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my mom is 43 year old she is 38dd
hello ,this is a true story based on my last year experience, as u all know 18 year old boy have all stupid

thoughts in his mind ,, so last year when i use to see my mom she always attract me because she have big

boobs (38 dd) u can imagine huge one so i try her to see her in bathroom but that was not possible one

day i get more horn and i load porn video in my i phone and i gave that i phone to my mom....than she start

looking movie after 5 minute that movie stopped ....and that porn movie which i uploaded that started so my

mom seen that movie and she said nothing to me and gave that i phone back to me ...i asked "it was nice"

she replied , it was fine ....than i fell bad that my plan is all dumped but again at night i went to mom and i said

mom i am dreamed of ghost reply sleep with me than i sleep with her and i just touched my cock in

mom ass and after 4 minute i start giving little force and after than after 5 minute i gave more force and than

she said nothing to me after that i just given all my body force and than she hold my cock in her hand i start

kissing her face and i hold big boobs i am feel very nice finally i fucked her very hard after that i daily fuck my

mom twice in day she always have this big experience u guys i think are totally in confusion that how can i do

that, but guys i really enjoyed it i started this feelings when i was at my young age my dad always sour to my

mom because her boobs size can increase finally my dad done it and got big boobs.........whenever i see

them i really get feelings of pressing them and hold them in my hand day when my dad out of station

i went in kitchen and seen her big ass i just pull up her skirt and i toned the panties and i seen big ass like 44

inch that was really looks like a big couch i really get very horn after looking that so i hold them in my

hand......and i really pressed very hard and more hard she shouted and said please take it easy but i replied

no i like it i stretched the hips and i seen big hairy ass i feel nice n hmm.. i just put my all force with my big

cock in her ass she creamed shouted but i no i didnt leave her i just stated fucking i fucked her for 20 minute

than i started licking her ass and pussy as well together she enjoyed and said i fell proud on my son i replied

ok mom u just take enjoyment of sex dont talk much otherwise u will not get enjoy after that i put my big horny

cock in her pussy she just closed her eyes and she looking like drunk lady i just fucked her she said to me

that ur dad dont satisfy me dear son u r only one who satisfy me as well as u have big really black cock that

make to live in this sexuality life ..i asked my mom tht mom i feel bad sometimes when i do fuck u mom

replied there is nothing wrong in fucking mom these all coustome and society pleasure is maked by

stupid peoples so dont get worry about it fuck me and enjoy your life and dont take so much tension you

are not ur father son i gangbanged so many times with many other guys ur the son of one them i think but i

dont know exactly ur fathers name ok son .....she asked about my gf that invite her to join our company i 2

asked from my gf for my mom sex she is not agree but i make her understood she love me so much thts y

she also agree with me my mom is little incest,n little lesbian so i intoduce my gf to my mom and she just

shake hand her than my mom said to my gf that u chosen a right guy who have solution of sex my gf reply

with a naughty smile yeah... my gf ask my mom that dont u fell bad doing all this with my bf my mom said

its ur bf and the same time he is my son so i do love his cock ...and when he was 10 year old his cock was

always horn looking me gf replies ah...ok my mom hold my gf boobs in her hand she started asking

me do u love this i replied not more than ur boobs mom mom laugh n said no dear we both love ur

cock so open ur trouser i open it n shown it to my mom aand gf as well they started licking my cock as well

my mom started sucking it my gf said ur so fast mom and i started fucking my mom and sucking my gf

pussy they both enjoying my cock and after that my mom started kissing my gf they both kissed and i put

my cock in my gf mouth and my gf started licking my mom pussy as well we are enjoying it from all side i

sit on my mom mouth and my gf put 2 big dildo in my mom ass n pussy as well my get more pain and i

said to my gf that beat my mom so hard she started beating her ass this all played for 6 minute after that

my mom sit on my gf mouth so i told u guys about my mom ass size my gf started shouting i put my big

cock in her ass and put 9 inch dildo in her ass she also enjoyed it after that we all cumed n i asked did u

enjoyed it she said yes very much mom aslo enjoyed they both are happy with me now also i use

to fuck them twice or thrice in day and thts a great expreicne for me u guys also can try it in ur family so that

u can enjoy it their is no social emotion n nothing enjoy it like a animal ok............thanks

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2013-05-04 22:54:20
Who every posted last fuck ya I would

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2012-12-26 23:30:50
any guys out there wanna stick their dicks in me and cum on my boobs

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2012-12-26 23:28:48
damn i wish u could fuck me

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2012-03-24 12:41:29
I wanna fuck my mum but dont know how to ask ive felt her tits before though ;)

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2011-10-08 15:37:30
Damn the gf part sexy but Ur mom and gf at the same time come on Bro.

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