When we got home I had a shower, and changed my clothes, like Katie I was a bit smelly too.

I went to the school to get Carly she was very happy to see me at last.
By the time I got back to the house with her, Lauren had arrived, so Carly was doubly excited.

“How is Katie? Mark”
“The doctors are checking her out this afternoon, they are surprised she is so well after fourteen days in a coma, and she is speaking and remembering things that happened years ago, even to the point of you being her scatty sister,” I laughed, “there’s nothing wrong with her brain.”
“I’m so glad, I can’t wait to see her, Tony said he may get here soon, so I will wait for him and meet you at the hospital.”
“Ok, but don’t leave it to long they may not want visitors around too late.”

“Now, Carly, bath and put on your best dress we are going to see your sister, she is really looking forward to seeing you; it’s been a long time.”

Carly raced upstairs, I followed, ran the water and bathed her.

Sarah had sorted out her dress, and was waiting to dry her when I took her to the bedroom.

“Is Samantha coming mummy?”
“Of course she is we wouldn’t leave her behind, and Katie hasn’t seen her yet, it will be a nice surprise for her. When we get to the hospital why don’t you push her into Katie’s room?”
“Yes please, I can be her mum for a while.”

I looked at Carly, now I don’t think I am a bad guy but how the hell did I deserve such a lovely daughter as Carly, was beyond me, every thing she seemed to do made me so proud of her.

Carly sat on my lap as Sarah, gently washed and dried Samantha.
Then she dressed her in a new dress that Sarah had bought in the town this afternoon.

The time Sarah had finished with her she looked beautiful, and I knew Katie would be very proud of her, as I was.
Sarah and Katie certainly could produce beautiful babies, and I suspected that Lauren would be exactly the same when she had her babies.

The family was loaded in the car and we drove to the hospital.

The nurse made a fuss of Samantha and Carly, saying what I had already said, “that they were both beautiful.
“Can we go in?”
“Think you had better, she has been pestering all afternoon asking when you would get here, the doctors didn’t as take as long as they thought, she is very well after her ordeal. Of course Katie as been bored all afternoon, I have been with her most of the time to keep her company. And I have learnt a little more about your secret, you naughty boy, but its safe with me. She sure does love you all, and talks of nothing else but her Mark.”

Sarah piped up, “I know I tried to discourage them at the beginning but it was hopeless, easier to give in, and let Katie have what she wanted, Mark. We wore him out sometimes poor soul, didn’t we Mark.”
“I think you are very brave Sarah, I don’t think I could share my man with another woman.”
“Girl, Katie was only a girl. Do you know what she would say when she wanted to make love to Mark?”
“No, do tell.”
“Katie Fancies Cock.”
The nurse fell about laughing, “She has a wonderful family that much I do know.”

“NURSE.” came a call from Katie’s room, “have my parents arrived yet.”
“opps I think she heard us, you had better go in or there will be trouble.”

We walked into her room, she was sat up in bed, and she looked gorgeous. Her hair was washed and combed in a pony tail, and she even had a little make up on.
“I’ve been waiting all day for you to come.”
I kissed her, “getting the kids ready, while you lay here doing nothing we have been very busy.”
“Where’s my Samantha?”

Carly pushed the baby to Katie’s side.

“Oh, Carly have you brought her to see me. You are a clever girl. I will be home soon, then you can tell me every thing you have done while I have been away, it that ok?”
Carly nodded and smiled.

Katie looked into the pushchair, “pass her up to me mum, please.”

Sarah took her out and handed her to Katie, she began to cry, “She’s lovely Mark, she is beautiful, you did this.”
“No, you did that Katie, you did it all, and she is every bit as beautiful as her mum, all my girls are beautiful, I’m a very lucky man.”
“Carly jump up and sit with me and Sammy.”

Carly got on the bed and watched as Katie stroked Sammy’s face with her fingers.
“I didn’t believe I could have such a lovely baby, do like her Carly?”
Carly didn’t say anything just nodded.

All at once the door opened and in walked Lauren and Tony.
“Wow, my three favourite girls all together, I have to have a picture.”
She pulled a camera from her bag.

Then started a long photo session, mum and daughter, dad and daughter, Carly and her mum with Sammy and Katie.
Almost every combination that we could think of.
Lauren even asked the nurse to take one of us all together.

The doctor arrived and told us what they had found, just as the nurse had told us.

“So when can I go home?”
“Be a few days yet, we have to make sure you are strong enough to look after the baby.”
“I want to be home with my family in two days, mum and Carly will help me with Sammy.”
“Two days is a bit short, nearer a week I think.”
“No, two days, I want to be home in two days. I thank you for every thing every one has done for me but I want to go home now.”
“Well I’m not sure you can Katie.”
“You ask my mum, she says it often enough don’t you mum?”
“What’s that Katie?”

“Katie always gets what she wants, and I want to go home.”

“You had better listen to her doctor,” Sarah added. “She is right, she always gets what she wants, ever since she was twelve, she gets every thing. She is a spoilt young lady is my Katie. Its Marks doing, I told him not to give into her, but he was too soft with her, and he didn’t listen, and now look at her spoilt beyond all reason.”

“Well we will try, but its up to you Katie, if you aren’t strong enough you stay here, we have to think of the baby now as well. And I would suggest if you want to go home in two days you get some rest, and say good night to your family.”

With that he left.

“Well that’s settled then, Carly I will be home in two days, and we can look after Sammy and play games that suit you?”
“Oh yes I want you back home, I don’t like you in here.”

“Well we had better go then.” I said.
“Will you be in tomorrow Mark?”
“Of course I will be.”
“In the evening?”
“No, morning as usual.”
“And what about your work, you haven’t been for two weeks, how will we manage if you lose your job, with an extra mouth to feed?”
“Ill have another couple of days, wait until you get home then Ill go back.”
“NO, you will go back tomorrow; you have wasted enough time on me.”
“I wouldn’t call it a waste of time.”
“Don’t argue, I want you to go back to work and stop wasting your life in this hospital, your work is done here, I am well again. And you know what I told the doctor.”
“I get what I want, I’m spoilt and you were the one that spoilt me, so it’s all your fault.

I nodded “you are right, Ill come in tomorrow evening then.”
I held her and once again, I kissed, and looked into her eyes, already the sparkle was returning, Katie would be home in two days, she had made her mind up.

“I love you Mark, and thank you for Sammy.” she handed her back to me, “bring her in tomorrow when you come. Please.”

They all took turns in kissing Katie good night and we left, to let her rest, she had a lot to do, if she wanted to be home in two days.

I went in as usual the following night, I didn’t take Samantha with me, I only stayed an hour, then went back home as Katie had told me.

I was at work when I got a call from Sarah.
“Don’t bother going in tonight she’s on the way home now with me, the doctors gave her the all clear, she’s over the moon. Mums looking after Sammy, she asked again who the father was. I told her it was a mistake that Katie had made, and not to worry about it, she would be fine we are going to help Katie with the baby. She seemed happy with that.”
“What did Katie say?
“She agreed to leave it as I told mum, so it doesn’t course any bother, god knows what would happen if they found out you were the father, so best not say any more, just Katie’s silly mistake, that ok with you?”
“Yes I only want what’s best.”
“You come home straight from work then, she’s looking forward to seeing you, Carly doesn’t know she will be home so be a nice surprise for her too.”

I arrived home and Katie was on the sofa with Sammy.

“How are you feeling now?”
“One hundred percent told you I would be home in two days.”
Sarah answered, “That’s because she was driving them mad asking, they were glad to get rid of her.”
“Well I’m glad she has come home, I won’t ever get fed up with her.”
“Ah, you are kind Mark,” Katie replied.
“But I will tell you some thing my girl, and it doesn’t matter what you want or say.”
“What’s that Mark?”
“You won’t be having any more babies, at least by me; you aren’t putting your mother or me through all that again. We aren’t going to risk losing you again.”
“I don’t want any more I have all I want now.”

After dinner out came the baby bath, and for the first time Katie bathed Sammy, with Carlys help of course.
She said she was an expert as she had done it every day with her mum since Sammy came home.
So Carly taught Katie how to bath a baby.

So that was my life for the six weeks, playing the father again to a baby.

At last came the day of Laurens wedding.
Sarah looked after Sammy, Katie was maid of honour as planned, and Carly was a bridesmaid, along with two of Tony’s nieces.
And I gave Lauren away.
Every thing went off as planned.

In the hotel garden in the evening, Sarah’s dad caught my arm.
“Want to share a cigar with me Mark?”
As you know I don’t smoke but I walked with him.
Katie was sitting on a bench with Sammy.

We sat down with Katie.

“Do you know, I think you have made a good father to those two girls. And I know they love you very much.”
“Thank you, nice of you to say so.”

He turned to Katie, “You love him very much don’t you Kate?”
“Yes granddad I do.”
“I think you have loved him since you were a teenager, I have watched you two over the years and I think you are very close.”
“We are.”
“So much so that when for what ever reason Mark left your home, you ran away, and wouldn’t come home until your mum had him back in your home.”
Katie looked at me.

“Am I right Kate?”
“So if you loved him that much and you obviously still do, I find it strange.”
“What granddad?”
“That you should have made a silly mistake like you did, having Samantha. By someone you didn’t love.”
Again Katie looked at me.

“And knowing how Mark feels about you, I also find it strange that he isn’t annoyed or even jealous that you should give your self to someone else.”

I was becoming a little nervous now.

“You probably think I’m an old fool, but I shall ask you a question Kate, and I want a truthful answer. I won’t say any more after you answer, the subject will be closed forever, and the answer you give will between us, no one else.”
He looked at us both.

“Now tell me who the father is Kate, is it Mark?”

Katie looked at me; I gave her a slight nod.
“Yes he is the father, please don’t tell grandma.”
“I won’t tell a soul, but I wanted to know if my suspicions were right, does your mum know?
“Yes she knows.”
“I thought she would, and how does she feel about it.”
“She allowed it to happen, I told her I loved Mark and wanted his baby. She knows I will never marry, I told her that when I was fourteen that I loved Mark more then anyone in the world.”

“So if I mention it to Sarah she won’t be surprised or upset then, it’s not a secret?”
“No its not.”
“That’s all I wanted to know, it’s put my mind at rest. I didn’t think Mark would cheat on Sarah, she had to know.”

“And I know Mark will look after you all, he has done in the past, thank you both for being honest with me. It will go no further now.”

“Well I’m going back to join your Nan.”
He kissed Katie and shook my hand and walked away.

We didn’t have much to say, our secret was out, but as he said he won’t tell any one, and he knew that his great grand child and grand daughter would be ok all the time was around.

We sat for a while, my arm around Katie, until Sarah found us.
“Come on you two Laurens leaving, come and say good bye to them both.”

Lauren and Tony were off to the Greece for two weeks.

We got up and followed Sarah back to the reception.

We told Sarah of the conversation we had with her father, she was surprised he had guessed the truth, but was happy that he wouldn’t say anything to her mum.

Eight years later he died, but he never divulged our secret about Sammy.

Two years later Sarah’s mum died, Sarah thought she couldn’t stand life without her husband and gave up the will to live.
Sarah being the only daughter, she inherited every thing. The bungalow they had was too small for us, so it was sold.

The money from the sale came in handy, and we haven’t had to struggle to find cash any more.
We have put some of the money in trust for Carly and Sammy; it matures when they are twenty five years old. So it will be a nice lump some, with the interest added, maybe enough to help them with their lives.

We took Sammy was five we took them both to America to Disney land, and Seaworld. We stayed for three weeks, and had a wonderful time, both the girls were thrilled.
Sarah and the Katie brought back a pile of cheap clothes; they said they had saved a fortune on English prices.

The year is 2036

Time passes so quickly, Carly is 21 years old now, and Sammy is 12, the same age as when I met her mother Katie.
They are very similar in many ways, although Sammy has light brown hair, a mixture of her mums and mine. She is slim as is her mum, and Katie once mentioned that Sammy has gorgeous legs as she had at that age.

“I told her not to go there; it’s her legs and her showing them off to me that got me in this trouble to start with.”
“You call it trouble?”
“A kind of trouble I like, but had you not been such an exhibitionist when you were twelve then I would not have got interested in you, and we may never have had this life together. I would have worked out my stay and gone else where.”
“But you are glad you stayed?”
“It was the best thing I have ever done.”
“Good and you still love us all the same way you did all those years ago?”
“I probably love you all more.”

A long time ago, when we were at the hotel, Lauren asked me to write it all down, which I have, and if you have read from part 1 then you will know the whole story.

But I had to do an update, so here goes.

The years between Sammy being born, have been much the same as most other families.
She grew surrounded by love, and that’s what I think has shaped her life and made her what she is today, a loving kind understanding girl, as is Carly.

Carly studied well at school, and is now at college, she has met a young man, and they seem to be hitting it off together, although it’s too early to say if it will last long enough for her to marry him.

Sammy is still at school and wants to be as clever as Carly, as Katie as often said “she isn’t as scatty as her Auntie Lauren was at that age.”

Sammy has lots of boyfriends and is playing the field as young girls do. But as you know her mum didn’t, she found me and wanted me, and as stayed with me for almost thirty years.
We are in love as much now as we were then.

Sarah’s sex drive as waned a little, and I’m over 60 years old, so I have slowed down also.
Sarah still likes her kisses and hugs, and very occasionally we make love.

But Katie is still sexually active, and I have a job sometimes to keep up with her.
But she looks on it as exercise for me, “to keep my heart strong and beating,” she claims.

But then, I’m in my 60s, where as Katie is still young at 40.

Katie as kept her figure, always down the gym, she says “to keep me interested in her.”
But she has no fear about that, I want her now as much as I did when she was 14.

She still sits with her legs over mine as she did when we did her homework when she was twelve. And she will cuddle up to me when Sarah has gone to bed.
We often talk about the past life we shared, and the promises we have made to each other.

But we both know that one day we will have to part, and me being so much older it will be me that leaves her I suspect.

She will be in tears some times, for no reason, but I know she is thinking about that time, when, we don’t know obviously, but she hates the thought of being with out me, she has often said that.

One evening we were discussing it.
Which we very seldom do any more, as it makes her very sad and it ends in tears for us both.

“I can’t bear the thought of you not being with me any more Mark, to cuddle up to like this, and make love to you. If you go I don’t think I want to carry on, I could be alone for another 30 years with out your love.”
“What are you saying?”
“That if you go, I may come with you.”
Tears were forming in her eyes.

“Oh no you don’t my girl, can you image how you would have been had Sarah died when you were young? We have had a life time together; we have had things others only dream of. Our love has lasted the whole of the time, and not once have we argued about anything important. When I go you stay, I wont leave you, I will be in your mind talking to you has you did to me when you were in that coma after Sammy was born. I will try and guide you through the rest of your life until the time when we will meet once more. You have to promise me you won’t ever think about dieing and leaving Sammy alone, she will need you, as you needed your mum.”

“But I love you so much; I won’t be able to live with out you.”

“And I love you, and always will from now until eternity; nothing will take our love away. Just think of all the good times, all the things you did to get me in your bed when you were a teenager, the way you runaway so we could be together, all of those things, and we will be together again, now and for always. Promise me now, you will put this notion out of your head forever, and never think of it again.”

“I promise, but I can’t help think of it.”

“I think of it as well, but we will never speak about it again, we will enjoy the time we are together, after all I may live until I’m a hundred, and you will be eighty.” I joked.
“I do hope so, that would be lovely to have you for another thirty years, and Sammy will have a life of her own, then I will come with you when you go.”

“If I live to a hundred and you are eighty you can come with me, but don’t forget you will have grandchildren then, and maybe even great grandchildren and you will want to watch them grow up?”

She dried her eyes, and we have never spoken about it since, but I know my Katie well enough by now.
When I see her eyes filling with tears, I know she is thinking about that day, when ever it may be, that we part forever.

It’s something I think people forget when they fall in love with a much older or younger person, who will be left alone at the end of their life span.
I didn’t think about it 30 years ago, and I know Katie didn’t.

I believe that’s the reason I began to write this account, so that Katie can read it, when she is alone.

I have only written the important things.
Things that will jog her memory, and bring back other memories.
There is so much that has happened, far too much for me to write down, she will remember all the smaller details I haven’t said.

As I write this, I think of our start together, my NEW START in life, when I met the family that finally became my family.
And I have to admit, as I have been writing this account, I have had tears several times when I have thought back. And the thought that I shall finally have to break my promise to Katie and leave her forever, breaks my heart.

But for now we are together, and I try and put it out of my mind.

It’s late at night I think of it most, when Sarah or Katie are asleep, and I hear them breathing quietly. My mind wanders to when I shall say goodbye to my lovely girls who I love so much.
Then I silently cry myself to sleep.

Try as I may to shake myself free from these thoughts, they always return.

Not every night, I go through a period when I never think of that day, but something will trigger it, some event maybe during the day, if we have had a wonderful day out as a family, then my deepest fears come back and haunt me as I lay in bed.

Katie is looking after me, she makes sure as soon as I have an illness she has the doctor see me, she tells me to get checked up by the doctor at least twice a year.
She cooks the correct food to make sure my heart is in tip top condition, and we walk quite a lot for exercise, plus her love making.
Although her mum can’t walk as much any more, she still likes to come with us.

I look around the room; it’s unusual to have all my girls in one place at the same time.

Sarah, my lovely wife, who allowed me to come into her home and later her family, without her all the life I have now wouldn’t have been possible.
Where would I have been now, had I not been able to stay at her house thirty years ago.
And allowed me, reluctantly at first, to sleep with her fourteen year old daughter.

Lauren, had it not been for this young lady, and her brilliant plan.
That after I was thrown out of Sarah home Katie should run away.
And to blackmail her mother into letting me return.
Again I wouldn’t be where I am now.
Had it not been for her idea when she was eleven, we would have been separated forever.

Carly my grown up daughter, the gift that Sarah gave to me twenty one years ago, who has grown into a beautiful young woman. Like her mother.
Who I am very proud to call my daughter.

Samantha, my youngest daughter now fourteen, is the same age as her mother, when we made love for the first time in Sarah’s bed.

As I looked down at her on the floor reading, I remember that’s how Katie would sit in her nightie.
Katie wanted me to look I remembered, and she never wore her panties, but Sammy is wearing her panties.

I also wanted Katie to have my baby, and although it almost cost Katie her life, she gave me what I wanted, Samantha.
Another lovely girl, I am very proud of.

And then there’s my Katie, my blue eyed girl, what can I say about her I haven’t said a million times while writing this.
She is the one who I could never leave, she is my first love.
If for whatever reason Sarah and I parted, I knew Katie and I would never part. She would have followed me to the end of the earth, just to be beside me, and to love me.
I love Sarah very much, but Katie is my soul, she is the air I breathe.
Without her, my life would never have been settled as it is now; she has made my life worth while.

I would never have had any one who loves and cares for so much as Katie does.
She is my whole life wrapped up in one beautiful package.
She knew what she wanted at fourteen, and didn’t let anything stop her from getting what she wanted, me.
I can not image how my life would have been had I not met her, and I can not image life with out her.

But there is one person missing.
One person who I have never met, a person who by leaving his family thirty years ago gave me the opportunity to have this life.

Sarah’s first husband John.

Why he should want to leave his beautiful wife Sarah, and his lovely children, Katie and Lauren when they were so young, I shall never understand.
But without him none of this would have happened.
I shall always owe him a debt of gratitude.

I was awoken from my day dream by Sarah.

“Laurens going and I’m off to bed Mark.”

I kissed Lauren goodbye, and they left the room.

“Come on you two,” said Katie “time you were in bed too. You have college tomorrow Carly, and Sammy you have school.”

Again I was kissed good night and they both when off to their rooms.

“You were miles away Mark, what were you thinking?”
“Just about how lucky I have been to have you all.”

Katie sat beside me, and swung her lovely slim legs over my lap, just how she did when we did her home work when she was twelve.

I used to put my hand up her skirt, and this time was no exception.
“Naughty boy,” she said, “you still do it after all these years.”
“Cant help it, old habits die hard.”

I looked into those blue eyes again, and bent to kiss her, “you will never know how much you mean to me and how much I love you.”
“I do, I love you just as much.”

“Do you want to go to bed Mark? And make love to me.”
“Yes my sweet heart I do and I want to relive the first time we made love, when you were fourteen.”

She got up and took my hand, and led me to her room.


Post script.

This is the last part of this story, and I thank you all that have read the story and posted comments.
I am not continuing further.
I have taken 5 months to write this story.
Mark and the family, especially Katie have become part of my life.
I refuse to allow tragedy to befall the family, such as Sarah or Marks death.

So for that reason I am leaving it on a happy note.

Thank you again for the encouragement you all have given me to continue, I have to admit I have enjoyed writing this, and hope to write another very soon.

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one of the best yet, if it's not real you are a great writer, if it is real you are a lucky family. I wish we all could have such loving families. terrific work.


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one of the best yet, if it's not real you are a great writer, if it is real you are a lucky family. I wish we all could have such loving families. terrific work.

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