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by popular demand the sequel
This is the follow on story from soccer moms big discovery and so you may want to read that first to catch up.
Another long story I’m afraid but I hope you enjoy. Message me with any comments if you wish.

The rest of the afternoon passed very quickly, both of us in shock over what had happened, we both retired to bed early. The next morning mom came into my room, it was early but it looked like she had spent a while getting ready. She was in some high heels, very tight jeans that accentuated the gorgeous curve of her ass, a top so thin and tight that you could see the lace push up bra easily through it and her ample boobs were almost spilling out of the very low neckline.

“Mom, its so early why are you all dressed up?” I asked
“no reason honey” mom explained “but didn’t want to look in a mess for my men did i?” she added with a wink
“no need mom really, I think you look great in just your robe” I laughed “but you do look stunning like that”
“aww, thanks darling” she glowed “but we need to have a quick chat about yesterday” her tone turned more serious.
“ok?” I said a little confused
“Well Darling” she started “what we did was wrong, I’m your mother and I’m married to your father. It was an amazing experience and I’ve never seen such an impressive.. you know” she said as her eyes switched to my groin. “but it can’t happen again, your father will be back shortly and I love him”
I was a little confused “Ok mom, but I thought you enjoyed know my errr… cock?”
“oh darling, it was magnificent, it reached parts of me I didn’t know existed” she smiled “but its not all about sex you know, you will learn that in time. What I have with your father is so special and I don’t want to risk that”
“ok mom, I understand, it’s a shame as I was really looking forward to next time” at this point the duvet started to bulge a little by my groin as my cock started to stir.
The movement distracted moms eyeline and she was staring at the bulge. “But honey” she said inquisitively “can I just see it one last time please quickly before Dad gets here? I know I shouldn’t but I will never see anything like that again”
“ok mom, but if you want to see it, I want to see you too, I wont get to see that ass or tits again” I explained.
“cheeky boy” she frowned, but duly obliged virtually immediately. She leaned forward, pulled down her top and bra and let her huge boobs fall towards me.
“god theyre amazing mom” I said as I reached out and just cupped one in each hand. The contact with her tits made the bulge in the duvet even bigger.
She moved backwards and placed her boobs back into her bra. She looked at me in anticipation, I looked back and said “oh no, I want to see that ass first mom”.
She rolled her eyes at me but again, duly obliged, turned around, facing away from me, slowly slipped her tight jeans over her curves until it slid down revealing her gorgeous round ass.
I made a sigh of contentment, leant forward, grabbed a handful of ass in each hand before withdrawing my right hand and giving it a good spank.
“OW! Josh!” mom scowled as she moved out of my range and pulled her jeans up. “that hurt”
“sorry mom, couldn’t resist, you have such a round spankable ass” I apologised “but you loved it yesterday” I added
“I’ve told you, yesterday was not normal and shouldn’t have happened” she explained “now let your mom see that bulge in your duvet for one last time before I return to a normal sex life”
I agreed, pulled off my duvet to reveal my cock in my boxers, I slid down my boxers and let my thick veiny cock stand to attention in front of the envious eyes of my mom.
“god I enjoyed that” she drooled “it is something special, 11.5 inches of pure pleasure” she reached out to touch it and stroke it, gently playing with it for a few seconds.
“and those huge testicles of yours” she added with a cupping of my balls. Then with one sweeping movement she stretched her mouth around my big, wide tip, feeling the stretch of her lips for one last time, removed her mouth from my cock, kissed the tip, then kissed my lips and said “thanks darling, that’s enough, but there will be one lucky lady who gets that next” she got up and started walking out the door.
“thanks mom, and dads a lucky man” I replied “but I guess I better call auntie dawn then” I joked.
She turned, frowned and scolded “shes a married woman too Josh, even if she is a bit of a flirt, its not worth it”.
I nodded and as she left my room I started to wank my big cock dreaming of jizzing over moms face again.

Although the affair seemed to have stopped, the atmosphere around the house seemed to have changed.
In the past we were a fairly reserved family, sex was never discussed and we respected each others privacy. Over the first few days following dads return it was like a different house and mom was like a different woman. She seemed more confident, a sparkle was in her eye and she had started to dress more provocatively. The stockings she wore at the weekend were now worn most of the time and her cleavage was readily on show, amply assisted by push up bras. Dad thought the change was because he’d been away and she had missed him. Little did he know.
That night I heard my mom and dad having sex for the first time, I had never heard them before as mom had said they had never wanted me to hear and so had waited til it was late or I was out.
Our house was a relatively new house and the walls were not very thick so I could hear almost every word.
“Have you missed me Janice?” Dad asked
“of course honey” mom replied
“I can tell, I love the new outfits darling, I’ve never seen you looking so hot”
“thanks babe, I’ve just been really horny recently” mom openly said
“Janice! you don’t usually talk like that, you must be really in need” Dad voice was slightly raised “but we can’t, Josh is in the next room”
“it doesn’t matter hon, he’s 17, he’s a big boy now, I don’t think we need to worry” she replied
“if you’re sure” Dad didn’t wait for the answer, he had not had it in a while and straight away I could hear him start to remove his clothes and move over to start kissing mom.
“I’ve missed you Janice” he said “I can’t wait to make love to you”
“me too honey” she said looking deep into his eyes “I want you”

At this point I started to get hard, the thought of my mom in some of the same positions on that bed where we had been only a few days before, my cock deep inside her. The words she was yelling at me that day came flashing back to me as my huge cock started to pulse and throb to its full size. I could now not resist, I got out of bed, crept to the door and opening it slightly, I could tell by how loud the fumblings were from next door that their door was open. I froze, I wanted to try and sneak a look, I needed to see my moms naked body again, she may have been able to put a stop to her feelings but my cock was yearning for that mouth and pussy. But what if dad caught me? What would happen then, I remained still at the edge of my room. As I was stood in the door I could hear them really getting down to it.

“ohhhhh, that feels great to be inside you again Janice” he purred
“ohhh honey, that’s nice” mom replied
“you like that darling?” dad asked
“mmm, yes honey that’s great” “do me harder” mom requested

I could hear the bed start to creak a little quicker. I could sense something wasn’t quite right, moms voice was becoming more agitated.

“deeper darling please, i need it good” mom asked
“ok honey, here goes, brace yourself, big daddy is coming” boasted dad

My curiosity at this point was too strong, mom was not making anywhere near as much noise as the weekend I wanted to see what was happening. I edged out of my room and to the crack in the door to my parents room. That’s when they came into view, my dad was lying on top of mom, her legs spread so wide to allow him in as deep as possible. He was facing away from the door towards the pillows of the bed, all I could see was his scrawny ass bouncing up slightly out of mom and then back in. He could not have been very big as he was only rising slightly before trying to thrust back into mom.

Mom was becoming more frustrated.
“Deeeper babe!” mom pleaded “deeper! fuck me harder”
“honey, I cant get any deeper, I’m fucking you as hard as I can. Take it, take it all from big daddy” Dad panted

It was as if although mom wanted to enjoy it but wasn’t satisfied with what dad had to offer. At that point, seeing him trying with all his might and all his energy trying to pound moms pussy but having little impact on mom, I must have let out a bit of a snigger as moms head bolted upright above dads shoulders. She looked straight in my direction, then she looked at dad to see if he had heard anything, but he was in a world of his own, pounding away, thinking he was giving mom the seeing too of her life. Mom looked relieved and then stared in my direction, she took dads head in her hands and pulled close to her shoulder so his head was buried into the bed facing away from the door, this meant she could see clear over his back and his pale, scrawny, bouncing ass towards the door. I think at that point she realised, dad could no longer satisfy her, she had been filled by my big cock and only that would do. She stared straight at me, rolled her eyes, and then moved one of her hands from dads head and did a pretend yawn.

“that’s it honey, give it good to little mommy” she said in a rather bored voice as if not to give the game away.
“you know it, you know you get it good from big daddy” dad said

Mom looked back in my direction, and smirked. She then stared through the crack in the door, I could see the wanton look in her eyes, i edged from the crack in the door to peek round the side of the door and winked at mom. At that point she smiled back and looked in the general direction of my cock. I moved my hips clear of the door to reveal my huge hard on trapped inside my boxer shorts, almost identical to how she first set eyes on it. She let out a groan as she saw it.

“oh that’s the one baby, that’s what mommy really wants, that’s what mommy needs, its soo big, give that thing to me” she groaned as her eyes were transfixed on my cock. Dad oblivious to the situation assumed he was giving the performance of his life.
“you know it mommy, big daddy is giving it to you” came dads reply, grinding into mom. “I’m going to cum” he panted
“Ok honey, cum for me” mom replied, almost motionless to his small cock pulsating inside her.
“uurrghhh” dad groaned and sank on top of mom.
“There there” mom said, stroking the back of dads head as he lay exhausted on top of her. She looked me in the eyes and mouthed silently to me “I need your fucking huge cock”.

As my dad lay there being comforted by mom, it was as if at that moment our roles were reversed. I was now the one mom wanted, the one she yearned and lusted for, dad was almost the child being comforted in his moms arms. At that point dad started to raise his head, mom’s face turned to panic as I was still standing just inside their room, I winked and mouthed silently back “you’ll get it, youre my slut now”. A glazed look of desire and a smile of relief came across moms face “ohhh mommy just came good” I heard as I left the room quickly and headed back to my room. I jerked my cock for a few minutes imagining the next time I got to use my mom and once I came I drifted off to sleep.

I was awoke by a clunk on my bedside cabinet, I stirred to look at my clock, it was 6.15am, I made a slight murmuring a little confused as to why I was awake at this time. Then I felt a hand over my mouth “ssshhhhh” a gentle voice said. “Its only me” I looked up and saw mom smiling at me as she slowly removed her hand from my mouth.
“b..but its 6.15 I whispered” still bewildered at the early wake up call
“Sorry darling, I know its early, but your dad will be up soon, so I thought I would bring you a coffee” mom winked suggestively at me,
“thanks mom, but why does it matter if dad is awake or not” I was not a good morning person and was slow to catch the drift.
“Because I need to see your cock honey, I was wrong, I admit it, I thought I could manage without and be faithful to your dad, but you saw me last night, now I’ve been filled by you, I can only be satisfied by that” she begged “I wanted you to show me last night but you teased me by leaving it in your shorts” she moaned
“Well mom” I started to wake up, acknowledge the situation and started to take control “that’s because I didn’t get to see what I wanted to see, now did I” I demanded
“But your dad was on top of me Josh, how was I supposed to?” she complained
“You know the score mom” I looked at her in the eyes

Mom nodded, smiled “I know darling, I know you own me, I will do as you please, anything to see that cock”
At that point she opened her robe and exposed her huge breasts, she was not wearing a bra and so they were free within her robe. I leant forward, teased her nipples and then licked them gently with my tongue. “oh honey, your touch feels so good” she sighed as I felt my cock starting to grow.
“now take off your robe mom, I want that ass in my face” I ordered.
Mom smiled at me, slowly took off her robe, turned around and backed her gorgeous ass onto my face, I smothered my face in her crack and started to rim her. I may have been inexperience in practice but in theory and watching porn I was an expert.
Mom let out a whimper “oh darling, no one has ever licked my ass before, god it feels good, Don’t stop”
“I won’t but you can now suck my balls, straddle my face and lean forward”, I demanded
“yes josh” she succumbed. She put one leg over my chest so her ass was in my face, leant all the way forward and placed one huge ball in her mouth at a time.
“oh, youre a good slut mom, you suck balls good” I praised “now suck my big cock”
“oh yes” she squealed “I was waiting for you to tell me to do that, mom will be your good little slut” at which point she devoured my cock, almost making her way half way down my cock. Slightly gagging, I didn’t pay any attention to her struggling, I put one hand on the back of head and forced it further onto my cock, thrusting my cock from beneath. With that she almost managed to get a further inch and a half into her mouth. I let her go and she recoiled for a deep breath.
“oh honey, that almost went down my throat” she complained
“I know” I said knowingly “you just need some practice, you’ll get there, all of my cock down your throat”
“ok babe I will practice, but for now can I just suck you normally” she requested
“ok mom, make me cum in your mouth” I told her
At this point I moved to start licking her clit as she had backed up a little to suck the tip of my cock. She started to moan as I licked her big juicy clit, I then slipped a finger into her ass, she let out a little squeal.

We continued for a further minute or so, me licking her clit and fingering her ass and her sucking the tip of my cock, at that moment I felt her hips buck at my tongue, almost grinding into my face, then came a groan of pleasure and her juices spilled from her pussy and into my mouth. The taste and feeling from her juices sent me into overload,
“I’m about to cum mom” I panted.
At this point she held my big cock in one hand, said “that’s it honey cum for mommy”, opened her mouth and jerked my cock until i felt a huge stream of cum shoot from my cock towards mom, deep into her mouth. She leant forward and sucked every last drop from my cock.
“god youre good mom, that felt amazing” I panted
“I’m only good for you babe, and for someone your age you certainly know how to lick pussy” she smiled. “I needed to cum like that after last night” “but mommy really wants to feel that cock inside, she needs to feel full, I want you to fuck me properly” she pleaded.
“well mom, we cant do it now, dad will be up shortly and if you want to feel my cock inside you again you must do as I say” I explained
“ok darling, anything, you know that, I need you in me” she looked longingly into my eyes.
“ok” I said, thinking of something to test my new little slut “today to work you must wear one of your flimsy dresses, your knee high boots and your stockings” before I could finish mom interrupted

“of course honey, would love to dress sexy for my big boy” she smiled and leaned forward to kiss me.

“I hadn’t finished mom” I said sternly, “today to work you must wear one of your flimsy dresses, your knee high boots and your stockings and no knickers” I smiled

“but I cant honey, those dresses are so flimsy, you saw what happened at football” she complained
“I don’t care mom, if you want my cock then you will wear no knickers to work today” I enforced.
“ok darling, you win” she said reluctantly “I will do as you say” she finished just as the alarm was going off next door.
Mom heard the alarm, calmly got off the bed, put her robe back on, used her sleeve to wipe the remainder of my cum from her lips and chin, took a sip of my coffee to remove the smell of my juices from her breath, winked at me, grabbed my coffee and left the room.

Mom walked straight into next door “morning darling” she said cheerily “thought I’d bring you a cup of coffee”
“thanks babe” said dad “is that for last night?” he said smugly
“you bet darling, big d was on form”
“I know hon, I gave it you good and hard last night didn’t i?, you were insatiable” he added.
“big daddy gave it to me so hard that I’m a little sore, may be a while before the next time” mom said trying to defer the next unsatisfying grind a while.
“No worries sexy, I was pretty rough, you let me know when youre ready for me again” he said with the belief he had ruined mom with his prowess.

On a normal morning in our house, dad left for work around 7.45am, I left for college and mom left for work around the same time at around 8am. Mom always returned first in the evening as she worked closest and so she was always home to prepare the dinner. I would return about 5pm before dad returned around 7pm. That’s why I knew that I could always find some time to fuck my mom before he got home.

I got dressed, dad shouted goodbye as he left and I wandered downstairs for some breakfast and to make sure mom had the outfit I had instructed.
As I walked into the kitchen, mom turned round and smiled “morning again handsome, theres toast on the table for you”, she then returned to the washing up. Sure enough, there she was in boots, stockings and a flimsy summer type dress, exactly as told to.
“thanks mom” I replied “you look great by the way” I complimented
“thanks Josh, I’m so glad, still cant believe you think I’m hot” she blushed.
I smiled knowingly back.
I finished my toast, got up from the table “bye mom” I said, “I assume youre home normal time tonight mom, so you can get your reward” I teased.
“of course honey, I just cant wait, I might even get home early and prepare myself for you” she said
“don’t worry about that milf” I joked “you look great, I want to do you as you are” and as I left for the door I turned and gave mom a gentle spank on the ass.
That’s when I stopped, while giving her a gentle spank I thought I felt something other than a flimsy dress and flesh. Maybe she hadn’t listened I thought to myself.

Mom froze, I think she had realised what I had felt. “can I have just one last look at that sexy of yours please mom before I go?” I asked
“I don’t think you need to babe, you saw it this morning and you’ll certainly see it later” she repelled my request
“mom” I said sternly “you know the rules, it wasn’t optional”
Mom looked scared, looking away from me as she slowly hitched up her dress. First the full boots came into view, then the stockings, then the stocking tops, wow what set of legs. Then the bottom of her 2 peachy round cheeks appeared beneath the hem of her dress. Then, there they were, some lacy, very sexy knickers, I have to admit her ass looked perfect in the knickers but that wasn’t the point.
“oh dear, oh dear” I said disappointedly “someone didn’t listen did they?”
“I’m sorry josh but I couldn’t to work, I’ve never done it before and I would feel too exposed” she pleaded
“that’s all well and good mom but I didn’t ask whether you were comfortable or not did i?, I told you to go commando!”
I thought for a few seconds
“now the ultimate punishment for disobeying my requests would be to deny you being taken by my big cock later, deny you that feeling of being full, of being pounded deep and hard” I teased
“please josh, no, I’m sorry but don’t deny me that, I need it I need you to fuck me, I cant think about anything else” she begged
“its ok mom, I want to pound you later so I’m not losing out” I explained “ the other punishment would be to give you a pounding but in your ass instead” I looked at her, she looked very scared and was about to speak when I interrupted “but I don’t think youre ready for that yet”.
“so come here” I instructed, I sat on the chair and pulled her towards me. “bend over” I ordered.
She looked at me in surprise, “but moms are supposed to put children over their knees not the other way round” she joked.
“I’m not joking mom, get over my knee or I’ll do it for you”
She could see I wasn’t messing at this stage, she leant forward and positioned herself carefully, feet touching the floor, ass over my knee and her arms stretched out to hold onto another chair.

“right then” I said “someones been a naughty girl haven’t they?” I asked
“yes josh” mom succumbed
“Well you shall be punished” I informed her.
I slowly lifted her dress from her legs and raised up over onto her back. Over my knee was the perfect ass
I had requested to see so many times, I placed both my hands on her ass, groped it a little. Then raised my hand and smacked it down hard on her exposed bum. ‘slap’
“urrggh” mom moaned,
‘slap’ as I smacked the other cheek.
“ow” mom complained. “I’m sorry” she pleaded.
“no use being sorry now, it’s a bit late” I said
And continued to spank moms ass 3 more times on each cheek, I was starting to leave a red imprint on her juicy butt. By the last few I sensed moms sounds became more moans of pleasure rather than pain, it was almost if she wanted to be punished.
“I think that’s enough punishment for today” I said , but as mom started to get up I hauled her back onto my knees. “just a minute milfy, youre forgetting something” she turned to look at me inquisitively.
I looked down at her ass and said “off!”.
Eventually mom, reluctantly agreed, she reached her arms back and slipped her knickers over her plump ass. I took it from there removing them completely over her legs and putting in my pocket, I could tell she had been enjoying the spanking, I could see the moist lips of her pussy and the smell of her juices filled the air.
I ran my fingers across her moist lips, and then entered a finger into her sodden pussy, pulled it back out and tasted it. “mmm, you taste good mom”. I pulled her dress back down, lifted her up and went on my way. As I was leaving the door I turned to shout “and I want proof youre obeying during the day, send me a picture of you lifting up your dress and showing your naked pussy and ass to my mobile, otherwise there’ll be more punishment” I said firmly.
She ran to the door, kissed me passionately and said “ok josh, I love you, I want to be all yours, you and your cock own me” I smiled and left for the day.

It was the longest day of my life, day dreaming of what awaited me on my return home. But at 12.30 my day dream was disturbed by my phone saying I had a new picture message. Of course, I thought, my proof from mom. When I opened the pic I started to get hard, it was a pick of mom bent over a toilet cubicle with her dress lifted from the back showing off her pert ass and trimmed pussy. It was a great picture but I was trying to work out how mom had taken it, maybe she had set a timer I thought. I couldn’t finish college quick enough, speeding home and running through the front door, shouting to mom as I entered “thanks for the pic mom it was awesome”.
That’s when I stopped in my tracks, there sat at the table was mom and auntie dawn. I was confused, “oh er…hi mom, hi auntie”.
“Hi Josh”, they both replied, auntie dawn already looking straight at my crotch.
I looked at mom and then at Auntie as if to ask why she was here then mom explained.
“Auntie dawn is here josh because of your little task. I couldn’t work the camera on my phone and so I needed some help. As dawn heard our first episode I didn’t think it was an issue. The problem is, she had me explain the whole thing, After calming down and stopping repeating lucky cow every 10 seconds she drove a hard bargain” mom said apologetically “she said if she takes the photo then she wants to be here tonight to watch” “I’m sorry darling but if I hadn’t sent the pic you would have punished me again and maybe not fucked me”
“Its ok mom” I reassured her “I have no issue with auntie watching, I’ve never had an audience before, but she’ll have to obey the rules just like you” I enforced.
Mom looked at auntie dawn, “Josh, before he shows us his cock always wants to see my tits and my ass first”
Now auntie dawn was not someone I thought about sexually until last weekend, she was a little overweight had stupidly big tits but a fairly big ass. She wasn’t obese or anything but certainly a few dress sizes larger than my mom.
She looked at me and said “ok, but this better be worth it” she slipped off her jogging bottoms and her t-shirt to only sit there in her underwear. The thought of my aunty and mom wanting my cock made it spring to attention. “turn round auntie, let me see ur ass”. She was unmoved, and then shook her head. At that point I looked at mom and she nodded in the direction of my cock. I just teased the waistband of my sweat pants down to reveal the full length of my cock in my boxers. I saw the same look in my aunties eyes as I had in my moms, “now take off your bra auntie” I said. This time she immediately removed the bra, “now show me your ass” I added. She got to her feet turned round and bent over slightly. Leant forward, grabbed her ass, “mm, nice ass auntie, now without the pants”.Like under my spell her arms came round and slid down her big knickers to bare her ass. I gave her ass a gentle spank and told her to watch mom get the fucking of her life. At which point I kissed mom, bent her over the kitchen table, lifted up her dress “mmmm, my naked ass and pussy all day I can see that’s been keeping you very horny mom, you look soaking” I teased my finger in and out of her pussy.
“I will obey you always in future big boy, I’ve been insatiably horny all day, I have had to use office pens and staplers to bring me off during the day, but now it’s the real thing”
With mom leaning over the table, her head was close to auntie dawns, I walked in between them, “who wants to get me out today then ladies?” I’ve never seen auntie dawn move so fast she had my sweats and boxers around my ankles and my cock bouncing free in less than a couple of seconds. At which point she sat back aghast on her chair.
“oh my lord Janice, you weren’t lying, its bloody huge. Look at it, I cant fit my hand round it, it certainly wont fit in my mouth” she said with assurance.
“That’s what you think Auntie” I said “open wide” she opened her mouth, I grabbed her head and started to force my cock into her mouth and then throat.
She was struggling to breathe and pulled back “Jesus Josh, you about killed me with that thing, I think my mouths twice the size it was before”.
“well auntie, you need more practice, you’re a few inches behind your sister on that one, shes becoming a proper cock sucking whore” I winked at mom.
“you bet I am” she said “put that gorgeous thing in my mouth big boy”
I leant over and forced my cock down her throat, I got a further inch in this time. “well done mom, you are nearly there”
“I’ve been practicing on bananas and cucumbers hon, are you proud?” she asked pleadingly
“of course mom, your sister needs some serious practice to catch up with you, and for that you are going to get a good pounding”
The smile went from ear to ear on my mom as she started bucking her ass in the air while over the table, I walked up behind her, placed my huge throbbing cock at her pussy entrance and then slowly entered her from behind.
“ooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!” she moaned “god I love your big cock” she screamed
“you lucky cow Janice” shouted auntie dawn.
“you can make yourself useful dawn” I said. “come here and kneel below me, suck my balls as I fuck your sister”
She did as was told and got to walk on my balls “god you have huge balls josh, I can only just fit one in my mouth”
I took my cock from moms pussy and forced auntie to lick it clean.

“come into the front room” I ordered them both. “I will sit on the sofa, mom you ride my cock and dawn you come here and ride my face” within seconds they were both moaning as they were being pleasured nicely. I grabbed moms hips and started to really pound into her, she was screaming “Josh, I love your big cock, fuck me harder, fuck me faster, fill me like your dad cant, god youre good”
By this time auntie had had enough oral, she wanted fucking. She got off the sofa lifted mom off my cock, “sorry sis, its my turn now, I want some of that huge cock”.

She lowered herself gently on to the tip of my cock, I could feel her pussy stretch as she slowly impaled herself on my cock “Oh my god, youre so thick, am I there yet Janice?”
Mom laughed, “come on sis, you’ve got about another half to go yet, I thought you were supposed to be filthy”
“Ohhhhh shiiitt” said dawn, “I’m full already,” at the point she stopped, leaving around a further 3 inches of my cock outside her pussy. I grabbed her hips, held her in place and rose my cock deep into her “for fuuuuccccks sake!” she screamed “gently!!”
“there you go sis, all in” mom laughed as she looked at the look of shock on aunties face.
“mom, I think you better lick her to loosen her a bit she’s sooooooo tight, I want to pound her in a minute and at the moment I think I will literally split her” mom nodded and went to work, “and while youre there play with my balls”
“oh that’s good sis” said dawn, “just there, oh josh is right you are a good little slut, you lick pussy good”
“that’ll do mom, she is loosening up, its nearly time for project ruin” I laughed
Auntie looked worried, mom reassured her that it was all good.
“get on all fours auntie, I’m going to do you so hard from behind” I ordered
“please be gentle with me Josh” she pleaded
I crouched behind her ass, leant forward and spanked her big fat ass a couple of times as she moaned “oh, oh, that feels so good”.
I pushed my cock down towards her tight pussy, and it sank slowly deep into her seeing her pussy stretch around my cock was awesome and got me even more horny. “You like that auntie?, you like it deep inside you?, you like being stretched like never before?” I was asking
“God yes Josh, I’ve never felt something so good, put it deep inside me, stretch me, fuuckk me good!” she begged.
That was all the encouragement I needed “that’s it auntie, you asked for it” I said excitedly
“Oh dear sis, now youre in trouble” mom shouted
I started to bang my auntie so deep from behind, spanking her ass, grabbing her tits as I started to increase my pace.
“oh my god you big cocked freak, do me proper, I’m all yours, treat me like the fat slut that I am, treat me like my slut of a sister” she yelled while looking back at me
At this point I went even more quickly, I grabbed her hair, yanked her head back towards me and absolutely pummelled into her pussy, harder than I ever had before “I’m going to ruin you auntie, you’ll be my slut forever” I shouted
I’d never pumped so hard my big cock was leaving and entering dawns pussy like a piston in a car engine,
“I’m all yours josh, ruin me good, do it to meee, I’m cooominnnngggggg!” she let cry as her body convulsed in orgasm, I pulled out my cock, and she collapsed in a heap on the floor spasming with aftershocks of the huge orgasm.

I leaned forward and kissed and auntie dawn, looked round my mom was knelt in front of me, I looked at her, with cock dripping in her sisters juices “its your turn now mom, come here and sit on my cock”
Mom smiled, shuffled across the room, with me now on the edge of the sofa, mom straddled my legs put her legs behind me and rested on my thighs. My cock was still pointing skywards so I had to push it down towards mom so she could slide onto the top. She kissed me as she slid all the way onto my cock and down to the top of my thighs.
Every inch of my cock was once again inside my moms wet wanton pussy, but mom was like I hadn’t seen before. She was kissing me passionately, grinding away at my groin.
I reached round and grabbed her round ass and helped with her movements up and down my cock, I then slipped a finger into her ass.
“Ohh yes Josh, that feels so good, finger my tight ass, finger me” we were in a tight embrace, we were kissing passionately and then I whispered to mom “mom, I want your ass, I’m having your ass now, I’ve got to feel my cock deep inside your tight ass”
At this point my mom looked worried, “its ok mom, youre already relaxed and I have plenty of lube. If you want you can lower yourself onto me”.
Mom nodded with this option, she greased up my huge shaft with lube as well as her currently tight asshole, she positioned her ass at the tip of my cock, and edged in the tip of my swelling cock. She put her arms around my neck, looked me deep into the eyes and with a slight grimace said “my ass is now all yours too josh” as she slid further and further down my cock,

I could feel the insides of her on my cock, he sensation, the tightness was unbelievable, “it feels amazing darling. I’ve never had anything in my ass before but it feels like it copes with your huge dick even better than my pussy, Dawn you have to try this, its amazing!” she exclaimed “but please still be gentle darling” mom pleaded.
I used my strong arms to lift mom up and down on my cock, her ass slowly but surely taking my cock more easily. I’d never heard such noises coming from a woman, grunts, groans, squeals, I teased her clit while she bounced on my cock, her legs started to quiver and then mom yelled

“Holy shit josh, what are you doing to me! Something feels like a tidal wave coming! Urrgh! Oooooh! Aaarrgh! I’m cumming baby I love you!!”
At that point a tidal wave did almost come, a spurt of moms juices sprayed from her pussy, soaking her thighs and mine, dripping onto the floor.
“wow, wow, wow! I’ve never cum like that before babe, you’ve taken me to a whole new level of pleasure darling, I’m so glad I’ve discovered you and your cock”
She leant forward and sucked my cock clean, it was now not long til I could feel I would cum so I opened up the offers.
“mom, auntie, I’m close to cumming but I need to fuck something hard and fast, who is offering up something for me?” I asked
Auntie dawn was still recovering on the floor and mom was in a state of calm after the gushing orgasm. Then mom piped up “well you know you can always use any of me, but I would prefer after that to be a face fuck if you want me! She pleaded “but dawn has never had something like that anal before, I think she ought to give it a try”
“but I do want to pound it hard and fast, are you sure that will be ok?” I questioned slightly
“look josh, shes always told me shes the dirtier sister, she’s done this and that, so if I’ve done it, she needs to do it and also see how it feels to be properly fucked in our ass! Get on with it as I want to see that pick cock shoot its load.” Mom urged
“are you ok with this auntie?” I asked, she didn’t reply she was still in a state of trance from the previous fucking “I’m not sure mom” I said “she looks out of it”
“Josh! If we want that gorgeous cock of yours then You own us, we’ve told you that, if you want to fuck us hard in the ass then you just go ahead and bugger us” mom was very forceful for a change “now come here, let me get that cock nice and hard” she knelt, sucked my balls and deepthroated my cock until it was rock hard in no time.
“right” she said “now for you sis” mom clambered across the room, put auntie dawn back onto all fours and then sat on her back so she couldn’t move. She leant forward grabbed one of her sisters big ass cheeks in each hand and parted them so I got clear view of her ass “come on big boy, heres your chance, we’re both giving you the chance to go to town on one of our asses, don’t miss it” she reached into the lube pot, greased dawns ring and my big thick shaft, grabbed my cock and led it to the hole.
She winked at me, leant forward, kissed me on the lips and whispered “go for it stallion, ruin her again” at which point she put her hands round onto my ass and then heaved me forward with all her force as my cock went plunging into my aunties ass. She let out an almighty scream “oooorrrrrggggggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhh” but she was still not completely with it
“fuck her hard josh before she comes round, I want you to come for mommy” advised mom.
I went for itm grabbed her shoulders with both hands and buried my cock so hard and deep into her ass I thought it might hit her stomach, there were moans from auntie as I picked up speed she was just coming round when I yelled ‘I’m fucking cumming, who wants my load?” “both get together on the floor, youre both getting covered. This is your owner marking his territory, you are myy sslluuuttss now!” I screamed as I shot a huge stream of hot spunk across the air to completely cover mom and auntie, then the next laod came, until I pushed my cock across their mouths to make them suck me dry”

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