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Here is my second story for this site. As before, I found there to be a lack of 'normal' (non-incestuous, pedophile) stories on this site, so this story seeks to remedy that problem. As always, your constructive criticism or compliments are welcomed.
"Oh my god, why does time have to move so slowly?!" Allison whispered quickly to Jennifer as the two girls stared at the clock during seventh period math class. There were only two more weeks of classes left in their junior year. Today was Friday; the weekend was so close, and then it was almost summer!

"I know," Jennifer hissed back when Mrs. Miller, the algebra teacher turned her back to write another problem on the board.

"It's like torture having to sit here listening to her voice when we could be at your place laying out!" Allison continued at the next opportune moment.

Jennifer's house had a great backyard with a pool, hot tub, and big lawn. The weather in central Florida was perfect for swimming this time of year, and the two best friends couldn't wait to get to the pool and continue working on their tans in preparation for summer break.

Finally, the end of class bell rang, signaling for all the students to go home. Allison shoved her notebook and pencils hastily into her bag and rushed out the door. Jennifer was a bit calmer, and neatly put away her papers and deposited all her pencils in the front pocket of her backpack. Allison probably wants to hurry to her locker and flirt with Ryan Bradshaw for a few minutes, Jennifer thought to herself as she walked out the door.

Sure enough, Jennifer saw that Allison was a little ways down the hall, standing at her open locker, and talking coyly to Ryan, a cute senior boy. Allison was an attractive girl. Blonde, five-foot-five, with a very pretty face. She had twinkling eyes, a nice smile, and a small angular nose. Allison seemed oblivious to the multitude of other students slamming lockers around her and bustling past in the hallways as she focused all her attention on Ryan. Allison had always been the more outgoing of the two best friends when it came to dealing with boys. Allison had had many boyfriends since middle school, and Jennifer knew that with her last boyfriend, Allison had even gone all the way! It was impossible for Allison to keep anything like that secret from her best friend. Allison just loved to share that kind of stuff.

Jennifer was a bit more conservative in that regard. Brunette and five-three, she was an absolutely beautiful girl. Her face was soft and delicate, with large, gleaming eyes, and small graceful nose and mouth. She had had only one serious boyfriend during the last few years, and the two of them hadn't done much more than some experimental feeling around under each other's pants. It hadn't gotten too incredibly serious before the relationship had ended a few months ago.

Jennifer snapped out of her thoughts and continued down the hall.

"...okay I'll see you later, Ryan!" Allison cooed as Jennifer finally approached the scene at the locker. "We're going to head to Jenn's house and work on our tans!"

Allison bounded out the front entrance to the school with Jennifer close on her heels. They walked all the way to the junior parking lot, which was the farthest away from the building. All the while they talked excitedly to one another about the things that matter to seventeen-year-old girls: boys, which teachers they hated, which tests they were dreading, and plans for the summer, among other topics.

Finally, the pair arrived at Allison's gray Toyota. They hopped in and drove away from school to enjoy their weekend at Jennifer's pool!

In fifteen minutes, they pulled into the driveway of Jennifer's house. They both piled out of the car and ran inside to have a quick snack before changing into their swimsuits for an afternoon of swimming and tanning out back. The two girls sat in the kitchen, thumbing through an entertainment magazine together and gossiping about the stars.

For the past couple weeks since the weather had gotten nice enough, Friday afternoons had been Allison and Jennifer's time to hang out and tan by the pool. Since Jennifer's parents worked until at least six, they had a few hours mostly to themselves at the pool to swim and tan together. Occasionally Jennifer's older brother, Mark, a senior at their school, would be out back swimming as well, but he usually stayed inside and left the two girls to themselves. Today, it seemed like Mark wasn't even home, so Allison and Jennifer would have the place to themselves.

Just as Jennifer noticed the fortunate absence of her brother, she heard a knock on the front door.

"I'll get it!" yelled Allison as she bounded towards the front door. "Oh my god, Ryan! I didn't know you were coming over!" Allison said, just a bit too enthusiastically.

Sure enough, there was Ryan standing on the front stoop, swim trunks and towel thrown over his shoulder. Jennifer had a feeling that Allison might have subtly invited Ryan to come over while they flirted at her locker earlier today. Ryan and Jennifer's brother, Mark, were friends anyway, so it wasn't that unusual for Ryan to come by the house on a weekend. But the timing of Ryan showing up on the same afternoon that Allison had already told him that she and Jennifer would be out back wearing swim suits seemed a bit too much of a coincidence.

"Yeah, is Mark here?" asked Ryan, trying eagerly to show that he was here on legitimate business and not just because of Allison's subtle hints from earlier.

Jennifer approached the two at the door. "No, actually he's not. He must be working this afternoon," she said.

"Oh, ok," Ryan said, a trace of disappointment manifesting itself in his voice. "Well, I won't bother you guys then if Mark isn't here. I've got some things I need to do at home anyway."

"Ok, sorry he's not here," said Jennifer as she moved to close the front door.

"Wait!" said Allison quickly. "Ryan's already here...maybe he could just stay for a little bit and hang out and swim with us?" Allison bit her lip and looked with big, sad eyes from Jennifer to Ryan and back to Jennifer again.

"Well, I guess I could stay," Ryan said hesitatingly. "I dunno if you guys are cool for me to mess up your girl time, but whatever."

Jennifer thought for a second. Friday was supposed to be their girl time together, but Ryan was really cute and fun. Maybe it would be neat to have him swim with them for a little while. Plus, even though Allison had been flirting a lot with Ryan lately, Jennifer had a bit of a crush on him as well, and it was hard to say no to the idea of hanging out by the pool with your crush, even if he might like your best friend more.

"Okay fine, I guess you can stay, but just for a little while," Jennifer said evenly, trying not to betray any of the excitement that she felt in her stomach about Ryan staying to hang out for the afternoon.

"Awesome!" Allison said, and then looked at Ryan. "Jenn and I are going to go upstairs to change. You can change down here and then wait for us out back!"

The two girls ran upstairs to put on their swimsuits. Jennifer went into her bedroom, and Allison used the adjoining bathroom to change.

Five minutes later, Ryan was out back. He had already changed into his swim suit and had jumped into the cool water. He swam a few laps back and forth while waiting for Allison and Jennifer to come out.

Allison was the first to finish changing, and soon was walking out of the house and towards Ryan in the pool.

Ryan stopped his swimming and let out a low whistle as he saw Allison coming towards him. Allison had a very pretty face, and a body to match. She was on the slim side, but with nicely toned legs that gracefully swept up to a round butt and a narrow waist. Her waist widened out into an incredible pair of breasts that looked to be about a C-cup. They were perky and looked to be pretty firm, as they stood up straight on her chest with no sag in the slightest.

Her exquisite body was covered by a tiny red bikini that left little to the imagination. The bottoms were mostly strings, with two ties on the sides and a scant amount of material covering the front and back. The bikini top was even skimpier. Again, made up mostly of strings, it had two ties on the back and tiny little red triangles on the front that just barely covered her round breasts.

"Wow...very nice, Allie!" Ryan called from the pool.

"Thanks. I'm glad you like it," Allison said with a wink as she turned back towards the house, giving Ryan a perfect view of her scantly clad behind. "Where is Jenn? She has a new bikini that she was going to try out today!"

At that moment, Jennifer walked out of the house. Her body looked great too. She, like Allison, had smooth and toned legs, but her butt was a little rounder and more voluptuous than Allison's. Jennifer also had a nice thin waist, but her chest was even a little more developed. Jennifer was a solid D-cup, with large, round breasts that sat high on her chest and looked to be equally as firm as Allison's.

Jennifer's new bikini looked fabulous on her. The bikini was black, again with lots of ties and strings. It was the same cut as Allison's – they had bought the matching bikinis together last weekend. Jennifer usually was a bit more conservative with her swimwear, but Allison had convinced Jennifer to buy a bikini that was probably a little too small, all in the interest of getting even more skin out in the open for tanning. The bottoms tied on the side and had the same scant amount of material, but because of her slightly rounder butt, they looked even smaller on Jennifer. The top was even more attractive and revealing. She had tied the strings tightly so that the tiny black triangles on the front of her bikini were stretched across the surface of her breasts. Her chest seemed to strain against the material, and her nipples poked up against the svelte black surface, giving just a little hint of what was underneath.

"Wow...lookin' great, Jenn!" said Ryan enthusiastically from the pool.

"Thanks, Ryan," Jennifer said softly, blushing a little bit. She couldn't believe that she had let Allison
talk her into actually buying this bikini. Jennifer had to admit that she looked hot, but she wasn't used to showing so much of her body, and especially with a boy around.

"Ryan, can you get out of the pool and come put sunscreen on my back?" Allison cooed as she bit her lip and made a pouty face at Ryan in the pool.

Oh my God, Jennifer thought to herself. She is being so obvious.

"Sure, Allie!" Ryan called as he swam to the edge of the pool and reached for his towel before climbing out. He wrapped the towel around his waist as he walked towards Allison. Probably to hide the big boner he has, thought Jennifer sarcastically.

Allison had chosen a lawn chair in the sun and was already lying face-down on it. Ryan dried his hands on his towel and squirted a liberal amount of sunscreen into his palms.

"Make sure you get it everywhere," said Allison, her voice a little muffled as she talked towards the ground.

Ryan sat down on the edge of the chair and started rubbing the sunscreen into Allison's back.

"Mmm, that feels good, Ryan," Allison sighed as his hands rubbed wide circles all across her back. He was careful around her bikini strings and made sure to lift them gently and get sunscreen underneath them as well. His hands rubbed down to her lower back and Allison let out a little appreciative vocalization as he rubbed lotion into the small of her back.

"Do my legs too," Allison directed.

Ryan slathered more lotion onto his hands and started rubbing it into Allison's calves. As he started to move higher up her legs, Allison spread them open just a tiny bit to allow him access to her thighs. Ryan seemed to be carefully avoiding any inappropriate areas too close to her inner thighs when Allison said playfully, "Ryan, make sure to get everywhere. You're missing in the middle."

"Um, are you sure?" asked Ryan, not wanting to make Allison uncomfortable.

"I'm sure," she said in a smooth voice.

Ryan moved his hands to the inside of Allison's thighs and started rubbing in the sunscreen. She let out a low moan as he massaged the lotion in closer to her knees. Eventually he seemed to feel a little bolder, and he started rubbing higher up the inside of Allison's thighs. His finger accidentally brushed the material of Allison's bikini bottoms. She let out a small shudder as his fingers rubbed sunscreen around the edges of her swim suit.

Meanwhile, Jennifer had chosen another lawn chair as far away from Ryan and Allison as possible. Jennifer couldn't believe how obviously flirty Allison was being, and frankly, she found it a little slutty, even though she knew Allison would be mad if she expressed those feelings.

Jennifer grabbed another bottle of sunscreen and started rubbing it into her own skin. She squirted some into her hands and started rubbing it into her long smooth legs, all the way from her ankles up to her small bikini bottoms. Then she started oiling her torso, rubbing the sunscreen into her toned stomach and finally up to her large round breasts. She looked over at Ryan and Allison to make sure neither of them were looking for a moment, and when she was positive they were otherwise distracted, she slipped her hands under the edges of her bikini top triangles to make sure that she got everywhere. Jennifer knew she couldn't reach her whole back, so she decided to tan her front right now and then whenever Allison was done being an obvious tease with Ryan, she would ask her to do her back.

Over in Allison's chair, Ryan was continuing to rub lotion into Allison's long, smooth legs. Once he was satisfied that he had missed no part of her legs he asked, "is that everywhere?"

"Well..." said Allison coyly, "I still need sunscreen on my front. Would you be interested in doing that for me?"

"Um, ok!" Ryan said, trying and failing to hide his enthusiasm. Allison rolled over onto her back, exposing her flat stomach and perky round breasts, covered immodestly with the little red triangles. She let out a soft yawn and arched her back, thrusting her chest up into the air for a moment.

"Make sure you don't miss anywhere," Allison cooed as she winked at Ryan. Ryan oiled up his hands once more and started rubbing sunscreen into Allison's firm stomach. Once he was done with that area, he massaged some lotion into her shoulders and started slowly working down her arms. Finally, when he was sure that he hadn't missed any other spots, Ryan cautiously squirted some more lotion into his palms and gingerly started rubbing it in near Allison's collar bones.

"Make sure you get it a little lower, Ryan," Allison whispered. "I don't want to get sunburned." Ryan's hands strayed slightly lower and rubbed down into the valley between Allison's two firm breasts.

"That's right..." Allison whispered, as Ryan gently started rubbing lotion on the sides of her breasts and even slid his fingers slightly underneath the little red triangles.

"Mmm, that feels good," Allison sighed as Ryan continued to rub around the edges of her bikini top. After a few moments, Allison seemed to become impatient; she took Ryan's hand in hers and gently guided it up to rest squarely on her breast. Ryan, finally taking her hint, cupped her two breasts in both his hands and started squeezing and rubbing them gently.

Ryan's eyes darted over to the chair where Jennifer was lying down. Allison noticed and said softly, "oh, don't worry about her. She doesn't care if we have a little fun over here."

"Alright..." Ryan sighed, not needing to be told twice. He continued to play with Allison's breasts.

"You don't mind if I go topless, do you?" Allison asked, pouting up at Ryan. Not waiting for an answer, she hooked her thumbs underneath the two front straps of her top and pulled the small red triangles off to either side, exposing her firm breasts with perky pink nipples poking straight up at Ryan's face.

"Not at all," Ryan replied, breathlessly as he leaned down and buried his head in Allison's chest. He gently kissed, nibbled, and licked over every inch of her exposed breasts and played gingerly with Allison's hard nipples with his tongue. Allison started moaning very softly as Ryan's mouth continued to expertly fly over her chest.

Jennifer looked over at Ryan and Allison and sighed in disappointment.

"Oh my God, you guys," she called in a flustered tone of voice. "Could you just get a room or something?"

"You don't have to watch if you don't want to, Jenny," moaned Allison as Ryan continued to kiss and lick her breasts. "You can go inside if this makes you uncomfortable, but I'm having too much fun to stop," she continued, breathlessly.

Jennifer considered getting up and going inside, but was strangely conflicted on the matter. On the one hand, what Allison was doing was pretty slutty. She and Ryan weren't even dating. But on the other hand, Jennifer was feeling strangely excited by seeing her best friend and a really attractive boy hooking up just a few feet away. She didn't really mind seeing Allison's breasts. They had been naked together quite a few times, considering they were best friends and all. Jennifer decided to stay outside for at least a few more minutes. Things probably wouldn't go too far anyway, Jennifer reasoned to herself.

"See? I knew you were intrigued," Allison said in Jennifer's direction as she saw her settle back into her lawn chair. "Let's really give her something to look at, Ryan," Allison continued as she started tugging on Ryan's towel.

The towel didn't stay around Ryan's waist for long. Allison had soon untangled it from around his body. Ryan was now stooping over Allison's supine figure wearing only his swim trunks, and they had a noticeable bulge in the front.

"Aw, is someone excited?" Allison teased, as she reached down and gently stroked the bulge in Ryan's swimsuit. As she continued stroking through his suit, the bulge seemed to grow bit by bit until it was clear that something was straining against the confines of the material.

Allison stopped stroking for a moment and reached up to untie the front of Ryan's swimsuit. When she had the knot undone, Ryan's suit fell down his legs, exposing his fully hard cock.

Jennifer continued to stare at Allison and Ryan on the lawn chair. When she saw Ryan's swim trunks fall down, she couldn't believe what she saw between his legs. She had given her last boyfriend a handjob once in the dark, but had never actually seen a penis in the daylight before. She was impressed. Ryan's cock looked to be about seven inches long, pretty thick, and with a small amount of well-trimmed pubic hair clinging to the base. Even from a distance, Ryan's dick looked a fair bit bigger than Jennifer's ex-boyfriend's had been. At the sight of his proud cock standing up straight between his legs, Jennifer felt a slight tingling underneath her bikini bottoms.

Allison wasted no time once Ryan's cock was out. She reached down and immediately wrapped her hand around the long shaft and started pumping back and forth. Ryan moaned appreciatively as he continued licking and sucking on Allison's hard nipples.

After a few minutes of Allison stroking Ryan's cock, she started to get up from her chair. "You've been really good, Ryan, so I've got a surprise for you," Allison cooed at him as they both stood up together from the chair. Ryan stood wearing absolutely nothing, his handsome cock still standing stiffly between his legs. Allison, with her red bikini top still pulled off to either side, started planting little kisses on Ryan's chest. She started sinking lower and lower, until finally she was kneeling in front of him. Allison looked up at Ryan and made eye contact with him as she reached up and pumped his cock with her hand a couple times.

Ryan started moaning gently as her hand slid up and down over his long shaft. Allison moved her face closer to Ryan's body. Her face was less than an inch from his hard cock. She flicked out her tongue and quickly made contact with the head of his penis. Ryan let out a low sigh as he felt her tongue make brief contact.

"Is that what you want?" Allison whispered in a seductive voice.

"Yes...that's what I want," Ryan called back, completely out of breath.

To answer him, Allison leaned forward and slid all seven inches of Ryan's cock deep into her throat. Ryan let out a loud moan as he felt every inch of his dick disappear inside Allison's mouth.

Allison held his cock down her throat for a second and gently played with his balls with her hands. After a few moments, she let the whole thing slide back out and then immediately went to work again. Her tongue flicked in and out of her mouth, expertly teasing the tip of his cock. Then she would suck a few inches into her mouth and swirl her tongue around the shaft, sending chills down Ryan's body.

Jennifer couldn't believe her eyes. She and Allison had been naked together a few times like best friends sometimes do, but she had never imagined that she would sit and watch as Allison gave Ryan Bradshaw a blow job. Jennifer watched Allison's head bob up and down over Ryan's cock. Ryan moaned loudly as Allison continued to expertly suck on him. Wow, where did she learn to do this? Jennifer wondered as she felt the tingle underneath her bikini bottoms intensify. How does she get the whole thing in there without choking? her thoughts continued.

Allison continued to suck and lick Ryan's long cock while she cupped and gently massaged his balls with her hand. After a few more minutes Ryan said, panting, "oh my God, Allie. I think I'm gonna cum soon."

Allison didn't answer, but instead doubled her efforts, bobbing faster and faster on his cock. She slid Ryan's dick in and out of her mouth, stopping occasionally to lick his hard shaft up and down.

Finally, Ryan's hips started to rock back and forth. Allison, recognizing the telltale signs, pulled his whole cock out of her mouth except for the tip, and held it there. She wrapped her hand around the exposed portion of Ryan's long shaft and started to quickly jack him off, all the while continuing to tease his head with her swirling tongue. Within a few seconds, Ryan started moaning loudly and uncontrollably as he shot his load deep into Allison's waiting mouth.

The moment seemed to last forever as Jennifer watched Allison take load after load of Ryan's semen into her throat. At least, that's what she assumed was happening from hearing Allison talk about it from time to time. Jennifer had never actually seen a blow job given, or seen a guy ejaculate before. It didn't look that difficult or gross to her, and Jennifer was embarrassed as she caught herself wondering what it felt like to give a blow job.

Finally, Ryan seemed to have calmed down a bit and Allison slowly let his cock slide out of her mouth. A rope of sticky, white cum still connected from Ryan's tip to Allison's bottom lip, and she reached up and broke it with a finger. She inserted her finger into her mouth and licked off all the remaining cum. Ryan sank down onto the lawn chair, clearly exhausted.

Allison came around behind Ryan and wrapped her arms around his torso, pressing her bare breasts into his back.

"Is it my turn now, stud, or are you too tired?" she whispered playfully into his ear as her hands strayed lower and gently rubbed the tip of his cock, which was still straight and hard between his legs.

In answer to Allison's question, Ryan broke her embrace and stood up next to the lawn chair. He grabbed her arm and laid her down on the chair. Then Ryan leaned down and slowly started tugging on the strings on the sides of Allison's bikini bottoms. Within a couple seconds, all the strings had come untied and Ryan pulled the small scrap of material away. Satisfied, he tossed them aside into the grass and used his hands to guide Allison's legs apart.

Allison's pussy was shaved completely except for a small little line of well-trimmed hair leading seductively downwards. Her lips were pink and puffy, and already a little bit moist.

Jennifer watched wide-eyed as she saw Ryan push Allison's legs wide apart. She couldn't believe it as she watched Ryan's head inch closer and closer to her best friend's vagina. Jennifer saw Allison turn her head to the side, making eye-contact with her. Allison gave a little wink to Jennifer, and then in the next instant, Ryan must have made contact with her down there, because Allison's face was immediately transformed into a look of complete and utter ecstasy.

Allison let out a high pitched moan as Ryan's tongue slid out and gently licked the entire length of her smooth and moist pussy. She grabbed fist-fulls of Ryan's hair as he continued to suck and lick her up and down.

Jennifer saw her best friend's body wracked with pleasure as Ryan kept busy between her legs. Allison's body writhed up and down as Ryan's tongue slid up and down her smooth lips. Allison's breasts, with her red top still tugged to either side, heaved up and down as Jennifer watched. The entire scene was very erotic, she had to admit. Jennifer felt herself tingling more and more under her bikini bottoms, and she started slowly inching one hand closer to the area. Oh my God, I can't seriously be thinking about fingering myself while my best friend and my biggest crush are right there, can I? Jennifer asked herself. But then again, they seem pretty distracted at the moment...even if they noticed, I doubt they'd care, she assured herself.

Jennifer inched her hand closer to her bikini bottoms as she continued to be fascinated by the scene on the other lawn chair. Slowly, Jennifer slid two fingers underneath the front of her bikini and ran them down the length of her pussy. She was surprised to find that she was already a little bit wet.

Ryan's tongue flicked in and out, passing over Allison's clit. Allison moaned loudly every time Ryan's tongue made contact there. "Oh my God, Ryan, don't stop. I'm gonna cum so hard!" Allison screamed as Ryan licked and sucked on her clit and wet pussy lips.

Wow, Jennifer thought as she watched her best friend moan in pleasure. That looks like it must feel really good. Jennifer watched Allison's breasts bounce from side to side as her body writhed in rhythm with Ryan's advances. Jennifer slowly rubbed a finger up and down her own wet pussy lips and felt goosebumps ripple down her legs as she brushed against her clit. I wonder what it would feel like for Ryan to do this for me, Jennifer thought. She blushed as she realized the nature of her own thoughts and how unlikely that would ever be. It was obvious Ryan liked Allison way more.

"Oh fuck, Ryan," Allison moaned as Ryan continued to suck and lick her smooth wet pussy up and down. "Oh my God, I'm cumming!" she screamed as the grabbed Ryan's hair and shoved his head harder into her. Allison's hips rocked back and forth as she continued to moan and pant. Her toes curled and her back arched as she hit her unbelievably potent climax.

Ryan continued to lick her pussy up and down as Allison hit her orgasm. Her juices flowed out of her and Ryan lapped them up eagerly. After a few more moments of moaning and panting, Allison seemed to be coming down off her high. Her body's motions calmed significantly and her breathing slowly returned to a normal rate.

Ryan planted one last kiss on the center of her dripping pussy and rose from between her legs to sit beside her on the lawn chair. "Oh my God, Ryan, that was amazing," Allison panted as she settled more comfortably into the lawn chair.

"So..." Allison continued playfully as she reached down and gently started stroking the head of Ryan's cock, "are you done, or do you still have some left in you?"

"What do you mean?" Ryan asked with a hint of understanding in his voice.

"I think you know exactly what I mean," Allison continued as she tugged on Ryan's hard cock a little more.

In answer, Ryan kneeled down next to the lawn chair and pulled Allison over to the edge. He used his hands to spread Allison's legs open wide and then guided himself into the middle. He maneuvered his hard cock to within a couple inches of her still dripping pussy.

"Is this what you mean?" Ryan asked, gently touching the swollen head of his cock to the smooth lips of her waiting pussy.

"Mmm, that's exactly what I mean," Allison moaned as she rocked her hips up and down slowly, causing her smooth pussy lips to rub gently up and down over Ryan's tip. "I've been single too long," she continued. "I've missed this."

Both Allison and Ryan were far too engrossed in each other to notice Jennifer on the other lawn chair. Jennifer sat up in the chair and looked intently at the pair on the other chair. She couldn't believe what she was seeing. It was so wrong for Allison to be doing this with a guy she wasn't even dating, but at the same time, there was something strangely arousing about the situation as well. Jennifer rubbed her own wet pussy lightly and continued to watch Allison and Ryan with mixed curiosity.

"Come on, Ryan, please?" Allison begged as Ryan continued to lightly rub the tip of his swollen cock up and down Allison's waiting pussy. "I need this so bad!" she moaned at him.

Allison's breathing intensified as the anticipation continued to build. Finally, when it seemed like Allison wouldn't be able to stand this teasing for another second, Ryan pushed his hips forward and buried his seven-inch cock in Allison's waiting pussy.

Allison let out a muffled scream as she felt Ryan's hard cock penetrate her tight pussy. "Ohh fuck! Ryan!" she called out as Ryan started to slowly pull his long cock in and out of her.

Ryan started slowly, but soon started to speed up the frequency of his thrusts. His pelvis rocked back and forth, guiding his cock in and out of Allison's tight, wet pussy. Allison moaned with pleasure as she enjoyed the feeling of Ryan's cock spreading her wide open. Ryan groaned with satisfaction as his and Allison's juices mingled together, lubricating them perfectly.

As Ryan started to buck his hips faster and faster, Allison's firm breasts started to bounce up and down on her chest. Still wearing her red bikini top pulled off to the sides, Allison's perfect round tits were an incredibly erotic sight. Ryan reached down and grabbed one breast in his hand and gave it a rough squeeze as his cock continued to speed in and out of Allison's pussy.

Jennifer watched, enthralled with the performance taking place only a few feet from where she was sitting. Her hand was buried underneath her bikini bottoms and her fingers were rapidly stroking her now dripping pussy up and down, occasionally stopping to give some incredibly pleasurable attention to her clit. Jennifer started to moan softly to herself as she watched her best friend being penetrated by Ryan's attractive cock. Wow, that looks like it must feel amazing, Jennifer thought to herself as she felt her body move closer to orgasm.

After a few more minutes of frenzied love making, Ryan finally pulled his cock all the way out of Allison's dripping pussy. He reached down, grabbed her around her waist and pulled her up off the chair. Allison stood up and immediately embraced Ryan, their mouths meeting in a passionate kiss as her hand searched lower and lower until finally finding his cock. Ryan and Allison stood together, locked in their kiss, Allison rapidly stroking Ryan's shaft up and down.

Finally, Ryan broke the kiss and turned Allison around. He pushed her down so she was bent over the chair, her legs standing on the grass, her torso supported on the chair. He positioned himself behind Allison's cute, round butt and took his long cock in his hand. He stroked himself up and down a couple times, feeling the perfect mixture of his and Allison's juices still mingling on his shaft.

Ryan slowly guided his cock closer to Allison's waiting pussy, finally making gentle contact with the tip. He pushed his cock between her pink lips only until his head was in, and then slowly started to pull the head in and out, teasing Allison softly.

"Oh god, Ryan..." Allison panted, her body starting to sweat with the anticipation. "Please...I want you inside me..." she continued as she started to slowly rock her hips back and forth, begging Ryan to penetrate her fully.

After a few more seconds of delicate rocking back and forth, Ryan obliged by grabbing Allison's waist with both hands and pulling himself forward quickly, instantly burying every inch of his hard shaft inside her.

Both Allison and Ryan let out a simultaneous moan as their bodies exploded with pleasure. Ryan immediately started to slide himself in and out of Allison incredibly rapidly, their bodies slapping against each other with each thrust. Allison's round, perky tits bounced up and down on her chest as Ryan continued to penetrate her tight pussy.

Over on the other lawn chair, Jennifer was finding herself more and more excited with each passing moment. She was continuing to finger herself intensely, and found herself growing closer and closer to her own orgasm. She stared at Allison and Ryan as he pounded her doggy style on the other chair. Oh wow, that is really pretty hot, Jennifer thought to herself. She gazed at Ryan's long cock sliding in and out of her best friend, and finally felt herself go over the edge. Jennifer's body started to buck up and down uncontrollably as her orgasm started. She let out a deep moan and jammed her hand into her clit, feeling the sensations wrack her body from head to foot. Her toes curled in ecstasy and her eyes welled up with tears as she slowly let herself down off of her high.

Meanwhile, Ryan and Allison continued to pant and moan as their pace quickened. Both teens started to sweat with the effort of their intense love making, their bodies shining and smooth in the afternoon sun. Ryan, exhausted from the day's activities, called out between thrusts, "fuck...Allison...I'm about to cum...I'm really close..."

"mmm...cum inside me...please," Allison returned. "I'm on the pill...just cum in me please!" she moaned loudly as Ryan's pace quickened even more.

"Ahh...I'm cumming!" Ryan panted as his orgasm surged through his body. His sticky, white cum raced out of his cock and into Allison's waiting pussy. Allison moaned with pleasure as she felt the warm, thick liquid filling her. Ryan's hips continued to pound back and forth as spurts of cum kept erupting inside of Allison's tight body.

Finally, losing all control, Ryan collapsed forward, letting his cock slide out of Allison and pulling her down onto the lawn chair with him. The two teens collapsed into the chair, their naked and glistening bodies embracing one another as their breathing slowly started to relax to a normal rate.

"Oh my god...that's exactly what I needed," Allison crooned as she started to catch her breath. Her breathing was still deep, and her breasts heaved up and down as she slowly came down off her incredible high. She reached down and gently grasped Ryan's half-hard cock, stroking it up and down, coating her hand in his cum. She brought her hand up to her mouth and gingerly licked the cum off of her graceful and slender fingers. " taste so good," Allison whispered into Ryan's ear.

After a few minutes of relaxation, Ryan raised himself from the chair, leaving Allison lying there alone, sweaty and satisfied. "Wow, Allie, that was amazing," Ryan said breathlessly as he reached for his swim suit on the ground. "I really need to go in and take a shower now," he continued as he started to walk towards the back of the house. "I'll be back out in a few minutes...don't go away!" he called as he reached the door and disappeared inside.

Jennifer, recovering from her own orgasm, finally got up off her lawn chair and approached Allison. The look on Jennifer's face was mixed – part disappointment and part admiration. Jennifer was incredibly conflicted about what she had just seen. It looked exhilarating and incredibly pleasurable, but she still couldn't shake the feeling that it was somehow wrong. I guess part of me wishes that Ryan found me attractive like he finds Allison attractive, Jennifer reflected to herself in a moment of revelation.

Jennifer gazed down at Allison, who was completely exhausted, and almost completely naked except for her bikini top pulled off to the sides of her breasts. Sweat glistened across every inch of Allison's body, and cum was dripping lazily out of her pussy. "So..." said Jennifer tentatively, after awkwardly making eye contact with Allison, "do you think he would let me try some of that with him, too?"

To be continued...

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