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One man falls in love...then gets a big suprise
Jim met Jody at the club on a Friday night. She was short—no more than five foot two inches—with big tits and a tight athletic build. When she shook her stuff on the dance floor, she turned the head of every man in the room. For such a small girl, she had legs that seemed to go all the way up, and he miniskirt was barely long enough to cover her ass. As a matter of fact, on a few times onlookers managed to catch a glimpse of the white, silky panties underneath. He and his two roommates all vied for her attention, but by the end of the night it was clear who she had her sights set on. She and Jody ended the night making out in the bar’s bathroom. He managed to get a mouth full of boobs, but she slapped his hand away when he tried to go up her skirt.

They planned to meet up again the next night, and things were even hotter on the dance floor. This time Jody reserved all of her dances for Jim, and they were almost to the point of being x-rated. On one particular dance she ground her ass into him for so long and so hard that he actually nutted in his pants. His face was just starting to flush with embarrassment when she turned around, rubbed the wet spot in his jeans and gave him a long passionate kiss on the lips. They spent the rest of the night at a table with Jim’s roomies, who seemed to hit it off nicely with Jody, although they never noticed how her hand occasionally drifted back to the wet spot in his jeans and started rubbing. They were distracted by the two plump women they had picked up.

Jim tried like hell to get Jody to go home with him, but she said that she wasn’t ready for that. Instead they exchanged numbers and made plans to go out on a date later the next week. They talked every night, and Jim just couldn’t believe how well they were hitting it off. They shared many of the same interests, including football and beer, and when they talked it was like they’d known each other for years. The night before their date, the call took a kinky turn that ended with them having phone sex.

The night of the date came, and Jim was as nervous as he’d ever been before a date. He’d finally found a girl that he had more interest in that just sex…although she was smoking hot and sex was definitely on his mind. They had a romantic Italian dinner, and the conversation flowed just as easily as it had on the phone. Then they went to some movie that neither of them paid much attention to. At the end of the night he suggested that they go back to his place, and this time she nervously agreed.

When they got to the house, his roommates were watching TV in the living room. The four of them made awkward conversation, before Jim and Jody finally retired to his bedroom. She was on him before he even had the door closed, kissing his neck and pulling his shirt off. He let her guide him, and together they fell onto the bed. Her kisses were hot and wet, and her hand was working quickly to unbutton his jeans. His cock was rock hard when she got it free, and at once she started jerking it.

Jim unbuttoned Jody’s blouse, and then removed her bra a little more expertly than he would have liked to let on, but she didn’t seem to notice. She leaned down so he could take one of her nipples in his mouth. Her hand went back and forth from jerking his cock and rubbing his balls.

When he let go of her boobs long enough to tell Jody he was about to cum, she pulled away and slid provocatively down his body. Her hot, wet mouth found his cock and slid it in. With her lips moving up and down his shaft and her hand caressing his balls, it only took him a moment before he blew his load. Jody kept sucking and swallowing, which he had never found a girl to do, and the feeling was amazing. Finally he had to beg her to stop.

Jody lay down on her stomach next to him, and he leaned over and kissed him full on the lips. In that moment Jim didn’t care that he could taste his own cum, because he suddenly knew that he was in love.

“I think I love you,” Jim whispered.

“I think I love you too,” she replied.

Once he had caught his breath, Jim rolled over against Jody and started kissing her on the neck and then down her slender back. His hands found the zipper in the back of her skirt and slowly slid it down.

“Wait,” she said, sounding out of breath. “I need to tell you something.”

“Don’t worry about it,” Jim said, kissing her on the mouth again.

Jody raised her hips so he could slide her skirt down. Underneath he found one of the most beautiful and athletic asses he had ever seen with a hot pink thong running right up the crack of her ass. Jim pulled the string out of her ass and then ran his tongue up her crack. She moaned in pleasure. While he was still licking her ass, Jim guided her panties down and off. He reached around to rub her clit, and suddenly he was holding a rock hard cock in his hand. And not a little cock either. It was bigger than his own.

Instinctively Jim jumped back, horrified.

“Oh my god, you’re a dude,” he gasped.

“Jim, wait,” Jody pleaded.

“But…oh god….no…I can’t believe…”

“Jim, didn’t you say you loved me?”

“I did…but…you’re a fag,” he snapped.

Jody looked hurt. “But Jim, if you love somebody does that really matter?” she asked.

“Uhmmm….I don’t…”

“This doesn’t change anything,” she told him. “I’m still the same person I was five minutes ago…now you just know that I have a cock and balls.”


Before he could finish Jody had moved to him and was kissing him again. He tried to pull away, but he couldn’t. He felt lost and confused. He still felt the same feelings for her that he had before; he just didn’t know what to do about them. He didn’t have to. Jody pulled him back down onto the bed and kept kissing him. When he felt his cock starting to swell, he wasn’t even sure what was going on.

“No one has to know,” she said in between kisses. “Everyone that knows me thinks I’m a woman, so unless you tell them no one will have any idea.” When Jim’s cock was at full attention again, Jody rose onto her knees and whispered. “Fuck me, please.”

Jim stared at her ass. It was the same sexy ass he had just been licking. It was the same sexy as that had ground on him until he cam. Slowly he got behind her and nervously licked her ass again. It was just as hot as before, and suddenly he wanted to fuck her, cock or not.

He slid into her ass. It was tighter than a pussy, but not as tight as some of the asses he’d fucked before. But he knew he loved Jody, and that made it feel even better.

As he fucked her, one of Jody’s hands found his and brought it around to the front. At first it was odd, holding a cock in his hand, but the more he thought about it the more natural it felt. After all, hadn’t he jerked his own cock enough to know what he was doing. He started to pound on her cock as he pounded her ass, and after only a few minutes they were both cumming.

They collapsed into each others arms, their still dripping cocks rubbing against each other. As he kissed her again, Jim wondered what would come next.

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