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A little boy-girl fun in the theatre halls.
It was during the summer holidays and it was a particularly lonesome one for me at that time because my boyfriend had gone on a family vacation to Rome to see some God-knows-what deserted ancient ruins and to look at half-torn down buildings and historical structures that held no significance to modern times whatsoever.

Frankly, I was pissed at him for having left me alone for half the summer although I didn't show it and replied his e-mails very sweetly for all the world as if I was doing perfectly fine without him.

Truth was that I was not.

With the intense humidity and the sheer boredom of having nothing to do, I found myself in a constant state of arousal most of the time. My pussy was wet and moist on most occasions even when I wasn't doing anything and this caused me some discomfort as you can imagine. Playing with myself didn't seem to suffice and I didn't want to sleep around to satisfy my needs because Jack would be crushed if he knew. And I deeply cared for this dude. He also had an amazing cock that could make me scream like a porn star when he fucked my brains out.

Well, imagine my delight when the long awaited day finally arrived. Jack was to get home that morning and I was to go out with him for a movie that very afternoon. The moment I saw him waiting for me outside the movie theatre, I flung myself into his arms and he held me tight.

"Babe, I've missed you so much," I cried.

"I've missed you too. You're all I've been thinking about, sweetheart," he crooned gently.

I had already been horny all day but now, the longer he held me, the more torturous it was. I felt my nipples growing hard and I deliberately pushed them up into his chest as I whispered into his ear as sexily as I could "I've been horny for you all summer." I smiled in delight as I felt a considerable bulge start to form in the crotch of is pants.

We walked in and headed straight for the movie counter.

"Two tickets for The Dawn of Time, please," I smiled at the ticket lady.

Jack looked a little bewildered. "But babe," he protested. "I heard that movie was a douche. It got really bad reviews. I doubt anyone would be watching it with us." No sooner had the words left his mouth that he realised what I had in store and he smiled as he caught the glint in my eye. "Whatever you say," he chuckled as we paid for the tickets and made our way to the movie hall in question. My pussy grew even wetter as I noticed the size of his erection intensify.

The inside was just as we had expected, completely empty. We contendedly settled ourselves at a corner in the back row. The moment the light were turned down, we started kissing with all the passion that we have been with holding all summer long.

"Oh, baby I've missed you. I've missed you so much. All summer I was just thinking about you, of kissing you, of fucking your tight little cunt. Ohh.." he moaned.

This dirty talk got me going too. He slipped his hand under my blouse and started kneading my soft breasts as if they were made of dough. I moaned at his touch and kissed him even deeper, inserting my hot tongue into his mouth. He played his thumb along my bar-line and finally slipped them inside, twiddling my nipples gently with his thumb and forefinger.

I couldn't take it anymore, my little cunt was so wet. I undid the button and zip of my jeans and guided his hands in with a desperate sense of urgency. The moment his hands were inside, rubbing my clit (I had intentionally not worn panties, just for his benefit) I shuddered as all those weeks I had spent dreaming of this moment finally arrived.

"I didn't shave my pussy, just the way you like it," I managed to say as I gasped at the way he was handling things down there.

"Atta girl," he replied shortly, pulling my pubic hair and arousing my clit even more. We both knew that I loved it when he tugged at my hair down there as I found the pain both exciting and erotic. "Baby," I drew in a sharp intake of breath as he inserted one finger into my fuckhole. "Oh, baby. Harder."

Meanwhile, I had undid his jeans and had slipped my hand inside to grip his beautiful eight-incher too. It had amazing girth and was possibly the thickest cock I've seen for a boy our age. His dick was already pulsating as I wrapped my hand around it and slowly started moving it up and down. We maintained this position of ours for a few moments longer, hands down each others pants, me teasing his dick while he fingered me deeper and deeper, convulsing me to the verge of cumming.

I pulled his cock out and bent my head over it, taking it into my mouth. I couldn't fit the whole thing in but I took in as much as I could to the back of my throat, taking my time in sucking and licking the entire length of his shaft until my mouth was salty from his pre-cum. He writhed at the sensation I was causing him and I finally looked up after a couple of intense minutes and kissed him full on the mouth, giving him a taste of the saltiness.

He then dived his head down into my chest, my blouse buttons having come undone somewhere in the process, and sucked at my nipples. The feel of his warm mouth covering my nipple erect from the cold movie hall and the horniness sent me over the edge.

"Baby, I'm going to cum! Fuck shit! Finger me harder baby! Just do it harder! Fuck me fuck me please OH GOD!!"

I had been rubbing his cock violently as he fingered me deeper and we both cummed together.

We lay back in our seats panting in exhaustion.

"Is that it?" he asked, breaking the silence.

I smiled at him through the dark. "Oh, no baby." We just jacked off just now but we didn't get the chance to do any hardcore fucking. Come over to my place tomorrow night. My parents are going out of town and we have the whole place to ourselves." I smiled at him through the dark.

He wrapped his arms around my waist, gave me a huge passionate kiss and smiled back. "Can't wait."

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2011-05-15 13:45:42
Way to fucking short I could not even come to this

Jojo MonezReport

2010-12-08 08:07:12
oh, damn! didn't notice that! thanks for pointing it out tho... next story will be better, i promise :)

anonymous readerReport

2010-12-07 14:29:16
not a bad start and also this is tagged teen female/teen female
when its acually teen male/teen female >.>

Jojo MonezReport

2010-12-05 22:15:25
Thank you for the critisism. This is my first story. The next one will be better, I have improved on it.

Jojo MonezReport

2010-12-05 22:14:16
Thank you for the critisism... I will take it into and improve my writing skills. This is m first story after all. More to come, and this time it will be better :)

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