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I teach in year 9 at a local high school, I’m not some kind of perv and I don’t normally feel sexually towards my students but this one girl man was she a cock tease. Her name was chloe she was only 14. She would strut around school with a skirt barely covering her behind her titz, which were rather big n round n firm for her age would almost POP outta her buttoned down school shirt she worse stiletto heels showing off her gorgeously toned legs, My prick would spring to attention as soon as I saw her. I don’t think she ever noticed but when ever I had her in my class I couldn’t help but imagine her sucking my 8 inch prick. I jus knew I had to so something I knew it wasn’t right but I’m a single man of 21 I can’t help my urges! This lil cocktease needed to be taught a lesson and I was the perfect teacher to teach her.

It was the last lesson on a sunny Thursday afternoon, all day I had been thinking about how I could get this sweet little 14 year old all to myself when finally I got my chance. I had to give the class a chemistry test this meant test conditions so basically silence she whispered something to the boy sitting next to her I took my chance, Chloe I called out you know its test conditions which means no talking wait for me after class she protested but she soon shut up when she saw my serious expression.

The bell went at 3:30 everyone else cleared out to go home but like a good little girl, chloe sat there waiting for her punishment. Little did she know what I had in store. I stood up and beckoned for her to come over to me she walked over with her fine ass wiggling, which caused my prick to stir in my boxers. She stood in front of me her nice firm titz presented wonderfully in her buttoned down shirt she didn’t know It but she was sending my prick into a frenzy. She said she couldn’t get into trouble because her parents were very strict she said she would do anything if I would just let it go. Hearing her beg drove me wild! I simply started asking her questions I started by asking her if she had a boyfriend she said no I asked her if she was a virgin she looked a little shocked at my questioning but timidly replied yes I ask how fair she had gone with a boy and she replied no more then making out I said I would drop the subject of her being in trouble if she let me teach her. She looked shocked and nervous but she slowly nodded her head. I notice her gaze fall on my rock hard nob. I told her to undo my trousers n take out my cock . She dropped to her knees slowly with little shaky hands undid my buckle n zip and pulled down my trousers I started running my hands through her lovely blonde hair. My trousers dropped to the floor letting her blue eyes see the tent my rock hot cock was making in my boxers. O ye baby I said to her a little more confident she pulled down my boxers letting my organ spring out at her almost hitting her in the face she gasped. I bent down and pulled up her little hand wrapping it round my 8 inch meat the feel of her young warm soft hands on my cock made it spasm. My hand on hers I made her hand slowly slide up and down on my prick a funny little smile spread on her angelic face as she stared at me big purple cock head as pre-cum formed in the pee hole. She became more sure of herself and I was able to remove my hand n enjoy what she was doing to me. I was in paradise this little slut was giving me a hand job and I wasn’t sure but I think she was enjoying it!

Put it in your mouth I told her. Her little blue eyes looked up at me she looked so nervous I calmly said to her go on baby if you do what I tell you and u do it right u will get a treat at the end. Slowly she put her head towards my cock it jumped again as I felt her warm breath approach it a little distance from her mouth she stopped I put my hand gently on her head and gave her a nudge she opened her mouth wide n instant pleasure surrounded me as I felt her warm saliva on my rock hard cock head. Now lick and suck on my cock like it was a lollipop I told her. She seemed more confident in doing this she started off slow bobbin her blonde little head up and down on my cock I started to moan my hips began to move slowly fucking her mouth. I looked down at the beautiful little mounds of her breasts I cupped them in my hands as she worked on my throbbing cock. I rubbed all over her sweet young titz her lil nipples poking through her thin bra and shirt hard as bullets. She began to bob up n down faster on my cock licking my shaft with her tongue as she went, she was driving me insane I knew I wouldn’t last much longer…..and I didn’t. o SHIT baby here comes your reward her it comes AAARRRRHHH I shot my load down the back of her throat jet after jet of warm sticky cum her eyes widened as my hott load slipped down her throat. Her mouth couldn’t take it all and some dripped out her mouth down her neck, chest and cleavage.
I pulled her up slowly unbuttoned her shirt her little blue eyes staring at me. I licked my cum from her a slight giggle released from her lips as my tongue tickled her breasts. I pulled her titz from her pink lace bra I took a rock hard little nipple into my mouth sucking on it running my tongues all over it I pinched the other one with my free hand I looked up at her she had her eyes screwed shut biting her lip with pleasure. I tore my mouth from her swollen nipple I asked if she liked it she nodded in response. So without hesitation I placed my mouth around the other nipple my hand had previously been working on. She moaned again. After a few minutes of tit stimulation she started wriggling around, a sure sign she needed more. I asked her if she wanted more pleasure her simple response was o god yes.
I lifted her onto a desk I slid up her skirt she lent back on her hands on the desk. She was wearing a matching pink g-string to her bra a little dark pink wet patch was visible In her little g-string her aroma was like non I had ever known before so sweet yet pungent it turned me on something fierce. I gently pulled the mesh of her g-string to one side revealing a soaking wet shaved pussy this took me a little by surprise, her little rose bud clit poked out from under its little hide away. I slowly lowered my mouth to her steaming box I flicked at her clit with my tongue her thighs almost immediately grabbed my head as she moaned in pure joy as I began to stimulate her little clit, she grabbed my head with her hands and moaned o god, soon her body was shaking and rocking, My tongue flicked faster and I brought 2 fingers into action slowly poking around in her tight little pussy causing her to rock n shake even more .Her pussy glistened in her little girl juice making my cock rock hard all over again. Soon my whole hand and mouth was covered in sweet pussy juice she screamed so loud I thought she would break the windows! This is when she gushed her girl juices out at me that’s when I believe Chloe had her first orgasm!

That was it for me I couldn’t hold on any more I told her I was going to show her the best pleasure ever!
I ripped her little pink g-string off and put her down on the table I spread her legs wide her swollen pussy lips shining with juice! I wasn’t sure how I was going to get my cock into her but I was damn sure going to try. I teased her clit and pussy lips with my big purple cock head making sure she was nice and wet suddenly she started begging for me to do it to her, she had her hands on my shoulders. Her hips gave a little push at my cock as to tell me she was ready a little of my prick head slipped into her she groaned. I kept pushing more and more her pussy lips opening wide to let in the intruder. Suddenly I felt something I knew it was her maidenhead and I did hope it wouldn’t be to painful but I sure as hell wasn’t going to stop I rammed into her. Her face screwed up tight as she let out a little yelp I saw some blood only a few drops drip from her pussy. She told me it hurts I said it will be better in a minute and I slowly started going in and out of her. She began to relax wrapping her legs around my waist her wet silky tunnel did wonders on my cock no matter how tight it was. I started off slow building up faster and faster till I was pumping into her like a piston her moans driving me wild. I felt the muscles in her pussy begin to contract her body shook harder she bit her lip I pounded into her sweet wet little pussy. I felt my own cum build inside me, suddenly I felt her pump her nice sweet girl juice all over my rock hard prick moaning so badly. Her orgasm triggered mine I was in pure heaven I pumped every last drop of my spunk deep into her not so virgin pussy shot after shot until it leaked out onto the table. After we were both finished we just lay there with my prick still buried in her cum drenched fuck hole. who would have thought detentions could be so much fun?

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2010-09-19 18:24:30
I have to say the story was good, but lost intrest do to bad spelling and punctuation. However these other people who commented on your spelling better check their own spelling before they pass judgement on someone else!!!!

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2009-04-13 07:48:33
learn to spell


2008-03-27 03:13:09
it was a pretty good story but i know this sounds sad but ur grammer and spelling does distract a little


2008-01-22 22:00:41
To the guy on 12-24-06 your a fag you DUMBFUCK


2007-12-08 09:31:37
guy at 12-24-06, they would only break their hymen thru P.E. if they were more active than normal.

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