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This is my first story so bear with me please. Please comment. Good comments please. I hope you’ll enjoy it.
Hailey was a thirteen year old girl that lived in Selving, Mississippi. She was 5’4” with long, dark brown hair. She attended Selving Central Middle School and was in the sixth grade. She had had three boyfriends, but had never gone any farther than kissing a little before getting caught by the basketball coach. She lived with her mother and brother, Jacob. Jacob was fourteen and was the second most popular boys in the entire school. He had many friends but his best friend was Eric Kessler the most popular boy at her school. He was 5’11”, brown hair, and a strong, muscular body. Eric was the captain of the football team, first chair saxophone, president of the Beta club, and single. Eric came over to the house to spend the night with Jacob a lot sometimes and every time he came Hailey would get so excited because the word around school was he liked her and might ask her out. Enough background - now for the story.
Hailey was sitting in her room watching TV. She could hear her younger brother next door playing a video game with the volume turned all the way up; whenever she thought of Eric she would just get an overall feeling of happiness. She started thinking about him when her mom sent her a text saying for her to tell Jacob and Eric that it was time to go to bed. She got up and walked down the hall. Hailey noticed that Jacob’s door was slightly ajar. She peeked in and saw Jacob naked on the bed with Eric naked straddling him. Hailey heard wet, sucking noises coming from them. Just then, she saw a whitish goo splatter all over Jacob’s face. Hailey had always been a sheltered little girl so she had no idea what just happened. She walked halfway back down the hall and yelled, “Jacob, Eric go to bed!”, to make it sound like she hadn’t just seen that. Hailey heard the TV shut off and she climbed up on her bed. She then felt something wet between her legs. She thought she had peed herself but when she touched it, it didn’t feel like pee. She then instinctively started to rub it. It felt so good she thought. She had heard girls at school talk about rubbing their vaginas but she had never done it. She then pulled off her panties and started rubbing her tight, little thirteen year old slit which was just starting to get some dark colored hair above it. She found little rounded pea sized thing inside her pussy and when she touched it, she felt a rush of pleasure engulf her developing body. Then she heard breathing across the room. She saw Eric, now clothed, standing their with a video camera. She quickly covered her self with a blanket. He said, “I recorded all of that”, he said with a smile, “I’m going to show that to everyone at school unless you do something for me.” “What?” asked Hailey. “Have sex with me”, he said promptly. Before Hailey could even stammer a response, Eric was undressing. He was in his boxers and in bed with Hailey in five seconds. Eric pulled off Hailey’s bra and started sucking her 32b breasts. Hailey had no idea what was going on, but strangely she was enjoying it. Without even thinking she pulled down Eric’s boxers and was stroking his uncircumcised 6” boner. Eric realized this and stopped sucking her breasts instead straddling her like he had done to Jacob not ten minutes before. Eric shoved his dick in Hailey’s mouth. Hailey knew that if Eric ever showed that to anyone at school, she would be made fun of till graduation. So, she sucked it, stroked it, and licked the head. Eric proceeded to begin fingering Hailey’s soaking pussy. Finally, Eric yelled, “I’m going to cum!” Not knowing what he meant, Hailey stopped sucking for a second to ask what he meant when he exploded all over her beautiful face. She was extremely scared thinking that she might have injured him but he said that’s what’s supposed to happen.
Eric got off her and started licking and fingering her vagina. Hailey moaned softly. She stared jerking and moaning louder and experienced her second orgasm. Eric then got back on her and carefully inserted his now fully erect penis into her soaked slit. Hailey stopped her self from screaming for the pain was intense but soon it subsided all she could think of was the intense feelings of pleasure coursing over her young body like a sexual tsunami. Eric had been at it for a good five minutes when he shoved his throbbing cock as far as he was able to up her pussy. Eric came with the biggest orgasm of his life and as a result, he pulled out and ejaculated all over her tanned stomach. Hailey couldn’t believe what had happened and just rolled over on her stomach in bewilderment. Eric, seeing this as a signal, with all the force he could muster, pushed his dick into Hailey’s ass. Surprised at this, Hailey was about to object but then against her better judgment, sighed and took it. Eric started slow not wanting to hurt her, but slowly increased his speed until he was moving back and forth as fast as he could. Hailey was taken aback how good it felt. She then started fingering herself again. Eric couldn’t take anymore and came for a fourth time that night all the way in the little angel’s butt and collapsed asleep on her bed. Hailey felt tired herself but saw an opportunity. She moved very carefully to not wake up Eric and made her way off the bed and over to the camera. She deleted every picture and video of her pleasuring herself. Then made her way back to bed.
Eric woke up two hours later with Hailey lying next to him with her slit pushed up against his knee. Eric checked his watch and saw that it was only four A.M. He pulled the covers over Hailey and dressed. Picking up his camera, he walked back to Jacob’s room where he collapsed a second time on the couch. Hailey awoke at seven and went downstairs just in time for breakfast. She ate her eggs and toast and on her way back up to her room, met Eric and whispered into his ear, “I’ll let you do that again if you don’t show that to anyone at school.” Eric replied, “I checked the camera and the video was deleted.” Hailey winked at him and went up to her room.

Thanks for reading if you want I’ll continue and if you thought it sucked, I will never publish another story again and set my computer on fire.
Vielen Dank fuer Ihre Zeit. Viel Spass beim Lesen!

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2015-10-13 23:32:03

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2013-06-16 06:55:34
not a bad story but you need to break your text into paragraphs.
That will make it so much more readable and also slow down a bit. I got the impression you were trying to get it all on 'paper' before you forgot or got caught or something...
Otherwise its not bad for a first try.

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2010-11-30 21:57:09
The story was good but really short. Und Bitte schon

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2010-11-30 21:56:47
The story was good but really short. Und Bitte schon


2010-11-28 13:37:13
A decent start, but way, WAY too short!! There is a lot happening here without any background or insight. I would love to read more about what went on with the boys, how she got started doing this, why she erased the vids, etc.etc. Keep writing - just a lot more detail.

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