The Quest continues: Chasing the Shikon crystal. She had promised they would never stop until Naraku was gone.

Inuyasha knelt near the magical well, waiting for Kigome to return from her own time, she had said something about some sort of test. At least the little fox-demon, Shippo, had gone off to play with the children of the near-by village, instead of pestering him. He also noticed that Sango and Miroku had been gone for quite a while. He just shrugged his shoulders and continued to wait like a faithful dog.

She was laying in her bed, enjoying it, already planning to head back to the Feudal Era. She closed her eyes for a moment, remembered what had happened a few days ago. Inuyasha had been in a lake, bathing and she inadvertently walked over, seeing him as he stood, seeing his muscular build and the large cock that huge between his legs. She quickly ducked behind a tree, watching him. Thinking he was alone he moved to a large rock, warming in the sun. He took his cock in his hand, starting to stroke it, his eyes closing and his head tilting back. Kigome watched with fascination, her hand slipping under her skirt, just as she was in her bedroom now. Her hand brushed over the light patch of hair over her pussy, slipping down to rub over her clit. She bit her lip softly to hold back a moan, again seeing his hand pumping his huge cock. Her other hand unbuttons her shirt, slipping inside to pinch and pull at her nipples. Her hand slipped inside her, matching the pace he set with his stroking. His member seemed to swell in his hand, before releasing a huge spurt of his cum, making her gasp, her pussy clamping around her finger as a slight orgasm hit her. His continued sending several large spurts into the water before slowing to a dribble. With that he jumped back into the water to wash off. Kigome quickly re-dressed and ran back to their campsite, acting like she didn’t see anything. Back in her bedroom she was drawing to a orgasm, but the sound of pounding on her door broke her concentration. “Come on Kigome, mom said she had everything ready for you to leave again.” he brother shouted through the door. She gave a frustrated growl, hopping off the bed, adjusting her clothes and brushing her hair. “I’ll be right out Sota…” he called through the door. She gave another frustrated sigh as she brushed out her hair, she had so little time alone while in the Feudal Era. She went to leave her room and saw her brother trying to look through the key hole. “Little perv!” she shouted, smacking him with the back of her hair brush. She walked past him and heaved the large bag onto her shoulders, “Okay mom, I’m leaving…” she called heading for the door. “All right dear…” her mother called back from the kitchen. She went over to the well, and jumped in, magically transported to the Feudal Era. She climbed out of the well finding Inuyasha waiting for her. He looked like he was about to yell at her for being late, but he stopped before he did, sniffing her, the scent of her desire still heavy on her. The scent had a strong effect on him, making his cock noticeably hard under his kimono. She saw this and at first thought it disgusting, but remembering what she was doing right before and what she was thinking about as she was, she bit her lip shyly. He stood and walked to her, his member clearly defined, and leaned in close, “See something you like?” he asked in a whisper. She shivered and gave a small whimper, her body still hyper-sensitive after being interrupted at home. He turned and waited for her to get on his back, easily carrying her as he ran back to the hut he had been using for the last few days. His motion made her bounce lightly against him, sending small shocks of pleasure through her each time.

Her scent was still strong as they reach the hut, and he set her down. She looked to him, a shy look on her face as she heads inside. He follows her in, the scent clouding his mind. His arms wrap around her waist from behind, “You smell so good…” he whispered, nibbling against her neck. She sighed deeply, her knees weak feeling his hard cock poking against her. One hand slipped up, pulling her uniform tie off and pulling her shirt out of her skirt. With it free he slid his hand under, brushing over the smooth skin of her stomach, making her moan. Both his hands slid up of her breasts, finding her nipples to be hardened nubs. “In-Inuyasha…” she whispered, never being touched like this before. He pulled the shirt off, turning her around to face him. He pulled her against his chest, kissing her deeply. Her hands busied themselves untying the belt of his kimono, pushing the top off his shoulders. She loved the feel of his muscled chest, whimpering in her throat. Takes her into his arms and lay her down on the mat that was the bed, kneeling over her. Leans down, sucking one of her nipples, softly at first. She reached up, caressing his head, running through his long hair. His hand slid over her stomach and hip, caressing along her thigh. He then lightly traces his nails along the inside of her thigh, moving up slowly. She shivers faintly, growing even wetter than before. His hyper-sensitive nose picked this scent up, making him growl softly. He gently ran his hand up over her damp panties, making her yelp and thrust up at his hand. His hand slips inside and takes hold of the waistband, giving it a mighty jerk. They came away easily and she just sighed at the feeling. “Please…” she begs, running her hand over his bulging pants. He loosens his pants, letting them slide done to his feet, stepping out of them. At the sight of his erect member she knelt up, caressing him with her hands, her mouth watering. Without another word she started to lick the large head, making him shiver, having never heard of such a thing. She knew he was much too large to take in, but gently took as much as she could into her mouth, licking and sucking on him. Not used to having such pleasure, he tensed up and began to shoot his cum, filling her mouth. She was not expecting that, but didn’t find the taste unpleasant. When he had finished he was still hard, and pushed her back down. He moved down his body straddling hers. She was biting her lip, but nodded to him that she wanted this. He carefully re-positioned himself when she opened her legs to him, his member lightly touching the soaking lips of her slit. His eyes met hers and his hips moved forward, sinking his member into her. Kigome was still technically a virgin, but she had dealt with her hymen one day, getting a bit carried away with her hairbrush handle, so he sank fully inside her, until his large balls rested against her ass. She was breathing deeply trying to get used to the size of him, stretching her insides. After a few moments he began to thrust, slowly at first then moving faster, the sensations making her start to pant. His thrusts got a bit rougher, grunting, making her cry out in pleasure. Being that he was a dog demon a knot started to form at the base of his cock, banging against her cunt lips with each rough thrust. She didn’t realize what that was, too engrossed in the massive pleasure she was receiving. With a final mighty thrust the knot pushed inside her, his thrusts starting to shorten as it swelled locking them together. She screamed in pleasure and pain as it swelled much larger than he was, effectively plugging her. When it finished swelling it was rubbing against her g-spot driving her into an orgasm after only a few moments. The more he thrust, the more orgasms she had, soon moving into one after the other, her body just in constant pleasure. When it was finally too much for him he thrust hard, and shot his come hard against her cervix, his animal instincts telling him to do so to ensure his seed took hold. She had another larger orgasm, feeling his hot come shooting inside her. The back of her mind reeled at this, trying to remember how close she was to her fertile period, the rest of her mind was mired in pleasure, the rolling orgasms nearing making her black out. Having not ever mated before he tried to pull away, causing her to cry in pain. He didn’t try that again, realizing that he would have to wait for the knot to go down. She whimpered softly, “Inuyasha…” he voice was weak from so many orgasms in a row. Holding on to her, he gently rolled, bringing them to their side, softly brushing her hair away from her face. She smiled softly to him, hiding her face against his chest, almost shyly. After several moments his knot slipped out of her, followed by his large cock. She sighed almost sadly when it had, laying her head back down on his chest, a few minutes after she had slipped into a very contented sleep. He reached down and pulled the large quilt out of her bag, pulling it up over them both.

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