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For the Calling all Writer Fourth contest
The Contest was to make a Panto using a Fairy Tale. As an American I really don't understand the concept of a panto but with any luck I made an enjoyable story.

There is very little in the way of explicit sex in this story though I tried to make it as suggestive as possible. The Thematic tags of beastiality and nonconsensual sex are for one scene only.

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Once upon a time in a far away kingdom lived a young couple who were very much in love. They married and tried to have a baby. They tried and tried. Actually they tried five times a day for six or seven months but there was no pregnancy. They were disappointed but still happy as a couple (I wonder why). They were also a very kind couple.

One evening after their before dinner romp there was an old, old woman who knocked on their door asking for food and shelter for the night. The couple, though very poor, was very hospitable and let the woman in, even if they knew it meant that their last tryst or two of the day would have to be postponed. They gave the old woman a good meal and a place where she’d be comfortable sleeping. The woman did sleep well and awoke the next morning in good spirits. The couple gave the woman a hearty breakfast before she travelled on. The woman overheard the couple’s plans for a quickie after the woman left and the old woman asked the wife “Are you trying to get pregnant dear?” The wife explained that they had tried to have a child for so long but had had no luck; and since they were so poor they couldn’t go to a magician or a doctor to get help. They were so poor in fact that they had nothing else to do for entertainment but each other. But they longed for a baby and even if it were no bigger than a thumb they would love it dearly.

The old woman thanked them again but before leaving she said she had a present for the wife. She revealed herself to be a powerful witch. A good witch to those who showed kindness to her as the couple had. The witch gave the wife a magical barley seed and told her to plant it and when it blooms it will give her a child.

The wife was delighted and thanked the good witch over and over. The seed was planted and the couple went back to their routine, as I mentioned they were so poor they only had the one source of entertainment.


The barley seed sprouted and grew. The couple tended it carefully and it soon grew a bud. The bud blossomed one morning just as the couple was finishing their post breakfast boff, and inside the blossom was a tiny, tiny baby girl, no bigger than your thumb.

This didn’t change the couple’s feelings at all. They, from the first instant, loved their daughter whole-heartedly. They named her Thumbelina. They of course knew that adjustments had to be made: from clothing, to furniture, to simply being very careful where they stepped or sat.

Luckily the child didn’t eat much at all and clothing was inexpensive since there wasn’t a lot of cloth needed. She was a very sweet baby and as time went on she turned into a very charming girl and then grew into a young woman… Well by grew I mean she aged… as a young lady Thumbelina was only a bit taller than half a pencil or maybe the size of your middle finger, but she had quite a lovely figure: long legs (figuratively speaking), a full bust (2” AAAAAA bra size) and a cute butt. The loveliest thing about her though was her lovely voice she would sing all day to the delight of her parents.

Thumbelina lived happily with her parents growing up. Her parents with the exception of their child rearing tasks were much the same as they ever were. They still had time for fun and came together three times a day for their favorite activities (four times a day on weekends).

They soon realized that their daughter was blossoming into a beautiful young woman herself. Because of Thumbelina’s size they still had to bathe her (so to prevent the river's current from dragging her off), and they saw she quite enjoyed rubbing her small soapy body.

Her parents had to have the talk with her which was difficult, because there was no one that wouldn’t be too big for her to fall in love with (both in the general way and the way your thinking). They couldn’t dash her hopes of happiness so they simply said “maybe someday you’ll find someone who isn’t too big for you.”

They were protective parents and didn’t trust others with the knowledge of Thumbelina’s existence for fear she’d end up in a freak show or a menagerie. However they did take her out to see parts of the world, outside of her home and farmstead, being bawdy they couldn’t resist carrying the tiny young woman in their pants. With her mother Thumbelina squirmed down in the slippery nest making her mom very happy. With her dad she held on to him, and being inquisitive she wanted to learn more about men and though it was her size it afforded her an excellent tool (*ahem*) to learn about the sensitive areas of a man.


It was on one of these excursions that Thumbelina was noticed by the criminal frog Cur-Mutt. Who heard her lovely voice and saw her small beautiful body and wanted her for his own. That night the dastardly amphibian broke into the house and crept towards Thumbelina’s bed. He snatched her and gagged her before the alarm could be raised. He hopped from the house with her hog-tied. Her prostrate figure bounced with each hop as tears ran down her face while her home disappeared behind her.

Cur-Mutt took poor Thumbelina deep into the swamp and laid her down. “Now then,” he chuckled “My pretty, I will be your husband and you will be my wife. I am the criminal mastermind Cur-Mutt. What is your name?”

“Wait! Your name is Kermit the Frog?”

“No it’s Cur-Mutt! There’s a hyphen! And it’s not Cur-Mutt the frog either, though I am a frog, if it’s anything; it’s Cur-Mutt the Evil or Cur-Mutt the Ingeniously Bad. I take what I want and I want you for my bride and to deflower you after the wedding.

“I’m not going to marry you!” shouted Thumbelina.

“Oh yes, you are” shouted the evil frog Cur-Mutt.

“Oh No I’m not.”

“Oh Yes you are.”

“Oh No I’m not.”

“Oh yes you are” Finished Cur-Mutt “I have the priest lined up to do it, but since I’m evil I want a sneak preview. Take off your night gown.

“No!” cried Thumbelina.

“Yes, now, or I’ll throw you in the river and you’ll drown.”

Trembling with fear Thumbelina took off her nightdress and showed herself to the evil frog. She slept braless so she was left with only her tiny panties on.

“Now take off your underwear… no wait I’ll do that.” Cur-Mutt chuckled and before she could blink his long sticky tongue shot out and grabbed her panties and painfully ripped them off of her body. His tongue snapped back in his mouth and after a brief moment of savoring the taste he swallowed Thumbelina’s underpants. “Mmm. Tasty. Have you ever heard of oral sex?”

“Yes I have and no you can’t.” Thumbelina knew her parents got up to that sort of thing but didn’t want it at all with this disgusting creature.

“Too bad you don’t have a choice in the matter,” said the wicked frog as his tongue zipped out again smacking against Thumbelina’s tiny pussy. Thumbelina shouted out; not in pleasure or even in surprise but in pain. Everyone knows frog’s tongues are sticky. Well poor Thumbelina was being torturously waxed as she was being licked. When Cur-Mutt’s tongue whipped back her small covering of hair (like dandelion fluff) was gone. She yelped as the roots were pulled out and she found herself bald in that most sensitive place.

Cur-Mutt chuckled not only did he was to rape her; he also wanted her to look as young as possible when he did. He stepped forward to get a closer look and then snapped his tongue out again smacking against Thumbelina’s naked slit. The tongues stickiness pulled at her lips and clit as it squirmed around against her. It yanked her toward him until he stood over the poor young woman. He exposed his pink slug-like penis to her; it was slimy, unformed and disgusting, but worst for her it was the size of one of her legs.

“Use your mouth on me,” demanded the evil Cur-Mutt.

“I can’t it’s so big.”

Now boys and girls, the older among you should already know this but telling a male “it’s so big” will not cool his passion, ever. And Cur-Mutt did not lose any enthusiasm at all. He shoved the sloppy, floppy shaft against poor Thumbelina’s face and rubbed it all over. His tongue continued to pull and tease at her pussy until she opened her mouth to cry out and his cock tip was pushed in. Frogs, as you know, are coldblooded and it was limp, cool, and slimy. The best part (if there could be said to be a best part) was that it didn’t last long. Cur-Mutt was so overcome by having his prick in a warm mouth that he gave up on his own oral ministrations and soon blew his load all over her face and chest and in her mouth.

When he recovered he grabbed her and her night gown and with a great leap leapt far onto a lone lily pad in the middle of the river. “Now I’m going to fetch the priest so we’ll be married and you’ll stay here so you can’t escape, then with an evil chuckle he leapt out of sight.


Thumbelina fell to her knees and wept. She considered just jumping into the river and letting herself drown but she couldn’t. She cleaned the spunk off of herself with water and cried more.

A butterfly settled on the pad and tried to console her but couldn’t think of how she could get away. A fish surfaced also because it heard the crying. Between these too kindly creatures, who both hated Cur-Mutt as well, they hatched a plan to free the small woman.

The fish dove under the water and bit through the stalk that anchored Thumbelina, and the butterfly flapped its wings to propel the lily pad downstream away from Cur-Mutt’s realm. Soon she was far down the river and far from the evil villain’s clutches.

When they knew they were safe they landed on shore and Thumbelina thanked the two for her freedom. However she had no ideas which was the way to her home and fearing that she’d never see her loving parents again, once more fell into sobs.

“Now, now my dear,” said the butterfly, “Are you sure you don’t have any idea where you lived?”

Thumbelina didn’t and shook her head still weeping. “Well I’ll fly around spreading word to the insects, to look out for a couple who is searching for a tiny woman. But for now you need to stay somewhere safe while we search. It’s likely you’ll be recaptured if we leave you outside. I have a friend Ms. Doormouse who will take you in.

The butterfly led the way to an opening in the roots of a great tree and there was an almost invisible, tiny door. They knocked and it was opened.

“Hello Butterfly” she said smiling, “and who is this?”

Butterfly smiled too, “Hello Ms. Doormouse, this young lady is Thumbelina. She was kidnapped by that awful frog Cur-Mutt. She just escaped and she needs a place to stay. I’m going to go out to spread the word to the insects to find her home.”

“Oh certainly, poor dear, of course she can stay here. Come in. Someone will get that damned frog one day. Butterfly will you come in as well?”

“No thank you Ms. D I have to alert the bugs and begin the search. I’ll be in to fill you in as I get information. “

Thumbelina thanked Butterfly again and gave him a grateful hug, then went inside with the mouse.

“Now my dear you’ve had quite a traumatic night. You can lie down and try to sleep or if you need me I’ll be right around. We’ll put you on this soft bit of straw by the fireplace. I’ll sleep by the kitchen.” She waved across the room it was a lovely little cottage-y home even though it was underground.

Thumbelina hardly took it in. Her strength was rapidly slipping away and it had been a very, very long night with hardly any sleep. She lay down and thought of her parents who would soon be waking up to find her gone. Her stomach clenched but deep sleep of exhaustion overcame her anyway.


Thumbelina’s parents did wake up and they did panic. They searched everywhere for her and only found a few frog prints which disappeared in the high grass towards the swamp. They scoured the area but to no avail. They didn’t give up though; they continued the search day after day.


Day after day passed for Thumbelina too, Ms. Doormouse, Doreen, as she insisted ‘pretty young things’ call her, was a devout lesbian but in no way predatory toward Thumbelina. Doreen actually had two or three young females of various species visit her each week. During those visits Thumbelina preferred to go for a stroll in the undergrowth. To collect kindling for the fireplace, while her hostess enjoyed herself.

Doreen was very flirtatious with Thumbelina. “Sweetie that night gown needs cleaning here take it off and I’ll wash it.” She said one morning.

“Do you have anything that I can wear in the meantime?” Thumbelina asked.

“Sweetie my only clothing is this apron I always wear. Would you like to wear that?”

“I suppose it would be better than nothing.”

“Oh so you do want to see me naked. Why didn’t you ask earlier Beautiful?”Doreen sensually dropped her apron to the floor.

“Oh no I meant…” Thumbelina was flustered.

Doreen laughed “Oh Hun I know you like men (though I can’t understand why) but you can’t blame me for trying. You wear the apron; if I walk on all fours I can hide my bits if I want to.” She dropped down but flicked her tail so that her ‘bits’ were very visible to Thumbelina. She laughed more as she went out for the washing.

Thumbelina wore the apron which covered her front but left her back bare. Doreen saw and wolf whistled and twice smacked her butt like a gym towel with her tail tip. It was good fun and both women laughed.

Later, Doreen returned with the clean nightgown, saying “there you are dear.” Thumbelina thanked her. Thumbelina was especially self conscious the next few days because the hair that was ripped off of her tiny cunt was now beginning to grow back. It was painful and itchy, and Thumbelina would trade between sitting uncomfortably, squirming about, and rubbing and scratching at herself whenever she was alone.

Doreen however came in, interrupting Thumbelina during one on these moments. Thumbelina already filled with shame and embarrassment became tearful.

“Darling there’s nothing to be ashamed of. It’s perfectly fine to touch yourself. Though it’s not as much fun as when someone else does it,” she smiled and winked.

“No I wasn’t; really I wasn’t. It just itches so much; the hair is starting to grow back.”

“Have you put anything on it? Let me see how bad it is.”

“Doreen! I can’t do that.”

“Nonsense, Trust me Hun. When it comes to that area I’m an expert.”

Thumbelina reluctantly uncovered herself. The red, irritated skin was bumpy from the stubble regrowing. “Oh honey that is bad. I’ll look for some ointment for it. Would you like me to rub it in for you?”

“No Doreen, I can do it myself just fine.”

“You know the best thing would be a tongue bath.”

Thumbelina was getting used to this and laughed, “No thanks Doreen.”

“Should I stick around to watch you rub yourself make sure it goes ok?” Thumbelina just smiled and shook her head ‘no.’ “Oh well can’t blame a girl for trying.”


One day when Doreen had a slinky sultry female ferret over for a visit Thumbelina went out for a walk. As she strolled she heard a rustle in a nearby bush and an anguished cry of pain. She rushed into the bush to see a sparrow thrashing against the bush with its wing caught between two branches. When it saw Thumbelina it stilled and bowed lowly and spoke.

“Oh Mistress, thank goodness you found me I became separated from the rest of the outing and crashed into this bush. I fear that I’m fairly injured.”

“Poor thing,” cried Thumbelina and rushed to help. She climbed up the bush and pushed the two branches apart so that the sparrow could get out. He looked at her oddly for a full moment until she asked, “Why do you look at me like that?”

“I thought you were one of us but you aren’t are you?”

“I’m not a bird if that’s what you mean.”

“Anyone can see you’re not a bird silly girl. I mean you’re not part of the Court.”

“Court?” Thumbelina was thoroughly confused.

“The Faerie Court, You’re no faerie. You don’t have wings and you climbed the bush to move the branches instead of flying up and release you magically.”

“I’m certainly not a faerie. I didn’t know they actually existed. Do they? Are they my size?”

“They do exist and they are just your size. Though most are a tiny bit taller than you I suppose. Is there someplace you can take me? I’m afraid I can’t fly for a while, I need to heal.”

“I’m staying with Doreen. I mean Ms. Doormouse. I can ask if you can stay there as well.”

Sparrow was grateful. He and Thumbelina exchanged stories. Thumbelina told of her kidnap and escape and the insects search for her family. Sparrow told of his life as a steed in the Royal Faerie Calvary, life in the roosting stables and the royal family: the King, the Queen and the Prince.

Sparrow was the prince’s favorite steed, He had another he rode for ceremonial purposes, which sparrow derisively referred to as ‘the pretty one,’ “but I’m his favorite. I’m braver.”

Thumbelina was intrigued, and wondered what life must be with winged people her size, as she took Sparrow back to Doreen’s. They found Doreen’s company had left and Doreen was in a very amiable and satisfied mood. She said she’d let Sparrow roost in the corner.


It was difficult to say how well Doreen and Sparrow got along. Sparrow was at first quite taken with Doreen but upon learning that her tastes ran a different way was quieted. Doreen seemed to delight in teasing Sparrow about it and often used that as an excuse to flirt even more heavily with Thumbelina. However in all the bird and mouse were becoming fast friends.


Thumbelina’s parents continued to search for her, one afternoon they were in a dark wood and they came across a dilapidated cottage. They decided to knock and it was answered by an old woman. The very one who gave Thumbelina’s seed to the wife years before.

With recognition the wife entreats the woman, “Madam I don’t think you’d remember us you gave us our daughter years ago. Well you gave us the seed that gave us our daughter Thumbelina. She’s been kidnapped madam. We’re desperate for any help.”

The old woman seemed to remember them then, “Oh I remember you. You were kind to me, good sort of people. I’ll help if I can. Make us some tea and let me think now...hmm.” The woman fell silent.

A cup of tea later the woman looked up. “I don’t know what I can do myself. It’s not something I can magic a solution to. You need a search party; but people our size aren’t good at finding folk that size. I’ll ask the wee folk to help. It’s almost the full moon, and I’ll surely see them at their court then.”

The couple was confused but they knew they were granted a favor and were grateful. The old
woman said she’d have more information for them after the full moon.


You may be wondering, what Butterfly has been doing all this time? He had promised to help, but I haven’t mentioned how he was getting on. He had checked in with Thumbelina and Doreen about once a month. By now though it had been two months since the kidnapping and a fortnight since Thumbelina helped Sparrow, who was healing nicely, when Butterfly came back.

Butterfly had spread word throughout the insect world that Thumbelina had been kidnapped by Cur-Mutt and was staying at Ms. Doormouse’s. The insects knew to look for a couple searching for a tiny woman. The problem was that her parents didn’t really talk to others about it. They still feared her being put in an oddity display or something like that. So when an insect passed by the sad quiet couple they didn’t realize it was them that they were charged to find.

Butterfly noticed Sparrow who hadn’t been there on his last visit and they were introduced. Butterfly did notice a lot of faerie activity lately but they didn’t cross paths. They certainly could have been a search party.

Butterfly would try to catch them when he next saw them and again spread word around to other bugs. Though with Sparrow’s healing quickly in a week he’d be able to fly at least to his home at the faerie court.

Butterfly wasn’t able to give Thumbelina any heartening news but they’d keep up the search. Sparrow chimed in to “depend upon it once I return to court I’ll convince the prince to find your parents. He’s mad about quests.”

Thumbelina was gratified by both of their assurances, as well as excited to think that a faerie prince would look for her parents for her. Butterfly took his leave saying the insects would do their part.


The night of the full moon approached and the faerie court prepared to greet those human supplicants (those humans with magic who came with questions for the wee folk). The prince was bored, as he often was in these proceedings. He knew their importance but felt that one faerie scribe meeting the humans to take down their inquiries would be sufficient, but protocol required his presence by his parent’s side.

He was tired his steed sparrow still had not been found and it seemed soon he’d have to give him up for lost. Sparrow, of course, was more than a mount to the prince, but a confidant and friend as well as a comrade in arms. The search thus far had turned up nothing.

There were fewer and fewer human supplicants each year, and those who came became older and older. The prince’s mind was far away when an old woman stepped before the throne to tell of a missing woman. This witch had come to the court before and should know that faeries rarely meddle in that type of human affair. However the woman continued.

“It’s nearly impossible for humans to look for her. She is your size.”

“Our size?” interrupted the prince.

“Yes milord.”

“How is it that she is our size?”

“I visited a couple who were unable to conceive a child. They were kind to me; they said they’d love a child even if it were no bigger than their thumb. Well, you know the way magic works milord. They got just that.”

The prince certainly understood how magic worked, in ways that even the witch did not know. He was curious about this tale and was interested in meeting the young woman. “We are searching for a lost bird who is my steed. We will expand our search to look for this woman as well. Any information we find we will pass on to you.”

“Thank you your majesties,” said the old woman, “Her parents will be most grateful.”


During these months Cur-Mutt still seethed about being foiled by the tiny woman and whoever helped her escape. He knew she’d pay if he could get her in his slimy webbed clutches. He sat disconsolate in his swamp. He’d lost most of his appetite and had taken on a gaunt meaner appearance.

One day, he absent mindedly flicked his tongue out at a fly. Out of practice as he was he only snagged its leg and dragged it back slowly as it screamed.

Cur-Mutt was used to that and barely listened. However one of the screams caught his attention. “I know where the woman is!” Cur-Mutt flipped his tongue so the spit sodden fly dropped before him.

“What did you say?”

“The tiny woman I know where she is... don’t eat me.”

Cur-Mutt couldn’t believe his ears “Where?”

The fly sobbed in pain and fear “Don’t eat me.”

Cur-Mutt responded “If you tell me I promise I won’t eat you.”

The fly was relieved “She is at Ms. Doormouse’s she’s stayed there while the insects look for her parents.”

“Ms. Doormouse’s of course.” Cur-Mutt slaps his tongue out again grabbing the fly with perfect accuracy and eats it whole. He chuckles darkly as he straps on his sword’s scabbard, vowing to make them pay.


Only a few moments later on the other side of the forest Butterfly fluttering around saw a mounted faerie going from bush to bush. Butterflies of course aren’t known for their speed but that day he went like a dragonfly to catch up with the faerie. It turned out that the faerie was the prince.

“Your Majesty, I know where your mount is.” Butterfly panted trying to catch his breath.

“You’ve seen Sparrow?”

Butterfly nodded. “He is at Ms. Doormouse’s along with the tiny woman Thumbelina.”

“You know the tiny woman too? Her parents contacted a witch who told us. This is marvelous news. Poor fellow you’re exhausted from going too fast just give me directions.”

Soon the prince was on his way and the race was on.


Cur-Mutt arrives at the rooted cottage and lays in wait to ambush whoever left. The door opened and Doreen came out to do laundry in the river. Cur-Mutt pounces on her and throws her to the ground. Doreen looks up to see the villain with a sword tip pressing against her throat.

Cur-Mutt shouts at the cottage, “Thumbelina come out here or I’ll kill your friend.” What he really meant was ‘come out here AND I’ll kill your friend’ but bad guys are always lying.


The prince saw this as he arrived and instinctively turns his bird to dive into the fray. However the bird stops. This is the ‘pretty one’ that Sparrow so despised and no matter what the prince did the bird wouldn’t fly into the danger. The prince dismounts and flits on his own wings to the roof of the cottage.

“Unhand her you heel!” shouts the prince at Cur-Mutt.

Cur-Mutt doesn’t of course. He flicks his tongue grabbing Prince’s ankle and dragging him roughly from the roof to the ground.

Sparrow was inside and upon hearing his friend’s voice rushes to the door he jumps out and knocks the frog down. He grabs Doreen and flies her up to safety in the tree. It is more than he should carry as he’s still healing but he is a gallant bird. He takes her to the other steed and tells him “Watch her. Keep her safe, you coward.” And turns and flies back to the fray.

Cur-Mutt was on his feet quickest and noticing that his hostage is gone rushes to the cottage door. Thumbelina is huddling in the corner but he grabs her with his tongue and drags her out. The evil frog hops off with her, who only wore the apron, before Sparrow returned or the prince could get to his feet.

The prince does get to his feet and chases after the villain, but is too slow until Sparrow catches up to him and he mounts up. They catch up to Cur-Mutt and the prince directs Sparrow how to free the tiny woman. Sparrow talon’s the frog’s shoulder while holding the other out for Thumbelina to grasp on to. She holds onto his finger as the villain’s arm releases its grip on her.

It was a brilliant maneuver and would have been pulled off perfectly if Sparrow were healed. However the weight of two tiny people was too much and the brave bird had to make an emergency crash landing. The prince got up winded and faced the angry frog. They both drew their swords and squared off. Sparrow, now very weak and in pain, can only stand in front of Thumbelina shielding her with his body.

Cur-Mutt lashes out before the prince can get his breath back, but the prince parries. Cur-Mutt strikes again and while the prince’s sword is occupied aims his tongue to try to blind the prince. The prince dodges out of the way.

Steel crashes as the fight continues. Cur-Mutt uses his tongue to cheat as the prince tries to dodge the frog’s saber. However the prince is the better man and even with the attempted cheating slays Cur-Mutt the evil frog. The lifeless body of the villain lain at the prince’s feet with its tongue lolling out. The prince lops the tongue off for good measure.

Thumbelina runs up to the prince hugging him fiercely and thanking him for saving her. Sparrow Introduces Thumbelina to her savior the prince. Thumbelina embarrassed drops to her knees and says “I’m sorry for my familiarity your majesty I didn’t know you were the prince.”

The prince looks at the beautiful woman kneeling before him in only an apron. She was beautiful and her bare back made her very desirable. His own body began to react. “Do not worry about it. I’m glad to help my dear.” Thumbelina looks up at him, her eyes stop at his bulging crotch then blushing even fiercer up
to his face. The prince smiling continues “Let’s walk back to Ms. Doormouse’s and check on her.”


They walk back because of Sparrow’s injuries. Doreen upon seeing them reemerging from the woods flies down on the cowardly bird. The prince sends the bird to the court to get mounts for himself, Thumbelina and Doreen and a pallet to transport Sparrow back to Court, and then on to the witch to tell Thumbelina’s parents the news that she has been found.

They wait at Doreen’s and the prince tells Thumbelina of her parents search for her. When the other Faeries arrive they make sure Sparrow will be transported safely and then Thumbelina, Doreen, and
the prince mount steed to go to the Faerie Court.


At Court Thumbelina had Doreen’s Apron removed and was dressed in faerie finery. She waited with Doreen until the prince came in.

“Your parents will come here soon to collect you.” He tried not to sound sad about this. He was happy that this lovely woman would be reunited with her parents, but he was unhappy about not getting to know her better. In a rush he continued. “I would very much like to see you again; I know you want to see your parents, though I hope you’ll come back during the full moon ceremony.”

“Oh I will of course your majesty. It’s a shame the next one is weeks away.”

“Yes, but humans can only see faeries during the full moon.”

“I can see you now.”

“True you can, though I don’t know how.”

“You may visit me in the mean time your majesty if Sparrow can take you to my parents.”

“That would be wonderful. I’d love to see you as often as possible. I feared that your tastes ran the same way as your mouse friend. Was I incorrect in this?”

“Oh, I certainly like men, nothing to fear there your majesty. I am so happy to know that there are
men my size. Surely, though, there must be dozens of faerie maidens flocking around you.”

The prince then had to admit to Thumbelina that he was too big for faerie women. “They call me ‘the pigeon-dicked-Prince.’”

Thumbelina remembered the bulge in the prince’s trousers earlier. She wasn’t frightened by it. She guessed it would be over a handful, but definitely something she could work with. This emboldened her and she rose and kissed the prince on the cheek, though she had to stand tiptoed to reach. She said in a sensual tone, “I would love to see more of you, your majesty, if you would like to see more of me.”

The prince did indeed want just that.


Thumbelina’s parents raced to the court, though they of course as humans were blind to all but Thumbelina sitting by a mouse. Thumbelina hugged her parents joyfully and tearfully, and upon getting them to promise to return here at the full moon they departed for her old home.


Thumbelina’s life of course would never be the same but it soon settled down into its old habit. She was with her parents and they quickly went back to their old habits of entertaining themselves. Thumbelina was happy, especially when the prince arrived just two nights later. They talked for hours and planned the meeting of her parents and the King and Queen. Then they kissed for an hour until she fell asleep in his arms.

Thumbelina and the prince met night after night with no fear of getting caught as the prince was invisible to her parents. She heard of Sparrows recovery (thanks to faerie magic) and Doreen’s moving to court (and her seduction of three faerie maidens and two female birds in the stable) and Butterfly’s moving to court to be an envoy with the insects.

Thumbelina soon was brave enough to feel the prince’s scepter and she found it quite friendly and not at all frightening. They knew then that they were destined for each other. This made the Prince's nightly visits more entertaining and soon they had tried many things though kept Thumbelina virginal. The prince told Thumbelina that he’d ask for her hand at the Full Moon Ceremony. Thumbelina was overjoyed and hoped that the King and Queen would like her.


The full moon came and Thumbelina and her parents went to meet the witch who would escort them to the Court.

Things went marvelously for the young couple. Both the parents and the King and Queen got along wonderfully. Thumbelina’s parents approved heartily of the prince and gave their consent and the King and Queen felt the same way about the tiny woman as well.

The King gave the Thumbelina's parents the hardest question to ponder though. Would they give up their daughter except on the full moon?

Thumbelina’s mother stepped forward. “Your majesty I only have one daughter and I was most frantic when she was lost. But she’d be more than safe here, she’d be happy and in love. Though I’d miss her and our house would be emptier without her, we’d give her up so she could be with her love.”

The Faeries created a great magic and Thumbelina lifted into the air. And two beautiful wings sprouted from her back. She was made a faerie. Unlike most faerie’s wings, similar to dragonflies, hers were like butterflies wings with two long sparrows’ feathers at the top; this was a magical homage to her animal saviors.

The Magic also engulfed the parents in a golden glow. The King later explained that the couple was now fertile so that Thumbelina would have brothers and sisters when the parents would come and visit.

The Parents hugged their daughter as well as her betrothed and even their royal in-laws for their happiness and departed until next month.


Two Full moons later, Thumbelina’s marriage to the prince took place with Doreen as maid of honor and Sparrow as best man. The Beautiful bride walked down the aisle (well was carried down the aisle by her father). The prince and Thumbelina were wed. Thumbelina’s newly pregnant mother and the queen cried and the whole court cheered.

The Honeymoon was beautiful and Thumbelina and the well hung (relatively speaking of course) prince barely left their bed. Well they did, but only to enjoy each other flying with their wings. Thumbelina had learned from her parents the best forms of ‘entertainment’ and outside of their royal duties the prince and Princess Thumbelina always enjoyed their activities.

And of course they lived happily ever after.


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oh its desiree by the way

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I enjoyed that story I laughed alot. Though it would have been good if the sex scene had gone on a bit longer

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I liked it! Maybe u could continue the story but only if u want to.


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You did a great job of turning a fairy tale into an erotic story. Right amount of playfulness, right amount of sex.


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Very amusing!
Nice little tale.

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