first time with a married woman
Background info: This is a true story with much added spice to entertain the readers. It is a long story and may start off slow but its worth the read.

This is the first part of the story, If I get enough positive feedback I Will go on with more parts which will be much better. feel free to drop a comment+suggestions. thank you excuse the grammar and vocab as English is my 2nd language.
all names and locations have been altered.

Hello, My name is John, I'm a 23 year old student going to college in California. It was around last summer that I had attended summer classes to speed up my graduation. I had chosen a finance class along with a body conditioning class. the duration of the semester was about 1 month long.

the Semester was going pretty well. Our finance class was pretty small, there was about 12 students total, therefore everyone knew one another. and that is when I met Tanya. Tanya was an International student from Russia. She was about 5 7" with a tight body with nice breasts(must’ve been at least 34C) She was by far the most gorgeous girl in the class. She did not even look Russian, she was in fact a mixture of Asian,Persian, and Russian descent and pretty much resembled the Asian super porn star Kobe Tai.
I have always been turned on by Asian women and I was not gonna let this one get away.
as two weeks in the semester rolled by, I Still had not really spoken to her. one day she walked in class late with high-heels and short T-shirt with her stomach partially showing. I almost jizzed out of my pants right there and fantasized about her the rest of the period.

the next week, we somehow began talking and She told me that she is an international student, etc.. and how she can not stay in the country,etc.. I Jokingly suggested to her that she should get married to some1 with a green-card. she told me something I did not want to hear
"I'm married and have a 5 year old son, but my husband doesn't have papers either"
this pretty much struck a knife in my stomach. she also told me she was 26 years old. she really looked like she was about 21 at best and I would never ever think she was married.

Over the next few days we kept chatting in class and on breaks, I eventually started talking to her about the club scene, etc.. and about the World Cup Soccer Games as they were going on at the time. It turned out that she was a huge fan and is a huge party goer but her husband had been strict on her, so she had not really partied since getting married. She quickly told me that she would love to go out, but has no idea where to go. I asked her about her husband, and she told me the best thing I wanted to hear
" he will be back in 2 months"

I moderately asked her if she wanted to go out for a drink or two on that night. she gladly accepted.

We were at the bar, she had about 2 drinks in her and we began talking about pretty much everything. I seriously could not believe the chemistry between the two of us. She began massaging and rubbing my back lightly as we were conversating. I did not want to rush anything and just played along. we left the bar and parked the car near a sea port under a bridge that had one of the best views of the City.

we walked towards the benches and continued talking about anything and everything. I was amazed at how much chemistry there was between the two of us. The sky had been clear and we ran out of stories and we both had a moment of silence as we both stared at the moon.

She lightly rubbed her hands against my arms one more time and gently began brushing her finger tips against my hair and neck. This turned me on and I wasted no time in gently returning the favor. I positioned myself to be able to look her in the eyes, we stared at each other for about 2 seconds and I moved closer to her lips. but she shyly pulled away, which surprised me.

I quickly told her "I'm sorry If that wasn't OK"
she quickly replied "NO NO, its OK, I'm Sorry, I'm just a little shy. I've never done this before"
I quickly told her "its OK, there is no1 here"

and she gave me a light smile and moved her lips in my direction . Our lips touched slowly and we began making out. It took me about 30 seconds to adjust to her kissing style. she was a great kisser. she loved to bite my lip and was always the one pulling away which was always an extra turn on. we continued making out on the bench for another 5 minutes.

I stood her up and we pushed each other on to the gate of the water. I lightly grabbed the scalp of her hair and began kissing and sucking on her neck, she returned the favor and lightly bit mine.
she held my head tight and sucked on my ears. this almost made me cum on the spot.

we began tonguing each other. The combination of tonguing, kissing, and hickeys had sent both of us into climax and we both knew it as we both began to moan and groan. I finally unzipped her sweater and began sucking on her tits. She had the most amazing rack ever. what made them amazing was the fact that she was petite chick. A tight body with big tits, a very rare combo. Her nipples were rock hard. I sucked on them non stop. and I began to hear her moan even louder.

My cock was rock hard at this point and had been making contact with her vagina. she soon began rubbing my cock and I slid my hand up her pussy. I Stuck my fingers into her tight pants and began fingering her. She was actually pretty tight for a married woman. she started moaning again . this time her moans grew even more louder and louder.
I continued fingering her at a faster pace and I can sense she was about to orgasm. she put her hands on my fingers to stop me and said.

She immediatley grabbed me and We Kissed again and again. she felt my cock on her again. my cock had been rock hard through out this time and somehow I had not dropped a load. She quickly looked at my cock and said:

She unbuttoned my Shirt and began to smoothly kiss me all over my upper body, working down from my Neck, chest , then to my stomach and finally pulling my shorts down. She was like "WOW"
I did not have an 8 inch cock, but by the look on her face I can tell that her husband haD a small penis.
She began sucking my cock, and after 20 seconds, I immediatley marked her as a good Blow-Job Giver.

I had sex on my mind, but I did not have a condom on hand, Who would have ever thought I would get this lucky?? besides, her husband won't be here for another two months. So I have all the time in the world. as these thoughts were running through my head. She opens her mouth and inserts the full 6inches into her mouth. I loudly said “HOLY SHYT” as I had never gotten anything like this before.

before I knew it,I felt myslef about to Bust a load. I warned her that I was cumming, didn't wanna cum in her face. I Jizzed all over the gate. I pulled up my shorts and put on my short. we made out some more and left.

To Be Continued......

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2010-12-12 12:39:03
she totally snowballed your ass

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2010-12-01 08:23:54
why do you wish you never met this girl?

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2010-12-01 05:31:12
Interesting first story. The story needs event smoothing and connection continuity. Putting your work out there is stressful, maybe? The general writing mechanics needs attention. Revise and challenge yourself describe the characters in your words as opposed to reference to an existing individual (the mind is always much better image maker). If English is not your mother tongue, say idea in your language as artful and creatively you can. The English transcription will happen as you may write more. The erotic portions are light for my tastes, however you did say the sex stuff is added for this venue. Like any endeavor you wish achievement practice is a must. Your mileage may vary. No animals were abused in the preparation of this comment...

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2010-11-30 18:33:01
this is super sexy. keep oging

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