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13 and 14 Y.O come out and have fun
It's was a nice cold winter day. My friend Cameron and I were going to a retreat at with my church. We were pretty good friends. We started out as friends of friends but we grew closer. At the time, I knew I was gay, but I could never find anyone else. Cameron was my dream, he was so hot. He was 13 and I was 14 . We both had a Birthday in march so we were just slightly over a year apart.  He was about 5 foot 2 and was very slender. He had absolutely not fat and when he took off his shirt you could see a nice slightly defended six-pack. He had light brown hair with short bangs. Me on the other Hand was about 5 foot 8 and had brown hair with no bangs. But just like him had not fat and a slightly defined six pack. I was always moving advances on him. Trying to see if he was gay. Whenever we sat together I always sat close, touching him and he never seemed to have a problem with it. We even would kind of do that fake gay flirt that straight  guys do. I could easily put on a straight facade. We Hung out all weekend and on the way back home I pretended to fall asleep and slowly crept my hand on his thigh. I expected him to just move my hand , thinking that I was asleep. We always sat in the back because we always talked perverted and didn't want anyone to hear. Once my hand was all the way on his thigh. He started to move and I thought. He going to move it. But no. Because he thought I was asleep he put his hand in mine and our fingers intertwined. My heart jumped feeling the smoothness of his hand.  I opened my eyes and he quickly moved his hand. I then started the conversation,

"Cameron?" I asked his in a sweet sympathetic voice
"ya?" he reply in a shaky voice
" what were you just doing?" I asked
" nothing man nothing " he replied way too fast for it to be truthful
"Cameron" I said " look, It won't change our relationship, soo.. Are you gay? I asked
There was not point denying it so he replyed " yes" in a soft nervous voice    
I leaned to whisper in his ear taking his head in my hand and said" it's ok,  I am too" 

As soon as I said that his face perked up and looked at me in the sweetest cutest face ever. And making sure no one was I looking gave him a small kiss.
Once we got back, thanksgiving break had begun and we both had the whole week off and we planned to get together at my house when my parents were gone for the weekend. The night he arrived , his mom dropped him off and he came into the house. He put his stuff in my room where we would be sleeping . We both grabbed something to eat And went to my room and started to watch some movies. 
Halfway through the second movie we started to hold hands and lean and   
Cuddle . We then just couldn't wait any longer . I leaned over and kissed him . As I pulled away his hand brought me back and we started making out. I could feel his tongue exploring me mouth . I started to pull awAy and suck on his slim sexy neck. Giving him a hickey. I then turned off the tv and we made out some more. Be was on top of me. I slowly moved my hand to his crotch area. I could feel his cock getting hard. I then started to undo his d-ring belt buckle and unbuttoned his jeans. He did the same to me. It took longer than I had imagined considering   We were making out. I then proceeded to pull down his jeans and take off his shirt . He also did the same to me . He was then laying on top of me in only his grey boxer briefs and starter socks, and I was laying under him in my checkered boxers and starter socks. I could see a substantial budge In his briefs and and i to was now completely hard . His dick looked about the size I imagined it by looking at his body type. I then stuck my hand into his briefs and grabbed his dick. I easily grasped it and stopping the make out for a minutes and pulled down his briefs reveling  his hard 4.5 inch cock, small but to my liking. He did the same to me revealing my 6.5 inch cock. His eyes widened and he turned around , now only in his socks and moved his mouth to my dick and put his dick toward my mouth. We both sucked each others dicks for sometime . He and I both moved our tongues around each other glands and soon I could feel his head starting to bulge. He was getting ready to cum . He both were moaning loudly he then without any notice cummed right into my mouth. His warm sweet coming going into my mouth and a lot got on my face somehow. I sucked him dry all the time were I got so existed and had my own orgasm and cummed right in his mouth and some also got on his face. He sucked me dry and when we were both flaccid agian decided to go take a shower together. 

When we came out we both got aroused agian. I pushed him on my bed and we started making out agian. After about 15 mins of that I rolled him onto his back and grabbed some lube. I leaned over and whispered " i love you into his ear" and he replyed to me " I love you too" and his cute smile emerged . Making me so hard it almost hurt: I lubbed up his hairless ass and my dick. I then proceeded to put his legs on my shoulders and slowly slipped into his tight ass. He grunted a little bit so I stopped and waited until he said it was ok. After almost no time I was all the way in. My shaved pubic area touching his naturally hairless ass. I moved in and out slowly and passionately I leaned over and kissed him  and then went back to pumping. As we got faster I started to wank his hard dick. I soon was about to cum, we were both moaning loudly . I then stuck all the way in and cummed in his ass. The cum pushing against his prostate and he cummed everywhere. Some hitting me in the stomach and some running in to his own smooth and sexy stomach. I leaned over and we cuddled a while while I was still in him. As soon I was flaccid again I  pulled out and we both cuddled their in each others cum. I spooned him from behind all night. Just waiting for the next day because he was supposed to stay at my house for the next 2 days! We were both excited! Waiting for what was to come.

Tell me if you like . This is my first story so don't be too harsh. This is a true story. I may expand and the the rest

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2016-11-01 04:19:52
Are you sure this is a true story? Most of the time in my experience things went along pretty slowly and it took a long time to even get to any point where there was a bj by anyone. At least you didnt say he had a 7" dick etc which is usually not true at all. Those large ones turn me off anyway and do the same for most I think. So keep it going and as others have said, proof read and watch the grammar.

anonymous readerReport

2013-04-11 09:38:22
eeeeeeeeew he likes boys EEEWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!!!!!!

anonymous readerReport

2011-03-21 11:26:44
Yep, proofreading should have been done to catch the misspellings and grammar errors. Clearly the commenter two or so before me can't spell either, since he/she misspelled 'grammar' and used 'then' when 'than' was meant. The story was good otherwise.

anonymous readerReport

2010-11-29 19:22:52
The biggest problem with it is that it was clear you didn't proof read. Simple typos that take the reader out of the story could have easily been avoided or eliminated. You could also use some more detail, but it was pretty good.

anonymous readerReport

2010-11-29 08:05:57
great story grammer could be better but other then that it was good

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