This story is about two teenage boys having sex. If in any way shape or form you have a problem with that, stop reading now. Furthermore, comments are for requests, criticisms, other notes about the story, or related stories ONLY. Please do not advertise on my story such as "i am looking for a good time, contact me." That is not was I write this for. Enjoy.
The blonde boy sighed as he entered his high school for yet another day of school, along with hundreds of other teens, chatting in the foyer with their friends.

The boy's name was Wyatt. He was somewhat short for his age (14), standing at 5'4". He had long blonde shaggy hair, mostly covered by his sideways tilted DC cap. Wyatt was mildly tan, and his build, while not muscular, was lean in that he was not skinny, but he had no excess fat or muscle. He had a flat chest only accentuated by the crease that went down his torso that was common in boys.

Wyatt was dressed like the typical skater: DC shirt, hoodie sweatshirt, low hanging shorts that exposed his blue boxer shorts, and shoes without the laces tied. His best friend John was very different, as noted when he walked up to him.

John was also blonde, but his hair was short. John was above average height, around 5'8". He was dressed in tennis shoes, basketball shorts, a white t-shirt, and a maroon Minnesota Gophers polo. John was of different build, having a small excess fat in his stomach and breast area, but John could not be described as "jiggly."

"Hey John, what's up?" Wyatt asked.

"Hey, I need to see your English homework again," John responded.

Wyatt sighed and bent down to open his bag before Tommy jogged over.

Tommy was a lot different than his two friends. True he also had blonde hair was turned upwards at the ends, and also had tan skin, though darker than the other two, but the differences stopped there. Tommy was 6'4" and big. As in, he had massive arms, legs, and a six-pack with pecs that made every guy jealous. In short, Tommy was easily the hottest guy at the high school.

"Hey guys," Tommy said with a dazzling smile.

Wyatt's heart stopped. Wyatt had always thought of himself as straight before Tommy came along. Wyatt found himself fantasizing about Tommy, and only he could bring Wyatt's five-inch dick to its maximum glory.

"Hey Tommy," replied Wyatt, barely able to repress a stutter.

"Listen guys, we have that big-ass history test tomorrow, so I say we all get together tonight and study," said Tommy.

"Sure, I'm game," replied Wyatt.

"Damn it to hell, I probably won't be able to make it, I've got to watch my little brother Paul tonight," said John.

"John, you overuse 'damn it to hell', you know that?" said Tommy with a wink.

Wyatt's heart almost stopped. Him. Tommy. Alone. In Tommy's house. Wyatt's dick grew just thinking about it.

The rest of the day was just a blur to Wyatt; he couldn't wait to get to Tommy's.

When the bell rang, the mass of the student population barreled out of the school to their cars in the parking lot or to the buses lined along the sidewalk. Tommy, as he was only 15, pointed out the bus to Wyatt.

The bus ride was comfortable enough, and Wyatt thoroughly enjoyed it as he sat next to Tommy the entire way there; smelling his musky aroma, like that of a football player. The bus made a jolt, and Tommy's hand slipped onto Wyatt's throbbing cock momentarily. Tommy gave a small smile and said a quick "sorry."

The bus finally arrived at Tommy's house. Pausing only slightly to sneak a snack from the fridge, the two boys settled at the dining room table to study.

After around an hour of unsuccessfully pounding the travels of Christopher Columbus into their heads, the two boys paused for a break.

Tommy crashed on the couch in the living room and, quickly finding the remote, began flipping through the channels in hope of something good.

The familiar cheesy porno music that both Tommy and Wyatt knew very well was heard throughout the room as Tommy hit the Cinemax section.

"Well, this'll do," said Tommy, smiling at Wyatt. An guy in his 30s was fucking a girl from behind in the shower.

"Nice," said Wyatt, with a smile, and his cock began to frow.

Tommy was the bolder of the two. He stuck his hand down his pants and began to massage his growing dick.

"Really, dude?" said Wyatt, although it made him hornier.

"You know you wanna," said Tommy with a wink.

Wyatt laughed. "True."

Tommy removed his hand and cleared his throat. "Hey, let's continue this upstairs in my room, hate for my parents to walk in while we're watching porn."

Wyatt silently agreed, and he followed Tommy into his room. Tommy shut his door behind him.

Two single sized beds were in the room. One was for Tommy, and the other was for his brother when he came home for college. The beds were in the corners on the same side of the room, where they were relatively close together as it was a small room. On the opposite side was a TV.

Tommy flopped down on one of the beds, and motioned at Wyatt towards the other one. Tommy picked up the remote and found the porn channel once again. The two resumed with their hands down their pants.

"Damn, I can't hold it much longer, cover your eyes if you must," Tommy said, and with that, he unzipped his pants and pulled down his jeans and boxers.

Wyatt almost gasped. Tommy was massive. A full 8 and a half inches, and he was thick. A small bead of pre-cum rolled off his circumcised head, down his shaft, and buried itself in its blonde bush of pubic hair.

Tommy began stroking his dick slowly as Wyatt was looking more at him as opposed to the screen.

"Dude, you gonna join me or not?" Tommy asked.

Wyatt shrugged, then unzipped his shorts and pulled off his boxers, so that all he had on was his green DC shirt, sideways tilted hat, and cross necklace. Wyatt had five inches, also circumcised, but his bush was completely gone. Wyatt had no pubic hair, or body hair of any kind. His arms, armpits, face, legs, ass, and chest were completely free of it.

Tommy on the other hand had blonde hair on his lower arms, small tufts in his armpits, no chest hair whatsover that covered his godlike abs and pecs which harbored his brown nipples. He had a small amount of hair on his thighs, though none on his ass, despite his actual asscrack having hair, as well as having hairy legs.

Tommy pulled off his shirt and pants all the way off, so that was completely naked. Wyatt almost came right there, as he rushed to do the same, peeling off his shirt while leaving his hat and necklace on.

About five minutes later, the program ended, so Tommy turned off the TV, yet both boys continued jerking off.

Wyatt concentrated, and only Tommy's moaning distracted him. He looked over in time to see Tommy shoot his creamy goodness all over his abs, pecs, and nipples.

Tommy's heavy breathing was not quick to subside, as was the same with his red face and sweating.

Wyatt, being much more experienced to jerking off, kept going.

Five minutes later, Tommy's voice broke the silence. "Damn boy, you're good," he said. Wyatt looked over to see Tommy gazing at him.

Wyatt laughed. "Bigger dicks cum faster," said Wyatt.

Tommy laughed. "True, I love this thing."

"Ha, I bet the girls do too," said Wyatt, who had stopped pleasuring himself to look at Tommy.

"Um, actually, I've never actually done anything..." said Tommy.

Wyatt mock gasped. "You mean the great Tommy Wilson has fucked anything?"

"Shut up, Wyatt," said Tommy with a smile. "Yeah, I'm a virgin, just like you."

Wyatt's heart beat faster as he thought 'Not for long, I hope.'

"So, um, Tommy?" Wyatt knew he had to choose his next words carefully.

"Yeah, Wyatt?"

"Have you, um, ever wanted to do anything with a guy before?"


"Yeah, I won't tell anyone."

"Ok, well, yeah, I have," said Tommy embarassedly.

"Haha, that's ok, me too," said Wyatt, and Tommy smiled, then grinned at him.

"Ha, like what? You wanna ride my piece of meat?" said Tommy jokingly.

"Little bit," replied Wyatt with a laugh.

"Ok, seriously, dude, are you gay?"

Wyatt's cockiness was gone. "I don't know. I mean, I've wanted to do things with a guy before, but..." then trailed off.

"Wait, wait, wait, ONE guy? Who was it? Brad Pitt?"


"Ryan Reynolds?"


"Anthony Murphy?"

"Wait what?"

"You know... Anthony, the douche bag Matt Summers. full on pantsed last year, I thought you were one of the guys that saw his dick."

"Well, I was, but no."

"I got it. It's John."

Wyatt took a split second longer to respond then with everyone else. He had never thought of John sexually, although now that he thought about it, John WAS really sexy...

"No Tommy, it's not John."

"Ok, Wyatt. Is it me?"

Wyatt sighed. "Yeah, it's you. But can you blame me? You work out too much, and now I learn you have that massive piece of meat in your pants all that time."

Tommy laughed. "So you really do wanna ride it? Well... ok," he said.

Wyatt did a double take. "What?"

"Well Wyatt, if I'm going to lose my virginity to anyone, it might as well be to my best friend. And you probably feel the same way."

Wyatt silently agreed. "Are you sure?"

Tommy paused for a moment, then said, "Absolutely. Come on over here Wyatt."

Wyatt rolled himself off his bed, then walked completely naked over to Tommy.

"Come over here sexy boy," said Tommy with a wink.

Wyatt climbed onto the bed, and sat his ass onto Tommy's abs. He mopped up the cum on Tommy's chest with his fingers, then rubbed it in his hands before applying it to Tommy's throbbing 8.5 inch dick.

"Jesus Christ," said Tommy in response to the brief handjob.

Wyatt sat up and and put one hand on Tommy's thigh to steady himself with the other wrapped firmly around Tommy's cock. He began lowering himself farther and farther until the head of Tommy's penis poked at Wyatt's asshole. Wyatt took a deep breath, and Tommy gave him the ok.

Wyatt slowly but surely traveled down. The shaft gripped the sides of Wyatt's asshole as Wyatt went further and further. Both boys moaned loudly, as Wyatt had three inches of meat in his tight virgin boy ass.

Wyatt continued the pleasurable journey, the cock seemed to be ripping him in half. Wyatt yelled out loud.

"Wyatt, maybe we shouldn't do this," Tommy said nervously.

Wyatt shook his head and closed his eyes to prevent tears from springing in them.

Wyatt reached the eighth and final inch of the cock and sat himself onto Tommy's hilt. He stayed like that for several minutes, attempting to regain his breath as it felt as though Tommy's cock was deep inside him that it had punctured a lung.

"Jesus," said Tommy, as he felt the vice grip around his stimulated penis slowly begin to loosen. Wyatt felt the pain disappear.

"Ready?" asked Tommy.

"Go slow," responded Wyatt.

Tommy only nodded, before pushing his ass into deep into the bed very slowly, then pushed it back in too quickly, as the bed sprung him up back into Wyatt's ass.

Wyatt gave a cry of pain and fell forward, only held up by the dick in his ass, like a puppet. His hat fell off and fell on Tommy's chest, and his cross necklace swayed towards him. Tommy took that hat and dropped it on the floor. Wyatt placed his hands on Tommy's chiseled chest for balance as Tommy blurted out a thousand apologies.

"Its fine," said Wyatt weakly, running his hands over Tommy's abs, before resting them on Tommy's pecs.

"Ok," he squeaked out.

Tommy began thrusting once more, more carefully this time, incredulous that he was even in this situation. Wyatt's dick had gone soft from the pain.

Tommy very slowly picked up the pace, Wyatt moaning as he did so. The slap of Wyatt's balls onto Tommy's pubes became more and more audible. Tommy put his hands on Wyatt's ass, surprised at how smooth, soft, tight, and firm they were. Tommy started thrusting even more, and with each, Wyatt let out a small sexy moan.

Tommy grabbed Wyatt's asscheeks and began lifting him up and dropping him down to increase pleasure, and sure enough Wyatt's moans increased in volumes. Tommy ran his hands up Wyatt's back, over his neck, and through his hair. Tommy stopped thrusting and combed the hair out of Wyatt's brown eyes. Wyatt gave him a small smile.

Tommy's dexterous hands paused for a moment on Wyatt's face before he resumed thrusting, slowly. He ran his hands down Wyatt's chest and paused on his nipples.

Tommy rapidly picked up speed, while at the same time pinching Wyatt's pink erect nipples. Wyatt let out a passionate moan of pleasure and threw his head back, while at the same time clenching Tommy's pics with his own hands.

By this time, both boys were covered by a gleam of sweat, making it more slippery to hold on. Tommy picked up speed even more, going record speed, slamming into his best friend with increasing force as Wyatt screamed his approval through the room.

Tommy shouted out "WYATT!!! I'M GONNA BLOW!"

Tommy's outburst came to fruition, when seconds later, hot cum coated Wyatt's insides. At the same time, Wyatt jerked his throbbing five-inch hairless cock all over Tommy's chest, until he blew his pent-up load onto Tommy's neck, chest, abs, and pubes, squeezing Tommy's already sensitive cock in the process.

Wyatt gave a deep breath as the steel rod inside of him slowly began to soften. He remained seated on the cock for a while, smiling at Tommy, who smiled back, his hands resting gently on Wyatt's shoulders, with Wyatt's on his chest.

The door flew open and a yell sounded throughout the room: "Damn it to hell!"

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