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Bitch damn near raped me.
Names have been changed to protect the not-so-innocent.

It was my first semester of my Sophomore year of High School, and I was in trouble. I've never been a ladies man, always the dork. Always shy, and here I was in a class full of teenage girls. I stuttered every answer to every question, and the seating wasn't exactly conducive to avoiding eye contact. Small tables, with two people on each side, facing each other. I was facing a freshmen, a girl named Charley. She was pretty, not gorgeous, not a stick, plump, rounded.

And she, for some reason, wouldn't leave me the hell alone.

Every time we had a group project, she'd grab me and wouldn't let go. Every time we were supposed to exchange papers to grade, she'd snatch mine. Every time we had to actually cook anything, she'd drag me to the farthest test kitchen, the one that offered the most privacy.

I couldn't help but be a little flattered, I mean, I'd kissed and gotten to second base, once. I'd watched porn (what teenage boy hasn't?), but I'd never actually been pursued, much less gotten laid. The worst part was, as much as I didn't really want a relationship, I couldn't help but notice her. She had pink lips, and they looked soft.. I'll admit, at that point, I'd never even fingered a girl, so I couldn't imagine what it was to actually have a pussy squeezing my cock.. But I could sure as hell imagine those lips wrapped it!

And of course, she had other assets, and she knew it too.. She always made sure she was the one bending over to get anything out of the cupboards in the test kitchen, always trying to see if I was looking at her ass while she did it. Always stared me in the eyes whenever she licked a spoon or a fork after testing a dish.. Always made sure she was scrubbing the pots & pans just hard enough to make her tits shake.. Always "accidentally" getting her shirt wet while doing the dishes.. She wasn't exactly subtle.

And she wasn't quiet about her interest either, always begging me to come to her concert recitals, inviting me to go to church with her, casually mentioning that she had no plans after school or that weekend.. And I wasn't the only one who noticed. The other students all giggled and whispered whenever she'd find an excuse to touch me, or when she'd squeeze up against me in the narrow lanes between the tables and the wall. The teacher even noticed, always gave me those looks that just screamed "you better not!" I tried to play things cool, I didn't want to be one of "those guys" that go for any girl that seems willing to give it up..

Finally, I agreed to come see her Fall concert. I figured it would get me out of the house and it'll be at school, it's not like an actual date. And maybe, if I act kind of cold to her, she'd get the hint that I wasn't interested. The night of the concert came, it hadn't snowed yet, but the wind was biting cold. The concert started at 7, and was supposed to last until 9:30. I was in my seat near the aisle early. My plan was to be sure she saw me attend, but to be gone before she came from backstage. That way maybe she'd get the hint since I didn't stay.

During the intermission she surprised me by coming down the aisle and grabbing my arm and dragging me out of my seat and into the hall outside. She was in Concert dress, tight white blouse, black knee-length skirt, flats, & pantyhose. She barraged me with questions about the music and whether or not I could pick her voice out (I was pretty much just grunting answers out, I don't even know what I said) as she dragged me down the hall into the library.

She said she was only scheduled to perform in the first part of the Concert and that I was going to keep her company til her Mom arrived. I sat down on one of the raggedy couches, she plopped right down next to me. She pulled my arm off the back of the couch and around her, and she looked up at me as she put her other arm down on my thigh. As much as I didn't want to start anything, I was feeling pretty damn horny at that point, her hand inches from my cock, her perfume filling the air, and with the angle she was at, I could see right down her blouse and see her generous cleavage. The school wasn't exactly the most insulated, and it was a bit chilly in the library, and her nipples were straining against the fabric, making very obvious bumps in her blouse.

She caught me staring down her shirt and was completely unfazed. I started to stammer out an apology but in a quick movement she had one hand on the back of my head pulling me in for a kiss and her other hand stroking my now raging hard-on through my pants.

My only thought was "fuck it".

I kissed her back, our tongues entwined as my hand moved up to cusp her breast.. She pushed me back and unzipped my fly, pulling me out through the hole in my boxers. Her hand started directly stroking my cock as she used her other hand to hike her skirt up as she climbed up to keep kissing me. She didn't stay there for long. She abruptly stopped kissing me and bent down, nearly swallowing my cock whole, I could actually feel it bend as it entered her throat. She put her hands on my hips as she raised back up and swallowed it again, the whole length of it. She kept me pinned there as she pumped her head up and down my cock.

at this point I figure if I'm in for a penny I'm in for a pound, I saw her hike her skirt up earlier to get her legs set apart to brace her, so I put my hands on her shoulders and throw her onto her back on the couch, I lift her legs up onto my shoulders and get ready to pull her pantyhose off when I realize they're stockings, not pantyhose, and she's not wearing any panties. I'm there in shock, face to face (so to speak with my first real, live pussy. But she's not chocked, and she reaches up and grabs me by the shirt, pulling me down to kiss her, she drops her legs to either side and wraps them around my waist, and as we kiss, she pulls me forward, and I feel my spit-slicked cock slid into her.

We both freeze, and then we both say "fuck it" and I start driving into her, she rips her shirt apart ad wiggles out of her bra as I keep pushing into her, her breasts jiggling as we rock back and forth. I can feel my cock getting even harder, harder then it's ever been, and with just that much warning, I explode inside her, I can feel my cock pulse and jerk as I push myself as deep inside her as I can, I can feel my cockhead hitting her back wall as pump after pump of my jizz fills her. I'm not softening up, either, it's my first time, and whether it's the shock of the nights events or the pent-up frustration from always being the nice guy, I'm solid as granite. I'm not sure if she knows I'm cumming, but just in case she can't, I keep going, slamming myself into her, grunting with the effort. After a few minutes I come again, it hurts, this time I'm sure she knows I came inside her. She doesn't seem to care.

I thought she's ripped her shirt taking it off, but as it turns out it had snaps made to look like buttons. She dresses quickly as she tells me she's still got the last song of the concert to do. I clean myself up as best I can and go outside. the cold is refreshing as I ride my bike back home. Monday I find out we're dating, who knew? Oh well, she may not be the skinniest girl in school, but she doesn't mind my jizz inside her (turns out she has some kind of cystic ovary thing, she can't get pregnant), so who am I to complain?

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2012-10-01 00:07:32
Just because she is heavy does not mean she cant fuck you good and hard. Also even if she does have cystic ovarian disease does not mean she cannot get pregnant. Now that I am off my soapbox, this was an excellent story. I hope that you continue with a part 2.

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2011-08-11 21:28:56
You should cont this story

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2010-12-11 23:56:54
reality? i don't think so.

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2010-12-02 11:16:13
Very nice story indeed....lots of passion...Me LIKED! 6 out of 10...

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2010-11-30 19:55:02
is there a part 2 to this????

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