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This is essentially an erotic story. I know it starts slow and drags on, but this is a true story. This is the story of how I (arguably) lost my virginity. And as i writer i prefer to tell full story as opposed to leaving out all the facts, turning history into smut. So bear with me, and please let me know what you think of my tale. I have many more i plan to share, all of them true, and most of them more tantalizing than the last.
I was around 12 years of age, it was the summer between 6th and 7th grade and I was living with my Aunt. She told me that she was going out with her friends on Friday. This would mean that I was going to have to stay with her friend’s kids that night. Now she had 4 kids the oldest was her only son and the other 3 were little girls. That made her son her son have a very feminine attitude and a pansy ass buzzkill to me. So under normal circumstances I would hate going over there to be the oldest and boredest of the bunch. But the last couple times I had been there I had gotten real friendly with a girl from down the street from their house, her name was Kayla.

The last time I had spent the night Kayla and I got pretty heated. I’ll admit that it was one of my first serious kissing sessions so I got very excited and a little carried away. Since then I had raided my uncle’s porn stash (as well as the internet) and I was really anxious to see how far I could get her to go with me. It took almost no time at all for us to sneak away alone after the adults went out. They said since me and Kayla were oldest (Kayla being 13) we were in charge until the babysitters arrived. Kayla figured the girls and their dainty little sister couldn’t get into too much trouble without us watching them, and I didn’t care to differ. So in no time at all we were tucked away in the parents’ bedroom kissing deeply in the dark.
I remember she kept her hands around my neck, and she sat on my lap with her legs around my waist. Her tongue was so unbelievable, I had no idea what I was doing so I tried to keep my composure and let her lead. She ran her tongue in and out of my mouth. Her taste buds felt so rough against my own tongue and the back of my teeth. I found my hands caressing the small of her back, and without meaning to, lifting up her shirt.

She stopped kissing me abruptly. She leaned her forehead against mine. I really liked the feeling of our mixed sweat and breath meeting eachother. She was looking straight down between us and I thought she was glancing down to see my hardon sprouting up from beneath her skirt and my pants. But then she asked me “Do you want me to take my shirt off?” I didn’t need to even think about it before I whispered my reply. She put her hands on the base of her shirt and looked into my eyes sheepishly, her short hair framed her face so nicely. “You too…” she said quietly. I ripped my shirt over my head like I was trekking around in the summertime no problem and hungrily watched her do the same. In the limited light I saw her olive flesh creep out of her top.
She wore no bra (I didn’t know what they were all about back then) and her expectedly small and perky breasts bounced out immediately as her shirt came off over her head. My heart thundered a beat that seemed to stop time. I reveled in the first set of living breasts I had ever seen. Kayla’s hands crept back around my neck and I wrenched my gaze away from her chest to see she was studying my face really hard in the dark.
A smile swept across her face and she pulled me in to continue kissing. Her boobs were wedged tightly between our two bodies, I could barely breath and my head sort of swam. My mulatto skin complimented her olive skin so nicely in the darkness. I was completely surprised by how hot her frame was against mine. I couldn’t believe that our bodies were producing so much warmth. Something primal deep within me stirred… I wanted to touch her chest, to fondle each breast and suck them… I wanted to discover what was beneath her skirt pressing back against my swelled manhood with it’s own source of heat. I wanted so much but the bedroom door burst open, and there in the blinding light stood the two babysitters.

In retrospect they were being kind of harsh on Kayla. They threw her back into her clothes, and made us both stand there looking very guilty under their unforgiving stern looks. They told Kayla she should be ashamed, and that she shouldn’t be thinking about things like that. They made her go home and threatened to call her mother and tell her what had happened. Kayla scurried back to her house, and they turned their attention to me. I didn’t care who they told, my Aunt wouldn’t care, and I tried not to look ashamed as far as I was concerned I didn’t do anything wrong.
I took a good look at them. They were Krystal and Amy, they had babysat me and my ‘cousins’ before. They might have been about 16 and that wasn’t much older than me. When I was forced to stay over with my cousins I preferred to hang out with them when they would let me. But tonight they probably weren’t too happy with me. I had always thought they were both so pretty and I developed an impossible crush on the pair of them. Krystal was my top pick of the two. She had long blonde hair in a ponytail. With had a slender body, a fair sized bust that led down to her round hips and long legs that seemed to run on forever out of her coochie cutter shorts. All of that paled in comparison to her gorgeous face. She had beautiful features set with a bright toothy smile and stunning blue eyes. Amy was just as pretty but had a completely different body. She was shorter than Krys, with deep brown hair, and a round face with pouty lips and almond brown eyes. Like Krystal she had a nice ass and thick long legs, but unlike her she really had something to put behind a bra. Now more than ever I found myself gazing at her huge tits, barely hidden beneath a thin orange weekend shirt… the primal thing in me wanted to see those now too.
I guess at this point it would be good to describe myself when this took place. I was always tall for my age so i was about the same height as Krystal and a few inches taller than Amy. I'm mulatto so i have a light brown caramel complexion. I have deep brown eyes (I'm always told that's because I'm full of shit) and black hair that back then was kept cut and faded. I had always been an athlete and in middleschool that really took off for me, I was the top swimmer in school and was on the football team so my body was nothing lacking leanness or tone. And for the sake of the story, my genital stock was around 6 and a half inches at this time. I had never thought of it as big but once i had fully grown and i started using it more often, I received my fair share of compliments.
I tried not to falter under their conjoined glares. Why did they have to show up? Normally they would chat away on the phone with boys and talk about stuff that even at my young age I knew was unimportant nonsense. But now I guess they had more important issues at hand.
They started with what they probably thought was an adult-like investigation. They asked me if I knew what I had been doing. I didn’t want to seem stupid or childish so I threw caution to the wind and bass in my voice when I said “Of course I know what I was doing, I’ve told you I’m not a stupid kid before!” Amy thought my attitude was cute and smiled out of Krys’s eyesight. “You do? Really?” Krys chimed, she obviously didn’t believe me. I stepped up my lies a little bit and told them I had seen tapes and done lots of things like that. “Well even so, kids your age still aren’t supposed to do sexual things like that.” She scolded. Something in my mind loved the way that word resonated sexual…. I told her with more force that I wasn’t a kid, while Amy looked back and forth between the both of us.
Krys sat with her arms crossed and clearly wanted to continue chastising me. But Amy grabbed her by the shoulder and leaned her back so she could whisper something in her ear. Years later I can still only guess that she said something like he has no idea what he’s doing we have to help him out. Krystal kept shaking her head saying “No!” and “What?!” then she would glance at me. I felt really awkward standing there, I hadn’t been able to find my shirt when they busted me and Kayla. They both kept looking up and running me over with their eyes. I looked down at myself and suddenly I was really aware of my scrawny excuse for preteen muscles.
They must have come to some kind of agreement they both stood up very quickly and one of them sang “Come with us.” I was still sort of examining myself, and I was surprised when Amy grabbed my hand and Krystal placed her hands on my shoulders, together they lead me into one of the kids’ bedroom.

I was completely clueless as to what was about to happen. The room we went to belong to one of the girls, it was small with a fluffy bed and glass cases lined with porcelain dolls. “What are you doing?” I asked. They exchanged a smile over my head and Krys let go of me to lock the door behind us. Amy pulled me more forcefully towards the bed “Oh, I thought you did this all the time?” she said accusingly as she sat me down.
I was losing my breath again, she had said this and I wasn’t stupid. I tried to keep my composure and act like I knew what was going on. Krystal sort of sauntered over to the bed with us and sat behind me while Amy knelt down in front of me on the floor. From behind me Krystal wrapped her hands around my bare chest, and laced her legs around my midsection. I found myself stammering as I tried to answer “R-right… I-I do”
Amy smiled up at me, I didn’t expect such a gentle smile. “We don’t believe you.” Krys said softly in my ear “How far did you guys get in the backroom before we found you?”. I was completely at their mercy, I told them we hadn’t done anything really. I told them we had kissed and took off our shirts. “Did you like seeing her breasts?” Amy asked. I was looking away from them, trying to seem like I was examining the dolls who were watching this whole thing unfold as I nodded. “Of course you did. Would you like to see mine?”. My eyes snapped back to give her my full attention, and she smiled as I nodded vigorously.
“Say it.” Came Krys’s voice in my ear. Amy looked at her and laughed “Say ‘Can I please see you’re boobs Amy’” she ordered. I could barely look away from Amy’s clothed tits, but her expression told me that she certainly liked the idea. “Um… Can I p-please see you’re boobs Amy?” And with that she leaned forward and pulled her shirt over her head. Her bra was purple and lacey with a little snap in the front, it hardly contained her huge chest. Krystal ran her hands all over my chest from behind me, but I kept my attention entirely focused on Amy’s stunning sex orbs. She glanced up at me to make sure I was watching, then she undid the front snap and her tits bounced out into full view. My heart skipped another beat, an earthquake could’ve destroyed the house around me and I wouldn’t have noticed or cared.

Her breasts were so big, round and fleshy, her nipples were darker than the skin around them. I wanted to touch them but Krystal had me tightly locked between her legs and out of reach. Amy looked down and caressed her own breasts, as Krys softly rubbed and scratch my chest. Amy stayed out of range of my hands and kept rubbing herself, teasing me. My erection hadn’t fully died down form my escapade with Kayla, nevertheless during this little event and now was at a fully attentive stance and I could feel the front of my boxer shorts growing moist and slick. I was sure Krystal could feel it poking against her legs. My brain might have been singing to itself but somewhere in the smarter reach of my mind I made a connection they want me to ask for it. I found a lot of confidence as I thought this, all I had to do was ask. “Can I touch them, please?” I said with no more reserve in my voice.
My arms were immediately released and Amy moved closer. Her tits were so big they rested on Ksrytal’s legs as she leaned forward. I placed a hand on each breast right across the nipples. They were ridiculously soft, they molded to my hands as I started to knead them back and forth. I was only slightly aware that I was staring unblinkingly at my hands working with my mouth hanging open. I squeezed them both in my hands and Amy gave a little “Oh!” like she hadn’t expected it. My inner animal roared in approval, I had made her make that sound, It called and begged for more… so much more. I wanted to taste them and see if tit flesh tasted different from lips.
My loins raged against their denim cage. I could feel Krys giggle a little bit and start moving around with her hands absent from my body. Amy was still on her knees, with her thumbs messing around in the waistband of her jeans. She would look down at my hands rubbing her breasts then look directly out. Was she looking to see my dick?
Krystal’s hands reappeared and began caressing my head. It felt so good for some reason, rubbing my hair probably shouldn’t have sent chills down my spine. Her hands found the far side of my face and she forced me to wrench my gaze from Amy’s chest and towards her. She had removed her top too, my face came around right into the space between her breasts. My hands immediately abandoned Amy and went to inspect this pair of newcomers.
Krys’s boobs were noticeably smaller than Amy’s. They fit more snuggly in my hands. Her nipples were light and pinkish. And they were close enough for me to get my mouth to them. I hesitated then began licking her chest with wreckless abandon. My hands and tongue worked in tandem, in no time I was sure I had licked every inch of her chest and was making wet sloppy sounds with my mouth. I was sort of uncomfortable , my top half was almost completely turned around while my lower half was still facing the opposite way. Amy’s hands were on the side of my thighs and I assumed she was watching me. I had wrapped one arm around Krystal and I began sucking directly on her nipples as though I was a pup begging for milk. I felt her soft nipple become stiff and stand up, so instinctively I bit down a little. She dug her nails into my faded hair and gave an involuntary hum mmmm. Without warning Amy started snatching at my belt.
I tore away from Krystal’s excited bust and stammered “Wha-? “ but before I could protest Amy told Krys to hold me still. She looked to see what Amy was doing and then spun me around and locked me in position. My saliva caused her tits to wedge up against my back and stick there. And she pulled my head back so that her neck rested in front of my mouth and her hair danced across my face. So I gave up trying to resist and started licking and sucking at her neck, making obscene noises with my mind and body working on their own. Amy undid my belt and fly then completely undressed me, pants, boxers and all.
Like i said, I certainly wasn’t impressed with my own adolescent tool at this age. It definitely wasn’t big compared to what I’d seen the pornstars working with. But when it sprang out I was at full attention, blood pumped strongly making my dick throb. I had a thin layer of pubescent hair lining my soldier’s base, and since my pants were around my feet it had me standing sort of bowlegged so that I could feel it stand and bob at a weird upward angle. I didn’t think it was spectacular but as Amy unearthed it she gave a sort of approving “hmm”.
Krystal sensed my resistances melt away and she released my face so I was able to see what was happening. Amy leaned in to examine me and as she did my cock rubbed against one of her melons. The inner workings of my body made a muscle behind my penis clench involuntarily. My member jumped up and down against her tit. It left a tiny glistening trail of precum across her tan skin, she noticed it too. Before this I had only ever masturbated in the bathtub, I had no idea I produced fluids of any sort. “Maybe he’s more of an adult than we thought.” She said “Move your legs Kryssie.”
Krys obediently unraveled her legs from around my waist. Then she sat on the edge of the bed next to me, put her hand on my waist and did something unexpected… She started kissing me, she kissed in a way more experienced manner than little Kayla. Her tongue worked in and out of my mouth expediently. Her tongue ground against my own and even found it’s way against the back of my teeth. It felt so good I had to close my eyes but I couldn’t dwell on it long because I felt Amy grab the base of my rod. I went to face her but Krys held me there with her free hand. That primal thing blared in my head this isn’t right, this isn’t how it’s supposed to go.
The voice subsided when Amy began stroking my dick slowly. Up and down she went treacherously slow. I felt her stop for a second, she must have brought her hand to her mouth and licked it, it came back familiar, sticky, and wet. Her pace picked up ever so slightly with the lubrication, and every time she ran over the head, my shit throbbed stubbornly against her grip.
Krystal let me go and shifted her head downward and started licking my chest, her entire mouth was so hot against my body. I was finally able to see what Amy was doing over her head. Her hand almost covered the whole length of my pole, and my entire dick was covered in a mixture of her saliva and my fluids. She saw me looking and gave me another gentle smile. With that the gravity of the entire situation came crashing down in my mind. My head went a little light and I felt a tingling tension in my loins.
I must have shown it in my face, Amy slowed down and asked Krys to stand me up. She stood me up and knelt on the bed with her hands on my hips, the tension faded a little and Amy helped me kick off my shorts. I wondered vaguely why I was the only one completely nude. Amy worked me up and down a few more times staring intently at my cock, I could feel the heat from Krystal’s eyes as she watched eagerly over my shoulder.

And then my penis was engulfed in warmth, fantastic heat. Amy had put almost my entire dick in her mouth, the head was making contact with the start of her throat and her teeth stopped just short of the base. She twirled and worked her tongue, running it all around the top of my member, then she would pull out and run her lips back towards the head where it would dislodge itself a little causing her to make an absurd shluuurping sound. It felt so indescribably good, shluurp shluurp, I had to close my eyes, shluurp shluurp, the tension in my roots grew, shluurp shluurp…
I developed a bit of a phantom itch at the base of my dick, I wanted to feel her teeth down there where they were just out of reach, if she could just make it. I tried to raise up on my toes when she came down but I couldn’t get the rhythm. Krys started giving me a little push so that I would thrust at the right time, and I started catching her teeth at the very bottom of my cock shaft. The little scrape felt so good and so did getting the head to touch the soft parts at the back of her throat. She started making small gagging noises and my animalistic side purred it’s approval of getting her to do what I wanted… what felt good.
Amy started making little gagging and humming noises mmm! gck! shluurp!, mmm! gck! Shluurp! The vibrations from her voice box excited my cock like a jumper cable, and my libido blazed because I was making her produce these sounds. I opened my eyes I could see Krys’s hand working my hips, and the mass of my prick disappearing in and out of Amy’s lips at a steady pace. A pool of our mixed wetness was forming around my dick and all over her juicy glistening lips. She glanced up at me and we locked eyes, she gave me a devilishly evil smile, not like the gentle smiles from before she…was…liking…this… That’s when I lost it.
I threw one of my hands on top of her head and clutched a handful of her hair. She felt it and started going faster, Krys kept my hips at pace with her and my balls started slapping loudly against Amy’s chin. Our nasty sounds got louder and my mind glazed over and an electric sensation bolted around inside me. Something was coming it felt strange and so crazy good. I tried to say something but all I could manage was “Whu-wha-wai-!”.
Amy knew what was coming she pulled my cock form her mouth with a little shlurpop, and started stroking it viciously. Krystal forced my face into her tits, offering them to my mouth. I started suckling like crazy, I developed a tight cramp around the base of my dick, and a dormant instinct caused me to lurch forward onto my tippy-toes. What I felt I can only describe as several thousand rapid waves of pure orgasmic pleasure coming to a climax in the inner workings of my dick. I clutched Krystal close and bit down on her chest. I made a muffled mmmmnnn sort of moan, I had never before had an orgasm, and I’ve never since made a sound during one. I pulled away from Krystal’s chest (leaving a jagged bite mark) and looked down. I had seen cum shoot in pornography but I had never grasped the concept first hand. I saw several jets or pearly white semen gush out of my obelisk and splatter onto Amy’s chin and chest.
Amy’s mouth was slack either in awe or from conditioning, after the last of my cum dribbled out she started tonguing me clean. She scrape the sperm I shot onto her up with her finger and licked it off, then sucked out what remained in my still twitching boner. Krystal voiced her thoughts on the matter in a tiny “Ooh…” . As Amy ran her tongue around the tip of my dick I nearly lost the feeling in my knees and they buckled for a second. Krystal let me sit back down on the bed and she rubbed my shoulders. It came to my attention that I was panting pretty hard.
“That was good.” Amy cooed pulling away from my dick. I felt my stiffy losing it’s spirit and my manhood started dying down in Amy’s hand.
“Okay Krys, you’re turn.” She said. Krystal was apparently taken aback by this and it started mini-argument. “What do you mean?” she asked “We have to let him get to know a woman’s body.” Amy told her “And I can’t do it right now.” (again I had to learn the mystery behind this later) “No way!” Krys snapped. Amy sat with her hands on her knees, her tits shining brightly with her spit and my cum spread all over them. Krys and I sat on the soft bed, she was still rubbing my shoulders and I felt so drained I wasn’t sure I could speak. “Kryssie it’s not exactly fair to him, we have to atleast try and teach him… Just a little show and tell.” Amy assured her.

“ Do you want to see? “ Krys asked out loud. I thought she was talking to Amy but apparently that was her way of agreeing to do it. Amy pulled me to my feet and turned me to face Krystal on the bed. I could clearly see her now, she had let her hair down and my love bite still flared on her bosom. The sight of her cute face and stunning eyes made my legs feel like rubber all over again. She turned herself around so that her ass was facing me, almost exposed from under her incredibly short shorts. Her golden hair flowed down her back like a fairy tale. I was fascinated with how her legs started so high and went on for so long. She put her hand to the waistband of her shorts and turned back to face me “If you want to see what’s underneath, you have to say so.”
I couldn’t really get my mouth to work “Can I – er” I said softly. “What?” she teased “I can’t hear you” . Amy’s voice came to my ear like a serpent “She’s right Toph, you have to speak up and let girls know what you want.” She was encouraging me and as she did she placed her hand on my cock again from behind. I cleared my throat and said as surely as I could “I want to see. Show me” I thought it was best to sound polite and added “uh, please.”
Krystal sort of hesitated, I thought the way I asked wasn’t enough. But then she started roughing around her shorts and she shimmied them off her butt and around her feet. I stared in awe, she still had on panties, white cotton ones patterned with polka dots. She turned over to free her feet from her jean coochie cutters. As she did I saw the little crevasse that was her sex, the space in front was a little darkened like it was wet.
Krystal turned back over on all fours and wriggled her butt around. Her panties rode inward into the crack of her ass, and I could spy the little clothed hump that was her cunt where her thighs met. Amy’s grip on my dick tightened… no my dick was pulsing back to full size, I hadn’t noticed. Amy ran her hand up and down, jacking me off slowly again this time from behind. “Take off you underwear Krys.” She ordered. It occurred to me then that Amy must’ve liked being the one in control of the entire situation. Krys threw her a look over her shoulder “Do you see him still in his underwear?” she asked.
Krystal sat up on her knees, I saw her ass in full view split into sections by her cotton divider. She put her thumbs into the elastic ring of her panties and began sliding them downward so so slowly. The full view of her bare ass made my cock jump in Amy’s hand. The cheeks were so big and round they both tried to overlap the other. Her panties made it down to her upper thigh and the middle support section stuck to her pussy stubbornly. Then with a little tug the cotton cloth pulled free and Krys let them rest at her knees before getting back on all fours.

It was like seeing a planet explode with no sunglasses on. I could see that she had hair on the other side, longer than my own pubic hair but sparse, stoic, and dark blonde. The hair was trimmed in order and stopped at the cleft of her pussy. It folded inward like the shape of a peach and split into 2 tightly closed pink-fleshy lips. The whole curve of her diamond shaped womanhood disappeared into the nether reaches of her hindquarters.
It was sort of anti-climactic, I couldn’t see the entire thing. I wanted to spread her legs apart and open up her labia so I could see inside of her. But nonetheless I was excited beyond reason and my shaft throbbed hotly against Amy’s warm hand to prove it.
Amy told Krys to move back closer to us, and she scooted me closer to the bed her hand never leaving my prick. She kept stroking me softly as Krystal’s sweet treasure moved closer and closer to my face. Amy took her free hand and guided my hand upward to Kry’s ass. My caramel flesh looked so appeasing in contrast to her pinkish complexion. She helped my hand to caress her rump, it was so smooth and covered in a small layer of sweat from being locked in the muggy room. Our hand drifted back and forth over the inset crack of her ass, then Amy led my hand lower.
As we approached her twat Amy closed my hand so we were both extending two fingers. I could feel the heat being produced by her sex, I could even smell the heat, like sweat and warm tropical fruit. Amy steered our fingers across Krystal’s pussy lips. I instantly caught a familiar cramp in the base of my pole beneath Amy’s still dancing hand. I might have jumped, they were unexpectedly moist and they engorged in response to my touch. She lead our fingers along her soft wet lips until we reached the hood of her snatch and we brushed grainy pubic stubble on the other side. Then we went back up, as we came back down her pussy lips opened a little bit leaving warm, sticky moister on our finger tips.
My expression probably looked so slack jawed and stupid. Krystal looked back and caught sight of my silly face and smiled kind of weakly then looked back away. Her face was blushing and her breath was coming from her mouth shorter and shorter. Amy let my hand go, but I instinctively kept moving up and down at the same pace. She brought her fingertips to my face, I could see gathered juices all over them shimmering in the light. “Say Ah!” she told me , I didn’t even consider having a choice before I obeyed. A protesting voice in my head cried out but was silenced when she pressed her fingers in my mouth and told me to lick.
I sucked and licked the very tips of her fingers, the taste I found entices me to this day with good reason. It tasted tart yet sweet almost sugary with a warmth, and Amy’s fingers tasted of bitter sweaty flesh. I sucked hungrily but there wasn’t enough, and she pulled her fingers free from my mouth.
I hadn’t notice but I had stopped moving my fingers to lick Amy’s and she said “You can’t stop.” In false alarm. She put my hand back in hers and continued our course. Krystal’s lips became even more inflamed and excited, her cunt producing more and more wetness. On an upward trip Amy lead our finger to the top of Krys’s slit and without warning pressed our fingers inward.
Our conjoined set of fingers slid right into the hole of her pussy canal. Everything within was wet and squeezing against our fingers, coiling around and sucking us in. Krystal gave a quiet moan which she stifled quickly, I probably let out an “Oh.” of surprise myself. We got half the length of our dual index fingers inside of her, and Amy lead us back out. Back in again we got almost our entire finger length, and we repeated it again and again. Our hands were soaked in no time, and Amy switched us to two fingers. Krystal went sort of rigid and softly moaned some more.
“This is where you stick your thing in.” Amy told me. “What, now?” I asked. “Not right away you still have to see some things.” She released both my hand and cock and told Krys to roll over. Krys did as she was told and twirled her slender body finally kicking off her panties. She positioned herself sitting up a little then spread her legs open, there was so much more to examine from this angle. Her flat stomach look so sexy and with a proper look at her snatch my mind went racing. I could see her excited clit protruding out from under it’s hood, and her small dark blonde pubes. Suddenly I remembered something from all the videos I’d seen.
“Do I lick it now?” I asked. Neither of them answered right away I guess they were surprised. “Do you want to?” Krys asked finally, she was probably testing my obedience some more. I didn’t really get to think about it but I knew that I did. “Of course you can lick it now.” Amy assured me “But first look here.” She laced my hand and ran my fingers down to what was now the bottom of Krys’s pussy. Amy spread Krystal’s vagina lips open to show me the full view of it’s breach “This whole area is a girl’s most sensitive body part.” She said it like she was reading it from a magazine. “Most of it feels good when it’s being touched, especially here” she lead our fingers back inside Krys “and” she drew out our fingers and ran them up to rest on her clitoris “here.” she finished. “Um, where do I lick it then?” I asked. Our fingers were still rubbing her clit and Krys was clenching her eyes closed and gritting her teeth. The animal in me reveled in the reaction. “Lick wherever you feel like it, but make sure you get it wet and slick”

I craned my head down and examined her pussy lips up close. “Use your fingers at the same time, like I showed you too.” Amy piped, her hands had found my dick again and she was working me good. I could smell such a fragrant moist flowery odor overcoming my senses. I ran my tongue up the wet protruding lips and relayed upon her little pouting bump. Krystal treated me to a high-pitched Ah! I felt so bold making her do it. I went back to the bottom running a rough tattoo of pleasure across my taste buds. The wet fleshy taste got diluted with moisture at the bottom near her hole and rougher and more defined at the top. Her clit felt like a different texture altogether and molded against the shape of my tongue. I thought I was doing well with Krys giving me another Ah! upon each repetition, but then she sighed at me “Fingers –Ah!- fingers.” I had forgotten.
I quickly brought my fingers up to speed and thrust them back inside her wet orifice. I didn’t think at first there would be enough room for my face and hands to work at the same time. Soon I found that I could fit my tongue in with my fingers and then run it up to the rest of her pussy in time. Krystal picked up her Ah!s and added in little tenor pitched moans. She started switching her hips against my tongue and fingers in tune to my pattern. I was fascinated by the mechanics of it all, when I dug my fingers in particularly deep she would buck and grind and twisted her body against me, and when I encircled her clit with my tongue she hummed and moaned.
The cramp in my cock started to really smart beneath Amy’s grip, a dull yet straining pain. And a muscle started to ache in my neck from all it’s activity soon I had pull my head back and stretch it around. When I got back down to eye level I took my chance and spread her pussy lips open to try and peer inside. All I could see was fleshy darkness through the tiny opening I made, but then someone’s hand forced my head back downward and said “You don’t stop!” I went back to my duty obediently. I altered my pattern and twisted her insides with my fingers. Her clit had grown stiff and it pushed back against my tongue with some resistance.
I was getting into it. Krystal’s sounds were climbing and I started making accidental wet-sloppy smacking noises. I decided it would be a good idea to suck on the clit bump a little bit and I pushed my fingers in favorably deep when I did. Krystal let out long deep moan, her entire body shuddered, her back arched, her insides gripped my fingers tighter than ever, and her thighs clamped around my head. I was stuck in place mouthing her clit and all sound was muffled with her legs pressed against my ears. She bucked a few times, with her insides constricting, sucking on my fingers and flushing wetness out. Then I was released my chin was covered in sexual juices. It was amazing, and it would be a long time until I learned I had just caused my first female orgasm. Krystal flopped down fully on her back, with her eyes closed, her tongue between her teeth, and breathed deeply. Amy pulled me back to stand and worked my dick furiously a few times. “That was good, are you ready?”
She jumped up and grabbed Krystal by the hips and drug her to the edge of the bed in a very manly way. Krys was pretty red in the face now and her hair was all unkempt and knotted from rolling her head about. She didn’t take notice to or resist Amy dragging her around. Amy positioned me in between her legs and my package rested on Krys’s privates. Amy asked me if I remembered where to put it in. I said I did but she offered her help anyway, when her soft hand guided my dick up and down the lips and then to the mouth of Kry’s pussy I could have melted. A sort of magnetic heat surrounded our genitals as the tip of my rod rested in the very entrance of her vagina. I was sad that I couldn’t really see and Amy said “Start really slow.” She placed her hands on my waist and started pushing me forward.
Krystal’s soaking wet sex began slowly engulfing me. She moaned through her lips quietly mmmnn. My dickhead was immersed inside of her, her wet vaginal walls coiled and constricted me, sucking me farther and farther in as Amy guided me. Krys threw her leg onto my shoulder opening her snatch wider and I wrapped my hands around it for balance. My venture inward reached the lower end of my dick and the inner workings of Krys’s pussy swirled around my entire cock. It felt so good I let out an audible sigh. Then Amy led me back out by the hips, Krys’s snatch pulled against me in protest trying to suck me back in. With all but the head of my member withdrawn, I could see the entire shaft covered in glistening wetness, and then Amy forced me back inward.
As she clutched my hips I could feel her nails biting into my skin. She forced me back into Krys’s slick crevasse and then back out faster and with a little more ease. Every muscle inside this girl’s vagina pressed against my young manhood, exciting all of my sensitive nerves. As Amy forced me to pick up the pace, I felt my mind become serene and the tightening muscles in my crotch soothed a little. Krys ground her hips against my motion moaning a little and engulfing even more of my cock. I saw Krystal look up at me and through her stunning, sweaty, face she gave me a content toothy smile as if to say good job keep going.
Amy guided me like an instrument, going faster and faster. And before I could notice her hands had left my side and I continued my pattern unassisted. I added a little force with my new freedom, trying to get every millimeter of my boyscout arrow to bottom out in that golden warmth. I pounded as hard as my body could manage, my shaft started to bottom out into her pussy and my balls began making rhythmic slapping sounds against her body. “That’s it keep going,” hissed Amy’s voice in my ear “ask her if it feels good.” My brain took it’s time to process her statement. I was concentrating on moving my hips diligently, keeping my composure under the electric sensations going through my body, and still overcoming the entire situation mentally.
Krys couldn’t hear, she started moving against me more spontaneously arching her back and probably pretty far off in her own mind. She cried out through her clenched teeth, unbeknownst to me, going through her second orgasm. I thought of how gorgeous her body looked when it was contorted and convulsed with pleasure. I was mesmerized watching the whole of her small frame moving in tandem against my thrusting hips, but I found my footing and grunted (pretty indirectly) “Does – does that feel good?” without a pause she sighed a reply “Yes baby.” I could feel the blood rush to my head after hearing her say it. The way women alter the their speech during intercourse still fascinates me today infact.
After that looking at her face sent me over the edge. Her eyes were shut tightly, her mouth was open from a small moan, and some glitter twinkled in the corner of her eyes. Every muscle in my body tensed and I snapped my own eyes shut. Amy had snatched me out by the waist, but I couldn’t feel her hands working at all. My lower half was completely numb and being electrocuted simultaneously.
When I managed to force my eyes open I saw myself still purging pearly semen into Krystal’s pubic stubble. It gushed lazily rather than shoot around like previously and it felt completely different, an addictive sensation. It quickly puddled then ran onto the bed. Amy tried to clean it up with her discarded shirt and was cursing herself for not thinking ahead. She tried to wipe it up from the sheets but it accidentally smeared, then she turned the shirt on my throbbing tool. The extreme sensation of over-sensitive contact blew my mind and my knees gave way again so I had to clutch onto Krys’s leg. One or both of them gave a little “Aww…”.

They set about cleaning up at mach 3. My head was foggy from expending all that energy but they managed to help me back into my shorts. They threw the sheets and Amy’s shirt into the washing machine. And they retrieved my shirt, as well as a replacement for Amy, out of the parents’ room. It felt so overwhelmingly hot in my clothes now and I was so hungry.
Amy let me lay my head in her lap on the couch, and after checking on the other kids they decided to order some pizza. That sounded like the greatest idea in history from my point of view. Krys dialed the pizza place as Amy read it from the phonebook, I found it funny the way they pronounced 6 like segs (sex).
I laid with my head in Amy’s lap, she stroked my head in such a soothing way that I eventually couldn’t keep my eyes open. I felt so at peace with the world and I’ve figured out recently that that is probably the driving sensation behind all sexual encounters in life. I could see my entire life sort of slow down and embellish in serenity. My senses started to drift from my body. “You aren’t going to tell on me, right?” … I could sense her smile before reassuring me that she wasn’t going to tell.
Perhaps I was still a bit of a child…

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2016-10-26 20:33:38
Terrific, and can't for the life of me figure out why it is only 86%.

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To the reader who posted on 11/29/10 at 15:15: Are you ill? Do you enjoy projecting onto others your own effeminate nature? I doubt if you ever were so lucky to score with 3 young girls like this in a single evening and further, I doubt if you could have handled it. Not that there's anything wrong with being effeminate, but it's when you're closeted and self-loathing like yourself that the problem begins. As you become in denial and lash out at others.

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great reading,, i loved it..

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When I was 14 my cousin she was a11 I was nanny sitting her ask me to put my Dick in her then showed me het cotton white panties

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When I was 14 my cousin she was a11 I was nanny sitting her ask me to put my Dick in her then showed me het cotton white panties

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