Chapter 2

The next day in school Mindy was close to tears as she sat through lessons. She’d had a bad morning and to top off Chad had asked another favour of her.

“But it’s not fair you say?” He shouted raging at her selfishness and pissed off with her lacklustre attitude when it came to there relationship.

“What isn’t fair Mindy is that I ask you to do me one little favour. Your math assignment can wait. I can’t believe you put your studies before me. That really is selfishness.”

She gripped her books tightly to her arms as the two of them argued outside the recreation room.

“But my mom says she wants me home for studies.”

Chad huffed, and went to take the girl by her neck. He was mad now really pissed at her behaviour and attitude.

“This just wont do, I can’t take this kind of abuse. Mindy I’m leaving you.” He turned away letting a big evil grin come over his face. He counted in his mind 1, 2, and three.

“Chad wait, please wait.”

Across the hallway three of her friends each equally as attractive as the little minx gawked at them both and chit chatted.

“She’s sure done it now Francine. How could she let Chad down like that again? He’s so fit, why would she want to give him up?”

“I know what you mean Clara; I’ll speak with her later. She really needs to see that Chad loves her. Don’t get me wrong Mindy’s one of my best friends but I’m not gonna let a stupid, dumb math assignment get in the way of her love.”

Mindy in a last gasp of hope fell to the ground and dropped her satchel and books. “Chad please don’t do this. Not in front of my friends like this. I can’t bare for them to see you walk away I’ll be the laugh of everyone, please don’t leave me.”

And now he had her where he wanted her. “Well what did I tell you the other night that I wanted more than anything from you?”

She fumbled with her things and hesitated, “That a that you want me to do those things for you those sex things that you like. But I did that and I thought you were happy.”

He laughed and picked her up with his arms. He clicked at her friends to go away, so he could talk with her without there prying eyes. They immediately scrammed from view no one liked to upset Chad leister, least of all Mindy’s mates who all secretly adored him.

“It doesn’t just stop there Mindy. You have to go the extra mile. Push the boat out for me. Show me your true love and devotion. I want more form you I want to see that you love me and there is only one way you can show me that.

She straightened herself up not wanting to make a spectacle of her self. A few passers by raised there eyebrows and stared at the supposedly happy couple. This was not good for her.

“But Jerome Connors Chad he’s the biggest black guy in this school. I heard he once fucked a girl so hard she ended up in hospital. And I’ve never sucked a black guys cock I don’t even like them.”

Chad took her close, “Well learn to like them or lose me. That’s all I’ll say on the matter.” He stroked her cheek and ran his fingers through her soft blonde hair.

“So are you with me or are you not. The choice is yours. I’f you leave now there’s no coming back I don’t get back with girls that mistreat me in this way. I hope you understand.”

He took the softly soft approach, lowering his voice and staring directly into her eyes. He waited for her reply.

“What do I have to do Chad?”

“That’s good I’m real proud baby. I hope you understand that Jerome finds it real hard to find a girl these days and as promised I lost my bet with him. His team won the soccer match and I betted they would. You have to pay wagers Mindy and as asked by him you were that wager. You’re my boyfriend and you love me I’m glad you came to your senses.”

“Ok then.” She was glad they hadn’t split even if it meant doing what ever Jerome had planned. Sure her mom would be pissed that she didn’t finish her assignment but who cared as long as she was with Chad.

“You’ll meet him afterschool. He wants to take you to his place; it’s not far perhaps a five minute walk so you’ll be back in no time.”

“And then what?”

“Now I wasn’t totally honest with you before baby. Jerome is like me in many ways that’s why we are such good buddies. And as I said he has a mammoth cock down there do you realise how hard it is for him to find a fuck, least of all a girl who will date him! So that’s were you come in all you’ve got to do is suck his big fat cock. And well er…….”

“And er what Chad?” Her eyes suddenly beamed she was anxious to know what else he wanted to do to her. She’d drank piss before and managed that ok perhaps it wouldn’t be so bad.

“Like I said he has thoughts and ideas that he wants to put into reality, fantasies he dreams of doing but has never had the chance too.”

“It’s not, oh no Chad, I don’t have to do what I think do i?”

“What honey bun?”

He tugged her close and dropped his head over her shoulders close to her ear. She whispered into his ear so no one could hear.

“You know Chad eat his shit?”

Chad hugged her tightly, “Oh gosh baby I would never let anyone do that to you, not something that disgusting anyway. You’re my sweetheart and I’d never let another soul do that too you not even Jerome.” (Not yet of course) He giggled inside at the thought.

“No, oh that’s good Chad I really thought in my mind all day that’s what Jerome wanted from me, that’s why I was so upset.”

“You should have told me earlier baby. I would have kissed you all better.”

He was loving every minute of this every god damn minute of her humiliation and degradation. To think she was thinking thoughts of that nature, of shit! Just brilliant, it meant she was learning fast, learning quickly that her place really was beneath a guy’s ass slurping up his fat turds. In time she would of course but for now the best method was one step at a time.

“Anyway let me tell you. So you go round to his place and he strips down and you do to. Then he wants to sit his ass directly above your face. Then he’s gonna sit right down on your face and your well, can you tell me the rest honey?”

“Suck his asshole Chad.”

He hugged her real tight. He planted kisses on her neck and smothered her all over.

“That’s it just a simple ass suck I know you can do it.”

And so it was Mindy was resounded to her task ahead. It meant she kept Chad as a boyfriend and in the process she had to well suck Jerome’s ass hole, it couldn’t be that bad could it?

Chad knew Mindy was on her way to Jerome’s. He watched the blonde haired fuck slut as she left the school gates and made her way to Jerome’s house.
She looked terribly unhappy but Chad really didn’t understand why. What more do girls want in the world than a good fuck or a suck? And why they complained so much about it really miffed him.

He decided to make a little phone call to Jerome. “Hey dude”?

“Sup white boy how’s it hangin. The bitch comin round bro, my dicks aching for It.”

Like all normal black dudes of Jerome’s age he needed pussy and with a cock the size of his to have that little whore come and service him he was more than eager.

“Sure thing dude, listen I need a little favour from you, call it a gesture of good will for handin her to you.”

“Go on Bro.”

“You know she’s suckin that ass right I mean that’s what you wanted of course but well I want her to really taste it if you know what I mean. I’m trying to ease her in to her full potential I’m preparing her for bigger and better things and you could come in nicely tonight.”

“What ya want me to do?”

“Listen after all that fried chicken and pizzas and shit you ate with me last night you must be aching for a crap.”

Jerome laughed heavily but was intrigued, “Yeah if ya say so, where’s this goin bro?”

“Well in other words you’ve got about ten minutes before she arrives. Don’t you think it would be cool if when she has to suck your ass hole and you sit your hole right down onto her tongue and face she gets the fresh taste of shit in her mouth as she sucks you clean? Basically take a crap but don’t use any toilet paper afterwards she can do that for you. I’ve told her she’s just giving a standard ass suck but id like for her to have a little surprise when she gets to it.”

Jerome thought for a moment, but then realised what an awesome idea it was. He could humiliate her even further.

“Yeah you’re on bro. But what if she gets all freaked an shit and tries doin a number on me, I want my ass suck Chad you promised.”

“Don’t worry I’ve thought it all through. If she tries protesting which she will tell her that I’ve said any problems and you’re to call me? She’ll freak at that point knowing that if it happens she’ll lose me. And hey give me a call after I wanna here all about it.”

“No worries dude I like the sound of this already. Listen I think I hear the door speak later.”

And he hung up. Chad threw his phone in the air and chuckled to himself, stupid bitch was gonna lick and taste shit for the first time he was enjoying this.

The doorbell rang out, it rang six or seven times it must have been Mindy. But she can wait. Jerome was busy in the toilet knocking a fat crap out of his ass. He quickly flushed the toilet and spread his ass cheeks in the mirror so he could see what was left. Bingo big fat streaky shit marks on both sides. It felt quite strange doing his pants up, and not using any toilet roll but that’s where her tongue would come in handy.

He went and unopened the door; there stood in front of him was Mindy. She bit her lower lip and was shaking.

“You cold or something there girl? Come on in and share the warmth.”

He led her through into the hallway and bundled the docile little thing into his bedroom. His momma was out so they’d have no bother or interruptions. He sat her down on the bed whilst he casually stripped off his clothes.

“I don’t know why you look so scared princess. You know why you’re here. Fling them things to the side and get your clothes off. I wanna suck them titties a bit.”

He grabbed at her lithe body and drew her close, “Open up yo mouth and let me kiss you.” She had no choice in the matter and before she could think, she had the big thick nigger lips mauling her face.

“You so damn pretty girl hmmm let me taste yo tongue.” A typical nigger that’s what he was, straight in with the action.

She did her best to kiss back but all she felt was his slobbering tongue invade her cunted hole. He must have kissed her for five minutes before he finally let her breath properly. He decided to take her clothes off himself as she just stood there gormlessly.

“I don’t tell a bitch twice. If you gotta do it yo self then just do it.”

She felt terribly scared I mean who wouldn’t in her predicament. Jerome literally ripped at her bra and with out warning let his long tongue lap at her titty nips.

“Get them hard for me come on I wanna feel these udders erect.”

He flung her onto the bed and pulled off her thong. He dove into her pussy and began lapping at the sweet juices. She actually began to enjoy it as his expert tongue lapped at her clitoris. And she fell back arms spread moaning. It wasn’t until she saw the mammoth that she began to freak. It sprung up at almost twelve inches in all its glory rock hard, the thick veined fucker looked as though it could pop at any given moment. The purple headed bell end glistened with the light, pre cum dripping from the end and onto her soft velvety skin.

He stopped sucking her pussy and sat crossed legged letting his mast stand at full pelt. It stuck out profusely, jutting up past his belly button.

“You know what I want baby.”

She sure did and it wasn’t easy for Mindy, Jerome’s cock was nearly twice the size in girth to that of Chad’s and he wasn’t small to say the least.

“Look I say this to all the girls a face fuck. Open as wide as you can imagine your in the dentist, big ahh now ahhhhhhhhhh” He laughed at his remarks as she followed suite and took the end of his invader into her mouth. Jerome casually lied back and spread his arms he wanted a nice suck and wasn’t prepared to do any work.

She got onto her hands and knees and ran her mouth up and down on the organ, let it glide in and out of her mouth and even then only a sixth of it would fit.

Before long Jerome felt ready to blow his load, but then he remembered the ass suck. He wanted to blow whilst her tongue was embedded deeply in his rectum now that would be cool.

When he removed his cock from her mouth she literally fell to one side and flung her face in the air. Spit and drool covered her cheeks and lips she looked a real picture.

“So what else was it you were gonna do for me.” Jerome smiled.

She looked directly into his eyes and knew what he wanted, “An as suck Jerome. You want me to suck your ass and sit on my face.”

His grin widened, “Sure thing baby. Right here on my carpet floor. Lie down so I can angle my ass right onto your face.”

She’d never sucked an ass hole before but after drinking piss how hard could it be? Jerome spread her hair to one side so he had a clear view of her face. He then stood directly above her and very gradually began to lower his sweaty ass hole onto her face.

As he bore downwards Mindy could see the remnants of his last toilet visit, she panicked. The smell was putrid and it almost knocked her sick. “Jerome your ass it isn’t clean, I thought I was just sucking it as Chad asked but it’s all dirty and smelly.”

“Chad says a lot of things honey. Sure he tells you one thing but it doesn’t mean it’ll be true. Just get to it otherwise I’ll call Chad and let him know you upset me.”

She thought long and hard as the black ass came within an inch of her face. If he called Chad he’d be real pissed she nearly lost him today if he got mad again she might lose him all together.

“No don’t ring him I’ll do it.” But it was too late and before a response came form Jerome’s mouth he’d spread his ass cheeks with his hands and sat right down onto her face. The smell really got to her now and for a brief moment she didn’t know what to do.

“Come on stick your tongue right out Mindy. I won my bet and this is what I asked for.”

She gingerly stuck it out and began unwittingly lapping at the crud which stuck to his ass cheeks, she thought shed puke.

“All around my cheeks go from left then to right, get all that slurp up. I don’t want to have to use any toilet paper girl; if I do there will be real trouble.”
As instructed she began to bathe his sweaty cheeks with her tongue. She tried as best she could to get the shit stains and eventually she managed to make the ass cheeks sparkle clean. The taste in her mouth was bitter and stale.

Can you imagine having to suck clean a boy’s shitty ass hole at the tender age of thirteen?
When Jerome decided she had lapped up enough of his cheeks sufficiently he bode down even further.

“Now stick your tongue right into the confines of my shitter. I wanna feel you ram it right up there. I wanna feel your slick tongue probe my ass.”

She felt almost suffocated and only through Jerome bouncing up and down on her face did she manage to get room to breath.
She thrust her tongue up and in the smelly hole. It was disgusting horrible almost on a par of the piss drinking, and to think she’d have to drink the piss of five guys next Friday what was happening to her?

Jerome beat his massive twelve incher. He loved the feel of a thirteen year old girls tongue bathing his hole it felt so awesome. As he came close to cumming he literally smothered her face with his ass. All she could see was darkness her tongue fully extended inside his rectum.

Shortly after, he began to grunt loudly, hoarsely like a dog as ropes of his cum flew from his cock end. As the last drops fell onto the carpet he took a moment to catch his breath.

He stood up and looked into her eyes. Her face was covered with drool mixed with shit and ass hairs. Her hair was a mess and her makeup had run she was one fucked up whore. Jerome had had a brilliant time, and she too had gone one step forwards to her transformation as a fucked up cum slut.

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