The following day I was in the playground at lunchtime.
Tom passed by and looked at me.

“You didn’t tell any one did you?”
“No. go away.”
“Just then Colin appeared.
“Well if it isn’t our Kate, you coming to the field for some fun?”
“No, and if you don’t go Ill tell the teacher.”
“What you going to tell her, that I fucked you yesterday?” and with that comment he walked off.

“I am sorry about yesterday Kate, but no harm done really is there, you are healthy and well.”
“Aren’t you going with him?”
“No, I told him I didn’t like what he did to you, and I don’t want to be his friend any more.”
“What did he say to that?”
“Told me to fuck off then, and to keep an eye on my sister in case he meets her on the field.”
“I don’t like him.”
“Not many boys do, but until yesterday I thought he was ok. Can I walk you home after school; make sure you get home ok?”
“If you want to.”
“Thank you Kate, Ill meet you at the gate.”

He walked me home, and he was quite nice, I believed him when he said he didn’t like what had happened to me.
And we walked together until the end of term, he moved schools after that.

Over the next year things got back to normal.
Tom and Colin had moved to the higher school, and I was now almost eight.

I was lying on my bed one Saturday morning, when my brother Mark walked in.
“Can I borrow that DVD to take round to Tony’s house later?”
“Yes, it’s over there.” And pointed to the table at the end of the bed.
He took it off and sat on the end of the bed, I carried on reading my magazine.

He was very quiet so I looked up at him, and caught him looking between my legs.
I didn’t say anything, just let him look, he couldn’t see much I had my knickers on, and any way he had seen me nude many times in the bath.
I was aware though, that he was rubbing his cock through his shorts, he was trying to hide it from me, by covering it with the DVD box, but I could see his arm moving.

Thoughts of a year ago came back, but I was safe here in my bedroom, and Mark wouldn’t try and do what Colin had done.
“I’m going for a shower now; bring it back when you have done with it wont you?” And left Mark sitting on the bed.

I was in the shower, and thinking about Colin, I didn’t like what had happened it had scared me, but I had to admit I did like the excitement of showing my knickers to Tom.
And now I have seen my elder brother watching me, and playing with his cock.

What was a matter with boys, that they have to keep looking at girl’s knickers, I never worried about looking at his cock in the bath.
I figured there was something a matter with boys, keep doing that all the time, and rubbing their selves.

In the evening I was playing with Lauren, my sister, she is two years younger then me.
We were on the trampoline bouncing when Mark came in the gate.

“I have brought the film back, shall I put it in your bedroom.”
“Yes please,” I replied and continued to bounce.
He stopped and watched, my skirt was going up, when I was going down, so I knew he was looking at my knickers again.
I stopped and sat on the trampoline, purposely sitting so he could see my panties.
“Did you like the film?”

He was definitely staring between my legs, and like last year I got a tingle of excitement from knowing he liked looking at me.
I looked at Lauren, she was on the monkey bars, and it was possible to see her bum and her crack.
But he wasn’t looking at her at all, just at me.
“Yes it was good.” He answered and walked indoors.

A little while later I went to my room to get a game to play with Lauren.
As I walked back pass Marks room, I noticed the door open.
He was laying on the bed, with his back to me, and I could see his arm moving.
I knew straight away what he was doing.
Then I saw his other hand move, he was holding a pair of my panties.
A pink pair I had worn yesterday, he must have taken them from the laundry basket, and he was smelling the gusset.
I was intrigued by this, and watched as his arm moved and he smelt the panties.

I heard the grunts that Colin had made a year previous, and knew what had happened. I left and went back down stairs.

Bed time I went into the bathroom, and brushed my teeth.
I looked at the laundry basket, its lid dislodged, I moved to put it back on, but instead lifted it and peered inside, my panties were in there, the ones Mark had smelt.
I picked them up and smelt them, and quickly put them back in, they smelt horrible.
How could he have liked smelling them I thought?
Boys are strange, was my only conclusion.

The following evening, Sunday, we all had to bath for school next day, and as usual I had to bath with Lauren.
When I had undressed I left my panties on the bedroom floor, the ones I had worn all day.
I had been running about with Lauren quite a bit, and sweating a lot, and I noticed when I had taken them off they were a little damp.
Probably sweat I thought.

After my bath I went back to my room to dress in my nightie, I looked at the floor and my panties had gone.
I knew mum hadn’t been up I would have heard her, and dad was out in the garden, so it had to be Mark again he had stolen them.
I crept along the passage and looked through the crack in the door, he was there again, his arm moving, and smelling my panties.

This time I would find out what he was doing.

I pushed the door open quietly and stepped towards him.
I could see him, now he was wanking as I thought, and every now and then brought the panties to his nose.
He was immersed in what he was doing and didn’t notice me until I spoke.

“What are you doing?”
He fumbled with his hands, not knowing if to hide his cock or my panties.
“What are you doing with my smelly panties Mark?”

He had been caught, and he had no where to hide.
“I was looking at them Kate that’s all.”
“No you weren’t, you were smelling them I watched you for a long time.”

He admitted it at last.

“Yes, I was, sorry; don’t tell mum or dad please.”
“Why are you smelling them horrible things any way.”
“I like the smell of them.”
“I have worn those all day, they must smell horrid.”
“I like the smell of them when you have worn them all day.”
“That’s gross, why do you do it.”
“I don’t know, I saw a pair of yours in the laundry basket a few weeks ago, and I just wanted to smell them, when I did my prick started to throb, and I got hard.”
“What did you do then?”
“I took it out of my shorts and rubbed it, it was such a nice feeling, I did it again. Now I do it every day.”
“Do you smell Laurens as well?”
“No, just yours she is too young.”

I heard Lauren shout me, so I had to go downstairs.

“You won’t tell will you?”
“No, but I think you are a bit weird wanting to smell those things,”
“Do you mind me looking at them?”
“No I don’t think so.”
“Then can I carry on and do it again?”
I nodded.

He seemed to have relaxed a little knowing I wouldn’t tell on him, I walked out leaving him with my panties, and went down stairs.

A couple of days later I had returned from school, and as usual, I undressed and went into the bathroom to wash.
I had left my panties on the floor as usual, but when I returned they were gone, Mark must have had them, he said he would do it again.

Later, at bedtime I went into the bathroom and looked in the laundry basket, they were in there, all wet. I hadn’t made them wet, it must have been Mark.

This went on for several weeks, not every day, about four times a week.

I had undressed ready for my bathroom, but instead I went into Marks bedroom one day after school.

“Mark? Do you spurt when you wank?”
“Yes, but not very much, why?”
“I found my panties all wet the other day, it was you wasn’t it?”
“Yes, sorry, have you any on now Kate?”
“No, I was just going for a bath.”
“Would you let me look at you?”

I was bit surprised.
“You have seen me hundreds of times and Lauren as well.”
“But not recently, ever since mum stopped us bathing together I haven’t seen you.”
“You wont touch me will you, if I show you?”
Remembering Tom and Colin last year.
“No, I just want to look.”

I lay on the bed, and pulled my skirt up and opened my legs wide.

“Oh my god Kate that’s lovely.”
He leaned forward to look close at me.
“Happy now you have seen it?”
“Kate, can I smell your pussy?”
“If you want to, but I haven’t washed yet it will stink horribly.”
“I know I must smell it though.”

He moved even closer, and put his hand on my leg and his head went between my legs.
I could feel his nose against my pussy, and hear him sniffing, taking in my odour.
I thought how gross that is; he is really a weird brother.
I could see his other hand was rubbing his prick through his shorts.

“Mark, take it out and let me watch you wank.”
He looked at me a bit surprised and embarrassed that I had seen him rubbing his cock.
“Well you are looking at me; I want to look at you.”

He sat up and pulled his shorts down a little.
Out it sprang, not very big, about four inches I would say, although I’m no expert on the size they become, it did look big to me.

It was only the second hard one I had seen, Colins being the first, and I think Marks must have been the same size as far as I could remember.
I wondered how Colin had managed to get his in my small hole.
Looking at Marks I didn’t think it would go in at all.

He went back to smelling me, and I watched as he rubbed his cock.
He rubbed for ages but nothing happened.

“I cant cum, it’s because you are watching me; I am normally on my own and cum easily.”
“What do you want to do then go back to your bedroom, or for me not to watch?”
“I want to touch it”
“No, I don’t think so Mark it will hurt.”
“I will never hurt you Kate; I love you I’m your brother.

Once again remembering Colin’s fingers has he pushed them deep in me.

This was the first time he had ever said he loved me, and it reassured me, that he wouldn’t hurt me.

“If I can’t touch it, will you let me lick it with my tongue?”
“God Marks that’s gross, I have been peeing and sweating all day it must taste horrible, no, you will get ill.”
“No I wont I will just lick it not swallow anything, please let me. I’m sure I will cum if I can lick it.”
“Ok then but not for long mum may come up.”

I watched once more as his head went down towards my pussy, and his hand moved to his cock.
I felt his tongue on my pussy, it didn’t hurt in fact it felt quite nice.

“Kate, will you hold it open a bit so can get my tongue inside you?”
“If you get ill don’t blame me.”
“I wont I love the taste, I am really hard now, I will cum in a minute please hold it open.”

I put my fingers down there, and I could feel Marks face, I gently opened the lips.
Almost immediately I felt his tongue again.
This time however it felt much better, I even open my legs a little wider, pulling my lips further open.
I could feel his tongue inside me, and I was beginning to enjoy it, when he stopped.
I looked down at his cock just in time, and saw his cum spurt from his cock, it wasn’t much, as he had told me, not as much as Colin spurt over my belly, but Marks reached my knees, and covered them.

“God that was lovely, did you like it?”
I wasn’t going to admit anything, although I did enjoy it.
“It was ok I suppose.”
“Did you like it when I cum?”
“Yes that was a surprise, it went a long way.”
“Sometimes it goes further, but I have been thinking of you all day and have already had a wank. That was my second today.”

He seemed very proud when he said that, although it meant nothing to me.
Perhaps boys could cum and cum, I didn’t know.

Mark sat there with his cock out, not embarrassed at all now, and I watched as it return to its normal size.
There was a shout from downstairs, it was mum.
“Mark, Kate what are you doing up there its dinner time?”
“Marks helping me with my home work we are just coming.”

We got up and went downstairs.

The following day he came to my room and asked if her lick me again, I said “yes,” as I had enjoyed it the day before.
After that day he didn’t ask again, just accepted that I would let him and I did.
Unlike Colin, Mark was very gentle with me, and if I asked him to stop he would.

This continued for several months, not every day but four or five times a week, we would grab every chance we got.
By now I was enjoying him doing it to me, and he was even putting his fingers inside me.

However, one day when mum was out with Lauren, Dad came to Mark, and asked him to stay in for an hour to look after me; he had to go to the garage for a minor repair.
Mark told dad he would keep an eye on every thing.

As soon as he had gone, Mark was slowly slipping my knickers over my bum, I knew it would happen; indeed I wanted it to happen.
He laid me on the floor and again he began licking and sucking me.
He inserted a finger, then two inside my tight pussy.

I was rubbing his cock, as he had taught me, and I loved every second of it.
He stopped and looked at me.
“You are all slimy down there, have you peed?”
“No I said I haven’t.” very annoyed that he should suggest such a thing.
“Well it’s all slimy.”
“Don’t you want to do it now then?”
“Yes but I wondered why you were slimy, it tastes alright though.”

He went back to fingering me, he had two fingers in me, and pushing hard, but it didn’t hurt me at all.
He looked down at me again,
“You are getting wet, it’s like when I wank, and I get wet at the end.”
“Ill go and wash it then, dad will be back soon.”
“No, wait.”
“Do you think my cock could go in your pussy, it’s quite a big hole that my fingers have made?”
“I don’t know do you want to try?”
“I don’t want to hurt you, boys at school say that girls bleed the first time, so it must
“If you want to try, I will stop you if it hurts.”

He slowly positioned himself between my legs, and put the head of his shaft at my pussy entrance.
Again he looked at me, I nodded.
And slowly he pushed forward.
I felt my pussy open for him, there wasn’t any pain at all.
He pushed harder; it began to sink into me, deeper and deeper.
Then he stopped.
“It’s all in Kate, it went in easily.”

I was surprised it was all in, I expected some pain but there wasn’t any at all.
He then began to move back and forwards as if he was wanking.
Almost coming out, but then he was back in.
I was enjoying the new sensation I was receiving, and I could tell he was, by the look on his face.
He then speeded up, pushing hard into me, and then he let out a cry as if in pain, but he wasn’t.
I felt spurt after spurt inside me and I knew he had cum inside my pussy.

He lay on me for a moment before pulling out.

“I have never felt anything like that it was so wonderful, did you like it Kate?”
“I did, it was lovely feeling you inside me.”
“The boys were wrong; there wasn’t any blood at all.”

Then I realised I would have to confess.

“You weren’t the first.”
He looked puzzled. “What do you mean?”
“A boy did it at school last year, I didn’t want him to but he forced me, it hurt so much, but this time it didn’t hurt.”
“What boy?”

The next few minutes I explain in detail what had happened to me, and how he had threatened Mark with a beating if I didn’t do as he said.

“Kate why did you let him, I would have taken a beating from him if it meant he wouldn’t hurt you.”

I was surprised he had said this.
“I didn’t want him to hurt you and it was over very quickly, better then you being beaten up by him.”
“You know I love you, I don’t like you being hurt.”

Mark told me he would get the boy for what he had done, but I told him it was all over and forgotten, and not to worry about it.
Any way I knew the boy would beat Mark, and I didn’t want Mark hurt for that, not now, a year later.

He looked very sad, and I think it ruined the moment for him, but I had enjoyed it and was looking forward to doing it again.

“Don’t be sad Mark, that’s gone now the boy as left the school and he hurt me, you have never hurt me, I didn’t like him doing it to me, but I loved it when you did it. And I hate that boy, but I love you Mark, you are the best brother a girl could ever have.”

I then kissed him on the lips, something I had never done before.
He looked at me and smiled, “did you really like it?”
“Yes it was lovely.”
“Will you do it again then, I won’t hurt you like that boy, because I love you so very much.”
“I want to do as much as I can it; I liked it when you were inside me, and when I felt you cum.”

Mark cuddled me and kissed my lips.

“We had better clear up, dad will be back soon.”

I gathered my panties and put them on, just in time, dad walked through the door.
“Every thing ok?”
“yes.” Said Mark, “we were just tidying up, we have had a bit of a fight with the cushions.”
“Well don’t let your mum catch you.”

During the following week we couldn’t be alone because the family was always around us, but at the weekend Mark and I went for walk in the country.

Mark found a spot in the woods where we could be alone, and we lay on the grass.

He leaned over me and kissed me, it felt so lovely, I responded to his kiss.
I felt his hand up my skirt, and inside my panties, rubbing my little pussy.

“I want to ask you some thing Kate.”
“What’s that Mark?”
“You know I suck your pussy, and I love doing it, but I wondered?”
“Would suck my cock?”
“I don’t know how.”
“I can teach you, do you want to try?”

He undid his zip, and his cock was already semi hard.
I moved closer to it.
“Put it in your mouth Kate.”
My mouth closed over the end, it was all slippery, but the taste was ok I didn’t mind it at all.

I took as much as I could.
“Suck it Kate.”
I began sucking gently on the end, as his fingers played with my pussy.
“That fills so nice do you like it Kate?”
I didn’t answer I just nodded.
“Will you lick the end now?”

I took it partly out and looked up at him, his eyes were closed.
I began to lick the end like I was licking a lollipop.
I must have been doing it right, as he began to groan softly.

Then he let out a loud grunt, and with out warning his cock began to cum in my mouth.
I didn’t take it out, I really didn’t have time, but I was curious what it tasted like.
I had his full load in my mouth and tasted it before swallowing it.

“Did you like doing that Kate did it taste all nice?”
“Yes I liked that, and it tasted nice, I swallowed it all.”
“I’m so glad you liked it, I loved it, do you think you might do it again some time?”
“If you want me to I will, I like to do things that you like.”

We lay on the grass for a while now, just kissing as if we were boy and girl friend, not brother and sister.
We knew we shouldn’t be doing all the things we did to each other, but we loved each other and we wanted to please one another.

A short while later, he removed my panties and he began licking my pussy.
His tongue going deep inside me now, that I gave him easy access to it by opening wide for him.

He knelt in front of me, and I watched as he slowly pushed his hard cock into me.
It felt so nice, no pain, just pleasure.
He was moving back and forward now, I was enjoying it as I usually did when he fucked me.
He speeded up, and again I felt him spurting his cum deep inside me, I held him tight as the last of his cum entered me.
I was deeply in love with my brother, and I knew that he would teach me all I needed to know about sex.
Then I would be able to give him as much pleasure as he had given me.

The rest of the day we spent in our little clearing in the woods.
Kissing each other and talking.
We saw some people walk by, but they didn’t see us.
He made love to me once more before we had to go home.

During the next year we made love every chance we got, which wasn’t very often with the family around most of the time.
We couldn’t go out together as much as we would have liked, as mum or dad would wonder why we were spending so much time together.

In either Marks room or mine we would grab a few minutes, and I would suck his cock or he would lick my pussy.
We would tell each other what we liked and we would do it to each other.
Mark taught me how to rub my pussy, so when I was alone I could still have sex and think of him.
On some occasions I noticed that my pussy would become wet, which made it more enjoyable for me.

We were ever fearful of being caught by mum or dad, or even Lauren.

I was almost nine now, and Mark was eleven.

On this particular Sunday morning during the summer, Mark and I managed to slip away from the family.
We had planned to go to our hide out in the woods to be together.

We had to walk across the park to get into the woods, we were about to leave the park and enter the woods when a group of boys shouted at us, and began running towards us.

We ran into the woods, but they found us.

“It’s Kate from my old school I thought it was, how are you Kate? Where are you both going?”
It was Colin and three of his mates, who I hadn’t seen before.

“Leave us alone, we are out for a walk.”
“Who’s this your boyfriend? I bet he’s fucking you isn’t he, she loves it lads, can’t get enough.”
Mark looked at me and asked, “Who is he Kate?”
“He’s the boy who fucked me at school.”

Mark made a move to hit him but another boy caught his arm and held him.

“Oh, we have a tough guy lads,” and hit Mark in the face.
“Leave him alone he’s my brother.”
“Is he now?”

Marks nose was bleeding, and I got a tissue from my pocket and began rubbing the blood from his face.
Colin grabbed my arm, “getting plenty of cock Kate? I know you love a boy’s cock up your cunt.
I didn’t say anything, just pulled away.
One of the other boys held my arms.

“When she went to school she used to wear see through pants, you still wearing them Kate?”
He began to lift my skirt.

Mark shouted at him, “leave her alone you bastard or I will kill you.”
“Will you, like to know how, when you are in hospital.”
And Colin hit him again in the stomach; Mark doubled up and fell to the ground.

“Now where was I? Oh yes checking Kate’s pants.”

He lifted my skirt and looked at my panties, they weren’t see through just cotton.
“Oh what disappointment, not see through this time, but never mind.”
He pushed me I fell to the grass, immediately he was with me, lifting my skirt again.
I was struggling to free myself; a boy was sitting on Mark so he couldn’t help.

I kicked Colin hard in the face with my foot; he immediately hit me in the face with his hand.
“You have asked for it now Kate I was going to be nice and look at your cunt, but now I am going to fuck you like I did the last time.”
“Leave her alone,” shouted Mark
I began to cry.

Colin looked at Mark then one of his mates.
“Hold her Joe, and shout him up Paul,” pointing at Mark.

Paul got a knife from his pocket and held it against Marks neck, “one more peep out of you and you get this.” Paul told him.
I shouted at Colin to leave Mark alone.

“We won’t hurt him Kate if you are nice to us, will you be nice to us, ALL of us?”
I looked at Mark; he shouted “don’t do it Kate.”
I looked back at Colin and nodded.
“I said all of us Kate, not just me, all of us, you will be our slave for the afternoon, and if you scream or shout, Mark will suffer, understood?”
Again I nodded.

I saw Mark struggling, “please Mark do as they say, I don’t want you to get hurt, they cant hurt me like they can you, it will be alright.”

Mark was crying now, he wanted to protect me like her said he always would, but he couldn’t.

Colin pulled me to my feet, and pulled me into our clearing, I knew we wouldn’t be seen by any one.
Mark and I had spent hours in here and no one ever saw us.

“Strip Kate, every thing off.”
I slowly began to undress, first my top, then my little bra.
“Wow Kate’s got little titties now very nice.”
Then I unbuttoned my skirt and it fell to the ground.
I looked at mark, he was still crying.
“Pants” shouted Colin.
I slide them down and took them off.

“Lay on the grass Kate.”
I lay down, “open your legs lets see your cunt.”
I did as I was told.
Colin knelt in front and looked at me.
“Your cunts got some lovely lips now Kate, must be all that cock you are getting.”

“Joe, come and have a look.”
Joe walked over and looked at me, “very nice I will enjoy fucking her.”
“I’m first Joe, but she may suck your cock for you, will you suck Joes cock, Kate?”

I nodded.

“Kate is very obliging, get your cock out and let her suck it.”

Joe dropped his shorts and knelt beside my face; Colin pushed me back on the grass, and removed his shorts.
I felt his cock at my entrance and with a hard push he was inside me and fucking me hard.
I can only call it fucking me, it was making love like Mark and I had done.

Joe turned my head, and opened my mouth with his fingers.
He was pushing his cock in my mouth.
“Be nice to my cock Kate, don’t hurt it or Mark will die.”

He held my head as he fucked my mouth, “god she is good Colin”
It seemed like forever that he was fucking my mouth, and then I felt him cum in my mouth
“Swallow it Kate every drop.”
I did as he had said.

Colin was still fucking me hard; he lasted longer then the last time.
Joe got up and walked to Paul, who was still holding Mark.
“Your turn mate.”
Joe held Mark, and Paul got up and pushed his cock in my mouth.

“I heard Colin start to grunt and I felt his sperm enter me.
“Have some of her cunt Paul.”
Paul withdrew from my mouth, and proceeded to enter my pussy, fucking me hard as Colin had done.
Tears were streaming down Marks face as I looked at him, and I mouthed across at him “I love you.”

“Rich, why don’t you get your cock sucked by our Kate?”
Richard was now at me mouth and he pushed his cock in.
At that moment Paul groaned and I was filled by the second load of cum.

Richard immediately took his place and was fucking me hard, in seconds he was cumming.
“I want her cunt.” shouted Joe
And Paul returned to Mark.
Joe grabbed me and turned me over; I was now in doggie fashion.

“I’ve seen this in movies, fuck her from behind.”
He was in me in a fraction of a second, pushing hard, I almost collapsed.
“God Colin this is far better, I can get deeper then ever.”
He was fucking me hard and once again cum, filling me again.

Colin walked over and looked down.
“You are being a very good girl Kate, are you liking it, being fucked by us all.
I had to nod; I was in fear for Marks safety.

Colin knelt beside me and I felt a finger on my bum hole.
“I’m going to fuck your arse Kate.”

I had never had that happen, and I knew it would hurt.

I felt Colin try and enter my arse but he couldn’t, he got some of the others cum from my pussy and tried again.
This time it began to enter, and I was trying not to scream, the pain was more then I could bear, but I knew I couldn’t scream.
He was in me now and fucking my arse.

It must have been so tight around his cock he began to cum very soon, and my arse was filled by his cum.
I began to move, but Paul shouted my turn Kate, and he was on me.
He entered easier then Colin, but it still hurt me.
He too cum in my arse.

Joe was next in my arse, he didn’t cum in my arse, and he pulled out and placed his cock at my mouth
“Suck my shit covered prick Kate, suck your shit off my cock.”
Again I did as instructed.
Then it was Richards turn in my arse.

It entered easy, no pain to speak of, and he fucked me hard and filled me once again.

After they had all fucked me I was fingered fucked, in my cunt and arse.
They used me for two hours in every way they could, and Mark couldn’t stop them.

They all got to their feet and began dressing.
I knew it was over.
I began to gather my clothes.

“You have been a good girl Kate we will let you both go now, but if you tell any one about this we will find Mark, and he will die. And don’t forget your sister; she may like some of what you have had.”

They all left, laughing as they walked away.
Mark run over to me, and held me in his arms, kissing my face.
All he kept saying was “sorry” over and over again.

I knew he wanted to help me but he couldn’t.
But it was over now, and we were both safe.

Neither of us could tell, in case Lauren was made to endue the same as me and she was only is only nine.
And I was scared that Colin may find Mark and kill him.

We walked home, I was very sore down there, and to top it all we got in trouble with mum for not being home sooner and we were sent to bed early that night and had to stay in our own rooms.

I wanted a cuddle from Mark to help me feel better but I couldn’t have one.

In the morning Mark was I a foul mood and told me he would get even with Colin and his mates, but I couldn’t see how he could.

And I didn’t want him to in case he got hurt
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