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Note: This is a continuation of the story of Jake and I, I will continue School these days after…. Enjoy

When I left the locker room I was beaming, this was just what I needed. Someone I could be with, someone that I could talk to that was real, not one of the many people that were talking to me because of my previous relationship with Aimes. An hour after I had gotten home, I whipped out my phone, hit in his number, sent a text and pressed send.

I remember the agony of the whole 12 minutes that went buy, every thirty seconds I was pulling out my phone and pressing unlock, trying to see if he had texted back, even though I would hear if he had. After this time I heard the infamous three bells, and picked up my phone, seeing a message from “Jake ” the message read:

From: Jake
Received: 7:56 P.M

Jeremy today was amazing. Whatever came over me was great, because if I never would’ve taken that step, I wouldn’t have ever, ever, found you and have these amazing feelings for anybody else. Remember to come eat with me and my friends tomorrow!!
Love, Jake

I was so happy. I immediately planned what I was going to wear the next day. I had everything planed out. The minute the fourth period bell would ring, I would nonchalantly walk to my locker and slowly walk over, because I didn’t want to seem over excited, I mean he is a senior and would most likely be seated with them.

That night I had a very restless, dreamless sleep. My mind kept flashing to the next day and the endless possibilities ahead of me. I kept thinking of the happiness I could have, the restart from Aimes, and the future I could possibly have.

The second that alarm clock went off; I hopped out of bed and showered. I shaved my pubes (why, I did not know), and lathered up with body wash, which is something I did not normally do. When I got out and put lotion on and got dressed, put deodorant on and cologne. I got into my parents suburban, which would be mine in two months, and they took forever to come out.

The time before lunch dragged on, with the clock ticking slower and slower than usual, and classes becoming longer and longer. My heart was beating every which way and when fourth period was almost over, I was itching to get out. Many people were talking to me, but I couldn’t hear them, my heart was in my head and I was just ecstatic.

The minute the bell rang, I shot out of my desk but quickly remembered I was supposed to be nonchalant, so I quickly corrected the problem. I strolled to my locker and then across the quad to senior lawn. I began to walk in the direction of the lawn thinking that I am not a senior and that this was risky on my part.

I hesitated at the edged of the lawn and thought about turning away, but I went against it because this was the day I had been so worked up about, so I took the step, and little than 20 steps in, a huge football jock stepped in front of me and said, “Hold it sophomore, you cant be here, this is senior lawn” I stammered that I was meeting someone, but he didn’t care. He put me in a headlock and began tackling me; I couldn’t breathe and began to panic. I then heard the voice of an angel, “Hey, woah woah Jude, calm it down he’s with me!” Then the animal on me said “Sorry Harding, I didn’t know”. Harding. Jake was here. My heart fell and I was so happy.

He helped me up and I brushed off. “Thanks” I said. “No problem babe” he said. I smiled. He sat me down at his table and at the table was several water polo boys squeezed in, they were all dressed with their gorgeous mops of hair, tans, and all wearing cut off tank tops that showed their muscles perfectly. But there were two in particular that stuck out to me, James Boehner and Matt Kelter, the two junior boys, now seniors, that were celebrating in the yearbook photo with Jake. I looked at them in a better perspective.

James was huge, not fat, but built! He had enormous muscles but a lean build. He had huge calves and leg muscled that flexed perfectly. He had piercing blue eyes and jet black hair. Matt was very lean but also had a ton of muscle. He had long curly dirty blonde hair and brown eyes with many cute freckles. I looked at Jake again, with his long blonde hair and thought I was the luckiest guy on earth.

The lunch period went, to my pleasure, very slowly. I got a chance to talk to James and Matt and we immediately hit it off. We joked and talked, and Jake was happy that I was meeting his friends. When the bell rang Matt threw out that the school water polo had ended, but that there was a different team that was operating out of the school, but wasn’t connected, that I should try out for, and the tryouts were in two days. I laughed and said I had never played and was not cut out for it.

The school day ended and the cold early December clouds began to roll around. When the last bell rang I looked at my phone to learn I did not have a ride home. So I began to walk home and realized I lived a half hour away by car. I still trudged on when my luck got even better, a cloud burst and the water was freezing. Next thing I knew I was being hurried into a truck because I was shaking.

I remember being put in the car and the heat blasting, warming me instantly, a blanket thrown over me, and the car driving. When I came to, I looked over to see my God Jake smiling at me. “Where do you live” he asked. I told him where and before I knew it, we were at the infamous gates to my community. When we pulled up it was only 330 and my parents didn’t usually get home until 9.

He started a hot shower and I undressed and got in. I let the hot water fall over me when I heard the glass door open and he walked into my large shower with his meat going back and forth. He came up and held me. “Are we always going to meet like this, you cold and me warming you up In a shower?” he said devilishly. He pushed me onto the bench, the water still falling, and straddled me, kissing my next and occasionally my mouth. He trailed down to my dick when I stopped him. “I want to be the one who fucks you and sucks your dick this time” he complied. We switched positions and soon I was on top of him and had my tongue down his throat, our dicks pressed in between our chests. Every so often I looked down in between and compared his ripped self to my puny abs. I let the felling go.

Soon I trailed down to his dick and was playing with him, licking under his head and playing with his foreskin and nuts. He couldn’t handle it; he took my head and impaled it on his cock. He began furiously face fucking me, gagging me every so often, but soon we got a really good rhythm going on, and he let go and I began to do the work myself. I reached down and began to fondle his balls, sending him on a different wave of pleasure.

He gripped my hair and shoved it down, sending gallon after gallon of cum into my mouth. He was very sweet and I swallowed most of it. I came back up and shoved my tongue down his throat, kissing him passionately. We stayed hear for a few more minutes before he got up and put his hands on the bench, with his ass in the air.

I got on my knees and began to eat him out, spitting in his ass, all the while rubbing my dick. I couldn’t take it anymore; I got up and eased my 7.5 inch dick into his very, very tight ass. I began to thrust in and out, him clenching my dick which just sent me farther into ecstasy. The moaning soon became very loud and I was thrusting, him meeting every thrust. I yelled I was going to cum, and no sooner than I said it, streams after stream flowed out. I pulled out and we both collapsed on the bench, holding each other and kissing.

After he had got up and cleaned off, he came and sat back down and kissed me some more. We than just sat there cuddling. “Do you think Matt was serious about me joining water polo?” I asked. “Yea, they like you sand when you play water polo, you create a bond.” He said. “Ok ill do it” I blurted, anything I could do to be closer to him. He smiled and kissed my forehead.

We dried off and I kissed him goodbye and watched him leave. I then fished out the Speedo of his from our first encounter that I kept under the mattress. I then put his back and pulled out one of my old ones. I stared at it and then went to sleep.

The next school day went by quickly, and I ate with his friends. That day when I went home, I was very nervous for the next day and I went to sleep very scared. The next day went by slowly. Tryouts were at 4 in the afternoon and it was only twelve. I waited two hours and then decided to do what I always do when I am nervous, run. I put on the Speedo and It was very tight. I then pulled over running shorts and a shirt and put on my tennis shoes.

I ran down the street and onto the river access and just ran. I noticed the changing in the clouds and it started to rain. I loved running in the rain. I just saw the bare trees and smelt the burning of fires.

When I looked at my watch it was three fifty and the school was at least ten minutes away. SHIT. I began to sprint and when I got there I was panting. I came into the pool area to see the other boys including Matt, James, and Jake. He smiled and came up to me. “You made it!” he said. “Yea” I panted out “And with two minutes to spare” ha laughed. “Take off your clothes” he said, winking at me. I peeled off my shorts and shirt.

I stood there in my too tight of Speedo and some fat kid said “Hey where’d you find those? The kindergarten league?” he laughed. James went up to him and hit him. “Be cool to him!” he shouted. I smiled and mouthed thanks.

When the coach came she sized me up and said “I’m going out on a whim here kid, but get in the goalie box” she said. When I was in she said “You ever played” and I said no. “And you want to be on this team?” She said. “Coach common, give him a chance!” Jake said. “Fine, egg beat for five minutes everyone” she said. I began to egg beat, and much to my surprise, it was not very hard at all!

“Jeremy, your goalie!” she yelled. She tossed me a ball. We were scrimmaging. Thank god I watched water polo games, I thought. I tossed the ball to a player on my side and the game was underway. I blocked every single ball, many of them from Jake. I surprised myself immensely.

When we got out the coach said “Good job gentleman, you’re all on the team, food job for never playing Jeremy. You sure you never have?” she said. “Yessmam” I said. “Go change gentleman.” She said.

When we got into the locker room, everyone except James, Matt, Jake, and I went to the showers. I took off my Speedo as did the other boys and we just stood there. We sized each other up and Matt and James had quite the package, they were 5 inches soft and most likely 8 or 8.5 hard. They then lunged at me and pushed me on the bench. They climbed on top of me with their naked bodies and pinned me down. “GOODJOB!” they said and began to wrestle with me, me letting hem win. It took every inch of will power for me not to get hard, and I succeeded.

They climbed off me, sporting huge hardons, which I was right about size, and we all went and showered. When we got out I cursed myself for forgetting a towel and change of clothes. Jake lent me some and drove m home.

When we pulled up he told me he was very proud and I expressed how happy I was. We then made out and I went in. I collapse don my bed and fell asleep, having very good dreams.

The next few months went by and I began to gain a lot of muscle and my abs became more defined. I ate lunch with the boys and we became amazing friends, more like brothers.

It was a Friday in February and the next day we left for a week long tournament in LA. I was ecstatic. Not only would James, Matt, Jake and I be sharing a room, but I got to spend a week with my boy toy and the two other hottest guys I know.

The next day when we got onto the bus, Matt and I sat next to each other and James and Jake behind us because we were seated in alphabetical order. We left at 11340 for safety issued and would arrive at like 630 the next morning.

At around 130, Matt passed out and I was the only one up, except for the driver. I had problems sleeping in crowds. In 10 minutes, Matt began to stir, and his head of dirty blonde hair was soon on my shoulder and he was cuddling up to me. My hardon grew in my pants and was straining in the loose fabric of my shorts. He shoved his head into my neck and his hand loosely fell onto my dick. I almost came right there. He stirred a little bit more and was still dead asleep. I checked to see If he was really asleep and did something really risky. I leaned over and pecked him on the lips. He mumbled “Oh baby” in his sleep and kissed back.

I placed my hand on his huge dick and began to rub it through his pants. He grabbed my dick and squeezed. I took his hand and began to rub it up and down my dick, he was still latched on. I began to jack him off and pulled my pants down so our skin touched. I quickly came and I felt his dick tense up and so did he. I pulled up my pants, kissed him, he was till asleep and I cuddled to him and passed out.

When I woke up four hours later his head was sin my lap drooling. I thought of shoving my dick in his mouth, but I didn’t want to take the chance. When we got there we immediately had to play a game and we won.

When we got to the hotel we passed out. When we woke up at 11 at night we decided to have Jake and I share one of the beds and the other two the other bed. We all decided to go to the Jacuzzi downstairs. We got in and noticed nobody else was there. Jake and I were on one end and Matt and James the other. Jake and I had our heads resting on the outside and were relaxing with out eyes closed. Ten minutes later I heard moans. When I looked up and couldn’t really see through the steam. When my eyes adjusted I saw James and Matt making out and fondling each others dicks.

James opened his eyes and freaked out. He pushed him off him and began to stammer out an excuse. All I did was nudge Jake and I pulled him words me and shoved my tongue down his throat. I looked over and James and Matt had a stunned expression which they fixed by resuming their making out.

We got out and ran to our room. I closed the door and turned around to see James lunging at me. He stripped off mine and his swimsuits and shoved me on the bed. I looked over to see the other two naked.

James spit in my ass and began to eat me out. I looked up and Jake shoved his huge cock into my mouth. Before I knew it James cock was buried in my ass and Matt was stroking my dick. I couldn’t believe it, I was having an orgy with the three hottest guys. Jake continued to fuck my face and James fucked me.

They all began to moan and soon I was drinking cum and James was exploding into my ass. They both kept fucking both my holes until the were soft. Matt continued to stroke my dick and I shot everywhere.

The both pulled off of me and Jake and I crawled into bed. James and matt went to shower together, which I soon heard James saying “Matt fuck me!!”. I smiled. I crept into Jakes arms and said that even though someone else was fucking me, I still had only true feelings for him. He smiled and said “I loved you” “I love you too” I said. I fell asleep smiling in his huge arms.

MORE TO COME!! Tell me what you think!


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