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Let’s play: “Rape Me!”

This all started when I came home early one day and walked in the house thru the garage people door. As I burst in, the wife screamed! She said: “Oh my god, you scared the hell out of me!” She held her chest and gasp for breath as we laughed. She had just taken a shower and had only a towel around her and a towel around her long hair. She had just come into the kitchen for something.

She looked so hot and sexy, she smelled so good, with that fresh shower. I got a evil idea.

My wife has a hot figure, shapely legs and good sized tits. She’s slim and so hot looking with just that towel. I said:

“Well, did we forget to lock the door.? That’s to bad lady. I’ve been watching you for weeks, peaking thru your windows, following you shopping and now I find you alone and half naked.”
She looked at me and froze. She still was holding her hand to her chest from the scare. She slowly backed up against the refrigerator, clutching her towel. I slowly walked towards her. She began to breathe hard. I said: “Let’s just see what’s under that towel, lady.” She looked at me with panic in her eyes. She said:
“You get the hell out of her mister!”

“Now is that anyway to treat an admirer lady?”

“Don’t even think about trying anything, you creep!”

“Shhhhhh, don’t you yell out, I can’t wait to put my hands all over you?” She shivered, and gasped.
“My husband will be home any minute now, he‘ll kill you!”

“No he won’t, I know your husband, and I put something in his coffee at work. He’ll sleep in his car for the next 8 hours.” She looked at my hand rubbing my boner, her eyes wide open with panic.
I walked quietly closer to her. She had that ‘scared shitless’ look on her face. I got next to her face and started kissing her neck . I whispered: “You smell good enough to eat.” and I slowly licked around her ear.….she mumbled ‘please don’t do that.’ Then she said:
“Oh god, stop that, that gives me goose bumps, you slime!”
“I see you have a couple of nice bumps under that towel, don’t you?”
“They’re for my husband, not you, you creepy bastard!” I now whispered in her ear. “He’s not here, and your nice tits need attention.” I slowly reached out and turned her around. I put my hands around her and felt those nice big tits, as I breathed on the back her neck. I lifted her towel in the back and pushed my boner against her ass. She was really breathing hard now, her hands were trembling.
“You wouldn’t dare do anything to me! It’s not my fault I make you crazy with desire for me. Don’t even think about taking my towel off, and feeling my bare breasts.”
“Too late lady, now drop that towel, right now.”
“NO!, I’m not going to help you molest me.”

I slowly reached around her and un-tucked her towel at her cleavage. I let it slowly descend down her body giving her hot chills, and tossed it aside. I watch the goose bumps crawl up her neck. I pulled the towel off her long hair, and tossed that aside. I pushed her up against the refrig., and pushed my hardon

against her ass tight. I felt those wonderful tits as she leaned her head back on me. “Oh god, don’t do that, mister, your making me all horny, and I hate that! My husband will kill you for touching his property.”

I said: “Give me your hand lady.” I put her hand on my warm boner. Her hand was shaking as she felt it. Then she jerked it away. She muttered: “your disgusting”.
“Let’s take a little walk to your bedroom, little miss married bitch teaser,” as I move my hand to her pussy.
“I didn’t tease you, your just a dirty man….Oh…god.. ….please don’t touch my vagina like that,” She said.
I grabbed her wet hair and walked her to the bedroom, holding her firm from behind. She tried to break away, she fought me all the way. I whispered: “Hold still, bitch!”

“Is this where he makes love to you?”
“He’s a wonderful lover, not a rapist like you!”
“Shut up, miss high and mighty, and lie on the bed face down.”
“I won’t do it!” I pushed her onto the bed, and held her down. I put her arms out and spread her legs.
“Now stay that way, or I’ll tie your wrists and ankles that way.”
“What are going to do, you sick raper.”
“I’m going to get you ready for the best fuck you’ve ever had, lady.”
“Ohhhhh! ….you wouldn’t DARE!”
I tried to kick me with her legs, but I held her down. I started licking her. She shivered over and over. I kept going and licked her body, as she moaned. She was trembling now. I said: “Don’t you move lady.“ I took my clothes off, laid on her back.
“Get off me, you pervert!, your hurting me!”
“That’s the idea, I’m going to ‘get off’ in your hot little pussy, lady”
“You’re a nasty man, don’t you dare put your cock in my vagina!”
“You talk to much, maybe you need something in your mouth to suck on.”
“OH…your filthy!, I’m a lady and lady’s don’t put men’s cock’s in there mouths.”

“You’ll beg to suck my dick, when I’m done with you.”
“What are doing back there with my vagina?” I pulled her soft hips up a little and slipped my dick in her warm pussy. Wow, she was wet! Her pussy was hot and ready, and she moaned, “Please stop, mister. Don‘t have sex with me, my vagina is for my husband only. Now get off me!”
Her face was red as she tried to catch her breath, moaning …”Don’t cum in me please, and don’t make me climax with you.” she gasped out.

I had never seen my wife this hot and worked up before. She humped back on my dick deep and moaned so sweet. I held her arms tightly.

“If you have to do me, get it over with, do me fast at least! Fuck me hard, and at least massage my tits and nipples.”
We fucked like wild rabbits in heat, moaning and squirming. She bucked like a mule. Suddenly, she tried to get away. I pulled her back.

She moaned: “You bastard!, don’t you dare rape me, OH GOD….OH SHIT…your making me climax!, …YES!!!” I pulled her hair tight. I pushed my dick in as far at would go. I held her down tight and shot the most I had ever unloaded in her, ever. My cum was oozing every where. She shook and bucked her ass and squeezed her pussy around my dick, still moaning.

We gasp for breath for a long time. She was really spent, mumbling something about being raped so good. I covered her up and let her sleep.

The next day we talked about how exciting that was. She said her heart would speed up just thinking about it. She said she couldn’t remember being that turned on before, ever. It made her tremble inside being raped by a stranger against her will. She leaned over and kissed me hot, and said: “Thanks, stranger.”

Then she said: “Don’t EVER do that again!, unless…. maybe you could surprise me again soon?….please?” I said: “You’re a sick woman, I’ll plan a ‘treatment’ for you. I’m glad I’m a man and don’t have to ever worry about being raped.”

A few days later I was working in the den one afternoon, when I felt an arm go around my neck tight. The person put their hand over my mouth and whispered: “Well, what do we have here? Did we forget to lock the door?, well, get those pants off mister, and get that dick hard because we’re going to fuck, right now.”
(my wife was going to rape me?, a male?, what a wonderfully sick woman.)

She drug me backwards and out of the chair. She stopped and whispered: “Let’s see what you got stud.” She reached around me and felt my now big boner, and squeezed it over and over.

“You better get it harder than that, mister hot pants, I want a real hot mind blowing fuck out of you.”
“ Let me go!, my wife will kill you lady, my dick belongs to her and only her!”
“To hell with that bitch, your going to fuck me now, and fill my pussy with your hot cum, got it?”
“Your disgusting with your gutter talk,” I said.

She began to feel my chest, pinching my nipples. She jerked me down on my knees. She put a blindfold on me. The next thing I felt was warm pussy hair in my face.
“Stick your tongue out mister!.” I felt a wet pussy on my lips, rubbing on my tongue.
“Lick it good, and don’t forget my clit.” I heard moaning, as her pussy smothered my face. Her hands pulling my head into her. I pulled back and said: “Lady, my wife will hunt you down and beat your ass! Your just a nasty bitch.”

“Ha! Your wife is probably screwing somebody else right now.” I felt my clothes being jerked off. She rolled me on top of her.
“It’s showtime mister, now do what I say!”
“Let me go, I love my wife, you man raper!”
“ Ha ha, your dick is mine now, so stick it in me and fill my pussy with cream…. until I scream!”
“Your sick!”
“Just shut up and start fucking me hard!”
I said: “Oh well, since your FORCING me to.” She forced me to kiss her, ramming her tongue in my mouth.

She grabbed my dick and shoved it in her hot wet slick pussy. I felt her legs wrap around me tight. She started fucking me deep, and moaned loud as she slammed my dick deep in her pussy. “Come on mister, FUCK ME!!“ My balls were screaming to let my cum out and I couldn’t hold back anymore. She knew me well and grabbed my butt cheeks and pulled hard as she was about to climax.
“Oooooooooooo God! Mister, fuck me, fuck me, give me hot cum NOW!!!!” We both started moaning and
thrashing on the floor. We locked up and “Gezzzzzzz…oh BABY!..YES YES YES!, we yelled and my balls

pulled so tight and I yelled again. I started flooding her pussy, pump after pump with my hot cum. Cum and juices blending together. We twisted and thrashed on the floor with a wonderful cum and climax. It lingered and lingered as pulses in my dick and her pussy blended together.

After a long rest, I woke her sweet face up and said:
“Lady…LADY!…I think I hear my wife coming, she may have a gun!”

She slowly looked at me with content glazed eyes and said:

“ Fuck the bitch, I own you now mister.”

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2013-12-02 09:02:09
We did that last year. It was great !! I tied her to the bed and raped her ass like I had always wanted. It was our 1st time anally and now it's a "once in awhile" thing for us. We both enjoyed it immensely.


2012-01-22 12:46:02
Thats my dream. I told this to the guy I like. And he said he's never do it. If he won't I'll rape him. A 100 lbs girl raping a 200lbs guy on the rugby team. That'll be fun.

anonymous readerReport

2011-08-19 22:56:39
That was really a great story! Makes me wanna do that with my man!

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2010-12-07 02:01:25
Fuck me i want a man to do that to me ;)

anonymous readerReport

2010-11-29 00:23:06
i did that with your wife already but she tells you... then im gonna slap the shit outta her mouth with my dick and be bitch i told u then i will shit inside your pillow and stitch that shit back up while she makes me some after fucken snax while i rest my tired ass on your side of the bed you fucking douche fukeneh!

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