Early day at school,my exhibitionism back fired on me.
This is my first story under my new name, hope its ok for you.

I started school just before my fifth birthday, as a lot of kids did in our area.

I enjoyed school and met many new friends, and it was nice to get out somewhere new, instead of hanging around with my sister who is two years younger then me, or my brother who is two years older.

Our school was one of those where the five year olds, like I was, started, and stayed till they were eleven, before moving on to senior school.

I had been at the school for a two years, and now almost seven.

One sunny lunch time, I was eating my packed lunch near the school play area.
The area consisted of swings, roundabouts and monkey bars.
There was also an area for the younger boys to play football.

Older boys from the age of nine were not allowed in this area in case their play got to rough and equipment got broken.
Most of the time there would be a teacher patrolling the area.

But on this day the teacher must have been else where, and I sat with my lunch watching the other girls playing.
Some of the boys were in the other area kicking a ball about, I sat on the grass watching my friends on the monkey bars and swings.

I had almost finished my lunch, and was about to get up and join them when a group of older boys, probably eight to ten years of age came and sat close by me.

I didn’t take much notice, but I knew that had the teacher seen them, she would have made them leave, but I didn’t want to cause problems so I sat and watched the girls.

From where I was sat I could hear them speaking quite plainly, they were that close, and they didn’t try and speak quietly.

I heard one say to another, “what about that one?”
“yeah, I like her, shes nice.”
I looked across at them, and saw one was pointing.
He was pointing at a girl older then me by a year or two.

“I would like to have a look at her close up.” He said and laughed.
Again I looked at her, but nothing seemed wrong.

They sat watching, and speaking in quieter tones now, and made other comments, which I couldn’t hear.

Soon after the teacher came and saw them, she immediately told them to leave.

When they had gone I got up and went over to the other girls and began playing on the equipment.

The following day the same happened, and I heard the comments they were making again, but didn’t understand what they could be looking at, all of them were looking at the older girls on in the play area.
And making comments again.
Again the teacher saw them and they had to go.

I was still sitting on the grass, when she walked over to me, “Hello Kate, enjoying your lunch?”
“yes, Miss,” I replied.
She looked at the girls swinging, and my curiousity got the better of me.

“why did you send those boys away Miss?”
“they shouldn’t be here Kate, they were being naughty.”
“they were only sitting on the grass.” I said.
“yes, well that’s why I sent them away.”

I still didn’t understand, why were they being naughty just sitting on the grass talking to one another?

Again the next day the boys came over, and again they were pointing, and again I couldn’t see why they were pointing.

Then I heard one say.
“look at her, hers are pink,”
“yes, very nice better then white like the others.”

Again they were spotted and shouted at, the teacher didn’t come over this time, but the boys left.

I sat there wondering “whats pink? whats white?”

I watched the girls, then I noticed, the one that they had spoke about was wearing pink knickers.
And as I looked around I could see that most of the others were wearing white knickers as most of us did.
So that’s what they were looking at, the girls knickers, and that’s why the teacher said they were being naughty.

I couldn’t understand what the fascination was with looking at girls knickers, but they seemed to enjoy it, that’s why they came every day, and got told off for doing so.

I got up and walked over to the swings, an older girl was there alone, the others having moved away.
I started swinging beside her.
“the teachers shouted at those boys again.” I told her.

I didn’t know her, although I had seen her before.

“yes, I know.” She replied.
“I think they were looking at the girls knickers, that’s why they had to go away.” I said.
“yes, it happens every day they come over and get caught.”
“if they get into trouble why do they look at them then, whats so special about girls knickers?”

she looked at me a bit strange, “dont you know?”
“they are looking at our bums, and hoping that they might see our pussies.”
“pussies?” thinking the only thing I know called a pussy was a cat.
“don’t you know anything? No I expect you are too young. Pussy is a word the boys use to describe our thingy, you know between our legs, the boy has a prick, and we have a pussy.”
“well what is so special about a girls pussy, any way? Why do they want to see our pussies?”

“it’s a sexual thing, you wont understand till you get older, but as they cant see them very often they like to look, and if one spots one he will tell the others. Otherwise they look at our bums. Then they go off and have a wank.”

“wank?” another new word, “whats a wank?”

“the boys will make their pricks hard and rub them up and down, wank them.”

I had never seen one hard, and didn’t know what she meant.

“whats the point in that.”
“they like doing it, and they cum.”
God, don’t you know anything? Cum, when they wank white stuff comes out the end, and they like the feeling they get. The more a girl shows them the longer they look and they will wank more, I don’t thing I have ever met some one so na? as you, time you learnt about boys, Im going.”

She got up and walked away, leaving me puzzled.

I had hear a few new words today, cum, wank.
And now I knew why the boys looked at the girls on the monkey bars, so they could see their bums, and maybe their pussies.

Again the next day I was there in my usual place.
I saw the boys approaching, and wondered if they saw my knickers would they make any comments about me?
And I wondered what the comments may be, well I thought the only way to find out was to show them my knickers.

There wasnt much in showing them my knickers, the weren’t any different to the bikini bottoms I wore at the swimming pool, and if they liked it, they may like me too.

I then put my lunch away and lay on the grass, I lay full length, and pulled my legs up.
My school dress fell down my legs and onto my waist.
I peered from my position to look down at my self, my legs were uncovered, and if they saw me then I knew they would see my knickers.

I looked at the boys through half closed eyes as they sat down again.
I stayed in my position, and listened.
I heard them making comments about the other girls knickers again, but they hadn’t looked at me at all.

I decided to pull my dress higher in case they couldn’t see mine.
I could feel the warm breeze around my bum, and knew they must see now.

I had almost given up hope.
Maybe I was too young and they werent interested in me I thought.
Then I noticed one prod another in the ribs, he looked at him. His mate then nodded in my direction.
They had noticed, now I listened.

“fucking hell.”
That comment got the other two to look at him, and their eyes followed his gaze, straight toward me.
I lay pretending to be unaware of them.
“you can see her cheeks.”
“shes a bit young though.”
“but look at those cheeks, and she is closer then the others, Im going to creep a bit nearer.”

As I watched with my eyes almost closed I saw him creep a little bit nearer, he was now about ten feet away from me.

Suddenly I became aware that my heart was beginning to beat a little faster, and I didn’t know why.

The boy stopped and lay towards me looking at my knickers.

I pretended to stir a little, hoping he wouldn’t take fright and leave, he didn’t.

Now I had opened my legs a little more, I didn’t know what he was able to see, but I had a feeling of great excitement for some reason, and I enjoyed it.

As I looked, I saw his mate creep up and lay beside him.
“jesus Christ, I can see her slit through her knickers.”
“pity she got any on, be able to see her cunt.”

“cunt.” I thought, “ another new word.”

“I fucking wish she would take them off, god shes making me hard.”
“Im getting hard too, never noticed her before, we had better keep an eye out for her in future.”

I heard the teacher shout and they both jumped up and ran off.
I sat up and looked as they ran away.

“cunt.” I thought, that must be another word for pussy.

I felt quite proud of myself for laying still while they looked at me, and I have to admit I was a little excited by it for some reason.

As I walked home from school, I was wondering if they had a wank thinking of me, and if any white stuff had come out.

As I lay in bed I couldn’t help but wonder.
I got up and got a mirror, I wanted to see what they had seen. I put my knickers on again and lay in front of the mirror.
I opened my legs the same as earlier and looked at the image.

I could see my knickers easily, and I looked for the crack the boy had mentioned.
I couldn’t see that, but then I pulled my knickers up tighter to expose my bum cheeks the way I had on the grass.
I looked again and there it was, my crack. My panties had gone inside my little pussy lips and had formed a crack, that’s what they had seen.

I lay once again in bed thinking.

What had I done today made my heart beat faster, that happened when I went to the fair ground on the rides, and I liked being excited by the rides.

Showing the boys my knickers had got me excited, and I knew the two who crept nearer and made comments were excited they said so, “got me hard” I remembered.

I went to my drawer and pulled out another pair, they were thinner. I tried them on in front of the mirror.
Lying in front, I opened my legs a little more then I had before.
Pulling them up tighter then I had with the other pair.

“my god,” I thought, “they were almost transparent, not only could you see my crack, but almost see it through the material, they were so thin.

After the weekend, I would lay on the grass again and see what happens, but this time I wont wear my school knickers, I will wear my “going out knickers”.

Monday morning had arrived and my mum had put my school clothes out ready for me.
I looked at the panties that she had ready, and yes they were my school ones, I put them back in the drawer, and found my “going out panties.
I pulled them over my bum really tight and looked in the mirror, they were like Friday night, and were pulled inside my crack.

As I entered the school gate I saw two of the boys from Friday talking, I walked pass them to see if the remembered me from Friday when they were looking at me, but they didn’t.

At play time I looked for the boys, I found the same two again and walked to where they were sitting.
I always brought a juice drink with me so I sat near them and drank it, making sure my dress was over my thighs.
I was disappointed again, they hadn’t even looked in my direction.
I was hoping that all my plans wouldn’t be in vain, and waited until lunchtime.

I arrived at the grass area before the boys as usual, and sat down.
As I sat eating I was straining my eyes looking for them. I knew they would come over to watch the older girls on the swings.
Lunchtime was almost over, and they hadn’t come. I was totally disappointed, all that effort and they didn’t come.

I had almost given up, when I saw one walking towards me, I managed to pull my knickers up tight with out making it obvious, then lay back on the grass.
I pulled my legs up high, and my dress once again fell over my waist, I waited.
As with all days he stood watching the other girls, but hadn’t noticed me, so I gave a loud cough hoping he would look, he didn’t.

One thing for it I got up and walked to the monkey bars, and swung on them, turning upside down I hung there.
This time he looked at me, I could see him looking, as I hung there.
He seemed to be looking as if curious, and took a few steps nearer. I stayed in my position.
He was now about fifteen feet away, and he sat down, still looking in my direction.
The other girls there went off to the swings. I was alone.

I got off the monkey bars and walked back to my school bag and sat down, taking the drink, I took a sip.
From the corner of my eye I could see him looking.
I pulled my knees up under my chin, and opened my legs a little.
He was now laying facing me, I saw the teacher go pass, and hoped she wouldn’t tell him to go.
But as he was alone, I don’t think she noticed him laying there.

Still with my legs up, I lay back on the grass.
Now I thought he must have a perfect view of my knickers.
He was twenty feet away, but as I lay there I saw him move.
He crept nearer, and was quite close now.
He just lay there staring at me, unaware that I knew.
Then I noticed his hand go under his body, and I wondered what he was doing, I could see his arm moving, but couldn’t see exactly why.

I sat up, and looked at him.
He was still moving his arm. I looked at him, he was looking at me.
Should I say something I wondered, I wanted to but didn’t know what to say.

As I looked at him, he stopped moving his arm and pulled it out from under his body.
He got up as if to leave, but looked at me sitting there, then he spoke to me.
“you are very good on the monkey bars,” he said. I looked at him not knowing what to say.
“Do you know my sister? She is in the same year as you I think.”

I shook my head, “what is her name?” I asked.
“Lucy, she has dark hair, in class 2b.”
“I don’t think I do, Im in class 1a.”

He took a step nearer, and appeared a little more relaxed now I had spoken to him.

“Miss Chandler is her teachers name. Weren’t you here last week?”
“yes I always sit here to eat my lunch.”
He walked nearer looking around behind him in case the teacher had come back.
He sat down in front of me, I still had my legs under my chin.
He was only a few feet away now.

“do you like the school?” he asked.
“yes, my brother comes here as well.”
“what is his name?”
“Mark, hes nine.”
“don’t think I know him.” Now he was laying on the grass, staring between my legs.

I didn’t move, only to open my legs a little more as I packed my things away.
As I was doing this he was staring closely, and I knew her could see the outline of my crack, and I hoped the thin material had gone inside.
He didn’t say anymore, just stared, there was a shout from behind him.
He looked around so did I, it was one of his mates.

He ran towards him, the boy I was speaking with got up to meet him, they both sat down some distance from me.
I lay on the grass once more, and I hoped they would make a comment.
I listened, hardly daring to breathe.

“finished the foot ball practice?”
“yes, what you been doing?”
“been in the canteen then came out here.”
The other boy looked around, “no girls about.”
The other one nodded on my direction, “that one.”
“shes too young.”
“Ive just been talking to her.”

“she was on the bars, and I thought I could see her cunt, so I went over to have a look.”
“and did you?”
“yes, and not only her crack, but when I sat talking to her, I could see her cunt, you can see right through her knickers, as if she hadn’t any on.”
“fuck off.” The other boy said.
“its true, I swear on my mums life, I could see her cunt as plainly as I can see you.”

They both started at me again, I had decided to leave and got up.
I walked pass them both. The one I had spoken to looked at me.
“going back to lessons?”
“my name is Tom, what is yours?”
“will you be here tomorrow kate?”
“if its sunny, yes”
“perhaps see you tomorrow then.”
“ok” I answered and smiled.

As I walked away slowly, I heard the other one ask him.
“why did you ask her name?”
“if she is here tomorrow and wears the same knickers I will see her cunt again, and now we know each other I can sit close and have a good look, and she wont know I am looking at her cunt. I bet she doesn’t even know you can see her cunt through her knickers.”
“that’s a good idea, think I may sit with you.” The other replied.
“ok but don’t tell the others, if we all stare at her she will wonder why, and you know what they will say to her. If she doesn’t like the things they say she may leave. She may be young but at least we will see her cunt.”

I lay in bed that night again and thought about what I had done.
I didn’t know why but I enjoyed showing Tom my crack, and Im sure he liked it from the comments he made to his friend.
I didn’t know what a wank was, but I was sure Tom would have had one.
And I was excited at the thought of it.

I wondered if I should wear the same knickers tomorrow, in a strange way I wanted to, I wanted Tom to see my crack again.
And when I left them, he asked if I would be there tomorrow, so in a way I thought I had almost promised that he could see my crack again.

In the morning I had to search for a pair of knickers, mum had gathered the others up to wash. I bet she wondered why I had wore those, and not my others.
In the end at the bottom of the drawer I found a pale blue pair.
I tried them on, they weren’t see through like the white pair, which I was disappointed about.
I had to wear them, they were thinner then my others, and I hoped that Tom wouldn’t be disappointed that her couldn’t see my crack.
I liked Tom, and I liked him looking at me, and if he couldn’t see anything he wouldn’t be my friend any more.

Lunchtime came, and I was on the grass again, looking purposely for Tom this time.
At last I saw him coming, with his friend, and I lay back on the grass.
This time I had pulled my skirt up over my knickers.
Tom walked up and sat down.

“hello Kate, this is my friend Colin, have you been here long?”
“hello, no just got here.”
They both sat close to me, and I noticed that they were looking at my panties again, but discreetly, not staring.
Colin was the first to speak.
“my sisters got a pair of pants like yours.”
I looked down, and if pretending not to pulled my skirt down.

“oh.” said Tom “I was enjoying the view then.”
I looked him, but didn’t speak, the skirt was now just above my knees.
Colin looked at tom, “We may as well go then.”
“yes” said Tom, “go and find the others.”
“why?” I asked, very disappointed that they were about to leave.
“well.” Said colin “we cant see your knickers.”
“why do you want to?”
“I like the colour.” Colin answered, “my sister lets me look at hers.”
“how old is your sister?”
“same age as you I think.”

“come on Tom lets find a ball.”
“don’t go please.” I pleaded.
I didn’t want them to go, it would spoil my lunchtime, I enjoyed showing my crack to Tom.
Colin answered, “give us a reason to stay then, show us your pants.”
I looked around and saw no one close by, and lifted my skirt again.
“bit higher,” said Colin.
I pulled it higher, and looked down, it was level with my waist.

“that’s better isn’t it Tom, lovely colour.”
Tom nodded his approval, “not like yesterdays pair though, I could see through those.”

I lay not knowing what to do or say, it was my own fault for showing off yesterday.

“what could you see yesterday then Tom,” asked Colin
“saw her cunt through her pants.”
I could feel my face going red with embarrassment.
“saw her cunt hey, no such luck today, mate, cant see a fucking thing, come on lets go.”

I wanted Tom to stay, and talk to me.
“Im doing as you asked and showing you my knickers, why are you going?”
“cause you showed Tom your cunt yesterday, and I cant see it.”
“I didn’t know her could see it, it was an accident.”
“wearing see through knickers and you didn’t know.” Said Colin.

They made a move to leave.
Well it was my fault yesterday I thought, but I liked Toms attention, and didn’t want him to go.
“if I show you will you stay?”
“long as we get a good look.”
I looked around still unsure, what if the teacher came by and saw me. She would tell me off and may even tell my mum.

“come on she isn’t going to do it, lets go.”
“wait,” I looked around again, “have a look then.”
I pulled the thin material to one side, and exposed my smooth pussy.
They both looked, “oh yes” said Colin, “nice cunt.”
“there you happy now?” I asked letting go of the material.

“that wasn’t much of a look.” Tom replied.
“no we want a longer look then that or we are leaving.”
Again I checked to see it was ok, and pulled the material aside again.

“still cant see much, take them off.”
“no, I wont take them off.”
“ok no problem, lets go Tom.”

They both got to their feet.
“I will take them off but only for a second or two.”
They sat back down again.
“ok kate for a few seconds.” Tom answered.
I lay back down and put my fingers in the waist band and slowly moved them down over my thighs.
They stared, as my pussy came into view.
They were just above my knees, my pussy on full view.

“lower, take them right off.” Colin asked.
“no, you can see my crack.”
“right off Kate, take them right off.”
Now I began to feel uncomfortable, and shook my head.
“take the fucking things right off, now.”

There was menace in Colins voice, and I became frightened of what he would do if I didn’t take them off.
I was wishing the teacher would come by and send them away but she didn’t.

“do as I said kate take the fucking things off.” Came Colins voice again.

Reluctantly I took hold of the waist band again, and lowered them further, now at my ankles I once again stopped.
“right fucking off.”
I was scared, I slide them right off.
Colin snatched them from me, and pushed them into his pocket.
“open your legs.” Colin demanded.
I looked at Tom, he was staring at my face, I had the feeling that he hadn’t expected it to go this far, as I hadn’t either.
My little game had gone wrong, and instead of enjoying as before, I had become frightened of what Colin would do if I didn’t obey his commands.

“open those fucking legs.” He reached forward, grabbing my knees, he forced them apart.
“Colin don’t hurt her, she has done as you asked her too.”
“shout up you cunt, if you don’t want to see her cunt fuck off.”

I began to cry, Tom had tried to stop him, but failed.

Colin pushed my legs apart and then pushed me to the grass, my legs wide now.
“hold her tom.”
“why, what are you going to do.”
“do as I say fucking hold her.”

Tom did as he was told, probably scared of what Colin would do to him.

Tom held my arms, I couldnt see Colin.
I felt a finger on my pussy.
“no, don’t do that Colin, let her go, she may tell someone.”
”if she does it will be worse for her, Ill beat the shit out of her brother, then give her a fucking good hiding.”

Tom was silent again, and I was crying, looking up into Toms face.
I heard him say “sorry kate I didn’t know this would happen.”

“shut up you cunt, she is only a fucking girl.”

Again I felt his finger, moving up and down my crack, then there was a sudden pain.
I screamed out loud as Colins finger entered me, pushing as far as it would go.
He was ramming it into me hard.
I screamed again, but my voice was drowned out by the children at play.

“put your hand over her mouth, shut the bitch up.”
Tom did as he was told again.
I could feel his finger in me deeper now, then he pulled his finger out.
Looking at Tom, he said, “she took that one easy, now lets see if she can take two.”
And once again I felt pain as he pushed his two fingers in me.

“ok Colin lets stop now she has had enough, look she bleeding down there.”

I hadn’t realised I was bleeding, and I didn’t know where from, but I couldn’t stand much more of this.

“she took two Tom, she fucking loves it.”
I looked down at him with a tear streaked face.

He was kneeling now, I saw him undo the zip on his trousers, and for the first time I saw a hard prick, his.
“now see if she can take this beast.”
“NO Colin stop, for fucks sake stop.”

“she loves it mate, don’t you kate?”
I shook my head, my mouth still covered with Toms hand.
“say yes you love it Kate. And you want me to fuck you.”
I shook my head again.
“say you want my cock Kate, fucking say it. Think of your brother kate, do you want me to beat the crap out of him? say my cock inside your tight cunt.”

The thoughts of what he may do to Mark were in my head, I felt I had to nod and say yes.
I nodded, and closed my eyes.
“let her speak Tom.”
Tom moved his hand from my mouth.
“now tell me Kate you want me to fuck you tight cunt.”
I shook my head again.
He slapped my leg hard.
“fucking tell me you bitch say it now.”
With tears rolling down my face I nodded my head.
“tell me. say exactly what I told you.”

I had no choice.
“fuck my cunt with your cock.”
“say please.”
“please fuck my cunt.”
“told you she fucking loves it.”

I felt his prick against my cunt, and slowly it entered me, the pain was unbearable, but there was little I could do.
I looked up at Tom.
“Im so sorry this has happened kate, I didn’t know he would do this to you.
I closed my eyes again as I felt his whole length in me

He was moving back and forward making strange sounds.
It didn’t last long, perhaps a minute, maybe even less.
I felt him pull it out.
“Im going to cum right over your cunt Kate, soak your cunt with my cum.”
I looked down and he was wanking his prick violently, grunting and groaning.
Then his prick began spurting, I could feel the cum on my pussy and belly.

And it was over.

He put his cock away, and Tom released me.

Tom didn’t say anything to Colin or me, just walked away.
“be back here tomorrow kate, and I will fuck you hard again, would you like that?”
I didn’t answer, just wiped the tears from my eyes.
He didn’t wait for an answer either, he ran off to join Tom.

I sat in class in the afternoon. My pussy so sore I dared hardly to move.
I had been to the toilet, and wiped the blood away from my pussy, he had hurt me so much.
I knew I couldn’t say anything to anyone, I had asked Colin to do it.
And I couldn’t risk him beating my brother up.

School over I began to walk home.
I turned a corner and there stood Tom.
“go away, I don’t want to speak to you, you hurt me.”
“Colin hurt you.”
“but you helped him.
“I had to, my sister is in the same year as you, he may have hurt her in the same way if I hadn’t helped him.
“but it was ok for him to hurt me, as long as your sister is ok.”

I walked past him, and continued home.

He caught me up, “please don’t say anything to your mum or dad, they would only blame you for what has happened, and think you were a bad girl.”

I didn’t answer, but he was probably right, I had gone out with my “going out” knickers on so they could see my cunt.

It was my fault, Colin had fucked me, I had even asked him to do it.


this is a young girl talking, and most UK young girls use the word "knickers" rather then the American "panties"
please dont say the word "knickers" was used too many times, I KNOW IT IS.

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