Asian
Princess is now a woman."

Still in shock, Jack said in a dazed sort of way, "But I thought I was going to be...."
His voice trailed away to silence as he watched Nurse Blackwell continue her
administrations with the humming probe. Remembering his first time with his
daughter, Tracy in this very exam room about one year ago, Jack had assumed that
he had been the one help her along into womanhood. But now, as he watched the
plastic cylinder coated with what had to be a mixture of blood and vaginal fluid,
move effortlessly in and out of the once innocent girl, Jack had to believe that his
sweet Tracy had also known Nurse Blackwell and her magic wand.

Seeing the realization in Jack's expression, Nurse Blackwell smiled and said, "I know,
Mr. Merrick. You thought you would be her first, and fortunately for you, that will
indeed be the case. But as I explained, we must take steps to avoid injury."

Jack looked very disappointed.

"Here, Mr. Merrick. Why don't you take over for me while I call the Doctor. I'm
sure Miss Lai won't mind one bit." With what almost passed for a compassionate
smile, Nurse Blackwell withdrew the probe from within Kim and then handed the
softly humming instrument to the astonished Jack Merrick. "Dr. Greeley will be
with you shortly." Then, without further comment, she turned and left the room.

Jack was left holding the vibrating probe and staring blankly down at the once
virginal teenager. Then, as if in a trance, Jack shrugged his shoulders
unconsciously. In the silence of Exam Room Five, Jack moved the tip of the steadily
droning cylinder toward its sweet target. The pitch of the humming sound changed
instantly as Jack carefully buried the rounded point between Kim Lai's thick vulva.
Jack placed the palm of his other hand on the soft flesh of Kim's lower belly and
was immediately rewarded with the sensation of rapid tremors which rippled
through the strong abdominal muscles of the sleeping girl. Jack enjoyed Kim's
abdominal reactions for a few minutes while he moved the tip of the probe slowly up
and down the length of her vaginal valley, causing the instrument to growl pleasantly
when he pressed it against the youngster. Then with a deep breath, Jack positioned
the tip of the probe over Kim's recently unlocked portal. While he watched the
lovely girl's face for signs of recognition, Jack slowly entered her.

He was immediately surprised by the amount of resistance young Kim's vaginal
muscles exerted against the intrusion of the foreign device. Smiling when he
noticed the slight wince on Kim's beautiful features, Jack whispered, "You know I'm
here, don't you sweetheart?" Kim's tummy tightened beneath his palm. "Sure you
do, honey. You've never felt anything in there before, have you?" Jack tore his
eyes from Kim's sweet face to watch as inch by inch of the humming plastic
instrument slowly vanished from sight, its song almost entirely muted now. Jack
felt Kim's tummy muscles flex harder at the same time that he felt greater
resistance to his efforts at penetration. Kim winced again. Her back rose slightly
from the surface of the exam chair. Jack glanced down quickly. About one inch of
the probe remained visible in his hand.

"Is my sweet girl all full?" Jack murmured. "Let's try one more time, OK?" Jack
pulled back on the probe. To his great joy, young Kim clamped down on the device.
The resistance she exerted against its removal was equal to if not greater than her
reluctance to penetration. Jack slid his other hand down so that his palm lay cupped
over the wide, exquisitely rounded arch of Kim's pubic bone. Then with his thumb,
he dipped into the top of the hot, moist treasure that was Kim Lai's vaginal valley.
Quickly Jack located the small hood of skin that concealed the young teenager's
"On Button" as Jack liked to call the clitoris. Then leaning down, Jack began to
deliver soft short kisses to Kim's soft belly, while at the same time he swirled his
thumb gently over the small but extremely sensitive nub of Kim's budding clitoris.
Meanwhile, Jack slowly rotated the vibrating instrument inside the young teenager's
only recently explored love passage. Then after a minute or two of this most
pleasurable pastime, Jack, starting just above the blade of his hand covering Kim's
smooth pubic arch, began to lick his way upward beneath the hem of her pleated
skirt. Jack nibbled Kim's soft, warm flesh just below her belly button briefly
before extending the very tip of his tongue into the small orifice formed by the
sweet teen's navel. Simultaneously, Jack twisted the softly humming probe side to
side while he slowly pushed it back into the depths of young Kim Lai. Jack briefly
felt resistance as Kim's tummy heaved beneath his lips. Jack continued to apply a
steady thrusting pressure while he rotated the device slowly back and forth. Then
suddenly Kim uttered a soft huffing sound. Her round little tummy flexed twice
convulsively beneath Jack's exploring tongue and lips. Without warning all
resistance against the probe ceased. Jack's finger tips around the blunt end of the
probe quickly came to rest against the moist, petal-like inner lips of the pretty
Asian girl. Kim Lai was fully involved, albeit artificially.

The point of the exercise of course being, that at that moment in Exam Room Five,
young Kim Lai gave in to penetration, allowing full access to her interior by a foreign
object. The rest of Kim's day would move along quite naturally.

Satisfied that the young Asian girl was fully involved, Jack released his grip on the
end of the probe, leaving it to do its work inside of Kim's vagina while he busied
himself with completing her disrobing. It took him awhile, but Jack finally located
the hook fastener of Kim's skirt just above her right hip. After unfastening it, he
discovered a small concealed zipper that ran about half way down the side of the
sleeping teen's skirt. This he unzipped which allowed the soft pleated garment to be
removed more easily. After tugging the skirt out from under Kim's bottom, Jack
worked the articulated lower extremity supports, temporarily bringing the girl's legs
together and lowering her knees. He was then able to slip the skirt off easily over
her legs and small feet. Jack held the skirt in his hands for a minute before
burying his face in the soft, warm material. Inhaling slowly, his senses were filled
with the heady aroma of fresh, young female. He nuzzled the soft linen for a few
moments before placing Kim's skirt on the nearby chair. Next, Jack began to
unbutton Kim's blouse. Starting at the bottom, Jack relished every second as he
moved from one small, pearly, white button to the next. Spreading the tails of the
white cotton blouse apart as he progressed upward, Jack ever so gradually exposed
inch after inch of succulent young flesh. At one point, Jack paused, then leaned
down and kissed young Kim once more just below her belly button. Beneath his lips
and through the soft warm flesh of her tummy, Jack felt the young girl's muscles
tremble as the device inside continued to have its way with her. At last he reached
the top button which he unfastened almost with a flourish. Spreading the lapels of
Kim's blouse aside, Jack noticed a thin gold chain around the girl's neck. Upon it was
hung a small gold ring. "A promise ring," Jack whispered with a little smile, picking
up the golden circlet in his fingers. "You have a boyfriend. Don't you sweetheart?
Perhaps some day he'll be as lucky a man as I," he said, returning the ring to Kim's
chest. "Now let's have a look at your little titties, shall we?"

Because of the catheter tube, running from the inside of Kim's right elbow up to the
slowly dripping IV bottle hanging from a nearby stainless steel rack, Jack would be
unable to completely remove Kim's blouse. Jack had to be content therefore with
spreading the blouse open just enough to slip it over the sleeping girl's shoulders.
The tails he spread apart on the back support of the exam chair. Stepping back for
just a moment, Jack briefly surveyed his work. Kim was a picture of loveliness lying
there, her upper body framed in white. "Now for the coupe de grace," Jack
thought. Carefully he slipped his finger tips beneath the soft elastic between the
small cups of Kim's pretty white brassiere. He thrilled in so doing when he felt the
teenager's heat against the backs of his fingers. Jack fumbled for a minute or two
before realizing that Kim's bra must fasten in the back, unlike the more popular
styles like his daughter was in the habit of wearing which now fastened between the
cups. "OK, then sweetheart," Jack muttered as he leaned down and slipped a hand
under Kim's left arm then up behind her shoulders. His other arm he slid carefully
beneath her lower back from the other side. "Give Uncle Jack a big hug," he
murmured as he slowly raised the unconscious girl into a sitting position on the exam
chair. Jack allowed the Kim's head to fall forward onto his shoulder as he hugged
her soft, warm body against his chest. Jack thought for a moment that he would
swoon from the sweet girl's perfume which assaulted his olfactory senses. He
searched with his hand beneath Kim's blouse until at last Jack located the two small
hooks half buried in the soft elastic back strap of Kim's brassiere and unfastened
them. Then, before returning Kim to a reclining position, Jack nuzzled his face into
Kim's thick, dark hair. Inhaling deeply her innocent fragrance, Jack softly kissed
the young girl several times on her neck and bare shoulders. "What a lovely
princess you are, Kim," he whispered as he slowly lay the girl back onto the reclining
examination chair. As he did this, he slipped the shoulder straps of Kim's bra over
her shoulders. This helped to free the tension on the cups of the small garment so
that Jack was then easily able to lift them off the twin treasures hidden beneath.
Like her blouse, Kim's brassiere was also restrained by the catheter, so Jack was
unable to remove it altogether. Instead he lifted the soft cotton bra upward
toward the sleeping girl's chin, leaving it lying on her chest just above her sternum.

"Oh, my, honey," Jack exclaimed hoarsely as he gazed down at Kim's lovely budding
breasts. The two small mounds of flawless white flesh formed rounded cones, each
topped with strawberry ice cream colored nipples. Wishing to make the picture
complete, Jack carefully lifted Kim's head with his left hand while with his right he
gently tugged her raven black hair from under her head and shoulders. He let the
silken tresses to slip through his fingers like warm water as Jack arranged Kim's
luscious thick hair over her left shoulder, allowing it to spray across her chest,
covering her left breast cone so that only the very tip of the nipple was visible.
The other he left uncovered.

Satisfied at last, Jack again moved back from the chair to survey his handiwork.
Jack was momentarily stunned by Kim's beauty as she lay naked and vulnerable
before him. Then stepping back to the chair's side, Jack lay his hand atop Kim's left
breast and started to rub her gently through the softness of her dark hair. "You
are indeed a lovely child," Jack whispered. From her breast, Jack slowly moved his
hand down the length of the young teenager's body. He traced her rib cage with his
finger tips then rolled his hand over so that he could brush the backs of his fingers
over Kim's tummy. Her abdominal muscles rippled reflexively under his touch. From
Kim's tummy, Jack moved his hand outward. He then slid both hands around Kim's
narrow waist and slipped his fingers beneath her lower back. With his finger tips,
Jack rubbed in small circles in the area above the top of Kim's pelvis. This area,
Jack had learned is highly sensitive for a young woman. Deep inside the sleeping
teenager lay her ovaries and uterus, her carnal center.

After a few minutes Jack squeezed the soft, yet firm flesh of Kim's hips before
allowing his hands to travel down her thighs. Arriving at her knees Jack moved his
hands on top of the young girl's thighs and began to work his way slowly up toward
their juncture.

Jack's thumbs were first to touch Kim's intimate flesh. The fullness of the young
girl's vulva thrilled Jack to no end as he carefully pulled the thick lips apart. Since
Jack had allowed the girl's legs to remain together during his exploration, he got
just the smallest glimpse of the blunt end of the white probe still deeply imbedded
inside the sleeping beauty. Jack could hear it softly mumming its song of pleasure.
Letting Kim's lips close once more, Jack then placed the palm of his right hand over
her pubic arch. Cupping her, Jack allowed the tip of his middle finger to slip
between the resilient lips, the gateway to Kim's innermost sanctum.

"I see you and Miss Lai are getting better acquainted, Mr. Merrick," 'The Good
Doctor', said, startling Jack, and causing him to jerk his hand away from Kim. Jack
had been so wrapped up in the young beauty that he hadn't heard the doctor enter
the room. Stepping over the examination chair Dr. Martin Greeley looked down at
the unconscious young girl lying there exposed and waiting. "Kim is indeed a lovely
young lady, is she not, Mr. Merrick?" Greeley questioned rhetorically.

"Yes, she certainly is," Jack answered dreamily. He didn't notice Greeley's wry

After a moment's pause during which both men gazed down at the lovely girl, Dr.
Greeley said in his characteristically professional tone of voice, "Nurse Blackwell
informs me that Miss Lai has undergone her initial examination. Therefore, Mr.
Merrick, if you intend to have intercourse with her, I advise you to begin as soon as
possible." He glanced at his wristwatch then added, "Miss Lai has been anesthetized
for twenty minutes thus far and can remain under for perhaps another thirty
minutes, tops. After that, I will need to revive her so that she will be fully
recovered when her parents arrive to pick her up approximately one hour from now."
He glanced over at the IV drip regulator. He seemed satisfied when he turned back
Jack saying, "Everything looks OK to me, Mr. Merrick. You may proceed." Without
further comment, Dr. Greeley turned on his heel and crossed the room where he
began to busy himself with some project on his lab counter. There he remained,
keeping his back turned as always out of respect for his client's privacy.

Jack always felt a little uncomfortable at this stage. First of all, Dr. Greeley's
ability to completely detach himself from the fate of his patients never ceased to
amaze Jack. Then secondly, he invariably felt extremely self-conscious about
beginning the process of making love to an unsuspecting teenager. He worried
constantly about what would happen should she unexpectedly awaken. This thought
had been particularly disturbing where his daughter Tracy was concerned.

Jack had once asked Dr. Greeley to partially revive Tina Barrette, the pretty
fifteen year old step-daughter of his friend Ray, while he was having sex with her
and just as the young girl was about to climax. The result had been at once both
thrilling and terrifying. It had been Jack's third appointment with Tina, and he
could still remember vividly the expression of confusion and surprise that
accompanied Tina's dawning recognition of him as her lover. Then as the first wave
of her orgasm rolled over the pretty brunette, her dark eyes closed. She had then
grasped Jack by his elbows as her strong young body arched upward off the exam
chair. Jack recalled the clutching of Tina's vaginal muscles around him as he pushed
himself into her deepest depths. Then Jack too had cum, filling his young partner
with his seed. Although Dr. Greeley, who had been carefully monitoring their
progress, began to gradually increase the dosage of anesthetic at the exact moment
that Jack had inseminated Tina, even now, Jack could see the pretty teenager's
eyes open wide and staring into his own. Even then as the powerful sedative pulled
her down into oblivion, Tina Barrette had somehow known that it was Jack who was
filling her quivering vaginal canal full to overflowing.

Of course there was no way for Tina to verify her suspicions, but ever since that
day she'd looked at Jack in a different way whenever their paths crossed.
Unbeknownst to Tina, Jack had been with her three times since, but never again had
he risked a replay of that electrifying afternoon.

"Well," Jack thought, shaking himself back to the present. "That was then, and this
is now." Without further delay, Jack went about resetting the leg supports of Dr.
Greeley's marvelous chair. In just a few seconds, the beautiful Kim Lai was once
again in a more serviceable position with her knees and calves elevated and her legs
spread wide. The blunt end of the vaginal probe was now plainly visible clamped
between the full lips of the young teen's vulva. Before proceeding any farther,
Jack stepped forward between Kim's legs, then glancing first to one side, then to
the other, he made certain that she was at the correct height for him. Finding that
his hip bones met Kim's inner thighs about halfway up from her bottom to her knees,
Jack gauged that all was in readiness.

The first time Jack had utilized the services of "The Good Doctor" had been with
his own daughter, Tracy. She had been the first female that Jack had ever made
love to standing up. At that time, Dr. Greeley had shown him how to adjust the
chair so that Tracy's vaginal opening was at the same level as his penis. Although
that particular chair setting had given Jack tremendous freedom of movement, Jack
had later discovered that he preferred to have his "intended" just a little lower
down. In particular, when the young lady in question had been given Dr. Greeley's
patented contraceptive, Jack found he needed enjoyed support of the chair,
allowing him to lean over his lover while he delivered his offering into her. For one
thing, Jack's knees would upon occasion practically buckle under him when he came,
and he feared he'd fall to the floor some day. Another advantage to a slightly lower
setting was that it allowed Jack to gaze down at his lover while he administered to
her. Without exception Jack's partners were highly attractive, young ladies, and
Jack found it both exceedingly erotic as well as thoroughly gratifying to watch
their instinctive reactions to his attentions. In particular he relished the subtle yet
perceptible changes in his lovers' facial expressions as he entered them for the
first time. Jack also took great pleasure in witnessing the bulging of their tummies
or the slow rolling of their hips during intercourse. It was the certainty that his
young companions were subconsciously aware of his presence that probably
delighted Jack the most about these clandestine liaisons.

It was for this very reason that Jack rested his weight on one hand on the chair
seat next to Kim's right hip. Then leaning over the unconscious girl, Jack gazed
down at her pretty face, her startling lovely Asian features so relaxed and peaceful
for the moment. Without taking his eyes off of Kim's face for an instant, Jack
reached down between the teenager's widely spread thighs and found the end of
the vaginal probe.

At first he grasped the very end gently between his thumb and three fingers. He
immediately felt the rapid vibrations the device produced move up his fingers.
When Jack then tried to twist the humming cylinder, he was surprised at how much
the young girl's strong internal muscles resisted his efforts at applying torsional
force to her mechanical lover. Apparently during the time that Jack had spent
disrobing her, Kim had become "fond" of the device and subsequently locked herself
around it. After carefully exerting more force, Jack was able to overpower the
young teen's "grasp" on the probe. While Jack looked on, barely detectable signs
flickered across Kim's face, as first he slowly twisted the deeply imbedded probe to
the left then back to the right. It was when Jack then moved the end of the
cylinder sideways, causing it to growl pleasantly, that Kim winced noticeably, parting
her pink lips in the process and exposing several pearly white teeth. Jack smiled

"I think you're all ready for Uncle Jack, sweetheart," Jack whispered as he leaned
down and took one of Kim's hardening nipples between his lips. He rolled the erect
little nub between his lips then sucked Kim's entire breast cone into his mouth.
With his tongue he pressed down against her soft flesh feeling the lump of her
developing mammary gland beneath. Meanwhile, Jack moved the blunt end of the
humming cylinder from side to side then up and down, exerting pressure on the walls
of Kim's vagina from different directions. Jack felt the young teenager's body
tremble beneath him. Kim's time had come.

When her mother and father had dropped Kim off at "Family Dentistry" for a
routine examination, they could never have imagined that their beautiful young
daughter would receive an examination like none she'd experienced before. Neither
could they have known that Kim's name would subsequently be added to the roll of
"The Family Services Pool", and from that moment onward, young Kim Lai would
entertain many new friends. But first she would entertain Jack Merrick.

Having satisfied himself with Kim's breasts, Jack began to slowly kiss, nibble and
lick his way down the beautiful girl's slumbering form. When his mouth arrived at
Kim's belly, Jack pushed against the end of the humming probe, with his thumb,
forcing the device deeper still into its receptacle. In reaction, Kim's back arched
sharply upward pushing her tummy against Jack's mouth. Jack licked small circles
with the tip of his tongue just below Kim's belly button occasionally dipping into the
small indentation, while between the young teenager's legs, the blunt end of the
vaginal probe disappeared from sight. Kim continued to arch as Jack held pressure
against the end of the humming cylinder with his thumb, now buried to the first
knuckle in moist female tissue. Jack then quickly transferred his oral attentions
from Kim's tummy downward to the top of the young girl's prominent pubic arch.
There he began to nibble and kiss as his head filled with the familiar musky
fragrance of an aroused young woman.

It was at that moment that Jack Merrick realized just how much he enjoyed
sharing his attentions with a young girl like Kim who was devoid of pubic hair. As he
spread his tongue out over the smooth resilient flesh that formed Kim's full vulva,
Jack hoped adamantly that he would experience these same delights again with Kim
and with others. Jack lapped his tongue contentedly over the teenager's firm lips
while inside the humming probe continued its own love making. So it was that when
at last Jack decided to dip the tip of his stiffened tongue between those wonderful,
heavy folds of female flesh, he was immediately rewarded by a soft gasp followed
by a hissing exhale from the sweet girl. Her entire body went rigid for an instant.
Then with two pronounced bucks of her pelvis, which served to drive her exquisite
hairless pussy against Jack's mouth, Kim Lai underwent her first assisted orgasm.

Recognizing his patient's gasp for what it represented, Dr. Greeley said without
turning, "Twenty minutes Mr. Merrick."

As her orgasmic throws gradually subsided, Kim's body relaxed. Jack raised his
head up from between her thighs then carefully removed his thumb from the
confines of the young girl's vaginal entrance, leaving behind the steadily humming
probe. "We'll just leave that in there for a minute, darling, while your Uncle Jack
get's ready," he whispered to the sleeping young girl. Without further hesitation,
Jack stripped out of his trousers and shorts which he hung over Kim's skirt on the
chair next to him. Then as Jack held his manhood with one hand, he reached down
and with the tips of two fingers he was able to locate and retrieve the knurled, end
of the vaginal device from inside the tight young girl. "OK, darling, it's time for you
to have a real lover." He then slowly extracted the humming cylinder, taking note of
the manner in which the youngster clutched at the device as it was withdrawn. Jack
also noticed as he held the vibrating probe up for closer inspection that it was now
completely covered with silken fluid. In fact, he almost dropped the slippery device
while fumbling with the nob on the end in an effort to turn it off. At last, however
he was able to silence the device which he in turn placed in the instrument tray
beside the exam chair.

Then Jack stepped forward between the young teenager's thighs. "Here we go, Kim.
This is going to be a very special day for you, sweetheart," Jack muttered as he
touched the tip of his cock to the young girl's intimate flesh. Then, placing the palm
of his right hand flat on Kim's soft, rounded belly, he whispered, "I want to feel you
feel me Kimmie." Jack moved the head of his penis slowly up and down between the
wonderfully smooth lips of Kim's pussy. Just that rubbing action alone felt so
incredibly good to Jack that he hesitated briefly in his search for the entrance to
his prize.

after a moment or two, however, Jack gazed down at the sweet, innocent girl lying
ready and waiting for him and could wait no longer. He moved into position and
pressed forward with his hips. To his surprise, even in her state of moist arousal,
Kim resisted his entry. Jack persisted, clutching his shaft with his left hand to
keep it from bending. As he continued to apply a steady thrusting pressure against
Kim, the sweet teenager shifted her hips in an unconscious effort to remove herself
from harms way. Feeling Kim's abdominal muscles flex beneath his palm in their
effort to protect her inner sanctum, Jack murmured playfully, "That's right. Fight
me, Kimmie. Don't let me in, baby." Jack pushed harder. Suddenly the somewhat
bulbous head of his penis literally popped into Kim. It actually startled Jack, feeling
much like he'd just jammed the head of his cock through a half inch diameter o-ring.
The only reaction Jack noticed in his young lover was a slight twitch in her tummy.
Inside, however, Jack felt her squeeze him tentatively as she the latest foreign
object to enter into her. Kim's pretty face remained serene and peaceful.

Jack looked down and was momentarily captivated by the sight of his swollen shaft
protruding from between the full, hairless lips of his young lover's pussy. Jack felt
the incredible heat of her vaginal walls that surrounded him in a soft grip. "Are you
ready, baby? Here I come." Jack pushed forward with one powerful thrust of his
hips. As his manhood slipped into its delicate receptacle, young Kim opened her
mouth and rolled her head to one side. The once innocent girl made sweet huffing
sounds in time to the tremors in her abdomen as Kim Lai accepted her first male
organ. Beneath his hand on her tummy Jack felt several powerful contractions
which were simultaneous delivered to the shaft of his cock. Even thought Kim
unconsciously fought Jack vaginally, the sweet girl none the less raised her hips
upward instinctively to meet his advance. "That's my pretty girl," Jack murmured
lovingly. "You know your Uncle Jack's inside you. Don't you Kimmie." Almost in
answer to his cooing, Kim rolled her head to the other side and moaned softly. "Yes,
Kimmie, squeeze me, honey. Hold me tight, baby," Jack huffed followed by a grunt
from his exertion. More than once Jack was forced to pull back slightly before
moving ahead so powerful was the sweet fifteen year old's vaginal grip.

Kim was nothing short of magnificent, Jack would later reflect. Never before had
he had to exert such force simply to gain entry to a girl's charms. In later visits
with Kim, Jack would experience the same crushing, steely soft embrace. Kim's
strong vaginal muscles seemed never to become fatigued. She was a wonderful lay.

Meanwhile, Jack Merrick at last felt the blunt end of his penis arrive at the end of
the road, at least for this initial session. As a test, Jack pushed just a little harder.
In response, his young lover squirmed beneath him, but he could progress no
further. Glancing down, Jack saw that he still had about three inches of himself
left to offer Kim. Another push, a little groan. "OK, sweetheart," Jack said. "I
know. It hurts a little the first time, but don't you worry. Uncle Jack will be very
gentle," he whispered as if Kim could hear him. "Maybe she could," Jack thought.
"Who knows."

In any case there was little doubt in Jack's mind that his young lover was physically
aware of him. He flexed his cock in its snug new home and was immediately
rewarded with a strong reactive squeeze. Again he pushed forward with his hips,
forcing the head of his penis against the end of Kim's vaginal canal. Her firm tummy
rose in reply beneath his hand.

"Ten minutes, Mr. Merrick," Jack heard 'The Good Doctor' say on the edge of his

Jack nodded in reply. "Only ten minutes had passed since he first become one with
Kim. God! It had seemed like hours!" he mused momentarily, then realized that he
would have to get cracking if he was going to introduce his beloved to his paper cup
routine. Jack leaned forward then, resting his weight on his hands on the exam
chair on either side of Kim's narrow waist. He then lowered his upper body so that
his face was only inches from Kim's. Giving her a quick thrust, Jack coaxed the
young girl to open her mouth slightly. Extending his tongue as their mouths met,
Jack licked the smooth surface of Kim's sparkling teeth. Unconsciously the girl
turned her head away from him, but Jack patiently followed her mouth with his. He
slipped the tip of his tongue up under Kim's upper lip then licked from side to side.
Meanwhile, with one slow deliberate move, Jack pulled back with his hips, ever so
gradually extracting himself from his young lover. The sensation he experienced as
a result was nothing short of excruciatingly divine. It was as if he could feel every
centimeter of Kim's insides, every marvelous convolution, every luscious fold of
moist flesh. At last Jack ceased his retreat, stopping when just the head of his
penis remained inside young Kim. She embraced him once... twice. Jack became
aware that his sweet lover appeared to be holding her breath. Lifting his mouth
briefly from Kim's, Jack whispered, his lips just inches from hers, "You're waiting
for me. Aren't you Kimmie? You want your Uncle Jack back inside, don't you?" He
felt her vagina clutch him. "Had she answered, him?" Jack kissed her lightly, just
barely brushing her lips with his. Then he rose up again to say, "Uncle Jack is going
to love you now, Kimmie, and when he's through he's going to give you a wonderful

Jack then covered Kim's mouth with his own. Flicking his tongue across the young
girl's smooth teeth, Jack prepared to enter Kim from both ends. Then with a
purposeful thrust, he returned his penis to Kim's interior. It wasn't a jab. It was
more of a steady push causing the head of Jack's cock to travel slowly up the entire
length of Kim's vaginal passage, parting her reluctantly yielding tissues as it went.
Until at last Jack once again found himself nestled against the sealed portal to Kim's

Kim's reaction to his determined entry was very pleasant indeed. Of course, she
opened her mouth, allowing Jack's tongue access to its sweet interior, and at the
same time she exhaled in short puffs through her nose. Jack felt her soft breath
on his cheek as he kissed the young girl deeply. Then without further delay, Jack
Merrick began to fuck Mr. Lai's lovely young daughter.

Jack's technique was gentle yet deliberate. He made love to the pretty Asian
teenager in the same manner that he made love to his own daughter, Tracy. Jack
moved himself in and out of the pliant confines of Kim Lai with long, measured
strokes, allowing the sleeping girl to experience every inch of him. Kim had already
been somewhat aroused as a result of her brief relationship with her vaginal probe,
but as Jack continued his steady cadence, he could feel the youngster becoming
better lubricated. Soon Jack heard the sweet, wet music of love coming from
between Kim's legs. "That's my girl," Jack huffed after tearing his mouth from
Kim's. "Fuck me Kimmie. Fuck me baby." As if in answer to his request, Kim's hips
began to move slowly in time to his love making. Jack pushed himself up to a
standing position between Kim's thighs without ever breaking stride. He looked on in
wonder at the lovely prize in the chair before him. Kim's tummy heaved rhythmically
in time to his thrusts. Her beautiful face was flushed a deep pink as were her neck
and shoulders. Between her thighs, Jack's shaft, coated with vaginal fluid, appeared
and disappeared between Kim's full vulva. Jack realized he had not yet seen Kim's
more intimate flesh, so with his thumbs, he parted her resilient pussy lips, exposing
small darker pink petal-like labia shining with moisture. At the juncture of Kim's
labia stood a small but protuberant clitoris.

"My little girl likes this," Jack murmured as he began to rub the erect little organ
with his thumb. A noticeable tremor passed through Kim. Jack smiled. He'd found
her "ON Button". Jack abruptly thrust himself deeply into his young lover and held
fast while he swirled his thumb across Kim's clitoris. Inside the young teenager, her
vaginal walls twitched and quivered in response. The sweet daughter of Mr. Lai was
about to have her second orgasm of the morning and her first with a man's penis
buried inside of her.

"Cum for me, baby," Jack whispered. "Cum for your Uncle Jack, Kimmie." He
flicked his thumb quickly over the highly sensitive nub at the juncture of Kim's
flower petals. At the same time he began to thrust himself into Kim. He didn't pull
back and stroke her as before, but rather he rhythmically pressed the head of his
cock against Kim's innermost depths. "Cum for me, Kimmie," he quietly urged the
unconscious girl.

Dr. Greeley had discovered that even though his young patients were kept
anesthetized during their encounters with their adult lovers, their young bodies still
reacted instinctively and quite naturally to stimulation. So it was that as Jack
Merrick probed Kim's depths, the fifteen year old was ramping up to an orgasm of
mythical proportions. The tempest struck quite unexpectedly. Whereas Kim's first
climax of the day had been somewhat benign, Jack was caught completely of guard
when suddenly he found himself grasped inextricably by his penis. He'd seen dogs
become locked to each other during their rutting and had even heard tales of the
same thing happening to people, but he'd discounted them as erotic fiction. But now
as Jack felt the first signs of his own ardor begin to rise in his loins he found that
young Kim was clamped firmly around him in a soft yet vise-like vaginal embrace.
Not wanting to impregnate the young teen, Jack pulled back until pain forced him to
desist. Meanwhile, Kim's hips had begun a jerky humping motion as the young girl
unconsciously fucked herself on Jack's captive cock. Jack was getting desperate as
the stinging itch of climax spread from his testicles to his inner thighs. Without
knowing why, Jack reached down and began to massage Kim's lower abdomen. The
young girl's muscles beneath her warm skin were knotted tightly. Using his thumbs,
Jack applied pressure in slow circles over the area of Kim's uterus, hoping to relax
her before it was too late.

Jack was about to give in to temptation as well as circumstance and offer up his
seed to Kim when with one last effort he was able to pull free. His cock audibly
popped out of Kim just as he was about to cum. Quickly Jack fumbled under the
edge of the exam chair. Gratefully, the familiar cup dispenser was there, and he
came away with a small conical paper container in his trembling hand. Grasping his
shaft with his right hand Jack held back his flow until he could bring the cup into
play. Then with a deep groan, Jack Merrick ejaculated into the paper cup, filling it
with several ounces of ropey white semen.

As if on cue, Dr. Greeley moved quickly to the side of the examination chair and its
lovely occupant. "Are you ready, Mr. Merrick?" he asked already busying himself
with raising the chair back elevating Kim into a semi-seated position.

"Please bring your seat backs and tray tables to an upright position," Jack thought
with a wry smile as he moved around to the other side of the chair. "That was
close," he said breathlessly to no one in particular, holding up the cup of semen.

"On her next visit, Miss Lai will have been prepared for vaginal insemination should
you so desire, Mr. Merrick," 'the Good Doctor' commented calmly.

Both men then gazed down at the lovely young girl who was now experiencing a
detached form of afterglow. Kim looked so beautiful, with the color of passion in
her otherwise porcelain white complexion.

"Yes, perhaps next time," Jack mused as he carefully slid his fingers into the
warmth of Kim's shining hair behind her slender neck. As he slowly lifted Kim's head
off the headrest, Dr. Greeley, helpful as always, placed his hand on Kim's chin and
opened her mouth. Jack thought how much he enjoyed this part as he brought the
paper cup containing an ample helping of his bodily fluid to Kim's pink lips.

"Here's your first taste of love, sweetheart," Jack purred as he carefully tipped the
cup, spilling a little of the slowly cooling viscus fluid into Kim's waiting mouth.
Reflexively the young girl closed her lips together causing some of Jack's offering
to miss its target and dribble onto her chin. Jack moved the cup away. A glistening
thread of semen briefly bridged the gap between the corner of Kim's mouth and the
edge of the cup. For a moment the youngster's cheeks dimpled inward as she tested
the contents of her mouth.

"I've made a recent discovery with another of my patients," Dr. Greeley said. Jack
watched as the man calmly reached down with his hand between Kim's legs. "Watch
her face," Greeley said to Jack as he cupped Kim's full pussy. While Jack watched
Kim's beautiful face, Dr. Martin Greeley moved his hand farther down between the
young girl's thighs, then with his middle finger, he entered her. "You see," Dr.
Greeley chuckled when as expected, Kim first swallowed then opened her mouth
with a soft inhale of breath. "It works every time. They all seem to instinctively
swallow before breathing."

"That's quite a discovery, Doctor," Jack agreed. "May I try?" Greeley nodded
amiably then helped to open Kim's mouth once more by holding her chin. This time,
Jack poured a good deal more semen into Kim's open mouth, causing her to heave,
then cough. Greeley was swift to close her mouth before she sprayed both men
with Jack's cum. As it was, Kim choked on the substance for a few seconds, causing
a small amount of the white fluid to dribble from her nose. Jack then reached
between Kim's legs and slipped his finger into her. Jack felt the young girl squeeze
his probing digit as the muscles of her throat moved in a swallowing reflex. After
two more feedings followed by vaginal probing, Kim Lai had finished almost the
entire cup. What little was left, Jack playfully dribbled onto the very tip Kim's left
nipple. Then, while the 'Good Doctor' prepared to clean Kim's teeth, the final step in
all of his liaisons, Jack amused himself by slowly rubbing his semen into the supple
flesh of Kim's breast. Her skin was so soft and warm beneath his hand. He pinched
her tiny nipple, now slippery with his cum, smiling when she winced slightly. Absent-
mindedly, Jack allowed his hand to slid down the soft skin of Kim's tummy until it
came to rest over her proud pubic arch. Then, as if she were his and his alone, Jack
slipped a finger between Kim's pussy lips, and into her warm wet valley of wonder.

Jack was seated back in the waiting room hiding behind the well read issue of
"Popular Science" when Mr. and Mrs. Lai entered. Their young daughter had as yet
not been brought out.

Jack suspected that at that very moment, Kim was slowly regaining consciousness in
Exam Room Five. She'd of course been carefully cleaned and dressed prior to her
awakening. Dr. Greeley had also applied a small amount of topical anesthetic to her
vaginal area, numbing any telltale sensations down there. At most, Kim might
experience some tingling and perhaps some internal tenderness for a day or two,
but other than that, all traces of Jack's visit had been eradicated. At the same
time, the 'Good Doctor' had no doubt administered his special systemic
contraceptive. The drug lasted approximately six weeks, he estimated, with no
outward side effects. It was perfectly suited for the needs of "Family Services".

Mr. and Mrs. Lai talked quietly to each other while they waited patiently for Kim.
At last, the door to the left of the registration window opened and the lovely Kim
Lai entered the waiting room. While Jack looked on surreptitiously the young
beauty smiled demurely at her parents as they stood and went to their daughter.
Jack wondered if they would notice, as he did, the added color in Kim's face. She
still glowed from her love making. Other than that, Jack could detect no outward
signs that the young girl had just recently had the experience of her life. The door
opened again.

"Mr. Lai, Mrs. Lai, I am Dr. Greeley," he said closing the door behind him. Jack sat
in awe of the man as he calmly proceeded, knowing that he'd recently participated in
the rape of their young daughter. "Kim has beautiful teeth and a lovely mouth,
(Jack thought he would choke) Greeley said," placing his hand on Kim's shoulder and
squeezing gently. Both Mr. and Mrs. Lai nodded and bobbed politely as Orientals
will do. "But," Greeley continued.

"This is it," Jack thought. The 'Good Doctor' had said exactly the same thing to his
wife about Tracy.

"Kim seems to have a developing case of gingivitis." Seeing the concern instantly
manifest itself in the parents' faces, Greeley went on. "The good news is, with
regular visits for awhile, we have a very good chance of treating the problem."
After a brief pause, Dr. Greeley said calmly and professionally, "I'd like to see Kim
again in a week's time, and then once every two weeks for the next month or two."
Seeing that Kim's parents were about to question the need for so many dental visits,
Greeley held up his hand then said, "Your daughter has such a lovely smile. I'm sure
that smile is going to attract lot's of young men." Greeley looked purposely down at
Kim who blushed hotly.

This time Jack did choke. As his coughing fit subsided, Jack overheard the 'Good
Doctor's' closing remark.

"Here at Family Dentistry, Mr. and Mrs. Lai, we want to give your daughter the best
in Dental Care."

End - SM

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Dull and lifeless. The author used up all his talent on parts one and two. I mean c'mon, a serial rapist having bouts of conscious. Get real.

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