Chapter 3

Mindy got home that evening a wreck. Jerome hadn’t even let her clean up after he’d smothered her face with his stinking ass hole. She’d asked why but all she got back was,

“Like I told you, a bet you were just a bet. It was between two buddies and that’s that. I had my fun and you were good I’ll let Chad know that.”

He’d had his fun and why not, why couldn’t she understand that all she was, was a cum dump, there to satisfy the needs of her boyfriend Chad and his friends.
He’d then shoved the door in her face and made her walk home.

She rushed to the bathroom as soon as she got upstairs she needed to take a long shower. Although she was a mess mentally and physically right now all she could do was think of was Chad. She missed him real bad and knew she wouldn’t see him again until the morning.

Her mom called her down for dinner and wanted an explanation as to why she hadn’t completed her math assignment.

“I’m sorry mom. I was with Janey and the girls after school. We went for milkshakes. I’ll do my homework now.”

Her mom glared at her whilst she dished out potatoes onto plates. “Don’t you lie to me girl, don’t you ever lie. Have you been with a boy?”

“No mom I promise, I haven’t. You can ring Janey ask her.”

Her mom huffed and handed Mindy her plate. “If I find out you’ve been having sex Mindy god help me will I punish you.”

Mindy’s mother was a strict Catholic. She had always forbid her daughter to have sex, especially at a young age. It would be a real blow for the family unity if she were to fall pregnant.

“I’m not seeing any boys mum.” She said darting her eyes in another direction trying to hide her shame. Little did her mother know that she was slowly becoming a fucked up and abused whore.

“Right well off to your bedroom. I want that assignment completed by this evening.”

“Right mom” The docile thing uttered beneath her breath.

“And if I find out you’ve been dating boys your father will hear about this. And you don’t want that.”

No she didn’t want that. The little girl her parents once knew was slipping away from there grasps. They couldn’t control her any longer it was inevitable they would find out sooner or later.

And then a beating from her pop, it had happened before; she couldn’t bare the pain of another beating.

After dinner she got a call from Chad. When his name lit up on the phone screen she felt so happy that he was calling her.

“Hey baby.”

“Hey Chad you ok?”

“Am real good sweetie, just been to practice with Brent and Mike coach says I’m hitting the best times he’s seen for a while. The game next week should be good. How’d it go with Jerome?”

She paused for a short while, “You there Hun?”

“Yep am here. It was well kind a weird. I didn’t mind doing what you asked, that wasn’t so bad. But his hygiene was really off. I don’t think he washes or anything Chad.”

Chad giggled inside, “Why what happened.”

“You promise you wont tell anybody babe?”

Right now he had his phone on loud speaker, he and a few of his buddies were chilling in Brent’s car smoking pot after the game. Chad knew this would give them some laughs.

“I promise I won’t, I won’t be like that with you Mindy you’re my girlfriend.”

“I don’t know if he did it on purpose or something Chad, but he hadn’t wiped his bum after he’d been to the toilet.”

“So you’re telling me you licked the shit off?”

The boys nearly burst out laughing but Chad put his fingers to his lips indicating for them to be quiet or the fun would be over.

“Hmmm well yeah, I had to he said you’d get real mad if I didn’t do it. He said he was gonna call you and tell you I was being bad.”

Chad lowered his voice; he went for the sweet caring approach. “Oh baby I’m sorry you had to do that. I mean a favour to a friend is one thing and as you are my girlfriend you did it and I’m so proud at you for it. But that that’s not right. I’m gonna make sure that nigger gets what’s coming to him Mindy.”

“Oh Chad you make me really happy when you speak like that. You really care about me don’t you?”

“Of course I do. That’s why Jerome’s gonna get it first thing in the morning.”

Little did Mindy know but Jerome was in the car with the three boys casually smoking some weed. He’d loved every second of what he’d done to Mindy but was so close to bursting with laughter now that he had to leave the car. And of course Chad was lying about beating Jerome up, hell they were nearly best buds; he wouldn’t do that to a pal. It was just one big set up against stupid Mindy.

“If I’m gonna get Jerome Mindy. You gotta tell me exactly what he made you do. Go on tell me I know you can?”

“It was when he was just about to sit on my face. I was real scared and the smell was gross. I asked him why I had to do it when I saw all the shit on his ass hole but he said he’d call you. Before I knew it his ass was all over my face and he was making me lick and eat the shit off his bum cheeks.”

It turned Chad on so much that he was casually rubbing his boner beneath his pants. “Mindy that is fucking horrible. If he or any other guy does that to you again I’ll break there fucking noses.”

“It’s not just that my moms real pissed. She asked me if I was dating anybody…..”

“You didn’t say you were did you?” Chad became anxious now; he didn’t want that catholic bitch thinking he was dating her thirteen year old daughter.

“No Hun. I lied and said me and Janey went for milkshake.”

“That’s good we don’t want her finding out. You did the right thing. Listen Mindy I gotta go. But I’ll see you tomorrow, kiss. And I’ll get Jerome for what he did.”

“Ok bye Chad.”

And as the call ended the car erupted into a fit of laughter and giggles the plan really had pulled off well, Jerome had done Chad proud and in the process Mindy had licked shit from his asshole, priceless!

The next day in school Chad caught sight of Mindy with a few of her girlfriends. He bowled over like he owned the place. He was such a good looking jock that all the girls gazed in ore as he approached.

“Look Mindy here he comes, here he comes.” Squealed her friend Francine as he approached.

“Hey girls”

“Hey Chad” They all said pussies dripping wet with his presence. One girl Janey went all tingly inside at the thought of him fucking her. She secretly yearned to have him as a boyfriend and would do just about anything to have him. Mindy didn’t know but she was really jealous of her and Chad.

“Listen you girls I just need to have a word with my girl for a moment, you mind waiting for her in the lunch room.” Chad smiled at Mindy; she sensed something was up because he never came over to her in school when she was with her friends.

“I told you already Mindy that you’re to be with me when you’re at school. I want you to be at my side so the whole world can see what a beautiful girl I have.”

Her heart melted inside how caring she thought. “I know Chad I’m sorry. We were just discussing something we learned in English today, we’ve been teamed up in pairs to do an assignment on Shakespeare.

“Oh that’s cool.” Chad said with an air of enthusiasm, he really didn’t give a fuck.

“I need you to come with me I’ve got something special to show you.”

They took the hallway route down to one of the empty recreation classes at the end of the faculty. Special she thought, it wasn’t her birthday yet, not till next week, had he got her a present already?

They both sat down on one of the desks. A speckled ginger faced kid sat in the corner doing his Biology work so Chad casually went up and over to him and told him to scram he didn’t want this special moment to be interrupted by a science geek. After he left Chad closed the door behind him and stood close to Mindy who was sat down on a desk.

“What’s in the bag Chad?” She asked eyes full of gleam at the prospects of what it could be.

“Now I know its your fourteenth next week but I wanted to give you something a little earlier than planned, a little thank you gift for being such a brilliant girlfriend too me.

Her eyes lit up and a big smile covered her face, “For me, really oh that’s’ so cool Chad. Can I open it now?”

“Of course you can that’s why I brought you in here silly.”

He handed her the multi coloured wrapped gift. It was a box about the size of a video game cartridge.
She took it and gleefully began to tear at the wrapping paper. She was such an eager girl but who wouldn’t be when receiving a present from the hottest and most respected boy in school?

As the wrapping paper fell to the floor she held the device up to Chad somewhat bemused at what it was.
“What is it Chad?” She asked a bit baffled.

“It’s a Dictaphone. You know so you can record your lessons and then do the playback. I think it will really help for your English assignments. Then at home you can play it backwards and get down all the key information you need for the exams.

She fiddled with the buttons and was more than happy to receive the gift. Chad gave her a demonstration. Look it has playback, record and what’s better no tapes or disks. Its mp3 format so you can just download straight to your computer neat eh.”

She took it back from him and meddled with the buttons. BY chance she touched on the playback button, and began to here her own voice. Strange she thought, “How come I can here my voice, I’ve never used it before.”

Chad kept silent and as the muffled sounds of voices continued the tape became clear as day and from what she gathered it was from her conversation with Chad the previous evening.

“It was when he was just about to sit on my face. I was real scared and the smell was gross. I asked him why I had to do it when I saw all the shit on his ass hole but he said he’d call you. Before I knew it his ass was all over my face and he was making me lick and eat the shit off his bum cheeks.”

She froze in horror as she heard her words repeated. She was shocked to say the least that her loving boyfriend (or as she thought) had done this to her…………

“Chad, Chad, why, why have you recorded this. I thought you swore you wouldn’t tell anyone.” She began to sniffle as the tears welled up in her eyes. Chad snickered and grinned evilly; he came close to her and spoke in her ear.

“Mindy oh Mindy, you are a stupid fucking whore aren’t you. Huh you think id ever choose a girl over my buddies. Do you honestly believe that I was going to beat my best pal and quarter back Jerome up for what he did? Don’t you get it you stupid slut it was a plan, one big plan to get you to do what you did. The piss drinking, ass sucking, shit licking, the fucking ass fuckings everything was all one big trick.”

She began to cry now tears rolled down her cheeks and the sweet little thing really did begin to lose her self. Her emotions were all over the place.

“But, but you said, said that a that a you loved me Chad?”

“Why Mindy in gods name would I love a cum dump whore like yourself? All your good for is one thing. All your good for is opening your legs and letting me and my best buds ram our fat swollen dicks in your holes. And believe me that is very much still to happen. Oh yes and worse. The funniest part of it all is how stupid and ignorant you have acted in these last three weeks, are you understanding what I’ve done to you. I made you drink my piss at the movies, I’ve made you suck shitty ass holes and for what, your belief that somewhere down the line I was going to stay with you. You are in all honesty one of the stupidest little bitches I have ever met, you make me laugh it’s that bad.”

“Why would you do this to me? Why would you want to hurt me in this way? What have I ever done to you?”

“Nothing Mindy, You have done nothing. But that’s beside the point. Now you have to start thinking very hard about your future, very hard about where you want to go in life and in this school with your credibility.

She was so distraught that Chad had done this to her that her thoughts spiralled into an incoherent whirl, she thought she’d faint it was that bad. Chad took her by the neck and slammed her into the cabinet.

“Are you listening to me Mindy? It is loud and clear I’m not going to spell it out to you.”

She thought and then it dawned, he had her voice on a Dictaphone saying those things shed said the previous evening. Ass licking shit licking, and Jerome it was all adding up. And then it really struck her, he’d said one thing before that stuck in her futile mind. The recordings could be converted to mp3 format that meant computers that meant the internet, that meant face book and my space and that meant everyone in school finding out.

“Please let go of me Chad you’re hurting me.” He decided his rough play was paying off and he let her go. She nestled herself in the corner and covered her face she couldn’t bare to look at the monster before her.

“Are you going to show that to anybody Chad? Please delete it I’ll do anything absolutely anything!”

“And it all falls into place Mindy.” He broke into a little song marvelling at his brilliant scheme which was now coming to passing.

“Remember what I told you a few times Mindy; you know what I like to do sexually the depraved things I like to do to you. Well they are only to get a lot worse a lot, lot worse if you know what I mean. Piss drinking and shit licking are one thing but you wait and see to what next Chad Leister has to offer. Either that or well hmmm this ends up on every internet site imaginable. Your voice Mindy, yes your voice which everybody at this school knows will end up on there computers, and well that includes your parents too.”

She knew she had lost, she daren’t even protest. If this got out if the world knew of her depraved acts of sex, if they knew she had sucked and ate shit out of a boy’s ass hole she might as well die now.

“You have 1 minute Mindy to decide. You either you walk out of here with your head held high, knowing that you have to face the consequences of a life not worth living when this gets broadcast or…….”

She had already decided no way could she let her parent find out about this least of all the students and teachers.

She began to speak, “I stay with you and we pretend this whole conversation never happened. We continue to be together so I can save face but….”

Chad came in “But, and yes Mindy that’s the big but. You will forever be at my disposal. You will forever do as I tell you to do and with no qualms no bitching just listening and doing what I tell you to do. You’re in for one rough ride; I mean like I said I have big things planned. It’s all in your own hands you decide your own fate. I mean have you ever been fucked by a Doberman? Because Mindy that’s on the agenda this week.”

He left her with those words, kissed her on the cheek and left her sobbing quietly to herself in the corner. Just before he left the room he told her to look at him.

“Oh and one more thing come and see me after school, I have a new school outfit for you to wear…………..”

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