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Thought I'd take a break from "Incest Birthday." I wanted to write a Halloween story so let me know what you think. Thanks and please comment, they make it worth writing.
A virgin gets a Halloween surprise of his life.

My whole life has been somewhat of a planned activity. Everyday I had the same routine; go to school, stay after for soccer, go home, clean up and do homework, hang out with friends, and sleep. I didn't have time much for anything else, let alone a girlfriend, hell I was too shy to even approach a girl I wasn't already friends with. Don't get me wrong I watch porn and masturbate a lot, so I have some visual experience, unfortunately I have noone to use it on. This little tidbit of information is why I am most likely the only virgin who attends John Marshall High School, but thanks to my friend Matt's Halloween party, my sex life took a drastic turn.

Let me fill you in on me and my friends a second. My names Chris, I'm 6'0'', about 180lbs., blue eyes, brown hair, and a fairly decent smile. My only guy friend is Matt, he is the exact look and build as me, except with hazel eyes. My only two girl friends are Terra and Stacey. They look exactly alike with the same long light brown hair, green eyes, both about 5'6”, about B cup tits, and nice firm asses they don't hesitate to show off, they are very often mistaken for being sisters.

Since this is our senior year in high school, and we passed all our necessary classes, we decided to get a bunch of electives so we could all be in the same class, but it didn't work. Since Matt was captain of the soccer team he had a little pull around school, so everyone(or almost everyone) knew who he was, so if he did anything, it was guaranteed to have a big turnout. It was while we were sitting in homeroom 3 days before Halloween when he came up with the idea that would change our life.

“Hey guys what are you doing for Halloween this year?” Matt asked.

“Me and Stacey were just gonna chill at my house and watch some scary movies, big fun,” said Terra.

“You know me, no girlfriend, too old to trick or treat, guess I'll be passing out candy again,” I said.

When I said this Matt kinda got this look like “dude, you gotta be kidding me” and Terra and Stacey both looked me up and down, unusual but with what I just said acceptable.

“My parents are going out of town today, I'm thinking about having a Halloween party at my house, but not just any party,” he grinned.

Matt's parents were loaded, but you would never know from him, he wasn't a spoiled kid at all. This meant that their huge house would be empty except for all the kids who would be running rampant through it. Although having a party seemed like a good idea, I just wasn't into it, I didn't feel like getting shot down again, especially in a room in front of our peers. Naturally, everyone was upset.

“Oh come on Chris, it'll be fun! You might even get lucky with someone!” Stacey said.

Terra was pulling my arm and tugging on my shirt. “Chris you gotta go! It wont be as much fun if were all not there! Don't be a spoil sport!”

I wanted to go, but the idea of rejection kept popping into my head distorting all my thoughts, then I figured, I could dress up and no one would even know it was me anyway, so what the hell. “Ok fine, I'll go, but it better be freakin worth it!”

When I said that the girls clapped their hands and gave me little half hugs and Matt punched me in the arm and slapped the back of my head, a little too hard I might add. “That's what I'm talking about! I knew you'd change your mind. I gotta start setting this thing up.”

He pulled the girls to the side and was talking to them about something, I knew it was big when they gasped and started grinning and nodding their head. Why didn't he tell me? I wanna know whats going on! He probably didn't on purpose because he'd think I'd back out or something, maybe its for the best. When homeroom was over he pulled me to the side to tell me who he planned to invite, which happened to be a little bit more girls than boys, hmmm.

“Chris make sure you don't wear a cheesy ass costume, no teletubbies or bullshit like that.”

“What the hell? You must be crazy thinking I'm going as something as gay as that!”

“Ok just checking. Make sure it hides your face pretty good, it's gonna be an “identity kept secret” kinda party, noone will know who anyone is, for good reason,” he grinned as he walked away.

I tried to keep my mind occupied from the party, but every time I almost forgot about it someone would say something about it to throw it back in my head. When lunch finally came around (one of the few periods we all had together), Matt had showed us the fliers he printed up in study hall. They were colorful with pumpkins and “Matt's Unforgettable Halloween Bash” in big red letters. He handed us one with a number on them, and said we needed them to get in, as he only invited so many people.

“So what are you guys gonna go as? I'm gonna be Batman,” Matt said.

“Figures. Were going as Tinkerbell and a Playboy Bunny, but we might change if someone has the same costume,” Terra said.

“I think I'm gonna go as Zorro, I still have the costume, and it still fits, so why not,” I said.

“Ooh Zorro? Who you trying to fuck at the party?” Stacey jumped in.

“Me? Sex? We all know that's not gonna happen, not to me.”

“Don't be too sure man, you never know what could happen if someone gets drunk enough. There's gonna be mad vodka at this party. This is gonna be the best night of our lives, you see, and Chris if you carve a “Z” anywhere in my house I'll kick the crap outta you,” Matt laughed. It was just like him to turn a tense situation into a funny one.

With that the bell rung and we were off to finish out the rest of the day. When school ended we all drove home instead of hanging out like usual, contemplating what to wear and how the party would turn out. I was still a little nervous about the whole thing, but it was way too late to back out now, “hey, it's just a party” I said to myself, little did I know I couldn't have been more wrong.

As the next couple days went by, I got more and more anxious. I would see Matt hand a flier to a cheerleader or a girl on the volleyball team, and guys on the soccer team, but mostly girls I would never get the nerve to talk to. We were all distracted at school we didn't even really talk to each other that much, everyone was worrying about something different that had to do with the party, but I did notice we all gave each other weird looks and blushed at each other, maybe just a coincidence of the upcoming party. When I got home I would go to my room to perfect my costume, eat dinner, and go back to my room. My parents and little sister noticed something weird with me but luckily noone brought it up. I had almost everything I needed for my costume, but I still needed a fake mustache and a play sword. After a bit of thinking I had the perfect solution, my little sister Sarah. She goes to the same school as me and is a junior, and very popular among the guys. Though Sarah's only 17 she dresses like a full grown woman (not that I noticed) and I know she has some of those fake eyelashes lying around. As for the sword, she just joined the fencing team and that would be a perfect fit. I knocked on her door and opened it. She was spread out on her bed reading a book, with only her long blonde hair and blue eyes poking out.

“Hey bro, what's up?”

“Hey Sarah, I was wondering if I could use your fencing sword and those eyelash things for my Zorro costume, I need them to make a fake mustache thing.”

“Uhh, ok sure. If I do what are you gonna do for me?”

“Well what do you want?”

“(sigh) I can't tell you that. How about the new Taylor Swift cd?”

“Sure, no problem, that seems fair.”

“Ok you got a deal, for now.”

She got up and went to her dresser and grabbed a little container, and then went to her closet and got the sword. It had a ball on it but it was usable, and the eyelashes would work perfect as a mustache. “These will work great, thanks sis,” I said as I kissed her cheek, a little close to her lips. I instantly pulled back, and she just looked up at me from her little 5'5” frame and smiled at me without saying anything. I grabbed the stuff and went out her door. I turned around to see her still standing in the same spot looking at me, and quickly went back to my room, surprised at what a close call that was. This party was having a weird affect on me. I added them to the costume and when I was happy with the result, I finally went to sleep, half-excited and half-dreading the next day.

The day was here, Friday, it was Halloween, the night of the party, and I didn't know how to feel. I shot through my morning rituals and before I knew it we were all in homeroom together.

“Tonight's the big night guys! You all ready for the best party of the year?” Matt said.

Terra and Stacey looked us over and at people around the room and giggled. “We are, were gonna get hammered tonight!” Terra said as they both kept giggling.

“Though I may not share their enthusiasm, I am pretty excited,” I said.

Matt looked like he could barely contain his excitement. “Good, you should be. I got my mothers friends son to buy a lot of vodka for us to drink, so if you're gonna drink a lot tell your parents you'll be spending the night. Make sure you bring your fliers, I don't want uninvited people trying to sneak in.”

“Shit Matt you better let us in, we shouldn't even need a flier!” Stacey frowned.

“It's fine guys, you're ok. The party starts about eight so get there around nine. The bell's about to ring, I gotta make sure everything is running smooth.”

Right on cue, the bell rung and everyone flew outta their chairs and on to their first class. Usually time goes by extra slow in school on Friday, but today it was on crack. It seem like only two classes went by before we were in lunch watching people come up to our table holding fliers with smiles, and the 3:00 bell ringing for us to leave. We all met up and exchanged a few last words before the party and went our separate ways, for now. I stopped off at Wal-Mart to pick up the cd I promised my sister, and was instantly reminded about the near-kiss. Why did she look at me like that? Was she just surprised at what almost happened? “Yea, that's it,” I assured myself. I took one last look at the costumes in the store, a turtle, a ninja, Blanka from street fighter? I don't think so. I grabbed the cd and headed home. When I got there my parents were already gone(since they said they were going to their own party) and I could hear Sarah in her room squirming around. I headed up to give her the cd.

“Hey, here I got you your cd.”

“Thanks, uh can you help me with this,” she said as she signaled to the zipper on her Catwoman suit.

“Sure. Where you going tonight anyway,” I said as I zipped her up.

“Me, Kathy, and Zoe are going to two haunted houses, then to a house party we got invited to. I was wondering if you could give me and Kathy a ride to Zoe's house, please?”

“Uh sure, I got time to spare, anything for my little sis.”

She wraps her arms around me and pull me into a tight hug. “Thank you big bro, thank you! I didn't know what we were gonna do if you couldn't take us.”

“Well lucky for you I didn't leave yet. I'll be waiting in the car when you're ready to go.”

I was sitting out there for about 30 minutes before she finally came out. She had gone all out with her costume, the mask, ears, drawn on whiskers, and even a whip. She hopped in the front seat and we were off. We made basic small talk till be got to her friends house, then she got out and jumped in the back seat with her. I listened to them talk about boys, which ones they liked and all that. Sarah seemed jumpy and uncomfortable talking with her brother in the front seat listening, but I just wrote it off. When we finally got to Zoe's house they both hopped out and headed for her door. When Sarah got around to my side of the car she leaned in and gave me a long wet kiss on the cheek.

“Thanks again bro, I owe you.”

“Uh yea sure, have fun!”

“What was that about,” I asked myself. Did my little sister just make a pass at me? No, this party has me paranoid. I drive the ways back home and when I get there I notice its already 7:30, so I take a quick (and by quick I mean 30 minute) shower. When I get out I noticed I have texts from Matt, Terra, and Stacey saying the party is going really strong right now, so I throw on my costume, eyelash mustache and all, and I head back out to my car for the drive to Matt's house.

As I'm driving over I get a small case of cold feet. I'm still a little skeptical about what Matt has planned, but I told everyone I would come so I'd be an ass to back out now. I pull around the corner and see that the party is indeed in full swing. You can just barely hear music coming from the house and it's all decorated in Halloween attire with kids in and around the house. I park my car and go in through the front door, where some guy dressed as a Spartan took my flier. I stepped in to Halloween decorations everywhere, people bobbing for apples, getting drunk, dancing, complimenting costumes, everything a Halloween party should be. The main thing I noticed upon entering the house was the music, the dam Backstreet Boys song “Rock Your Body” was on full blast. Everyone was just dancing to it like it didn't even matter, well it did to me.

“What the... Backstreet Boys? I'm fucking leaving,” I said as I started to leave back out the house.

“Yo Zorro, nice costume! Over here!” I heard Matt say with his “Dark Knight” Batman costume on.

I walked over to where he was, he was talking to Terra and Stacey who I must say looked very sexy in their Tinkerbell and Playboy bunny costumes, I couldn't stop staring. They noticed but said nothing, they just giggled to each other at my expense, but I didn't care. Finally after an eternity I snapped out of my trans via a slap to the face by Matt.

“Dude, what are you staring at them for? There's plenty of other girls here!”

“Don't hate Matt he can look at us, we look dam sexy anyway, he's looking pretty good too,” Terra said.

“Huh, oh yeah. Man whats up with the Backstreet Boys? Is this all you got to play?”

“Chicks like it, they dance to it, they drink to it, end of story. Speaking of drinking here man down this,” he said as he handed me a full cup of Vodka.

“What the hell,” I said and drunk the whole cup in less than 10 seconds, then grabbed another one and went bottoms up on that one too.

“All right Chris, not holding back tonight I see, come on lets go dance,” Stacey said as she and Terra grabbed my hand and led me to where everyone was dancing.

I'm not the greatest dancer in the world, but I have rhythm, unlike the guy in that beer commercial, the designated bad dancer. Just as we got on the floor Nelly's “Hot In Heere” came on, and Terra got in front of me and Stacey behind me, Matt went to dance with someone dressed as Cleopatra. I had a slight buzz from downing two cups of Vodka one after the other, but I was still well aware of everything. While we were dancing my hand accidentally grazed Terra's tit (it really was an accident), and I immediately tensed up.

“I'm sorry Terra, it was an accident I swear!”

“It's ok, you don't hear me complaining do you? Here, why don't we try this.” When she said that she grabbed my right hand and put it back on her breast, which I could feel almost perfectly through the thin fabric of her Tinkerbell costume.

Stacey reached her arms around me and started rubbing them over my chest, and at the same time Terra leaned over to touch her toes and shook her ass on my now hardening cock. I looked over at Matt who was pretty much dancing the same way with the Cleopatra girl, he gave me a nod and went back to dancing. When Terra came back up she took my hands and this time put them on both her breasts and squeezed a little, and let out a little moan. My cock was getting harder by the second and just as I realized Stacey was still grinding herself on me from behind, she reached around and felt on my cock through the fabric of my thin pants, wow do they know how to turn a guy on.

“I think, no I know he likes it,” Stacey yelled to Terra over the music.

“Yea I felt him poking me since we got on the dance floor,” Terra yelled back.

“Well what do you expect, I have to sexy ass girls grinding and feeling all over me and I'm not supposed to get aroused? I don't think so!”

They laughed it off and kept at it with the teasing and grinding. We danced for three more songs before the girls went to get something to drink. A few people were watching us while we were dancing so as soon as they came back to the dance floor guys lined up to dance with them. I took my cue and headed to the punch bowl and slowly deposited 3 cupfulls into my system as I watched everyone dance, increasing my buzz a bit. I went back to the dance floor and surprisingly danced with three more girls, it had to be the vodka because I would never have the confidence to do that sober. When I had enough dancing I went back to the drink table and downed more drinks. After a while of lonely drinking a girl who I assumed was Batgirl looks over at me and says something to her two friends and giggles. I didn't see her here when I got here, but I was barely looking at her face, I was concentrated on her body, she fills that costume out nicely. She looks back over at me, sits down her drink and walks over to where I'm standing. Without warning she grabs my hand and pulls me to the dance floor just as Kevin Lyttle's “Turn Me On” comes on, I'm sporting a moderate buzz so I don't protest.

“I watched you dance with those other girls, the way you were all grabbing each other,” she said as she danced against me.

“Yea, it's a party, noone knows who anyone is, so we went for it, and it worked out.”

“I know what they were going for, this right h... oh my god,” she said in slight shock.

I'm confused at this moment. I don't know what happened. The slight slurring of her voice coupled with my slight buzz is throwing me off as far as her intentions goes, is she getting sick, she gonna throw up, I don't know, but the whole time she never lets go of my cock.

“I knew you would have a big cock I just knew it, I can't wait to get paired up with you.”

“Paired up for what?”

Right on cue the music stops, and Batman(Matt) calls for everyone's attention. I look for Terra and Stacey and see two Tinkerbell's and two Playboy bunnies and I don't know which one they are, then they go up to Matt and tell him something then leave out the front door, I guess they had enough and decided to go home.

“Ok everybody, it's time to match everyone up. When I call your costumes those two meet up and go do whatever comes to mind, but we all know what that'll be, haha.

One by one he began pairing people off and some disappeared and some sat down on floors and couches and started making out, I guess this is why Terra and Stacey left. After a couple more names he looked at me and nodded, then he reached into the two bowls and pulled out two more pieces of paper.

“Ok I got Zorro being paired up with uh, Batgirl right there! You two kids have fun,” he said excited.

Before I could even get a word out my hand was grabbed by Batgirl and I was being pulled up the stairs. When she found an empty room she pulled me in and pushed me back on the bed. Within seconds she hopped on me and smashed her lips to mine, running her hands over my chest in the process. She threw my hat and sword across the room and went straight for my belt. Every time I would try to say something she put her finger on my lip and shushed me, so I took the hint and just lay back to get ready for whatever was about to happen. When she finally got my pants off she pulled my boxers down and my cock sprang free and slapped her in the face.

“It's so fucking big, at least 7-8 inches!I've been waiting a long time for this, and I'm gonna enjoy every minute of it,” she said and took me in her mouth.

Words cannot describe how good her mouth felt on my cock, my hand was no comparison to hers jacking me off while sucking about half of me in. I leaned my head up to see her still with the mask on and her lips wrapped around my manhood, it truly was a beautiful sight. I could hear her moaning and trying to say something but she wouldn't take my cock out of her mouth to speak. When she started to speed up I by instinct put my hands on her head and helped her suck me off, but I guess when she realized I was gonna blow in her mouth she pulled my cock out with a loud “pop.”

“Oh no, you're not cumming just yet, not until I feel that thing inside me! Wait here, I'm gonna go get a condom.”

I hadn't even gotten comfortable before she came running back in the door and grabbed me up and pulled me back out the door and into the hallway. We walked down the stairs and back into the living room, I couldn't believe everything that was going on right in the open. It was like night of the loving orgy, Batman was getting head from Pocahontas, Wonder Woman was getting eaten out by Green Lantern, V for Vendetta was fucking Mileena from Mortal Kombat doggystyle, and there were two girls dressed up as cats eating each others pussies in a 69, it was hectic. I'm struggling to hold onto my pants while Batgirl is pulling me to an empty spot on a couch next to Bart Simpson fucking a Sara Palin lookalike. She pulled my pants back down and rolled a condom over my still hard cock as she eased her pants off and positioned herself over me.

“I've been wanting to do this for a long time, just sit back and let me do all the work,” she said as she sat down fully on my cock.

“All right Zorro!” I heard over all the moaning going on around me. I wanted to yell it myself, her pussy was so tight around my cock I thought I would cum right there. She pushed me against the back of the couch as she grabbed my shoulders and slowly started grinding on me.

“Oh my god Batgirl, you feel so good,” I said as she sped up.

“Ugh, oh Zorro, this feels so fucking good! Your cock is huge inside me! Ugh, oh my god, yes!”

She pushed me back on the couch and fell on top of me kissing me, while still grinding her pussy on my cock. She was moaning in my ear and kissing on my neck, she knew exactly what turned me on.

“Oh baby, I love your cock in me, it's so big, it fills me up so much, oh fuck!”

Even though I'm still a little buzzed I can feel everything that's going on around me, including her pussy as it smashes into my groin as she rides me. She sits back up and pushes her hands into my chest and bounces up and down on me. The feeling of being inside her is intensified and she closes her eyes with a big smile on her face, and I reach up and squeeze her breasts through the costume.

“Fuck me Zorro fuck me! Oh god! Fuck! That big cock feels so fucking good!”

I looked around to see everyone switching up partners, but the cats are still eating each others pussies, they must not wanna switch. I put my attention back on the girl fucking me and noticed a tattoo on her upper thigh, it was Snoopy. I know I had seen that tattoo somewhere, but I couldn't remember where. She lifted my head back up and kissed me again, swirling her tongue around in my mouth. I don't know why but that kiss was so electric it gave me an energy boost. I grabbed her hips and fucked her as fast as my now virginless cock could, and I could see that she was slowly building to an orgasm.

“Oh my god, keep fucking me like that, I'm gonna cum, I'm gonna cum!”

I knew I wasn't gonna last much longer with it being my first time, but I wanted to hold out at least until she came, so I slowed down a bit and then when she wasn't expecting it I sped back up, pumping her as fast as I could. Just when I thought I couldn't hold out any longer she wrapped her arms around my neck and started writhing around in my lap.

“I'm cumming, I'm cumming on your big fucking cock! Oh my god, oh my god, I'm cummmmming!”

I could feel her squeezing my cock as she fidgets around over me, and it's the last straw. I hold on to her and empty jet after jet of sperm into the condom, I couldn't think or move, all I felt was the intense pleasure of my first real orgasm. When I finally emptied myself in the condom she got up off me and pulled back up her pants, kissed me on both cheeks then a long kiss on the lips.

“That was amazing, it was exactly what I thought it would be. I can't wait to do that again,” she said.

She held on to me for a while just kissing my neck and lips until two girls motioned to her to get up so they could leave. Reluctantly she got up and kissed me one more long time, pulled her pants up as she said goodbye and walked towards the stairs. I pulled off the condom, threw it in the trash bin by the couch and laid back on the couch just taking in what happened, I wasn't fully aware of everything around me but I could still see the orgy around me. The bunny was now getting fucked by Spiderman, Wonder Woman was riding Iron Man, Tinkerbell had Superman's cock in her mouth, just sex everywhere. I sat back and watched the Spartan fuck Cleopatra missionary on the couch right next to me while I soaked up the fact that I just had amazing sex with a total stranger. I wasn't even aware that the two girls dressed as cats were slowly making their way over to me until they pulled me onto the floor with them.

“Look at the size of this cock, we need to get it back up real fast, I wanna sit on it!”

“You work on that, I wanna sit on his face. He looks like he can eat pussy real good!”

As soon as her lips went around my cock my head shot up off the floor from the instant pleasure. I see Batgirl leaving with a few people, and I wanted to get up at catch her so I could get her number, but due to the amazing blowjob I was getting and the pussy being lowered onto my face I put an end to all that, I'd just have to figure out who she was later. I had never eaten pussy before, but I seen enough movies to have an idea of what to do. I reached up to grab her thighs and ran my tongue across the outer lips of her pussy. She shuddered a little which got me excited, and soon my tongue was spreading her lips and jabbing in and out of her pussy.

“Fuck! I knew you'd be good at eating pussy! Oh yes keep doing that, that feels fucking good!”

She was pumping my head up pretty good with the compliments and moaning she was doing, and the other cat girl was pumping up my cock with how good she was sucking it. I felt her slip it out of her mouth and stroke it a few times, then I felt the slippery wetness surrounding my cock that I only felt once up to that point as she sat down on my cock. She let out a loud moan and she sat all the way down on me. It was only then that I realized I didn't have a condom on, but if she didn't care, neither did I.

“Oh my god I've never felt a cock fill me like this! I'm gonna fuck you till your cock gets sore!”

The girl sitting on my face turned around without getting up and started kissing the other girl as she bounced up and down on my cock. I spread the cheeks of the girl sitting on my face and stuck my tongue in her ass, I know from movies girls like that.

“Ooh you naughty boy! Keep doing that, it feels so good,” she said breaking the kiss.

As I continue to eat her out the girl riding me leans back and rests on her hands grinding me and the other girl leans forward and licks her pussy. Her leaning forward gives me perfect access to her ass and pussy and I lick from one to the other over and over. I see her clit peeking out from under the hood and I quickly take it into my mouth. She instantly shudders which only makes me suck on it harder, and moans into the other girls pussy. She goes crazy bouncing up and down on my cock, and I went crazy eating the other girls pussy. They sat up and went back to kissing until the girl riding my cock started her orgasm and shook around on my cock.

“Oh my god Zorro! I'm cumming on your big beautiful cock! Oh my god, yes! Fuuuuuuuuck!!”

That turned me on so much I went in a frenzy eating the other girls pussy. I sucked her clit harder and shoved two fingers in her and rapidly pumped them in and out, within minutes she was squirming too.

“Oh fuck, I'm cumming on your face, oh yes! I'm cumming! Oh god yeeeeeeeeeeeees!!!”

Even though she didn't squirt, her juices seeped out of her pussy and down into my mouth, she tasted so good I drank up everything that came out and sucked at her trying to get more out. She got up off my face at the same time the other cat girl got off my cock and one jacked my off while the other licked my balls. I was in heaven, I have two girls pleasuring my most private part and I don't even know who they are. It's not long before I feel pressure building up in me and I warn them I'm about to cum. The girl jacking me off picks up speed and seconds later I start to shoot for the second time that night. She immediately put her mouth over my cock and was catching my cum in her mouth. When I finished cumming she sucked me to get every drop out, showed me my cum in her mouth and swallowed. She kissed the other girl and transferred the rest of my cum in her mouth and she swallowed too. I laid down on the floor exhausted and fulfilled for the second time that night.

When we got up everyone around us was just finishing fucking and were grabbing their things and leaving. By now my buzz was completely gone, so I pulled my pants up and grabbed a quick drink and went and sat on the couch, and was soon joined by Matt who just finished fucking Supergirl.

“Dude, this was the best party ever! I got so much ass tonight.”

“I never would've thought I would get laid at a Halloween party, man I'm glad I came.”

“I knew you would, Terra and Stacey are glad you came too.”

“They left before the name thing started, but yea it was definitely fun while they were here.”

“Left? They didn't leave, they just changed costumes.”

“Huh? What they change into?”

As soon as I said that the two cat girls came and sat down on either side of me. They had washed the paint off their face and took off the fake nose and ears, it was Terra and Stacey.

“I just had a threesome with two of my best friends? Why didn't you tell me it was you guys?”

Because we knew you wouldn't do anything with us. We wanted to experiment with you for a while now, but I didn't plan on fucking you until I saw your huge cock, I had to have it in me,” Terra said.

“By the way, thank you for eating my pussy so good, this definitely wont be the last time,” Stacey said.

It took me a while to get used to the fact I just had sex with my friends, but they helped me warm up to it by reassuring me we would be doing it a lot more. By now everyone was gone and his place was trashed, so we volunteered to help him clean before we left. After we helped Matt clean up we kissed the girls goodbye as they left to go home, Terra grabbed my cock as she kissed me on the lips.

“If we didn't have to leave I'd fuck you again right now. Next time you'll have to eat my pussy, I wanna feel what you made Stacey feel,” she said as she kissed me one more time and left.

I figured I should get home too before it got too late, so I went back to the room Batgirl and I were in to get the hat and sword, only to find it gone. Somebody stole it? What the hell? My sister was gonna kill me. I told Matt and he said he'd look around for it, but not to hold my breath. I thanked him as I left and got in my car and drove home.

I got home to find our parents still gone, but I saw the light on in my sisters room, so I thought I'd tell her about the sword now and get it over with.

(knock knock knock) “Hey Sarah you still up?”

“Chris? Yes I'm still up, come in,” she said as she ruffled her blanket in her bed.

“You have a good time tonight?”

She sighed and closed her eyes. “I had the best time ever, this was the most wonderful night of my life.”

“Listen, someone stole my hat and that sword you let me borrow, but I'll replace it, whatever it cost, I promise.”

She looked at me and smiled and blushed as she looked away, which confused me. “What is it, why are you smiling?”

She reached under her blanket and pulled out my hat and the sword. “You mean this hat and sword?”

“What, how did you get those? I had them in the room with Bat-,” I just stopped talking.

She bit her lip and shook her head yes at me.”It's Catwoman, not Batgirl.”

After a while it all came together. “Are you telling me I not only fucked my two best friends, but my little sister too!”

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2016-09-16 02:10:38
i went to a halloween costume party when i was eighteen, no one knew each other from the costumes and masks, i started making out with a small blond girl on the couch of my friend, she was hot and i took her up to his bedroom and we fucked and made love for hours. i woke the next day in my bed and she was in bed with me, it was my sister dressed as a playboy bunny, i woke her and we fucked again and been doing it for 20 years now.

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2016-06-19 01:05:20
AWESOME! Way to go!

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2016-02-20 15:32:19
AMAZING!!Keep it up :)

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2016-02-08 02:34:00
Omg this was amazing

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