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I work as a cab driver in the north London area and one Saturday night I was working the night shift, which meant the normal amount of drunken lads throwing up and dropping kebabs in the back seat, and girls who flash just about every part of their bodies. Well one night after about 2 in the morning I got a call to go to the Embassy Club one of London's posh club's to pick up a VIP which wasn't that bad I had picked up a few VIP'S in my time and they were all very nice always gave a decent tip.

So I drove over there and found the pavement covered in photographers all trying to get pics of someone I couldn't quite see and as I pull up people bounce off my car trying to get a good shot of the celeb. I get a little pissed off at all the nuts on my motor so honk the horn a few times to get them off when the back door opens and two people climb in. I don't really look round as I try to drive away with running over a camera man but eventually I get away then flick my eyes up to the rear view mirror to see what's in my cab and once I see my throat dries up. Cheryl Cole the WAG and popstar is sitting in the back of my cab her eyes look a little low then I realize she must be pissed the bloke next to her must be her agent.

"Chelsea Arrow street mate," the guy said while trying to sit Cheryl up. I tell the bloke no problem and switch my satellite navigation on and take a right turn.

"Hey what's your name," Cheryl is barley able to spit out in her drunk state and just as I go to answer her agent steps in.

"It doesn't matter what his name is Cheryl," I can't help but take offence from this posh twat but keep my mind on driving as he carries on.

"Cheryl tonight you made a complete ass of yourself what's your husband going to say when he sees tomorrow paper to find you falling out of a nightclub," Cheryl mutters something unheard to everyone then as I hit a speed bump the seatbelt less Cheryl is thrown into her agent's lap.

"YOU SICK PERVERT STOP THE CAR," Cheryl yelled her head off as I hit the breaks. I turn round to see her hitting her agent with drunken slaps while yelling at him.

"You sick bastard touching me up get out," and Cheryl is finally able to force the hapless agent out of the door and onto the pavement. She shuts the door and tells me to drive and I don't think twice about speeding away. A few minutes later I realize I have Cheryl Cole in the back of my car and she is really drunk as she is somehow trying to undo her shoes even though she had high heels on and they fell off her feet ages ago.

"So stud what's your name," Cheryl leaned forward and whispered in my ear nearly making me skid off the road. I manage to stutter out Phil but my mind is in a different place altogether. Do her one half is saying she's drunk and won't remember a thing this is your one chance to bang a celeb and a hott celeb at that. While my more normal side speaks to me calmly telling me I have a wife 3 kids I've never been unfaithful before why start now. This battle inside my head rages on for a few miles and I work out whatever I do I will be in the wrong as I approach some traffic lights. I make up my mind if I'm going to get wrong I will do the best wrong thing off all time. Cheryl's house in a few hundred yards on the left but as the lights turn green I swing right and head off for a quite spot to bang 1/5 of Girls Aloud as I watch Cheryl trying in her pissed state to say on her seat. I drive up this tiny grassy arena hidden from view as I switch off my lights and stop the car and get out.

I open the door for Cheryl and tell her, "Ok miss your home now."

Cheryl makes a sort of laugh snort noise as I help her out of my car. Her drunken state gives me long looking time over her amazing body dressed in an awesome white sweater that went all the way down to her legs with a shiny belt holding it down. As she gets out I look at her legs in black pantyhose's really making her legs look good and as she gets up I notice her sweater is a bit see though and her white bra is visible. She stumbles into my arms hiccupping from the heavy drink, as I smell her perfume the scent is intoxicating and I get a plan to fuck Cheryl.

"Well Miss Cole there you are home and safe that will be 23 pounds please," Cheryl looks around the dark clearing unaware where she is.

"Erm my manger will pay you," Cheryl slurs as she guides herself to the front of my cab.

"I'm sorry miss your manager's not here and I need my money now," As I talk I move closer to her touching her arm.

Cheryl grabs onto the bonnet of my car steadying herself, "it's fine Phil I'll write you a check where's my bag."

"I'm sorry Cheryl but I need cash money I need petrol so do you have any," I ask her.

"Hand me my bag," so as I pass Cheryl her handbag but after 5 minutes her hand pulls out of the bag empty as my heart beat quicken.

"Nothing" I say as she shakes her head and then turn in the worst acted performance you have ever seen.

"Aww man I need money my wife's pregnant I promised her money by the end of the month oh what am I going to do," I slide down my wheel holding my face pretending to weep as Cheryl even in her pissed state puts her arm around my shoulder to comfort me.

"Please stop crying please," Cheryl asks as I continue to fake sob.

"Look I must have something worth a bit of money here," she goes back looking in her bag as I set my plan in motion.

"Hey Cheryl that's a nice belt where'd you get it," I ask pointing at the belt around her slim waist.

"Oh," she says "I brought it years ago dunno how much thought you like it."

"Oh yes it's very pretty could I have it?" I ask. Cheryl looks from me to the belt a confused look on her face as I speak up again

"Look Cheryl I need money and I know a place I could sell it to please the belt," man she must be really pissed as she starts to undo her belt then hands it to me.

"Thanks Cheryl you're the best but I don't think this will cover the petrol price," I say laying though my teeth as this bombshell thinks about it then takes a seat on the grass and starts unzipping her left boot.

"There that should cover it," she says wobbling as she stands up. I pick up the boots my cock beginning to rise, as I know what will happen next

"Thanks Cheryl this will do great oh shit," I suddenly shout out scaring her.

"The congestion charge 5 pound fuck," Cheryl however seems to read my mind as she grabs her long jumper and starts to pull in up.

"Could you pay it with this," she asks as she throws her clothing to me. I look up and my cock hardens as I see the popstar standing in front of me in her underwear. Her white bra is pushing her tits right up and though her pantyhose's I can see her white panties. She starts to shiver in the cold early morning air so I walk over and wraps an arm around her trying to keep her warm. As I hold her tight Cheryl's left hand slips down and brushes against my ever hard cock making me shake. Cheryl isn't embarrassed by it instead she rubs her hand over my groin harder making my cock ache against my jeans.

"Wow," Cheryl says, "It feels so big."

"Do you want to see it?" I say without thinking and when she nods her head I start to undo my zip. I hear Cheryl gasp as I drop my jeans to the floor followed by my boxers and my 8-inch cock jumps out fully erect. Cheryl drops to her knees in her underwear and starts stroking it making me moan out as her skilled hands work over my dick.

"Fuck Cheryl that feels so good," I whisper as the young slut jerks away on my dick.

"Yeah she said aren't you glad I acted drunk," she says while rubbing my cock.

"What," I shout and jump back after her shocking revelation

"Get back here," Cheryl says but once she sees the shocked look on my face sees she should explain herself.

"Look I need some sex Ashley has been away for a long time and a young girl like me needed a lot of fucking and I haven't had any for a while so...."

"So you decided to do the first married person you see," I finish her statement very angry yes I know I was going to do her but the fact I'd acted like a twat when she was sober and that pissed me off.

"Look I knew you wouldn't ask if I was sober so I pretend to be pissed got rid of my agent and hoped you would...."

"Fuck the hell out of you," I finish her talking again aware that my cock was still hanging out so I go to pick my pants up when a hand stops me.

"Please I'm sorry but you would have just laughed it off please I need some cock," she nearly begs me. I can't think of a good answer so instead I grab her round the waist and slam her on my car bonnet.

"Your shit at acting like a drunk." I joke as I kiss her neck passionately.

"Better than you selling my clothes for petrol," she hits back while wrapping her legs around my naked waist.

Our mouths meet for a kiss but Cheryl stops and slowly slides down my car towards my cock. I steady myself on the radiator as Cheryl strokes my cock then aims it at her mouth. Pushing my hips forward I watch my cock slowly disappears down the singers mouth swallowing every inch. Her mouth feels so warm round my dick I let out a light moan as her hands cup my balls gently rubbing them. I stroke this hot girl's hair as she sucks away on my cock her lipstick staining my shaft as she bobs her head. Sitting back against my car bonnet and starts to moan loudly as Cheryl's fantastic cock sucking starts to take effect and my balls tingle as my climax builds. Cheryl seems to sense this and that makes her move faster and faster along my cock licking and sucking every inch of my dick. I can't hold back any longer and start thrusting into Cheryl's open mouth as my cum sprays out. Catching all of my jizz in her mouth she swallows it all down and I think this girl enjoyed drinking cum.

"Fuck that was good," I say leaning back against my car after that awesome blowjob.

"That was only the starter baby," Cheryl says standing up then leaning into me.

"If you wouldn't mind undoing my bra please Phil," she asks in a sexy voice.

Not being able to resist this hot girl whispering into my ear so I reach around her and snap open her white bra. Cheryl lets the lace slide off her tits and shows off her naked breasts to me. They look so perfect in the cold night air nipples as hard as rocks and her tits with a golden tan. She helps to pull off my t-shirt then presses her chest into mine making me shudder as her warm tits rub against me. My hands are still rubbing her naked back but on their own they slide down Cheryl's body to the waistband of her pantyhose's. I grip onto the material and pull them down Cheryl's hips and the popstar even moves back allowing me to take them off. Seeing Cheryl's panties for the first time makes my cock semi hard again only a few minutes after cumming and when Cheryl lays her body against mine making her panties rub my cock. I once again kiss Cheryl and rub my hands all over her naked back as her boobs push against my chest. My fingers reach her panties and I give them a little tug but Cheryl pulls away.

"No not here in the back seat," Cheryl says taking me by the hand and lead me into to back of my taxi.

Cheryl gets in the car first and lay back on the seat and started to pull down her panties as I watched her strip naked in the back of my car. She tossed her panties at me and I caught them they were still warm but Cheryl re go my attention by slowly spreading her legs showing me her shaved wet pussy. I leap into the car and moved my face in between her legs and start to lick Cheryl's pussy. Cheryl moans as my tongue works over her dripping wet cunt she feels so good in my mouth her juices tasted so good to me. Her screams get louder and louder as I eat Cheryl out and she can't hold on any longer and I high pitched yell Cheryl orgasms in my back seat. Cheryl lays back sweating and panting after cumming and I must admit that her cum in my mouth is spat out on the grass but as Cheryl wasn't looking it was fine. Once again my cock is hard and I want to fuck Cheryl more than I ever though I would and Cheryl says nothing but simply leaves her legs open and nods her head. Like a kid at Christmas I dive in and carefully line my dick up against her pussy and thrust inside of this slutty popstar.

"Oh fuck Phil I need you inside me please fuck me," Cheryl nearly begs with me as my cock touches her wet pussy lips.

I manage not to shout out any think stupid as I slowly push my cock inside of Cheryl Cole. My first thought was man how tight is this girl's pussy it felt so nice pushing into my dick almost rubbing it gently as I moved higher. Her wetness also felt nice so warm and as a lube it was great made a tight pussy seem almost easy to slide into. Once I was all the way in I stopped and looked at Cheryl who already had her eyes closed and rubbing her tits so without anymore encouragement I thrust in. the first few pushes are a little slow but I soon regain my rhythm and Cheryl is great audio maker during sex she moans at the right times the occasional scream of yes of and her cunt is a damm good fuck as well. I wrap my arms around Cheryl's back allowing me to hold on and fuck her deeper that tenses my cock and makes the brunette scream. Cheryl's arms wrap themselves around my head and pull me towards her face allowing Cheryl to kiss me again. Still I push my dick into her and her moaning now breaks up our kisses and shouting then her kisses move from my mouth across to my cheeks. Her hands pull my hair as I feel her reaching her climax. Cheryl's head tilts up as she yells and cries for more as I kiss her neck trying to calm her down but I hit her G-spot, which makes the celebrity howl.

Cheryl screams out nearly breaking my eardrums as cum sprays over my cock as her orgasm hits. Cheryl again breathes a sigh of relief as she stops cumming and I pull my cock out of her very wet pussy covered in her cum and still hard. Seeing I didn't finish Cheryl whispers for me to come over and sit on her gut, which I do as, she lays my dick across her chest. She then places her two golden tanned tits onto my dick and from that look in her eye she wants me to stuck her then she wants my cum all over her chest. Slowly I rock my dick back and forth against her breasts and her tits are so soft that I feel my cum building up already it won't be long until I cum all over this hot slut's chest. Cheryl moves her tits with my dick giving me an amazing tit wank and my eyes close as my balls release. Wave after wave of cum land all over Cheryl's tits and abs covering her entire upper body with my jizz. I fall back and rest my head on the driver's head rest as Cheryl gets up as well both of us out of breath after a fantastic sex session.

"Thank you Phil I needed that thanks," she kisses me on the cheek as I hand her a towel.

Cheryl cleans off her chest then gets dressed as I check there is no cum in or on the car for my next pick up. Once we are both dressed I drive Cheryl the right way back home and park next to her house I turn around.

"Now for my fare," I joke until Cheryl holds her hand out and passes me her little white panties.

"I think this will cover the fuel fare and any other made up charge you can use to take my clothes off." Cheryl answers with a smile on her face.

I take her panties and watch in awe as the singer with no panties on gets out of my cab and waves good bye. Tucking her panties into my glove compartment I flick on the indicator and as I turn away Cheryl runs up to the car leans in the window.

"Look if ever me or one of my friends need a good long drive I'll give them your number ok bye," Cheryl winks at me then runs off again. I watch her run up the steps leaning to her house raises her clothes a bit showing me her pantyhose covered ass then runs into her house. I drive away laughing to myself I really love my job.

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2012-10-03 09:00:43
What a pleasure to find someone who thinks through the isuess

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2012-02-05 17:23:21
Well done. Ive never met you but I'm proud of you man

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Amazing!totally amazing! Where do you think up this awesome shit. It's amazing.

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