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This is purely fiction. If you want more just ask and any other suggestions for another disney stories please feel free to coment
"This sucks," Zack moaned looking out his bedroom window at the rain pouring
down. It had rained all week and it had rained most of Saturday with the
weather forecasters saying it would last all weekend. "This is so boring.
Let me borrow some money so I can go to the movies."

"No, go play your game you bought with the money you stole from me," Cody

"It's stupid and it sucks."

"Well who told you to buy 50 Cent: Bulletproof?"

"All my friends said it was a good game."

"Well then you're friends with a bunch of idiots."

"Hey, they're your friends too."

"Not all of them."

"Well, I'm not going to stick around here all weekend and be bored," Zack
said removing his bus pass from his wallet.

"Where are you going?"

"To another universe."

"How? The parallel universalizer is broken."

"No, it's not. You just need money for it remember?"

"Oh, yeah and maybe if we go to another parallel universe with a cool mom we
can borrow money from her and bring it back with us when we come back here."

"Last time George Clooney was on the quarter."

"Yeah, but what are the odds of that happening again? Anyways let's go. I
don't want this entire weekend to be a complete waste."

Zack and Cody left their suite and quickly made their way to the basement.
They quietly made their way inside to make sure nobody was there to see
them. When the coast was clear they got inside the phone booth and Zack
swiped his bus pass in the slot. The booth started shaking and whirring and
like last time both boys got dizzy and slid to the floor. After several
seconds the phone booth came to a complete stop and the twins got up shaking
the cobwebs from their heads.

"Let's see what mixed up world we're in now," Cody said as the two of them
exited the booth.

Zack and Cody made their way to the lobby where they stopped and their
mouths started to open wide. There were females everywhere from their teens
to there thirties and all of them were walking around in nothing but
lingerie and slinky outfits. Then they saw Mr. Moseby wearing an expensive
suit with sunglasses and an earpiece standing at the front door to the

"Hey Mr. Moseby what's going?" Zack asked as the two of them ran up to him.

"Oh good afternoon boys. You're up much earlier today than most of us
expected. Since you two got up before three I win the pool."

"What pool?"

"The pool for when you two would get up."

"Why would there be a pool for when we got up today?" Cody asked.

"Last night was your birthdays and you two downed several shots of tequila.
We lost count after six."

"But we didn't drink---"

"That's okay Cody," Zack said interrupting his brother. "We know you can't
hold your liquor."


"Just play along," Zack muttered underneath his breath.

"Yeah, that was some wild party last night. So wild in fact that I don't
remember a thing."

"I'd love to stay and chat with you boys, but your mom gets temperamental if
she catches me slacking on the job."

"Speaking of which why is everyone here in there underwear?" Cody asked.

"Your mother is going to be upset that you two drank so much that you can't
even remember that she owns this place."

"Okay, I have a really bad hangover so what is this place?"

"This is the Red Light Martin. It's a high-class brothel your mother and
father run."

"Mom and Dad are still married?" Zack asked.

"No," Mr. Moseby sighed. "Your parents were going to re-marry, but your
biological father was killed in a plane crash. Your mother and Arwin were
married last year."

"Arwin?!?!?" The boys said in unison.

"Yes Arwin. You two should really lay off the tequila until you learn to
hold your liquor."

"Where are they at now?" Zack asked.

"They're in their office, but their busy planning tonight's show and asked
not to be disturbed by anyone. Your mother did ask me that the next time I
saw you tell you two to go to your room and wait. I'll be sending your
birthday present up shortly. You passed out last night before you opened
presents. Will you be needing directions to your room?"

"No, we're okay. We didn't drink that much," Cody said.

"Good. I'm just dreading the day I have to tell your mother her sons are
full blown alcoholics."

"Watch your mouth or I'll have you fired," Zack said.

"You've tried to have me fired many times before. Just go to your room, your
present will be up shortly."

"Way to go Zack," Cody said as the two of them headed for the elevator. "You
sure know how to pick parallel universes."

"Ah shut up. Would you rather be home watching reruns of That's So Raven
because it's raining?"

"I guess not."

"Alright then. At least this place has lots of good looking girls in their


"This is really weird," Cody said as he channel surfed in the suit room.

"What is?"

"That don't have That's So Raven here. It's called That's So Chelsea."

"Why are you still talking about that show? I thought you didn't like it."

"It's okay. It's funny sometimes."

As Zack and Cody began to debate the comedic value of That's So Raven there
was a knock at the door and Cody went to answer it.

"It's London," Cody said looking through the peephole. "Hi London what's---
uh up?" Cody asked stumbling over his words seeing London in a robe.

"I was supposed to give you your birthday present last night, but you two
drank so much so fast that you passed out."

"Yeah yeah we know," Zack replied. "Nice robe London."

"Thank you, but your mom bought it for me. She's so generous."

"So what's this present you're supposed to give us?" Cody asked.

"Me," London replied opening her robe to reveal her naked body. Zack and
Cody's mouth open wide again as they stared at London. This definitely
wasn't the London they knew in their own universe. "You two okay?"

"Um... Yeah," Cody barely got out.

"What do you mean you're our present?" Zack asked.

"Let's go to your room and I'll show you."


Both sporting erections Zack and Cody walked to their room followed by

"Why don't you two get these clothes off?" London asked dropping her robe to
the ground as she kneeled down in front of Zack and pulled down his pants
and underwear. Zack let out a moan as London suddenly wrapped her lips
around his cock and began bobbing her head back and forth. The twins just
stood there staring at her in amazement and shock. "Come on guys get
undressed," London said temporarily taking her mouth off of Zack's dick.

The boys broke out of their temporary trance and began undressing. London
smiled as they did so and continued to slide her lips back and forth over
Zack's shaft. Then when Cody was finally nude London switched dicks and
start to suck on his as she took hold of Zack's shaft with her hand and
slowly started to jerk him off. As London continued to bob her head back and
forth running her lips and tongue along Cody's shaft and stroke Zack's
member the twins looked at each other and couldn't help but smile.

"Aren't you glad I bought such a crappy game? If I hadn't we'd be playing
whatever I did buy instead of doing this," Zack said with a huge grin.

"Dude this is awesome!" Cody replied.

"It's going to get better," London smiled standing up and walking over to
Zack's bed. She then laid on her back and spread her legs. "Who want's a
taste boys?"

Zack and Cody raced over to the bed and Zack got there first. "Hey no fair,"
Cody complained. "You bought a crappy game with my money and now you get to
go first."

"I'm the reason we're here in the first place," Zack smugly said before
diving between London's legs.

He spread London's pussy apart with his fingers and deeply inhaled her
aroma. With sex taking complete control over his brain Zack began running
his tongue up and down London's slit. She let out several soft moans as Zack
began working his tongue in and out of her pussy licking up her wetness.
London then turned her attention to Cody who had an agitated look on his
face and his penis was starting to go flaccid.

"Oh come here Cody. I've got something special for you later," London
grinned as she started rubbing her hand back and forth over his shaft.

"Oh really?" He replied starting to smile again. "What is it?"

"Come here." Cody leaned over and listened to what she had to say. "I'll let
you fuck me in the ass," London whispered.

Just at the suggestion Cody came splattering small amounts of his cum onto
London's hand. She licked her hand clean then smiled seeing him still hard
as a rock.

Zack continued licking London's cunt up and down eating her fluids as they
oozed out, but she never seemed to run out. He then pulled his head up and
slid two fingers inside London. She moaned as his fingers penetrated her,
but managed to turn her attention back to Cody as Zack began pushing his
digits in and out. With one more nice hard jerk London made sure Cody was as
hard as he could be. She then wrapped her lips around his shaft again and
began bobbing her head back and forth.

After several minutes of fingering London's pussy Zack pulled his fingers
out and sniffed them. He inhaled the sweet aroma of London on his fingers
then stuck them in his mouth and sucked them clean. With a grin on his face
Zack lifted London's legs into the air and moved his cock towards her
opening. With his dick in hand Zack pressed the tip of it against London's
slit and moved it up and down. London moaned with Cody's shaft in her mouth
and nearly choked on it when Zack finally slipped himself inside her.

Zack's cock was already throbbing by the time he bottomed out in London the
first time. Her pussy was warm and fit snugly around his shaft. London felt
herself start to get excited as Zack began thrusting himself in and out of
her. Meanwhile she still had Cody's shaft in her mouth and he was starting
to groan louder and more often as she continued sliding her lips along his
shaft and wrap her tongue around it. She could tell he wasn't too far off
from his second orgasm. Eager as Zack was he was quickly slamming his dick
hard into London's opening seemingly wanting to come as quickly as possible.
London had to do something quickly or else she'd be the only one left
without an orgasm.

"Hold on boys," London said getting up. "Let's do this right."

"How do you mean?" Zack asked.

"First I want you to lay down on the bed." London waited until Zack did so
then climbed onto the bed and straddled his cock. "This feels great Zack,"
She grinned as she lowered herself down onto his member and leaned forward.
"Now Cody, remember what I said earlier? Stick that cock of yours into my

Not needing another word from London Cody climbed onto the bed and got
behind her. He took hold of his dick in one hand and inched it closer to
London's back opening. She moaned and smiled as Zack began his thrusting
again and Cody pressed the tip of his cock into her anus.

"Oh... Yeah..." London moaned when Cody finally pushed inside her ass. "Come
on guys, now really fuck me hard!"

Zack began wildly thrusting his cock into London's pussy again as Cody had
to go slower to get accommodated to her tight ass. As the twins worked her
body over London felt her body start to get excited again. Excited enough in
fact to cause her to start to moisten. For not having reached orgasm yet
London's pussy was drenching itself and Zack's dick rather nicely. A loud
slurping noise could be heard each time Zack pulled out and pushed back in.

London's butt was as close to bliss as Cody could have gotten. Her asshole
was tight on his cock and applied intense pleasure as he pushed in and out.
As Cody continued impaling himself on London's backside the opening slowly
got bigger and accommodated him better. London rarely did anal as she didn't
like it but at the request of her boss, Zack and Cody's mom, she did it
today and she was thankful for it. Her body was experiencing a feeling it
hadn't felt in a long time and the thought of taking two guys at once for
the first in a long time absolutely turned her on.

Then as London was readying herself for her upcoming orgasm Zack came first.
He grunted loudly as shot after shot of his semen squirted deep into her
womb. London then lifted herself just enough so that Cody could slid out
from underneath her.

"Sorry I meant to pull out before I came," Zack apologized standing up.

"Don't worry about it honey," London smiled at him. "Come here." She quickly
took Zack's deflating penis into her mouth and began sucking her cum and his
from it and then swallowed. "How are you doing back there Cody?"

"You ass is so tight," He groaned.

"Just keep fucking it baby. I want your hot sticky cum in it."

With those dirty words of encouragement Cody seemed to get a boost. His grip
on London's hips tightened. His thrusts into her asshole got harder and
deeper. London was going to start finger her clit as the increased intensity
from Zack was working wonders for her body. Each time his dick slammed hard
into her ass she let out moans that became progressively louder.

Unbeknowst to either, Cody and London were both fast approaching orgasm.
With one last hard thrust from Cody it became too much for London. She cried
out as she began to come. Her entire body including her ass tightened up as
she orgasmed. London's tightening asshole on his dick was the end for Cody.
His cum started shooting deep into her bowels as her orgasm was coming to an
end. When both bodies finally calmed down Cody pulled his limp penis from
London's ass.

"How was it?" London asked with semen dripping from her ass as she stood up.
"Sorry about the stain. We'll get someone to change the sheets right away."

"That was awesome London," Zack said with a smile.

"What about you Cody?" She asked wrapping her robe back around her.

"Best... birthday... ever..." Cody panted grinning widely.

"Well Happy belated birthday guys. I'm glad you enjoyed yourselves. Can you
do me a big favor though?"

"Sure, what is it?" Cody said eagerly as he sat up.

"The next time you see your mother please tell her what a good job I did.
I'm really hoping I can move up to the Class A clients this year."

"My brain is fuzzy right now because of all the drinking we did last night
and of course because the awesome sex with you, but what is a Class A
client?" Cody asked.

"There's Class A, B, and C clients. The Class A clients are the well to do,
very wealthy, don't want a visit here to leak to the public kind of clients.
The girls who work Class A also make house calls, do bachelor parties, and
things like that and that's where all the good money is made. Right now I
service Class B clients and I make okay money, but I really want to move to
A. I know can do a good job."

"I'll put in a good word for you London," Cody said picking up his clothes
and kissing her on the check.

"Me too," Zack said kissing her other check. "Before you go though, I'm also
messed from last night too and want to ask you a question I already know the
answer to."


"How did you and the other girls end up working in a brothel for my

"Most of us, myself included, were living out on the streets. Your mom found
us, cleaned us up, and gave us food to eat and a place to sleep in exchange
for working here. Some came here on their own because they heard the money
is good and everyone is always treated with respect and never put in a
dangerous situation. I better get cleaned up and back to work. Thanks for
your help."

"No problem," Zack said still smiling. "Oh, do you know where Maddie's at?"

"She's a lucky girl," London said.

"Why do you say that?" Cody asked.

"Because she's your parents' personal assistant. Whether it be for running
errands or sex, she's got it made. Everyone is jealous of her. I really have
to get going. I'll see you guys later if you want."

After London left closing the door behind her both Zack and Cody started
hooting and hollering and gave each other a high five all the while still
completely nude.

"This place is great!" Cody exclaimed.

"You're welcome," Zack replied.

"Yeah yeah. It's all dumb luck that you helped make it happen."

"As long as you acknowledge that I'm partly responsible for getting us here,
then I'm happy. Do you think this mom would allow us to play hockey without
pads or go bungee jumping?"

"There's only one way to find out, but first we need to get dressed and find


"Hey Maddie, what do you think of Max?" Carey asked as she sat behind the
desk in her office and considered a change to the Saturday night lounge

"What do you mean?"

"How is she as a worker?"

"She's always got a good attitude, the other girls all like her, and I
haven't heard a bad thing from anyone. Why do you ask?"

"I was thinking about making a change to the Saturday night lounge show."

"Are you thinking about moving Max into the lounge?"

"Maybe. Hannah's been asking to move into Class A and I want to move her
because she deserves it, but before I can do that I need to find someone to
replace her. I'll just move someone into the lounge if I need to, but Max
has shown some interest in moving into Class B and doing the shows on

"I know she's a good worker, but I don't know if she's ready to move up yet.
You could give her a test run and see how she does and go from there."

"Hmm..." Carey said starting to smile, "That's not a bad idea."

"Thank you," Maddie smiled. "Do you need me for anything else? If not I was
going to take my break if that's okay with you."

"Sure go ahead. I just need you to do one thing for me."


"Arwin is bored and going a little stir-crazy with having to be in bad for
the last two days because of his back. Either before or after you take your
break. Go up to our room and check on him. Cheer him up."

"Okay, not a problem," Maddie cheerfully replied before heading for the
door. As she opened the door she saw Zack and Cody standing on the other
side about to knock. "Happy Birthday boys!" She said kissing both on the
cheek. "If you two ever need anything let me know!"

"Come on in boys. You two regained consciousness faster than we thought you
would. Do you know who won the pool?"

"Uh... Mr. Moseby did. Can we borrow some money to go bungee jumping?" Cody

"No, use your credit cards. They were still in your wallet on your
nightstands when I carried you into your room last night. And if you've
maxed them out already then you'll just have to wait until the end of the

"Oh... Well actually we just wanted to say hi and thank you for our birthday
present," Zack said.

"That's good to hear. So London did a good job entertaining you?"

"Oh yeah, she was great."

"Listen, before you two leave for the day do me a favor."

"Sure mom, what is it?" Cody asked.

"Find Max and tell her that if she wants to move up to Class B and into the
lounge show then she has a shot tonight. She's working the five o'clock

"Max works here?"

"Did she just say Max?" Zack asked Cody surprised.

"Yes. You two are the ones who found her in the bus station and brought her
here to work. Look guys I've talked to Mr. Moseby and London today and I
don't like what I'm hearing. If you two ask someone another question you
already know the answer to then I'm immediately putting you into AA Now go
find Max and give her the news."


Arwin was bored out of his mind as he laid in bed and channel surfed for the
hundredth time. There wasn't a damn thing on t.v. worth watching and his
back injury would keep him in bed for another two days. He finally turned
the tv off and threw the remote against the wall. Arwin then sighed and
stared at the ceiling. A few minutes later the door to the suite opened and

"I don't know how much more I can take of this Carey," he complained.

"Hi Arwin it's me," Maddie greeted him.

"Oh hey Maddie. How are you today?"

"I'm fine thank you. I'm fixing to go on break, but I wanted to check on you
first. How are you doing today?"

"Bored and I'm about to go crazy. I've been in here for two days and I've
still got two more days to go."

"Maybe I can help alleviate you're boredom," Maddie grinned climbing onto
the bed and unbuttoning Arwin's pants.

"Ah Maddie, you are such a doll," Arwin complimented her as she pulled his
pants and underwear down exposing his cock.

"It's the least I can do for everything you and Carey have done for me," She
smiled as she took hold of his shaft and began stroking it up and down.

"We only gave you the opportunity to better your life. You took advantage of
it. That's nice..." Arwin moaned as Maddie stroked his shaft several more
times before taking the tip of it into her mouth.

Maddie masterfully sucked on Arwin's cock like she had so many times before.
Her lips applied just the right about of pressure as they slid along his
shaft wetting it with her saliva. Maddie's tongue wrapped itself around
Arwin's dick working in unison with her mouth to tease and stimulate him in
the right way. Then after several minutes of oral pleasuring Arwin Maddie
stood up and began undressing. When she was completely nude she climbed
onto the bed positioning herself above his cock.

Maddie then began to lower herself towards Arwin's stiff cock and let out a
soft moan when the head penetrated her opening. It had been several months
since his last encounter with Maddie and Arwin was quickly reminded of the
intense feeling he got when her tight little pussy engulfed his cock.

"Mmmm... That's nice," Arwin moaned as Maddie leaned forward and began to
ride him up and down.

"It helps that your dick is so big and massive," Maddie replied smiling as
she continued to ride her hips up and down.

"You know I told you just to make him feel better Maddie, not seduce him,"
Carey said from the suite's doorway.

"Hi Carey," Maddie said sitting up and looking back while still raising and
lowering her pussy onto Arwin's dick. "I'm so glad you could join us."

"Maddie's taking good care of you isn't she Arwin?" Carrie said walking
towards the bed as stripped off her clothes.

"Of course honey. You know she's a good girl."

"I know," Carey grinned coming to a stop at Maddie's side. The brothel owner
stopped Maddie's up and down movement and turned her head. When they were
facing each other Carey passionately kissed the blonde. Carey then climbed
onto the bed and straddled Arwin's face. "Mmm... That's nice," Carey moaned
as Arwin's tongue started licking up and down her slit. "How's your back

"It doesn't hurt, it's just really stiff and hard to move around."

"Oooh..." Carey panted as Arwin's tongue pushed inside her pussy and started
slithering around her insides. "You up for teaching Maddie the two for one?"

"As long as I'm on bottom," Arwin said in-between licks of Carey's insides.
"Hurry though. She's got my dick throbbing badly."

"Aaah! A two for one, what's that?" Maddie asked excited still riding
Arwin's cock hard slamming down on him each time she went down.

"Show me your ass and we can get started."

Maddie enthusiastically climbed off of Arwin's dick and turned around in
front of Carey. With her arms on the bed she pushed her ass as far up into
the air as she could. Carey smiled as the teen's taut ass came to a stop in
front of her face. She felt Maddie's ass up and down running a hand along
both sides. Then spreading the girl's buttcheeks apart Carey dipped her
tongue inside.

Maddie moaned loudly as Carey began pushing her tongue in and out of her
anus. Maddie had never done any assplay before, but instantly found this
stimulating. Her body quickly began to heat up and become excited as Carey's
tongue probed the inside of her ass. Maddie couldn't help herself and
slipped a hand between her legs.

Carey watched the girl's eagerness as she slipped two fingers into her pussy
and began pushing them in and out working them in deep each time. As Maddie
fingered herself and Carey ate out her ass Arwin ultimately found himself
the beneficiary. As he ate out Carey's pussy he found it drenching itself
each time he pulled his tongue out to swallow her juices.

"Oh Carey!" Maddie moaned wildly thrusting her fingers deep into her wet
pussy as Carey continued to tongue her asshole.

"Mmm... Hold on baby, it's not time to come yet," Carey said climbing off of
Arwin's face. "Pull out your fingers." Carey ran her finger along Maddie's
slit after the blonde obeyed her. She wiped up a bit of Maddie's cum and
licked it off her finger. She then slipped two fingers into Maddie's pussy
worked them around a bit and pulled them out. "Arwin, help Maddie get into
a reverse cowgirl while I run to the closet," Carey said wiping the cream
from her fingers onto the blonde's asshole.

"Maddie squat over my cock with her back to me and slowly lower yourself
down onto it," Arwin said after Carey left. Maddie did as she was told and
as she readied for vaginal penetration Arwin moved his cock and aimed it for
her asshole.

"Oh my!" Maddie moaned as the tip of Arwin's penis pushed into her backside.

"How's that feel honey?"

"So nice... and tight..." Maddie groaned as she pushed down onto Arwin
slowly taking all of him into her ass.

"Good," Arwin replied taking hold of her hips. "Now let's work you up and
down and get that thing stretched.

With help from Arwin Maddie slowly began to ride him. It was a little
uncomfortable at first having Arwin's thick cock push in and out of her
butthole, but slowly it started to become more bearable. Her first time
experiencing anal didn't hurt as much as Maddie always heard it would. Soon
Maddie and Arwin had a nice pace going with his shaft sliding in and out
with relative ease.

"Is she ready?" Carey asked appearing out of nowhere wearing a black
strap-on dildo.

"I think so," Arwin smiled.


A nervous enthusiasm entered Maddie's body as Carey walked towards her. The
dildo seemed to get overwhelming larger to Maddie with each step Carey took.
The teen wanted to protest, wanted to say she wasn't ready, but she didn't.
With a nervous grin on her face Maddie waited with bated breath as Carey
lifted her legs up and pushed the fake cock to her opening already occupied
by Arwin.

"Carey!" Maddie gasped as the head of the dildo started pushing it's way
into her ass.

"How do you feel?" Carey asked as she continued to work the dildo further
into Maddie's ass forcing it to stretch.

"Go--- Good." Truth was Maddie wasn't sure how she felt until several
minutes later when she felt the dildo bottom out in her backside. A strange
perverse enjoyment filled her body as she thought about having her butt
double stuffed. It was a very tight fit, but one Maddie didn't mind.

Slowly Carey and Arwin began working their cocks in and out of Maddie's ass.
It took some time, but eventually Maddie's butthole stretched enough that a
nice pace could develop. As her bosses continued to thrust into her backside
in unison she reached down with her hand and began to finger herself again.
Maddie normally wasn't a moaner, but she couldn't help herself today. Her
plunging fingers and her ass getting double penetrated by Carey and Arwin
was turning her on big time.

Maddie's moans became increasingly louder as her fingers dug into her pussy
deeper and harder. Carey and Arwin were both thrusting as hard as they could
into the blonde's ass grinning at each other as their assistant screamed.
Soon it became too much for Maddie and she shrieked one last time before
reaching orgasm. Her body shook and her pussy squeezed down on her fingers
as her cum started to rush out. When her orgasm finally finished Maddie
pulled her fingers out.

"Let me get those for you hon," Carey said taking Maddie's hand and licking
her fingers clean. "Now let Arwin clean that dirty pussy of yours."

Carey pulled out of Maddie's ass and Maddie climbed off of Arwin. As the
blonde sat on Arwin's face Carey removed her strap-on and threw it to the
floor. She then climbed onto Arwin's dick and faced Maddie. Arwin took hold
of Carey's hips and began slamming her down onto his cock with her help as
he also started to eat out Maddie to clean up her sticky sloppy pussy.

As Arwin worked both of their pussies over Carey and Maddie leaned towards
each other and began to kiss. Their tongues intertwined and they swapped
spit while they drove Arwin's body wild. Soon the teen juice dripping into
his mouth and his wife's pussy swallowing up his cock became too much for
Arwin. With one last hard thrust into Carey Arwin began moaning into
Maddie's pussy his cum erupted from his penis sending several shots deep
into Carey's womb.

"How do you feel baby?" Carey asked climbing off of Arwin with his semen
dripping from her pussy.

"My back is still stiff, but I'm doing a bit better," Arwin smiled. "Oh,
thank you Maddie," he said as Maddie began licking the leftover cum
dribbling down his shaft.

"You're welcome," she smiled back. "Shall I get you too?"

"Please do," Carey replied. "You are a great girl and one of kind," Carey
complimented Maddie as the teen got on the floor and began licking Carey's
thighs and pussy clean.

"Thank you Carey. I just want you two to be happy."

"I know. I just wish the same could be said for the boys."

"Don't worry about them. They're good guys and right now things are just a
little weird for them. I remember was just like them a few years ago and I
think I've turned out okay."

"You certainly have Maddie. You certainly have."


"Hey Mr. Moseby. Sorry to bother you again, but we need to find Max we've
been looking all over for her and can't find her," Cody said.

"She's probably working," Mr. Moseby replied agitated. "Go talk to Esteban
and he can tell what room she's in."

"Uuuh... Where's Esteban?" Zack asked.

"In the office!" Mr. Moseby replied really agitated pointing at a door. "I'm
going to strongly recommend your mother put you two in Alcoholics

"We're not alcoholics," Zack replied as he and Cody headed for the door that
was pointed to.

"Apparently we were last night and it's not the first time it's happened,"
Cody said.

Once they got to the door they opened it and walked in.

"Hey boys wild party last night huh?" Esteban greeted with a smile.

"So we hear," Zack replied. "You don't have an accent."

"What do you mean? I've never had an accent."

"Forget what he said. Zack's still got a little bit of a hangover."

"I'm surprise either of you is out of bed with as much as you drank. The
ecstasy probably didn't help either."

"Ecstasy? Nobody's mentioned that."

"That's because I slipped it into your drinks when nobody was looking.
Believe me you two were having a great time."

"Okay, well anyway the reason why we're here is because we need to talk to
Max. What room is she in?" Zack asked.

"Just a sec," Esteban said as he started typing away at his keyboard and
looked at his computer monitor. "Okay, she's in room 420 with a Mr.

"Thanks Esteban and next time no more ecstasy," Cody said as he and Zack
took off.

"But you seemed to really enjoy it," Esteban shouted.

"I don't think I'm liking this universe. Let's just go tell Max what mom
said and go home," Cody said as the two of them stepped onto an elevator.

"I know what you mean. I enjoyed having London as our birthday present, but
this place is just a little too wild. Let's just go home now," Zack said.

"We will in a minute, but I want to see Max first."

When the elevator chimed to a stop the twins got off and headed towards room
420. As they reached it the door opened up and a middle-age man left. The
man gave them a strange look before he stepped onto the elevator. Cody then
knocked on the door.

"Appointments only," Max shouted from the other side. "Please go downstairs
and speak to Esteban about my next opening."

"It's us Max," Cody shouted. A few seconds later the door opened.

"Cody! Zack! It's so good to see you again," Max smiled as she hugged both.
She was dressed in only a white robe. "It's been so long since I've seen
you. Come in."

"It has?" Zack asked as they entered the room.

"Well yeah. Most of the time you're hanging out with your own group of
friends and hardly ever talk to any of the girls here."

"We do?" Cody asked.

"Man I heard you two drank a lot of alcohol last night, but I didn't know it
was this bad."

"News really does travel fast around here doesn't it?"

"Wait a minute," Zack interrupted. "You weren't at our birthday party

"Of course not. None of the people that work here are unless they're doing a
specific job."

"We're not even friends with Max in this universe," Zack said to Cody.

"What did you say?"

"Nothing. Look we just came to let you know that if you still want to move
up to Class B and do the lounge show you have a shot tonight. You're doing
the five o'clock show," Cody replied.

"Really??? Oh thank you thank you!" Max exclaimed giving both boys a kiss on
the cheek. "Tell Carey thanks for me and that she won't regret it."

"Sure will. Cya later then Max."

"I'm sure you'll do fine."

Zack and Cody sighed and shook their head in disbelief.

"This place is too weird," Zack said.

"Let's get out of here."

"Hey boys."

"Aaah!" They shouted at Maddie appearing out of nowhere behind them.

"Oh hey Maddie. How are you?" Zack asked.

"I'm fine thank you. How about you two? Your hangovers gone yet?"

"Just about," Cody said.

"Well good. I see you just talked to Max. How is she?"

"She's excited about the opportunity tonight."

"It's good to hear she's confident. I'm not so sure, but Carey seems to
think Max is ready to move up a class which is why I'm here. I was going to
do it, but I'm running an era for your mother so she asked me to tell you to
do it. She wants you to watch Max's performance tonight and judge how well
she does and let your mother know. Okay?"

"Yeah sure," Zack replied.

"Oh and I didn't get a chance to say it yesterday, but Happy Birthday,"
Maddie said kissing Zack and Cody on the cheek. The boys waited until they
were on the elevator by themselves before speaking.

"What do you want to do?" Cody asked. "I really don't like this universe too
much either, but Max is counting on us."

"I know she is but we're not even friends with her in this universe."

"But we brought her in to work here. She's having sex with grown men!"

"No, the us's that live here got her to work here. Not me and you."

"What do you want to do then? Just leave? The us's that live here are
alcoholic drug addicts. They can't be counted on to do anything. Let's go
watch the show so everyone sees us there then tell this mom what a great job
Max did. She'll get promoted to Class B or whatever it is and she'll make
more money and be happy."


"Come on Zack. We'll watch the show, talk to mom, then leave and never use
the parallel universalizer again."

"Alright let's do this for Max," Zack finally conceded. "It's already 4:45.
I guess we should just head over to the lounge and just wait then."


There was already a large crowd gathering as Zack and Cody entered the

"Wow, this must be some show," Zack commented.

"Hey guys you made it," London greeted them from out of nowhere.

"What're you doing here?" Cody asked.

"I've got a table saved for you up front. The show's about to start. Hurry!"

As London dragged the boys to the empty table at the front of the stage the
crowd started chanting "Hannah! Hannah! Hannah!" when a small blonde teen
walked out onto the stage.

"Thank you everyone for being here," Hannah greeted the crowd. "There has
been a last minute change and I'll will not be performing the five o'clock
show tonight." The crowd started murmuring at the unexpected news. "But I
will be here doing the rest of the shows tonight. Please stay where you are
though, because we have a close friend of mine performing tonight's five
o'clock show. So please give a Red Light Martin welcome to Max!"

Zack and Cody started cheering wildly when Max walked onto the stage wearing
a purple silk robe while the rest of the crowd only gave a half-hearted
cheer. Then Rick James' "Super Freak" started playing and Max started her

The twins' jaws dropped as Max started to dance provocatively caressing her
body through the robe and occasionally reaching into her robe to tease the
crowd and pretend she's playing with herself. When the crowd noise started
to get loud and a bit more rowdy Max opened up the robe and let it fall to
the floor. Zack and Cody's eyes bulged when Max slid to her knees at the end
of the stage, grabbed some random guy's head, and began pressing it between
her legs. When she finally let him up he had a huge smile on his face and
Max winked at him.

She then walked towards an onstage curtain looking over her shoulder at the
crowd and shaking her ass. She disappeared behind the curtain for a few
minutes and the crowd erupted into a loud cheer when she reappeared with a
rope in her hands.

"Oh my god," Cody said. "Even I know what this is."

"It's a donkey show," Zack replied just as shocked as his brother as Max
lead a donkey to the front of the stage.

Max then blew kisses to the crowd before sliding underneath the animal and
taking the base of it's shaft into her hands. She began stroking the flaccid
penis back and forth trying to get it fully erect. Max stroked it for
several minutes watching as it grew in length and girth in her hand. After
several minutes of masturbating the donkey Max gave it's cock a slight
squeeze. It was nice and hard, but it could get just a little bit harder.The
crowd went crazy as Max took the tip of the donkey's cock into her mouth and
began to suck on it. She slowly pushed her head forward letting the bestial
shaft slid into her mouth and down her throat. When she felt she was about
to start gagging Max stopped and began pulling her head back.

Zack and Cody were in an almost trance like state from the shock of watching
their friend in this perverse universe. Max was expertly deepthroating the
donkey getting the majority of his cock into her mouth with ease with a look
of eagerness and fun on her face. At the same time her hands were busy
fondling the donkey's testicles and giving them periodic squeezes causing
him to bray each time. Then as the donkey show soundtrack changed songs a
loud slurping noise could be hear by anyone near the stage as Max pulled the
donkey's dick from her mouth

Then Max began praying that the mounting was quick as a donkey failing to
mount a girl quickly was a sure way to kill the show's enthusiasm fast. She
got on all fours beneath the animal and reached back to take hold of it's
dick and give it some guidance. Max managed to get the donkey to press
against her pussy once before letting go of it.

She smiled and gasped at the same time when the animal mounted her on the
first try. The cock was thicker than anything else she had taken before and
the donkey was a bit more excited and forceful than any man she had been
with. Max kept a smile on her face and let out moans playing to the crowd as
the enlarged penis plunged in and out of her tiny opening.

"That's right! Fuck me donkey! Fuck me!" Max moaned loudly as she began
pushing herself back onto the beast.

The crowd was now in an uproar unanimously approving the quality of Max's
show with increasingly loud hoots and hollers. Max and Zack were both
disgusted and amazed by what they were watching. Watching this universe's
version of their friend fuck a donkey taking in almost two thirds of it's
very large and very long dick with almost no outward expression of
discomfort just amazed the twins. Max began moaning loudly as the donkey
rocked her body thrusting harder and deeper into her each time.

The crowd erupted loudly into cheers and applause as the donkey finally
brayed several minutes later as it started to come. Max could feel load and
load of it's hot sticky semen launch into her belly as the cum poured out
from the animal's cock. Several minutes later and several shots later Max
pulled herself off of the donkey dick as a handler came from behind the
curtain to take the animal. She got a standing ovation as she grabbed her
robe and stood up with donkey semen spilling from her pussy. Max smiled and
waved to everyone as she put her robe back on and left the stage for a
backstage shower.

"So what did you think?" London asked reappearing at the table the twins'
still sat at even though the lounge had pretty much emptied out several
minutes earlier

"Umm... Umm... Zack how do we feel about the show?" Cody asked still staring
at the stage.

"She did a great job," Zack replied in a monotone voice brought on by what
he just saw.

"How is everything?" Maddie asked appearing at the table as well.

"Good I think," London replied. "They almost seemed shocked by what they

"So guys did you like the show?"

"Uh huh."


"Great! Looks like transitioning someone into the show to take over for
Hannah will be relatively easy. Go give Carey the good news."

"We want to talk to Max first, so why don't you go talk to our mom first and
we'll be up in a few minutes," Cody said coming out of his trancelike state.

"Okay I'll let her know," Maddie said.

"Zack!" Cody said shaking his brother.


"Now's our chance! Let's go!"

"Oh... Right..."

Zack and Cody quickly took of through the brothel heading for the basement
so they could go home. When they reached the basement Cody stopped at the
top of the stairs to tie his shoes and Zack went down to start things up.

"Uh Cody, we have a problem."

"Great, you lost your bus pass didn't you?" Cody asked agitated.

"No, I have it in my pocket, but..."

"Well what is it?" Cody asked as he went down the stairs and joined his

"The parallel universalizer is gone."

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